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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

by Dirk Gillabel, 2023

also available in PDF format

This text is intended to give you a wider view of a complex phenomenon. It needs to be read in its entirety in order to understand the relationship between the manifold manifestations. It can serve as a basis for your own process of understanding.


I. Introduction

2. Definition of Terms

3. Historical Evolution

4. Identity of the Intruders

5. The Way Dimensional Beings Operate

6. Cryptic Appearances

7. Typical Intrusion Characteristics

8. Mind Manipulation

9. Energetic Effects

10. Our Society Being Controlled

11. Men-in-Black and Other Mystery Men

12. Human Spirits and Alien Beings

13. Are UFOs Spaceships?

14. Portals

15. Positive Encounters

16. Displacement of Soil, Objects, Animals and Humans

17. Primitive Behavior