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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

5. The Way Dimensional Beings Operate

5.1. Orchestrated Events

5.2. Imitating of What is in our Minds

5.3. Change

5.4. Inducing Trance

5.6. Illusions

5.7. Misdirection

5.8. Pursuing and Stalking

5.9. The Game of Trust and Deceit

5.10. Animal Disappearances, Mutilations and Deaths

5.11. Human Mutilations

5.12. Intimidation and Fear

5.13. Nefarious Attacks


If the occupants of UFOs or flying saucers would be extraterrestrials who are able to traverse the universe in their technological sophisticated spacecraft, we would expect them to be at least more intelligent than humans. However, the UFO phenomenon teaches us otherwise. The occupants of those vehicles behave in strange and varied ways. Their actions sometimes seem childlike and pointless. They never engage in an intelligent conversations. On the contrary, they are mostly silent, and when they communicate they keep it very simple, and sometimes the conversation is just meaningless. For a supposedly extraterrestrial race it is also strange to pass on prophecies and predictions of the future.

Both their appearances and their communications are rather meant to keep us busy with something mundane while they are engaged in something we are not supposed to see or know. Or maybe they are just pulling our sleeves.

5.1. Orchestrated Events

Sightings and contacts can be accidental. However the majority of the cases show that these are actually carefully orchestrated. They seem accidental but they are not.

When a witness stumbles upon a landed craft that is being repaired by aliens, one can assume that it is what it seems to be. But when over the many years there are several reports coming in of ufonauts repairing their craft, then it becomes obvious that this is a standard mode of operation, following a well-established script. A person was chosen to be at a specific location to witness that particular theater play, just to make him belief in ETs repairing a physical craft. It is also intended to make UFO researchers and the entire UFO community belief in the same thing by repeating this idea of ufonauts being physical extraterrestrials.

Not only an individual is manipulated this way, but a large groups of people too, and eventually a large part of our society. Keep on showing the same thing over and over again and people will believe it is true.


5.2. Imitating of What is in our Minds

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different descriptions of the UFO occupants? Lists have been made based on the witnesses' descriptions in an effort to categorize them in alien races, but the kinds of ufonauts have run into hundreds and hundreds. From dwarfs to giants, from blond Venusians to hairy monsters, from greys to reptilians...

Not only the appearance of the ufonauts but the entire contact scenario is highly reflective to what that person believes in. The dimensional beings are able to look in a person's mind to find what he most likely imagine an alien to be, and so they appear. This is nothing new. Elementals have been doing this for ages. Dimensional beings adapt their forms according to the changing belief systems. In the past they appeared as elves and devils, now they appear as extraterrestrials.

This is one of the reasons why it is not important how they look like or how they appear. This is just a reflection of our own mind and belief system. With contactees the information given is equally based on their own belief, and then they starts to develop this even further as far as the contactee can accept it.

In essence these dimensionals are imitators and will transform their energies to form and even matter that reflect our own concepts. Because these forms are the result of their will power and mind, they are only temporary manifestations in our physical world. Eventually these apparitions have to revert back to their energy form in their own dimension.

A nice example of how clever and effective the dimensional beings can look into our minds and bring it into existence for their purposes and our viewing is described by John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies:

However, I cannot accuse the CIA as being the source of the weird incidents outlined here. Rather, the phenomenon is imitative. This paranormal mimicry is difficult for many to understand but I come across constant examples. Early in January 1973, for instance, a reliable witness in Ohio observed an unusual-looking helicopter which she was able to describe in detail. When she sketched it for a local UFO enthusiast he was flabbergasted. He was an aeronautical engineer specializing in helicopters and he knew the thing she drew was a new secret helicopter that was still on the drawing board!

Even closer to home, a few days after Tad Jonesís sighting on Route 64, True magazine hit the stands with an article of mine about flying saucers. It was illustrated with drawings of all kinds of odd shaped objects, many of them the pure products of the artistís imagination. It included an exact replica of Jonesís sphere, complete with wheeled legs and propeller. An object exactly like this had never been described in the UFO literature before ... or since. The artist had produced his layout many weeks before. Somehow the phenomenon had mischievously duplicated the artistís conception for Jonesís benefit.  

The late 1800's airships also appeared when the first zeppelin ideas were only on the drawing boards.


5.3. Change

It's all about change. When the dimensionals enter our world, they are initially manifestations of energy. That is why there are so many cases of light spheres. These light spheres can then change into other forms, like a metallic-looking spaceship. This also applies to beings. There have been reports of people who literally saw an entity coming out of a light sphere, or just a bright light. The entity looks completely solid and physical but it is in reality just a visual form that took shape out of the light energy. This light energy can turn into angels, fairies, hooded beings, greys, ugly monsters, even into black automobiles and flying machines. It is just transformation of one form into another. There are several reports of abductees who saw a friend or family member inside a spaceship, who changed later on into a Grey.


5.4. Inducing Trance

The dimensionals, especially in UFO cases, can adjust the frequency of their energy throughout the EM spectrum. When they appear to us in visible light, the light is not only meant to be seen, but it is also used to induce trance states in humans of their choice.

Trance is a feature that is reported again and again in UFO close encounters, and even in encounters with entities. When a light appears in the darkness, a person naturally is fixated on this light, and a light hypnotic trance is easily induced. Ever wondered why some UFOs have all those colored flickering lights around them? Rapid flickering light induces trance states. There are so many reports where the witnesses stated that they felt hazy, dream-like, or clearly stated that they were going into a trance state, after which they could not move. They call it paralysis but that is not the right word. Paralysis is a loss of muscle function. This is not the case with the UFO witnesses. They are standing but cannot move. They are in a trance state. Trance is an abnormal state of wakefulness in which a person is not self-aware and is either altogether unresponsive to external stimuli or is selectively responsive in following the directions of the person who has induced the trance. A witness who is put in a trance when a UFO lands, often sees the aliens coming out and telling him to walk to the vehicle, which they are able to do.

We are using here the term 'trance' for the state of mind the dimensionals, or ufonauts, are putting people in. It might not be the right word, but it is close enough to define that particular altered state of mind. It is a very effective tool for the dimensionals to take control over humans. In some events people remember seeing a light sphere, a flying saucer or alien before, during or after the encounter. But there are so many other cases where people suddenly find themselves at a much later time, and sometimes also at a different location without remembering what happened. Some of them were feeling an altered state of mind, similar to a trance, just before or after it. No UFO or entity was seen or experienced. Nevertheless, somebody did induce that trance, and whatever happened during the time of the trace is unknown. The loss of memory also happens with UFO sightings, and has become known as 'missing time'. It is not time that is missing, it is memory of what happened.

The ability to induce a trance from a distance, implies that the dimensionals have knowledge of the human brain, and can manipulate it as they see fit. It is not a comfortable idea that we are subject to these kinds of manipulations. They can make us see and hear whatever they want. They can tamper with our memories and perceptions. It is of utmost importance that we understand this. Also, because they don't really care about our well-being.


5.6. Illusions

The dimensional beings come from what the esoterics call the astral world, or etheric world. The astral world has long been known as a world of illusion. Not only because in this astral dimension one can assume any form one wants, but most clairvoyants or psychics can only access the lower astral planes where a lot of  mischievous entities hang out. These entities are not only mischievous, but are also secretive and use illusions to divert our attention, to confuse us, and to foster false belief systems. With some exceptions, they cannot be trusted. Of course, they rely on our ignorance, stupidity and gullibility.

Some people do know about the reality and identity of these beings. Even some of the military people who have studied the UFO phenomenon know that the dimensionals are responsible for all these sightings. And some military people are also versed in esoterics. Their statements should not be ignored or branded as cover-ups.

In ancient times, man knew about these astral beings, and were weary about their manifestations. Nowadays, people get ecstatic when the aliens come down and ask to be beamed up. Not wise...


5.7. Misdirection

A lot about the UFO phenomenon is about misdirecting our attention. This is also the case with the appearance of certain strange beings. When so-called cryptic beings are seen, are they really beings, or just temporary manifestations? It almost seems as if these paranormal types are being used to frighten people away from specific areas, or, conversely, to attract hordes of people to those areas. While mobs of monster-chasers are combing one forest or swamp, UFOs are engaged in covert activities only a few miles away. They go unnoticed because everyone in the area was off in the other direction.

It's like a magician who makes you look at his right hand, so you don't notice what his left hand is doing.


5.8. Pursuing and Stalking

I was driving down this highway one night with my boyfriend. We had just gone to buy something from someone, when we notice these super bright lights riding our tailpipe. Naturally I sped up a little as to create some following distance. I kept my eyes going back and forth on the review and the road to check up on the car, while my boyfriend only watched the car, turned around in his seat. The car follows for about a mile on this stretch of road in the middle of nowhere with no turnoffs. All of a sudden my boyfriend goes ďHoly sh**Ē and I looked in the rear view right away; the bright lights are gone, and so is the car. He watched it disappear out of nowhere. I pulled over and there were no signs of the car anywhere. This freaked us both out because the headlights were similar to that of a cop car in our county, and for that to just disappear in thin air is odd. (Reddit)

If aliens were extraterrestrials, one would expect that they would just land and make contact. Instead UFO beings like to pursue and stalk people.

It is actually nothing new. Practitioners of witchcraft and black magic can be bothered and stalked by spirits or entities. The fairies of old times did the same. The purpose of this is, of course, to induce fear. They like to scare the crap out of us. 

The ufonauts like to pursue cars. It is not uncommon to see two lights following a car for some distance, then disappearing. In the day time, a light sphere can pursue a car, sometimes for a long distance, then appear above the car, or besides, or land into a field. In the woods, a light sphere just above the tree tops can follow a person for some distance. This is actually a form of stalking and letting people know that they are being stalked.

There are also accounts of drivers whose cars where attacked by monsters. When driving away, these entities were holding on to the door handle, or were keeping pace with the car, even at very high speeds. They might be physical looking beings but they can move effortlessly at any speed, because they are not limited to the physical laws of gravity. 

What we know as ufonauts or aliens are actually etheric beings some of whom like to hang out at certain places in the woods, places they are very protective of. There are many stories of people who were walking in woods, when they feel they are being watched and followed, sometimes in a certain area, sometimes the entire time they are in the woods. This is often accompanied by a feeling of unease, fear, dread. A being is not always seen, but they can show themselves. These beings are of various kinds: bigfoot, Grey-type beings, mantis, reptilian, dog-man, and any other type.

People can also being stalked in street, and even in their houses. Dark robed entities on street corners, sasquatch rummaging through your garbage cans, shiny eyes peering through your bedroom window. Not to mention all those crazy beings who like to appear in your bedroom and just stare at you.

Another form of stalking is repeated phone calls with nobody on the other end of the line, or with strange voices or beeps, after a UFO/entity sighting. Even when the telephone number is unlisted.

UFO witnesses can also be visited by Men-in-Black, or non-existing officials, telling them to shut up, or ask elaborate questions. Especially if the witness happens to pick up a piece of metal left behind by the UFO.

I wonder if some of the entity encounters look like stalking but are actually just curious about who those strange humans are. In those cases the beings only observe as if they are studying the human witness(es), not from a scientific point of view but as a curiosity. In spite of this harmless behavior, the human witness(es) are usually afraid because they have no knowledge of dimensional beings, how to asses them, and how to interpret other phenomena that can accompany the event.

About a year ago, I was out back with my family. It was around 8 and the sun was setting. We lived in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, the closest neighbor was far away. Something down the field kept catching my eye but I ignored it at first. My sister saw it too and kept looking out towards the trees. She was getting freaked out about it. My mom said to go investigate, so me and my sister started to walk across the field towards the treeline. Big mistake...

It's hard for me to describe. This was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't see it at first, and I didn't understand why my sister was so scared. Until we were about 100 yards away... When I saw this creature. Tall, probably 8 or 9 feet tall...white, humanoid with an elongated head... And no face. It had long arms and peaked around the trees. We stopped in our tracks. We couldn't tell what it was. It took a few steps further out of the trees and swayed back and forth at me like a praying mantis! Me and my sister ran screaming back to the house, where my mom stood, jaw dropped. She saw it too. I had never been so scared in my life. We grab the binoculars and watched this terrifying creature peak in and out of the tree line, spying on us... My grandma thought we all had a wild imagination...

The sun was almost gone now and it was getting really dark, and the darker it got, the more it moved. Back and forth along the trees. It was terrifying, so we went in for the night and locked everything up tight... I couldn't sleep that night. I was hearing scratching on the roof, and at one point, a very loud bang and various noises coming from the barn... I was very afraid that I would wake up to my animals missing... The next morning my grandma asked if we heard the loud bang outside that night... She ended up taking my grandpa with her on her morning walk.

I have no idea what it was and it haunts me to this day. (Reddit)


5.9. The Game of Trust and Deceit

When a person is psychic, he is usually targeted by the dimensional beings for life long interference. It often starts at childhood. In the beginning there are visual appearances. This can be an invisible friend. Nowadays, the being can appear as a typical Gray alien, but it can be any human form that the child will accept. This is done to form a bond of friendship with the child, and gain his trust. In some cases the child will be visited first by an animal form in his bedroom, and then later by a humanoid form. When the child grows up and become an adult, abductions and visitations to other planets can take place. Interactions is becomes more involved. Predictions are often given, about his personal life or world events, that all come true to the detail. But then it goes downhill. A major prediction will be given that will draw a lot of attention to himself, and/or his group of believers, and ... nothing happens. This has happened so many times. The dimensionals are laughing their butts off.

Other tactics can be played out too, such as interference in their love lives. This is not unusual. Or visits from the MIB.

One of the ways to establish a closer relationship based on friendship is that the dimensional beings are asking for help. Gnomes would ask for a women to assist with childbirth of gnome inside a hill. Gnomes are pretty friendly, unless you betray their trust. Fairies do the same, and they are more mischievous. The aliens of today have similar tactics. In simple contact cases, they ask for water. In abduction cases they need our genetics to create hybrids. So many abductees have seen 'their' hybrid children and feel so connected to them. The aliens explain to the abductee/contactee that they need his help to save their race as they have become sterile. They often need his help with the hybrid children who don't seem to fair well without human emotional contact. That also reminds me of a case in my own town; the man was visited by a group of beings over the span of a couple of years, because they needed his help to solve their problem of a dimming sun in their (inner earth) realm (see The Hermits of Hickory Hollow). His garage was burned down to the ground when they left.

You just can't trust them.


5.10. Animal Disappearances, Mutilations and Deaths

Although their main function seems to be to induce fear, the UFO entities are endowed with a low consciousness and can be dangerous. All too often dogs disappear in areas where the monsters are seen.

The Momo saga (in Louisiana, Missouri) began on July 11, 1972. The Harrison family lived in a house along what was then known as Marzolf Hill. On a hot summer day, 8-year-old Terry Harrison and his 5-year-old brother, Wally, were chasing their dog through the woods. Suddenly, 15-year-old Doris Harrison, who was inside, heard her brothers screaming, ran to the window and saw a creature she described as perhaps 7 feet tall with dark hair covering its face. It held a dead dog under its arm and blood -- apparently from the dog -- flecked the dark hair of the beast. (Southeast Missourian)

Cow mutilations have become well-known in the UFO community. On the famous Skinwalker ranch in Utah, the site of many kinds of anomalous sightings, UFOs and strange beings, the Sherman owners had many of their cows mutilated. Then one evening a blue orb appeared, what usually signaled trouble:

Tom was getting increasingly uneasy as the game of catch moved in the direction of a thick copse of trees a couple hundred yards to his south. He sensed that the orbs seemed to be steering the dogs toward the cover. A couple of minutes later the orb dipped to the ground and with almost languorous speed flew slowly among the trees. The snarling, eager dogs gave chase. Suddenly, Gorman heard sounds that chilled him to the bone: the unmistakable fear-filled yelps of dogs in mortal agony. Then an eerie silence. Nothing moved. Tom waited for his animals to return. After a couple of hours, he went into the homestead with a heavy heart. He decided not to look for them until morning. His worst fears were realized when he went down the following morning to inspect the copse of trees. A smell of burned flesh greeted his nostrils as he dipped his head beneath the low branches. Ten yards inside was a small clearing. Tears filled Tomís eyes. Three large circles of brown, driedout grass were in the middle of the clearing. At the center of each circle of shriveled vegetation was a blackish greasy mess. The stink of his incinerated dogs was awful. Tom rushed out of the copse, his mouth dry and his stomach heaving. Within hours, Tom had gathered his family and finally agreed, as they had insisted, to sell the ranch. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

When monsters and strange entities are around, it is not only dogs that disappear, other animals like chickens, sheep and cows disappear or are are killed/mutilated. In one case a missing cow was traced by her footprints she left in the snow. She had been running away from something, although there were no other tracks. Then her tracks, while she was still running, suddenly stopped in the middle of a meadow. She had suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Missing and mutilated cattle (or other animals) are usually associated with sightings of light spheres. Somebody, with sophisticated tools, is cutting particular sections and organs from these animals. Many have tried to find a reason or purpose for this bizarre behavior, but it still remains a mystery. Maybe it is another form intimidation from the side of dimensional beings, who do not want humans living in their territory.

Maybe they are also the cause of the some mysterious disappearances of people. After all some people have been attacked by monstrous creatures, and by light beams from light orbs. If monsters and other mysterious predators kill and run off with our pets and livestock, do they do the same with humans? Are some mysterious-411-missing people reduced to greasy blobs too?


5.11. Human Mutilations

A topic not many UFO enthusiasts will talk about. There is one documented case (in 1994, Brazil) of a man found with the same mutilations characteristics as with the animal mutilations. I was investigated by the police, and the police documents are available. Most disturbingly, autopsy revealed that the person was alive when he was mutilated. More information at AlienVideo.

The Tod Sees case is famous in ufology. This happened in Pennsylvania, USA. There are no autopsy reports available, but the circumstances around his death, and the FBI involvement strongly suggests that this was a human mutilation case, that the authorities did not want to become public. More information here.

A YouTube video about human mutilations cases: UFOs And Human Mutilation

An interesting documentary about the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO "find and secure" military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place. The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014 Richard D Hall. This is not evidence, but it seems plausible that the governments would react this way to avoid panic.


5.12. Intimidation and Fear

The beings behind the UFO phenomenon, those who are of the more intelligent kind and who control the vehicles, the monsters and the events, have the ability to work totally clandestine, invisible, unnoticed. When they appear in our world, for whatever purpose, they can cloak their ships, the UFO occupants, and the entities/monsters involved also can cloak themselves and move invisibly among us. So why the display of overtly flashing ships and scary monsters jumping in front of your car?


It is an intentional display to induce fear and intimidation. "We are omni-powerful, and you humans are our victims". It is a display of their power over us. They can fly through our skies and we cannot catch them. They can appear and disappear at will, and we cannot follow them. They can paralyze us, manipulate our minds, and we cannot defend ourselves. They don't want to talk to us, because they know we would not follow their advice, and we like to shoot first and ask questions later. Maybe they don't have anything interesting to say to us at all. So they play a game of cat and mouse. Hover over military and nuclear installations with impunity. Disable ICBM missiles in their silos and in their flight. That would scare the crap out of the military commanders for sure.


There are areas where there is a lot of UFO and monster activity. These seem to be areas with so-called portals, doorways to other dimensions that the dimensional beings use to enter and exit our physical world. They also seem to be active in these areas, and they don't want people to be present. Sometimes these areas became settled, and houses and farms were built. Then we see a lot of fear tactics being used to drive the people out of these areas, such as over UFO sightings, appearances of strange entities and monsters who scare the crap out of people. Ranchers experience livestock mutilations, or disappearances. pets disappear. Poltergeist phenomena enter their homes.

The dimensional beings know that if they would just tell people to leave that area because they need it for their own purposes, people would not do it. So they resort to scare tactics.

Some people have learned to live with the presence of the dimensionals on their property. They left their fear behind, and accept the activity for what it is. That sometimes works, but in the end it is the dimensionals who have the last word. If they don't want you there, they will drive you nuts.


5.13. Nefarious Attacks

Shortly after eight o'clock one morning in October 1974, a teacher was taking a bath in a lake in northern Ceara when she heard a noise.5 Looking up, she saw a UFO rise from the ground, move sideways and then come down the middle of the lake toward her. As it did, it shined a bright, blue light at her. She felt tremendous heat. Then the UFO flew away, zig-zagging toward the southwest. After the encounter, she was dizzy and nauseated, felt sharp pains and prickly sensations, and had slight burns on her back and arms and spots on her legs. Later, blisters formed on the burned areas, and she had nightmares about the incident. In the next six to eight months, she lost thirty-five pounds and stopped teaching. Her health has been poor ever since. (UFO Danger Zone, by Bob Pratt)

In the book UFO Danger Zone, by Bob Pratt (highly recommended book), there are numerous cases from Brazil in which the victims were outright attacked by light spheres and or their light beams, resulting in light to severe injuries of all kinds. These injuries were likely the result from the intense radiation. Why would dimensional beings harm and burn humans intentionally?

It is estimated that there were thousands of these cases in Brazil. Whoever the entities are behind these UFOs, they clearly do not care about our well-being. It rather looks like they know that are hurting people. The question is why would they do this? It is far beyond to give a message of warning. In some cases people never recovered, their previous healthy and prosperous life destroyed. Some crippled for life. Some people died as a result from their exposure to the radiation.