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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

1. Introduction

The investigation by BAASS provided new lines of evidence showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more then nuts and bolts machines that interacted with military aircraft. The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and more. The exclusive focus on nuts and bolts machines could be considered myopic and unproductive in solving the larger mystery of UFOs.

Excerpt from Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS (BAASS = Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies)

This text is largely about the UFO phenomenon in all its complex diversities. It is primarily intended to show that the beings responsible for its manifestations come from a subtle dimension next to our physical world. This reasoning is based on physical evidence. We can deduce the nature of these beings and their intentions from their appearances and actions. The exact identity of the beings can only be speculated at because of their elusiveness. In all likelihood they have been living here on Earth, in their dimension, and they have also been appearing in our dimension, for a very long time. In my opinion the entities responsible for the UFO phenomenon in all its aspects are human thought-forms that gained consciousness and independence a long time ago. They were created consciously and unconsciously. Even today, many people, by their belief system, maintain their existence and determine the form in which they appear to us at times. This might seem strange to you, therefore go read my article of Physical Manifestations of Thought Forms and Artificial Elementals. There are also other etheric or astral beings who can interfere with our lives. I group them all under the term dimensional beings.

Those beings, being artificially formed, need energy to sustain their existence. This energy they can only obtain from humans. That is why those dimensional beings clearly show hostility towards humans, in contrast to what many UFO enthusiasts believe. Their actions are often deceptive, misleading, and in many cases harmful and even deadly.

The dimensional beings have learned to appear in forms that we humans expect then to have. Over the last century, the belief in extraterrestrial visitations have sky rocketed, and thus they often appear in flying saucers and in the guise of aliens. When they work in groups, they can uses their own form of dimensional energy-technology, and they use other lower- consciousness-beings to execute their agendas.

This text is an overview of the evidence gathered by many researchers, and some speculations. Therefore let the evidence speak to you, and use the speculation to form your opinion.

Each topic could be expanded a lot more. The information is out there, you just have to read it. This overview ties together the many different aspect of the phenomenon. Too many UFO researchers limit themselves to a narrow belief system, and ignore so many other important details. I did add some accounts to illustrate the topics in order to show that the phenomenon is quite real.

Nowadays many people think that there are only Greys abducting humans for the purpose of the creation of hybrids, but this is only a minority of the UFO and strange entity encounters. Besides, most of this is based on hypnosis accounts and channeling, which is unreliable, often creates false memories, and leads to unfounded beliefs. In my opinion, the abductions are only the product of false memories obtained under hypnosis, by hypnotists fueled by self-interests. This also means that the whole hybrid genetic manipulation is also non-existent. Read the book The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community by Jack Brewer.

The real physical experiences, effects and the various phenomena are much more interesting to gain a wider view of the UFO phenomenon, and it allows us to get a better understanding of what is going on.


I have been reading up on the UFO phenomenon for a long time, trying to understand what is going on, who those beings are and what their intention is. Most people have a superficial idea about UFOs and aliens, because they only read or watch mainstream information, and they hold on to a very simple explanation: aliens are physical extraterrestrials who are visiting Earth. It is a lot more complicated than that. It is the same with their intentions.

I do accept that extraterrestrial physical intelligent non-human beings from somewhere else in the galaxy or cosmos know how to travel in space by moving their ship to a higher state of energy potential (spin), by which they can breach distance in no time, or very little time. However physical ETs, cannot walk on our planet without a space suit because of the different atmospheric gases, gravity, sun radiation, and microbial life (diseases). Yet the aliens that have been witnessed all over the planet never were a protective suit. This very simple fact seem to have missed by so many researchers and by those who believe that these beings are extraterrestrials. Why do abductees, who firmly believe that the alien abductors are extraterrestrials, never mention that the aliens do not wear protective space suits? If their abduction is a physical reality, and since they are together with the aliens inside their spaceship, how can they breathe the alien atmosphere/gases? They never mention that the gravity inside the spaceship is different from Earth's gravity, something one would immediately notice when walking around. And, all the microbes that the abductee harbors will be freely passed on to the aliens in such an enclosed space, and vice versa. None of the abductee ever caught an alien microbe/disease. That is something to think about, because abductees don't like to question their own experience.

Various (low-spiritual) ethereal or astral beings who reside on this planet have the ability to shortly lower their vibration and have a visible presence in our physical reality, or they can be accidentally visible at certain energy spots (vortexes). They have the ability to assume any form they want, and thus they can show themselves as a typical Grey, for example, or a blue alien, or a green Martian. This would explain why there are so many different aliens being seen, literally hundreds and hundreds different shapes, sizes and colors. All without a space suit.

This brings us to the most important feature in all those contacts. The key feature in almost all contacts is the manipulation of the human mind/brain. It is the most worrisome and the most dangerous. It starts before the sighting itself, when a person feels impelled to go outside the house, to drive to a certain location. When a flying saucer is seen, or lands, the person goes into a trance, walks up to the vehicle. Sometimes the person feels 'paralyzed', he can't move. Being 'paralyzed' is common in the bedroom when the aliens appear. The person can feel himself be floated out of the house, or he walks outside the house against his will.

It should also be investigated if what the witnesses experience, reflects a real experience or was it all projected into their mind by those dimensional beings.

As a side note: have you ever wondered why the aliens fly around in brightly illuminated vehicles with flashing lights? What do you do when you see such a vehicle at night? You are amazed, you fix your gaze on it, you get excited. This creates an intense energy beam directed towards that vehicle, and this gets picked up by the alien beings. "Oh, there is another human we can reel in!". In so many cases the vehicle heads directly to the witness, followed by missing time. Actually it is not time that was missing, he cannot remember what happened during the many hours that passed by. It is not that their vehicle emits these lights as part of their technology. They can easily turn these lights of. The lights are meant to attract attention, and the flashing lights put you in a light hypnotic state. It is like a fisherman who throws out his line with bright colored ribbons on the hooks.

I think this is why sometimes, aliens, Sasquatch, and certain dimensional beings appear with bright self-illuminated red or orange eyes (especially at night). It is meant to attract your attention, and to bring you into a light hypnotic state by which they can then easily bring you into a deeper trance and manipulate your mind at will. Sasquatch is also known to manipulate the mind of people, although he does not do this with malicious intent. He projects fear or unease into the person, so he would leave the area. Or, he projects the sound of heavy footsteps closing in on the tent in which the person is sleeping.

Mind communication is actually common in the universe. It might sound strange, because mankind does not have this ability. Actually, we do have it, but it is only latent. It is turned off. When we learn how to use it and train ourselves to develop this ability, we then call it magic. Those who use it to manipulate others without permission, for their own selfish purposes, are called black magicians. In a positive way, this mind to mind connection is used for telepathy and for healing. Spiritually developed beings communicate this way across the universe. Some physical extraterrestrials on other planets do communicate this way with spiritual people on this planet. They do not need to come here physically. They can not only talk telepathically with people, but they can also project an image of themselves into the mind of the person, or symbols, or visual messages.

That is why I consider the alien races of the Greys, Reptilians and Mantis as spiritually inferior to humans, because by their constant mind manipulation, they violate not only our privacy, and free will, but most important, also our mind, our emotions and also our bodies. For these races, their contact with humans is always about control and manipulation.

It should also be mentioned that some people have had contacts with beings who totally respect our free will, and privacy.

The only way to counteract these manipulative contacts is to be vigilant in your awareness, especially when you spend time in the woods, and to be constantly aware of any outside manipulation of your mind, emotions and body. Discernment is the key.

It is time that people start to take these strange encounters serious and look further into it.

Throughout the ages there has been the phenomenon of strange beings manifesting and manipulating humans has shown to have the ability to change its manifestations according the belief system of the people. In past ages, there was the Wild Man, the tall blond elves, and small gnomes, who all toyed with people and at times abducted them to their realm. In the late 1800s we had sightings of airships, piloted by oriental looking people. Then strange aircraft doing impossible maneuvers. When science and astronomy made headway, tall blond human looking beings showed up, stepping out from flying saucers, claiming to be from Venus or some other planet in our solar system. Channeling of these extraterrestrials took off. Some contactees were taken for tour in our solar system, or some other distant planet in the universe.

In other words, it seems that the phenomenon creates scenery and narratives that are mere theater. One needs to look beyond the curtain.