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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

13. Are UFOs Spaceships?

When I was a child I lived in Beveren, a small town which is now part of the city of Roesalare, in Belgium. In the winter of 1944, I often saw Hitler driving by in his car as he used to visit Beveren frequently at that time (there was a German car factory in Beveren). My mother was sick during this winter, so I had to do all the errands because I was the oldest of the five children. One dark evening I went, once more, to the farm of the Sommers family to get milk. I was walking down the main road, when suddenly I noticed a strange swift movement from behind the hedge of the Belgian cemetery, which is next to the German cemetery. It was a strange vehicle of a silvery, metallic color and partially transparent, hovering about one meter (three feet) about the road (see fig. 1a and 1b). First I thought that Hitler had gotten a new car, a round car without wheels. Red, blue, yellow and white colors were flashing from this vehicle; also inside were colored lights. It had three light sources underneath emanating a dazzling light towards the road. It made a strange zooming sound, but not like a car engine. I noticed one dark being inside, but things were going too quickly to make out any details. It was also too close to me and moving to fast. As soon as I realized that the thing was really weird, I became frightened and jumped into a patch of tall stinging nettles beside the road. When the vehicle passed and flew into a field, it dissolved at the spot. It didn't even stop, it just vanished. (Diane Duurland, a friend of the author of this text)

UFOs, both light spheres and flying saucers have been observed in their movements, and show that they are under intelligent control, although this might be quite different from what we would expect. UFOs undulate, flutter, or have a wobble motion. They hover in all kinds of positions. They dip up and down in a wavelike motion through the air. When descending, they can have a "falling leaf" pattern. They make right angle turns, and can avoid a head on collision with an airplane at the last moment.

Because they are not physical, UFOs can attain tremendous speeds and acceleration that no human pilot would ever survive. The can go from stand still to immense speeds in zero time, and come to a dead-stop too. Fleets of UFO's can fly in perfect formation at high speed.

But what are UFOs? Are they space vehicles or something else?

If you have read the precious chapters, you will have an idea that, in general, the UFO phenomenon we are dealing with are quite different from physical objects. UFOs is a term used for manifestations of light spheres and physical-looking spaceships. We know from historical sightings and the immense variety of metallic-looking ships that these are mere visible forms of an energy mass. Are at least some of them really ships of any kind? After all, the ufonauts, or the dimensional beings, like to portray themselves as occupants inside wooden ships (in past centuries), in wood-metallic zeppelin-like ships (in late1800s, beginning 1900s) and in spaceships after that. There are also sightings by small children, who were not yet influenced by any media, who saw small saucer-shape like, multi-colored, vehicles. These vehicles are too small for any space flight, and besides, their multi-colored flashing lights are not necessary, unless they want to draw attention to themselves.

Too many light spheres have been seen splitting in two or more light spheres, or several light spheres joining into one. They can also change size and shape. Clearly they cannot be physical vehicles that we are familiar with. Some people have been invited aboard a spaceship and have seen of have been explained the propulsion system of the ship, ranging from mechanical flywheels to manipulation of light and energy. Every time it is a completely different explanation. What witnesses see is not always what it really is.

UFOs, or the dimensional vehicles, being comprised of higher-dimensional energy where the 'laws of nature' are different, do not obey our physical laws when appearing in our physical world. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. They are not solid physical objects, and they don't fly. They don't fly from here to there using a propulsion system, such as rocket fuel or electric motors. They travel 'without moving', using the space/time continuum of their dimension. In scientific terms, the principle of non-locality. They are not subject to our physical laws, and thus they do not have to overcome inertia and gravity. That is why even the entities are seen gliding; and be here now, and be there a fraction of a second later.

I we look at it from the side of the dimensional beings themselves, then it is quite possible to speak of a 'vehicle' in the sense that this vehicle is an energy form shaped by the thoughts of the occupants. This can be any firm, from a sphere, to a tetrahedron, to a pyramid, to an oval, to a large saucer-like spaceship, all of which have been seen with or without beings inside.

It is necessary to understand the astral or etheric dimension so often explained in esoteric traditions, but also by people who have had out-of-the-body experiences, and by clairvoyants. In the etheric dimension, substance exists in a 'prima materia' form. It reacts to thought by the etheric beings. When a being in the etheric world thinks of something, then the etheric substance takes shape. Think of a tree, and the tree is formed right in front of you. Thus in the etheric dimensions, whole landscapes are formed this way, including, plant life, rocks, mountains, and even houses and cities. All by the thoughts of people who live there. Part of the etheric dimensions is the so-called after-life of humans, where we go after we die. Most deceased souls recreate what they knew here on Earth. But in these dimensions there are also other kinds of beings who have created their own worlds, by their thoughts. All these etheric creations or forms will last as long as one's (sub)consciousness maintains it. When you leave your etheric house behind to go somewhere else, than this etheric house will slowly disintegrate back into the 'prima materia' substance.

In the etheric world it is possible to create a vehicle too. Multiple beings can combine their energies and create a larger or more complex vehicle by their thoughts. They can move such a vehicle-form to travel together through space/time. They can also create 'instruments' inside the ship that can perform specific manipulations of energy. This would allow them to control the ship, or energy form, in specific ways, and to direct specific energies, such as light beams to witnesses to cause trance states and paralysis. When such an etheric vehicle is 'lowered' in frequency, it appears in our physical dimension. To us it appears as a light sphere, because of its intense energy. Energy in the etheric dimensions is much more intense, or more dense, than in our physical world. What to us looks like an ball of light, looks to the etheric beings as a well-defined physical ship. So, we see them flying around as light spheres, but the occupants see themselves as being in their (self-created) vehicle. If desired they can manipulate the energy of their vehicle to become visible, and then it looks to us as a metallic spaceship. We always have to remind ourselves that what we see is not always what we think it is. The energy of the vehicle can be densified in such a way that it gains weight, as to leave impressions in the soil or even collide with physical objects in our world, in some rare cases.

If we put aside the many stories about abductees who were carried into spaceships revealed by hypnosis, which are unreliable as the mind can easily made up things, then we still have enough accounts of people who could consciously remember that they were transported on board of what looks like a flying saucer. The details they give of the interior and the beings involved are enough to conclude that there are indeed such vehicles that are used by the dimensional beings to appear in our world. It is difficult to figure out if those vehicles are indeed what they look like, or if there are induced mental experiences.