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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

4. Identity of the Intruders

4.1. Introduction

4.2 Natural and Artificial Elementals

4.3. Age-Old Phenomenon

4.4. Points of Entry

4.5. Non-Physical Nature

4.6. Psychic Abilities

4.7. Character Profile of Interfering Dimensionals

4.8. Why So many Negative Encounters?

4.9. Robert Kirk and the Sidhe

4.10. The Sidhe's Artificial Realm

4.11. Dion Fortune about the Fairy Kingdom


4.1. Introduction

I do believe that there is an occult or metaphysical system of control which affects us all. The exact nature and purpose of this system are probably indefinable and certainly incomprehensible. Men have always been aware of it on different levels and have tried to define it—that's what theology is all about—and worship it. To simplify everything in a few words: The intelligence behind this system of control doesn't give a shit about individual human beings. This exposes us to all kinds of manipulations and nonsense from energy forms that have neither intelligence or purpose. They give us witchcraft and Black Magic, Mothmen, Bigfeet, sea serpents, MIBs, etc. thousands of people all over the world have physical experiences with angels every year. There is a scholarly study of these angel cases called aretology. But I'm sure these angels are just variations of the little men that come out of flying saucers and the gigantic, ferocious demons that materialize during magical rites.

John Keel in email to Doug Skinner

There is a lot in the above quote to ponder. Although Keel was a great investigator and had knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, he still had problems visualizing who was behind of all these manifestations, because of the complexity and the fact that these beings are very keen on hiding their identity. Keel called them Ultraterrestrials, just to keep it kind of neutral, and they seem to come from an unseen dimension right here on Earth.

This Other World, or dimension(s), is populated or used by many different kinds of beings. Here we are paying attention mainly to those who intrude in our reality, and interfere in our lives in a a negative way.

As far back as we can trace it, strange beings of all shapes and sizes have been making their appearance in our lives. They show up, often unsuspected, in the woods, at lakes, on roads and in our houses. They fly around in the skies. We have been flabbergasted by their variety, intentions and their nature. We have given them many names, but one thing is for sure. They come from somewhere else. In religious terms, they come from the spiritual world, both the higher and lower worlds. In esoteric terms they come from the ethereal, etheric or astral worlds. If you want to be more general you can say they come from another dimension.

To keep it simple I will use the term other dimension, or dimensional beings. That keeps it simple, and we don't have to worry too much about terminology or descriptions. This other dimension has energies or frequencies that are 'higher', more 'intense'. Scientifically we could say that the spin of matter is higher or has more energy (spinning faster) than the matter in our physical world. All the dimensions interpenetrate each other. That means that they are all here in the same space, but we cannot see or experience them because we are attuned only to the physical world. However, all the dimensions are right here and now.

We can't move into the higher dimensions. Only psychics or clairvoyants are able to use their higher senses to peer into these worlds. Certain hallucinogens will also able you to do the same. However, the dimensional beings are able to enter our physical world. They are able to interact with us, mentally, emotionally and even physically. They can appear visually, and can assume a certain form of physicality. And they like to toy around with humans.

The dimensional beings have been given many names over the centuries. Only in the last century have we given a certain group of them the name of ufonauts and later on aliens or extraterrestrials. The UFO phenomenon is often only seen as extraterrestrial of origin, which it is not. When one starts to take into account all the phenomena associated with so-called UFOs, then one ends up with a large variety of strange beings and characteristics that are quite different from a supposedly physical craft or beings.

It is also important to understand that the majority of strange beings from other dimensions are actually of a low spiritual order. At times they seem to be used by beings of a higher order, but still of dubious intent. These are more structured, organized and purposeful. They might be more intelligent but they are still not beneficial to humans. Because they are so deceitful, one has to pay attention not to what a witness thinks he has experienced, but what really happened to him.

There are also positive encounters with dimensional beings of a high spiritual order. However these are rare. It seems that these beings are often not interested at all in interfering with our lives, unless there is an important or definitive reason to do so.


4.2. Natural and Artificial Elementals

There are so many strange entities, from ghosts to monsters and aliens, that it brings up the question "Where do they all come from?" The answers is found in the dimension that lies just 'behind' the physical world. The dimensional entities that occasionally enter our physical world mostly come from the lowest astral plane, that is sometimes called the etheric dimension. This etheric world is closely connected to the physical world; it actually lies at the basis of the formation of the physical world. Here we find the traditional Elementals, associated with the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The etheric world is also home to other kinds of beings.

Nature Elementals

I'll preface this by saying that I'm not religious or anything and, until this experience, I wouldn't have believed what I'm about to tell you. My buddy and I were about 19 at the time. We lived with our parents while attending community college. As such, when we wanted to smoke weed, we had to go elsewhere. We liked this spot down by the river that runs through our city. It's a slightly woody spot down a small game trail to the river. It was probably 10pm but there was plenty of moonlight to see by.

We wound up sitting next to this little creek, a tributary to the main river. We sat and were just chatting while getting our weed out and whatnot. Importantly, we weren't high yet (not that weed, especially the schwag we still smoked in the early 90s, would make you see this).

I became absently aware of a scraping sound nearby. I realized it had been going on since we sat down, our chatting having covered the noise. I think I must have had a look of curiosity or alertness because my friend stopped talking, suddenly hearing the sound as well. We located it across the bank of the small creek from us. I could see motion in the underbrush by the moonlight but couldn't quite make out what was making the sound. A quick inventory of possibilities ran through my mind, but I couldn't think what animal, in our little piece of city-ified kinda woods, would make the noise, which sounded like scraping something hard against a rock.

Suddenly, the scraping sound stopped. Whatever it was had apparently become aware of us also. From the underbrush stood only what I can describe as a grizzled gnome-like character. I have no real memory of what he was wearing, if anything. But he was small, probably 2.5 to 3 feet tall, and looked quite weathered. Like you could put a cigarette out on his cheek and he'd no more notice it than would a boulder. In one hand he had what looked like a sharpened bone or antler and in the other some kind of stone for sharpening it.

He considered for just a moment, then seemed to just lose interest. He crouched back down in the underbrush, continuing to sharpen his tool. For our part, we very quietly (so as to not arose his interest again) and very quickly gathered our things and got out of there. I realized later that I was afraid of him. First, because he really didn't look of this world. And secondly, because for being so small, he wasn't scared of us at all. In fact, he didn't look at us like he was looking at other sentient beings. He looked at us like we were an interesting pattern on a wall. Somehow, that was incredibly frightening. (Reddit)

Encounters with these nature elementals or spirits are generally not malevolent. The problem with these beings is that they have no ethics or morals, and no sense what death means for a human. As with all dimensionals, they do not have a fixed form, but take a form that is derived from the human subconscious. In other words, they appear in a form that we assume they have.

Gnomes appear as little folk with clothing dating from previous centuries. With some exceptions they were always benign until humans started to disrespect them. They mostly withdrew from contact, and don't like people anymore.

Mermaids are more tuned to the emotional level, hence the many stories of luring men to them. They can lure men into bodies of water, with a risk of drowning as they are always put into a trance state. This is not a malicious intent from the side of the mermaid, as she sees no difference between the physical and the etheric world.

Encounters with sylps and salamanders (air and fire) are very rare. They too are not malicious but due to their nature and intensity they can be very difficult to handle, and they are very sensitive to be treated with respect.

Natural Elementals can be very beneficial too, if they take an interest in a human, and that human is respectful towards them.


Artificial Elementals

About 2 years ago, I was at home watching a YouTube video about the disappearance of a young woman in Orlando FL, which is about 40 mins from where I live. The case has never been solved and the only evidence police had to go on was a surveillance video that showed a suspect wearing all white, almost like a painter’s outfit. They had a white hat on too.

Later that day, I got a knock on my front door. When I looked through the peephole, I could see the person was wearing something that looked like a white painter’s outfit with a white hat. I did NOT answer the door and was so freaked out that I spent a few days at my parents house after that.

Fast forward about 8 months later. My nephews were staying the weekend with me and were in the living room watching TV. I was in my bedroom getting ready and decided to watch that same video again. Shortly after it ended, I heard a knock at the carport door of my house. I told my nephews not to answer it and I would be out there, after I threw some clothes on. By the time I got to the door, the person had left. My nephews looked a little spooked, so I asked them what happened. They said that a man wearing white pants, a white shirt, and a white hat was knocking on the door and trying to look inside. They said it gave them a creepy feeling. HOLY GOD that made my blood run cold. I still to this day can’t comprehend how this happened twice after watching that video. And I’ve never come up with an explanation that makes any sense whatsoever. So now I just avoid watching or listening to anything about that story. (Reddit)

I suspect that in the story above the man dressed in white was not a human, but a manifestation of the woman's own fears. In other words, she created, although unconsciously, an entity that reflected what she had watched on the video the same day.

There are many different kinds and groups of etheric beings on the lower astral planes. Some of them are artificial elementals. These elementals are generated by strong and/or persistent human emotions and/or thoughts. They live as long as the human emotion or thought is being generated and then cease to exist. Such an artificial elemental can be created unconsciously by a person who is obsessed with something. It is then possible that this elemental will appear to that person who does not know that in reality he created that being himself. Some elemental beings who appear in one's bedroom at night are created by the energy of that person.

Groups of people with strong emotions also create artificial elementals. They usually last as long as the emotions are send out, for example, during a street protest.

Magicians can generate these artificial elementals out of thought forms. These beings are created on purpose to fulfill the desire of the magician, for good or for evil. They can be very specific depending on how the magician imagine them to be. They become independent energy beings endowed with a certain consciousness. They live as long as the magician provide the necessary energy for those beings to exist, but they can also derive their energy from natural sources, like energy spots, or from the victims they attach to. They can also be intentionally destroyed.

I once met a frater from a monastery order in Brussels who practiced white magic to help people. Most of clients were Moroccans (there is a large Moroccan immigrant group in Brussels) who were bothered by spirits send out by Moroccan magicians, mostly because of love disputes. In some cultures black magic is a thriving business.

A clairvoyant once told me that she was consulted by a woman who woke up every night at the exact same time, sweating and extremely panicked. This had been happening for years and she had no idea why. The clairvoyant found out that the cause was in an ivory elephant's tooth in the house. The woman explained that her (then deceased) husband had brought the tooth from Africa where he used to work for a company. The clairvoyant explained that there was an African shaman who, out of issues of jealousy, had put an artificial entity in the tooth, and then gave the tooth to her unsuspecting husband as a farewell gift. The husband died soon after, but the entity was still continue to torment his wife. She got rid of the tooth, and the night terrors disappeared.

Artificial entities can also be created accidentally and torment the person who created it and the people around him. Dion Fortune in her book Psychic Self Defense recounts her story of accidentally creating a werewolf when she was in a state of intense anger. The werewolf was created on the etheric energy dimension. Although it was still connected with her via an energy cord, the werewolf was able to disturb the dreams of a household member. Dion Fortune had to reabsorb the creature back into her before it would have a chance to disconnect from her and gain an independent existence. This story shows that especially psychic people have to watch their emotions or they can unintentionally create dimensional beings that can haunt them, or other people.

It should also be mentioned that these artificial elementals can also be created by more intelligent dimensionals, and then send off to appear into our physical world. Hence the sightings of werewolves, deer-men, bigfoot etc.

It is easy to notice that artificial elementals have very low intelligence. They have a behavior that is automatic, as they are programmed, consciously or unconsciously, for one specific task. They are repetitive, carrying out their instruction over and over again. An example of this are the black dogs that have been seen for over many centuries, even to the present day. Some black dogs are as tall as a man, some of them walk on their hind legs. They can have shiny red eyes, like other cryptic beings.

These were usually created by magicians or druids long time ago to guard certain sacred sites like stone circles against disrespectful people. They can appear physical enough to kill people. There are tales of black dogs appearing in churches. That is not surprising because churches were built on sacred sites of conquered pagan people.

I once read the story of a man who went to a stone circle to study its acoustic properties. He was all alone intensely studying one of the stones when he became aware of a rather large dog approaching him and coming up right next to him. He didn't want to look away from what he was studying, and casually mumbled some nice words to the dog, thinking that it was a dog from the nearby town. Then, from the corner of his eyes, he noticed that the dog seemed to grow bigger, but he dismissed it and continued the work he was doing. The dog then retreated, and when he looked to where the dog had gone he noticed that the dog has disappeared. When the man went back to the village to have a drink at the local tavern, he mentioned that he found it a little strange that a black dog had come up to him. The locals told him that the black dog was actually the guardian of the site, and two people had died at the stone circle in two separate instances. One of them was drunkard who relieved his bladder at the site.

The practice of creation of artificial elementals is actually very old. The following is a quote from a book by Paul Brunton (1898 - 1981) who was a British philosopher, mystic, traveler, and guru. He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. At the end of his book A Search in Secret Egypt he included an interesting chapter about the creation of artificial elementals to guard the Egyptian tombs. This is what his Egyptian contact and guide told him:

Those who broke open the tombs of ancient Egypt have released forces upon the world that have endangered it. Both the tomb robbers of long ago and the archaeologists of our own days have all unwittingly opened the tombs of those who dealt in black magic. For in the final cycle of Egyptian history – the priesthood – and sorcery and the black arts were commonly practiced. When the white light of truth was formerly shining through the pure Egyptian religion became dimmed, and the noise-some shadows of false, materialistic doctrines crept in to replace it, the practice of mummification arose, together with all the elaborate accompanying rituals. Yet under the misleading and cunningly perverted teachings which supported this practice, there was an element of secret self-interest which sought to keep a long-preserved physical link with the physical world through the embalmment of the body.
This practice was originally intended only for the adept-kings of Egypt's prehistoric golden age, and for the spiritually advanced High priests who were truly channels of God, that their material bodies, impregnated with their holy power, might continue to exist and serve as focuses radiating that power into the world.
A kind of ancestor worship also developed, under which the bodies of the dead were embalmed, merely as a formal rite to show succeeding generations what their deceased ancestors looked like. It was really a hollow imitation of the mummification which was practiced in earlier epochs of Egypt to preserve holy relics of good kings and priests. For in the dark period which later descended on Egypt, when it was bereft of true spiritual light and when the hell-forces of the nether world were evoked by those with much knowledge but little compassion, the instructed men of the priestly and ruling classes caused their own bodies to be embalmed. This was sometimes done for the purpose of black magic, sometimes out of fear of the spirit's destruction in the purgatory that awaited it after death, and sometimes out of ignorant conformity to custom. In almost every case, before such a man passed out at death, he arranged for and had his tomb prepared whilst he was alive. After the preparation of the physical tomb he invoked (or had invoked for him by a priest of sufficient knowledge) a spirit-entity, and artificial elemental creation, imperceptible to bodily senses, sometimes good but more often bad, to protect and watch his mummy and act as a guardian spirit over his tomb.
Further to protect these embalmed bodies, the tombs were first hidden with cunning care and then it was generally taught to people that any profaner of these tombs would be visited by the spirit-powers with the most dreadful punishment. This teaching was believed, and those tombs were long left in peace. But with the increasing decay of the priesthood and rulers, even the people began to lose their superstitious faith, and tomb-robberies commenced, for the sake of plundering the jewels which were buries with almost every mummy of an important personage.
It was true that wherever the embalmed body was that of a person with some knowledge of magic, or under the protection and guidance of someone with such knowledge, spirit-powers had been invoked to protect those tombs and punish intruders. Those powers were often exceedingly evil, menacing and destructive. They existed within the closed tombs, and could continue to exist, for thousands of years. Hence your archaeologists who, in all ignorance, break open such spirit-shielded graves, do so at their own peril.
Yet it it were merely a matter which affected the safety of archeologists and their families alone, what I have to tell you would be of little importance. But it is not. It is a matter that affects the safety of the whole world.
For among the tombs of high and low personages whom they excavate, there were those which were so protected. Every such tomb which has been unsealed lets out, like a flood, a rush of pent-up noxious evil spirit-entities upon our physical world. Each mummy that is taken out of such a tomb and transported to your European and American museums, carries with it the etheric link with those entities, and hence their awful influence. Those influences can bring only harm to the world, harm of various kinds, even to the point of destructively affecting the destinies of nations. You Westerners have no shield against them, and because they invisible to you, they are nonetheless potent.
When your world has come to realize that evil spirits are imprisoned in a number of those tombs, it may be too late; for by then all the tombs will have been opened, and those devilish creatures will have made their escape. Among other things they are and will be responsible for international treacheries. Ignorance of Nature's laws does not excuse a man from suffering whenever he transgresses against those laws; and ignorance of the existence of evil, magical forces does not excuse your century from suffering the punishment which your unnecessary intrusions into their realms will bring upon it.
These artificially created elemental spirits have been released in sufficient numbers during the present century to terrorize the world from their psychic realm, which is immaterial enough to be invisible but close enough to influence the physical existence of the living. We who hold the spiritual welfare of mankind at heart, battle against these dark forces on their own levels, yet we are not permitted by Nature's laws to destroy them any more than we are permitted to destroy living men whom we know to be potent dangers to their fellow beings. Our powers are restricted to shielding persons and institutions under our especial protections.
Those object which are taken out of the tombs along with the mummies – such as scarabs, jewels, amulets, and furniture – carry with them the influence of those tombs. If the latter were not magical, it linked up with evil entities, then no harm could result from their appropriation and rifling, but if they were so linked, then their unsealing may bring misfortune and disaster. But the ordinary archeologists and Egyptologists, unaware of such facts and unable to detect the difference between the two delve into both alike. Whether it heeds it or not, let the world receive this message: let it not meddle with tombs whose psychic nature men do not understand. Let the world stop opening those graves until it has acquired sufficient knowledge to comprehend the serious results of what it is doing.
Most of the kings had some degree of occult powers, whether for good or for evil purposes, for they were initiated in them by their High Priests.


Higher Spiritual Elementals

Beings from the higher dimensional realm rarely manifest themselves on the physical plane. They usually only do so for a specific purpose. These higher beings are careful in how they appear and their effect on the witness. This is not always the case when lower dimensional entities enter our world.


4.3. Age-Old Phenomenon

The existence of elementals, natural and artificial, have been known and talked about for for a very long time. It is nothing knew, and today there are still people who can see or contact them, and magicians who are engaged in work with elemental beings.

I am not going into a comparison of descriptions of appearances of UFOs and dimensional beings from past centuries or from other cultures or indigenous people, with the modern day accounts. They are strikingly similar if not the same, but others have writing about this subject. Evans Wentz (1878-1965), an American anthropologist and writer, gathered a lot of interesting information about fairies in general, by interviewing local people in his book The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries; worth while reading.

There are certain elemental beings that have been purposely intruding into our world for ages, such as those associated with what we now call the UFO phenomenon. Although many believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, all the evidence show that they are actually dimensional beings, mostly if not all from this planet. These entities have always delighted in frightening, confusing, and misleading the human race. The so-called 'aliens' are doing exactly the same. What fairies and demons did in the past, 'extraterrestrials' are doing in the present. Flying saucers and light spheres have travelled our skies for many centuries. The dimensional beings have always been here and have always entered our physical world to meddle with the affairs of humans.

Although some of them are benign, there are those with a higher intelligence that are behind the UFO phenomenon that purposeful interfere with our lives in a negative way.

In the past women were visited by, and had sexual encounters with elves at night. Now 'aliens' have amorous affairs with contactees, and sexual encounters with aliens and hybrids are frequently reported in the UFO phenomenon.

Dragons and devils are now called reptilians and mothmen. Sightings of 'wild men' were common all over the world, now we call them sasquatch or bigfoot.

The problem with all these sightings is that we believe what we see. Instead we should be looking at the true nature of this phenomenon and its true purpose.

The UFO phenomenon is not a simple appearance of extraterrestrials in their cosmic ships. It has many manifestations that lie well beyond this simple hypothesis. It deals with many strange creatures, sudden appearances and disappearances, ghostly apparitions, poltergeist manifestations, even prophecies and hallucinations. Reality seems warped, strange, manipulated; time unaccounted for, memories missing. All this is nothing new either.

The entities behind all this are actually from our immediate environment, a dimension away. They have always misled us, played with us, and misinformed us. They like to show themselves and hide at the same time.

Throughout the centuries, mystery vehicles and 'people' or entities Have been showing up and disappearing mysteriously. They are often strange in appearance and/or behavior. They come in all varieties and the the so-called Men-in-Black is just a recent term for a small section related to UFO sightings. They bother not only witnesses but UFO researchers as well, some of them giving up their research entirely because of it.

There are also encounters with mystery people that are very positive, and often have spiritual significance for the person. However these encounters are rare.


4.4. Points of Entry

Nature spirits are most commonly encountered through their element. Gnomes in hills and mountains, mermaids in or near bodies of water, sylphs through the air, and salamanders in fire and volcanoes. Other elementals are more free to roam, or can wander around in a certain area.

When we turn our attention to UFOs, then the gathered data shows us some interesting features in regard to where they appear into our physical world, or where they like to hang around. They like to visit nuclear sites, military installations, but also less likely places such as gravel pits, garbage dumps, and cemeteries. These sites are also visited by cryptic beings, the strange creatures and monsters who like to scare people. Actually the latter are often seen when UFOs are sighted. They are linked together. The countryside is not the only place that is plagued by them, they also appear in the middle of well-populated cities.

The places where they are seen are not random either. They are largely confined to specific areas of this planet, where they appear and reappear, century after century. These are precise geographical locations, and anyone digging into the history and lore of such locations will find thousands of accounts of strange sightings. Nowadays these locations are called vortexes or windows to other dimensions. The veil between dimensions is 'thinner' and entrance and exit is easier for those who know how to use them.

Terrestrial Energy Spots

It is well know among dowsers that a crossing of earth energy lines can cause a strong built up of energies that allow spirits to manifest in our reality. When a house is built on such a crossing, it is usually haunted.

UFO window areas tend to be where where peculiar magnetic faults exist, which give off dowsable energies. Our planet is covered with magnetic faults. They often cross under the ancient sacred sites, and spots where flying saucers are seen most frequently. Psychically oriented people living in these regions tend to have extraordinary experiences with elementals, angels, MIB, and spacemen. These sites are not only easy for the dimensional beings to enter in our physical world, but a psychic or sensitive person can peer into the other dimensions at such sites, or have experiences that are 'out of this world'. The interaction of magnetic faults can cause magnetic anomalies. Paranormal events often occur at such sites of magnetic anomalies. But why is there not a constant activity of paranormal events, or sightings of UFOs and cryptic beings? They occur in bursts or cycles, with many years or even decades of non-activity. It seems that another factor is involved, probably some periodical external, cosmic radiation that activates these areas making dimensional manifestations much easier than normal. Then we have a lot of poltergeist phenomena, a UFO flap, a cluster of monster sightings and other mysterious happenings.

Electromagnetic energy plays a key role in these manifestations, but how this exactly works, we don't know.


4.5. Non-Physical Nature

This happened 10 years ago but the details of that morning are still fresh in my head. A couple friends and I were traveling back to their house. We were driving down Rt. 14 in Marshfield, MA. Was about 5 AM EST on a Sunday. Roads were basically empty. Were driving on this long stretch of straight road when all of a sudden, a large orb appeared into existence before our eyes. I'm not exactly sure how big it was, but large nonetheless. The orb was transparent, but the reality around it seemed warped and obscured. The trees on either side of the highway were being bent and pulled by said orb, almost like if being pulled by a gravitational force. The orb then shifted left, back to its original position, then to the right, and back to its original position. At this point were all freaking out in the car because we're also traveling toward said orb. My friend slams on his brakes and swerves to the side of the road. Before he even had a chance to put the car in park so we could get a better view, it was gone and the trees are no longer being pulled towards the center of the road. This whole phenomena was only about 15-20 seconds long. (Reddit)

UFOs come from another dimension; and that is why they behave so different than what we would expect from a normal physical craft. When vehicles or beings from that other dimension make their entrance into ours, a distortion of our reality is commonplace, in many different ways. The transparency, in the example above, also is an indication of an other-dimensional nature. This is just a small example. There is plenty of evidence that beings from other dimensions enter our world on a regular basis. 

Dimensional beings are from a 'world' where 'matter' is different. From our point of view it is primarily energy. This is the easiest way to envision their living environment and the nature of their being. They can arrange this energy to assume any form they want. I suspect that some of them have taken a habitual form they prefer when they appear in our world, but they can change this at any time. This is well-known in esoteric circles but it might come as a surprise to many people when we talk about UFOs and aliens.

Since the 1950s there have been hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings. One of the main characteristics of UFOs is their sudden appearance and disappearance into thin air, even in the presence of multiple witnesses. One moment they are visible, the next they are invisible. But sometimes when they are invisible to the eyes, they are still visible to radar. It is just one clue that we are dealing with electromagnetic frequencies of a wide range.

UFOs are in essence not physical spacecraft, but a structure of intense energies that can shift up and down the electromagnetic frequencies, from above gamma rays down to the visible spectrum and even further down into the infrared, and probably even lower. When we see them with our eyes, then this is only part of their presence in our environment. Because the dimensionals are non-physical, their energy can shift according to their needs. When we perceive them, they can change color and shape, they can emit sound or not, and can emit other energy phenomena often observed with these sightings.

Physical spaceships are just a form they want to show us, and these sightings are a minority. Most of the sightings are of light spheres with various energy manifestations. That is why a UFO light sphere can split up in different parts or different UFOs can come together and form one light sphere. They are not physical but move through various electromagnetic manifestations.

There are sightings in which the flying saucer or other physical-looking vehicle is actually partially or entirely transparent, and the witnesses can see what is inside, including the occupants. This is because the ufonauts want the witness to see what is inside the (energy) vehicle to support the belief system that these vehicles are occupied by aliens and the like.

The non-physical nature of ufonauts, or aliens, also shows when they enter or exit their craft. They can suddenly appear outside the craft, or just walk through the walls of the craft, just like ghosts. Not to mention all those grey aliens, and other weird creatures, who just walk into our bedrooms at night.

Another arguments against physical extraterrestrial craft is that since 1896, with the beginning of the airships and continuing with the flying saucers, there have been hundreds of reports in which lone witnesses have stumbled onto grounded hard objects being repaired by their pilots. You just don't travel across the galaxy with ships that are so flimsy that they are always need to be repaired. It is a magician's show.

Also, while in flight, they have an astounding habit of losing pieces of metal, and sometimes exploding in midair. Making landing marks and dropping pieces of metal are meant to foster the belief that the objects are physical and mechanical, but they are not. Their appearance is always about deception and hiding who they really are.


4.6. Psychic Abilities

The ufonauts or 'aliens' have always demonstrated that they have total knowledge of the contacted individuals and that they can even foretell their future. They also know everything about their family members or friends. Why would a supposedly extraterrestrial be concerned with foretelling the future or gaining detailed information about other people? Ufonauts, or so-called 'aliens' know everything they need to know about a person past, his personality, his likely future, and the people around him. The only way to know all this is by way of what we call psychic talents. It is way to peer into the energy level of existence. Humans do have that innate ability but is mostly turned off or at a low level. Only those whose psychic senses are fully developed can look up information not otherwise possible.

it is different for the dimensional beings who exist at the energy level. It depends on their level of development, but for those who are more evolved, they have ready access to all the information about a person's life. In other words, our lives are an open book to them. They seem to know everything about us, not only about individual lives, but also humanity in all its complexities.

Does it surprise you that an 'alien' speaks in the native language of the contacted person? These dimensional beings do not have to learn a language. They can just tune into it by mentally consulting the person's mind.

The fact that the dimensionals can look into our minds without any effort is really important to know. How far this can go shows from a statement John Keel made in one of his books:

Like everyone else, I was caught up in the games, mystery piling upon  mystery. Someone somewhere obviously knew every move I was making, or so it seemed. I became very secretive, not even telling my closest friends where I was going or where I had been. Nevertheless, something seemed to be following me. I would drop in unannounced on a remote farm and soon after I settled down to chat with the residents their phone would ring and there would be no one on the line, or a series of loud beeps would ring out. The farmer would act astonished. „We’ve never had a call like that before!“ The phone would ring repeatedly until I left. This happened several different times in several different places.

The games these entities were playing with Keel went even so far that he even had to think about something, and soon the entities would make the exact same thing happening to an unsuspecting person who would then contact Keel because he was a UFO researcher. They intended to supply Keel with UFO cases that would confirm what he was thinking about.


4.7. Character Profile of Interfering Dimensionals

Nature Spirits

Beings that live in the other dimensions on this planet are diverse in nature and intention. Most interactions with nature spirits, human souls and ghost are pretty harmless and at most prankish.

I have already mentioned that nature spirits or natural elementals are not malevolent, but they don't have the same ethics or morals as we do. They see reality in a different light.

Low Consciousness Dimensional Beings

There is a whole range of consciousness and intelligence with dimensional beings, from very low to high. There are some negative individual beings on the lower astral planes who can manifest in our physical world and scare us or cause havoc. Some are just roaming around. Ghosts are just energy residues that are visible from time to time.

Artificial elementals have a very low consciousness and their intelligence is limited to the program instilled in them. For example, guardian spirits that were created to protect certain sacred places.

Some beings associated with the UFO phenomenon can also be considered artificial elementals programmed with specific instructions. They are more sophisticated as they can appear fully physical and interact with humans in an (almost) normal way.

John Keel had contact with a woman who had met a Man-in-Black, called Apol, who fed her information and predictions. Keel submitted questioned to the woman for Apol to answer. By this Keel was able to come up with a profile for the mysterious Apol, and it wasn't that flattering:

By this time Mr. Apol had assumed a definite personality. He was as real to me as Cold was to Derenberger, although I would never meet him. I studied his psychology, his quick temper, his mischievous sense of humor. I argued with him on the phone, sometimes for two or three hours at a stretch. And I felt sorry for him. It became apparent that he really did not know who or what he was. He was a prisoner of our time frame. He often confused the past with the future. I gathered that he and all his fellow entities found themselves transported backward and forward in time involuntarily, playing out their little games because they were programmed to do so, living—or existing—only so long as they could feed off the energy and minds of mediums and contactees. I could ask him any kind of obscure question and receive an instant and accurate answer, perhaps because my own mind was being tapped just like my telephone. (The Mothman Prophecies, by John Keel)

By themselves an encounter with these low consciousness entities have little meaning. Usually their purpose it to intimidate or cause fear. They are part of a larger scheme involving more intelligent beings.

The 'Aliens'

However there is a class of dimensional beings responsible for the broad spectrum of intrusions and meddling in our lives. Their activities are broadly grouped under the term UFO phenomena. They are 'alien' in the sense that they are non-human, but not necessarily extraterrestrial.

Who those 'aliens' are, can only be speculated at. They have great advantages over us, humans:

They are very good at hiding their identity.

They are very intelligent.

They can see us whenever they want, but we cannot see them, unless they want us to see them.

They know what we are thinking and feeling. They know our concepts, ideas, expectations, and everything that makes us human.

They can enter our physical world, but we cannot enter their dimensional world.

Most people don't know where they are from. Are they from a specific dimension here on Earth, or do they come from somewhere else in the universe, and do they have some business to attend to on this planet? How many different groups are there? What is their intention?

It is quite possible that they have been here all along, and we humans are the newcomers (humanity is only a couple of millions of years old), and thus they consider us the 'aliens'. Maybe they don't want us on their planet.

They are in control of everything. They can control and manipulate animals, people, events, energy and space/time.

They show us clearly that they can frighten us, harm, mutilate and kill with impunity.

It also seems that at least some of them feed on the energies we generate, from worshiping to fear.

Above all, they only show us what we are allowed to see and experience. This is often intended to derail us, to misinform us, to misdirect us.

Overall, their intrusion in our world seems very negative and harmful, and in many cases it is. But when you look at it from a wider angle, it seems that their actions are primarily intended to chase people away from certain areas that they need for their own purposes. An overt aggressive action would only backfire, so they resort to intimidation and fear tactics. Part of this are the occasional killings or mutilations of livestock and pets. And ultimately they invade our homes to create havoc through poltergeist phenomena and showing up in our bedrooms.

We, humans usually don't get the message until we have have gone already through many of these ordeals. So, in certain cases the people have a long list of this kind of harassment.

Considering that there are also other kinds of intrusions in people's lives, it is safe to say that they have their own motives to keep meddling with our minds.

At the other side, humans, in general, are not that nice either. We have a bad reputation of being aggressive and destructive. I don't need to give you a long list of all the bad things humans do. If we would shape up and gain more understanding about the nature of reality and the existence of other intelligent beings 'out there' and 'out here', and if we would get a better emotional education, then the dimensional beings might not have to resort to all the various scare tactics and mind manipulation techniques. Then, they might approach us in a more positive way, and a more fruitful mutual respective agreement might be reached that would allow both humans and dimensional beings live in harmony.


4.8. Why So many Negative Encounters?

If there is one main issue running in the UFO phenomenon, then it is the largely negative impact in the close encounters, contacts and involvement. There are radiation effects from burns to deaths, psychological issues from ridicule to paranoia, implantation of false mental experiences and memories, interferences in one's personal life, intimidation and threats from the entities such the MIB, harassment through poltergeist manifestations, etc.

Where else do you find this kind of negativity? In magic practices, in spiritualistic séances and anything else that deals with other-world entities. In those practices one can summon and make contact with spirits. But man himself is still very much involved with his animal instincts and lower emotional issues, hence the practitioners are often dealing with lower entities. Man finds himself on the physical plane which is the lowest of the cosmic dimensions. His consciousness and awareness is therefore very limited. Practitioners who want to deal with spiritual entities must have an adequate training and must develop their psychology in order to remain unaffected by any negative influences in their work.

But an ordinary person is like a sitting duck for the other-worldly negative entities. Sitting in a meadow asking to be beamed up, or participating in making-contact groups or channelings, is asking for trouble. Trouble have been following some of those people; it all depends on your own level of spirituality and how much you are willing to open yourself to something you don't have a clue off. If you think that ascended master Ashtar from Sirius is going to take your for ride, he will, but not one you have in mind.

There are some interesting correspondences between occult practices that deal with entities and the experiences in the UFO phenomenon:

Opening your mind to contact spirits is opening yourself for a lot of trouble, as lower entities are all to willing to come through. The same with UFOs and aliens. Being positive, mystical or spiritual is not enough to know what you are dealing with.

Going to a medium or channeler can attract negative entities to your life. The same is true when you go or adhere to an alien contactee, abductee or 'experiencer'.

If you are a 'sensitive' by nature, you first have to learn to protect and shield yourself.

Sulfurous or other strong bad smelling odors occur in séances, haunted places, with monsters and with UFO sightings.

Séances usually require darkness or dim light, as strong light can disrupt the manifestations. UFOs also shun bright light from flash lights and lasers, sometimes retaliating.

Temperature drops are well known in séances, in haunted places, spirit manifestations, and also in UFO close encounters.

Telepathy and hearing voices are known both in spirit contacts as well as with 'aliens' and UFO sightings.

Apparitions of beings in séance rooms are not visible, and of a densified energy nature, but not solid or biological. The same is true with UFO vehicles, aliens and cryptic entities.

Materialization and dematerialization is common with séances, poltergeist and alien contacts, especially with abductees and contactees.

Appearance of light spheres are common in all these fields. Also explosions, implosions, sounds of taps, raps, bangs etc.

None of them are subjective to the laws of physics of our material world. All these beings and vehicles are not subject to inertia, gravitation and size. They can expand and contract.

All kinds of strange sounds are heard with all these phenomena, as well as strange effects on the physical body.

The different kinds of poltergeist manifestations not only happen with the presence of spirits but also with the presence of aliens, or after a UFO sighting.

In other words, they are all of the same kind.


4.9. Robert Kirk and the Sidhe

As to the identity of the ufonauts or dimensionals being the same as the old time Fairies, the most in-depth description about Fairies, or the Sidhe, comes from the 17th century Robert Kirk.

Rev. Robert Kirk wrote a manuscript called The Secret Commonwealth that dates from 1691, but the earliest published form dates from 1815. Robert Kirk was a seventh son. A seventh son was regarded was a special birth, providing the child with mystical or psychic gifts. Kirk was a minister of Aberfoyle (a village in the county of Perthshire, Scotland.) Kirk's text is based on the then existing knowledge about the Fairies in Scotland. In spite of the Church's opposition, Kirk was very interested in the local folklore, people's experiences, and the wisdom gained by the psychic gifted people of his time. As such it reflects what people of that time knew about the Fairies, mixed with some general beliefs that might not really accurate. But the information provided is very interesting because it reflect many of the characteristics we now attribute to UFOs and their occupants. As such they are the same kind of beings. Kirk's terminology and knowledge reflects the Irish understanding of these beings.

Fairies were known under many different names depending on the region or country. In Kirk's manuscript they also also called Siths, Sleagh Maith, or the Good People. They are also known under the name Sidhe. The were called the Good People to prevent their wrath, because the Fairies did not like to hear anything bad said about them, and they could retaliate.

Other cultures or peoples have their own names for these beings, and their folklore is virtually the same. What Kirk understood by Fairies are not the now childish concepts of little flower fairies. They are human-looking other-dimensional beings of an intelligence similar to humans.

Here we will go over the statements made in Kirk's text, and give a comparison with modern day experiences of UFOs and strange entities. I will use the word ufonauts for what people are seeing as supposedly aliens, extraterrestrials and other entities associated with the UFO phenomenon.

Fairies are of a mixed nature, between man and angels. Their bodies are of a fluidious spirit, meaning that they can change their body form at will.

Ufonauts have demonstrated that they are not solid. They can walk through walls and enter their vehicles without the use of a door. Some float, are transparent, and a change in appearance is also not unknown.

They can appear and disappear at will.

Ufonauts also disappear out of thin air, and suddenly disappear on the spot.

The fairies move to new areas of living each quarter of the year because they can't stay in one place for long. They are then seen to "swim in the Air near the Earth with Bag and Bagadge".

I take that Kirk means that they travel in the air in their vehicles. There are plenty of previous century accounts of light orbs travelling over the lands and in the air. The idea that they move four times a year is a unique idea, maybe it is just a belief that Kirk picked up during his investigations, without any solid foundation.

They live in tribes and orders. Their way of living reflects ours, but Kirk adds that they might do this only in appearance to mock us.

UFO and entity appearances often occur at certain 'hot spots' or 'windows'. It could be that these locations coincides with the living quarters of different groups in the other dimension.

In Kirk's time death was quite common as a lot of people didn't even make it middle age. Funerals were also common. So it is not surprising that Kirk mentions that seers, or psychics, would see the fairies show up at funerals, or even before the death of a person, as to announce his impending death.

The psychics at his time also knew that the fairies can appear in the appearance of an existing man, forming a 'Doubleman'. This duplicate would show himself to family and neighbors, and he would look exactly the same, in every detail, to the original human. Such a 'Co-walker' can appear before or after the death of the original man. People would see such a Co-walker enter a house, and then they knew that the original man would visit them in a few days. It is was not known why such a 'Doubleman' would hang around the original man for a certain length of time.

UFO researcher John Keel made it clear, based on his investigations, that some Men-in-Black would appear as an exact double of a government official, even using the name of the official or agent. Some abductees have seen a deceased family member inside the flying saucer, to then change into an alien.

They fairies only make themselves known to man when it is required. Otherwise they will not make any contact.

This is certainly the case with the ufonauts. It is they who contact humans, and orchestrate any contact on their terms.

The fairies live in large and beautiful houses lit with perpetual lamps and fires that don't need any fuel.

Some contacteees were taking for a space ride and visited beautiful cities and their inhabitants on other planets, such as (supposedly) the Moon and Venus, and other planets.

Kirk tells us about stories of a women who claimed to have been taken away by the fairies to nurse a fairy-child. They never could see a way to escape or what the Fairies were doing in other rooms. When the child has been weaned, the woman dies, is brought back or is offered a choice to stay. But if she tried to gain some of the fairies powers, she is severely punished. Usually with pain, blinded in one or both eyes, or struck dumb.

Fairies were know to abduct people, especially children. We see the same with 'aliens', Greys or otherwise. Although these stories were probably more folklore than based on experience, the fact that people were hit with pain and blinded reminds us of the numerous cases in which people came down with conjunctivitis after a UFO or entity sighting, as a result of intense infrared radiation.

It was generally believed that plain iron was an effective repellant to keep the fairies away. Apparently the fairies are 'terrified' by iron.

I am not aware of any alien experiences in which there is mention of iron as a means of protection. The belief that iron protects against not only fairies but also other kinds of entities is wide spread. The only reason I can see why this would be the case is that iron easily interacts with magnetic fields, and a lot of UFO and entity encounters show that strong magnetic fields are sometimes generated.

The fairies dress and speak according to the people and country they live in. They do not speak much, but they whistle in a clear manner.

We see the same with aliens and extraterrestrials. They speak the same language as the person they contact. I think that this is basically due to the fact that most communications are telepathic. Other aliens have been heard speaking with high pitched sounds. The whistling sounds are probably due to some energetic effects when they appear in our dimension, and are not a language. After all, the dimensional beings all communicate through telepathy.

Kirk leaves the question open as to how they procure their garments: is it by manufacturing them through physical instruments or are they just imitating what humans wear?

Even during his time, people already questioned the appearance of the Fairies because it so mimics the human culture, and they knew the fairies could appear in any form they want. We see the same with ufonauts. They appear as beautiful blond beings in white garments, or as aliens in glistening metallic suits, or hairy dwarves, depending on the belief system of the the person contacted.

The Fairy men are said to travel around a lot, sometimes to the peril of humans. The men have gatherings, and fight and have burials, both in the air and on the ground.

The Fairies were known to cause a lot mischief at the expense of humans, but also among themselves. Ufonauts certainly are also not that kind to humans, as is evidenced in the abductions and many harmful effects in witnesses afterwards.

The Fairies life much longer than humans, but eventually they must die too because everything moves in circles.

Aliens are also said to live much longer, according to abductees.

"They are said to have aristocraticall Rulers and Laws, but no discernible Religion, Love, or Devotion towards God."

Ufonauts never show any sign of religion or belief in God, and certainly do not act out of love towards humans.

Magicians and witches can summon them by the use of spells. The Fairies then like to cause the harm intended to humans. The magicians and witches do not like when the Fairies show up unannounced with un-sightly looks and actions intended to torture them. Not all of them will do harm. They usually stay silent and unmoved.

UFOs and ufonauts can also be conjured by groups of people who hold gatherings and mediations. Steven Greer's mediation group events are an example of this. 'Aliens' show up unannounced in  our houses. Cryptic creatures often just stand there and look at the person.

Because of their non-physical nature they cannot be harmed by us, don't feel pain or get sick.

Ufonauts, bigfoot and other entities have been shot at and 'killed' only to disappear into thin air, or they just walk away without leaving any trace of blood.

They have a sort of arrow that they throw like a dart, having "something of the Nature of Thunderbolt", and this can wound vital parts without braking the skin. They do attack and stab not only animals but also humans with this weapon. They kill cows and other animals for the purpose of sucking out the life force on which they live.

People of past centuries did not know the existence of microwaves. The description Kirk gives might relate to the classic light beam coming from UFOs, but also from a kind of wand carried by ufonauts that can stun, paralyze and cause physical injuries and aliments with or without any skin burns. A 'thunderbolt' is a description of very intense energy in the form of a light beam, so this is most likely an intense microwave beam. Many injuries from exposure to UFOs, light orbs and even entities are the result of intense microwave radiation.

The killing of cows and other animals are still ongoing and attributed to the 'aliens', as UFOs are often seen nearby. Microwaves can easily be used to kill.

Interestingly, Kirk believed they did this to feed on the life energy of the animals. We find the same belief in the UFO community.

The fairies do not have strong tendencies to bad habits as we humans do because they don't have physical bodies. But the Fairies are not perfect and have doubts, disputes and quarrels among each other. They also commit (generally speaking) bad things, such as kidnapping of human children to their domain, and the children never return. They are also subject to envy, spite, hypocrisy, lying, and dissimulation. However some Fairies have a great measure of virtue and strive for a better quality of life.

Abductees often tell us that they were taken away as children by the ufonauts or 'aliens'. One wonders if some of the children who go missing are really taken and not returned by those beings, aside from cases of human kidnapping.

Kirk tells of a seer who lost his speech and the power of his legs because of his frequent encounters with the fairies.

In the book UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt, who investigated numerous UFO accounts in Brazil, the author describes the harmful effects of UFO radiation/light and their light beams on the victims. In some cases people lost their bodily strength, and could not walk properly and some could not speak at all for hours after the encounter.


4.10. The Sidhe's Artificial Realm

I have written an article called Unmasking The Sidhe centered around the information given by Jaap van Etten, who was contacted by two Sidhe beings. It gives an interesting perspective about the race of beings that came to Earth and created the human body. A conflict of opinions arose and one group split itself apart, and decided to create an artificial realm in a dimension just 'above' the physical world. A realm of higher vibrational energy where they could create their own 'heaven' so to speak. But they required a lot of energy for that, and they withdrew this energy from the physical world. In order to maintain their lives in this realm, they need to a constant supply of this energy. This caused the physical humans to sink deeper in the material world, with all the destructive consequences thereof. In the mean while, the Sidhe were able to live in their self-created paradise. However it was an unnatural and unbalanced choice, and there is now disagreement among themselves as to how to proceed. It is a very interesting concept, and might well be the explanation of both the identity of the dimensional beings, as well as their actions towards humans. Click on the link above if you want to read more about this.


4.11. Dion Fortune about the Fairy Kingdom

Dion Fortune (1890-1946) was a British occultist, cabalist, ceremonial magician, novelist and author. In her book Psychic Self-Defense she writes about the nature of the Fairy folk. It gives you another view of who these dimensional beings are. 

There are other forms of life as well as ours whose sphere of evolution impinges upon the earth. In the realm of folk-lore we constantly meet with the idea of intercourse between the human and the fairy kingdoms; of the marriage of a human being with a fairy spouse, or the theft of a child by the fairies, an impish changeling being left in its place. We shall be rash if we assume that an extensive body of folk-belief is entirely without foundation in fact. Let us therefore examine these old and crude beliefs and see whether we can find any grounds for them, and if so, what the real nature of the facts may be, and whether they throw any light upon modem psychic phenomena of the kind we are considering in these pages. There are many of us who have met people who might well be described as non-human, soulless, in that the ordinary human motives are not operative with them, nor do the ordinary human feelings prompt or inhibit them. We cannot but love them, for they have great charm, but we cannot but dread them as well, for they spread an infinitude of suffering around them. Although seldom deliberately evil, they are singularly detrimental to all with whom they come in contact. They, for their part, are unhappy and lonely in our midst. They feel themselves to be alien and uncompanioned; every man's hand is against them, and in consequence it all too often happens that their hand is against everyone and they develop a puckish malevolence, though there is seldom calculated evil-doing. Gratitude, compassion, good faith, morality and common honesty are utterly foreign to their natures, as far beyond their conception as the differential calculus. They are not immoral, however, but simply non-moral. On the other hand, they possess the virtues of absolute sincerity and great courage. In terms of human ethics they are "undesirables," but they have an ethic of their own to which they are loyal, and that is the beauty which is truth, and this is all they know, and, as far as their life is concerned, all they need to know. In appearance they are usually small and slight, possessing unusual physical strength and endurance but very liable to nervous exhaustion and brain-storms. In social relations they take violent likes and dislikes; they show a facile and demonstrative affection towards those they like, but quickly forget them. Gratitude and pity are unknown to their nature. Towards those they dislike they are pettily malicious, and in all relations of life they are utterly irresponsible. One cannot describe them better than to say that they resemble nothing so much as a blend of Persian kitten and pet monkey. They have the beauty and aloofness and charm of the cat, and the amusing, mischievous destructiveness of the monkey. Many human beings hate them at sight; others are fascinated by them because they bring with them a sense of unearthly beauty and a quickening of the life-forces.