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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

by Dirk Gillabel, 2020

2. Definition of Terms

If there is one thing that is consistent in esoteric or alternative fields, it is that there is no consistency in the terms they use. So I will have to define the terms I am using in regard to our subject. To avoid going into a complex list of terminology, I will it simple. The reader can always go into the appropriate literature to find out more.

Dimensionals: these are beings that reside in another dimension(s). It is generally held that besides our physical dimension, there are more subtle dimensions that are made up of substance that vibrate at such higher frequencies that they are not visible to us and not accessible for our physical bodies. Esoteric teachings have given them different names, such as etheric, ethereal, astral and  mental realms. I am not going to differentiate between all these levels. For the purpose of this article it is only necessary to point out that there are beings living on 'higher' planes that are situated here on this planet. They are not higher in the normal sense, they are actually all interpenetrating, and thus all around us.

Beings: these dimensional beings are manifold, come in many shapes and forms, with different ways of appearing. One can find descriptions in mythology, legends, historical accounts and present-day experiences.

Intrusion: the activity of the dimensional who have the means to appear in our physical dimension for a short period. I use the word 'intrusion' because they not merely appear in our world but actively interfere with our lives without our consent, and usually it is to our detriment.

Terrestrial: all these beings are terrestrials, that is, they live on this planet Earth, but in the other dimensions that are parallel to our physical dimension. They always have been here, or at least for a very long time. Some of them pretend to come from other planets, and present themselves as extraterrestrials in their flying saucers, but that is only because we would like to believe so. The majority of the so-called aliens are actually deceiving dimensionals.

Ufonauts: this is an older term for the UFO occupants, that is more neutral than the now more popular term aliens. In the last century many UFO occupants appeared as dwarfs and other weird looking beings, and did not necessary suggest that they came from outer space. The identification of certain beings with Greys and their assumed extraterrestrial origin came later and started an elaborate belief system that is not backed up by real experiences.