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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

16. Displacement of Soil, Objects, Animals and Humans

16.1. Advanced Capabilities

16.2. The Cookie Cutter

16.3. Poltergeist

16.4. Animals

16.5. Humans

16.6. Portals


16.1. Advanced Capabilities

I could have used the term 'teleportation' as this is a more familiar term. However 'displacement' also covers other means of moving something from one place to another. Teleportation is a science fiction term, and it doesn't describe what method is used. There might be more than one method to move something from A to B in a manner unknown to us. As you will see below,  there is also the possibility that one finds himself at another location without a sudden teleportation method.

These anomalous displacements are a clear sign of superior technology that the advanced dimensional beings have. In most cases this can only be attained by the manipulation of matter and energy, and a vast understanding of space, time and dimensions.

The dimensionals have demonstrated again and again that they can take anything and anyone at a moment's notice and deposit it or him at any other place in a fraction of a second. Weight or size of the object or person doesn't matter. They can also do this with utter precision.

Some of these actions are for their own purposes, and elude our understanding. Other actions are taking as part of their fear inducing tactics.

This displacement ability is a sign and sometimes a show of their superiority over us. We don't have these capabilities nor do we have the means to prevent them.


16.2. The Cookie Cutter

Five hundred yards west, he showed us two circular, deep holes in the ground where soil had been removed. Tom had found several of these deep indentations, usually following a night of flying lights. The holes were about a foot deep and several feet in diameter. They sloped downward from the edges. I guessed that two or three hundred pounds of soil would have had to be removed from the ground in order to make those holes. I asked Tom if he had found soil nearby. He shook his head. He explained that the first time he had seen the holes, they had perfectly straight sides, as if a giant cookie cutter had dug in and removed the soil and grass. Over time, he explained, weathering and rain had blurred the precise cuts of the holes. Now, with grass beginning to grow, the holes looked obvious, but less than spectacular. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

This is a little known but also baffling phenomenon, baffling at least to the scientists who cannot explain it, although they come up with various unproven theories.

A piece of dirt, grass and all, is cut out of the landscape with sharp and precise cuts, and placed a little distance further, or not found at at all. The total weight of the chunk can be in the tons. The chunk has been cut at a certain depth horizontally or flat, in one cut. This is something nobody can do. Bear in mind, when the chunk is found nearby it is in one piece.

Traces of footprint, machinery or anything else are never found. The ground around is undisturbed.

In one instance some dirt dribblings were found between the hole and the chunk nearby. These dribblings were in an arc. So the whole piece, weighing tons, had moved up and then floated in an arc to its final resting place, and then put upside down.

There is no way that this can be done with mechanical means.

The quote above is from the Skinwalker ranch in Utah, the site of a lot of UFO, monster and paranormal activity. I wonder if other cutter cookie cases are also associated with UFOs. Unfortunately, people tend to focus only on their finds and don't investigate any other strange activity that might have been going on in the area.

I think the cookie cutter events are activities by the dimensional beings, those who have the advanced energy-technology to pull of a feat like that. The question is: what is the purpose of cutting out these soil patches? Are they looking for something underneath? When the soil is missing totally, did they take it with them? Small pieces of soil might serve as samples.

On Skinwalker ranch large amount of dirt were scooped out of a pasture. No marks around. So what are these beings doing with the dirt? What do they need it for?

There is not much else to say about this phenomenon. There are probably many more cases that are never reported, because most people would find it a little puzzling but not worth to mention it to anybody.

It seems that somebody with a totally different technology is cutting into the earth, and transporting the soil to where they need it.

Maybe there are some beings who really come here to scoop up dirt, and even suck up water. Water is essential to life forms as we know it. Maybe some of the UFOs are piloted by physical beings who come from somewhere else. Or can dimensional beings also transport water to their dimension? I have found a couple of stories of UFOs sucking up water. Here is one from Brazil:

Three shrimp fishermen in a boat were about two miles out to sea off the coast near Iguape, forty-five miles southeast of Fortaleza in Ceara. It was dark and the men saw a bright light approaching them on the horizon. "It was so low they thought it was a ship that was going to collide with them," said investigator Reginaldo Athayde, citing a report submitted by Colonel Liberato Andrade, who interviewed the fishermen. "They pulled their sail down to slow their boat to avoid a collision, but when the ship approached their boat they realized it wasn't a ship. It was a UFO with a lot of lights on it. It was sucking water up into it and passed slowly within twenty meters of the boat, but the fishermen don't think the UFO saw them. It just went by them about six meters above the water, sucking up a column of water almost as wide as the UFO. The water didn't fall back into the ocean. The UFO went past them and disappeared in the distance." (UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt)

Ingo Swann in his book Penetration (chapter 10) describes a rather impressive event he witnessed of a UFO appearing out of nowhere above a lake and sucking up water.


16.3. Poltergeist

Poltergeist are cases in which many different paranormal activities happen. One of them is the displacement of objects. These are usually household objects, but they can also be garden tools and the like. Poltergeist cases are usually studied from the point of view of paranormal affects, and the implied presence of malevolent spirits. But in UFO and monster cases poltergeist phenomena are known too, especially in those cases where UFO entities want to drive the occupants out of their home. Displacement of objects is one of their favorite games to instill a mounting frustration and fear that violates any sense of privacy and safety.

Common household object will suddenly have disappeared, and will show up in another room, or even outside the house. Usually the investigators call it dematerialization and materialization of the object. The term 'aport' is also used. Sometimes it is an object that one really needs, giving rise to a lot of aggravation. In some cases work that has been done is undone, such unpacking groceries or stacking wood.

Another example of displacement of objects are the 'stone rains'  in some poltergeist cases. Stones, small to large, appear out of nowhere and rain down on a house, and sometimes inside the house. They just appear (materialize) near the ceiling or window. Obviously these stones have to come from somewhere, and in some cases they came from an area outside the house. Some entity 'teleported' these stones to a place above the house or inside.

These poltergeist cases usually appear after sightings of UFOs, orbs and monsters. It is a way to ramp up the fear level.

I suspect that the displacement and other poltergeist activities are caused by a lower echelon of dimensional spirits who are used by the more intelligent ones who need the area for their own activities, and they don't want any people around.


16.4. Animals

On the afternoon of April 2, Tom and Ellen had set off toward the west end of the ranch on a routine mission to spot and count the animals. As they passed the bull enclosure, both of them looked fondly and proudly at the four burly bulls in the corral. They truly were magnificent beasts, two each of pure black Simmental and Black Angus, each weighing more than two thousand pounds. With muscles rippling healthily beneath the shiny black coats that perfectly reflected the setting afternoon sun, the animals made the Gormans proud. Ellen said wistfully, ďI would go out of my mind if I lost any of those animals.Ē Tom nodded in agreement as they drove west on the narrow dirt track past the corral. Forty-five minutes later they drove back. All the animals seemed to be accounted for, yet they could not shake that nagging feeling of unease. An unnatural calm hung over the property, broken only by the sound of the truck engine. Abruptly Ellen screamed and pointed out the windshield. Tom hit the brakes, fearing he was about to run over something. He followed her finger and gasped. The corral was empty. Tomís stomach knotted. Each of those four registered bulls was worth thousands of dollars. They were irreplaceable. Tom looked into Ellenís tear-stained face. They stopped the truck by the empty corral, and he got out to search for some evidence that the four magnificent animals could have left behind. Tomís knees felt weak. There was no sound as he walked around the corral. Tom walked around looking at the footprints in the corral. The animals had been there only forty-five minutes ago. Ellen was sobbing in the truck. His search meandered over to an old small white trailer located at the west end of the corral. There was no entrance to the trailer from the corral except a door that was tightly locked and hadnít been opened in years. As he passed the trailer he glanced in. Tom froze. All four animals were standing silently, crammed into the tiny space. They seemed frozen hypnotically and appeared to be barely conscious. Tom, with relief flooding through his veins, yelled loudly for Ellen. At the same time he banged forcefully on the side of the metal trailer. The noise seemed to break the silent spell. Instantly, all four animals appeared to wake up. They began kicking and bellowing to get out of the narrow, confined space. Within seconds the four huge animals went berserk and devastated the interior of the trailer. Finally, a metal door was kicked out and instantly all four animals tumbled blindly out the broken door and began stampeding in a panic. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

This is an exceptional example of how the dimensional beings, who were involved in the many strange events on the Skinwalker Ranch (in Utah), are able to listen in to our conversations, and on a moments notice they can take an animal from one place and deposit it in another place. Not only that, but to place four large heavy weight bulls inside a small closed trailer is quite a feat. The bulls obviously were first put into a trance so they were not even aware about what was happening to them. It is like child's play to those beings. Because the trailer was locked, and there were still extensive cobwebs on the inside of the door when inspected, the bulls must have been taken out of our reality and then put back inside the trailer. In other words, a kind of teleportation.

The owners of the ranch had another episode where a calf was mutilated while they were only a short distance away. Nothing was seen or heard. The only way it could have happened was that the calf was taken out of this world, mutilated and then put back, in a silent and unseen way.

There is a lot of evidence in cattle and other animal mutilation cases, that the animals have not been butchered at the spot. Instead, they have been taken away, be it taken out of our dimension, or beamed up into a flying saucer, where the animal is then drained of blood and mutilated, and then brought back. That explains why there is never a single drop of blood at the scene itself. Some mutilated, and even non-mutilated, cows have been found with broken legs, suggesting that they were dropped from an altitude. There is even a case of a mutilated cow found on top of an electricity pole. You can find the picture on the web.

Some times cows and other farm animals and even pets, especially dogs, have disappeared completely during UFO and monster sightings. On the Skinwalker Ranch three of their dogs seem to have been incinerated considering the find of three burned spots where the dogs were last seen. But overall animals are never seen again. They must have been displaced to an unknown location, wherever that might be. If they teleported these animals, what do they do with them? Over the last half century many thousands of cows and other animals have disappeared this way. If they were just displaced to another location on this planet, they would have been found by somebody. Cows but also other animals that are raised for profit are tagged with an identification system.

There have been cattle mutilations in which internal organs were missing without any necessary cuts to the body. In other words they could not have been removed with ordinary means, like surgery. They were removed through a method of dematerialization, teleportation, or displacement, whatever term you like. I think these anomalous removals of internal organs are meant to instill even more fear into the farmer. In my opinion animal mutilations have no other function than to instill fear. "Look what we can do to you."


16.5. Humans

This is a vast topic and I can only give an overview here. 

I have collected many stories of people who are a certain place, and suddenly find themselves at another without any memory of how they have arrived there. You can read them in my article of Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?

There is a wide variety in these experiences. Some of these cases are associated with sightings of UFOs, but there are many more without any other abnormal experience. These people have no known involvement of aliens in their lives. They are normal people going about their normal lives.

A driver leaves home on a three hour journey, and arrives at his destination 10 minutes later. Somehow he has been transported through space over a vast distance in an eye blink. Sometimes he doesn't remember anything unusual, but in other cases, there is sense of going into a trance before it happened, or coming out after it happened. But any memory of what happened is absent.

A driver leaves home, is on the road, and suddenly 'wakes up' and find himself at a totally different part of town, on another road, or even going into the opposite direction. Such a driver often finds himself 'displaced', disoriented, and sometimes has to find his way back to the familiar route. Usually it is many hours later, and then it is possible that he was put into a trance and someone else took over driving the car to another location. But the amount of time elapsed far exceeds the time necessary to go to this other location. So what happened in this time period. If he was sitting in his car in a trance for several hours, it would have been noticed by other drivers or pedestrians, who would have stopped to investigate or call the police.

Are these people 'teleported' to another dimension, and then put back?

I gave the example of a driver as this seems to happen a lot. But these dislocations also happen frequently inside one's home, or to bikers or walkers. One moment one is doing a chore, the next moment the person is at another place in the house just standing there when 'waking up', unable to recall what happened. Here too, the time span can be many hours.

There are many different scenarios in which people cannot remember what happened during these displacement in space. Some are fairly simple, but others are far out, like a woman who was missing for three day, but she didn't experience any break in her activities. Clearly she was displaced somewhere else during that period, because the place she was was thoroughly searched by family members.

That brings us also to the now famous mysterious 411 missing people cases, of which David Paulides has written so much. When only a couple of hours elapse, it isn't reported to the police, and we rarely hear those stories. Only when people go missing for longer periods of time will it be reported to the police. Children have been missing from inside the house, and found again in the same room they were in, although that room and the entire house were thoroughly searched. The child itself  wasn't aware of anything, and didn't hear the frantic screams of the family members, nor saw them in his room. Where were they during the missing hours?

In short, the advanced dimensional entities have the capabilities of putting people into a trance, removing people from our physical world, and put them (cars included) safely at another place, in an instant or at a later time, and also wiping any memory of the event.

Next question is: do they also 'displace' people to other dimensions, underground caves or even other planets without bringing them back?


16.6. Portals

How do the dimensional beings displace an object, animal or human? One possibility could be the creation of an artificial portal around them, and this makes matter vibrates at a higher 'frequency', thereby creating a method of transport into a higher dimension. In this higher dimension, moving from one location to another is instantaneous (non-locality). Then a second artificial portal bring the atoms back to its normal physical state, and the object, animal or human appears at the second location.

Having such an ability or technology is a tremendous advantage.

It would also explain why tracks of cryptic animals, or entities, suddenly appear or disappear in the snow or mud. These beings are led out into our world by the higher dimensionals, and when they have fulfilled their purpose they are made to enter such a portal again to take them out of our world again.

Of course, the same applies for the sudden appearance and disappearance of UFOs or light spheres, although they also have the ability to make themselves invisible.