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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

9. Energetic Effects

9.1. Explosions and Implosions

9.2. Electrical Interference

9.3. Bodily Effects

9.4. Soil, Plants and Animals

9.5. The Nature of EM Radiation

9.6. Deadly Effects

9.7. Shockwave Concussion

9.8. Healing

9.9. Fire


9.1. Explosions and Implosions

The dimensional beings come from a place or dimension with 'higher', more intense energy. When they appear into our dimension, or return to their dimension, then this can cause large energy explosions or implosions. We witness this with UFOs, but this can also happen in haunted houses, or poltergeist.

When a mass of energy suddenly appears in our world, then this has to displace a certain air volume. If the appearance is sudden, then the air volume has to instantaneously displace itself, resulting in an explosion. It is also possible that the surrounding air is suddenly subject to immense radiation resulting in a rapid heating and expansion too. Maybe other chemical and physical processes are going on too, causing tremendous sounds.

It is not unusual for a UFO, flying saucer or entity to just suddenly disappear into a big bang, the result of an implosion. Sometimes there is also a flash of intense light, but no sound.

High volume energy entry or exit into our atmosphere of such dimensional vehicles could be the cause for the so-called skyquakes. Skyquakes are large sonic booms with no known cause, and have happened over over the world for centuries.

An explosion is a sudden displacement of air, creating a sudden change in air pressure immediately around the explosion. This can have severe consequences on a living being. John keel mentions in The Cosmic Question:

I have examined dead animals in UFO flap areas that had blood running from their ears, noses, and months. This is almost a sure sign of concussion, a sudden increase in air pressure. An ordinary explosion can cause this, of course, but in many of these cases no explosion was heard.


9.2. Electrical Interference

... The driver lowered the windows as they continued to watch the object. The two observers were amazed that the hovering object was completely silent. As the witnesses continued to watch the object, some odd affects took place. The driver stated that it was as though “the electronic system of the car was having a seizure.” The radio was off at the time, however they suddenly began to hear an odd clicking sound inside the vehicle, but they were unable to locate the source. At the same time it was noticed that the dash lights were dimming on and off with the beat of the clicking sound. The driver also stated that soon after he was having a problem with his cell phone dropping the signal several times. ... (Phantom and Monsters)

Electrical interference is quite common with UFO sightings especially at close range. It seems as if the EM radiation emitted is so strong that it actually prevents electricity to flow through the wires or electric circuitry. When the UFO disappears, electricity flow normal again, and the affected apparatus functions again as before with no damage.

Lights flicker and go out. The motors of cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and even airplanes start to stutter and stop working. They all have electric components to make the motor work, and the lack of electricity will cut the motor short. They start working again once the UFO has passed. It is not the gasoline or explosion chamber that is affected. The lights of cars also cease to work.

Cars can stop working not only with UFOs but also with the presence of entities/monsters. This shows that these beings can also emit intense radiation.

Radios and television emit static and black out.

Radar and radio transmitters are jammed.

Power stations black out. Whole towns, communities, and cities have been deprived of lights and electrical power for a short period of time when UFO's flew over.

Electric clocks and wristwatches stop.

Witnesses want to take a picture of a UFO, and their camera doesn't work. This often happens.

Car batteries and batteries of other appliances can short out completely.

An energy-field that can jam radio, black out lights, and stall motors from distances of 50 feet to perhaps 1,000 feet must be of immense power beyond anything known to us.

UFOs can also use their energetic capabilities as defense weapons to prevent the military from shooting them down. This happened twice in the famous 1976 Teheran incident. When the second F-4 Phantom jet fighter approached the light sphere:

While the object and the F-4 continued on a southerly path, a smaller second object detached itself from the first and advanced on the F-4 at high speed. Lieutenant Jafari, thinking he was under attack, tried to launch an AIM-9 sidewinder missile, but he suddenly lost all instrumentation, including weapons control, and all communication. He later stated he attempted to eject, but to no avail, as this system, which is entirely mechanical, also malfunctioned. Jafari then instituted a turn and a negative G dive as evasive action. The object fell in behind him at about 3 to 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) distance for a short time, then turned and rejoined the primary object. (Mufon)


9.3. Bodily Effects

Over the next few hours Betty's skin turned red as if badly sun burned. Her neck swelled and blisters erupted and broke on her face, scalp and eyelids. She started to vomit and continued to do so through out the night. My morning she was almost in a coma. Some time between midnight and 2 am Vickie and Colby began to suffer similar symptoms, although less severe. At first they suffered the sunburn like condition and then diarrhea and vomiting. It was a miserable night for all three victims. (NICAP)

The above is from a NICAP report called 'The Cash/Landrum Incident', that happened in Huffman, Texas, in 1980. Three people encountered a strange diamond shaped object emitting brilliant light, and a cone of fire downwards. One of the witnesses, Betty, got out of the car and stood in the brilliant light for some time. The car became hot, but that was the least of their problems. When they came home their health problems started.

Betty was taken to the hospital three days later. Her hair began to fall out and her eyes became so swollen that she was unable to see for a week. She had developed burn-like conditions. Since their encounter the other people, Vickie and Colby, were plagued with periodic outbreaks of skin troubles. But the most far reaching injury has been the damage to their eyes. Their eyelids became infected very rapidly and have never fully recovered. Doctors speculated that their conditions were due to strong infrared, ultraviolet and also possibly microwave radiation.

Some might argue that they saw a secret military device due to 23 military helicopters (several Chinooks and the rest single rotor helicopters) that showed up during the sighting, encircling the craft, and subsequently escorting it out of the area. There are no military airports nearby that can provide these helicopters, and the military would never send so many helicopters together. It is my opinion that these were also dimensional craft disguised as helicopters to provide the belief that this was a military operation. We have talked about mystery helicopters before in chapter 3. Besides, so many extremely loud helicopters would attract unwanted attention to such a supposedly secret antigravity craft. Even more interesting, is the subsequent strange appearance of a Chinook helicopter four months later:

One day in April 1981 a CH-47 flew into Dayton. As Colby watched he became very upset. Vickie decided to take him to the spot where the helicopter had landed in the hope that it would seem less frightening on the ground. When they reached the landing zone they found a lot of people there already and had to wait some time before they were allowed to go inside the helicopter and talk to the pilot. Vickie and another visitor both claim that the pilot said he had been in the area before for the purpose of checking on a UFO in trouble near Huffman. When Vickie told the pilot how glad she was to see him, because she had been one of the people burned by the UFO, he refused to talk to them any more and hustled them out of the aircraft. The UFO organization VISIT later located the pilot and questioned him. He admitted to knowing about Vickie and Betty's encounter with the UFO but maintained that he had not been in the area in December and had nothing to do with any UFO. Unless another pilot decides to come forward it seems that the source of the helicopters will remain a mystery.

Did the military send a Chinook helicopter into a town and let people go inside? I don't think the military would ever allow random civilians to enter a military helicopter. The fact that the pilot was a doppelganger of a real pilot is reminiscent to the MIB who can also assume the appearance of existing people. (see chapter 11).

UFOs can emit strong radiation that can directly affect the human body. It is usually not good. These radiation effects are also observed with entity encounters.

One of the effects of this radiation is temporal amnesia. For short amount of time one cannot remember what happened, but memories come by soon after. Quite common effect after an encounter are severe headaches, muscular spasms, excessive thirst.

Many UFO contactees suffer chronic headaches, muscular soreness, and other symptoms after their experiences. Some have anorexia (loss of appetite) and total exhaustion.

When a UFO comes close, a driver inside his car can experience electric shock and heat at the same time that their headlights and motors were affected. An intense heat wave can also be experience by a witness watching a UFO fly over. The heat can be so intense that witnesses feel suffocated, and burns develop on their skin.

In Brazil there have been many cases in which a light orb shone a light beam on a victim with severe physical effects on the human body. This light beam was pulling the victims up into the air, sometimes this was accompanied with a whirling wind. Some of the people were able to hold on to a pole or a tree and prevent the 'sucking up'. Sometimes an electric shock was felt, or there was a feeling of hot and cold at the same time, or the body would go numb. This numbness could last days afterwards. Headaches also resulted from the encounter, sometimes lasting for years after, and sleeping problems too. Some people were so badly affected that they couldn't work anymore.

Burned Skin

A young couple, very much in love, sprawled together in the back seat of an old jalopy on a deserted dirt road in the isolated back hills east of Ravenswood, West Virginia. It was a starlit, moonless night in the spring of 1967, just warm enough so the pair were able to strip to the buff comfortably.  

Things were rather pleasant on that squeaky back seat until about 10:30 P.M. when a blinding bluish light poured in through the windows of the parked car.

"At first, I thought it was the police," the young man told me later. "Then we both felt a funny tingling sensation that scared us half out of our wits. I jumped up and stared into the light. It wasn’t a flashlight or spotlight. It was more like a big ball of bluish fire hovering a couple of feet off the ground directly alongside the car. There was a funny sound, too, like a low hum."

His girlfriend screamed, he reported, and the light seemed to back away slightly while the humming increased in volume.

"The next thing we knew," the young man continued, "it was gone. Just like that. We jumped into our clothes and got the hell out of there. Another funny thing, when we got into town it was after 12:30. We couldn’t figure it out. It seemed like we only looked at that light for a couple of seconds. But somehow it must have taken two hours."

Their first inclination was to run to the police but they decided against it, since they weren’t supposed to be on that road doing what they were doing in the first place. ("Her old man would’ve killed me!") They drove around for several minutes until their hysteria subsided and then he dropped her off at home. The next morning both the boy and the girl woke up to find themselves heavily "sunburned" from head to foot. The boy’s eyes were almost swollen shut for two weeks afterward. It was not an easy matter for them to explain how they managed to get a total, and quite painful, sunburn at night in the early spring. (John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies)

It is not unusual for witnesses to get their skin burned when they are close to a UFO. The energy emitted from the object must be of intense high frequency radiation, such as infrared and microwave. Light beams from a UFO can also burn the skin.

Some witnesses have touched a landed flying saucer and their hands were burned. What looks like a cold metal flying saucer skin is actually an intense energy form.

Skin burns can also result from contact with entities. In one case the person was on a cemetery when he was pushed down by an invisible force, and then  his friend came to rescue. After they had driven away, his back hurt:

I mentioned this to my friend, and she insisted on pulling over to look at my back. She switched the hood light on and pulled the collar of my hoodie down to look. I heard her mutter, "What the f*ck?" She took a photo of my back and showed it to me. The skin between my shoulder blades was reddened, and several little blisters had started to appear (they later swelled up and popped; it was as if I had gotten a sunburn or a chemical burn). There weren't any scratches or cuts, it was a relatively subtle mark, but it was still clearly there. We certainly couldn't figure out how I'd gotten burned. I hadn't rubbed up against anything, I hadn't touched my back. I'd been wearing my hoodie all night and there were no tears or marks in the fabric. And it hurt. It continued to sting for several days. (Phantom and Monsters)

There are also accounts of entities coming into contact with wood and leaving scorch marks.

There are many cases in Brazil where farmers and fishermen, and other people, were burned by the radiation from light orbs and their light beams. Strangely the people who got burned, sometimes reported that the light was very hot, while others felt a coldness coming over them. This coldness can last a while after the encounter. A doctor in Colares who treated about forty people said the burns were on the chest, throat and face. The area of the burn was between ten and twenty centimeters (four to eight inches). The skin would almost immediately peel but also heal quickly. In every case she found two small puncture wounds in the center of these burns. She also did blood tests on them, and all had abnormal low levels of hemoglobin. Two people died the same day they were hit by a light beam.

Usually the light beams come from UFOs or light orbs. Bob Pratt mentions in his book UFO Danger Zone a case in which a being shone a light beam from a device he was holding in his hand:

"I could see a person, but only from the chest up. I think it was a man, but he had on what was like a diving suit. I saw the face of the man, and his eyes were very small. He had an instrument like a pistol. He pointed the weapon at me and shined the beam three times, hitting me in the chest all three times almost in the same place. It was very hot. I think each time he took blood." The burns left three, little, pinpoint scars in a triangle on the upper right side of her chest.  ...  "It was hot and it hurt," she said. "It was like being stuck with a needle. I bled at all three points. At the moment it happened I got very thirsty. I was terrified, but I couldn't move my legs. I was paralyzed. ...


"I was numb on my left side for three to four months," he said. "My left side around my waist and hip felt paralyzed." He also had trouble with his left eye for a year and a half. "It swelled so much that I couldn't sleep at night for a while afterwards because I couldn't close it. I was blind in it for a few days, and I still have trouble with it." (UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt)

Conjunctivitis is also common with both UFO and entity sightings. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the eye. It makes the eye appear pink or reddish. There may also be pain, burning, scratchiness, or itchiness. Swelling of the eye, may also occur.

Conjunctivitis can occur as a result of exposure to intense IR and UV radiation.


"Antonio told me he went into his backyard one night to go to the bathroom and, while he was out there, the object appeared with a very, very bright light over his head."

"He ran back into the house screaming and, when he got to the kitchen door, he fell down. His wife pulled him inside. He was dizzy. He felt heat on the back of his arms and legs and back. His arms and legs were numb for eight days." (UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt)

A lot of people in Brazil who were in close proximity to a light sphere, or who were 'zapped' by a light beam, had numbness in part of their body, or their enitre body. It would last from hours to days. These Brazilian UFOs would also cause many other physical ailments.


9.4. Soil, Plants and Animals

The day after this happened, Joana and others went back to the tree where she and Elisvalda had seen the two little men. "The tree was burned, and all the leaves had dropped off," Joana said. "And where the light hit the ground, under where the UFO hovered, there was no more grass." (UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt)

The appearance of dimensional beings and their vehicles into our physical dimension is always one of intense energy, especially of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can have strong effect on the environment around their presence, sometimes with harmful and even devastating consequences.


With UFO landings we sometimes find that the landing area has been severely burned or baked, or has a burning ring. Trees and shrubs nearby can also be burned or singed. The landing area can remain without vegetation for years.

In some rare cases, the ground has been found radioactive after an object has landed. This might be the by-product of the gamma rays, which are one of the energy constituents of the objects, not just an effect of some mechanical process.


There is a long history of affected vegetation where a UFO has landed, hovered or come close to trees. The emitted radiation causes trees to turn black, their branches dried up and curling. They can even carbonize. Grass and shrubbery can be set on fire.


Animals are often the first to notice that a UFO or entity is nearby. Maybe they can hear ultrasounds emitted by UFOs, maybe they are sensitive to the EM radiation, or maybe they have a psychic instinct that allows tem to feel anything potentially dangerous in their environment.

The first sign that something strange is near is the restlessness of animals. After that, they often react with fear, so there must be something unnatural about it, because most animals are well familiar with motors, engines and other apparatus.

The most ferocious guard dogs will most often be scared and hide. A dog might initially run up to a UFO or entity, and bark, but only to return with fear. It has also been observed repeatedly that (guard) dogs were sound asleep during an entire UFO presence, or during the presence of a strange entity killing livestock. The dimensionals in these cases are able to selectively keep the dogs asleep while they do the killing.

With some UFO sightings, witnesses have reported an eerie silence, especially in otherwise noisy woods. All animals are suddenly quite. It seems that a UFO can emit a wide spread radiation around itself that will affect all animals, from insects to mammals. The natural reaction for animals to a perceived danger is to be totally quiet as to not betray their presence.

Sometimes an animal is found dead at a UFO sighting, without any apparent cause of death. This could have been by the intense radiation. Even groups of animals have been found dead.

When there is a period of high UFO activity and of monster sightings, domestic animals tend to disappear. Sometimes a dog that runs after a monster or entity is never seen again. Dogs can also disappear the day after a UFO sighting, or livestock go missing. John Keel brought forward the idea that these monsters/entities, being temporary energy forms, need some living substance (meat) to replenish their energy in order to prolong their temporary physical manifestation. Domestic animals are easy prey. Maybe this also explains the cases where animals are found dead with neat holes in their skin, and all their blood sucked out, presumably done by the chupacabra, another strange creature that doesn't belong in our world. More about the chupacabra can be read in my article of The Chupacabra: Intelligent Bipedal Predator.


9.5. The Nature of EM Radiation

It has become clear that UFOs and entities emit intense radiation that harm biological beings. So, what kind of EM radiation would be responsible?

Massive doses of X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet and infrared radiation will show the same bodily effects as witnessed with UFO witnesses or contactees.

I have already mentioned that when the dimensionals enter our world, they appear as high intensity high frequency energy units in the form of light spheres. They can then move through the electromagnetic spectrum, and in the process they emit intense gamma and X-ray radiation, microwaves and ultraviolet radiation before they enter the visible spectrum and become visible to our eyes. These types of radiation can have harmful effects upon their surroundings, including living beings.

Ultraviolet Radiation

We have already mentioned that UFO and monster witnesses can come down with conjunctivitis. It is known that intense UV radiation causes harm to the eyes. Usually this last for days.

Microwave Radiation

With close encounters of UFOs, the interior of cars and even the plastic frame of a person's glasses were melted from the inside out, something that is suggestive of very intense microwave radiation.

Microwave radiation can also be the cause of a rapid rise of temperature inside a car when a UFO hovers nearby.

Scientific studies show us that parts of the body that are sensitive to heat can be damaged by microwave radiation of a sufficient power level. This includes the testes, which is the reason microwave radiation may affect the reproductive ability of men, even causing infertility.

John Keel writes in The Cosmic Question:

Microwaves affect the eyes and the testes in particular. I was puzzled during my in-depth interviews with male witnesses when they told me in hushed confidential tones how their testicles bothered them after their sightings. Some later developed nonspecific infections with all the symptoms of venereal disease.

This reminded me of a woman in my town who had a light sphere hover over her house and illuminate the entire living room in an intense brilliant white light. She mentioned that afterwards her breasts were swollen. (you can read the entire account in my article of Strange Encounters of the Unusual Kind):

"The only aftereffect I had immediately after the encounter was that my breasts became so tender and so sore, they filled up like I was 16 years old. I also had trouble sleeping in the following two weeks."

People working directly with microwave fields have claimed a variety of symptoms, including eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbance. These effects are due to the fields of microwave radiation interacting with the body’s central nervous system. We find these symptoms also with UFO witnesses and especially with contactees.

Contactees who claim to have been very close to grounded saucers commonly suffer excessive thirst afterwards. Exposure to microwaves can lead to dehydration of the body.

Microwaves heat up metals, and this is used in certain metal industries. With UFO encounters there have been cases in which the weapons of soldiers became too hot to hold.

The typical humming heard by people when a UFO is nearby or hovers over a house can also be caused by microwaves. Microwaves can be heard, not by the ears, but by skull bone absorption of the microwaves. Even the spinal fluid and the brain itself can absorb them and start to vibrate.


I remember reading of an account in which a woman was sitting on her porch at night, and a UFO or bright light sphere appeared above her illuminating the entire environment in such a bright light that she could see the bones in her arms. This suggests that with the visible light there was also a massive dose of X-rays emitted by the UFO.

In the Buff Ledge UFO case of August 7th, 1968, at Lake Champlain, Vermont, a man also saw the bones in his hand:

The craft now moved directly overhead, and shot a beam at Michael and Janet. Grabbing Janet's shoulder, Michael pulled both of them on their backs on the dock. Suddenly, Michael was overcome with the fear of being kidnapped. He remembers screaming, "We don't want to go!" The light from the beam was so bright that Michael recalls being able to see the bones in his hand, like an X-ray. The two teenagers both later related that the beam had a "liquid" feeling to it, and gave them the sense of free floating. (Source)

Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are extremely high frequency electromagnetic waves associated with radioactivity.

Radioactivity, higher than the background radiation, is sometimes found at UFO landing sites. But this seems to be rare.

The emission of gamma rays might also be responsible for strange ailments some UFO witnesses have afterwards that are typical for exposure to intense radioactivity.


9.6. Deadly Effects

With UFO activity animals tend to disappear, farm animals and dogs in particular. Animals have been found dead when UFOs were seen over pastures. UFO radiation can be deadly.

In Uruguay 1977, A light orb radiating intense heat came close to a rancher and his dog. The entire case can be read here. The dog was within five meters of the object. Three days later he died. The autopsy report from the veterinarian is quite unusual:

"The hair along the animal's spine was sticky but completely hard. The fat under the skin was found on the outside. The fat is normally solid, so to get to the outside it had to be melted and come through the pores. Once it was outside it solidified again. The animal was exposed to a very high temperature that can't be reached naturally by the dog.

"All the blood vessels had been bleeding very much and all the capillaries were broken. The rupture of the blood vessels was caused by an increase in temperature that couldn't be natural. The liver, normally dark and red, was completely yellow, caused by a high fever.

“All the blood vessels were yellow too. With all the blood vessels broken, the animal started bleeding inside and lost so much blood that 48 hours later the amount of blood he had circulated was insufficient and he died of a heart attack.

"When we took the skin off the dog, we didn't see any marks. He didn't have any bruises or anything… nor was the hair burned. The conclusion was that something very hot had caused this."

The strange thing is that the dog sat looking at the object. A normal heat that would cause such severe bodily harm would make anyone, animal or human, instinctively run away. Although a normal heat was felt by the farmer, it seems that the damage to the dog was done by radiation. The farmer got away with just a burned arm.

People exposed to UFO radiation of sufficient energy have come down with leukemia. When people die weeks or months after a UFO sighting, it is impossible to figure out if the UFO radiation was the reason, although everything might point to it. John Keel said that "an unknown number of persons have died after their encounters with monsters, spacemen, and UFOs". It is impossible to know how many because there is no way to collect and document all such reports.

In Brazil, 1966, two men (Jose Viana and Manuel Pereira da Cruz) were found dead on top of a hill with lead masks next to their head. The night before local had seen several light spheres shooting orange beams towards the ground. This has become known as the lead mask case and was published in detail in The Flying Saucer Review of March 1967.

Also in Brazil, around 1977, many UFO light orbs and other shapes were seen to descend on the island of Colares and hit many people with light beams, resulting in severe bodily effects and several deaths. It was a mystery to the purpose of these attacks. This is an important case, or event, because many people were affected, and it shows that these UFO light beams are dangerous.

By November 1977 doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, the physician in charge of the health unit on Colares Island, took care of to some 35 people claiming to have been touched by the strange light. She took blood samples, and concluded that the victims suffered from generalized hypertermia, superficial chronic headache, burnings, intense heat, nauseas, tremors in the body, giddiness, asthenia and presented very small orifices in the skin where they were hit by the rays.

She wrote: "All of them had suffered lesions to the face or the thoracic area." The lesions, looking like radiation injuries, "began with intense reddening of the skin in the affected area. Later the hair would fall out and the skin would turn black. There was no pain, only a slight warmth. One also noticed small puncture marks in the skin. The victims were men and women of varying ages, without any pattern."

... Most symptoms usually disappeared after seven days.

(UFOs at Close Sight, this site contains detailed reports on this case worth reading)

Some people's health never fully recovered. Here again, we have intense radiation beamed at people with ill consequences.

Jacques Vallée mentions five death in another area of Brazil: Parnarama.

At least five people are said to have died near Parnarama following close encounters with what were described as boxlike UFOs equipped with powerful light beams. These objects, which have been called chupas by the local population, fly over the wooded areas and the river valleys at night.

All of the victims in Parnarama were deer hunters who had climbed into trees during the night, as is frequently the case in that part of Brazil. People hunt and fish, not for sport or entertainment but to supplement their family's food supply, and they do it at night because it is cooler and because they have a greater chance of finding game in the woods.

In most cases the witnesses reported rectangular objects (sometimes compared to ice boxes) flying over the treetops and shining a beam toward the earth. The chupas are said to make a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer, and this sound does not change when the object accelerates. The object does not seem large enough to contain a human pilot. It has a light on the bottom and a light at one end, giving a sealed beam like a car headlight.

The victims were Abel Boro, who died on October 17, 1981, while hunting with Ribamar Ferreira; Raimundo Souza, who died on October 19, 1981, while hunting with Anastacio Barbosa; Jose Vitorio and Dionizio General, who died on an undetermined date, the latter three days after the UFO encounter; and a man named Ramon, who lived in Parnarama.

Muldoon and Richman quoted the mayor of Parnarama as confirming the cases, and the chief of police, Geraldo dos Santos Magela, as stating that he had examined two of the bodies, finding that the blood had been "sucked from them."

Ribamar Ferreira described a light coming over him and his friend Abel Boro: it was so bright that it turned night into day, he said. Abel screamed as the object-looking in this case like a giant spinning truck tire with lights on it surrounded his body with a glittering glow. Ferreira ran to Abel's house and returned with his family: they found Abel Boro dead, his body white "as if drained of blood." (It is normal for corpses to develop a whitish-gray color because the hemoglobin breaks down after death. This does not mean that the body has been drained of blood, as witnesses often assume.)

In another case, Dionizio General was atop a hill when an object hovered above him and shot a beam in his direction; it was described as "a big ray of fire. " The witness, Jose dos Santos, testified that Dionizio seemed to receive a shock and came rolling down the hill. For the following three days he was insane with terror; then he died. (Jacques Vallee in Confrontations, A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact)

Brazil seems to be a dangerous place for coming into contact with UFOs. Another case: Joao Prestes Filho came home in the village of Aracariguama was hit by a bright light from outside. Soon after, he noticed that the flesh around his leg was coming away from the bone and looked like “meat that has been allowed to boil for a while!” Several members of Filho’s family arrived not long after. All noted how gravely ill he looked. His usually fair skin was now a “roasted red” color. His hands were particularly deformed from the assault, twisted and burnt. Strangely, his face bore burn marks, but his hair was seemingly unaffected and completely intact. He was also struggling to speak. After his admittance to a hospital, doctors were at a loss as to what caused such rapid burns and deterioration. The medic and orderly who was with Filho in his final hours would later state it was as if he was “decomposing alive!” Flesh continued to fall away from the bone. When the tissue around his jaw fell away he could no longer communicate. He died soon after.

In Colombia, Arcesio Bermudez (1969) shone a flashlight to a light source and received a 'magnetic blast', causing him to feel sick hours later, developing signs of hypothermia shortly after.

He was sent to a clinic in Bogotá. Feeling ill within hours of the event, his malady extended for three days until a relative came to collect him and take him to Bogotá for treatment by car. According to his family, Bermúdez was cold to the touch, and that he leaned against his sister's side in the vehicle. Creepier still is the detail that the side of the sister's body "remained cold until the day she died." Bermudez's preternatural chill was such that the nurses at the Bogotá health center were unable to draw blood samples, as his vital fluid had "crystallized"." Officially, he died from unknown causes.(Inexplicata)

Never good to shine any light to a UFO!

There have been more cases, not always that well documented, but I guess you get the idea: not all 'aliens' are of the friendly kind!


9.7. Shockwave Concussion

There is another possibility for a deadly outcome. When dimensional beings or vehicles appear into our dimension or disappear to their dimension, there is a sudden displacement of air that can result in an explosive event because of the intense energy involved. If a person is close to an explosion, the shockwave can cause severe internal injury that can harm but also kill.

The sudden appearance or disappearance of an entity does not necessary have to generate an explosive sound. Entities have been seen appearing and disappearing in just a flash of light. The shockwave might also be one of infrasound or ultrasound, not audible to our ears. It is also quite possible that there other kinds of energetic shockwaves generated that we are not aware of but that are harmful to a person.

The effects of being exposed to an explosion are well studied in military circles. The predominant post explosion injuries among survivors involve standard penetrating and blunt trauma (by debris or bomb fragments to flying around) aside from blast lung which is the most common fatal injury among initial survivors. Blast lung is damage to the lungs because of the increased air pressure. Proximity to a conventional explosion can also cause concussion of the brain. Immediately after, or even weeks after a concussion, nosebleeds can happen. One wonders if the frequent nose bleeds abductees have, is not from the insertion of an implant, but the result of the energetic shockwave causing a concussion, when the dimensional spirits emerge into their bedroom. We hear so many times that the 'aliens' created a 'porthole' in their bedroom so that they can appear straight into the bedroom itself from the other dimension.

Concussion can also cause headaches, confusion, weakness, feeling dazed and numb, and problems with short term memory. We find those symptoms also with abductees, and encounters with UFOs and strange entities.

Is it possible that some strange (411) deaths of people in the woods are the result of the impact of an energetic shockwave on the physical body, not causing external injuries, but a concussion strong enough that it results in death, and thus not showing an apparent cause of death as is often the case in missing 411 cases?


9.8. Healing

It is rare but a UFO sighting can result in a healing of a witness. For example, a car was engulfed with a brilliant light from a UFO while the driver had his hand, with a swollen infected finger, hanging outside the window. The next day his finger was completely healed. Other people have been cured after a UFO encounter. They often supposed that it was due to the intention of the aliens to cure the person.

However, the healing might rather be the effect of the emitted high frequency radiation. Although this intense radiation is often harmful, at much lower exposure, they can promote healing of the body.

Usually those who were healed were suffering from nervous disorders, arthritis, and other ailments which respond to infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and treatment by VLF and microwaves.

Radiation with different frequencies are now being used in hospitals to promote healing of the body.


9.9. Fire

A Florida law enforcement officer out with his dogs at 6:20 p.m. on January 2, 2011, watched a "glowing metallic sphere" shoot off into the sky from his backyard, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network MUFON witness reporting database. "It went upwards as soon as I opened the sliding rear door and the dogs went out barking," the witness stated. "With no sound, bolted upwards until reaching cloud cover and made a 90-degree angle heading west in a very high rated speed until I could not see it any more into the sky." Then the witness looked at the ground where the object had been. "On the ground I noticed two circular marks on the grass itself. Marks are sort of circular burned patches on the ground with a white powdery ash. I am a State of Florida law enforcement officer and a retired Army Infantryman. I have seen it all in the civilian life as well as in combat; and there is nothing like I have seen before." No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report, which was filed on January 5, 2011. No images  or video were included with the report. )Educating Humanity)

I have already mentioned that fires might erupt in poltergeist cases. It is not that common, but it can happen. Usually they are small fires of small objects, of all kinds, that spontaneously catch fire, even under the eyes of the occupants of the house.

It can be that the entities themselves intend to create these fires, as part of their scare tactics, or to erase any evidence of their existence that has been gathered by the person.

I once interviewed a man in my own town who was visited by particular beings who were looking for a solution to their problems. He made sculptures of their images, and after a couple of years had a large collection of these sculptures in his garage. When these beings finally decided he could not help them, they left after his garage caught fire and destroyed all the sculptures. Destroying any evidence of their existence and/or appearance was more important to them than the possible consequences to the person they contacted. Luckily the fire was discovered early enough to save his house, and their lives. Contact with dimensional beings always carries risks that can get out of (our) hand. (you can read about this particular story in my article of Strange Encounters of the Unusual Kind)

It is also possible that in other cases the fires are the result of their presence. The presence of dimension beings in our world is always accompanied by the emission of high frequency radiation. Microwaves heat materials from the inside out, and they can catch on fire. Microwaves are used in weapons systems that heat up the water molecules in the skin of people. Microwave lasers can set materials on fire.

Burned grass is common at sites where UFO have landed, touched the ground or just hovered above it. The vegetation around it can also be torched. This is not by ordinary fire but by radiation. The landing area can remain without vegetation for years.