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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

12. Human Spirits and Alien Beings

12.1. Human Spirits

12.2. Spirits and Aliens

12.3. The Stressful Environment

12.4. Sleep Paralysis


12.1. Human Spirits

There is sometimes confusion about what a ghost is or a spirit. Basically it is a question of terminology. A ghost is a residual energy of a previously living being, human or animal. It is not animated by a divine essence and has no consciousness as such. Ghost are usually seen at graveyards, or at places where an intense emotional trauma took place, like murders or battle scenes. Sensitive or psychic people can see them, and also occasionally a normal person under certain (energetic) circumstances.

Spirits are conscious beings who have no physical body, and live in the spiritual realms, from the lowest astral to the highest mental levels. When we die, that is lay off the physical body, we are in the spirit body. As I have mentioned before, in these dimensional realms, everything is energy, and a spirit can form itself a body form to his liking. Although there is a lot of freedom in the astral realms, human spirit are not free of their emotional problems. For reasons of their own, some human spirits choose to stay on the physical level. Some of them don't even know that they are dead, and can hang around on the physical level for quite a while. Generally they are invisible to us but they can manifest into our physical world in different ways.

Animal spirits, after they die, can also remain on the physical level, usually only for a short time. There are also other kind of spirit entities roaming around on the lower astral levels, who like to bother us.

Human spirits residing in the astral world can drastically interfere in our lives in negative way. Then we speak of hauntings or poltergeist. So do 'alien' beings, they are just spirits of as a different kind.


12.2. Spirits and Aliens

In Ufology, a lot of people still think that ufonauts are physical extraterrestrials visiting our planet. Others have now come to the conclusion that we are actually dealing with dimensional entities, although it is still believed that they still come from other places in the universe. That might be possible but I think that they really belong to this planet. Maybe they came here a long time ago, but they definitely have been around here for a very long time. The 'aliens' hang out in the same astral or etheric world as deceased human spirits. They are of a similar nature and live in their own realm.

With aliens I mean the typical beings associated with flying saucers and abduction events, like Greys, Reptilians and other nasties. They are non-human spirits.

What we traditionally know about negative spirits in haunted houses is just the same what we see with the so-called aliens, although the latter are more sophisticated and operate outside the house too. Poltergeist happens with both human spirits and with UFO/alien presence.

Spirits (we only talking about negative ones) can cling to a person. We then speak of a spirit attachment, or even possession, although the latter one does not always have to be dramatic. They do so because they feed of the energy of the living person. Over time this person will develop ailments and diseases because of his lack of vital energy. We see the same with aliens. Psychics have seen people whose attachments were (typically) reptilians. But Greys too attach themselves to a person, often from early childhood. Maybe they don't always hang around, but they keep a firm link to that person throughout his entire life, and from time to time interfere with his life in many different ways.

Spirits appear in our bedrooms, and so do the 'aliens', Greys, Reptilians, Mantis, and many other alien forms.


12.3. The Stressful Environment

The state of harmony in a person or an environment determines if good or bad spirits or aliens are present or not. Like attracts like.

If a person is bothered by negative entities then usually there is an imbalance in his own bodily energy field (aura). Nobody is perfect and we go through life with all kind of traumas, so we all do have some imbalances in our aura. But some have more than others, or the trauma(s) they went through caused a really large fissure in their aura. Then spirits can easily attach. The amount of fear or emotional issues also play a role.

When you look at the lives of contactees and abductees, you will also notice a lot of them have a lot of problems in their lives, often made worse by the repeated contacts. Some of them develop substance abuse (addictions). Drugs and alcohol have always been known to attract lower (bad) spirits and aliens are not the exception.

When a house is built on 'negative' energy lines, then the house can be haunted. Stressful earth energy lines that can cause imbalances are fault lines and moving underground water streams, among others. Dowsers call it geopathic stress. When this geopathic stress is strong enough, negative spirits are attracted to such places, and can make a house haunted and bother the occupants. I would not be surprised if contactees and abductees are living in such houses. When two geopathic stress lines cross inside a house, this can be really harmful and develop into illnesses, and heightened spirit interference, such as poltergeist.

Geopathic stress can be remedied by dowsers and energy workers. Clearing oneself of emotional imbalances and fear might take a longer time, but is a necessary thing to restore one's own balance and to get rid of spirit interference.

Houses and buildings can also built up a lot of negative energy by many years or even centuries of negative emotions or actions of those who lived in it, and this can attract negative spirits too. Ritual objects, but also ordinary household objects can also hold negative charges and even malevolent spirits. One has to be careful when buying antique or used ritual objects or statues and placing them in one's home.


12.4. Sleep Paralysis

I am almost a doctor .. final year of med school .. This happened to me cause coming from a medical view I donít believe in the paranormal but I had to share this with someone . When I was around 22 ... 2 years back.. I was sleeping .. it was midnight I guess then suddenly a huge weight fell on my body .. I could not breathe it was so heavy I tired to push it , pick it up nothing happened. Felt like I was being crushed ... after about 2 mins struggle I used my hands to push this second weight near my neck .. it felt like a human I felt a face .. I might have applied pressure in the right place or something it let me go .. As if it fell down from my bed .. then I woke up ran to my door held the door knob .. there was a hand holding my hand preventing me from twisting the knob open .. I tried to scream. I never used so much r energy to scream . I donít even think a pregnant woman would scream as much as I did .. No matter how much I screamed .. there was no sound coming out of me .. I wrestled it. Then felt an arm on neck. So itís like it grabbed me from behind .. one hand on my hand holding the knob other is on my neck .. I tried kicking it . I elbowed it on the head . Then with my legs planted strong on the floor . I was hanging my whole weight from the knob trying to break it .. I could then slightly get the door all this happening while it was trying to pull me back .. I could se emo living room .. I screamed for my mom there was no sound coming out of me . There were tears coming from my eyes .. Then I felt a hand close my mouth ... I thought I was going to die due to suffocation that day .. then I just opened my mouth and bite his hand that was covering my mouth ... Then boom.. there was a black flash .. I woke up on my bed .. as if nothing happened .. I was breathing heavily I was sweating .. When I tried to get off the bed to get some water . My whole body was sore. Like I just had a wrestling match with khabib .. I got up .. switched the light one .. There multiple prints of my feet on the wall near the door .. I was dumb folded ... My mom asked me did u kick the wall or something when she was cleaning it. Never told anyone. But I needed to share this. Thanks (Reddit)

First, sleep paralysis is not always associated with the visits of spirits. It is a state of consciousness just before or after sleep. The soul goes in an out-of-body-state but remains conscious. In that state it does not have any or little control over the physical body.

Here we will only speak about sleep paralysis with a direct presence of spiritual entities.

Spirit visitations can cause sleep paralysis to occur, often accompanied with a heavy feeling on the chest. It is a way for a spirit to have control over the person while it is sucking the vital energy out of him. It is not unusual for the person to see the spirit on top of him, often in a frightening form, as the spirit likes to induce fear, making it easier to suck the life force. Sometimes only the presence of the spirit is felt. The appearance of the spirit or entity varies depending on culture and personal beliefs. For example, the entity can be seen as an old hag, a demon, a shadow being.

In a typical sleep-paralysis episode, a person wakes up paralyzed, senses a presence in the room, feels fear or even terror, and may hear buzzing and humming noises, or see strange lights. A visible or invisible entity may even sit on their chest, shaking, strangling or prodding them. Attempts to fight the paralysis are usually unsuccessful. It is reputedly more effective to relax, or try to move just the eyes or a single finger or toe in order to wake up. The attack of the spirit is on the vital body of the person, not the physical body. When the person's consciousness shift from the out-of-body state to the in-body state, the attack stops.

The effort to move a single toe or finger is also used by out-of-the-body experiencers when they end up in a perilous situation in the astral world, and they want to return immediately to the physical body.