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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

7. Typical Intrusion Characteristics

7.1. Basic Weirdness

7.2. Intelligent Control

7.3. Light

7.4. Sounds

7.5. Smells

7.6. Leaving Behind of Evidence

7.7. Paranormal Effects

7.8. Non-Solid Appearances

7.9. Magnetic Effects


7.1. Basic Weirdness

"The most important of these incidents occurred on the evening of 20 November 2008, when after three objects disappeared at incredible speed, the undersigned officer, Sgt. William and Sgt. Waldir returned through the cane fields of the village of Sao Bento. We saw two luminous beings, nearly 90 centimeters tall, making their way through the canes. We were aboard a Mitsubishi pickup driving along a rural road when Sgt. William saw something in the bushes. He turned vehicle number 13533 toward the 'luminous beings'. When we got closer (15 or 20 meters), they began sliding between the canes. We were driving at around 20 km/h, and they remained ahead of us and to the right. It was noticeable how those things 'walked' without touching the ground. We saw no feet, no fingers, yet we saw arms, legs and oval-shaped heads. While luminous, [the beings] did not shed any light."
The report continues, stating that Sgt. Waldir Araújo Silva made an attempt to photograph the beings, but was unable to find his camera. Sg. William Alcione Alves de Silva caught a glimpse of the apparition, as stated in the report.
The report goes on to say: "What we saw appeared to place or remove something from the ground, as scientists might do. They appeared to control our thoughts, rendering our bodies tired and unable to think strategically and tactically. We found ourselves in as situation of being unable to define what was real, what was a dream, or what was a nightmare, and all of us felt and saw the same thing. Following this experience, we had headaches, anxiety, and were unable to stop talking and remarking about what we had seen. We were very thirsty. What seemed to have lasted 40 minutes had covered, in fact, 2 or 3 hours.
The commander closes his report by saying: "Several people have spoken about experiences identical to those of us soldiers, and we are going to interview these people. Some speak of feeling hot air upon entering their home. Vehicles were experiencing electrical problems. The Mitsubishi does not start; the soldiers who had the closest contact seem anguished, all of us feel psychologically or physically different, more tired, sleepy, there are stories of people who feel themselves levitating. I will conduct my own study on this incident. Corporal Rabelo spoke about and presented photographs that he managed to take during his sightings, using his camera. He prepared an official report on the initial event, which is on file in this Military Police Division."

Part of a larger event that happened in Minas Gerais Brazil in 2008, Source: Inexplicata Blogspot

Some people would call these beings extraterrestrials, because they were linked to UFO sightings, and because they behaved as visiting ETs would do: gathering soil samples (this is a recurrent feature in 'alien' sightings). But we are actually dealing with a totally different phenomenon that is accompanied by several different characteristics that show up in so many other encounters with dimensional beings. The strange beings were luminous, they didn't walk, but glided. There is a lack of details in their bodily features. They controlled the body and mind of the police officers. The officers found themselves in a strange mental state, similar to trance, and they had physical aftereffects.

If you are not familiar with the phenomenon, one might think that an encounter or sighting of a cryptic entity, a UFO or alien is merely a visual observation, but there are so many more things that can go on and are typical for such events. By itself, an individual event can look insignificant, unimportant, puzzling, incomprehensible. But overall they share features that appear and again. Paying attention to those details helps us to understand what really is going on.

The problem with so many fortean researchers is that they take a lot of these intruding entities for real physical beings, animals and humanoids alike. But when you look at all the different sorts and kinds of creatures that make their appearances, then this planet must be a host of an enormous variety of biological weird beings, who all need to eat, have families, and need a lot of territory to roam around on a daily basis foraging for food. They are seen in the air, swamps, lakes, river, mountains, cities, cemeteries, and along our roads. They also like to visit our homes and bedrooms. There are way, way too much sightings for them to be physical beings. Not to mention that a lot of them behave in absurd ways.

Their weirdness is the basic characteristic of these beings. They are out of place and behave in mysterious ways. They definitely come from somewhere else, that is, from another dimension.


7.2. Intelligent Control

The intelligence among the dimensional beings that intrude our reality caries greatly. Some are very primitive and appear solely to cause fear, some want to attract attention Others are much more intelligent and have definitive plans to carry out, and are very sophisticated in creating complicated events to bedazzle professional researchers.

UFOs which are basically energetic light spheres from our perspective, are definitely under intelligent control by the beings who guide them, and transform them according to their wishes. The physics of space and time are quite different in the dimensional, or astral, world. When they appear in our world, originally as light energy and then as more solidified ships and beings, they both display an intelligence behind it. They also move in ways different than what is normal in our physical world, because, after all, they are not physical objects or biological beings.

The beings behind the UFOs show high intelligence. The UFO vehicles meticulously follow people, follow cars, circle around airplanes, and avoid interception. They can take action and take out airplanes when they are fired upon. They can take out rockets and rockets installations. They can manipulate our minds directly. They are very aware of what is going on around them, and can react before we humans can even decide what to do.


7.3. Light

The Light Spectrum

1929, Lackawack, NY: Nothing can follow little Jill's story, but this is close. A man was walking the mile or so from his friend's house on a dirt road running through the woods. There was an unusual Silence to everything, an uncannyness which made the woods seem to be closing in around him. There was a weird light off the road, pulsing on the ground among the trees. Too curious to just walk on, he carefully left the road and negotiated the tangle of plants between him and the light. On the ground was a dome of light four feet in diameter and a foot and a half high. It was yellow-green. He wondered if it could be some weird fungus effect, and went closer, reaching below the illumination to feel the ground. Nothing unusual. The dome suddenly brightened greatly, scaring him into cover. Within the area of the dome, two beings slowly materialized. They were one foot high. They stepped out, looking like "classic" Little People of the folktales. They stared in his direction, unnerved him and he stumbled backwards with a crash. Quickly the Little Folk jumped back into the glow-dome and everything vanished. The witness was left trying to relax and collect himself. Upon examining the spot the next day, nothing was disturbed at the spot of the glow. (Ron Quinn in Little People)

Encounters like the above still happen today, but now the witness would tell us that saw a UFO and two aliens came out. Our interpretation of what we see does not really matter. We have to look at what is really there: two beings emerging from a light source. That light source often goes through many changes and point to a phenomenon that slides through the electromagnetic spectrum.

When the dimensional beings enter our world, they appear to us as energy units that can slide up and down the frequency spectrum. When they pass through the visible light spectrum they become visible to us.

What we observe as light does not come from what we know about ordinary light sources. It is an intense energy mass, throwing off visible light. Maybe we could call it a plasma.

Just to give you an idea that a plasma sphere can be used by an intelligence, the pentagon is working on a laser that creates a plasma ball at the intended location and modulate its energies to create various effects from the plasma ball. It could create sound (giving commands), but it can also deter, stun, and probably also kill a person. At this moment (2019) the plasma ball can pass through glass into a building but not yet penetrate other solid barriers.

There are plenty of stories of people who have seen a plasma or light sphere enter and leave their house, passing effortlessly through walls. I am not saying that UFO or light sphere are plasma balls, but it is certainly an option to explore.

These glowing UFO objects frequently change color, size, and form, and this fact indicates that they are comprised of energy which can be manipulated. When desired they can further arrange this energy to create forms that look physical, such as spaceships and beings, and even create a semi-physical matter to give them substance.

There is a lot to say that they come down from high electromagnetic frequencies, such as gamma rays and then move down into the x-rays and ultraviolet before entering and operating in the visible light. There is also evidence that they they throw off infrared frequencies.

It seems that once they stabilize in our world, they become of a white color, which they use for travel, but radical maneuvers of ascent or descent require it to alter its frequencies again, and this process produces new color changes.

They can also produce flashing colored light all around their rim, or up and under the light sphere or spaceship. There are saucers that have pulsating lights, that dim and brighten. Some UFOs have halos around them. Other give off explosive showers of colored sparks.

Aside from necessary light changes, they seemingly can produce any light effect they want.

A light orb or even a light flash can transform into an apparent physical humanoid being. It is a process of transforming an energy substance into a visible form.


The Light Flash

Roy Green has been truck driving for some fifteen years. During this period he witnessed numerous accidents, fires, police chases, etc, along the busy interstates. But this day would be like no other. While traveling one spring afternoon between Bend and Burns, Oregon on State 20, a white Caddy shot by in the passing lane doing over seventy five. Then slowed, pulling back into the right lane several hundred feet in front of him. Moments later a bright flash of light filled his cab. It only lasted a second or two before things returned to normal. But, the car had vanished. Roy pulled to the side and stopped. Several cars approaching from the opposite direction did the same. One driver leaped out shouting, “Damn, did you see that?” Another claimed the flash appeared directly over the Caddy. No sign of the vehicle could be found, not even skid marks. It was like the Caddy never even existed. (Ron Quinn in Mysterious Disappearances)

Bright light flashes are often associated with strange events, especially light spheres and entities appearing and disappearing in flash of light. UFOs can take on the form of cars. They like to follow a driver, especially at night, and then mysteriously disappear. Or, like in the story above, they pass the driver and disappear in a flash.

A bright light flash can simply mark the entry or exit of a dimensional vehicle, but other light flashes have a different purpose.

In many UFO contacts an entity holding some kind of wand shines a light beam directly at the witness. Aboard a flying saucer, a light flashes and the abductee or contactee is told 'his picture has just been taken'. A light flash can also appear out of point in space in front of the witness, or first the flash is seen, and then the entity appears.

In some of these cases the witness will be paralyzed (actually unable to move) after being hit by the light flash.

A person can also see a bright light flash, or be engulfed by it, without any further events happening. These are usually seen by people who are psychic, and they possibly have had encounters with UFOs or mysterious beings before.

The light flash can be used to induce a trance state, so prevalent in all these encounters. The body is 'paralyzed', but the entranced mind can then be manipulated by the dimensional beings, who can make the witness see and experience events that go from a simple entity sighting to elaborate experiences such as alien abductions. So much have been researched and talked about in regard to these abductions, what has been seen and experienced on the spaceships, and all the contacts with the hybrid children, that we have forgotten that is all induced mental experiences.

By the way it is never good to shine a flashlight or laser light to a UFO or light orbs. They don't like it at all. Maybe it disrupts the energy of their vehicle or light-form. They usually hit back with a beam of light of their own:

..."I raised my arm and shined my flashlight at it, and in an instant I saw a bright flash of light. It knocked me down, and I felt like I'd had an electrical shock. Then I passed out." He regained consciousness the next morning and several hours later began to feel a lot of pain. "My right arm was completely numb, my kidneys, my spine, my right side all hurt very, very much. I thought I was going to die. I had no appetite for eight days. I didn't want to eat anything. I had to use a cane because I couldn't stand on my right leg, and I couldn't hold anything in my right hand because it would fall out of my hand." (UFO Danger Zone by Bob Pratt)

Beams of Light

The [black] aircraft was no more than twenty feet off the ground and, as it moved slightly toward him, a recurring pattern of tiny multicolored lights danced their way across the snow. The lights were obviously coming from the aircraft, but Tom couldn’t make out how they were being projected onto the snow. The total silence and barely perceptible movement of the object convinced Tom that there was no way he would have seen it if it hadn’t been so plainly silhouetted against the white snow. Its jet-black color and the noiseless slow motion combined to give him the impression that it was defying gravity. Tom crouched in the snow to avoid being seen. It was moving slowly along the ridge and seemed to be quartering the ground as if looking for something. Its tiny “disco” lights traced their silent pattern in the snow as the object slowly turned at the end of the ridge and then resumed its journey over the snow, searching for God knows what. It was a slow, methodical search, but for what? (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

Beams of light coming from UFOs are common, and are of unusual light characteristics. They illuminate everything inside the beam, but they do not cast any light or cause reflection in the area outside the beam.

One peculiar thing about these beams is that they seem to go out from the object and extend to different lengths, not fading into the darkness but terminating suddenly like poles or rods of light. It is as if the light beam has been cut off flat.

It is not unusual to see these beams move around as if they are looking for something, but this might be another diversion tactic too. This was already the case with the mysterious late 1800s airships.

At the other side, it might be possible that the entities are indeed searching for something on the ground, as their light beams seem to methodically scanning a certain area.

Light beams can also penetrate houses and light up everything inside.

A light beam can also be used by a UFO occupant to go up into or down from the craft.

In Brazil there have been cases in which a light orb shone a light beam on a victim with severe physical effects. Feelings of hot and cold at the same time, paralysis of the affected part or the entire body, numbness of the part or even the entire body, electric shocks, even unconsciousness. This light beam was pulling the victims up into the air, sometimes this was accompanied with a whirling wind. Some of the people were able to hold on to a pole or a tree and prevent the 'sucking up'. Strangely, there is a case where a woman was lifted up by a light beam, resulting in numbness of her body and heat/cold sensation, but her daughter didn't have any sensation at all nor was lifted up when she grabbed her mother's arm in an effort to hold her back. In all these cases the people were lifted up to a certain height and then gently lowered or just dropped hard.

The following is just one of many cases gathered by the Brazilian military. Bob Pratt had a record of these released Brazilian Air Force investigation. You can now view them on Web Archive.

Santo Antônio do Tauá – Manoel do Espirito Santo, 20, high school student , resident of Santo Antônio do Tauá (town) – Was in front of his house with some friends, Júlio, Paulo, Deca and Carlito) when he saw a yellow light moving E/W, slowing in speed and stopping about 20 meters from the group. He said he could see two crew members inside who appeared to be human, one man and a woman; the “man” was on the left side and the woman on the right side of the “apparatus”; both wore glasses (different shape) and communication gear (earphones)…the one on the left (?)… more attentively to the group of people. At the same time the other, behind a horizontal tube (?) …directed a ray of red light toward the group; having been hit directly, it felt like an electric shock, from the feet to the head; then felt paralyzed (arms and legs immobilized) and semi-conscious. The object gradually began to move away, gaining altitude and speed. Manoel was able to move again, feeling numb for some minutes.

Glowing Eyes

Glowing eyes is always a sign of a dimensional entity. It seems that they serve to fix your attention and to bring you in a hypnotic trance. They are actually not eyes as we understand them, but to intense light sources.

Seen and Unseen

UFOs can move around in our world unseen when they are not in the visible light spectrum. Trevor James, an engineer who became interested in UFOs discovered that these invisible UFOs would show up on film of cameras with infrared lenses. Equally, other people have found that cameras that allow ultraviolet light to be captured would also show aerial objects not visible at the time the picture was taken. Video cameras have captures the movement of these objects too in both these frequency ranges.

There are sightings of UFOs in which one person can see the UFO or flying saucer, and other people in the same location do not see it, or their camera does not pick up the object.

I saw an oddly still white orb above cornfield by my house took several pictures and it wouldn’t show up. I was looking at it with my eyes but when I look through my phone it’s not there. I am now confused looking at my phone and being able to see it but it wasn’t anywhere. (Reddit)

The reason for this is that some people are very psychic and are more sensitive to infrared and ultraviolet frequencies. It is also possible that some people are sensitive to natural magnetic fields in certain location augmenting their perception to frequencies beyond the visible spectrum.
It is also possible that the visual sighting is an induced mental experience specifically aimed at one person. The object  or entity is not really visible to normal people but the targeted person will will experience the sighting as real. With induced mental experience there is often also a distortion of the time elapsed.

However, when a UFO or entity appears with a luminous glow around them, then this is a sign that it is going through frequency changes, and thus its is real and not an induced hallucination. Luminous glows are always a real phenomenon of something appearing in our world from another dimension.

Sensitivity to Our Light Sources

UFOs are a kind of plasma vehicles for the dimensional beings in the higher frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, part of which is the visible light spectrum. Because of this, any intense light beam directed to them will disrupt their own structure of the light sphere. When people shines a powerful flashlight or laser light directly at a UFO, it will immediately move away, or sometimes retaliate with a light beam of their own.

Probably any beam of concentrated electromagnetic frequency, from the infrared to gamma rays, has a disrupting effect on their manifestation in this world. This is worth investigating and it might be a deterrent to their presence.


7.4. Sounds

A few years ago, my boyfriend worked in a warehouse that was out in the middle of nowhere. In between railroad tracks and the river. On one side of the warehouse, there was DENSE forest. He had gotten done at work around 8pm, right as the sun was setting. He was sitting outside waiting for his ride and talking to me on the phone. The conversation was normal until I heard his tone change. My boyfriend isn’t one to show his emotions, at all, but I could instantly tell something was wrong. I asked what was going on and he explained that he thought he heard a baby crying from inside the woods. Now, I probably would’ve second guessed and thought he was joking around because that’s his personality, but the way he was talking, I could tell he was serious. The cries went on for a while and he said that they eventually turned into wails, and it didn’t sound like it was too far away. He disconnected our call (much to my dismay) and sent me an audio recording of what he was hearing. Sure as shit, there were sounds of a baby crying. He told me he was tempted to go into the woods and try to find the source of the sound, and I begged him not to. Something about it didn’t feel right. Thankfully, his ride came to get him before he could step into the forest. I’ve heard these kinds of stories before and many say that it’s something or someone in the forest trying to lure people in with the sounds of a baby crying. But, I just can’t wrap my head around it. It honestly still gives me chills when I think about it to this day. Even my boyfriend doesn’t talk about it much because I think it genuinely freaked him out. (Reddit)

The sounds that accompany the manifestation of dimensional beings in our world are really intriguing. UFOs create many different sounds, of which there are a few recordings. They can buzz, pulse, hum, and create extreme low frequencies and high pitched shrieking sounds. It is possible that the low frequency humming is used to induce a trance.

Creatures are known to create very unusual sounds, such as growling and shrieking. But are the creatures themselves creating these sounds? After all they are only forms of energy, not actual biological beings with vocal cords. The sounds are usual heard in the area where the creatures have been seen, or seen soon afterwards. Where does the sound actually come from?

The most common sounds heard in these cases are described as sounding like a baby crying or a woman screaming. Sometimes it is a voice calling the person's name, as if to beckon him further into the woods.

John Keel assumed that these sounds are actually caused by an abrupt temperature change when the dimensionals enter or leave our dimension. That is an interesting supposition because abrupt temperature changes are well know in haunted houses, but also in UFO cases.

Metallic Sounds

...Just as we were turned around, we all heard a strange sound that almost sounded like quieted thunder/metal hitting metal that was coming from what sounded like off in the distance. As we whipped around to see what made the noise, a large white bird that I think was a white owl flew over our heads silently, flapping its wings and disappearing behind a tree that was a good 25 feet behind us.

We all looked at each other trying to make sense of what the hell we just heard and started walking briskly back towards civilization. We heard what sounded like twigs snapping in the woods behind us, and my girlfriend and I turned around to see what made the noise.

Peeking from behind the tree the owl just flew behind, was what looked like an impossibly tall ghost white humanoid shape, with one hand on the tree trunk as it peered out from behind it. Before we could get a good look at it's face, it quickly retreated back to behind the tree out of our sight again... (Phantom and monsters)

Metallic sounds heard in the middle of woods are often associated with strange beings, feelings of dread and of being watched. Shrieking sounds can also be heard.

In the experience above, we find a metallic sound and an owl. Owls, sometimes unusually large, often appears with abduction experiences and Grays. The tall ghostly figure that peeks from behind a tree is also a typical encounter in the woods.

People who are bothered by dimensional entities, through a UFO sightings or an entity encounter, can receive strange phone calls from strangers. This can be warnings not to talk about the event, but sometimes there is only a metallic voice at the other end, speaking in an incomprehensible language. Or there are only metallic sounds coming through the telephone line.

Metallic sounds can also happen with poltergeist phenomena.

But metallic sounds can come out of nowhere too.

When I was in high school, I was home alone one day and I heard an incredible loud metallic shriek sound from the bathroom.  It also alarmed me, and I was glued to my chair.  But once I worked up the nerve to check it, there was nothing, and the sound was never heard again.(Gost Theory)

With Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, when sounds are recorded in haunted houses, voices captured can also have a metallic sound to it.

It is difficult to say where metallic sounds come from. They seem to be generated by energetic phenomena and linked to other-dimensional events, whether or not there are beings behind it. There are usually heard from a distance, and so the source remains unknown although they are associated with the sightings of beings or UFOs, and other phenomena.

The sound of metal banging on metal sometimes goes together with the sighting of a light sphere.

The following, rather lengthy, account is interesting because the people involved were right in front of the source of the metallic sound. It offers us a glimpse into its possible other-dimensional source.

Let me start this off with some background information about myself before I share my encounter. I am a 24f that has spent a majority of my life outdoors camping and hiking through wild terrain. I have also been studying zoology and biology for the last 6 years and have been in close proximity to bobcats mid hunt, protective momma bears, and territorial elk. I'm disclosing this because all of these experiences have been quite scary, but I have never been more terrified than I was the night I encountered an unknown entity in northern AZ.

In March of 2018 I decided to go on a back-road drive with a friend of mine at about 2 am. That area is well-known for the almost zero light pollution which makes the night sky mesmerizing on a clear night, which that night was. The area I was driving in was thick pine forest, and I was on alert because of the large elk in the region. After about an hour my friend and I made it to a paved road leading back towards home. The road was a T-shape, and we were stopped at a stop sign, taking a moment to update our playlist. I'm about to shift out of park when I look about 30ft in front of me, I'm facing the pine treeline that my headlights are illuminating. The treeline sat along a small 5 ft ridge that was parallel to the road I was going to turn onto. I noticed a door sized block of my view that appeared to be warped. It looked like I was underwater and looking up at the surface, the image was just distorted and constantly shifting within the frame. Very odd.

I sat there for a while before I told my friend that I thought I was hallucinating. To clarify, I was not under the influence of any substance and hadn't been in almost a year at that point. I was concerned and was about to suggest they drive instead since my vision seemed to be impaired. That is until they told me that I wasn't hallucinating, they were witnessing the same thing. Without looking away from the block we both described the exact same image so at this point I'm a bit freaked out. We're pretty logical people and didn't want to jump to any conclusions, there must be a rational answer. So of course we do what sane people do on a dark back-road, we put my car in park and get out of the vehicle (I know, not smart)

We kept my headlights on as we crossed the road heading towards the distorted block and noticed that as we moved the "portal" wasn't moving from its original spot, so it ruled out any kind of fumes possibly interfering. As I reached the ridge that the 'portal' sat on top of my friend stopped. He said that it didn't feel right and that he thought we should go back to the car (he's smarter than me). At that point I was more intrigued than scared, and I was already within 10 ft of the thing so might as well finish the job. I started walking up the 5 ft incline when I was filled with the most intense dread that I had ever experienced. I could almost reach out and touch the warped doorway when my foot softly planted itself directly in front of it. At that exact moment the most horrendous noise erupted. It sounded almost as if someone had dropped a metal tank out of the air, it was the loudest metallic crash that I had ever heard. I was startled by the noise and lost my footing and slipped down the ridge and caught my footing right as I was next to my friend. We both looked at each other in scared confusion when the night air filled with what sounded like 3 dozen coyotes calling. I'll admit, it's pretty common for coyotes to call out in groups (they're kind of known for it) but what's unusual about this specific situation was that the 3 dozen coyote howls sounded like they were screeching in our ears. It was so loud that we had to cover our ears as we ran to my car. I felt like I was about to be attacked by all of them, and they were about to jump on me by how close their screams were. As I was running back across the street I was looking around desperately for the coyotes to determine how many there was but not a single one was in sight. As soon as we slammed and locked the doors of the car the noise that was almost debilitating the moment before completely went silent. Nothing. Not a single peep. Looked up as I was shifting into drive and saw that the warped portal was now gone, confirmed with my friend that he no longer saw it too and drove the hell out of there. We got home in record time and ran inside my home and discussed what happened until the sun came up.

We both encountered the exact same phenomenon out there on that road. We both saw the warped apparition and heard the same noises. We were both filled with a nauseating dread and were hysterical in what we had experienced.

We couldn't solve it logically and were desperate for answers the next day when we started speaking with some friends who grew up in the local Navajo reservation. When we shared the experience they we all convinced that we had encountered a skinwalker. When I first heard the term I was sure that they were kidding but they truly believe in this, they grew up with the warnings from their elders so the fear they have for this thing is real. Some would even walk with blessed ash on their foreheads to discourage skinwalker encounters, a sort of protection charm. I was told that a skinwalkers scream is similar to crashing metal and that the coyote noises was the skinwalker trying to disorient us. So I looked into other skinwalker encounters and it's a real inconsistent mess of stories out here, but I have come across a few that are similar to my own experience. The main issue that I have with this explanation is that I never saw a humanoid, just a transparent doorway. (Reddit)

What is really interesting about this account is that what looked like a portal to the two people was interpreted by the Navajos as a being they call Skinwalker. The shimmering appearance of the 'portal' reminds me of other experiences of what I have termed Translucent Humanoid Beings (see my article of Translucent Humanoids Beings). They have a similar shimmering wave distortion. Most of these translucent beings are of the skinny praying mantis type. It seem that it is some type of cloaking method that allows them to be in our physical world, but they can create a kind of energetic blanket that bends the natural light around them. It is not totally perfect, and that is why we can see the shimmering effect if one pays close attention. It could also be that they shift to a state half in this world, half in the other world, what would make them quasi invisible with only an energetic shimmering that can still be noticed. The metallic noise is most likely an energetic burst, while the coyote noises are intentionally generated into the minds of the witnesses.

A side note: There seems to be confusion about what a Skinwalker means. It is a term is used for a variety of monsters, and not only the historical bad-witch shapeshifter.


UFOs and entity encounters can also create code-like beeps that blast out of car radios, telephones, and TV sets. Loud beeping noises can be heard both outside as inside one's house.

The strange beeps and metallic noises in telephones could be explained as some kind of electromagnetic interference the dimensional appearance creates, but sometimes it is a voice repeating numbers. Quite bizarre, but maybe that is the point. Repeating numbers can also be heard when people wake up at night.

One or more beeps might also be used by the dimensionals to induce a trance. Some witnesses first hear a beep and go into a trance, and when they hear another beep they come out of the trance. Maybe it is conditioning such as a post-hypnotic suggestion. What happens between the two beeps cannot be remembered.


7.5. Smells

My dog took off right up the ridge and up on top of the hill,' Edgar Harrison said, recalling how he and a group of I reporters pursued a tall, hairy humanoid. 'They took off after the thing when they heard it. Boy, you should have had a recording of those men when they hit the smell. I was with them, and it stank so bad you would have thought you were walking in horse manure. It was that strong. The dog went three hundred feet up there, then he came hack with his tail between his legs. He laid right down in back of the house and just got sick as can be. His eyes got bloodshot and he lay there for over an hour throwing up. I can't get him to go near that MI anymore.' (John Keel in The Cosmic Question)

Strange smells often accompany strange events. The descriptions vary, but the smell is generally associated with sulfur, rotten eggs, a stench of marsh gas, or rotten garbage. It can be very strong to the point where it makes people and dogs ill. Historically, it is mostly associated with devil(s), demons, monsters and bad spirits in general. It also appears with UFO and monster sightings. 

Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, is often accompanied by such a strong sulfurous smell. it i s said to be given off by the creature itself. But this might not be the case.

It seems that the smell is a byproduct from the manifestation of the dimensionals into our world. This manifestation, or intrusion, always throws of strong electromagnetic radiation, and this EM radiation could create chemical process in the air gasses of our atmosphere.

For a sulfurous gas to be smelled (and be strong) in an entire area of a sighting, and for it to linger around sometimes for quite a while, require a very large quantity of this gas to be produced from the surrounding air. So the radiation thrown off by the dimensional event must be quite strong, and in some cases long lasting.

John Keel brought forward the idea that what is being produced from the air by the radiation is hydrogen sulfide, H2S. It has the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It is also very poisonous, corrosive, and flammable. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide can result in eye irritation, a sore throat and cough, nausea, shortness of breath, symptoms sometimes reported in such encounters.

The smell is sometimes associated with a musk smell:

Later the Canadian investigator told me that he too had suddenly become aware of being watched. He could not explain it. He had also smelled the strong musk odor. Tom, who was a lifelong hunter and was familiar with the scent of all wildlife in the area, swore the smell was associated with the “phenomenon,” whatever it was. That smell came back to haunt us repeatedly throughout our research program on that ranch, appearing suddenly without warning, sometimes in a highly localized way, sometimes right inside our command and control center. Whatever it was, its invisibility sure gave it an advantage over us. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)


7.6. Leaving Behind of Evidence

I have already mentioned the anchors left behind by the airships, as 'proof' that these ships and their occupants are supposed to be real. UFOs and flying saucers have been dropping metal pieces for a long time. Collected as valuable proof, they then turn out to be common metals.

Saucers land and leave behind impressions, burned soil and scorched vegetation. It is all a ploy to make us believe that they are physical beings in physical ships, so we would never probe into their etheric existence.

It is useless to pay analyze the metals or to measure the marks they leave behind.

Nevertheless a short note about the tracks they leave behind: human feet, animal-looking paw prints, or hoof marks. When in mud or in snow, it can clearly be seen that they appear suddenly, go on for a few feet to many yards, and suddenly stop. Yes, they left tracks thus they must be physical, that is, they had some weight to their apparent physicality, but they appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into thin air. Tracks can lead to a window of a house and just stop there under the window. No tracks or signs that the being returned from where it came. It is like a calling card: "Look I have been here and I have been peering through your bedroom window."

With mystery entities often leave animal-like tree-toe tracks, sasquatch included, but there no point in trying to identify them, as they never match up with any known species. It just fixes your attention to something that is totally unimportant.


7.7. Paranormal Effects

When dimensional beings take an interest in a person, be it temporary or permanent, that person's life is often accompanied by paranormal manifestations.

In Ufology, contactees tend to be psychic in the first place, and things like materializations and dematerializations of their household objects is not unusual, as are other phenomena often associated with poltergeist.

The life-long contactees often have a long history of entities appearing in or outside the house since childhood. Telepathic messages from 'aliens' are quite common. Contactees also have induced mental experiences. They can develop the ability of automatic writing and speaking in 'alien' languages. These are abilities well-known in spiritualism circles.


7.8. Non-Solid Appearances

When they crested a rise, the family all saw a huge craft hovering above the valley. Mundez’s recollection was that the craft was shaped somewhat like the Tacoma dome; it had a flat bottom and it stretched from Dulce Lake all the way across to Archuleta Mesa. Mundez declared that the object was probably five miles across. He described a single horizontal row of windows that spanned the middle of the giant craft as it hovered peacefully over the valley. He also said that he could vaguely make out the landscape behind the object, making it slightly transparent. Yet he could also easily see the boundaries of the giant object. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

UFOs have been seen flying straight into rock faces, into the ground, into water without a splash. This shows clearly that they are not in a solid state of matter. They are visible to the eye, but they are of a different composition that allows them to pass through solid matter.

There are also reports of cryptic animals, bigfoot especially that have been seen in transparent form.

The non-solidity of cryptic creatures also shows when they have been shot. There are several reports of bigfoot and other strange creatures being shot, and they behaved as if nothing happened. Sometimes they just jerk a little bit and run away, or they just disappear on the spot into thin air. Never a blood trail. Visible yes, but biological no.

“Get my Magnum,” Tom barked as he aimed more kicks at the wolf’s ribs. Even as the sickening thud of Tom’s heavy boots rained into the animal’s abdomen, the beast seemed unconcerned. Tad ran to the flatbed, retrieved a powerful handgun, and quickly delivered it to his father. Gorman took aim and squeezed the trigger. The shot rang across the field and slammed into the wolf’s ribs. The slug from the .357 had no effect whatsoever on the attacking animal. It didn’t yelp, didn’t pause, and didn’t bleed. Quickly, Tom pumped two more shots into the wolf’s upper abdomen. On the third shot, the wolf slowly and reluctantly released the bleating calf.

...“Get the thirty aught six,” Tom said through clenched teeth, never taking his eyes off the huge beast. Tad ran to the homestead and returned in seconds bearing the heavy firearm. Tom had killed dozens of elk from over two hundred yards with this weapon. As he took aim at the wolf a mere forty feet away, he momentarily felt pity for the beast. The thunderous shot rang out. The sound of the bullet hitting flesh and bone near the shoulder was unmistakable. The wolf recoiled but stood calmly looking at Tom. His mouth went dry. He felt a cold sweat running down his back. Ellen began to cry. Ed began to curse softly under his breath, shaking his head in disbelief. The wolf should be a silent, bleeding pile of dead flesh. Instead, it had recoiled, backed off maybe ten feet, but still seemed perfectly healthy.

Tom took a deep breath and raised the weapon again, aiming for the huge chest cavity. The bullet ripped through the animal, and a sizable chunk of flesh detached from the exit wound and lay on the grass. Still the wolf made no sound. Then, with a last unhurried look at the stunned family, the wolf turned slowly and began to trot away across the grass. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)


7.9. Magnetic Effects

Tom reached through the window of his truck and grabbed his compass. He had learned a long time ago that strange events caused the compasses to act strangely. The frightened cow had now backed thirty yards away and suddenly turned tail and stampeded toward the eastern end of the pasture. Tom then watched as the herd of cows suddenly split in two in Red Sea fashion, as if something invisible was now in the middle of the herd of cattle. Dozens of animals ran west, while the remainder stampeded east. Tom glanced briefly at his compass and saw that the needle was pointed to the invisible something in their midst. Whatever was dispersing the cows was invisible even in the noon sun, yet it was exuding a powerful magnetic field that was detectable on Tom’s compass. Tom and Ellen could follow the mysterious, invisible object as it made its way through the herd of animals, as the panicky animals were constantly stampeding away from it. Whatever it was, it was heading south, as did the needle of Tom’s compass. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

It is not always the case, but the appearance of UFOs or entities can display a strong magnetic field in the immediate environment. Iron or steel objects can be strongly magnetized for a short time afterwards.

Based on some investigated cases, it is believed the magnetic field around UFOs can be quite strong.