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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs




6. Cryptic Appearances

6.1. The Creation of a Cryptic Being

6.2. Temporary Cryptics

6.3. Poltergeist

6.4. UFO Occupants

6.5. Monsters

6.6. Bedroom Invaders

6.7. Contrary to What We Would Expect

6.8. The Scare and Attack Pattern

6.9. Winged Entities

6.10. Roaming Cryptics

6.11. Black Creatures

6.12. Storm Drains and Sewers

6.13. Strangers That Disappear

6.14. Malevolent Entities


6.1. The Creation of a Cryptic Being

I was sitting in my car awaiting my next Uber/Lyft call. I was parked on the side of the road near Toll Booth Plaza 31 [Rosemont, Illimois]. It is a spot many drivers share. Drivers like to park to be close to the O’Hare terminals, which allows us to pick up rides from the airport. As I was sitting there, fiddling around my car. I saw something walk out of the trees. It was a tall creature about 6-7 feet tall and kind of hunched over. It walked with a sort of gait like almost a waddle. It was completely black when it swiveled its head. I saw two bright red eyes glowing. This thing opened a pair of large wings, as wide as it was tall and began to flap them. It took off and headed to the south toward that large indoor driving range and the baseball park. It was gone in a few seconds. (Source)

We like to collect data, make statistics and categorize the findings. With the collection of numerous reports of mysterious beings, animals, anthropomorphic creatures with an animal head, human-looking beings and humanoids, researchers came up with different names as they thought that they were dealing with distinct species. A lot of researchers still think that these are physical creatures, and try to proof that they still roam around on this planet.

The dimensionals can take any form they want when they appear in our world, from angels and fairies to monsters and aliens. They will usually take a form derived from our legends and mythologies. The nature elementals have pretty much adopted a well-established form, but many other elementals are not that particular in forming a well-defined cryptic shape. I am using the word cryptic in the sense of mysterious animal or human form that does not make sense in our physical world.

Some lower elemental or astral beings take a vague animal or human form, leaving out any details. We then see something like a dark human figure without a face, or even without a head. Headless black dogs are well-known in history.

More evolved beings will take more defined shapes, like a black panther, or a werewolf.

Even more evolved dimensionals are responsible for more elaborate appearances, for example, the now well-known Greys, reptilians, but also the mothman and chupacabra.

Appearances do not always reflect a distinct class of dimensional beings. Aliens have come in shapes and forms. This is because each time a dimensional being creates a form, it does so according to its own understanding of what that form should look like. I have read dozens and dozens of wolf-men, or werewolf sightings with detailed descriptions of this anthropomorphic figure. They are all different, and the differences can be substantial. Sometimes witnesses are not sure if the cryptic being was a wolf-man or a sasquatch, because it had features of both.

Because each appearance of a cryptic is an individual creation of a dimensional being. The number of 'species' we have tried to label, is large. We have several water monsters, prehistoric birds, werewolves, bigfoots (now categorized in five types), large cats and dogs, deer-men, dinosaurs, etc.

It is possible that some groups of dimensional beings have established forms to which they adhere, such as Reptilians. Such forms might be based on once existing physical life forms.


6.2. Temporary Cryptics

I assume that most of the cryptic beings we see are actual dimensional beings. With this I assume that they have an independent existence in one of the etheric or astral worlds, or any other dimension.

However, are some of them rather temporal manifestations of artificial elementals? I putting forth this question because, some of the cryptics, like wolf-men, sasquatch and other hairy monsters often appear in areas where there is a lot of UFO activity. If we, humans, can create artificial elementals, then highly evolved (not necessarily intelligent) dimensional beings can also create them. These are then used by making them materialize in our world and scaring people away from a certain region or diverting attention away from another region. Then those cryptic monsters only exists for as long as they are necessary. It is like creating a visual, and sometimes a material, hologram with a program, and then let it run for a certain amount of time after which it is dissolved.

These artificial elementals or cryptic beings can turn physical enough as to leave footprints, or scratches on people or cars. It would explain that these creatures always appear in an offensive mode, inducing fear, running toward a person, screeching, throwing rocks, even outright attacking people and cars although this is more rare. They do not show behavior of an ordinary intelligent being. They don't hide or run away; they often walk away calmly and disappear. They draw attention to themselves by attacking or their presence in an otherwise unlikely place for such a being, such as appearing near a airport or on a parking lot of a shopping mall.

I am speculating here, but it seems that these particular artificial beings, for the short time of their existence, can actually roam around and attack and kill other animals, like farm animals and pets. It is not unusual for pets to disappear during sightings of monsters or during a UFO flap. Not to mention the famous cattle mutilations (and mutilations of other animals, including the half cats of the last decade).

I know it can be quite a stretch to accept the existence of materialized holographic forms that can run around in our world and cause havoc, and to then disappear into nothingness. But, who knows, maybe one day our own scientists might come up with something that can do that.


6.3. Poltergeist

Because we like to categorize and label, we often put a certain phenomenon apart from all other phenomena, while in essence we are dealing with the same thing. Poltergeist is one of such labels. Often attributed to some bad spirits, poltergeist also happens with phenomena we do not associate with it at all.

Poltergeist also happens with UFO incidents. In classic poltergeist cases, the invisible entities reveal and discuss the intimate secrets of the victims in the presence of outsiders, indicating that they know everything about our life histories. Aliens too have revealed again and again that they know everything about the contactee's life.

Another common factor in poltergeist cases is the sudden materialization or disappearance of physical objects. Not only ordinary objects that vanish and appear at a later time, but also the mysterious falls of stones. UFO contactees often report the same kind of poltergeist phenomena shortly after they receive their first visit from the purported aliens, such as materialization and dematerialization of objects, mysterious beings appearing in their houses, strange sounds etc.

Not so common but a part of poltergeist are mysterious fires. It is traditional that haunted houses eventually burn to the ground. These dimensional spirits are not always malevolent. Some of them have reasons of their own to start a fire, and don't really care about the consequences for the human involved. With poltergeist anything in a house can suddenly catch fire, and in such a case it happens this happens frequently over days or weeks. It is part of inducing fear, but there might be other reasons too. Mysterious fires not only happen with poltergeist, but also in UFO cases, with UFO witnesses, researchers, and contactees, as UFO researcher John Keel pointed out. As an example of this, Keel said that "Soon after researcher Stephen Yankee acquired a microfilm copy of Morris K. Jessup's Varo Papers (a strange UFO document), his Michigan home went up in flames."

The famous Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw took a photo of a strange creature at a spot where a person claimed to have seen a flying saucer land, in 1973 in Falkville, Alabama. The picture showed a somewhat blurry humanoid figure in a metallic space suit. It was printed in newspapers across the world in the days that followed. Soon after his trailer home was burned to the ground.

Fires can be really disastrous, but the dimensional spirits who cause these fires don't care.

It is also important to mention that the intelligence behind the poltergeist activity reacts to the emotional states of the family members. The more they are upset or afraid, the more activity there is.


6.4. UFO Occupants

There are so many descriptions of 'aliens', or the beings seen through the portholes of flying saucers, or coming out of landed craft. UFO researchers have tried to categorize them in alien races, and yet, how they look like is not important. The dimensional beings can assume any form to suit the belief system of the witness or contactee.

There is one feature that is often used by the ufonauts, that we find with not only aliens, but also the airship occupants of the late 1800s and the earlier descriptions of devils and other spirits: the dark olive complexions, angular faces with pointed chins, high cheekbones, and slanted, Oriental-like eyes. Even the men-in-black often have this appearance.

Another interesting feature which turns up in many reports, both historical and modern, is that the fingers of these entities seem to be extraordinarily long, much longer and more slender than normal human hands.

Black clothing is also a standard. MIB wear them, but also many mysterious figures that show up along he road or at night. In our present days MIB are driving around in black cars, in the old times we had dark figures passing by in black carriages.


6.5. Monsters

On the evening of 25 October 1973, near Greensbury, Pennsylvania, a farmer named Stephen Pulaski and at least 15 other witnesses saw a bright red ball hovering over a field. Pulaski and two boys went to investigate. As they approached, their car headlights grew dim. Continuing on foot they saw the object glowing brilliantly with white light and either sitting on the field or hovering directly over it. It was about 100 feet in diameter, dome-shaped, and made a sound like a lawn mower. Screaming sounds could be heard nearby. Pulaski fired a tracer bullet, and two large apelike creatures with glowing green eyes, one seven feet tall and the other eight feet tall, were seen walking along beside a fence. They had long arms that hung down almost to the ground, were covered with long dark-grayish hair, and emitted a strong odour, like burning rubber. They seemed to be communicating by making whining sounds. Pulaski fired three rounds into the larger creature, which responded by whining and reaching out to its companion. At that moment, the craft vanished, leaving a glowing white area in the field. The creatures walked back towards the woods and were not seen again. Later on when other investigators arrived, a dog began tracking something unseen, several people smelled a strong sulphurous or chemical-like odour, and loud crashing sounds were heard coming from the woods. At this point, Pulaski went berserk and started running around, violently flailing his arms and growling like an animal. He had visions of a man looking like the Grim Reaper, heard his name being called from the woods, and made confused statements, such as: 'If man doesn't straighten up, the end will come soon.'  Then he collapsed. He was later examined by a psychiatrist who concluded that the frightening situation had caused him to become temporarily unhinged and enter a dissociated psychological state known as a fugue. This case was one of an epidemic of at least 79 'creature' cases occurring in a six-county area of western Pennsylvania in 1973. They all involved werewolflike entities that mysteriously appeared and disappeared, and left few traces of their existence. There were some reports that they left tracks and emitted foul stenches. There were also cases where they were said to have killed chickens, ripped the hindquarters off a St. Bernard dog, and torn the throat of a pet deer, but there were no reports of injury to humans. During the evening of 6 February 1974, a lady living near Uniontown, Pennsylvania, was sitting at home watching television. She heard a noise on her porch and went to investigate, thinking the dogs were to blame. She took a loaded shotgun with her to scare them away. She turned on the porch light, opened the door, and was horrified to see a seven-foot-tall hairy apelike creature standing only six feet away. Thinking it was about to attack, as it had raised its arms above its head, she fired into its middle. But amazingly, it 'just disappeared in a flash of light'.(David Pratt in Visitors from the Twilight Zone)

The above case contains several typical characteristics of a monster sighting: the presence of a glowing UFO, glowing eyes of the monsters, strong sulfurous smell, loud crashing sounds, the killing of chickens in the area, other animals being attacked, and disappearing in a flash of light.

Aside from aliens, ghost and spirits, the majority of dimensional intrusions is by the appearance of monsters. We use the term monsters in a broad sense: any mysterious humanoid creature that creates fear. They also come in many sizes and shapes. Some well-defined such as sasquatch and wolf-man, other are more ill-defined. They are not all hairy creatures, some can be skin and bones, or have a smooth black skin.

To make us believe they are real physical creatures, they often leave footprints. Most of the time, just one or a few, in some rare cases a longer track. It is not unusual that these tracks suddenly start at some place and suddenly stop at another place. Like the creatures, the tracks suddenly appear out of nowhere and disappear into thin air. Tracks are left by even dinosaurs (sightings) but the dinosaurs themselves are never found.

Monster beings are always elusive. In spite of sometimes numerous sightings, they can never be found or trapped or killed by occasional searches or monster hunts. When shot at close range they never bleed, or fall down. They walk away and disappear.

As I have mentioned before, they are probably temporary artificial elementals who are materialized, and made to roam around and do their job, which is to frighten people away from an area, or to misdirect people to another area by causing a lot of attention. It is also quite possible that a real elemental being is put into such an artificial elemental form to animate it for as long as is necessary to carry out the task at hand. When the real elemental being leaves the form, then the monster-form and substance falls apart and revert back to energy. Some monster have been seen disappearing into a flash of light.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch

Another time, Jim saw one of the hairy humanoids running beside the corral and he shot it with his rifle. He says he definitely hit his target, but the creature barely flinched. He found no blood or other trace at the spot of the shooting. When he chased after it, he heard a weird sound that resembled a soft whine combined with an electronic beeping noise.

(Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

These are the monsters that have the body of a gorilla, but a more or less human face. They are seen worldwide, under many different names. In Europe this type was known as the Wild Man. The Native Indians of North America were well familiar with him too. In modern times, people began to assume that he was a real hominid being, hiding out in remote areas. But there are too many sightings of Bigfoot for that to be true. After all, in order to survive they would need whole families, many shelters, and a large area for foraging food. They would have been long captured or killed. And yes, Bigfoot has been shot many times, only to run away as if it didn't harm him, or to disappear into thin air, without leaving any blood trail.

Bigfoot, although it can appear as a solid being is not biological. Like so many other monsters and entities, he has been seen with glowing red or orange eyes, being half or totally transparent, disappearing into thin air, inducing fear in the witnesses, doing his scary act. There are even sightings of bigfoot together with Greys and Reptilians, outside and inside flying saucers. They are associated with poltergeist activity. They have been seen in areas of cattle mutilations. They show themselves intentionally, often with a lot of noise. Not the behavior of an ordinary hominid being.

By the way, we have plenty of hominid skeletons, but bigfoot skeletons have never been found.

Bigfoot lovers and hunters are not going to like it, but he is just part of the spectrum of monsters and weird dimensional entities, used by other beings for specific purposes.

Disappearing Dogs and Other Animals

Although their main function seems to be to induce fear, they are endowed with a low consciousness and can be dangerous. All too often dogs disappear in areas where the monsters are seen.

The Momo saga (in Louisiana, Missouri) began on July 11, 1972. The Harrison family lived in a house along what was then known as Marzolf Hill. On a hot summer day, 8-year-old Terry Harrison and his 5-year-old brother, Wally, were chasing their dog through the woods. Suddenly, 15-year-old Doris Harrison, who was inside, heard her brothers screaming, ran to the window and saw a creature she described as perhaps 7 feet tall with dark hair covering its face. It held a dead dog under its arm and blood -- apparently from the dog -- flecked the dark hair of the beast. (Southeast Missourian)

At the famous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, the site of many kinds of anomalous sightings, UFOs and strange beings, the Sherman owners had many of their cows mutilated. Then one evening a blue orb appeared, what usually signaled trouble:

Tom was getting increasingly uneasy as the game of catch moved in the direction of a thick copse of trees a couple hundred yards to his south. He sensed that the orbs seemed to be steering the dogs toward the cover. A couple of minutes later the orb dipped to the ground and with almost languorous speed flew slowly among the trees. The snarling, eager dogs gave chase. Suddenly, Gorman heard sounds that chilled him to the bone: the unmistakable fear-filled yelps of dogs in mortal agony. Then an eerie silence. Nothing moved. Tom waited for his animals to return. After a couple of hours, he went into the homestead with a heavy heart. He decided not to look for them until morning. His worst fears were realized when he went down the following morning to inspect the copse of trees. A smell of burned flesh greeted his nostrils as he dipped his head beneath the low branches. Ten yards inside was a small clearing. Tears filled Tom’s eyes. Three large circles of brown, driedout grass were in the middle of the clearing. At the center of each circle of shriveled vegetation was a blackish greasy mess. The stink of his incinerated dogs was awful. Tom rushed out of the copse, his mouth dry and his stomach heaving. Within hours, Tom had gathered his family and finally agreed, as they had insisted, to sell the ranch. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

When monsters and strange entities are around, it is not only dogs that disappear, other animals like chickens, sheep and cows disappear or are killed/mutilated. In one case a missing cow was traced by her footprints she left in the snow. She had been running away from something, although there were no other tracks. Then her tracks, while she was still running, suddenly stopped in the middle of a meadow. She had suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Missing and mutilated cattle (or other animals) are usually associated with sightings of light spheres. But somebody, with sophisticated tools, is cutting particular sections and organs from these animals. many have tried to find a reason or purpose for this bizarre behavior, but it still remains a mystery. Maybe it is another form intimidation from the side of dimensional beings, who do not want humans living in their territory.


Another word about the materialization of these creatures. One would assume by their looks that they are flesh and blood, but the (temporary) substance that they are made of is of a different make-up. It seems to be very hard and dense, as testified by people who have had physical contact with them in physical fights. John Keel reports: "In similar incidents in Sweden and South America witnesses have actually grappled with the furry spacemen and claimed the creatures were incredibly strong and so solid a knife deflected from their bodies."

Keep in mind that we are originally dealing with energy, which gets then formed and solidified. But this solidification does nor necessarily have to be the same a a normal biological body. The monsters, and by extension all other mystery creatures and humanoids, look visually like a normal biological being, but their 'physical' make-up is most probably some very dense form of energy.

In the book Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp, the authors relate an experience by the Gorman family who were approached by an unusually large wolf, that appeared friendly to them, but then suddenly attacked one of their calves. The following are quotes from the story that also shows that these cryptic animals are not blood-and-flesh and are not harmed by bullets.

“Get my Magnum,” Tom barked as he aimed more kicks at the wolf’s ribs. Even as the sickening thud of Tom’s heavy boots rained into the animal’s abdomen, the beast seemed unconcerned. Tad ran to the flatbed, retrieved a powerful handgun, and quickly delivered it to his father. Gorman took aim and squeezed the trigger. The shot rang across the field and slammed into the wolf’s ribs. The slug from the .357 had no effect whatsoever on the attacking animal. It didn’t yelp, didn’t pause, and didn’t bleed. Quickly, Tom pumped two more shots into the wolf’s upper abdomen. On the third shot, the wolf slowly and reluctantly released the bleating calf.

... Three shots from a Magnum should have killed the animal or at least very badly injured it. Not a sound came from the wolf as it gazed unconcernedly at Gorman. The chilling, hypnotic blue eyes looked straight at him. Gorman raised the Magnum again and, aiming carefully, shot the animal near the heart. It backed off maybe thirty feet, still facing the family and still showing no signs of distress.

... “Get the thirty aught six,” Tom said through clenched teeth, never taking his eyes off the huge beast. Tad ran to the homestead and returned in seconds bearing the heavy firearm. Tom had killed dozens of elk from over two hundred yards with this weapon. As he took aim at the wolf a mere forty feet away, he momentarily felt pity for the beast. The thunderous shot rang out. The sound of the bullet hitting flesh and bone near the shoulder was unmistakable. The wolf recoiled but stood calmly looking at Tom. His mouth went dry. He felt a cold sweat running down his back. Ellen began to cry. Ed began to curse softly under his breath, shaking his head in disbelief. The wolf should be a silent, bleeding pile of dead flesh. Instead, it had recoiled, backed off maybe ten feet, but still seemed perfectly healthy.

Tom took a deep breath and raised the weapon again, aiming for the huge chest cavity. The bullet ripped through the animal, and a sizable chunk of flesh detached from the exit wound and lay on the grass. Still the wolf made no sound. Then, with a last unhurried look at the stunned family, the wolf turned slowly and began to trot away across the grass.

They chased the wolf, which left deep tracks in the mud, all the way down to a creek:

About twenty-five yards from the river, the prints entered a muddy patch, and it appeared as if the two-hundred-pound animal had sunk almost two inches into the mud. The deep paw prints continued for another five yards and then stopped. The tracks simply vanished. So did the wolf. Gone. There was no possibility that the animal had leaped the intervening sixty feet to land in the river. The tracks just stopped abruptly.

I find this story interesting because the family had just purchased the property. It was as if the wolf made it clear that he was not going to harm them, but that they were not welcome. This, of course, implies an intelligence behind it.

A similar large wolf (four times the size of a normal wolf) with a large dog showed up at a later time at the ranch. As they were still thinking that these were natural animals, they complained at the local tribal office, only to hear that there were no wolves in Utah. The last wolf in Utah had been shot in 1929. Nevertheless, they saw the wolves a couple of more times in the distance.

Bright Glowing Eyes

Another interesting feature of monsters and mysterious dark figures is the bright self-luminous eyes. They are mostly red ("glowing like coals"), but orange and other colors have been seen too. They eyes can also be unusually large.

Sometimes only the eyes are seen inside a vague, dark human-shaped outline. These are not reflective eyes, as with some night animals. The eyes themselves are sources of light. Knowing that these figures are just energy forms, what we see as eyes are not real eyes, but just two sources of light that are clearly meant to be seen and to be focused on. Witnesses are often fixated on those eyes, and that is the purpose as they induce a light hypnotic trance, after which the witness can be mentally manipulated. Luminous eyes are also known with the UFO occupants or aliens.


It is a well-known fact that sasquatch has an extremely pungent, nasty odor. It is often compared to a sulfur smell, or to rotten garbage. Less known is that many other monsters or mysterious creatures are also accompanied by such a sulfurous smell. It is not limited to one particular kind of being, but it seems to be a result of the physical manifestation of their energy which creates a sulfurous gas from the surrounding atmosphere. Sulfurous smells can also appear with the presence of light orbs.

Presence in Our Cities

Bigfoot or sasquatch is now well-known because of its many sightings all over the world. The problem is there are way too many sightings for it to be a physical hominid type of being. It is actually an identification we have given to a common monster sighting, a big hairy humanoid that appears mostly in woods, but also in our backyards and in very populated cities. If it was a roaming physical being it would have been captured long time ago, especially considering that it also appears at busy locations such as a Walmart store in a city, as in the account below.

RE (pseudonym) stated that in the Autumn of 2014 he was working as a long-haul driver for an express company. This particular evening, around 10 PM, he had stopped at a Pilot Flying J truck stop to gas up and take a break. He was traveling on I-81 south in Virginia, near Wytheville.
As he was filling his rig, he noticed movement on a hill behind the truck stop. The area was lighted, so he was able to see the movement. He was curious, so after securing his rig in the lot he started to venture up the hill to get a better look. RE is a hunter and outdoorsman, so he was curious.
As he stood on top of the hill, there was a Walmart in the valley below. There was also a shale pit that was well lit from the Walmart parking lot. He moved down the hill, until he noticed a huge hairy being walking along the edge of the pit. He was no more than 50 yards or so away, but was surprised at what he saw.
The hairy hominid was approximately 9 ft. in height, very broad shouldered and gray in color. As it turned towards him, he could definitely discern that this was a female because of the large prominent breasts. She was carrying a 3 ft long thick log. As he watched her, she didn't seem to mind him being there. But it seemed like she was hunting for something...possible live food. RE whistled at her, but she didn't respond. After a few minutes, she walked into the wooded area at the far end of the shale pit and disappeared. (Phantom and Monsters)

There are many other types of monsters that are seen in well-populated areas, and in the center of cities, in the streets, on the corners of streets, in back alleys, and in storm drains and sewer systems. They obviously don't live their. They appear where people are living.

Subconscious Manifestations

As a kind of afterword to this monster chapter, I wonder if some monster sightings are actually a manifestation of the fear aspect of the human subconscious. Monster sightings often occur in the woods by a couple who are not supposed to be together, or doing things they are not supposed to do. Also by teenagers who smoke weed. There is an underlying fear of doing something forbidden, and of being caught. If combined to a temporary anomaly of heightened magnetic or electromagnetic energies in the area, this might lead to a manifestation of these fears, in the form of visible entities, monsters or otherwise, rock throwing, also known in poltergeist, strange sounds like screeching, weird loud animal sounds, and light phenomena. Maybe we severely underestimate the interaction of our emotions, our suppressed psychological energies, individually but especially on a collective subconscious way, with the manifold energies of the Earth, resulting in temporary, short-lived apparitions, manifestations, and events.


6.6. Bedroom Invaders

I was in bed, awake, and my fiancé was sleeping next to me. My daughter asked if she could sleep in my room so I made her a little bed on the floor next to me. She fell asleep and I was awake playing games on my phone and stuff. I had just decided to try to go to sleep and I turned to lay on my right side facing my fiancé when I got an instant feeling that something was in my room. I turned back to my left and saw a hooded figure flying across my room at high speed, heading in my direction. It was about 3 feet tall and wearing a brown hooded cape. It had its head down with the hood hiding its face. I instantly got that mama bear adrenaline right as it was hovering over my daughters head, still heading towards me. I lunged out of bed waving my fist at it. This made it back off a bit and it just stood still near my daughters feet. I was pissed because I didn’t want the thing anywhere near my daughter. So I lunged at it again and it backed up near my closet and just faded away.

Fast forward to the next day. I live on the same property as my parents, but in a different house. I was having coffee at their house in the morning and my dad said that he had a crazy experience the night before. He said that a figure was in his room and came right up to his bed. He just laid there kinda in shock and the thing reached out and grabbed him. He said when it grabbed him it sent out these powerful vibrations and it just felt like he and everything in the room was vibrating in slow waves. The way he described it, I’m sure it was the same thing I saw in my room. (Reddit)

Monsters, aliens and other cryptic beings not only appear in remote locations or deep in the woods, they also like to intrude into our lives by violating our bedroom privacy. Actually they like to roam around the entire house.

It is actually common for people to see strange beings appear in their bedroom. Most of them just stare at them, but others like to frighten or heavily interact with the person. It is quite understandable that most of these sightings go unreported out of fear for ridicule or worse being considered mentally unstable.

There are also plenty of accounts of heads or eyes peering into the bedroom window, even if the bedroom is on the second floor. In the following account it is not just a face that appears but there is also knocking and a hand-print left, and to make it un-earthy: no foot prints.

I was camping with my daughter at my dad's house. He lives in the middle of nowhere, hours away from any town. We were sleeping in a trailer outside his house. I heard footsteps in the grass because I had the windows open (it was hot). I thought it was my step-mom trying to spook us because she's done that before. I grabbed the flashlight, anticipating to catch her by surprise, when the knocking started. I said, 'Hello,' thinking she might have something to tell us, and the knocking stopped. I waited for her to say something, but she didn't. My daughter screamed then, as a face appeared in the window above her bed. She said, later, that it looked like a child with white eyes, but it must have been floating because the windows were too high up for a child to look through. She slept with me the rest of the night. I kept thinking I heard footsteps and tapping on the trailer throughout the night. When I woke up the next morning, we found hand-prints on the glass but no footprints around the trailer or tracks in the mud. When I told my dad about it, he laughed and said we must have been imagining things. My step-mom swore she didn't go out that night. Still creeps me out till this day. (Phantom and Monsters)

Most of these bedroom sightings are one time occurrences. Ghosts of dying or deceased people are quite benign. The appearance of for example a grinning man is more puzzling. Some 'alien' types are quite intrusive, manipulative and forceful. The latter types tend to appear frequently, often throughout one's entire life.

Paralysis of the body can occur, during which the person cannot move a muscle, which is frightening when there is a weird entity in the room. The term paralysis is often used for this condition, but the right term is akinesia, the inability to initiate voluntary movement. This also happens with some UFO and alien/monsters encounters. It seems that their appearance causes this particular bodily effect, or it might be intentionally initiated.

It is also possible that in some of these cases the witness has had an induced mental experience. The dimensional entity projected a visual scene into the mind of the person. The experience of seeing an entity in the bedroom is a real experience, but the entity itself was not there, or not visible. It actually projected a mental image into the mind of the person.

Bedroom intrusions can also be accompanied by a nasty odor, just as with monsters sightings in the woods.

It should also be mentioned that people who are heavily interested in esoteric subjects and dimensional entities, will attract such entities who will happily appear in their bedrooms.


6.7. Contrary to What We Would Expect

Most people believe that UFOs and aliens are physical extraterrestrials who are visiting this planet. If this would be true, then they would behave and seek contact with us humans according to what we expect such beings would do. But they don't. They often behave contrary to what we expect.

They do not randomly show up. UFO activity is concentrated in the same areas year after year. They do not make openly contact. The objects often linger for hours in one area, and then they are gone. This has been going on for centuries. They don't contact governments, but ordinary people.

What is the point of appearing to an ignorant farmer and telling him that humans must stops wars? Most contacts are made in remote areas, mostly at night, where very few humans live. This is not the way another (space) people would establish political, economic, cultural or military relationships.

There should be more sightings in densely populated areas, where the chance of being seen is higher. In reality the opposite is true. The objects still apparently prefer remote sectors such as hill country, deserts, forested areas, swamplands, and places where the risk of being observed is the least.

The majority of the sightings are between 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. But throughout rural America, most of the population is at home and planted in front of the TV sets at that hour, particularly on weekday nights.

Although they make themselves visible with their brilliant light and flashing lights, and even landings, they usually they take off the moment they have been discovered, or they inexplicably disappear into thin air! They obviously don't want to be caught.

All this points to a clandestine but deliberately staged encounters where they can interact with a person without being disturbed.

Instead of intelligent conversations with highly evolved extraterrestrials races, the contacts contain very little conversations, which are usually very mundane and often don't make any sense.


6.8. The Scare and Attack Pattern

One evening back in high school, a couple of friends and myself drove out to a very rural spot to get stoned and hang out. There wasn’t a lot to do in my small hometown in rural Indiana, so these "country cruises," as we called them, to random locations was normally the highlight of our weekend. There were lots of these spots that we frequented, some more secluded than others. We decided to go to a spot known as “Green Valley.” It was a public lake and fishing area, so it technically closed at dark. Not that it mattered because there isn’t a gate, and cops rarely came there. Plus there is a lot of Jeep trails that lead back into the woods, so if you’re in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, (which we were) it is fairly easy to find a spot to park and be hidden from view.By the time we had arrived it was nearly dark. So we pulled into the main area of the lake, drove around the back side, and entered the woods via Jeep trail. It had been raining a few days before. The trails were muddy even without rain, and had deep ruts in some spots from past visitors who were there “mudding.” (Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, we drove big trucks and jeeps through mud pits in the attempt to get the vehicle as dirty as possible. Like I said VERY small town). We didn’t want to get stuck, so we stayed relatively close to the entrance of the trail.
We drove back far enough to be hidden from view, killed the Jeep, turned on the radio, and proceeded to roll up a few joints. My two girlfriends and I smoked and talked and laughed about meaningless random things. We were having a good time, when suddenly something hit the hood of my Jeep. Not loudly, but enough to make me look in the direction of the noise. I rolled the window down, but didn’t hear or see anything, and my friends seemed to not notice.
I continued our conversation when a few moments later another small ting sound came. This time on the windshield, and my friends heard it as well. After they questioned what the noise was, I decided to be the brave one and investigate. I assumed it was most likely acorns or walnuts falling from the trees overhead. I turned on the headlights, opened the door, and stepped out. After looking at the hood of my Jeep, I noticed a small grey rock lodged near the windshield wipers. I picked it up and showed them. We immediately recognized the rock. The front parking lot of the lake was made entirely of them.
I quickly climbed back into my Jeep and rolled up the window. Assuming someone was messing with us, we decided it was time to pack it up and head out. (Lots of meth heads around the area, and we were not trying to get robbed or stabbed in the woods by one). I started the Jeep, turned off the radio, (I know I’m not the only one who turns down the car radio when treacherous situations arise) and began to carefully navigate down the short trail towards the back of the lake.
All of sudden we were barraged with rocks, much larger than the initial ones. All hitting the driver's side of my vehicle. I would have been pissed but right as I let out my initial “What the f*ck?!” We heard a sound I’ll never forget. I’ll never do the sound justice, as it’s almost impossible to explain. It was a loud “roar.” The only thing that’s ever came remotely close to it for me, was when I heard a male lion roar at a feline sanctuary I visited with my husband years later. It was full of base, and lasted roughly 7 seconds or so. It was also fairly close.
It was time to get the hell out of there. I floored it.
We had almost reached the trail entrance and I was driving way too fast, when suddenly something slammed into the side of my Jeep. Hard enough to make me fishtail a bit, followed by the same sound we heard the first time, only higher pitched. Almost like it had been injured. I slammed on the breaks, and the typical panicked conversation began between us. You know the one. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? DID WE HIT A DEER? THAT WASN'T A DEER! OH SHIT! LETS GO!
I quickly continued down the trail and was finally in view of the lake, when my friend in the backseat started screaming, “LOOK! LOOK!” My friend in the front seat and I looked out of my driver's side window to see a “man” running through the woods towards the lake. I only say man because it most definitely was on two legs, and had the shape of a person. Only this person was moving at an unnatural speed through deep mud and trees and thorn bushes. And their proportions seemed to be greatly off. Longer arms and legs with an average torso.
We watched in silence as the man reached the edge of the lake, bent over and began running on “all fours” using his hands, and leaped into the water. This was early October and while it wasn’t freezing, the water was definitely ice-cold.
We got the hell out of there. Drove 70 mph on the back roads until we reached town. At the first gas station we pulled over and got out of the Jeep. There was a small dent near the back end on the drivers side. I lied to my parents and said I had backed into a pole. We decided it was best to not tell anyone, as we didn’t want to sound insane. But every time I looked at the dent, I thought about it. (Phantom and Monsters)

This account have several typical characteristics for monster accounts. A couple of kids hanging out in the woods, at night. Going to a location where they don't want to be found, whatever they are doing. A loud, angry, animal sound. The throwing of rocks, usually attributed to Bigfoot, but this can also happen without any Bigfoot sighting. The rock throwing is also known in poltergeist cases. The long arms are very typical for those strange entities, monsters or not. And, of course, attacking the witnesses.

Monsters have a curious pattern. They scare people away, they run up to them as to attack. When the witnesses are inside a car, the monster can leave the necessary scratches and dents. They utter frightening screams what will make people turn around and flee the scene.

They don't have to be awful monsters, all kind of weird beings have the same behavior. Even the entities appearing in bedrooms can behave in frightening ways, without attacking. Just appearing and staring in one most private environment is frightful enough. Peeking through a bedroom window will make people obviously afraid. Sometimes people will hear them running around on the roof of their house.

Actually UFOs as light orbs or flying saucers have the same behavior. A typical scenario on the road at night, is two light resembling the headlights of a car following a driver; then suddenly a brilliant light is on top of the car. UFOs like to chase cars, follow them at the same speed parallel to the road at the right or left of the car.

John Keel found that "A great many or our ”monster” sightings occur in Lovers' Lanes, when the creatures suddenly shuffle out of the bushes and terrify young people. A majority of our low-level UFO sightings also take place under similar conditions. There is a built-in silencing factor in these cases, since, very often, the young lovers are not supposed to be there in the first place, or they are adults cheating on their mates. They cannot reveal their sighting without exposing their indiscretion. This is the main reason why so many of those witnesses who do report their sightings insist on total anonymity."

Do some dimensional beings just like to scare the hell out of us? A kind of entertainment for them?

UFOs also like to chase airplanes, coming at them at incredible speeds to veer away just in time to avoid collision.


6.9. Winged Entities

My story is a short one to tell because it all took place in a matter of moments, but it felt like time droned out when it happened. I was 16 at the time and I had made it a regular habit of sneaking out at night and hanging out with friends, like most teenagers my age I suppose. This night I was with my boyfriend at the time and we were just taking a stroll around my neighborhood in northern California. Keep in mind I may have been sneaking out but I didn’t drink or do drugs, so my judgment was completely unaltered. It was 3 a.m. and we were on a fairly lit street, when out of no where I heard a distinct whooshing sound coming from up above us, it sounded like strong wings flapping. I looked up and was horrified to find what looked to be exactly like what The Jersey Devil is described as. He was flying low so I got a real good look at him. His wing span was the size of a small car and he looked to be 7 1/2 feet tall at least. The legs and head looked like that of a beast’s, but the torso was a big man’s with broad shoulders. I saw his wings flap again once but he mostly glided rather gracefully, but that’s the only part about him I would describe as “graceful”. I screamed out “Oh my God look!” within the first two seconds. And my boyfriend got a real good look at him too. I think the demon, creature, whatever heard me because when that happened he swooped down below the telephone pole and he disappeared as he passed the wiring. Keep in mind this was a well lit area with no trees. We should have seen him pass the other side clearly, but as his body passes the electric wire he vanished like he was going through a door or something. I didn’t sneak out anymore. (True Ghost Tales)

Winged entities seems to be a class apart, but they display the same characteristics as the other dimensional monsters. I have written about the chupacabra (The Chupacabra: Intelligent Bipedal Predator), no not the hairless dogs the media portrays, but the strange looking reptile-like being. They come in different varieties, but that is due to how the beings create the form they want to appear in. It does seem to be a particular type of entity (maybe an artificial elemental) that can hang around for extended times. This is probably due to the fact that it is known to feed on animal blood. Wherever the chupacabra is seen, livestock in the area end up dead with holes in the skin through which all the blood is sucked out.

Mephistopheles: This rhetoric of thine to me Hath a somewhat bombastic savor. Any small scrap of paper's good. Thy signature will need a single drop of blood.

Faust: If this will satisfy thy mood, I will consent thy whim to favor.

Mephistopheles: Quite a peculiar juice is blood.

Goethe in Faust

I think the Chupacabra, the Mothman, and Jersey Devil are the same kind of entities. I have also read of other, usually dark skinned, winged entities on the roof of houses looking down on the owner of the house. Quite frightful. In past ages they would simply have called it the Devil or a demon.

The wings do not serve any purpose as they are not used for normal flight as birds do. Winged entities have been seen flying through the air, without flapping their wings, and even 'flying' parallel to a car that was driving well above the speed limit, and effortlessly keeping up the speed. The chupacabra is also known for jumping straight up as a helicopter and then suddenly disappear. Wings cannot be used for straight up flights. Some of them have glowing eyes, like other kinds of dimensional entities.

Winged entities are always quite frightful to behold, and even more so because they instill the fear of an aerial predator. A predator that can come at us from above is more intimidating than one on the ground.

It is even more frightening when you find one on the roof of your house. I have come across several of these accounts. Even if they have no wings, or wings are not seen, I think they belong to the same class of the chupacabra or mothman. I think these entities are attracted to some negative energy that is present in the house. As you can see in the following account, the woman was into horror stories and the paranormal.

Hey everyone, so this is my first post here and I thought I'd make it about an experience that happened about 4 years ago. To this day I keep wondering what happened to come across my sister, it was winter time here in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, I live with my family in a neighborhood not far from Washington DC, so it's not to say we're in the middle of nowhere. Although, our home is very close to a few decently large wooded parks. One night I was at my then-girlfriend's place up near the city, I got a phone call from my sister around 7pm, which in winter time makes it pretty much nighttime here. I didn't think anything of it, usually she calls me for random things she needs my insight on. A bit about my sister, ever since she was little she loved horror movies, growing up with her I can tell you firsthand that she isn't easily scared, she loves the paranormal.

Alright so back to the call, I picked up the phone and first thing I realized was her voice breaking up, she was sobbing and could barely talk clearly. Instantly my mind started rushing with horrible thoughts about what could have happened, she kept telling me to come home, as soon as possible. I asked her why? Is everything okay? She wouldn't say, she just kept asking me to come home. Obviously I got in my car and rushed home. The neighborhood is very dim, there aren't many lights, only the few solar powered garden lamps from surrounding homes. As soon as I got home I ran inside, asked her again what happened? And she finally started explaining. About half an hour before she called me, she went outside to grab a few things from her car, again, it was dark out but when the car is unlocked the headlights turn on. When she opened the door to the car, the light was shining from the driveway to the roof of the garage, she noticed it first from inside the car. A short, bipedal, human looking thing, standing on 2 jet-black muscular legs, at first she said she thought it was a raccoon but this would have been obvious to her, but this thing, it scared her to the point of crying, while she was in the car, her view was obstructed from the rest of the creature, which was crouching, and from what she described, it was scratching at something on the roof, trying to get in? Maybe, but she wasn't going to stick around to find out. She got out of the car pretending to not have spotted it, this acted in a seemingly intelligent way. She thought "maybe if I act as if I didn't see it, it will just stay up there on not try to attack or anything" but as she walked behind the car, she heard it stand up right. Startled, she looked directly at it, the whole description she told me was as follows:

-Jet black, smooth dolphin skin like legs and arms.

-5 digit hands and no claws

-Dread looking very dirty fur/hair? Covering its head/body.

The face, is what was disturbing. The face had 2 shining yellow eyes that glowed from the car's headlights, no nose, just 2 slits. And a very wide mouth with no lips.

She took off when she made eye contact. As soon as she was indoors she called 911 and an officer was dispatched to our house. He looked around back and tried to see if there was any damage or sign of someone climbing the roof, no footprints, no damage. It was all in place. The officer just told us to lock the doors and windows and left. It's not like my sister to be terrified to the point of calling the police. Whatever this thing was though, I can only imagine what it was actually like to witness something like it in real life. To this day, both me and her get extremely uneasy arriving home after dark. (Reddit)


6.10. Roaming Cryptics

A couple of years back, I was driving back from an ex-partners house at about 11 pm, in rural Lancashire in the north of England. It was late November from what I remember so it was a clear night, with a big bright moon and very cold out (for England at least). To get to my home, you have to cut off the motorway and take a slightly rural route up a wooded road! It's not a large or dense wood, you can probably walk from one end to the other in 15-20 minutes, it's roughly a 5-minute drive through the trees!
As I was driving along, the road twisted and turned as it always had the hundreds of other times I had used it, so I had to drive very slowly (15-20mph) in case a car came around a bend too fast (there's always accidents there) and so I was raising and dipping my headlights and full beam as you do. As I turned a corner, about 30 feet in front of my car was a large, scrawny, grey figure. At first, I thought it was a large branch that had fallen from the tree, so I crept towards it and put on my full beam. When I got within about 10 feet of it, the creature (or whatever it was) moved as though it was doing a press-up, pushing itself up with its arms, and my headlights caught its eyes which glowed like cats do when you shine a light at them at night!
I stopped the car, half expecting it to just be a deer and run out of the way, but the creature didn't move, it just stayed stationary, staring at me, giving me a good 10-15 seconds to look at it. It the slowly stood up on two legs, still looking at me in the car. It was BIG, the top of my car probably only reached the lower rib cage region, so I'd estimate it was probably 9-10 feet tall. It was pale grey, hairless and gaunt. I could see its rib cage and spine. It had LONG bony arms, probably each about 4 feet long, and large claw-like hands. (The closest comparative description I could give is the grey, bony werewolf in the third Harry Potter movie).
Once I had taken all this in and realised the situation, I began to panic, putting my car in reverse, but the creature then just turned and walked calmly, and silently, off into the woods next to the road. It did not run, it didn't seem scared or intimidated, it almost seemed disinterested. I didn't hang about to investigate the area, I went straight home and locked the door! I spoke to all my friends, all but one of them thought I was joking, but she seemed to take it very, very seriously, having had a similar experience in a similar area a few years ago! She mentioned the work Skinwalker, something I had never heard of before. She said it was a bad omen, and after doing some research I can understand why! (Phantom and Monsters)

Some strange entities are different from those described in the above chapters. When encountered, they do not scare or attack, they actually seem to be indifferent to the observer. They come in all shapes and forms, from humanoid forms to cryptic large cats. They are not physical beings but dimensional creatures who for some reason became visible, or maybe the witness is psychic enough to see them, while other people would not have see them. That would explain why these kind of creatures are usually surprised that they have been spotted. Most of the time, they are calm. They look at the witness as to asses his intentions, and when they see (or is it feel?) that the witness is not out to get them, they just leave the place, cloak themselves or disappear into thin air.

There have been some accounts of such beings that are or turn translucent; see my article of Translucent Beings.


6.11. Black Creatures

So when I was about 6-7 years old . My family and I lived in a small house close to a church which we attended weekly and I would usually play around the church and around my house riding my little purple bmx looking bike. Also to mention this area is fenced off so no one could enter it without having an actual key. Now I would ride my bike thinking I’m the fastest biker ever and trying to pull of tricks which I knew I couldn’t achieve. So one day I told my mom hey mom I’m gonna ride my bike while riding around in the autumn weather I made a circle to the gate and back to the church about 2-3 times and so the last time I went to the fence and was heading back to the church I was astonished that as I was closing in to the church there is an almost vantablack black dog that had a shiny kind of face with red eyes. My body froze up while letting the bike get closure to it which felt like an eternity. I stopped abruptly and jumped of the bike and ran to my house (I don’t understand why I jumped of and ran when I’m faster on bike than on foot). This thing was chasing me. I ran inside the property slammed the gate of the house behind me and ran inside the house and slammed the door as well and just sat on the floor screaming for my mother. She came right away, and she asked what’s wrong I replied instantly yelling a big black dog is chasing me, my mom looked through the door which to note had glass windows and saw nothing at all. She told me she saw me riding around but didn’t see me being chased by anything. I was scared of going outside for a few days even had my dad and I walk around the property, and we didn’t see a sign of the dog anywhere it could have entered/exited. Till this day I swear I saw that dog and I can still see its face in my memory and will never forget it. (Reddit)

(Vantablack is a black commercial coating that absorbs up to 99.965% of visible light.)

In the above account, it is quite possible that the black dog is not otherwise visible to normal people, but children are more psychic and attunes to other dimensions, that they often see entities that adults don't see. It should also be mentioned that there are legends of black dogs appearing near, and inside churches even killing people.

The inside of the door of Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh (England) bears scorch marks left by a black dog who appeared there in the 16th century killing two people. These scorch marks add to the authenticity of the account, because, as we will see in chapter 9, intrusions of entities from the other dimension throw off intense radiation that can leave burns on soil, vegetation and people.

Maybe it sounds not believable that a black dog would appear in a church, but we have to keep in mind that most of the churches were built on ancient pagan sacred spots, which themselves were locations of heightened earth energies. Rituals on the ancient spots might have created a black dog entity in the first place, an artificial elemental (see chapter 4) that was meant to protect the place. Black dog sightings also appear in stone circles.

Historically, there are plenty of accounts of sightings of black dogs, black cats, devils in black coats and black hats, black humanoids in the woods, and even black sea serpents. Not to mention the Men-in-Black, those visitors who are dressed all in black and ride in black limousines. In past centuries we had the horseman dressed in black riding a black death coach pulled by black horses. Sometimes the horseman was headless. Curiously, there are also plenty of accounts of headless black dogs.

Of course there are plenty of exceptions. Creatures and humanoids in grey or even all white are also seen, but black seems to be a standard.

So, why black? Is it because we humans consider black to be a 'negative' color, and the entities just adjust their appearance to our belief systems? Or did we consider black a negative omen because of the appearances of black creatures?

Black is actually not a color, it is the absence of any reflective color when the substance absorbs all colors of the light spectrum. Maybe those entities absorb all light when they appear in our world?

A lot of these black entities also had glowing red eyes, another characteristic of dimensional beings.

Black dogs are traditionally seen in England or Western Europe, but these entities are not bound by nationalities. The following account is from the USA:

I believe my husband and I saw a Hellhound.
We live in rural northern Idaho. And we both hunt. So we know everything about animals, even in pitch darkness.
We don't have normal plumbing. We have to turn on an electric well every morning to fill it up. Our tank can last us three to four days, but we like it filled, just in case. There are other tanks like that scattered in the woods. Just waiting for someone to buy the land and build a home.
We were taking a walk and it got dark, so we went back home. However on our way home we saw something, not human or animal, near one of the wells. It was hunched over like it was eating. We walk carefully closer, about 20 feet from this thing. Trying to figure out what it is. Too large for a stray dog or wolf and to small for a bear. But what ever it was, it looked at us with red eyes. I've never been more scared in my life. My husband is scared of nothing, and he was scared to. We took off running. My God we never ran so fast in our lives.
It did chase for a while, then it just disappeared. We got to our house and it was just gone. We knew it was behind us when we left the woods, but we couldn't see it. We locked all the windows and door that night.
We talked to one of the town locals about the thing we saw. He showed us a picture of a Hellhound. He told us stories about people meeting the Hellhound in the same area. Always near a well, roads, crossroads, or places of death. Seeing him once will bring us happiness, seeing him twice will bring us sorrow, and seeing him three times will bring us death.
I don't know what we saw, but Hellhound is the only explanation. (Phantom and Monsters)

6.12. Storm Drains and Sewers

I live in Tennessee, it appears that there are lots of creatures that live in tunnels. I was in a storm drain over near the Spring Hill area. I jumped in to it to try to explore a bit as I like urban exploring. I went into it 50-60 feet. It was a large flood diversion tunnel it seemed, 10 feet wide by about 5 foot up. There were small diversion tunnels form the streets into it, I watched them closely as I walked for a bit until one of them had a footstep like sound in it, I looked over and saw eyes glowing, I shouted “Hey! Who are you?” I heard a scratchy screech and a piece of rebar falling along with cement falling and scratches before I bolted it out of there. Scariest part is when I got towards the end of it to get back out I heard the same scratchy high-pitched screech out of a second tunnel right next to the opening. (Reddit)

Should it surprise us that weird entities are also seen in storm drains and sewers? Dark, negative entities seem to like to hang out in places with equally dark energies, so why not in those underground structures? Also, people, other than workmen, who seek out these places, are already in a lower mental state, and the dark environment also lends a hand in being able to see beyond the physical dimension and have a frightening encounter with such beings.


6.13. Strangers that Disappear

During the time period when my brother and I were roommating together in the apartment that I would later nickname ‘The Vortex’ in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA some strange things began happening with my reality outside of the apartment as well. One morning while I was walking along the sidewalk at the plaza located at the lake in Rancho an older woman called out to me, "I made a new year’s resolution to bend over 50 times a day!" with a big chipper grin. Talk about totally random. She was about ten feet from me, standing between two cars in the parking lot. Nobody else was around, just us two, so her comment was definitely directed towards me. I glanced away for a second, thinking “ohhhkaaaayyyyy….” Then glanced back. Now she was gone. But there wasn’t enough time for her to have gone anywhere. She just….disappeared into thin air, poof. (In 2 Worlds)

So I had parked my car behind this corner art store by my house. In order to get to the front door, you had to walk along this sidewalk very close to this busy street. I was walking towards the corner where the front entrance was when a woman grabbed my arm and clearly said something, but I couldn’t understand it at all. She had a taller, darker woman next to her as well. I remember saying something like "no thank you" and kept walking. Of course, I look back immediately, and they’ve just disappeared. There’s no where for them to have gone at all. It’s either the busy car traffic to the right or the wall of the store to the left. Super weird, never really been able to explain it. (Reddit)

Dimensional beings can also appear in all sorts of 'normal' human appearances in otherwise normal settings, for whatever reason. These are usually one time events, but I have seen stories where the being would appear again years later, and/or to other family members. It seems that these beings, or is it just manifested energy, are linked to these people or families. The abnormality of the event is not only in their unusual appearance, but also in their often disappearance in a blink of an eye. The crazy thing about these events is that people have no clue why it happened or what is the meaning behind it. Maybe there is none.

I have read several stories of people seeing someone walk behind a tree and never reappear at the other side of the tree. It seems to be a well-established play from the side of the dimensionals to grab someone's attention and make a deep impression. In the following example, it served to initiate a plethora of paranormal activity. It's like saying "He, look we are here and we are going to spook the hell out of you."

It wasn’t until 1969 that the family experienced its first “paranormal” event on the farm. Susan Smith says she heard the family’s dogs “throwing a fit.” She responded and saw that the animals were barking ferociously at a boy who was walking along the road in front of the farm. The boy appeared to be Hispanic or Indian, was wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt, and made no sound. As he walked along, he passed behind a tree on the edge of the property, but he never re-emerged on the other side of the tree. After a few minutes, Susan ran to check on him, thinking he might have tripped or otherwise hurt himself. The boy wasn’t there. He had simply vanished. Susan was so upset by the strangeness of the encounter that she ordered the tree to be cut down. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)


6.14. Malevolent Entities

Tribal police officers say an inordinate number of drowning cases have occurred in Bottle Hollow over the years, and at least some of them are unofficially attributed to the presence of the mystery snake. One case that was investigated by police involved the death of a Ute woman who was swimming at night with a male companion. Witnesses on the beach said the woman screamed that something in the water had grabbed her and was pulling her under. Her companion told officers that he dove under the water and grappled with a huge snake in an effort to free the woman, but she was dead by the time he got her back to the surface. Obviously, there are other potential explanations for what occurred that night, but the witnesses on the beach supported this version of the event and investigators took the report seriously. (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)

Bottle Hollow is an artificial reservoir in Uintah County, in the state of Utah. I have read other stories of people feeling that they are pulled under water in even small lakes, and barely managed to escape from drowning. In whatever form certain malevolent entities appear, they intend to harm or kill their victim. These encounters might be rare, but one wonders if some of the mysterious-411-missing cases in which the person was never found or found dead (often with no cause of death) were the victim of such malevolent entities. Some people were lured into the woods by sounds, voices or strange animals and found themselves in a trance. When they were able to break their trance they felt in immediate danger and fled the scene. You can find these stories all over the world. It seems that some dimensional entities don't like humans in their territory, and they don't mind killing them.

It is not for nothing that when people encounter strange cryptic beings, they often feel an instinctual fear. This can be mostly attributed to the total alien nature of the being (fear for the unknown), but in some cases the being exuded pure malevolence.