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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

8. Mind Manipulation

8.1. Being Made to Believe

8.2. Creating a Frame of Reference

8.3. Providing Proof

8.4. The Special Ones

8.5. Manipulation of Researchers

8.6. Induced Mental Experiences

8.7. Psychological Consequences

8.8. The Induction of Fear


8.1. Being Made to Believe

We don’t know. There is no question that something happens. It seems as if an external force takes control of people. In the close encounters people may lose their ability to move or to speak; in the abduction cases, which are the most extreme example, they gradually enter into a series of experiences during which they lose control of all their senses. Do they experience what they think they experience? Suppose you, an outside observer, had been there. What would you have seen?

What we do know is that you can make people hallucinate using either lights or microwave or electromagnetic energy. You can also make them pass out; you can cause them to behave strangely, put them into shock, make them hear voices or even kill them. (Jacques Vallée)

We cannot shield our minds or brains from external influences. Governments now have the abilities to directly influence a person with electromagnetic weapons, to alter their perceptions, and to make them experience, with all their senses, something that is not real, or to change their behavior and even their belief systems.

The dimensional beings have been around for millions if not billions of years and some of them are very apt in using electromagnetic energy to manipulate humans in many ways, and even their environment. The manifestation of these beings in our world is always one of intense energies. The dimensionals modulate this energy to obtain the desired effects.

We, humans, are still debating if spirits, or aliens, really exist...

The stories of contactees show that they are clearly put under a hypnotic trance with induced mental experiences to make them believe they were abducted, visited planets etc. to cover up what the dimensionals were really doing to them. The beings are clearly manipulating the mind of these people but for what purpose? The contactee's memory of what really happens is wiped. We can assume that they are programmed with post-hypnotic suggestions. By doing this the dimensional beings are able to manipulate somebody's mind set, and also his decisions and actions in his every day life. Contactees are people who are highly sensitive, psychic, and thus also very easy to hypnotize and influence. They are the most at risk for such external manipulation. They can even be made to experience mystical events and a (false) illumination or enlightenment.

For all these reason, the memory of the contactees are not reliable, and do not give us what really happens during such contacts, nor is their information reliable. The remembered non-events are therefore of little or no importance.

Descriptions of craft and beings is just data added to more data. Descriptions of events, such as 'alien abductions', makes you look into the wrong direction, and you fail to see what is really happening. The dimensional beings are experts in deceiving and hiding their true intentions.

There is actually little difference between the old devils and demons and the modern-day aliens. Aliens abduct, torture ('physical examination' and 'probes' without anesthesia), and keep coming back to their bedrooms to scare their paralyzed victims. They are fed information, prophecies, nonsense and rumors to be believed in unconditionally. They are told to spread their revelations and become ambassadors of space people. Spirits and aliens alike have convinced their human contacts of their honesty, reliability, the accuracy of their predictions, and their well-meant intentions. Then they leave them sitting on a hilltop waiting for the world to blow up, or the spaceships to take them away.


8.2. Creating a Frame of Reference

The phenomenon is dependent on belief, and as more and more people believe in flying saucers from other planets, the lower force can manipulate more people through false illumination. I have been watching, with great consternation, the worldwide spread of the UFO belief and its accompanying disease. If it continues unchecked we may face a time when universal acceptance of the fictitious space people will lead us to a modern faith in extraterrestrials that will enable them to interfere very overtly in our affairs, just as the ancient gods dwelling on mountaintops directly ruled large segments of the population in the Orient, Greece, Rome, Africa, and South America. (John Keel)

Dimensional beings can assume any form they want, although some of them might keep a habitual form they have used for over centuries. When they intrude in our world, they have to use a form, a behavior, or information that can be easily comprehended by humans. So they appear in a way that create a frame of reference for to those to whom they appear, based on these witnesses' belief system. This is often religiously tinted. In the past appearing entities were interpreted as gods, angels or demons, or spirits of certain kinds. In a largely a-religious world, they appear as aliens and extraterrestrials, ambassadors from the Galactic Councils, or just plain swamp monsters.

It al depends if you are a religious person an agnostic, an esoteric, or a simple farmer. The dimensionals will adjust to your understanding. But they will also built upon this belief system to make humans belief what they want, often for misdirection. Demons and spirits were never to be trusted, angels also displayed manipulative behavior, and the aliens are not all that kind either.

Adopting their presence to our belief system has another side. The beings that appear to us are not always true beings. Some of them are like mere holograms with specific programs. They have a certain degree of consciousness, and can run around by themselves to scare people for example. Especially if you are tuned into them. On the internet, a man wrote that he was doing in-depth research in werewolf or wolf-man sightings. After a while he became psychically visited by those beings, what scared him so much that he had to abandon his research. These low consciousness creations can also feed the energy of such people to prolong their existence.

When angels and demons gave way to the industrial revolution, the dimensionals had to adapt to our new belief systems. The invention of zeppelins brought sightings of strange looking wooden and metal airships made by mysterious inventors. Then we had airplanes which brought us sightings of strange airplanes making incredible maneuvers. World War II brought a lot of new technology, and we sightings of mystery rockets. Mysterious large airplanes and helicopters appeared. With a growing interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life and an already existing area of science fiction literature, flying saucers appeared. With the birth of genetic engineering, people started to get 'abducted' by aliens for the purpose of creating alien-human hybrids.

The belief system of extraterrestrial beings visiting the Earth has spread from the contactees to the general population to such a degree that now more than half of our society believes that it is quite possible that ETs are here, and hybrids are walking among us.

Some researchers think that the creation of belief systems is intentional from the part of the dimensional beings. I don't see why they would do this. Humans themselves already have a tendency to create beliefs about all kinds of ideas. It is an effort in trying to understand their environment and experiences. The only reason why dimensionals might do this is to create religions, which are always rich sources of outpourings of life energy by the devoted followers; and it is said that some dimensionals need this energy in order to prolong their own lives in the other dimension.


8.3. Providing Proof

Part of the initial mind manipulation is providing of 'proof'. They know that sightings alone are not enough. After a while, people do want some physical proof. To reinforce the belief system, they provide us with 'proof' by dropping various items.

Flying saucers have been dropping and dripping all kinds of metal pieces all over the landscape. These are often treasured by the ET-believers or contactees, but analysis always turns out disappointing, showing that the metal pieces have earthly compositions like calcium, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, chromium, silicon, tin.

A landing of a flying saucer would also provide unmistakable proof, isn't it? So the ufonauts provide us with landings. All those technological sophisticated vehicles have been landing, often to execute repairs, since the 1800's. Airships have landed for repairs, and many flying saucers have done the same. Aliens have been seen tinkering with their craft, and then suddenly fly away when discovered.  Sometimes a UFO or flying saucer is seen crashing in the woods or in the desert, but we haven't seen any debris. Crash retrievals by the military is another belief system. It is quite possible that the military does retrieve some their own malfunctioning secret antigravity craft, and this would then be mistaken for a possible ET craft.

After more than a century of investigated UFO phenomena the public still does not have any solid evidence of physical extraterrestrials visiting us in physical space ships.

In the Historical Evolution chapter I talked about the late 1800s airships (and even in earlier centuries) dropping anchors, cutting their cord, and leaving the anchor behind. What can be more proof then that for the devote churchgoers to whom it happened that these wooden or technological airships must be real? And yet, they were not.


8.4. The Special Ones

History is full of people who 'have seen the light'. But have they seen the right kind of light? People who were contacted by angels, or religious figures, often find themselves special. They feel chosen. They know the truth. But all too often they are the victims of the play of the dimensionals.

Joan of Arc (1412-1431) claimed to have received visions of the archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, instructing her to support the French king Charles VII and recover France from English domination, late in the Hundred Years' War. All went well for the French king, until she was captured at Compiegne by the Burgundian faction, a group of French nobles allied with the English. She was later handed over to the English and put on trial by the pro-English bishop Pierre Cauchon on a variety of charges. After Cauchon declared her guilty, she was burned at the stake on 30 May 1431, dying at about nineteen years of age. Why would angels and saint contact a teenage girl to start war after war, causing death an destruction, and then let her be captured and burned at the stake? Who was really speaking to her?

Children are often chosen by the dimensionals for apparitions of religious figures. Children are easily mind manipulated, and they don't have an understanding of what is going on nor any discrimination in the truth or falsehood of what they are experiencing.

It is not much different in the UFO contacts. Contactees often have had experiences with entities from their childhood. And the 'aliens' often tell the contactees that they are special, that they were chosen, that they have a special mission etc. In the end it is all to their own detriment.


8.5. Manipulation of Researchers

John Keel did not just collect reports and filed them in his cabinet. He actively engaged with and interviewed the witnesses and visited places of where strange events took place. Over the years he started to notice that the beings behind the phenomena were not only creating these events but would create them just for him, to make him believe in certain things.

This letter, and others like them, helped to convince me that my own investigations could be manipulated. I was being led to people and cases to support whatever theory I was working on at the time. I tested this by inventing some rather outlandish ideas. Within days I would receive phone calls, reports, and mail describing elements of those ideas. This was the feedback or reflective effect. Other investigators concerned with solving problems such as how flying saucers are propelled have automatically been fed, or led into, cases in which the witnesses supposedly viewed the interiors of the objects and saw things which confirmed the investigators’ theories.

Someone somewhere was just trying to prove that they knew every move I was making, listened to all my phone calls, and could even control my mail!

It took me a long time to realize that many of my Men in Black reports were just feedback. (John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies)

It is quite possible that other researchers are also been manipulated by the dimensional beings without even knowing it. I strongly suspect that those researchers who use hypnosis to uncover 'hidden memories' are given stories that confirm their own preconceptions. After all, when their subjects are under hypnosis, or hypnotic trance, they are also subject to manipulation of the unseen entities. It has happened with more than one hypnotizer that when the patient was under hypnosis an alien came through and began to speak to the hypnotized person, answering questions of the hypnotizer.


8.6. Induced Mental Experiences

Typically, an abductee has no memory of a UFO experience. He or she may be concerned about periods of missing time, strange nightmares, or bouts with depression or anxiety. Having heard of UFO abductions, either from the media or from a friend or family member, the person begins to contemplate a UFO experience as the possible explanation for his or her problems. Eventually, the abductee finds his or her way to a therapist with an interest in UFOs. The therapist uses hypnosis and encourages the recovery of UFO abduction or contact memories. Once the person believes himself or herself to be an abductee, he or she often seeks contact with like-minded people by joining a support group, browsing chat rooms, and so on. This tightens abductees’ connection to the subculture and will help convince them that the vague memories they have are real. (Believing That One Has Been Kidnapped by Extraterrestrials)

It doesn't sound good when you claim that a part of UFO and entity sightings, and the so-called 'alien abductions' are induced mental experiences. The term

Induced mental experiences are experiences that are created in a person by an external influence. This now can be done by covert technology, but in the phenomenon of UFOs and weird entities, it is done intentionally by dimensional beings. They are masters of energy manipulation, and by creating certain frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, and modulation to match our own brain wave patterns, they can induce any mental experience in people who are susceptible to mental manipulation. These are mostly energy sensitive people or people with psychic abilities. They will see, hear and experience craft, aliens, entities of all kinds, and entire experiences such as abductions, planetary visits, and so on, solely in their minds. To them it is like a real physical experience. They actually do not know that the whole event is just a mental experience induced by dimensional beings. These people are not mentally ill, but are being used and manipulated. It is true that a lot of these people will develop mental instability because of the repeated contact and experiences. They believe that the experienced, often bizarre, experiences are real. They start to built a belief system that has no roots in reality. Most importantly, they lack the necessary education to understand what it going on, and they have a lack of discrimination between what is real and what is not, and what they are dealing with.

It is possible that some of the psychic people were taken to the astral realms of the dimensional beings, were they viewed the mind-constructed environments of the dimensionals. In the past people claimed to have visited the palaces of the gods and later on the enchanted realms of the fairies. Now they report being taken to underground caves, to cities at the bottom of the ocean, to spaceships and to strange civilizations on other planets. I certainly believe that this can be the case, but in most cases they were just projected mental experiences. It is much easier for the dimensionals to projects scenes in the mind of a person, then to take him out of the body and transport him to their astral realm. The brain is so easily to manipulate.

Induced mental experiences are also useful to make a person remember a certain scene, to cover up any memory of what really happened to him while he was in trance. In these cases, what a person remembers is not what happened. The memory of what really happened has been erased. Trying to recover these erased memories by hypnosis is also not realizable, because the mind is known to happily create and provide what the hypnotist expects or believes in. Also when the person is under hypnosis he is also under the influence of any entity hanging around.

Not all encounters are induced mental experiences of course. Many UFOs are caught on radar and seen by multiple people. There is also physical evidence of landings and of radiation effects.

What typically happens with those trance state and induced mental experiences, is that when the person comes out of it, they often cannot account for the passage of time. They think only a short time passed, while in reality many hours went by. The trance state seems to take their consciousness out of the experience of the passage of time. It is usually called missing time but it is actually the memory that is missing.

There are actually a lot of contacts with dimensionals that people just don't remember. They know something has happened but have no memory of it, or they remember just the beginning and the end of it. In some cases they do remember the mental experiences, but there are also plenty of cases where people go in and out of the trance and go on with their lives.

Induced mental experiences can be limited to hearing sounds only. Both in UFO cases and monster sightings witnesses can hear strange sounds before or after. In both type of cases a crying baby or a screaming woman is a typical sound heard in the woods. At least it sounds like a crying baby or a screaming woman. It can be the result of the physical manifestation of dimensional beings, creating these particular sound waves that resemble a crying baby or a screaming woman. These are often heard coming from the woods. But it might also be projected into the mind of people, to lure them into the woods, as they often do after hearing the sound. I have read so many accounts of sasquatch in which the witness was hearing it coming through the woods, with heavy stomping, branches breaking, and they even felt the earth trembling with every foot step, even all the way up to their tent, but in the morning no footprints were found at all. This suggests that sasquatch is able to project these sounds into the mind of the person. This is an induced auditory mental experience.

There are plenty of UFO contactees and abductees who hear the voices of 'aliens' giving them instructions or passing on information. Mental hospitals have patients who hear voices, and they don't know how to shut them of. Throughout history political people have been murdered by ordinary persons who heard voices and were instructed to kill.


8.7. Psychological Consequences

Watching a UFO can be quite exciting for some people. Others react fearful, probably because of an instinctual fear for the unknown. But there are some cases in which the witness of a UFO or an entity/monster is plagued by fears and anxiety for days or weeks afterward. It seems that in those cases, the dimensional beings have taken an interest in that person and psychically link up with him. A period of stalking can then follow. Entities hanging around, making themselves visible, or light spheres floating around. Paranormal activity can start up in the house, similar to poltergeist.

Contactees/abductees in particular are always affected by repeated visits, mostly in a negative way. For somebody who is not prepared for such contact, this can be a quite disrupting force in his live that he is not able to handle. This will have psychological consequences that will slowly destroy his life, and often his (love) relationships. Contactees/abductees become distrustful of other people, and especially of the government. Some border on paranoia. They are marked by fears, neurosis and breakdown. Insomnia an addictions are also known to occur.

All this is not surprising, because the phenomenon, in general, is based on inducing fear.

The exposure to frequent radiation from their presence might also be a contributing factor in ever increasing stress.

These entities love to drive us humans nuts by in many different ways and plays. A lot depends on how a person can handle the contact. The entities will often adjust their appearances and actions to what is inside the person. Fear attracts fear, gullibility will create false prophets, but genuine understanding can result in positive life-enriching effects. For that the contactees have to wade through the smokescreen of lies, false images and nonsensical behavior of the entities, and to be able to discriminate between mischievous beings and those who are genuinely benevolent.

Some people become psychic after their UFO contact(s). That might be a great opportunity for an expanded awareness, but it can also lead to delusions. Not everybody is able to handle this.

In short, we don't have to solely blame the entities themselves. We have to look inside ourselves, clean house and inform ourselves about the many aspects of the phenomenon.


8.8. The Induction of Fear

You will have understood by now that fear plays a large role in the manifestation of dimensional beings. You can find many examples of this throughout his text.

It is clear that the appearance of a lot of cryptic entities and monsters are intended to create a fear reaction into the witnesses. We are instinctively afraid of monsters and of the unknown. It is a survival instinct.

But fear can also be directly induced by manipulating our mind. We see that a lot with hikers in the woods. Some entities, especially the bigfoot kind, can instill tremendous fear in a person in order to drive that person away from a certain area. Light sphere and orbs can do the same. In the following example, a blue orb approached a rancher and his wife:

As Tom watched this amazing spectacle, the hair on the back of his neck rose. He could feel a wave of deep, naked fear washing over him. He felt paralyzed with the deepest, most visceral fear he had ever known. It was overwhelming. Wild animals had trapped Tom, he had been close to death, but he had never felt anything like the intensity of the terror he felt now. He knew Ellen was feeling the same because she had begun to hyperventilate. She gasped deeply and her body had begun to shake. Tom felt like he was going to have a seizure. Suddenly Ellen, who was whimpering with terror, turned on her flashlight. The effect was instantaneous. The blue orb darted abruptly into the branches of the nearby tree as if trying to avoid the flashlight’s beam. It maneuvered effortlessly through the branches at high speed. It was obvious to them that the orb was under intelligent control. Then as abruptly as the object had darted into the trees, it suddenly shot out of sight behind their homestead. Ellen sank to her knees, weeping. Tom also felt weak. His legs could barely hold him. But the overwhelming, paralyzing terror he had felt had vanished. It was like a switch had been abruptly thrown. The aftereffects of that bolt of adrenaline were obvious. Perspiration poured from his body, and his legs and arms began shaking violently. He too sank to his knees and put his arms around his violently trembling wife. She continued weeping. He felt helpless to comfort her and could not manage a reassuring word. As his shaking subsided, he felt only numbness inside. He also felt relief. And puzzlement. How could that orb have provoked such abject terror in both of them? Tom knew that the fear he had felt was artificial. It had not been a normal response for him. He guessed that this bright blue orb had deliberately manipulated his emotions. How could this be? he wondered. Ellen buried her face is his chest, saying over and over, “We have to leave this place, we have to leave this place.” (Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp)