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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

17. Primitive Behavior

Before Hermelindo could move, however, the creature swiftly slipped a hook around Hermelindo's left ankle and scurried back up one of the cables into the UFO. Hermelindo fell down but was immediately yanked off the ground and began to be reeled up toward the hole in the bottom of the UFO, feet first. (UFO Danger Zone, Bob Pratt)

In the book UFO Danger Zone, Bob Pratt details a rather bizarre abduction attempt case (in Brazil) in which the occupants tried to abduct a resisting victim by lowering cables with hooks. A struggle with a short humanoid broke out who managed to put one of the hooks into the victim's foot, by which he was hoisted up. His brother-in-law saw him fall down from the UFO as the victim was able to release himself from the hook.

Are these 'aliens' supposed to be very advanced extraterrestrials with superior technology? It rather looks like they sometimes resort to extreme primitive measures, not to mention their own low consciousness and morals/ethics towards the human race. By itself this event was a unique case, but it shares the primitive nature of a lot of 'aliens' with many other cases.

In my opinion the man was drawn up to the UFO through a light beam. There have been several accounts were this was the case. The fact that he saw the cable and hooks was probably a mental manipulation, making him see the cables but these were not a reality. Nevertheless it is kind of a sadistic game they play.

There was another such case in Brazil in which a man was pulled up with a hook. While he was thus hanging upside down he saw people through a window of the vehicle, and one of them said : "Here is a good old man we can take with us to our earth". He was then dropped. Is this just low consciousness toying with a human? Did they really mean that they sometimes abduct a human to their our place somewhere in the universe? Or is it all just a cruel joke?  These entities don't need hooks to capture or abduct people; they have much more effective ways to accomplish this. So after all, it was most likely a rather cruel display to entertain themselves.

In another Brazilian case (from the above mentioned book), three friends went fishing one night when a light appeared. They went to seek shelter under a tree.

The UFO quickly reappeared over the tree, and this time he and his two friends had to stay under the tree the rest of the night. "Every time we started to go out from underneath the tree, the object would circle around and shine a red light down on us," Manoel said. "We'd go back under the tree and the light would go out. It was like the thing was playing with us. It disappeared about four-thirty in the morning."

This is a cat and mouse game. Also cruel and unnecessary.

Brazil seems to be a bad place for low consciousness ufonaut behavior. Maybe the dimensional beings who live over there are an exceptional bad group, unless there are other countries where such cases are not reported or investigated. The thing that ties all these cases in Brazil together is that the UFOs suddenly appear overhead in a blaze of light without warning, nearly always find their victims in the dark, and then chase them. Whether the UFOs actually intend to catch them is questionable, given their ability to snatch people at will, but the victims feel certain they're being chased.

The UFO's actions sometimes are outright sadistic. In the following example, the man was zapped countless times for three hours with a light beam. It's like a vicious person tormenting a helpless being that can't get away.

"Suddenly I felt a strange beam of light on my back," Chico Gama said as Jean interpreted. "I looked up and saw a violet-colored object with a red light, and I felt very cold, the way I feel when I open an icebox. I was very afraid, and I ran across the beach and hid under some coconut trees. The object chased me and stopped over the trees. Then it shined a light down on me, trying to get me." For the next three hours the UFO played a cruel game with him. Every five minutes or so it would shine the red light down at his hiding place. "Every time the light hit me, I would feel very cold and dizzy, almost to the point of passing out," Chico Gama said. "It made a strange humming sound every time. This happened many times. When daylight came, it went away. I ran home and hid under my bed. I was very sick, very weak. For several days I felt that way."

Brazil has many cases in which people were hurt, burned, got sick, got permanently disabled and even died as a result of their exposure to UFOs. However we find this the world over, although to a lesser extend. The dimensionals have been on this planet for a long time, and have been appearing to people for many centuries. They certainly know that the radiation their presence gives off, through the light orbs, light beams or through the cryptic beings, does harm to humans and animals. They also mutilate and kill animals. Although we cannot prove itm many animals and people have probably been permanently abducted. What happens to them?

They rarely speak, and when they do communicate, the conversation is short, often meaningless and contradictory, and they lie too.

They appear without warning, they stalk, they scare, they invade our lives and privacy, they appear in our bedroom and mess with our mind.

Did I forget anything?

I think you are getting it by now. Of course I am talking about a certain group of dimensional beings. The nature elementals are what they are, nor good, nor bad, but they don't know the difference between life and death. There are dimensional beings who are totally not interested in human beings, and they rarely have contact with us. But there is a certain group that does care about our well-being. I have hinted at their identity and their motives.

At the same time, humanity, in general, is not much better. Look around and you know what I mean. It is not only our leaders who like to wage war, and do other unsavory things, but it is also our neighbors and even family members who have not been educated to be true, loving human beings.

Some people think that the 'aliens', or the Fairies, are much more spiritually advanced, but their actions do not show that at all. Just as with humans, some are better or worse than others. The advantage that they have is that they can appear in our world whenever they want, harm us, and then disappear back into their world, without us being able to prevent it, or go after them.