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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

11. Men-in-Black and Other Mystery Men

11.1. Their Appearance

11.2. The Message

11.3. MIB Cars

11.4. Non-MIB Strangers


11.1. Their Appearance

Just a little backstory before I get on with the actual post.

I live in Colorado and have been my entire life, born and raised here. I've never really been a believer in the ghosts and ghouls and aliens and that sort of thing. my family has always been very grounded in reality and I have been taught that way from a very young age.

Now onto the actual post. About three days ago my mom and I were just hanging out at home and eating some pizza. It was about 7:30 at night and was already pretty dark outside. There was a knock at the door and I told my mom that I would get it for here as it was most likely just someone who had lost their dog or something of that nature. However, I opened the door to b greeted by these two men, both dressed in black suits with grey fedora looking hats. They both looked almost identical to one another and I was kind of freaked out. One of the men said that they were a part of some plumbing repair company or something like that and asked me to show him our radiator. Our house is newer so we did not have a radiator. I told him this, and the other leaned in towards me and asked if my mother was home. I said yes and called her over. The moment she walked around the corner and saw the two men standing there she told them off and slammed the door in their faces. I was honestly very confused as I am a newbie to this whole conspiracy world and didn't know much about it. My mom then sat me down and told me about a time when I was only about three or four that the exact same men had come to our condo (which is what we were living in at the time) and had tried to get in the house. I told her that they had asked to see the radiator and she told me that was the exact same line that they tried to use to get into our house when we lived in the condo. I started researching the men and found the tails and stories of the men in black, whose descriptions almost exactly matched that of the two men. (Reddit)

Throughout history mystery men and women have unexpectedly shown up in people's lives, and delivered a message or performed a bewildering act. Sometimes these visits are utterly weird, sometimes they are so normal, that only a long time afterwards it is found to be out of place. Just like UFOs, 'aliens', monsters and other entities, their appearance is short and to the point. They cannot stay long as they don't belong in our world. They too are dimensional beings.

The beings with oriental looks and wearing black clothing have gained much attention, and have been called Men-in-Black. However don't always picture the MIB as dressed in black. They can wear any type of clothing in any color. It is only since the 1950's that the Men-in-Black term is being used. It was originally believed that they were U.S. Air Force officers intimidating the witnesses. This was just another belief system that has no roots in reality.

These ominous beings come in all kinds of clothing and skin color. Like everything else with those dimensionals, and in the UFO phenomenon, there is wide variety of dimensional strangers appearing in our lives.

Typically, but not all of them, are tall, have long blond hair, angular, oriental faces, olive or dark skin. For some reason their hair sometimes seems strange, like silver in color or colored, dyed hair. Their features are nothing new, they are the same as historical beings such as fairies, demons and even gods. Even the long fingers of the MIB are legendary with historical entities.

Their clothing, not always black, often looks brand new, even their shoes. In one case the MIB's shoes were spot clean, although he had to have walked through wet muddy soil to arrive at the door. Another sure sign that they are dimensionals who just appear out of nowhere at the door.

In some cases people checked when the MIB were leaving the house, and they found that the mystery person(s) had vanished immediately. 

In so many cases there is an odd little thing about them that just does not seems right. That can be make-up, their hair, or the way they walk. Or they are not familiar with our eating and drinking habits or food. Sometimes they speak mechanically as if reciting a memorized speech. They can have trouble breathing, often wheezing and gasping between words. At other times they speak fluently. They can be dressed too lightly for the weather.

In my opinion, the Men-in-Black, and other non-MIB entities, are artificial elementals send out into our world to fulfill their pre-programmed purpose. In some cases they might be actual true dimensional beings. Most likely some of these visitations are actually induced mental experiences.

There is an interesting case in which a woman who worked in a retail store. She saw a black car arriving, two men-in-black entered the store, asking about her car (she was using the car of her mother's fiancÚ, a military person). But the security camera only showed her presence not the two men. Besides the possibility of an induced mental experience, it is also possible that these entities appear in a light spectrum that is just outside the range of cameras, but still within the range of the human eye. You can find the story on Reddit. She also had some strange happenings for a few months afterwards at home. These kind of entities often latch on to you for a while.


11.2. The Message

One day my two friends and I were out late on the levee (in Stockton, California) and we saw a bright "star" (it looked like a star) orbiting the sky VERY fast. As we watched, it stopped in mid-air. Then five more "stars" appeared. That's when we realized they weren't stars, they were lights; lit up on what looked to be a UFO, and that's when we started panicking. But then the UFO turned into a white cloud, then pink, then blood red and it vanished into thin air. We literally ran out of that levee and I went to hang with my best friend and told her everything. I thought it would be just a memory at that point, so I went home and fell asleep.
I woke up to the bell ringing very early the next morning and when I went to look, I saw a man in a black suit with a briefcase at my door. I thought he was just someone trying to sell me something. I was just annoyed. It was so early. So I waited until he left, but he wouldn't leave, he was just staring into my house like a mannequin for, like, 5 minutes straight. I wanted to see if he had a car but when I looked out the window, I noticed there was five more of the men outside my house, just staring at it blankly. My heart skipped a beat. I was freaked out, so I was for sure dialing the police at this point. But as soon as I started dialing, they looked at me at the exact same second. I don't even know how they saw me through the little crack I was watching them from. They stared at me coldly for a few moments then, again, at the exact same time, they walked away and got into their car. They all watched me, even the driver as he was driving away. I never spoke of it since. This is real and it's terrifying. Ever since then I always feel like I'm only safe in my room with my windows closed and locked up. I feel like they watch my house.
(Phantom and Monsters)

I think it is important to look further than the mere appearance of the MIB. Such stories often get filed without any further inquiry. We know that MIB often appear immediately after a sighting before the witness had the chance to report it or to tell anyone. In the above account, the witness was afraid when seeing the UFO the previous night. Fear seems to be a key component with the MIB, even before they arrive. I wonder if the fear, from a UFO sighting, actually attracts the visitation of MIB.

In many of these experiences, they show up before the witnesses have the chance to talk about their UFO sighting. This shows that we are dealing with dimensional beings. They know they have been sighted, and for some reason they immediately create a response by sending the MIB.

MIB can flash an identification card showing that they are from the government, be it the CIA, the Air Force, the Ministry of Defense, or other military officers. They also claimed to be from the Civil Aeronautics Administration, from the police, or to be scientists. They can even use the names of existing army officers. They can even resemble the men they are imitating. That also requires to have knowledge of the real people in detail, but that is not surprising because dimensional beings can gain access to anything in our world from their dimensional world where space and time is different.

MIB don't always identify themselves. They can show up, give a warning, and walk away.

MIB seem to appear to give warning but not always. The warning is about not talking about the sighting, or to order silence, or to not publicize any information about the sighting, to discontinue research in UFOs. it can also be overtly threatening.

At other times they show up with extensive questionnaires, not about the UFO sighting the person(s) had, but about the personal life of the witness.

In some cases they pretend to be workmen working around telephone poles, for example. This is a form of overt stalking, just like parking their black Cadillac across the street.

In one case a MIB from a Cadillac tried to abduct a young girl (who witnessed a UFO).

In some cases the warning is delivered over the telephone, without any MIB showing up.

The question is why to the dimensional beings, associated with the appearance of UFOs, put in an effort to scare the witnesses? I think it is a reflection of the fear inside the witnesses themselves. That leaves the question why they would go to the trouble to reflect this fear? Equally why would they show up with extensive questionnaires that have nothing to do with the sighting itself? In the end it seems that it is just another ploy or play to bewilder and confuse us, so they can go on doing their business in our world, whatever that is.

This would also explain why the appearance or MIB, or mystery people in general, are not always threatening. In one case they suggested that if the witness should encounter a similar machine (UFO) in the future, he should cooperate with its occupants and keep any conversations with them to himself. In another case they said that the UFOs will be back at a certain date. In yet another case, the man was driven outside the city and then taken for a trip into space.

Or they might simply ask for a glass of water. Asking for a glass of water seems to be a textbook guideline. We have such cases with the late 1800s airship occupants, and with flying saucer 'aliens'.


11.3. MIB Cars

In the past the devil or a black clothed, hooded man would drive a black chariot. Now, MIB show up in black Cadillacs, with peculiar purplish glows lighting their interiors. Actually, they can drive around in all sorts of cars, sometimes with tinted windows. Cadillacs are not the only cars they show up with, they have also been seen with a Buick, Chrysler Imperial, Jaguar, a blue station wagon, even a yellow Volkswagen... always new.

Being dimensional beings, they obviously don't own a car. It is a manifestation that reflects our own mind.

Witnesses have recorded the license plates of the MIB cars, but police checks would show that these plates were not in use. That implies an intelligence that can figure out what license plates are in use or not. The dimensional beings can access any information they want.

'Aliens' like to appear with insignia on their chest, and MIB sometimes have insignia printed on their door of their cars. They have appeared with the symbol of the eye inside a triangle, a well-known masonic symbol, and they even identified themselves once as the 'Nation of the Third Eye'. We should not pay to much attention to it as like to keep us busy with unsolvable puzzles.


11.4. Non-MIB Strangers

The typical Men-in-Black are not the only dimensional beings that pay us a visit, or cross our paths with mysterious appearances or messages. We should not put the MIB in a special category. The appearance of MIB vary anyway, and actually we have a whole range of strangers intruding into our reality to play out their part.

There are plenty of sightings of hooded strangers along the road who disappear when the car passes by. Hooded strangers also lurk around street corners or under street lights at night, or in dark places, staring or scaring the witnesses. These hooded strangers have been seen for centuries. Some have glowing eyes too.

The Grinning Man is another of those entities, usually in black suit, with a dark complexion and craggy foreign face. He also appears in bedrooms.

Mysterious strangers also like to show up in coffee shops.

Most of these appearances have no obvious meaning. Intimidation or fear seems to form the basis.

Mystery men showing up giving warnings or prophecies are common in ufology. Many contactees have these kinds of experiences. More disturbing is that throughout history royals, political leaders and even military leaders have had visits from such mystery men, usually leading to more war, intrigue and bloodshed.