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The Intrusion of Terrestrial Dimensional Beings and UFOs

3. Historical Evolution

3.1 The Fairies of Old

3.2. Historical Sightings of Ships in the Air

3.3. The Airships of the late 1800s

3.4. Mystery Airplanes

3.5. Radio Signals from Nowhere

3.6. Phantom Helicopters

3.7. Flying Saucers

3.8. Mystery Drones


3.1 The Fairies of Old

Some researchers have pointed out that modern day sightings and experiences with alleged extraterrestrials, aliens, and many other weird beings are just the same as the age old experiences with fairies, angels and demons. The names differ and the appearances are slightly different to accommodate our modern society, but the experiences remain the same.

The old tales have now been discarded as children's fairy-tales, legends and myths, of which our learned scientists and professors tell us that it is all just fantasy. Outside their offices, laboratories and universities, the dimensional beings of old continue to enter our lives and scare the crap out of us. There is indeed nothing new on this planet.

People have always experienced revelations, insights and journeys through contact with angels, demons, and now spacemen. The messages conveyed by these entities are always the same, no matter what frame of reference is being used. Aliens don't tell us anything new.

In ufology, some people are unaware of the history of dimensional beings appearing in our world. They think that UFOs are extraterrestrials who are (recently) visiting us from other planets. Some now also accept that they are dimensional beings, but still coming from other planets.

Although the possibility of real extraterrestrial beings coming here exists, the historical UFO phenomenon shows us something quite different. It is important to keep the evolution of their intrusion into our world in mind, because behind the changing forms they use, they are the same beings. The UFO phenomenon has become very popular but is merely a recent adaption of their appearance. They also continue to appear in their more traditional forms too, all over the planet.

The dimensional beings are of various kinds, and appear in different ways when entering our physical dimension. When we talk about UFOs and their occupants, then we are primarily dealing with a certain group that have always been seen 'flying' around in luminous or physical-looking 'vehicles'. It is in this regard that we speak of a history in their appearance.


3.2. Historical Sightings of Ships in the Air

In recorded history, ships sailing through the air have been briefly mentioned in some texts. The record keepers of their time often heard these stories from other people. They didn't pay much attention to these stories, partly because intellectuals have always been skeptical of such sightings, and the authorities were not much interested in it either.

In more recent history there have been some better descriptions of such sightings. It is clear that occasionally people did see wooden ships sailing through the air, in detail, and sometimes witnessed by multiple people.

From our present point of view, it sounds ridiculous  that anyone would see a wooden ship sailing through the air above tree tops or above fields or houses. But a flying saucer hovering above your house is normal? Both are vehicles whose shape correspond with what an ordinary person would expect them to be according to the time period in which he lives. Both the wooden ships and the metal-looking saucers are mere projected holograms or materialized forms by the dimensional beings. They are dimensional vehicles but they can be shaped in any form they like. So they choose a form of a moving vehicle that we humans are familiar with. A wooden ship sailing through the air is strange but the ship itself is a familiar form for people from the past centuries. The dimensional beings always use elements of familiarity (for us humans) in their appearances.

One of such familiarities is the air ship's anchor that appears in several accounts, even in the new airship wave of the late 1800s that we will talk about later.


The Airship Anchors

An ordinary person might be startled to see a wooden ship sailing in the air above him. When that ship drops an anchor, it is even weirder to us, but this is a reasonable action that its occupants would take. After all, that is what normal ships would do. It also strengthens the idea that there is indeed a (apparent) physical ship in the sky. The anchor is part of providing physical proof to the humans on the ground, or making them belief that it is all physical.

Here are some examples of such events, showing that this really happened, although the question remains why such sightings happen.

In a 13th century  Irish manuscript, the Speculum Regali (an educational text from around 1250), there is a remarkable account of a ship hanging in the air, dropping an anchor. This story is mentioned by John Keel and other writers, but I went to the original (translated) text, where the author added an additional story. [Source: The King's Mirror (Speculum regale-Konungs skuggsjá) (translated from Old Norwegian by Laurence Marcellus Larson Professor of History at the University of Illinois, 1917), page 116-117.]:

There happened something once in the borough called Cloena,} which will also seem marvelous. In this town there is a church dedicated to the memory of a saint named Kiranus. One Sunday while the populace was at church hearing mass, it befell that an anchor was dropped from the sky as if thrown from a ship; for a rope was attached to it, and one of the flukes of the anchor got caught in the arch above the church door. The people all rushed out of the church and marveled much as their eyes followed the rope upward. They saw a ship with men on board floating before the anchor cable; and soon they saw a man leap overboard and dive down to the anchor as if to release it. The movements of his hands and feet and all his actions appeared like those of a man swimming in the water. When he came down to the anchor, he tried to loosen it, but the people immediately rushed up and attempted to seize him. In this church where the anchor was caught, there is a bishop's throne. The bishop was present when this occurred and forbade his people to hold the man; for, said he, it might prove fatal as when one is held under water. As soon as the man was released, he hurried back up to the ship; and when he was up the crew cut the rope and the ship sailed away out of sight. But the anchor has remained in the church since then as a testimony to this event.

In this story we also see that the occupant who came down the rope appeared to be swimming. Again, that is what people would expect a shipmate to do to release an anchor because he would be under water. This is imitation of what would be considered normal. The anchor is added to the air ship's sighting, by the dimensional beings, to provide 'proof' to the townspeople to make them believe that what they were seeing was a physical reality: there are people living in the air, or the atmosphere, and they travel through the skies in ships. At least that is what they are led to believe.

There is no difference between this and the present-day supposedly existence of aliens cruising our skies in metal disk-like ships.

Professor Larson gives the following footnote to this account of which he thinks  is a version of the same story, but it might be another event:

In the Irish Nennius (211-213) the following version of this tale appears. "Congalach, son of Maelmithig, was at the fair of Teltown on a certain day, when he saw a ship (sailing) along in the air. One of the crew cast a dart at a salmon. The dart fell down in the presence of the gathering, and a man came out of the ship after it. When he seized its end from above, a man from below seized it from below. Upon which the man from above said: 'I am being drowned,' said he. 'Let him go,' said Congalach; and he is allowed to go up, and then he goes from them swimming." The translation is by Kuno Meyer: riu, IV, 13. Congalach was an Irish king (944-956); Teltown is in county Meath. The legend is alluded to in Reliquiae Antiquae, II, 105, with some difference in details.

Here again the man from the ship alludes to being under water.


The Otia Imperialia, an early 13th-century Latin encyclopedic work, written by Gervase of Tilbury (1150–1220) contains an interesting story, of which the English translation can be found in The Otia Imperiala of Gervase of Tilbury - A Detailed Survey, by Bryan A. Wilkinson, published by the Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Department of History, 1966, page 88:

There is an interesting and rather peculiar account in the Otia of the "Supereminentia" of the sea. It is an extraordinary tale of a sea either in or above the atmosphere. To prove it he tells how in his time some people coming out of a church in England found an anchor let down by a rope out of the heavens, how there came voices from sailors above trying to loose the anchor, and finally, how a sailor came down the rope, who, on reaching the earth, died as if drowned in water.


There were probably more sightings of ships sailing through the air that were never recorded, because to the scribes of past centuries such stories would be too ridiculous or not important to write down in their history books.

When the wooden sail ships ceased to be seen, and gave way to a new form of airships in the late 1800s, there was still a sighting of an anchor dropping by such a technological advanced airship. The following account has been mentioned in abbreviated form in forteana books. I have looked up the original story in the newspaper of the Houston Daily Post of April 28, 1897, page 5:

Anchor of the Airship

Said to be on Exhibition at Merkel, attracting much attention.

Merkel, Texas, April 26 - Some parties returning from church last night noticed a heavy object dragging along with a large rope attached. They followed it until in crossing the railroad it caught on a rail. On looking up they saw what they supposed was the airship. It was not near enough to get an idea of the dimensions. A light could be seen protruding from several windows: one bright light in front like the headlight of a locomotive. After some ten minutes a man was seen descending the rope; he came near enough to be plainly seen; he wore a blue sailor suit, was small in size. He stopped when he discovered parties at the anchor and cut the rope below him and sailed of in the northeast direction.

The anchor is now on exhibition at the blacksmith shop of Elliot & Miller and is attracting the attention of hundreds of people.

Attention is what it is all about, and once again the anchor was provided to maintain the belief system that there were now strange technological advanced airships flown around by inventors. This way the real ufonauts remained hidden. They probably got (stole) the anchor from somewhere else for their performance in Houston. To ordinary people it would seem logical that a zeppelin-looking airship needs an anchor on a rope because a zeppelin was anchored with ropes. A zeppelin was not fastened with a real anchor, but the association with a ship would create the need for a real anchor, as the ufonauts have been doing in the past. Hence also the navy suit of the crew member. It is about making associations with existing ideas that exists in the mind of ordinary people.

We can go a little further with the need for an anchor as proof. Why did they choose an anchor? We have three stories of airships which let down an anchor at a church in front of churchgoers. That cannot be a coincidence but an intentional display with a meaning. In the first place, a church is an institution of a belief system. The ufonauts always instill a certain belief system in the witnesses. They make them belief in something that is not real. Why would the ufonauts resort to dropping an anchor in front of a church? Well, the anchor is an old emblem used by the Catholic Church symbolizing hope. Coincidence? I don't think so. The ufonauts know what they are doing. Ufonauts love symbols.

Let us not forget that the church building itself has a direct analogy with a ship. The area between the entrance and the sanctuary (altar) was called the 'nave' This word comes from the Latin navis, or ship, and was meant to portray the reality that the Church is a ship, protecting those inside it from the waves and buffets of the world. Architecturally, many artists would make this analogy even more visible by constructing the ceiling over the nave in a vaulted fashion, exposing the wooden beams, which resembled the reversed look of a ship’s keel. Furthermore, inside the nave can sometimes be found a pulpit that is made to look like a ship. This accents the symbolism and visibly puts the priest as the pilot of the congregation, leading them to distant shores.

Forget coincidences, the ufonauts are very familiar with human concepts. The question remains: why do they need to create such a charade? What's the purpose of it all?


Here are two more accounts of wooden airships I found, taken from original accounts:

In Ireland, ships sailing in the air were seen as far back as the 12th century. In the book A chorographical description of West or H-Iar Connaught by O'Flaherty, Roderic, 1629-1718, page 31, the appearance of what they called 'fantastical ships' were mentioned as a sign of impending disaster. The one line sentence is followed by a more extensive note trying to explain the sighting as a mere meteorological phenomenon:

Anno 1161, fantastical ships were seen in the harbour of Galway Dun to saile against the wind, and the next day Galway Dun tooke fire.

The note:

Fantastical ships. Our annalists, in recording this occurrence, call these ships loinger demnocdo, which Dr. O'Conor translates, " Naves bellicae," Four Masters, p. 807. This does not, however, convey the meaning of demnocdo, which literally signifies devilish or diabolical, from deomon (demon), the evil spirit. But our author's phrase, "fantastical ships" (viz., visionary, or having the appearance of a phantom, not real), was happily chosen to express this instance of atmospherical refraction. The writer remembers to have seen, when a boy, a well-defined aerial phenomenon of this kind, from a rising ground near the mountain of Cruach-Patrick, in Mayo. It was on a serene evening in the autumn of 1798. Hundreds who also witnessed the scene believed it supernatural ; but it was soon afterwards found to have been caused by the fleet of Admiral "Warren, then off the west coast of Ireland.


In 1743, an English farmer and his wife saw a ship sailing through the sky at an altitude of a quarter if a mile. The ship looked like the familiar packet-boats that sailed between Holyhead (Wales) and Ireland, in every detail. The farmer added to his account that he had seen the same thing ten years earlier at the same place, and another one ten years before that. This supports the idea that UFO sightings often occur at particular places and at regular intervals. This regularity certainly has occurred at other locations with the more recent UFO and flying saucer sightings.

From The Wynford Vaughan-Thomas The Shell Guide to Wales (Michael Joseph Ltd, 1969): 

"Near the town of Holyhead lies Peibio, the scene of a recurrent phenomenon, well confirmed by contemporary evidence, that perplexed the sages of the 18th century, as much as it does those of our own day. Some time in 1743, Lewis Morris, an experienced mining engineer, master of many languages and eminent antiquarian, had a report from Anglesey. This was made by a farmer whose steading lay near Peibio, a little place only a stone's throw from Holyhead. "Plowing" (as it was written) "with his servant boy in ye fields", he saw bearing down upon him a ship of 90 tons, rigged like a ketch, with its fore-tack at the cat-head and its pennant and "antient" flying. The day was described as indifferent and cloudy, but the detail of the ship could be clearly seen. It was "coming from ye mountains of Snowdon", not by sailing on the waves around Holy Island, but moving "about a Quarter of a mile High from ye Ground". The farmer called his wife. She ran from the farmhouse in time to see the ship in the sky retreating, its pennant lowered to the deck and all sails furled. It was steering "stern foremost", making for whence it had come, the mountains of Snowdonia. Lewis Morris was not a man to leave such a thing unconfirmed. He hastened to Holyhead and interviewed first the wife and then the husband, separately. Neither had any doubt about the circumstances. The wife had not acquaintance with sea terms, but was quite sure of what she had seen; her only doubt was what the neighbours might think if she allowed Lewis Morris to publish the affair. Lewis Morris found the husband at an inn, visiting Holyhead on farm business. He had no doubt that the man was sober and sincere, with no trace of the "melancolick" disposition that might have led him to exaggerate or imagine. The ship had been plain to see, exact in every detail; the keel could be observed from below; the sails were distended with the wind; when the foresail was lowered it hung in a natural way over bow. In the end a cloud hid the vessel from sight, but not before the farmer, his wife, and his boy had had their observation supported by a flock of birds that assembled to examine the phenomenon and flew round it from all directions. When the vessel began its backward journey, the birds with one accord flew from it northwards in the opposite direction. What finally persuaded Lewis Morris was the way in which the farmer - whose name, William John Lewis, is worth recording - assured him that he had seen another such ship exactly ten years earlier in much the same place, and that, ten years before then again, he had seen just such another. The ships were in each case very like the old packet-boats that plied between Holyhead and Ireland; the very ropes of the rigging could be counted one by one. Lewis Morris was afraid that this series of phenomena foreboded some great calamity, and he strove to remember events corresponding with the ten-year intervals. His letter about this matter is hurried, not to say startled, and is either written from or addressed to the Ship Hotel in Dolgelley (as he spells the name of the town). What attracts the modern inquirer is the recurrence of the visitation at such regular dates. No explanation can be found in early attempts at balloon travel; the first aeronaut to use this means was Montgolfier, and he did not make his first flight until fifty years later. The modern method of communication between earth and outer space is by flying saucer; and the appearance of these vehicles is also at regular intervals of ten years. It seems that extra-terrestrial visitors move with the times and have abandoned "Holyhead Packuet boats" for more advanced methods of flight. But, since the hill at Holyhead is the only height in Anglesey to face the distant loftiness of Snowdon, some trick of refraction may have been responsible for picking up vessels plying the Menai Straits and setting them, pennant and antient and all, to steer the skies above Peibio."

For those interested the original Old English text can be found here: image and text version, PDF version.


3.3. The Airships of the late 1800s

On November 18, 1896 an airship flew over the city of Sacramento, California, that was witnessed by hundreds of people. Here you can find the front page article of The San Francisco Call newspaper with en extensive description of what people saw.

The next year an airship was seen in Arkansas. Judge Lawrence A. Byrne was, to quote a reporter for the Daily Texarkanian, Texarkana, Arkansas, “known here for his truthfulness by his fellowmen.” On April 25, 1897, that paper published this amazing story:

I was down on McKinney bayou Friday looking after the surveying of a tract of land and, in passing through a thicket to an open space, saw a strange-looking object anchored to the ground. On approaching I found it to be the airship I have read so much about of late. It was manned by three men who spoke a foreign language, but judging from their looks, would take them to be Japs. They saw my astonishment and beckoned me to follow them, and on complying, I was shown through the ship. The judge then explained “about the machinery being made of aluminum and the gas to raise and lower the monster was pumped into an aluminum tank when the ship was to be raised and let out when to be lowered.” There is no further description in the account. The most interesting thing about this story is that the judge mistook the pilots for Japanese, perhaps meaning that they were small men with Oriental features similar to the men described in the controversial modern contact story of Betty and Barney Hill. (Why UFOs, by John Keel, p.70)

In the late 1800s wonderful airships appeared in the skies. They looked a little bit like zeppelins, but were more ornate, made of wood and metal. They still looked similar to an ordinary ship, but sometimes had artificial wings and other mechanical constructions. Mystery airships were also seen early on in the 1900s.

In the 1890s there were only a handful experimental airships which were capable of low speed, and they a limited range of at most a few miles. In July 1900 the first Zeppelin took to air. It is important to know that in the 1880 several inventors were already working on the concept of airships or zeppelins. In the UFO phenomenon we often see that the dimensional beings know what is in the mind of humans and use this to appear in our world.

Mystery airships appear in 1896 and early 1897 and were mostly reported in newspapers of the western United States. However they were also seen in other parts of the world, in at least fifteen countries. At the time there was actually little attention given to these sightings, until the sightings became more numerous. These airships, although similar to what was on the drawing table of inventors, were quite different in appearance. They looked like very advanced  technological constructions, from the point of view of what the general population could imagine.

The airships were not all the same. Each one was different, the occupants were different, and their appearance was different. In other words, each case was unique. But there are commonalities that point to the fact that these airships were not the constructions of certain inventors, but of one and the same group of dimensional beings.

As it is always the case in Ufology, most of these sightings and interactions with people were not coincidental but carefully planned.

These dimensional beings appeared in such a way that they wanted humans to believe that these airships were very advanced aerial craft made by intelligent inventors who were flying the around the country at enormous speed, and even around the world. For this purpose the airships displayed fantastic designs, and occasionally an airship landed, and their occupants chatted with the astonished witnesses.

UFO researcher John Keel makes the interesting statement that sightings of airships were always followed by a UFO flap, that is, sightings of flying light spheres at night, emitting light beams. The light spheres and light beams is a feature that is constant throughout the centuries. It is the physical-looking vehicles that changes from time to time. The two are strongly linked together. The light spheres seem to be engaged in certain activities, while the physical-looking ships seem to be decoys to have people belief in something that is not true and deviate their attention away from what the dimension beings are really doing, and/or from their true identity. In other words, a magician's trick: look at my right hand so you don't see what my left hand is doing. When people saw a light sphere at night they assumed it was 'just' an airship from a crazy inventor. This is the assumption that John Keel made. In reality we don't know why they are so elusive in their light sphere forms, and so openly visible in their physical ship-forms.

Another interesting feature in regard to carefully planning the stage, is that the airship sightings at the end of the 1800's and also the second wave in the beginning of the 1900's, were preceded by the public statement of a human inventor who claimed that he had built an advanced airship and was flying around in it. These two inventors were actually some kind of front men for the phenomenon and they had prior knowledge of the impending flap. Their statements however were not quite realistic. When pressed for further information, the first inventor vanished. With the second flap, the inventor, was was a well-known man, could not provide further information either, and he stopped given any comments.

I wonder why did these men come forward? Were they visited by the real ufonauts and taken for a ride in one of their vehicles, or was a mental manipulation used to make them believe that they had travelled in an advanced airship? Then they were told to pose as inventors and announce the existence of such an airship. When they finally pressed for more information and to back up their claims by hard proof, they were left to defend for themselves, and the only thing they could do would be to withdraw.

In later years many contactees have been used to in a similar manner. They would be told to construct a flying saucer, a healing device etc. but never were able to deliver the promised result. Ufonauts promise a lot but always never fulfill their promises.

The occasional airship landings are all different but interesting in their details. I have mentioned that they were intended to make people belief that these were inventors flying around in their advanced aerial craft. These landings were not accidental, but deliberate. They were staged in relatively remote places and only a few individuals were contacted, telling them the "secret invention" story, and letting them spread the word. Some of the airship occupants had landed to 'repair' their ship. For an ordinary person it makes sense that an advanced craft would land to make repairs.

We see the same thing with the flying saucers in the 1900's. Ufonauts are seen walking around their landed craft using tools to repair their ship, and then suddenly jump into the craft and fly away. It would make sense to ordinary people, but there are so many of these reports, that it is a wonder that the supposedly extraterrestrials  made it to Earth at all, when their crafts constantly break down. Unless, of course, it is all staged.

Part of maintaining the inventor-story, are a couple of written messages which were (accidentally?) found, supposedly written by the airship occupants, and some unusual objects (half-peeled potato, a foreign newspaper, a bottle opener) were dropped from the airships too. Later UFOs have continued this trend by dropping of unusual metals.

During these airship waves, there were some other interesting characteristics, that are not that different from later UFO sightings.

The occupants of the airships were often described as dark-eyed gentlemen with high cheekbones and oriental eyes. In later UFO sightings small and tall occupants had the same features. The Men-in-Black are also described as having an olive complexion, and an oriental look. MIB usually appear in threes, and the occupants of the airships often appeared in threes too, but that just a general rule.

At the same time, the dimensional beings built in enough inconsistencies to sow confusion to the situation. Some of the contacted individuals would be told ridiculous things which would discredit not only them but the whole mystery. Knowing how we think and how we search for consistencies, the ufonauts relied on this confusion to eventually debunk the entire phenomena. We see the same thing happening with the later flying saucers and 'extraterrestrials', Greys or otherwise.


3.4. Mystery Airplanes

After the first zeppelins, a new way of air travel was invented: airplanes. With it mystery airplanes appeared. Ufonauts changed the form in which to appear from airships to strange airplanes.

There was a big mystery airplane flap in 1934, but sightings continued throughout the decades afterwards.

When the very first crude airplanes were tested and flown, a new UFO flap occurred. Although international law required all aircraft to bear identifying markings and license numbers on their wings, tails, and fuselages, none of these mystery airplanes bothered to comply. They were usually a dull gray or black in color and they displayed no insignia of any kind.

They were seen flying very low at night in UFO flap areas, and the pilot's cabin was usually brightly illuminated. Conventional planes flying at night do not have brightly illuminated cockpits because it would interfere with the pilot's night vision. The brightly illuminated cockpits can only have one function: to make sure they are noticed.

Like the airships before, these mysterious airplanes were seen all over the world. Although they looked like the conventional planes of the time, they were significantly different and anomalous. They could have an unusually long fuselage. Airplanes with delta wings were seen, which were far too short to support a craft of its size. They would move very slowly, too slowly to stay aloft. They would make impossible maneuvers. They would glide, rather than fly. Sometimes they would fly over in total silence.

Some planes were seen with a red glow surrounding them. As a side note: a colored glow is often seen with sightings of UFOs, monsters and other strange beings. It points to an otherworldly origin.

Like the airships before and the flying saucers later on, on a rare occasion a mystery airplane landed and a witness was able to inspect it closely.

A very strange report of a landed mystery plane appeared in 1965 when Mr. Hertzke was horseback riding in a pasture on the Circle Jay Ranch near Calgary in Alberta, Canada. This case was thoroughly investigated and the witness was deemed totally reliable. It was a silver-gray color with swept-back (delta) wings. He estimated that it was about 16 feet long, with a wingspan of about 12 feet, and the fuselage was 4 or 5 feet deep. He rode over to it and examined it cautiously. The exterior, he reported, was irregular "like a waffle." A transparent plastic-like dome covered the cockpit. Through it he could see complicated instruments, a 14-inch "TV screen," and two small, transparent glasslike bucket seats. There were no visible motors, propellers, or jets, and no insignia or identifying marks of any kind. He saw no sign of life around the object, and his work schedule did not permit him to return to it again later for another look. (from Why UFOs, by John Keel, p.114)

What do we make of this? Like so many other landings of airships and flying saucers, this landed airplane was a clear setup, meant to be seen by the witness. It would give him the impression that this mystery airplane must be of an advanced design.

It is not just mysterious single aircraft that were seen. Over the United States whole formations of unidentified delta-winged craft have been spotted. The USA also had numerous sightings of mysterious giant aircraft resembling standard AF "Flying Boxcars" frequently reported in UFO flap areas. They also often performed hazardous low altitude maneuvers. Obviously intended to get noticed.

I remember, when I was a child, in the 1970s, that there were news stories about a mysterious airplane that was flying and circling over the city of Paris, low and with acrobatic stunts ... at night. The authorities could not identify the plane or pilot. It appeared on many night but the pilot was never caught.

In short, the mysterious airplanes were another decoy to direct the attention away from the real activities of the ufonauts. Or are they just making fun of us?


3.5. Radio Signals from Nowhere

This is part of the UFO history too, although it might sound strange to a lot of people. What have radio signals to do with UFO sightings? Ufonauts are inventive beings. One of the ways to draw more attention to their public mysterious aircraft show, is to send out radio messages apparently coming from these craft.

John Keel tells us that during the flap of the mysterious airplanes in  1934, enigmatic radio signals were widely received throughout Sweden and Norway during the flights of the 'ghost fliers'. This was taken seriously by the Swedish Airforce, who were of the opinion that the mystery airplanes were equipped with wireless transmitters and radio navigational aides. They thought the airplanes were part of an extraordinary organization. They were thinking about a human group, possibly from another country, which would have been an illegal incursion into their airspace.

Ordinary people were receiving these radio signals on their home radio, on the wavelengths of certain radio stations. Some messages came over the 900-meter band. Others were received between 230-275 meters. A majority of all the 1934 sightings took place at 6 P.M., no matter where the locale. The flap died down in March, 1934, but there were periodic reports throughout the 1930's. There was another flap in 1936 also with radio signals.

The radio signals are another form of providing proof and maintaining the mystery of the strange airplane sightings. It also shows that the ufonauts can not only create physical (looking) manifestations flying around, but also provide the sound that goes with it. Because they are also apt in the control of energy/vibration/frequency, they can emit radio waves carrying conversations by human voices at the specific frequencies of radio stations people are listening too. All for the purpose of making people believe into something that is not real.

The radio waves or voice phenomenon is also found in the UFO/flying saucer cases. Witnesses have claimed they received strange guttural voices and dot-and-dash signals on car radios, TV sets, and telephones while flying saucers hovered overhead. Citizens' Band (CB) radios also had a habit of picking up these signals in flap areas. On many occasions these voices and sounds have been emitted by loudspeakers which were turned off or weren't even connected. This shows that the ufonauts were directly providing power to these devices. 

Keel also notes that in January 1954, people throughout the Midwest allegedly heard a strange voice coming from turned-off radios. The voice stated in a dull monotone: "I wish no one to be afraid, although I speak from space. But if you do not stop preparations for war, you will be destroyed."

On August 3rd, 1958, ham operators throughout the United States picked up a strange broadcast on the seventy-five-meter international band. A male voice claiming to be 'Nacoma from the planet Jupiter' warned his listeners that the atomic bomb tests could lead to disaster. He spoke for two-and-a-half hours in English, German, Norwegian and his own language, described as kind of musical jibberish.

The interest in extraterrestrial visitation was emerging and the ufonauts made use of this interest by claiming that they were aliens concerned about the destructive technological development on this planet. A theme they have used frequently throughout the decades to follow.

Radio amateurs also seem to receive strange messages, and some people claim to have seen images of aliens on their TV.

Keep the humans busy...


3.6. Phantom Helicopters

Technology advances, and with World War II helicopters were developed and became important. The ufonauts had to bring those too into their mystery package. They morph and shape their appearances with the time periods.

Mystery helicopters would usually show up after sightings of light spheres. They would appear immediately after such a sighting, too early for any helicopter from nearby bases to reach the area of the sighting. Their numbers sometimes were larger than any number of helicopters available.

In reality, helicopters are not always on stand by to immediately fly up. Like the airships and airplanes, the mystery helicopters also would fly very low, to be noticed of course.

Ufonauts like numbers when they appear. Sometimes, more than one mystery helicopter shows up, making the sighting more impressive.  A formation of seven mystery helicopters, for example, is extremely unusual, but has been seen. Helicopters are also expensive machines and they are difficult to fly. They are not likely to be used to check out an unidentified light, certainly not in numbers.


Black Helicopters

Many abductees or contactees report black military helicopters flying or hovering over their house. They firmly believe that the military is behind this to intimidate or harass them, or plainly check out the flying saucer appearance that just happened at their place. I don't think the military would go to the expense of sending a black helicopter to a house of an ordinary person for whatever reason, and certainly not to hover just over the roof of their house, and endanger a very expensive helicopter, and pilot, for a mission that is absolutely of no interest or profit to the military.

Some mystery black helicopters fly completely silent, just like UFOs and apparent spacecraft. People have seen black helicopters morph into light spheres or flying saucers. This shows that we are dealing with an energy form that can change shape at will.

The appearance of black helicopters have become mainstream in the UFO community. The UFO believers should look into the possibility that these are just another manifestation of the dimensional beings to mess with the minds of the contactees/abductees, or rather one of their ways to intimidate.

It should also be noted that the dimensionals can project the experience of seeing and hearing a black helicopter into the mind of the abductee/contactee. I once read the story of such a contactee who was relaxing on a very populated beach. He saw a black helicopter flying very low over the beach, but could not understand why nobody on the beach looked up, as the helicopter was really loud. Here is a another account of a low flying black helicopter that only two people noticed but nobody else:

I was walking outside of a building on the Yale campus with a friend when we heard "chopchopchopchop" loud as hell. I looked up and there was a big black helicopter buzzing us. So close I could have tossed a stone and hit it. There were armed guys in camo hanging out of both sides of it. Damned if I didn't think Red Dawn was happening at that very moment. We were freaked out. Stopped dead in our tracks and both shouted "what the ....." We looked around and everyone else was just walking along chatting on their cell phones and sipping their coffees completely oblivious. The rest of that day I scoured local news outlets and asked friends but apparently we were the only two people who noticed it. If it wasn't for her I'd just assume I was crazy but we both saw it. Middle of the day. Sunny, bright blue sky. I still get chills when I think about it. Like some Twilight Zone episode. And there are no bases anywhere near there. We weren't on drugs or drunk. We aren't suffering from brain tumors or any of the standard write-offs. Freaks me out. Not so much that there was a black helicopter with soldiers buzzing downtown New Haven in the middle of the day only about 30 feet in the air but that nobody else noticed it. It was loud and blowing wind violently in all directions and nobody noticed. (Above Top Secret)


3.7. Flying Saucers

Flying saucers made their entree probably because the military was already testing and flying antigravity craft. Science fiction movies on TV and cinemas might have helped too. The idea of extraterrestrials visiting Earth has existed since the beginning of the 1900s, but became more popular in the second half of the century. Since then we have been hearing a lot of speculation, theories and beliefs about ufonauts being extraterrestrials with specific agendas. It really has developed into an extensive belief system.

One does have to take into account that the sightings of physical looking air vehicles, be it airships, airplanes, helicopters or flying saucers, are actually a minority of the UFO sightings. Most UFO sightings are of light spheres. When they do appear as physical machines, they display an enormous variety. As if each one was custom made. Actually they are, because they are visible manifestation of the thought forms of the dimensional beings. Thus each time, they are going to be different, because they are the product of how these beings envision a flying saucer to be. These vehicle materializations don't have to be physical, but only visible to the witness.

These dimensional beings are also apt at controlling our minds, and thus some, or maybe the majority of the sightings of metal-looking craft, are actually induced mental experiences. That is, the entire sighting is projected into the mind of the witness. To the witness, it is a real experience, but the flying saucer he sees is only in his mind. There is no physical vehicle out there. This also explains that with some sightings, one person sees the UFO and the other person next to him sees nothing.


3.8. Mystery Drones

One wonders, now that we are in an era of air drones, are the ufonauts coming up with a new appearance under the guise of drones? The following article appeared in The Guardian (from the Associated Press) on November 29, 2017:

 Mystery drones spotted flying over Paris.

 French police investigate after small aircraft seen over tourist sites such as Louvre and Eiffel tower, as well as US embassy.

Drones were seen flying over the Eiffel tower among other locations. Paris police say they have spotted at least five drones flying over the French capital overnight, and an investigation is under way into who was flying them and why. BFM TV reported they were seen flying over the Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum and the US embassy, among other locations. A Paris police official confirmed the presence of the drones in city airspace but would not provide other details. The national gendarme service said an investigation had been launched. In recent months France has seen dozens of mystery drones flying over nuclear plants and military installations. One flew over the presidential palace. French authorities said the drones currently present no threat but the government has asked scientists to help devise ways to counteract the devices. (The Guardian)

UFOs have been flying forever over nuclear plants and military installations. Are the vehicles of the dimensional beings now disguising themselves as mystery drones flying over these installations, or are people just interpreting UFO lights as drones?

Here is a news article, from CBC News (Canada), New Brunswick area, on Fenruari 16, 2019:

Residents unsettled by mystery drones.

Ashley Hoekman has seen drones flying around her house and the surrounding area. People who live in the Bear Island and Lake George area say they are unsettled by the appearance of large drones that have been flying close to their homes for months. Stacey Goodine said she and her husband followed one of the drones recently. "It had a green flashing light on the front and it had two bright white flashing lights on the back," Goodine said. "That night I think we saw like two or three and they get up over our farm in Bear Island and they kind of circle and you can see the lights going." Goodine said the drones have been appearing at night and hovering low over houses and vehicles, but no one seems to know where they are coming from or what they're doing there."It hasn't done anything to us but we don't know if it's video taping us. That's the creepy part." And she's not alone. In a lengthy thread on Facebook several people say they've seen the same thing. Ashley Hoekman, who lives on Route 610 has also seen the drones. She didn't realize so many other people had too. "Now that I've heard that they're all over the place - directly above people's houses, over my parents' barn, like I don't want somebody videotaping inside my house." She said her husband first noticed them at the end of October and early November. "At that time it was every night," she said.

Hoekman said she has questions about what the drones are doing. "Can it see into my house? Can it see directly into my windows?" "I just think if somebody's flying that stuff around then they should ask people's permission," she said. According to Transport Canada rules, if a drone weighs more than one kilogram, it must stay at least 76 meters away from vehicles and people. Drones can only be flown during the day and must be in plain sight of the operator. Rule breakers can be fined up to $3,000.

Faris Mahboob, who works on and builds drones, says an operator could be as far as two kilometres away. He said this seems like irresponsible use of a drone. "I think people treat them as toys and they don't think of the consequences of flying over people's houses or flying near planes," he said. The neighbours have contacted Transport Canada. They say they were told that without the name of the operator an investigation can't be opened. (CBC News)

This looks more like the typical behavior of UFOs, appearing only at night, colored flashing lights, and appearing in numbers.