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Apports: Teleportation of Objects and Living Beings

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159–167, by William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616)

The apport technique is a form of astral projection in which the psychic subject transports his "energy body" to a remote site, dematerializes an object, then transports it back and materializes it.

Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research, 1975, CIA unclassified document




The Kind of Apports

Inanimate Objects - Plants and Animals - Water - Tears and blood - Liquids - People

How do Apports Appear

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The Apport Process

Heat - Light - Liquids to solids - When apports follow you - Changes - When things go wrong - Distance - Time

Where do Apports Come From?

Spirits or No Spirits?

Siddhis - The medium - Poltergeist - Morphic Field - Interpretation - Scientific investigation of psychics - Conjuring up Philip - Artificial Elementals

Non-Medium Apports

Poltergeist showers - Anomalous water and rain - Money - Showers of Other Substances

Apports by Non Human Intelligences

Rain of live animals and inorganic substances - Teleportation of people - When Everyone Disappears - UFO Intelligences - Deceased Spirits


Let it first be said that some mediums were/are frauds. However there were/are plenty of genuine mediums that have been thoroughly tested and found to be genuine. Unfortunately there are also so-called mixed-mediums. These are genuine mediums that sometimes use tricks. The reason for that is that at times, nothing happens at a séance. For some reason the spirits don't do anything. Because some mediums do charge money they feel obligated to produce some results, and thus result to fraud when the spirits don't turn up.

Nevertheless the phenomena in non-fraudulent séances, but also in poltergeist and other cases, are real. Mediums, psychic people, poltergeist cases always display a variety of paranormal phenomena, such as levitation, direct voice, ectoplasm, telekinesis etc. Apports are a part of the psychic abilities inherent in man, whether or not discarnate entities are involved.

This article demonstrates that the these phenomena, including the apports, are for the most part generated by the power of the human mind, and not by spirits. Nevertheless, most people attending séances, most mediums themselves, psychics and shamans firmly believe that discarnate spirits are responsible for the paranormal phenomena, and also for the apports.



Apport or apportation is the phenomenon of the appearance of objects out of nowhere, or the teleportation of these objects from one place to another. Strictly speaking apport refers to materialization, and asport to dematerialization. Transportation is a old term used for the teleportation of a human being. These terms originated from séances held by mediums, and from poltergeist activities.

In this article I will use the term apport for any material object that appears out of nowhere, in the air inside a room or house, or outside in the air or sky.

A sitter is term used for the people who attend a séance.

A control spirit is a term used for the supposed spirit entity that works with a medium from ‘the other side’ and who takes charge of the séance proceedings while the medium is in a trance. This operator might also be called a guide. Generally, the term implies enduring attendance by a distinct and continuous personality who uses the entranced medium’s body.


The Kind of Apports

Inanimate Objects

Apports are usually small physical objects that are dematerialized by spiritual power and then materialized in the vicinity of a mediumistic person. In some cases the object can be relatively large.

As the transfer of the object happens on the spiritual level, physical obstacles, such as walls, do not pose a problem, as the objects do not traverse distance, but move from one point in space to another point through a higher dimension.

The objects is always of little value. Only in a few cases is the object of a higher value, such a gold coin.

Within mediumistic circles it is generally believed that the apport phenomenon together with other paranormal manifestations is produced to show the existence of the spiritual world, the limitation of a purely materialistic belief, and the need to live a life in accordance to spiritual values. Apports are generally intended to make a change of consciousness in the person attending the event. However, the phenomenon also occurs without these intentions present.

The objects can be of any kind. They are mostly ordinary stones, small semi-precious or precious stones. The kind of apports are unlimited: feathers, household objects, coins, statues, glass pieces, even plastic toys.

It has been noted that the stones are almost always rounded and smooth. Why that is nobody knows.


The following two examples are exceptional cases. Apports are not always that dramatic.

An example of apportation of stones and other objects is American medium Keith Milton Rhinehart (1936-1999), who produced amazing physical phenomena after having being searched by medical doctors, and then strapped and tied with wire to the famous "fraud proof" chair invented by Dr. Ando, PhD., of the University of Osaka in Japan. Here are some quotes from Susy Smith (who researched haunted places from around the United States in the mid 1960'swho researched haunted places from around the United States in the mid 1960's) who spent three months attending his séances in Seattle, WA:

"Just before the end of the séance, Mrs. Asana reports, the guide requested that a basin be put near the medium, ready for him, when he was taken from the trance state. As soon as this was done the medium tore off the adhesive plaster that bound his mouth spat out hundreds of polished agates in rapid succession. After this more agates came from the trumpet that was poked through the cabinet curtain. There were a total of 720 pieces of agate which were later examined by Kenichi Ikeda, a jeweler who valued them at more than five hundred yen a piece. My own testimony about Keith Rhinehart’s apports is enhanced, it seems to me, by a color movie taken in the brightly lighted church one Sunday before I arrived in Seattle. In it the medium is seen spewing from his mouth quantities of small objects as he did in the Japanese séance. The most curious thing about this film, however, is that apports are seen in his ears. I have talked to men, whose powers of observation seem perfectly reliable, who were standing right beside the medium at the time. They saw that he was not by any kind of sleight of hand sticking those black stones in his ears, but that the stones seemed to arrive as bulges in his neck, which then inwardly popped up into his ears one by one and were removed as they appeared.

...On that Sunday afternoon, in the light, with the medium gagged and tied up, some fifty apports were dropped out of the cabinet, varying in size from tiny plastic disks and inexpensive items of jewelry and scarabs, to a Mayan or Aztec relic of stone about two inches high, a plain oval rock almost two inches long, a jagged-edged arrowhead three inches long, and several smaller arrowheads. My particular present was a bronze Roman coin from about the second century A.D.

...Mrs Carleton Jones describes Rhinehart’s public sittings in Johannesburg as a highlight in the psychic history of that city. At his voice séance, half a dozen sitters received apports in the form of small hand-painted cards, each with a different subject. Each came one at a time, through the floating trumpet. Recipients were asked to feel inside the trumpet and announced that it was empty. A rattling sound was next heard. The sitter then said that a card had materialised inside the trumpet." (Zerdini's World)

There is video on Youtube and Facebook showing the manifestation of stones from his body. What impressed the people present was the sheer amount of stones coming from his mouth and his eyes, just too many to have been hidden beforehand.

Fawn Journey Hawk, an American Native shaman woman had over a thousand of quartzite stones that kept appearing over many years, falling around her, in bed, in her trailer, on the stove etc., and even in the hair of people around her. They always had the same color and the same shapes. She had no idea why this happened or what to do with those stones. Stanley Krippner (American psychologist, parapsychologist and writer) put them under a microscope and couldn't find any mold signs or cut marks on the stones. The strange thing about these stones was that they would follow her. If she left them at home (in a bag) and went somewhere in the car, she would find them in her car. The whole content of the bag would teleport on her car seat. When she got sick, she gave half of them to another shaman, Red Elk, and this time, the stones didn't come back. She also found out that other people in the Native Indian community also had the same kind of stones, but in small amounts. You can find her story about the stones on a YouTube video: Native American Medicine Woman Fawn Journeyhawk Interview Part 3 of 5

Stanley Krippner, in another YouTube video had this to say:

"For the past several years I've been corresponding with a Native American shaman by the name of Fawn JourneyHawk and the first time I saw her she produced these apports, beautiful little stones not like the milled stones but in geometric shapes that appear out of nowhere and she has used these in her healings. I've sent many people to her for healings recently. She sent me a whole Native American pouch with perhaps two dozen stones in it and I said: "Fawn, this is such a treasure that I want to send some to this museum in Canada, and she said: "That's fine, but you have to send the whole family, they're a family. So I sent them to Canada and I said: "Now look, you've got to keep counting. These stones, photograph them, because from time to time they change shapes, and some of them appear, some of them disappear." So, they're doing that, they're doing that right now. I sent somebody to Fawn for a healing, and she came back with not only some stones, but a whole history of objects that were precious to her, disappearing, and reappearing a different place a few days later." (Apports with Stanley Krippner)


A possible reason why these particular stones keep on appearing and disappearing, might be that they go from one person to another. Maybe there are only a limited number of them, and the spirit associated with these stones keep them traveling (teleporting).

When intentionally teleporting objects, the objects sometimes don't reappear again. Such was the case when Uri Geller, in 1974, made a half of a piece of vanadium carbide electron microscope foil that was enclosed in a cellulose capsule disappear. A part of the foil had disappeared from inside the closed capsule. It never reappeared again, at least not in their presence. It probably materialized somewhere else. A silicon crystal inside a cellulose capsule also disappeared, but appeared again inside the capsule a while later. John Hasted in his book The Metal-Benders (1980) described various such experiments with Uri Geller and other gifted mediums.


Plants and Animals

In séances, living beings are also apported. Some mediums have been known for their apports of flowers and plants, and some have apported insects and small animals.

Agnes Guppy-Volckman (1838-1917) was a British medium known for the apport of fruit and flowers, sometimes in large quantities that would fall on the séance table. They were often the result of requests made by of the sitters during the séance. When a friend of Wallace (naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace) asked for a sunflower, one six feet high with a mass of earth around the roots fell upon the table. In the house of E. W. Cox (Edward William Cox was an English lawyer and legal writer,) a mass of snow and hothouse flowers was precipitated. It was sufficient to make a mental request. Princess Marguerite of Naples desired specimens of a prickly cactus. More than 20 dropped on the table and had to be removed with tongs. The duchess d'Arpino wished for sea sand. It soon splashed down with sea-water and live starfishes. The sea was about a hundred yards from the house. Not infrequently live eels and lobsters appeared. Showers of butterflies descended from the ceiling. On another occasion a shower of feathers fell to the depth of several inches. In one séance, a thick block of ice, of about a square foot in size, appeared upon the table.



Apports are not limited to objects and living creatures. The materialization of water well-known in poltergeist cases. With poltergeist, water can appear in the form of heavy condensation of water droplets on the walls of the room, water puddles on the floor, table or on a bed, without any possible natural cause.

The appearance of water in séances is rather rare but has appeared in a few cases.

In the late 1800s, Mary Jobson (1827-?) would produce water during séances. When she was ill as a child, many strange phenomena were recorded, similar to poltergeist. The following quotes are from A faithful record of the miraculous case of Mary Jobson, by William Reid Clanny and Mary Jobson, 1841. The father explains:

"Many nights I sat by myself, and I heard and saw fresh signs, such as loud knocks - clashing of arms - the sweetest music - and footsteps tramping, but could not see any person - large quantities of water falling on the floor before my eyes - doors were unlocked and footsteps heard at midnight, and still no person to be seen."

"From die hardness of my unbelief at the time, I was told by the voice, that "I should see visible signs", when, to my surprise, it was no sooner spoken, than water appeared on the floor, from small quantities, to large ones, which I looked at earnestly, not once, but twenty times; it continued for weeks, at intervals; I laid my hands on it, and it felt as cold as ice, and as water usually does."

In poltergeist cases, the phenomena also appear at intervals, but happen randomly, not at request.

A visitor to Mary Jobson séances, Margaret Watson, said:

"The voice called upon certain angels by their names:, (which I do not remember.) to sprinkle water, and which to my astonishment took place, for water was sprinkled upon the door as if one had put the hand into a basin of water, and sprinkled it upon the door, and soon afterwards the water was called to (all upon the floor, and accordingly, no sooner was the word said, than water was seen at the side of the bed, and the quilt of the bed was wetted to the extent of a small plate. I wrong the water out of the quilt soon afterwards."

Another visitor, Joseph Ragg:

"The narrated remarked that when the voice, at different times ordered water in small or in large quantities to appear, the orders were instantly obeyed, and water, in small or in large quantities actually sprang up through the floor of the room in which they were assembled."

The appearance of water still continues in modern day séances. It happened at one of Kai Muegge (a German medium 1968-) séances:

"SPLASH! With a loud splash, like a balloon-made water bomb, a huge mass of water came down exactly above the center of the séance table, splattered in all directions and drowned everything, mainly the sitters laps and trousers.

A few seconds later we sat in the light and watched a little bit guessless round the table which still was permanently dripping off huge amounts of water, that were alotted on the tables surface.
We at last decided to dry it with towels after we had exercised a taste-probe and some photos!" (Kai Muegge Physical Mediumship)


Tears and blood

Tears forming on paintings and statues are also a form of apport, or the teleportation of water.

Since World War II, in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, statues and pictures of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints have appeared to bleed, and they bleed in significant ways, from the hands or the brow, places where Christ was wounded during His last days on Earth, or from the eyes, as if weeping. Such phenomena have been reported since antiquity. The number of such incidents has increased decade by decade during the last half of the 20th century. Many traditional religionists view such miraculous occurrences as the bleeding statues and pictures in much the same way as Spiritualists view mediumistic phenomena, as a demonstration of a supernatural world. However, the most common explanations relate them to psychic abilities of attending religious people.

The apport of tears can also appear in a séance:

Seven sitters of Mme. L. Ignath (1897-?) fervently prayed, on the control’s instruction, before a picture of the Madonna of Sixtin, after which tears appeared in the eyes of the portrait and ran down the painted cheeks .

"An interesting phenomenon, reminiscent of the famous Abbe Vachere, occurred with an image of the Sistine Madonna. Ms. Lujza had been ill and Nöna explained that she had “to lie down” to limits her discomfort, so she would hurt herself, but she felt better. Ms. Lujza was in bed and Ms. Haugseth was visiting her. There were a few acquaintances in the next room. Nöna came and called the others in. Mrs. Ignath therefore opened the door backwards, without taking her eyes off Mrs. Lujza, who was lying motionless in bed. The others entered and everyone was showered with rain of yellow flowers. (As Ms. Haugseth emphasizes, this was of course not a controlled experiment, but she considers the phenomenon to be based on other similar ones. Then according to Nona's wish, each of the seven people present had to fervently pray before the image of the Sistine Madonna, whereby you could clearly see tears in the eyes of the image, which eventually ran down the whole face. Here too, Nona explained that this phenomenon was caused by the psychic radiation of the those present as it was a kind of expression of their religious fervor. As you can see from this, Ms. Lujza-Nöna has a deeply religious nature, which is also evident in the fact that on Corpus Christi she shows the main stigmata of Christ (seven small, bleeding wounds on the head), which, however, quickly disappear again." (Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie, June 1932, page 244)

Interestingly, the control spirit Nona explains that the tears appeared not by the creation of a spirit, but by the psychic energy of the group. Stigmata also happened with other mediums.



The Scottish medium Daniel Dunglass Home (1833-1886) was famous for his ability to levitate to a variety of heights, speak with the dead, and to produce rapping and knocks in houses at will. He was investigated by many people and found to be a genuine medium. Lord Adare mentions in his book Experiences in spiritualism with Mr. D.D. Home:

"We have not, on a single occasion, during the whole series of séances, seen any indication of contrivance on the part of the medium for producing or facilitating the manifestations which have taken place."

In one of his séances, Lord Adare recorded that brandy was invisibly withdrawn from a glass that Home held above his head. When Lord Adare held his hands above the glass the liquor fell over and through his fingers into the glass, dropping from the air above him. Here we see that the asport and apport served as a demonstration:

"He went into the next room, and we saw him pour out from a bottle on the table about half a large wine glass of brandy. He brought the glass back with him; then partially covering himself with the window curtains, but holding the glass with the brandy in it above his head, between us and the window, so that we could see it, he was lifted off the floor about four or five feet. While in the air, we saw a bright light in the glass; presently, he came down and showed us that the glass was empty, by turning it upside down; he also came to us and turned it upside down upon our hands; then going back to the window, he held the glass up, and we heard the liquid drop into it. He began talking about the brandy, and said " It is under certain circumstances a demon, and real devil; but if properly used, it is most beneficial." As he said this the light became visible in the glass, and he was again raised in the air; "But," he said, "if improperly used, it becomes so," (the light disappeared) "and drags you down, down, lower and lower;" and as he spoke he sank gradually down till he touched the floor with the glass. He again raised the glass above his head and the liquor was withdrawn. He then told me to come and hold my hand above the glass; I did so, and the liquor fell over and through my fingers into the glass, dropping from the air above me." (Experiences in spiritualism with Mr. D.D. Home by Viscount Adare, 1890)


Although it is a rarity during séances, some mediums have disappeared at séances and subsequently appeared at another location nearby. Technically speaking, it is an asport and an apport, or one could also call it a teleportation. They are always in a trance before and/or after the event.

Agnes Elisabeth Guppy-Volckman (1838–1917) was a British spiritualist medium. She became the wife of the spiritualist Samuel Guppy. In a séance held by other mediums, she was teleported, without her consent, from her home to the séance room on the spontaneous whim of one of the sitters:

"The most interesting, and possibly most humorous, case of an apport was that of Mrs. Samuel Guppy, which occurred on June 3,1871. Mrs. Guppy was herself famous for her apports, but in this instance she became an apport! The séance was being held by two mediums: Charles Williams and Frank Herne, at 69 Lamb’s Conduit Street, in London. There were eight sitters present. The circle was in contact with a Katie King (who claimed to be the famous guide, by that name, of medium Florence Cook). When the spirit offered to bring an apport, one of the sitters, jokingly, suggested she bring Mrs. Guppy... Mrs. Guppy was a very large lady! Everyone was laughing at the suggestion when, with a loud thump, the figure of a woman appeared in the middle of the table. It was Mrs. Guppy! She was dressed in a morning robe and wearing slippers. She seemed to be in a light trance when she first arrived.

Mrs. Guppy lived more than three miles away, in Highbury. Witnesses attested to the fact that she was sitting in her study doing her accounts. Indeed, when she arrived on the séance table, looking very puzzled, she was holding a pen still wet with ink! One of the sitters at this séance was the editor of The Spiritualist magazine. He and two others accompanied Mrs. Guppy back home, where there were assured by members of her household that only recently the lady had been seen working in her study." (Witchcraft and Wicca)

Arthur Cölman (ca. 1880) was a well-known English medium. In one of his séances, he too was asported from the séance room and apported in a room upstairs, again on a whimsical request of one of the sitters:

"Mr. Harrison, half seriously, asked if the spirits could take Mr. Colman through the ceiling, by way of giving variety to the manifestations; this remark was spontaneous, no medium present having said anything to lead the conversation in that direction. Mrs. Fletcher and Mr. Colman then called out simultaneously that Mr. Eglinton had broken the circle and left them, and Mrs. Gregory told them to join hands. At about j the same moment a chair, probably Mr. Eglinton’s, was heard to fall lightly on its feet, apparently some yards from the circle, and a violent “bump” caused by the falling of a heavy body on the floor of the room above, caused everybody to think that Mr. Eglinton had been carried through the ceiling, so a light was struck. From the time the remark was made about Mr. Colman, to the time the light was struck, was about a minute. From the time Mr. Eglinton disjoined hands, to the time the fall in the room above was heard, was probably less than ten seconds; some of the sitters a few minutes after the event occurred, estimated it at five seconds. When the light was struck, Mr. Eglinton was not in the room. Mr. George Sutherland unlocked the door, by turning the key which was in the lock, and it was then noticed I that the passage outside was feebly illuminated by reflected light, from the gas in the hall below. Mrs. Gregory and several sitters proceeded upstairs, and found Mr. Eglinton lying in a deep trance on the floor, with his arms extended. This was about two minutes after he disjoined hands in the room below. In two or three minutes he revived, and complained of the back of his head being hurt, as if by a blow; beyond this there was nothing the matter with him, and he was as well as ever in a few minutes. The sitters were all satisfied that the phenomenon was genuine, and that the door could not have been opened, closed, and locked on the inside by any of the mortals present without their knowing it." (original account in The Spiritualist newspaper, No.291, March 22, 1878, page 8)

Brazilian medium Carlo (or Carmine) Mirabelli (1889-1951) could manifest a wide range of phenomena, including the levitation, materialization and dematerialization of objects in daylight before reputable witnesses. In his early years he was not able to control the phenomena, but later on he learned how to curb the flow of his psychic energy. A prominent physician, Dr. Everardo de Souza, announced that, after spending some time in careful investigation, he was convinced of the genuineness of the manifestations occurring in the presence of Mirabelli. In one instance Mirabelli disappeared from a train station and showed up 90 km away:

" was from the Est da Luz railway station at the state capital of Sao Paulo, in 1926, that his miraculous disappearance occurred. He had gone to the station with a group of friends to catch a train to the port of Santos. The train was at the platform and some of the party were climbing aboard, when Mirabelli, who had stepped a few paces away from them to bid farewell to a friend who was not travelling with him, suddenly began to physically fade away. This brought cries of alarm and wonder from the friend and from those who happened to catch sight of the startling event, which naturally directed the attention of everyone nearby to what was happening, for Mirabelli continued to vanish into a smoke-like haze until he and his clothes and personal effects were literally no longer there. He had completely disappeared, in broad daylight and in front of dozens of witnesses, on a railway platform. Those whom Mirabelli left behind were not only astonished, but were also very worried and perplexed, as they had not the slightest idea what had become of him. Yet their anxieties were fortunately soon put to rest, although their wonder grew, when fifteen minutes later the station master received a telephone call from the medium, who revealed that he had materialized in, and was speaking from, the town of Sao Vincente, which stood near to Santos on the coast and about ninety kilometres or fifty-six miles away from Sao Paulo! But the journey there had not taken him that long; in fact it must have been instantaneous, as by the time he had materialized there, taken in what had occurred, realized that he was in another place, spoken to a person whom he recognized, who witnessed his arrival, and glanced at his watch, only two minutes had gone by. It was to take several more minutes of joyfully coming to terms with what had happened, and of adjusting to the fact that he was in a town so far away, before Mirabelli thought to telephone the railway station at Est da Luz and tell his friends, whom he realized would be worried sick about him, that he was safe and well, but at a considerable distance from them. The teleportation of Carlo Mirabelli was a sudden, spontaneous affair, which does not seem to have been brought on by any particular need or wish on his part to go to Sao Vincente. He also experienced no amnesia or mental confusion when he materialized, but quickly adjusted to what had happened, presumably because he was somewhat used to dealing with such strange and remarkable events. A couple of years later, Mirabelli underwent another, although by comparison far more modest, teleportation: in a near repetition of William Eglinton’s vanishing, he supernaturally disappeared from a locked séance room, wherein he was also tied to his chair, and from the presence of five sitters, and was later found, reclining in an armchair and singing a popular song, in an adjacent room!" (Supernatural vanishings: otherworldly disappearances, by Rodney Davis, 1996, page 163)

The Marquis Centurione Scotto was a famous medium who was a member of the Italian nobility. His family was one of the oldest in Italy, one of the titles of the marquis being Principe del Sacro Romano Impero. He was a member of Parliament for eleven years and undertook research work in the hope of communicating with his deceased son. During the séance of July 29, 1928, in the Castle of Millesimo, he got 'transported' out of the séance room. The medium fell into a trance and disappeared from the locked room. After many hours, the sitters finally found him, asleep on hay in a stable that was locked from the outside. The event was described in detail in Psychic Science Vol VIII, No. 1, April 1929, page 16-20.


How do Apports Appear

Apports appear in a variety of ways. It is generally held that apports have never been seen at the point of arrival, but this is not quite true. There have been a couple of instances where a person(s) saw the apport object suddenly materialize in front of them.

Some mediums apport the objects from their body, from the eyes, the mouth, between clenched teeth, from the hands, from their belly.

Sometimes apports appear in midair and fall or fly through the room. At times they strike the faces or body of sitters, but without causing injuries. Sometimes they appear on a surface, for example a table, in the laps of those present, or at their feet.

They can fall down from a certain height, usually from the ceiling, but also from any point in space.

With poltergeist, there have been cases where the manifested objects first had a linear trajectory but then had a change in their trajectory mid-flight. Sometimes they fly through the air in 'slow-motion' defying gravity pull.



A short sound burst, a loud bang, or clicking sound can appear somewhere in the air at the moment to entry. This might be due to the sudden expansion of air when the object has to push the air molecules away when entering the physical dimension.



Because most séances are held in the dark or in dim or red light, light phenomena are often observed during a séance: light flashes, nebulous lights, light orbs. With some apports, a light is first seen, out of which the objects materialize.



Perfumes smells are also know to occur during séances, but not necessarily with apports. With the psychic Amyr Amiden, during sessions investigated by Stanley Krippner, unusual odors could be smelled several times, generally pleasant, similar to perfume or cinnamon.

During materialization of apports, ozone and phosphorus smells have been noticed.


The Apport Process

There are different explanations of how the apport process works. The most plausible explanation is the transference of the object into the 'fourth' dimension, a higher energy state by which the object becomes invisible to our physical world. One could also say it was taken into to etheric or astral world, where space and time is different. It is a dimension of non-locality. This means that distance does not exist on that level, and in that dimension an object can be moved from one point in space to another instantly. The transition from the physical to the astral needs the addition of energy which has to be delivered by the medium (and its sitters). That energy is then released again when materialized at the destination.



There are many instances where the appearing apport object is warm or very hot. This is especially so in poltergeist. The heat might be a bleed-off of energy when the objects materialized from being in a higher energy state. However plenty of apport objects are cold too.

With a German medium, Herbert Baumann, all apported precious and semi-precious stones had multiple cracks in them, making them worthless. Many of the stones displayed peculiar networks of cracks and fissures that sometimes reached such a density that formerly clear and transparent gems become completely opaque. Sometimes, these cracks were concentrated in the center of the stones and didn’t reach the gem surface. They were investigated by scientists who could not explain how the cracks had formed. It was as if the heat, causing the cracks, started from the inside. (Apport Phenomena of Medium Herbert Baumann (1911–1998): Report on Personal Experiences)

There are also a few instances of apports of paper that was singed at the edges, also a sign of heat.

Another example of heat is found with the British medium Agnes Guppy-Volckman (1838-1917), mentioned before, who was known for the apport of flowers and fruit. Signor G. Damiani made the curious observation of Guppy-Volckman’s apports that the ends of the stems of the flowers presented a blackened and burnt appearance. When the reason was asked, the invisible intelligences answered that electricity was the potent 'nipper' employed.



In some rare cases a luminous cloud was seen before the objects materialized from it. That would be the higher state of energy the object was in before it apported. A flash of light is also possible.

A small cloud of light can also form in the hand of the medium, which then transforms into the apported object. With Roberto Campagni, a contemporary Italian medium, the apports are often preceded by a blue light emanating from the his hands. Psychic researcher Gemma Lasta described how Italian medium Roberto Campagni's hands lit up with a glow around his fingers:

"In a few moments the medium's hands are enveloped with a silvery, luminescent light. Then the very distinct aura sparkles, pulsating very brightly around his fingers. I am lucky to observe the phenomenon from a very short distance, because I am sitting in second place, to the right of the medium. Meanwhile the luminous fingers move, they have a light around them with a crackling sound accompanied by a strong smell of ozone. After a short time the medium moves towards me. Her hands hold out something bright to me as the Entity says, “It is for you, daughter, hold in your hands.” In the act of the exchange, a small shiny fragment detaches itself from the "luminous thing" and lands on the bare part of my right arm, but without me feeling any sensation of heat. The people present are in astonishment because my arm is illuminated by that sparkle that crackles softly (I would say "fries", because that is the noise it makes. The smell of ozone still continues, while through the space of my fingers, I try to observe what is happening in the closed hollow of my hands: I see the "luminous thing" that throbs and shoots sparks of light, but I don't give way to fear for that the "gift" that materializes. At the end of the session, when the lights in the room are turned back on, I find in my hands a five-pointed star, made of embossed silver, inside a circle also made of silver. In the center of the star there is a red stone: coral. Certainly a message, an esoteric symbol on which to carefully meditate. Afterwards, carefully observing the stone, I realized that a small splinter was missing from one side... Perhaps the luminous fragment that fell on my arm!" (From Circle77)


Liquid to solids

Sometimes, a liquid forms first that then transforms into a stone, usually gemstones.

For example, during scientific investigations of the Brazilian psychic Amyr Amiden (1940s-), Stanly Krippner observed the appearance of a drop of watery liquid observed on a piece of paper that transformed into a cone-shaped jewel, later confirmed by a jeweler to be a diamond.


When apports follow you

Sometimes apported objects disappear a while later, and appear again at their original location or at another location some time later. When a person has received an apport object and brought it home, it might disappear  after days, weeks or months. Most apport objects however are permanent.

It is not unusual that the apport phenomenon follows a person home. After receiving an apported object at a séance, the person can have more apport objects appearing at his home, or anywhere he goes. Usually this happens only for the duration of a few days. Some researchers think that it has to do with the apported object itself. It is more likely that the person is responsible. When the person got the apported object he was in contact with a medium, shaman or other psychic person who created the apports. Such a person has a high charge of psychic energy that allows him to not only create the apports but various other paranormal phenomena. Some people will absorb this psychic energy from the medium and carry it around for a couple of days, and thus be subject to the appearance of more objects or the disappearance thereof for this short amount of time.

It can also happen that an object disappears at one's home, and appears again later in the same spot, or in another room, or in his car, or even at another location; and sometimes even a long time after. Why or how this works is still a mystery.



The most plausible explanation for the apport or teleportation process is the raising of the vibration/energy of the object, the displacement in a non-local dimension, and the subsequent lowering of the vibration/energy. When the object apports, or materializes, one can still observe different changes, such as a light state, a liquid state, and a semi-physical state. During these phases, the object doesn't obey physical laws. We see that frequently in poltergeist cases.

An example of the strangeness of stone showers in poltergeist we find in 1928. A schoolmaster named Hans Wratnik wrote an account of a sensational stoning case that took place in a Czech village where he was staying for a few weeks on holiday. In this case it started with 13-year-old Tibor, who was visiting a rather unfriendly uncle, and his 28-year-old cousin, Lazy. They got pelted with large stones when they were walking back to their village after an excursion into the countryside. They took refuge in a roadside tavern. When the locals laughed at their story about the stoning, stones thereupon dropped from the ceiling of the tavern and flung themselves around the interior. Back onto the road, Tibor and Lazy were stoned all the way home, and once inside there were more stones, followed by a lot of the usual poltergeist repertoire. Some of the stones were as large as a baby's head. However nobody was injured as is usually the case in poltergeist. Wratnik who personally investigated the case makes an interesting observation:

"When I later felt the soft impact of these fist-sized stones, I came to the firm conclusion that no one could throw like that. The stone was weightless at the moment of contact; it only regained its weight later. In order to be able to observe more closely, I sat the boy and his cousin on a sunny lawn in front of me and watched the whole morning. I was lucky enough to see quite a few rocks, including some during the weightless flight. This trajectory was not parabolic like that of any body, but completely horizontal. Some got their color and shape back first and then their weight back, so they were visible part of the way when they still had no weight. Some regained their weight without touching anyone present. In the middle of their horizontal flight path they became full again and broke off this path at right angles downwards.

...Incidentally, the touch of the individual stones was not felt in the same way, with some the impact seemed a little more sensitive, with others the touch was like a paper cube, depending on the distance from the body at which the stone regained its full weight." (Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie, 1928, Berichte über Spontanphänomene

This shows that the when objects materialize, they are not always immediately fully physical, but they can still undergo the transformation process from their higher vibrational state to the fully materialized state when they are already in our physical dimension. During this amount of time they do not adhere fully to the laws of physics of the material world. Hence, their trajectory can defy gravitation, as they have not yet obtained their full mass/weight. Wratnik also remarked that the stones were warm to very hot.


One strange apport is that of an old newspaper that appeared to be new, but later on yellowed. This was part of the The Scole Experiment (1993-1998):

"The apport concerned was a pristine copy of the Daily Mail dated April 1st 1944, the front page of which carried the account of medium Helen Duncan's 18month gaol sentence handed down at the Old Bailey under the Witchcraft Act. The Scole Group received it after being told by one of their communicators that Mrs Duncan would bring them something as evidence of her interest in their work. A natural objection advanced by one of our colleagues to the authenticity of the apport was that the pristine condition of the newspaper indicated it was no more than a modern facsimile reproduction of the original. Accordingly MK took the paper to the Print Industries Research Association, a world authority on paper and printing, who informed him in due course that their detailed examination of the typeface demonstrated that it had been printed by letterpress, a long-since obsolete technique. Furthermore, their chemical analysis of the paper on which the apport was printed revealed it to be Second World War newsprint, long since unavailable. In his further investigations MK ascertained that the apported version differed from the copy of the Daily Mail for April 1st 1944 kept in the British Library only in that it was an earlier edition of that day's print run." (The Scole Experiment)

It is still possible that the newspaper was apported from someone's collection or from a museum's archive, where it would have been stored in a sealed condition, keeping the newspaper from aging. Although, the people from the Scole Experiment think that it would have aged somewhat even if it had been stored in vacuum packing.

Then the newspaper underwent an aging change after the apport:

"Interestingly, just a few weeks later, the apported newspaper, although carefully stored away from light and air, had turned yellow!" (The Scole Experiment)

Normally, apported objects do not show any signs of damage, or weight changes by the apport process, or afterwards.


When things go wrong

The process of transference or teleportation can also go wrong.

Ernesto Bozzano, an Italian parapsychologist and spiritualist writes about a particular happening in a séance, in Luce e Ombra (an Italian spiritualist magazine), August-October, 1927:

"In March, 1904, in a sitting in the house of Cavaliere Peretti, in which the medium was an intimate friend of ours, gifted with remarkable physical medium-ship, and with whom apports could be obtained at command, I begged the communicating spirit to bring me a small block of pyrites which was lying on my writing-table about two kilometres (over a mile) away. The spirit replied (by the mouth of the entranced medium) that the power was almost exhausted, but that all the same he would make the attempt. Soon after the medium sustained the usual spasmodic twitchings which signified the arrival of an apport, but without hearing the fall of any object on the table, or on the floor. We asked for an explanation from the spirit operator, who informed us that although he had managed to disintegrate a portion of the object desired, and had brought it into the room, there was not enough power for him to be able to re-integrate it. He added "Light the light." We did so, and found, to our great surprise, that the table, the clothes and hair of the sitters, as well as the furniture and carpet of the room, were covered with the thinnest layer of brilliant impalpable pyrites. When I returned home after the sitting I found the little block of pyrites lying on my writing table from which a large fragment, about one third of the whole piece, was missing, this having been scooped out of the block."



With asports, object disappear and appear again. In séance settings, they normally appear again in the same place, or mostly a short distance away. However, objects can appear again at another location, miles, even thousands of miles away. For example, when one goes on vacation to a distant country. A object going missing in that country is found when the person arrives at home.

In some cases, researchers were able to find out that the apported objects from séances were coming from the immediate neighborhood. We also see that with poltergeist cases. Sometimes the objects come from another room in the house, sometimes from around the house (stones and gravel), or from the neighborhood (flowers and plants), or from further away (semi-precious and precious stones). There seems to be a correlation between distance and the ability of the medium to apport the objects. When the distance is greater, the medium (at least some of them) show signs of distress to the point of agony.

The distance might be a problem when the apportation is done by the medium itself through his own psychic powers, which are often limited to the availability of psychic energy it can absorb from the sitters.

Distance does not seem to be problem when spirits are seemingly involved. An example of a very large distance involved in the apportation of documents we find with a shaman. The American Native Indian shaman Black Elk (he grew up in Wyoming) was once visited by two undercover intelligence agents. They went into the sweat lodge:

"So we sang a song, and that spirit of the stone-people came in. We put all those stones in a big circle and put gold on top of it and called it the Capitol. So those stones that building is made of, they know everything that goes on in there. They hear those secret meetings. So those stone-people went to a vault there that contained secret papers and brought one of those documents into our lodge. You could hear that paper rattle inside the lodge. Normally, paper wouldn't sound like that because it is so wet in there that it would just get limp from all the moisture.

So we opened the door to read that piece of paper. It gave instructions that all the Indian land was to be taken. No matter how you get it, get it. If necessary, kill them to get it. That was the secret document they brought in.

Well, these guys were really surprised. They started saying that they didn't know about that document. They had never read it. They were only citizens that had been hired to do a job. They had their orders that they had to carry out because that was their bread and butter. So they learned that we Earth People can know what goes on behind closed doors."

Considering that shaman always undergo lengthy training to develop their powers, one may assume that their psychic power is much greater than a  traditional medium. Mediums usually accept that they have a psychic ability but don't make a conscious effort to develop it. So, it is quite possible that the shaman can apport from much greater distances because of his much greater psychic powers, and not necessarily because of spirits. Why are spirits necessary anyway, when a trained psychic person can do it? I don't want to exclude the existence of spirits, but we should look first into man's own innate abilities, and his tendency to identify his own powers with discarnate entities.



Objects that disappear are usually found shortly after, at a location where they appeared. One may assume that the teleportation is then immediate. However, there are plenty of cases, where the item appears again much later, days, weeks, months, even many years later. Where was the object all that time? Did it undergo two teleportations? The first one to make it disappear and instantly appear at a place where it was lying all that time before it was teleported again much later to the location where it was found? Or was it 'hanging' somewhere in another dimension until it was time to be brought back into the physical world?


Where do Apports Come From?

All those objects have to come from somewhere. It is generally believed that they are teleported from another location on Earth: a deserted house, lost items lying on a beach or in the countryside. It can also be from another person belongings, and as the objects are of little value, it is reasoned that it is justified that a spirit can take it from that person the purpose of apportation. However, isn't that stealing? A penny or a dime is not going to make a difference, but a religious metal statue or medallion might have sentimental or religious value to that person.


Spirits or No Spirits?

In general it is believed that the apports are generated by spirits. However research shows that it has more to do with the psychic ability of the medium, the focus person (in poltergeist), or the psychic  around whom the apports happen.


In Indian religions, Siddhis are material, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of yogic advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga. Teleportation is such a siddhi. Siddhis can also be obtained by magical practices without the long process of spiritual development by meditation and yoga.

Siddhis or yogic powers are not limited to Indian yogis. They appear in other cultures as well, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism. Their saints and mystics have attained the siddhis as well. Indigenous cultures have shamans who often exhibit such powers.

In ordinary people, siddhis can manifest spontaneously for various reason, such as inherited karma of previous lives, an uprising of kundalini energy, an imbalance in the energy body, or temporarily overcharged with psychic energy.


The medium

Mediums display different paranormal abilities:

  • The formation of ectoplasm, shaping the ectoplasm into body parts or even life-size forms of 'spirits'.

  • Direct Voice, which is the formation of speech of the 'spirits' from any point in the air, sometimes from the so-called trumpet, which is a paper shaped cone that can levitate or move around the room.

  • Levitation of objects, the séance table, or even the medium himself.

  • Light phenomena: nebulous light, spheres of light, light flashes.

  • Sound phenomena: raps, clicks, thumping.

  • Temperature changes. The feeling of coldness is often reported.

  • Smells: ozone, sulphur, perfumes.

  • Apports and asports.

Is it possible that all these phenomena can be manifested by the medium alone, without the need of any spirits? All these phenomena has been shown to be produced by the psychic abilities of a person, without the need for spirits. So, the attribution of spirits causing the phenomena in a séance setting is most likely wrong.



The phenomena we see with mediums also appear in poltergeist, including the apports and asports, or teleportation of objects. The latest research in poltergeist have moved a way from the presence of a mischievous spirit, and have embraced the theory that the phenomena are the result of emotional (or psychic) energy, likely of magnetic nature transduced to kinetic energy (to move objects), released by a focus person. This also includes apports.

The phenomena with poltergeist do not seem to be meaningful, although they can display apparent intelligent behavior, as in responding with knocks on questions, or reacting based on the actions of an observer. With mediums we get a much more intelligent response, because a séance is a setting of a group of people with high expectations, and an outpouring of energy (for example by group singing which is almost a standard in séances) that the medium can gather to be able to produce the phenomena. However the intelligent response is very limited, because the medium is in trance. He is not consciously aware of what is going on. What is controlling the manifestations is the medium's unconscious which can access the hidden psychic energies, but is limited in its actions because the limited supply of energy. Some mediums have a larger innate reservoir of psychic energy than others, and they will be more successful.

Because the psychic energy has to be gathered, formed and directed, the medium's unconscious can only produce short lived phenomena. In poltergeist we see the same, as the phenomena there often occurs in bursts.

Some mediums can also communicate with their control spirits and with deceased people connected with people in the audience. However are they really spirits? Communication is always very short, in the order of half a minute, with very simple responses or simple information. Any good psychic or clairvoyant person can look into the subconscious of a person and give a lot more information. The subconscious of the medium in trance is always connected with the subconscious of the group of sitters, and it can read whatever is in their mind.

If real spirits were present they would be able to read the entire mind of a sitter, including his past, and would be able to go into an intelligent and long conversation. There are mediums that do only a person to person sitting, by which a long and intelligent conversation is possible. Yet, this again is not proof that a spirit is coming through, as the subconscious of the medium in trance can now focus exclusively on one person, and use its psychic powers to obtain information from the person's mind.

Because yogis, tantric followers, magicians, and saints can apport objects, there is good reason to assume that a person's own psychic powers are responsible for apports and not spirits.

There are also plenty of apports happening with ordinary people in ordinary circumstances, such as the dropping of pennies, dimes and quarters from thin air, usually attributed to recently deceased family members. This is just an assumption, a belief. One's own psyche can occasionally produce an apport, especially when one is in another state of mind because a loved one has recently died.

Also interestingly to note is that Stanly Krippner has proved, by measurements, that a medium's paranormal phenomena are stronger or are increasing when the Earth's magnetic field increases. The higher the Earth's magnetic field, the more apports happens. There seems to be an interaction of the earth's magnetic field with the psychic field (magnetic field?) of a person. (Physiological and Geomagnetic Correlates of Apparent Anomalous Phenomena Observed in the Presence of a Brazilian Sensitive)


Morphic Field

From the start of spiritualism in the 19th century, some researchers brought forward the idea that the medium's manifestations were actually created by the medium's own mind.

Edward Augustus Brackett, in his book Materialized Apparitions If Not Beings from Another Life, What Are They (1908):

"The mental and moral tone of the audience has more to do with the character of the séance than the medium has. I have, several times, by the action of a strong will, caused the forms to recede from the position which they at first assumed.

Persons, without being fully aware of it, find themselves more or less reflected in these séances. They reap what they sow. Their condition of mind prevents the forms from approaching them."

They also believed that the sitters provided the necessary life energy, so the medium would be able to manifest the ectoplasm and the forms it would take.

When people come together with a shared interest and expectations, a group energy field is created. Ruport Sheldrake would call it a morphic field. The medium has the ability to not only connect with that field but to channel that collected energy to create physical manifestations. In this sense, the only spirits present are the sitters and the medium. Here the subconscious plays an important role. When minds are linked together, the subconscious of the different people present can freely share information. In other words, the medium's unconscious, while being in trance, can easily read the subconscious of the sitters, and what they expect or desire. Thus we see that the apparitions, apports, and channeled messages always reflect something that is present in the audience, even when the sitters have not expressed anything. So the medium, in trance, can tune subconsciously into one particular person, and then manifest ectoplasm in the shape of deceased person that that person knew, or give him an apport object that has meaning to him, or give him a channeled message.

This shared subconscious link is a two-way street. The sitter can consciously or subconsciously influence the medium as Edward Augustus Brackett did.

I myself have seen this subconscious link during a hypnosis session, where the hypnotized person picked up a thought from the hypnotist. Mesmerism in the 18th and 19th century also found that highly sensitive people could be influenced, hypnotized or put into a trance remotely by the means of a mere thought.



In a séance, one of the sitters knew the control spirit of the medium when he was still alive. He wondered that when the spirit manifested in the ectoplasm, if he would recognize him. Indeed he did. That proved to him that the spirit really was who he said he was. But is that really true? In light of the above, the medium's subconscious could have picked up the expectation of the sitter, and thus made the manifested 'spirit' recognize the sitter. The sitter send out his thought, the medium picked up on it, and produced what the sitter wanted.

A modern day medium, Stewart Alexander, whose control spirit called himself White Feather doubted if the spirit was real or a part of his subconscious. He went to another medium, Leslie Flint, where the spirit of Two Feathers came through and talked to him.

"I sat reflecting on that emotional conversation, suddenly, out of the darkness, another voice began to speak, and it was one that I knew only too well from recordings I had listened to of my own séances. It belonged to White Feather, who had consistently endeavored to develop me despite my conflict about his authenticity. As he spoke independently of Flint, from another part of the room, it suddenly occurred to me that here was my golden opportunity to establish once and for all if he indeed was who he claimed to be. Was he really an autonomous individual, or an aspect of myself? Suddenly the solution popped into my head, and I said, “Can I ask a question?” He said, “Yes,” and I inquired if, during his earthly life, he had had any kind of physical deformity. Instantly, he replied: “Do you mean my left hand?” My feelings as he uttered those words are impossible to convey. The unalterable fact is that in that room—in the presence of Leslie Flint, who was a virtual stranger and knew nothing of my mediumistic development—the communicator had uttered just six potent words: “Do you mean my left hand?” The effect on me was profound. Following such a wonderful experience I would never doubt again that he was who he claimed to be." (Leslie Kean in his book Surviving Death - A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife)

This confirmed to him that Two Feathers was a separate entity. The mention of the hand deformity related to the fact that Stewart Alexander would clench his hand when in trance.

But was it a confirmation of a separate spirit? Leslie Flint's subconscious could easily have picked up the desire of Alexander for a confirmation, and thus the manifested spirit claimed to be Two Feathers, and Flint's subconscious would also have picked up the clenched hand issue from Alexander's subconscious.

Another example that we are not necessarily dealing with spirits. One time a friend asked me to do Ouija session. It was with a variation of the Ouija board. Instead of a board we used two stick bound in a cross. Each person holds up two ends of the sticks by putting both index fingers underneath the ends. As both people try to balance the cross, it moves around randomly, until the supposed spirit comes through and moves the cross towards letters to spell out the message. So, we start, and the cross moves to certain letters, but they make no sense. Then I got the idea of thinking about a letter, and yes, the cross moved to that letter. There is no way I could push it to a specific letter, the way the setup it designed. I thought of another letter, and it moved to that letter. And so on. My friend thought it was a spirit, until I told him that I was the one who was just thinking the letters. Because I cannot consciously steer the cross in any particular direction, it was my subconscious that was able to control both of our energies and physical movements of our arms together to accurately moves the cross to the intended letter. So we are dealing here with a psychic ability that we all have in ourselves, that can be activated under the right circumstances.

Thus, ascribing paranormal phenomena to manifestations of spirits might be completely wrong. We should first look at our own innate psychic abilities and how they manifest.


Asports and apports not related to séances or any psychic people, and happening to ordinary people, often seem puzzling and irrational. However sometimes, the person can find a connection to an unconscious thought or wish, or an emotion, that could have acted as an initiator for the disappearance of the item. Usually, the item is found much later again in another place.


Scientific investigation of psychics

Several psychics who were investigated by researchers could produce apports at will, consciously, without any trance, and on an instant request from the visitor or researcher. This was done by their own psychic power, not by any deceased spirits.

The famous Israeli psychic Uri Geller (1946-) could apport objects by conscious will. In one instance he teleported a meteorite from Stanford's collection:

"Ray Stanford, is research psychic of the Association for the Understanding of Man in Austin, Texas, and uses his ESP abilities for psychical research purposes only. Rex G. Stanford, Ph.D., Ray’s twin brother, currently President of the Parapsychological Association, is associated with the research of Drs. Ian Stevenson and Gaither Pratt at the University of Virginia. Ray wrote an article relating some remarkable phenomena that occurred during Uri Geller’s visit to Austin on July 21 and 22, 1973. Although the manifestations were spontaneous, precluding rigid scientific control, some of them, says Ray, “contain significant self-substantiating elements.”

When Uri was visiting at Ray’s home, he saw a meteorite sealed in a Pyrex glass container on Stanford’s desk and asked to see it. Ray writes: “I took the meteorite from the case and handed it to Geller. He stared intently at it for a few moments. That caused me to wonder if he might be trying to psychokinetically bend it. It was somewhat of a relief when Uri put the object back in its container and I resealed it. I was not sure I wanted the meteorite deformed.”

When they were eating dinner, Uri picked up a bite of food with a thick stainless steel fork. As Ray and his wife watched, the fork started bending and the food dropped off.

“Let me see it!” Stanford exclaimed.

Geller handed him the still-bending fork. While Ray held it, they all watched the fork handle steadily continue to bend a full 40 degrees more, then the bending motion slowed. Ray placed the fork on the table between himself and his wife. They watched it continue bending a bit more without anyone at all touching it.

Later in the evening, when a group of people were assembled, an object came crashing down onto the asphalt tile entrance-way just inside the front door. It was the meteorite, which made a big dent and cracks in the asphalt tile, but was not damaged in any way whatsoever. “There were eleven persons in the room at the time, including Geller,” says Ray. “Everyone seemed sure he could not have tossed the meteorite without being clearly seen. Furthermore, the meteorite would have been obvious if it had been hidden in Uri’s tight-fitting jeans and shirt.”

Stanford rushed back to the room in which the meteorite had been to check the condition of the Pyrex container. It was sealed just as he had left it." (The Power of the Mind)

Ray Stanford, who is himself a psychic, had two teleportation experiences that were directly related to Uri Geller, showing evidence that these asports and apports were initiated by a combination of both people's own psychic power. The story is shown below under the heading of Teleportation of people.


Amyr Amiden is a Brazilian physical medium known for the appearance of apports, sometimes on request. The phenomenon was investigated in 1994 by a team of researchers led by Stanley Krippner. In 1993, Krippner, visiting Brazil on behalf of the Institute of Noetic Studies, was invited to a dinner where Amiden was present as a guest. He and other guests observed Amiden producing jewelry on demand for two women. When one asked for an emerald, he told her to close her fist and wrapped his hand around hers; when she opened it she found a stone, later confirmed as a genuine low-grade emerald. The second woman specified a gold bracelet: Amiden shaped a bracelet around her wrist with tin-foil butter wrappings, and in ten minutes the object had turned to gold, as was confirmed to her later by a jeweler.

During twenty sessions, Krippner and his team observed the apports of polished stones, rings, coins and religious medallions, dropping to the floor or ground apparently out of nowhere. A drop of watery liquid observed on a piece of paper transformed into a cone-shaped jewel, later confirmed by a jeweler to be a diamond. Other materializing stones were confirmed as emerald, onyx, agate, amethyst, and prasio. Three brooches were identified as having originated in Bali, Indonesia.


China has a much more open mind about the paranormal, and its scientists have been experimenting with teleportation for a long time. A research paper commissioned by the U.S. Air Force and written by astrophysicist Dr. Eric W. Davis in 2004, titled Teleportation Physics Study, mentioned a Chinese article describing various experiments of teleportation by psychic people:

"One of the more interesting examples of controlled experiments with Uri Geller was one in which he was able to cause a part of a vanadium carbide crystal to vanish (Hasted et al., 1975). The crystal was encapsulated so it could not be touched, and it was placed in such a way that it could not be switched with another crystal by sleight of hand. A more spectacular series of rigorously controlled (and repeatable!) laboratory experiments occurred in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). In September 1981, an extraordinary paper was published in the PRC in the journal Ziran Zazhi (transl.: Nature Journal), and this paper was entitled, “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body” (Shuhuang et al., 1981). The paper reported that gifted children were able to cause the apparent teleportation of small objects (radio micro-transmitters, photosensitive paper, mechanical watches, horseflies, other insects, etc.) from one location to another (that was meters away) without them ever touching the objects beforehand. The experiments were operated under exceptionally well controlled conditions (both blind and double-blind). The researchers involved included not only observers from various PRC colleges and medical research institutes, but also representatives from the PRC National Defense Science Commission. Because of the involvement of the latter, it was deemed necessary that an unclassified Intelligence Information Report be prepared by the DIA (see Shuhuang et al., 1981), which included a detailed English translation of the article.

Additional research carried out by the Aerospace Medicine Engineering Institute in Beijing was reported in the July 1990 issue of the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science (Kongzhi et al., 1990; Jinggen et al., 1990; Banghui, 1990), which was also translated into English by the DIA. Reported in several articles are experiments involving the videotaping and high-speed photography of the transfer of test specimens (nuts, bundles of matches, pills, nails, thread, photosensitive paper, chemically treated paper, sponges dipped in FeCl3, etc.) through the walls of sealed paper envelopes, double layered KCNS type paper bags, sealed glass bottles and tubes with sealed caps, and sealed plastic film canisters without the walls of any of these containers being breached. All of the Chinese experiments reported using gifted children and young adults, who possessed well-known extraordinary PK ability, to cause the teleportation of the various test specimens. In all the experimental cases that were reported, the test specimens that were teleported were completely unaltered or unchanged from their initial state, even the insects were unaffected by being teleported. The experiments were well controlled, scientifically recorded, and the experimental results were always repeatable.

The Chinese papers are all extremely interesting and very well written, and they show photographs and schematic diagrams of the various experimental setups. The experimental protocols were explained in lengthy detail, and thorough data and statistical analysis were presented in the results. The combined results from the several Chinese experiments showed that: 

  • different research groups designed different experimental protocols, used different gifted psychics, used different sealed containers, and used different test specimens (live insects, bulk inanimate objects, and even radio micro-transmitters were used to track the location of the specimens) that were to be teleported;

  • the time required for the teleportation of test specimens through various barriers was anywhere from a fraction of a second to several minutes, and this was not dependent on the test specimen that was used, the sealed container that was used (or its barrier thickness), which experimental protocol was used, or which psychic was being used

  • the high-speed photography/videotaping recorded in one series of experiments that test specimens would physically “meld” or blend with the walls of sealed containers; and recorded in a different series of experiments that test specimens would simply disappear from inside the container only to reappear at another location (after seconds to several minutes of time transpired), such that the test specimen did not actually undergo total material disintegration/reintegration during teleportation – this data is important, because without the aid of electronic monitoring instruments, the average person’s sensory organs and usual methods of detection are temporarily unable to perceive the test specimen’s (ambiguous) existence during the teleportation process;

  • the radio micro-transmitter used as a test specimen in one series of experiments (Shuhuang et al., 1981) transmitted a radio signal to several stationary electronic instruments/receivers, so that the specimen could be tracked and monitored (via signal amplitude and frequency measurements) during the teleportation process; the experimenters discovered that there was large fluctuations in the intensity (in both amplitude and frequency) of the monitored signal to the effect that it would either completely disappear or become extremely weak (to the extent that the monitoring instruments could scarcely detect it) – it was discovered that there was a definite correlation between the change in strength (i.e., radical frequency shifts were observed) of the monitored radio signal and the teleportation of the test specimen, such that the weak or absent signal indicated that the specimen was “nonexistent” (or in an altered physical state) during teleportation (note: the monitored signal amplitude and frequency of the micro-transmitter specimen were stable before and after teleportation);

  • before and after “passing through the container wall/barrier”, the test specimen and the container’s wall/barrier are both complete solid objects;

  • the gifted psychics were never allowed to see (they were blindfolded in many experiments) or touch each of the test specimens or the sealed containers before and after experiments were conducted, and only the experimenters touched the specimens and containers (using both blind and double-blind protocols);

  • the experimental results were all repeatable

  • the conditions for fraud and sleight of hand were totally eliminated, and multiple independent outside witnesses (technical and military-intelligence experts) were present at all times to ensure total fidelity of the experiments"

In 1982 the Chinese Zhang Baosheng was able to move objects in and out of sealed containers using only the power of his mind. Prof. Shuhang studied Zhang for six months and he was repeatedly able to place small pieces of paper into sealed test tubes, and then take them out again, without touching them. He repeated the tests with other small items like paperclips and insects, and Zhang could move these, too. The Chinese Journal of Somatic Science Volume 1, No. 4 4th Issue (August 91) mentions:

"SUBJECT WITH ESP: Zhang Baosheng : A wooden cabinet 120 by 180 by 60 centimeters was used as a sealed container. Sheets of papers and boards with one— of —a— kind markings were used as the target objects and placed inside the cabinet on the upper shelf. Without damaging the cabinet or opening the door, the person with ESP was able to remove the target objects and also was able put them back inside. This demonstrates that even when using especially large container it is possible to completely break through spacial barriers, however, the success rate was much lower and was exceptionally difficult."

In a YouTube interview with Simon Duan by Jeffrey Mishlove, Duan talks about psychics in China. A gifted psychic, Sun Chulin, has become famous because of her cooperation with scientists. She had paranormal gifts since childhood and developed some more along the way. She has been able to do materialization of Chinese herbal medicine. That herbal medicine can be used to treat patients, so that medicine was produced for the patients in front of her from nowhere.

Duan also mentions another, unnamed, psychic:

"Also some controlled experiments, like teleportation again… There’s a gentleman—he makes a living by doing this—every time we use him, he has to bring some money back to his wife. That’s how he is allowed to go out. We brought him to a prop lab in Beijing, and we stripped him out, stripped everything out including the underwear, and locked him in a room. This is as good a control as we can do. He can teleport some money, some banknotes, into the room.

...He said the money he teleported cannot be used, and in a few days it will disappear again, according to him. We actually did some controlled experiments. We asked him to teleport GPS. Nowadays GPS is quite cheap, and he can make it disappear, and we can track where it is. It can be hundreds of miles away."

In all these experiments, deceased spirits didn't play a part. The psychics understood that apports, or teleportations, are one of the paranormal abilities they posses. They can produce the effect at will, although some psychics are better at it than others.


Conjuring up Philip

Are ordinary people able to create the phenomena that appear in a séance, in poltergeist and other circumstances, including apports, without the presence of discarnate entities, or spirits?

An important experiment was conducted in 1973 by a group of eight members of the Toronto Society for Psychical Research (TSPR) in Toronto, Canada, with regard to psychokinetic phenomena that occur during mediumship sittings. The group proposed to recreate the conditions of a spiritualist séance, with key differences: no one would be present who claimed to have mediumistic or psychic powers, and attempts would be made to contact a fictional entity created for the purpose, rather than a genuine deceased individual.

It worked.

A fictional story was created for a deceased spirit: Philip. They wrote him a life story and a tragic death. Each member of the group memorized the story and tried to visualize Philip, making him as real as they could in their minds. They agreed on all aspects of his appearance, personality and preferences.  The group decided to attempt to cause him to manifest in visible form; only then, they hypothesized, could he be summoned.

The group members made a commitment to meet weekly for sessions for a year. They first meditated for a year, without significant results. Then they changed over to techniques used during nineteenth century séances: the participants sat around in a relaxed and jolly atmosphere, singing songs and hymns, making jokes and carrying on a conversation, continuing to work in full light and without designating one person as medium.

Already, on the third or fourth session conducted this way, the group felt a vibration in the table-top, at first too quiet to hear, but repeating and gradually becoming audible. The table then began to slide randomly around the room. All present could see that no living person was either pushing or rapping it. A few sessions Philip started to produce rappings. Originally the rapping were produced on the table, but on request 'Philip' would produce raps on the walls of the room. There were also creaks and groans which the sitters came to regard as an indication of the build-up of some energy or force. The rappings were also not random, they came in response to specific intention.

From then on, Philip seemed to be present at the sessions, rapping in answer to questions. Using one rap for yes and two for no, the group had him tell his story, to see if this would match their creative conception, and this proved generally to be the case. Any new material could usually be traced to an earlier comment by a group member, as was also the case when ‘Philip’ gave historically inaccurate answers, which could almost always be traced to incorrect knowledge on the part of the group.

So here we see, as in traditional séances, that answers given by the 'spirit' corresponds to what is in the subconscious of the sitters.

There were other physical manifestations: for instance the colored lights would flicker on request, and particular movements of the table could be elicited. These movements became increasingly varied: it would tilt up on two legs or on one leg, rock in time to music, slide toward anyone new entering the room, revolve in a ‘waltzing’ movement, or chase people while group members tried to keep their hands on it. Eventually it even levitated entirely. The force behind the table motions could be quite powerful, as was discovered by a group of physicists and psychologists who invited the group to Cleveland, Ohio, USA, for a demonstration. One physicist sat on the table and was thrown off fairly violently.

It was found that these phenomena would occur with as few as four members present. During the summer of 1974, when the group took a brief break from its weekly meetings, some of the members experienced poltergeist phenomena in their own homes. We see this also with poltergeist, and even with visitors to shamanic gatherings and séances (and this includes apports).

In an attempt to show the Philip experiment was replicable, another group comprised of entirely different members of the TSPR similarly created and visualized a character named Lilith, a French Canadian girl who became a member of the French resistance in World War II and was captured and shot as a spy. Within five weeks of beginning sittings, they began to get motions of the table and then raps, which answered questions in the character of the fictional girl.

As a result of this second experiment, Dr. A.R. George Owen, who was leading the experiment, concluded that any group of people can acquire the ability to generate such phenomena. Owen hypothesized that the energy arose from the combined focus of the group members on one object; when members were sick, the phenomena would manifest more weakly.

The wife of George Owen, Iris M. Owen, wrote a book about the experiment: Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure in Psychokinesis.

In an article, Fifteen Years of Psychokinesis, Owen explains that the group is able to go beyond the rappings and table levitations, and produce other phenomena:

"Be that as it may, very interestingly we have quite recently found that the type of P. K. phenomenon produced by the "Philip" group is malleable (Iris Owen, this Journal). That is to say; by conscious direction of effort they can substitute other phenomena in place of rapping or table movements. In this way, they have just added metal-bending to their repertoire. A few weeks ago the group during their sessions kept metal objects on the table with the intention of bending them. They succeeded in bending a thin medallion and a key. More recently, they were visited by a journalist, Mr. Bill Dampier. He sat in the circle asking his own questions and getting answering raps under his hand. He asked the group to bend his house key which was laid on the table and was quite flat. A professional photographer was present taking pictures continually and the room was in bright light. After a while, the key could be seen obviously to be bent. It was photographed, and taken home by Mr. Dampier who was told that it might continue to bend. The next day, he telephoned to say it had bent still more and he had sent again for a photographer!"


So, if only a handful of ordinary people with the right intent, expectation and ritual (sitting around a table, singing) can create paranormal, physical effects after only a few sessions, could they also create apports? This was not on the menu of the Philip and Lilith experiment, so we don't know. It be very interesting to continue this experiment in order to create apports, asports, or teleportation? What is necessary in such a group, or séance setting, is the conviction that it is possible to create the desired effects.

How can a group mind or thought create physical phenomena? Is the mind able to direct a psychic, or subtle , energy of the body, and use it to create specific physical phenomena? If this is the case, and a group would be able to create apports of teleportation of objects and even living beings, then the applications would be tremendous. We haven't heard of any experiments in this regard. Maybe it has been done, but kept under wraps. A declassified CIA document, titled Controlled Offensive Behavior-ussr July 1972 (dealing with various alternative and paranormal issues)has a section The Apport Technique in which it stated that:

"However, there are other types of parapsychological phenomena which are just as important militarily as ESP. Welk claims, based on many Soviet sources, that the so-called "apport" technique is likely to meet valuable intelligence needs. When fully developed, this technique would make possible the abduction of actual objects (including documents) in enemy territory and there transfer to friendly territory. Objects so abducted are known as "apports." They could be returned to the point of origin without the enemy becoming aware of this temporary abduction."


Artificial Elementals

So far we have seen that when a group of people comes together with intention and expectation, with certain ritual behavior such as singing, they create an energetic form, a morphic field, an individual entity (or entities) that can act as a human personality and carry out physical manifestations, including apports. This is the same concept as the artificial elementals known in esoteric circles and magic practitioners. An artificial elemental is an intentional created thought-form that is very real but composed on subtle energy coming from the practitioner(s). It is programmed to carry out certain tasks, such as guarding a sacred site, or attacking another person (black magic). Depending on the amount of energy supplied, the artificial elemental can exists for a while by itself. However, it does need to be resupplied with energy from time to time to continue its existence. These thought-form, or artificial elementals, do not only exist on the subtle energy level, they can interact with the physical world, becoming visible and create physical effects. An example is the creation of large black dogs to guard the ancient stone circles. They have been seen manifesting visibly, and they can kill people and leave scratch marks.

Artificial elementals can also be created by ordinary people subconsciously by continuous emotions and thoughts together with a mental picture. This can create both positive, protective elementals, and negative destructive elementals. Ghosts belong to this category.

I wonder if shamans, who, in most cases, have one or several spirits around them, did actually create these entities without realizing it. Then they would be artificial elementals. Or are they real spirits of deceased people?

You can read more in my article of Physical Manifestations of Thought Forms and Artificial Elementals.

I am not aware of any example in the esoteric literature of artificial elementals created for the purpose of apports. In the light of the above, I think it would be possible.


Non-Medium Apports

Teleportation also occurs outside the environment of a medium and a séance.

Poltergeist Showers

These are anomalous showers of stones, water and money out of thin air, falling or 'raining' down on or around people, inside houses or outside. It is strange phenomenon that suddenly starts, often continues with intervals, and then suddenly stops.

In some cases it is called poltergeist, in other cases not, but the phenomenon is the same. It consists of sudden apports of multiple items, but not in context of a séance.

As mentioned before, poltergeist is now considered not the work of spirits but to be related to a center person with suppressed emotional problems. For reasons we don't understand, that person's own psychic energy is stimulated for a short amount of time, most likely and partly by an increased Earth magnetic field.

In relation to apports, poltergeist exhibits stone showers and the appearance of water.

Stone showers: a house is pelted by many stones, or stones appear inside a room of the house. The appear from a certain height and then usually have a velocity as if thrown. That velocity can change midflight, and even change direction. That velocity can be so slow that it defies gravity. In some cases the stones have been traced back to stones that were lying outside the house. As in séances, here too, the apport of stones is only one of the phenomena associated with poltergeist: we also have strange sounds, furniture moving around, levitation and movements of objects, sudden feelings of coldness, smells. The stones are usually, but not always, warm or hot on arrival.

Water: mostly observed inside a house, heavy condensation on the walls, water puddles on tables, beds, floors, even heavy water streams coming from a point on a wall.

In short, the phenomena are the same as in a séance, but there is no medium present. However, there is strong evidence for the presence of a center person with psychic abilities. A medium can generate the phenomena with intention, while in poltergeist cases (whether so labeled or not) a center person is creating them unintentionally and only for a short time.

See my article of Poltergeist or NoGhost?

I have gathered many reports of apports of stones here: It's Raining Stones


Anomalous water and rain

The anomalous appearance of water inside a house can be from spectacular, as in poltergeist cases, to simple drops of water that cannot be accounted for.

There are also several instances of very localized rain, in a very small area, on perfect clear days with blue skies. The rain then seems to appear from a certain height, coming straight down. It can be a drizzle or a good shower.

I have gathered many reports of this here: Rain or Water Out Of Nowhere



Money can 'rain' down too, an apport in every sense. The dropping of pennies, dimes and quarters, or other currency of the country concerned, commonly (but not always) fall from a point in space in front of a person, but can also appear in unusual places where nothing was there before. These are simple apports that can be ascribed to the person own innate psychic power, usually activated by the emotional turmoil when family member recently died. It is then sometimes thought to be a sign from the deceased person to let the living known that everything is ok. However this is mere an effort to make sense of it.

However there are plenty of cases, where there were no recently deceased people. It just happens out of the blue, with no explanation.

It is not just single coins that appear. There are cases where multiple coins, and even paper money, are showering down outside, even of valuable coins (silver and gold) that nobody would even consider to throw around. They have to be teleported from somewhere, probably somebody's wallet or closet, or coin collection nearby.

Of course, as the money has to come (teleported) from somewhere, when somebody is missing some coins, it doesn't get reported. Even when valuable coins are missing, one would look into a possible ordinary theft, and not in a paranormal disappearance (asport).

Reports here: Money Showers


Showers of Other Substances

In séances, we see mostly stones in apports, but also many other kind of objects. We see the same in anomalous showers: marbles, coal, potatoes... usually called poltergeist cases.

Two case of chemical liquids: petrol, paraffin, methylated spirits.

See Showers of Other Substances



Apports by Non Human Intelligences

There are apports that are quite different from those in séances, poltergeist or with psychics. They appear to be caused by an intervention of spiritual entities. Who those entities are we don't really know, beyond some sparse information and a lot of speculation. They seem to be intelligent and reside in the higher dimensions. These apports are of a nature that seems to require a lot more power and intelligence than one person or a group of people could manage. Even deceased spirits would fall short in terms of size and power of these apports, and they would not have any motive to do so.


Rain of live animals and inorganic substances 

These are the so-called rains of fish, frogs, worms, seeds and grains, apples, dry flakes of apparent organic matter, gelatinous masses, colored dust, colored rain, colored ice, colored snow flakes, ice blocks, unusual shaped hail stones and all kinds of stones. You can my article of Mysterious Rains of Fish, Frogs, other Small Animals and Inorganic Substances for in-depth information and numerous reports of these events. No, it has nothing to do with the ludicrous 'scientific' explanation of the water spout. They do share a commonality with what we have seen before in relation to its limitation to a small area, and sometimes the event repeat itself after a couple of days, or after several decades (in the same locality). These animals and inorganic substances fall from a certain height, not far above the rooftop of houses or tree tops. So it is not that high up. In most cases it is accompanied by real rain or showers, but not always. Sometimes they come from a clear blue sky. Sometimes they are associated with a strange flash or light or sound explosions. In a few cases, the amount of fish and frogs were in the thousands.

These are clear cases of apports, or teleportation. The animals and objects must have been taken from somewhere else. The phenomenon shows clear intelligence. There is selectivity in the way only one species of fish or frogs rain down, in most cases. If they were taken from a pond, river or ocean, why are no other species, or other animals, or plant life that were around these animals taken? The periodicity in the same location is also a sign of intelligence, as it can not be a random event. Strangely, most of the 'showers' are food substances.

You can read my article mentioned above for a possible explanation of who or what is behind it.


Teleportation of people

I wrote a lengthy article of the 'missing time' phenomenon: Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?. Missing time is actually the wrong term for these events. It is the memory of what happened that is missing. That is why I subtitled it Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement. There are many variations or circumstances in regards to these experiences.

In some cases, the person is still in exactly the same place when he becomes conscious again. However in many cases the person, and sometimes a group of people, find themselves at another location. This can be another place inside a house, but sometimes the second location is far away. In some cases they arrive at the second location for example many hours later while it should have taken a lot less time. This still could be explained by a 'normal' loss of consciousness, although a lot of these cases involve driving on the road. Teleportation could be possible but cannot be proven.

However, there are cases where the person(s) arrive at the second location in a time span that is far too short, even driving at maximum speed. The only explanation for these cases is teleportation, an asport at the first location and apport at the second location. Sometimes the person is still driving the car on the road when he becomes conscious again. Sometimes he is in a location unknown to him.

There are a lot of these cases that happen without any relation to any other paranormal events. These people are always completely puzzled about what happened and unable to explain it.

Here is a rather unusual example of not one but two teleportations, in his car, in the same season. It happened to Ray Stanford, a psychic of Austin, Texas.

The teleportations were both connected to the famous psychic Uri Geller. One of these involved an automobile accident. Testimony from witnesses is recorded in the traffic-court transcripts. They observed Stanford's car suddenly appear in front of them, "like a light that had been switched on." The distance of this teleportation was about fifty feet. This happened during the Fall of 1973. Stanford had been driving to the airport to pick up Geller.

When Stanford drive a second time to the airport to pick Geller during the same Fall, the teleportation was even more dramatic. Driving with his wife along Interstate 10 in Texas, Ray suddenly noticed a silvery-metallic, blue glow around the car. Stuck in heavy traffic at the time, he actually mentioned to his wife he hoped "Uri's intelligences would teleport us!" Then, according to his testimony he felt a strange sensation in his brain and the scene instantly changed. They had travelled thirty-seven miles in no time and using no gas. Later, as the car was not functioning well, it was hauled to a garage. The alternator and voltage regulator were completely burned out and all the wiring was completely charred. (The Roots of Consciousness by Jeffrey Mishlove; Cosmic Trigger by Anton Wilson)

What is unusual about this case is the damage to his car due to a surge of high current in the electric wiring. As far as I know there are no other cases where this happened.

Uri Geller had his own spontaneous teleportation that happened on Friday, November 9, 1973:

"I did some window browsing at Hammacher-Schlemmer's and then looked at my watch. I saw that it was nearly 6:00. I had to get back to the apartment and change, then get to the Biltmore. I often jog when I'm going places in New York, for the exercise, and since I didn't want to be late I started jogging about a block away from the apartment, which was east of Second Avenue and almost to First Avenue. It was now just a few minutes past 6:00 p.m. Andrija was out at his home in Ossining, more than 30 miles away and about an hour away from Manhattan from door to door, either by train or by car—sometimes longer during the rush hour. He told me later that he was lying on his bed watching the six o'clock news on TV and waiting to go to the station to pick up Solveig when her train arrived at 7:04.

So, a very few minutes after 6:00, I was starting to jog about a block away from the apartment. Andrija was watching TV in Ossining, more than an hour away. Solveig was en route to Ossining, due to arrive in about an hour. Yasha and Werner were waiting for Shipi and me in the office part of the apartment. Maria and Byron remained in their apartment after Shipi left.

I clearly remember approaching the canopy of the building right next door to ours. I remember almost reaching that canopy. Then I remember having the feeling that I was running backward for a couple of steps. I don't known whether I really did or not, but that was the feeling. Then I had the feeling that I was being sucked upward. There was no sensation in my body. I closed my eyes and, I think, opened them almost immediately.

When I did, I found myself being propelled in the air a foot or so away from a porch screen, over the top of a rhododendron bush, about to crash through the screen at a point 8 or 10 feet off the ground. To prepare for the impact, I turned my left shoulder toward the screen and put my hands out in front of me. I crashed through the screen and landed on a circular glass-top table. It was heavy plate glass. My hands hit it first, and it slid forward, then hit the floor and shattered. My knee struck a wooden part of the table, and the table toppled over. I landed on the floor of the porch. I was conscious all through this, but slightly dazed when I hit the table and floor. My knee hurt, and I was afraid to move in case I had any broken bones. But what shocked me was that I recognized the porch and the table because I knew them so well. This was Andrija's screen porch in Ossining— there was no mistaking it. One moment I had been on the East Side of Manhattan. The next, I was crashing through a screen porch in Ossining. The only sensation I had was crashing through the screen and hitting the table and floor. I called out loud as I could to Andrija, but there was no answer right away. I remember being cold and very thirsty. I still was afraid to move."


Missing time is actually a term that originated in the UFO lore, because a lot of witnesses to UFOs experienced memory loss. It is clear that there is an intelligence behind these events, and that consciousness of the witnesses is affected. That intelligence is able to asport people, and even their cars while they are in it and driving, and apport them to another location. In other words, teleportation. The intelligence is alien to human beings, but not necessarily extraterrestrial. It seems to reside in the spiritual worlds, or higher dimensions, and is very apt at manipulating our physical reality.

Here too light flashes, light spheres and anomalous sounds can be present, and sometimes the people first slide into a trance. In my article there are two examples of also an object that disappeared (asport) and was never found.

There are cases of people who disappeared for one or more days and then appeared at another place. One could argue that they went somewhere and came back. But these people, even very young children show up in good, healthy condition and have no idea that they were missing for such a long time. They are not hungry either. If one goes missing in the woods for any long period, one would expect them to be exhausted and dehydrated for running around, even in an unconscious state, through brush and dirt.

More info in my article.

By the way, there are also reports of cars that instantly teleported to a little distance away to avoid a serious accident. These people have no reason for lying, but proof is of course lacking. It is again another way that some intelligence can asport and apport people, cars included.


When Everyone Disappears

When people disappear from one place and appear again at another place, they usually do not remember what happened, as we saw earlier. If there is a time lapse, which is almost always the case, then we assume that they became unconscious during the event, or the memory was blocked by their brain when they appeared again in our physical reality.

There are some cases where the person finds himself suddenly in a kind of duplicate world. It seems that he became of a higher vibration being in a higher dimension. While in this state it can happen that he still sees other people, but they don't see him. In other cases there are no other people in this duplicate world, or maybe he is not able to see them. These are real puzzling cases that I have written about in my article of When Everyone Disappears. They are always short lived events, but they have a profound effect on the person. These people having clear and conscious recollection of having been there, although they didn't understand what happened to them.

These cases can still be considered asports and apports. The only difference is that they are fully aware of their very unusual state of being. They are even able to walk around in their new environment. It is a mystery as to how these events are initiated. Is it the person's own psychic power that suddenly gets activated (maybe a surge in an external magnetic field?), or are dimensional entities responsible?

These people become invisible to our physical world when they are alone. The other people (family members, friends) did not see him become invisible, or disappear from this world. An exception is the case of shaman Fawn JourneyHawk. She held a sweat lodge ceremony where she and her friend saw the others in the sweat lodge disappear. See my article of When Everyone Disappears.


UFO Intelligences

UFOs, whether light spheres or physical looking craft, are also apports. The appear out of thin air, and disappear again. Sometimes they disappear at one spot and instantly appear at a spot several yards to several miles away. The UFO phenomenon is very complex and outside the scope of this article. Suffice to say that they are primarily higher dimensional vehicles, created by higher dimensional entities.

In his book UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union, ufologist Jacques Vallée (1939-) describes a UFO landing in a park in the Soviet city of Voronezh in full view of children playing soccer there, as well as about forty adults. After the craft had landed, a very tall three-eyed being and a robotic entity emerged and started moving around. When a nearby boy cried out in fear, and other people started shouting, the beings and the UFO vanished on the spot:

"Five minutes later the sphere and the three-eyed being appeared again, just as strangely as they had disappeared. The being now had at his side a tube about four feet in length. A sixteen-year-old boy was close to the scene. The alien pointed his 'rifle' toward the teenager, and the boy instantly disappeared. The alien entered the sphere and the sphere flew away, gradually increasing its speed. At the same instant the vanished teenager reappeared."

Not only light spheres and craft, but also all the alien entities appear and disappear at will. Connected with UFOs, and displaying the same behavior, are other entities such as bigfoot. Bigfoot has been seen several times disappearing on the spot. We probably can extent this to other cryptic animals who instantly appear and disappear, although they often are seen quickly running or flying away, as if we are not allowed to see their sudden disappearance.

Alien beings, many considered to be extraterrestrials nowadays, appear and disappear in people houses and bedrooms, just like the elves and gnomes of past ages.

The UFO phenomenon is also known for its wide array of paranormal experiences. Part of this are apports and asports of objects and living beings. We already spoke of the 'missing time' phenomena where people disappear and appear. Contactees and abductees also experience the appearance and disappearance of objects inside their houses.

Also associated with the UFO phenomenon is the mysterious disappearance of farm animals, often related to the so-called animal mutilations. Dogs also disappear when there is UFO activity. It seems the aliens don't like to be alerted when they are around, at least not in some cases.

Sometimes the disappearance of animals happens without a UFO sightings. I have read some anecdotal reports of people whose dogs or cats, being outside, came inside the house although all doors and windows were closed. Are higher dimensional intelligences also involved in this?

John Hasted reports a strange case of disappearance and appearance of chickens:

"I once received a detailed report from Matthew Thompson, a poultry farmer in Dorset, which he summarized as follows: I have within recent weeks had two separate instances of birds (caged chickens) disappearing and reappearing some hours later. I am talking about birds disappearing literally into thin air and being neither visible nor audible. Any possibility of them being removed by some other persons and then returned can be completely ruled out. I have had no opportunity to check in detail on Matthew Thompson’s information, but I think it worthy of notice." (The Metal Benders, by John B. Hasted, Chapter 19)

A Cherokee/Choctaw woman, called Auntie Eve, had her chickens disappear, and was confronted by an alien being:

“It all started when I began missing chickens. Every few nights, three or four of my chickens would come up missing. I checked the hen house and the pen and could find no sign of entry. So I decided to sit up and watch. I thought maybe I could catch someone stealing them. I keep a shotgun loaded at all times since I live alone, and I just took it and went out on the porch to watch. About 11 p.m., it happened.”

“The first thing I remember was an orange light. It lit up the yard with a glow. Not like daylight, just a glow. I had never seen anything like it. I cocked my gun and steadied it against that post waiting to see what was going to happen. All of a sudden I saw a figure walking toward me. I tried to fire my shotgun, but it didn’t work. I thought I had forgotten the safety and I checked it, but it was off. The figure just kept coming. I stood up and tried to pull the trigger again and nothing happened. Then the creature took my gun and dropped it on the floor, and then told me to follow it.” (Encounters with Star People, by Andy Sixkiller Clarke, page 144)

The being led her to a craft where she was shown the typical scenery of people lying on tables. What is interesting in regards to this article is that these beings are very apt at taking anything, in this case animals, out of our physical world (asport). The chickens here were taken out of an undisturbed enclosed chicken coop.

With some animal mutilations, internal organs were taken out of the animal's body without any incision. In other words, this is an asport, the disappearance of an item from an enclosed body.

Also associated with a UFO and two strange beings, was the disappearance of a chicken from a chicken house and its replacement by a black chicken. (Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in South America, by Andy Sixkiller Clarke, page 163)


Another apport phenomena associated with UFOs are the metal pieces UFOs can leave behind as a tangible evidence of their presence. It seems that the intelligences want us to have physical proof that they are real, despite their elusive character. Small pieces of metal have been found at UFO landing sites, and light orbs have been seen exuding a liquid that drops to the ground and changes into metal. Mediums have also been known for manifesting liquids that solidify in stones or crystals.

The UFO metal pieces have been gathered and sent to laboratories for examination. Typical for apports, these pieces are all different in shape and composition. One would expect them to be the same or very similar if they really came from a metallic spaceship. Even pieces that cam from the same UFO craft were different from each other. The composition of the UFO metal pieces are sometimes ordinary alloys, sometimes a very unusual mixture of different metals and their isotopes. As apports, they have to come from somewhere. It is possible that the UFO intelligences teleport these small pieces from a manufacturing plant where they experiment with new and novel alloys for special purposes, such as the airplane industry, military hardware, or space satellites. These often have unique alloys that are only used in their field.

If UFOs are physical, metallic, extraterrestrial spacecraft, built with very advanced technology, and coming from across the galaxy, they are not going to loose bits and pieces of their craft when they are here, nor are they going to drip some liquid metal.

Why these intelligences would throw us these metal pieces is a open question. Maybe they give what we want, or expect, just like in séances. The entire UFO phenomenon reflects what is in our minds.


Aside from the fact that UFOs and UFO-intelligences are real, I wonder if those UFO contact groups are really making those intelligences appear in our physical world. Such a group of people who goes out in the dark night is like a séance usually led by a psychic person. The people attending all have expectations, and are all pouring their energy together, as they are doing in a séance. What usually appears is a light orb, which are also known to appear in séances. In other words, are they creating the light orbs or are intelligences manifesting themselves?


Deceased Spirits

Although all the manifestations that happen during a séance can easily be attributed to the collective energy and expectation of the group and the psychic ability of the medium, is it possible that real spirits are present? So far there are no indication that real spirits are present, or are responsible for the phenomena, even if they are said to work through the medium.

However there are people who consciously can see deceased spirits. There are examples of people who were murdered and still distressed in the afterlife. They look for a person who can see them, and they give details of themselves (including names) of their murder and the murderer that nobody in the room could have known, but which have been verified afterwards. This also includes details of future events regarding the murder. Such people can also be considered mediums, but they do not hold séances, nor do they go in trance, and they do not produce paranormal phenomena or apports.

Shamans all over the world have a strong belief in spirits. Although many shamans have psychic powers since birth, they work together with particular spirits that stay with them, although some come and go. Apports are not strange to shamans. Fawn JourneyHawk (see above) have many apports of stones happening in her life. The question is if they are real spirits or individualized parts of their subsconscious.