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When Everyone Disappears

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A World Without Living Beings

People's Experiences

In and Around the Home

On the Road

At Various Buildings

In Open Spaces

In the Subway

In the Sweat Lodge


A World Without Living Beings

In my article of Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility I have shown that some people experience being invisible to other people, but they themselves are able to see and hear these other people, although they can not interact with them. They still seem to be present in the physical world, but they are of a slightly higher 'vibration'. However, there are other experiences in which one cannot see any other person at all.

It often starts with noticing an eerie silence, especially when there should be plenty of noise around. Then it is sometimes accompanied by a feeling that something is terrible wrong, and the person often becomes afraid. Sometimes one just wonders why is so quiet, and one cannot find his family members at home, that he knows have to be around. Outside there is no traffic. When it happens at other places, there are no people in otherwise busy places.

In other words, you find yourself suddenly in a duplicate of our physical world minus any family member that you know should be home, or on the street, or in other buildings. Actually there is an absence of any living being, including pets, and even insects. In some cases also any moving vehicle, on traffic where there should be. You find yourself all alone.

The  sudden eerie silence is a marker for entering a strange reality. This eerie silence we find a lot with strange experiences in the woods, but also with encounters with UFOs, aliens, lights, and associated with unreasonable fear and the feeling of being watched. What is not so well known is that the same eerie silence and its associated features also happens outside the woods. It can happen anywhere, at home, on the street, at other buildings.

When the eerie silence ends, you will find the expected members of your family at home, having been there all the time. They never saw you walking around the house looking for them. So it seems that you were in some sort of alternate reality. The eerie silence can also be short, and it is not always accompanied by other strange happenings, as in the following experience:

I had a similar experience a few years ago, When leaving home for work one morning I noticed something was off. When I closed the front door, it was silent, when normally I hear birds, cars even the airport nearby, but this time it was dead silent... I could only hear my own steps and breathing echoing while making my way to my car. It was really strange almost like my ears where plugged. I even stopped next to my car for a minute and looked around and couldn't hear a thing it wasn't until I got in my car and started it up that sound returned. (comment on post on Reddit)

The strange thing is that one can move around in this altered environment. How can one walk through a house, for example, and not find anyone there nor the sound they make, although they were there the entire time; and those people also didn't see the person looking for them. It seems that the person concerned shifted to a slightly higher dimension, one which identical to our world, but which contains no living beings, and no moving cars. Or is it a shift of frequencies, in such a way that the person temporarily shifted to a 'higher' vibration, but is still in the physical world, and can interact with it, but somehow he cannot see or interact with any living being since his own physicality has become of a more subtle nature. Physical sound might be limited to the physical world, and thus not heard in the 'higher' vibrational state which seem to be devoid of those sounds, except those made by the person himself.

In this altered state of reality, one cannot see other people or other living beings. This would suggest that one is on a much higher vibrational state, where only the physical world can be perceived but no living beings or physical sounds.

Let me also add that when the eerie silence is experienced in the woods, and more than one person is present, the person who experiences the silence, will not be able to see his companions, and often walks over the very spot where his companions claim they have been there all the time. But usually, one is alone in the woods, and there one often experiences encounters with strange beings.

There is also the question of how such an experience is initiated. Do we, humans, have an innate (psychic) ability to shift frequencies, although it mostly happens involuntarily, or does it get initiated by some other-dimensional entities who like to have fun with humans? Or are earth-generated energy fields responsible too?

Take into account that it sometimes happen to more than one person at the same time, excluding a malfunctioning or hallucinating brain.

People's Experiences

In and Around the Home

His mother was home, but she didn't hear them shouting, nor did he see her:

So a few months ago I was going about my day doing jobs around the house and what not everything was normal and seemed fine to me.

Later that day I remember sitting on my bed and hearing my next door neighbour start cutting the grass, but the sound of the lawnmower stopped a few seconds after it started so me being nosy looked out of my window to see why it had stopped but my neighbour wasn't there neither was there any signs of the grass being cut I thought nothing of it so I went back to minding my own business, half an hour later I went down stairs to go and ask my mum something but she wasn't there so I went outside thinking she would be gardening or sat enjoying the sun but again she was no where to be seen, I tried shouting out to see if she would answer but she didn't reply I started to go back to my room thinking she must have gone out for a walk or something. But as I was walking upstairs I started to notice that everything seemed very quiet and there was no sounds of cars going past outside I went to look out the window at the top of the stairs that over looked a road but no cars to be seen or people out walking. 1h past and I was sat in my room wondering where everyone is when the sound of my next-door neighbours lawnmower started up again, I looked out my window and there was my neighbour cutting the grass, I peaked over the rail on the stairs and there was my mum sat watching TV. I asked her where she went but she was confused and said "what do you mean I've been watching TV all day"

I'm still shaken and confused to what happened that day. And I'm hoping I never experience that again. (Reddit)


Brother and Mother in Sunroom were home the entire time:

This reminds me of an experience I had when I was a kid and I never thought anything of it until now! I was sleeping next to my brother on the floor in the upstairs of our house when I woke up to a heavy storm outside that morning. When I sat up I noticed that my brother wasn't next to me and the house was dark, no lights were on and the only light was from outside but I couldn't see through the windows because the rain was so heavy. There was a sunroom right next to where I was laying and I looked in and nobody was there. I decided to go downstairs because I thought everyone had just gotten up already but nobody was in the kitchen and nobody was downstairs, all the lights were off and the only sound was thunder and rain. I said "hello" and "anybody there?" With no answer. I was really worried at that point so I ran back upstairs to see that the light in the sunroom was on, my brother was asleep on the floor and my mom was sitting on a chair in the sunroom. I asked her where she was and she said she was there the whole time. At the time I just brushed it off as me simply overlooking them but now I feel like it was a similar glitch to yours. (comment on post on Reddit)


No pets; and his phone didn't work, a feature we find often with strange experiences.

About two years ago, I was with my cats letting them wander around my backyard. I started coughing for a second, and when I looked around my backyard and my cats where gone. they both usually sat in the grass so when I found them gone, I got really worried. I ran inside to tell my mother, but she was gone too. My phone wasn’t turning on. I felt like time had froze. I started looking harder for my cats, then I started coughing again. I was standing in the grass and when I looked around, they were sitting in the grass. They seemed very startled that I was there, and I checked my phone. It worked again. My mother was in the living room. I began to freak out.(Reddit)


Silence again, and the entire family missing, yet they were all there:

For background info, the incident happened at my Aunt’s old, one story house. At the time this occurred, there were 10 people in the house in total. Also, only 3-4 were adults, making 6 kids that were living there. This is important because the house was ALWAYS loud. Another important part is we lived about half a mile from a local airport where planes would fly all the time. It was loud inside and outside all the time. We didn’t have money to do much, so someone was always home. The story begins when I first wake up. I had a bunk bed with my twin. My cousins (all girls) shared another bunk along the wall. I notice that’s it’s eerily quiet but don’t think much of it yet. I get up and in ALL the other beds, the covers are messy like they got up. No one was in the room. I thought they had just gotten up to go play and eat breakfast. I got up and went into the living room, where was I met with complete silence still. The house is usually BOOMING with activity by 11 am. Yet, NOT a single soul was anywhere in the living room. I went into the kitchen next....NO one again. I went into both of my cousins rooms on opposite sides of the house. The covers were undone in both and no one was in either room. I go into my Aunt and Uncles room, which was a last resort for me because you’re not supposed to go in there unless you have to. I go in to find that their room was EXACTLY like all the rest in the house. Covers unturned, yet no one was in the room. Our tiny attic was connected to their (aunt and uncles) bathroom. I checked it....nothing. My first conclusion (hahaha) was that they all went out to eat without me for the first time in our entire lives without me. I was crushed. I went into the garage expecting to find cars gone or at least one of us out there. I go out and EVERYONE’s car is there. Not only that, but I had stepped outside and had expected to hear something (plane, cars, people, etc). ALL I heard still was this deafening silence that was so alien to me. Half a mile from an airport, I should have heard something. It was like I was the last person on Earth silent. Not only that, but I also didn’t see anyone at the airport either. The reality was I couldn’t find my family and I was absolutely terrified now. At this point, I lose it. I sit on a bench and just CRY. I pinched myself repeatedly hoping to end whatever was going on, but it didn’t work. I end up just sobbing on the bench and watching the clock hoping this would end somehow and I’d have my family back. Twenty minutes passes. Then one hour. Then an hour and half. Then two hours on the bench. Then three hours. Then out of nowhere, my dad just walks into the kitchen. I saw it from the bench. (The door was glass, so you could see through it). I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and hugged him as tight as I could. I asked him, “Where were YOU?!?!” He just said, “I’ve been here. What are you talking about?” My jaw hit the floor. Then I notice my cousins come out of our room that we shared. My Aunt comes into the kitchen from her room. People suddenly materialized. I was shocked, but I was just EXCITED to have my family back. Life went on from that point. There was no waking up or anything like that. Let me know what your thoughts are. (Reddit)


Coming home at empty house, no brothers or parents:

When I was in high school, I'd occasionally come home to find the house completely empty. Ordinarily, I wouldn't think so much of it, but for the fact that I always stayed after school for track practice and by the time I got back, my little brothers should have been home, as well as my parents. My mom was a completely stay-at-home mom as well, so she didn't even leave the house regularly. I would look around the house, calling out to see if anyone was home, and never found anyone. Even looked around the basement, the backyard, and checked the bathrooms, but still no one. There were signs of life, like a half finished meal being made, or a video game left on, but not a soul in sight. Even my dog, which usually came running up to me as soon as I opened the door, wouldn't show up. I would always assume everyone was out running errands, but when I asked where they went later, my family would tell me they were at the house the whole day. Nothing noticeable happened when my family reappeared. I would just go to my room and do some homework or read a book, and eventually when I came back out everyone would be back in place. I still sometimes wonder if it was just a series of strange coincidences that prevented me from encountering anyone or if it was something else. (Reddit)


No one home, and at neighbors too:

I've always been a late riser. This whole corona situation has me working from home so that allows me basically a sleep schedule of my choosing. When I woke up this "morning" (it was probably closer to noon), the family wasn't home. This isn't strange, as most of the time the old lady and the kids are off doing their own thing by the time I wake up. But when I went to go make a bagel, I saw that the backdoor was open. I thought maybe she had taken the kids out back to play, so I went to look but nobody was there. I kinda scoffed at her under my breath for leaving the door open (the bugs are pretty bad) and closed it. But immediately after turning around after closing the door I saw that across the living room the front door was open too. I could see through the wide open front door that both cars were in the driveway, so I went to go see if they were out front. Nope. This made me a bit nervous as both cars were in the driveway, and both doors were left wide open. I started assuming the worst. Across the street, I saw our neighbors front door open as well. We are very close with our neighbors (the dad is a childhood friend of mine and the kids have known each other since they were born pretty much), so I just walked over and went in the front door, thinking my family was probably over there. Nope. Not a damn trace. Obviously at this point I started getting panicked. I couldn't find my family, all my doors were open, and my neighbors house was in the same exact state (all of their cars were parked as well). I went to walk back across the street to get my phone, and I noticed the house next to mine had their front door wide open too. And the one on the house on the other side. This is when I lost my shit. I felt like I was in a god damn horror movie or something. I looked down the street and every single front door I could see was open and not a damn soul could be found. I went back inside and to my room to get my phone that was charging from the night prior, and as soon as I pull it off the charger and unlock it I hear the front door open and my wife and kid's muffled voices. I sprint to the kitchen to find my wife with bags of groceries in her hands. She just tells me to help her unload them. I ask her where the hell her and the kids have been, and how they even went anywhere without taking one of the cars, and she looks at me like I'm stupid. Tells me she took her car and she's been gone for like an hour. I explain to her the entire story, and she still just looks at me like I'm stupid. Asks me if I'm sure it wasn't a dream. I am positive I was not dreaming. Absolutely positive. She tells me she believes me and that we can look into it, but I could tell she really didn't. Who can blame her? Typing all this and going back to read it, I sound like a fucking lunatic. But I don't know where else to tell this story or anyone else who will really listen to me. I think I'm going crazy. EDIT: I spoke to my buddy across the street as well, and he said he and the family have been home all day. But there was clearly nobody there when I went to look for mine. (Reddit)

When a commenter asked him if he had heard any noises outside, his reply was very interesting. Remember, I mentioned in the introduction that all living beings seem to be absent in the alternate reality? This person didn't hear the dog, and mentioned that there were no bugs either:

Now that you mention it, I don't think so. Our neighbors have a big Labrador, and I don't recall seeing it. He's not known to run even with the door open. And even though the doors were open for who knows how long there were no bugs in the house. We get bugs in the house for leaving it open for 30 seconds. I wasn't really paying attention while it was going on because I was more focused on my family, but it's strange. Also, everything was eerily silent. There were no birds or cars or anything. Everything felt so unnaturally still and unalive, which made my anxiety so much worse. I did have this godawful ringing in my ears for a few minutes after waking up though. 

The ringing in the ears is also significant.

Asked if he left any proof of his wandering around during that strange episode, he replied:

No but everything I touched while in this "alternate reality" (that's what I'm going to call it, as that's what many people here seem to think it is) was in the exact same position it was when I "returned". The welcome mat I almost tripped over was still a little folded over, my son's bike that I had to move out of the driveway was still in the grass, my sandals were still on.


Here the cats disappeared, with the accompanying eerie silence. Interesting to note that he could hear his own sounds, making sure he did not get deaf:

For background, I've lived in the same house for 25 years. Quiet cul-de-sac, cemetery at far end. But we're in a large UK city and there are main roads fairly close and a large airport a few miles away. Every morning, same routine. Wake up, feed cats, put the kettle on for a cuppa. Go to the bottom of the garden for a cigarette while the kettle boils. Make tea, take it back to bed with a yoghurt to eat while I check emails, look at the news on my tablet. Monday morning, January 2017. Wake up with a migraine. Not unusual. So, feed cats, take tablets, put kettle on, etc, etc. Halfway through cigarette, suddenly notice, through haze of migrainey self-pity, that something is off. Dead silence. No traffic noise, no planes, no birds tweeting away. This is rush hour, approx 7.30, more or less halfway between full dark and daylight. Nondescript winter weather - dull, cold-ish, no rain, wind, fog or snow. By the time I'd finished my cigarette, I was feeling quite freaked out. Normally by now the cats would have finished breakfast and come out to see what's going on in the world. Not a sign of them. Actually wondered if I'd woken up deaf. Went back into the house and banged about a bit. Not deaf. Because of the migraine, I went back to bed with my tea and yoghurt, intending to sleep it off. My partner had left for work, I was between jobs. Woke up two hours later feeling fine. Thought I'd dreamt the whole thing. No, empty mug and yoghurt carton by the bed. Went downstairs and out into the garden for another cigarette. Traffic noise, planes, birds, cats. Normality. (comment on post on Reddit)


On the Road

Walking down a busy street that is empty:

So, when I was younger I usually went to my grandmother's place in weekend's, her house is just one street away from me so I usually walk there. When I left the house, like in my yard, I could hear all the cars on the street and people talking, laughing etc, but when I got to the street there was no one there, no people or cars or actually anything, it just looked like the place was unpopulated. I didn't really care so I just walked right to my grandmother's house. Still even on her street there was dead silence everywhere. I went into the house and when I looked back at the street it suddenly became fucking populated, like kids were all over the place laughing and running and all the cars were actually moving and making noises. After that I talked to my grandmother and asked her if the street was all day that noisy, she told me that it was and she even couldn't sleep from the noises. I was terrified. And I still can't explain what happened that day. (Reddit)


Even when driving a car, the sudden eerie silence can happen:

Exact same thing happened to me and a friend once in my car, but it was want just the sound that disappeared. It looked suddenly like we went back in time or something. I realized first that something was up (internally thinking I was losing my mind) then she suddenly stopped talking and went pale as a ghost. Then asked me "why did the music stop, and where’s the other side of the road? and the streetlights?" I said I didn’t know. We both sat quietly for a second and then all of a sudden everything came back…. My music, the streetlights, the other side of the road, etc. We were both so spooked, and to this day she will not drive on that road. Neither of us knew wth happened. (comment on post on Reddit)


On a motorcycle:

I was riding down a major highway in Houston called I 10 in a very busy section of it. I wear a helmet, my regular jacket, no big deal, my radio was on. All of a sudden every sound around me was gone. There was no sound of the trucks that were next to me. There was no sound of the cars. There was no sound. I thought I was having a stroke because I'm 70 years of age. I lifted up my facemask on my helmet and I could hear my tires. I could hear my engine, but that was all. The music from my radio was gone. Everything was gone. As that was happening a car next to me, I saw the woman look right at me. She turned her head, looked, put on a blinker and she came right over at me, I said I'll be a son of a ... I'm invisible. I firmly believe that for a few seconds, I wasn't where people could see me and I think that's how these accidents happen when people say I looked and there was nobody there and they run into someone. Maybe it was just for a minute. I mean it wasn't a minute it was long enough for me to lift up my face mask to listen, and I said "Oh Jesus, what the hell's going on." So am I having a stroke and then when I looked over at the woman and she came over at me, I said "She can't see me. Within seconds the sounds of the traffic returned as fast as it started. That's how fast it stopped, like throwing a light switch. There was noise all around me again and everything. I got off about four exits further down where I was going. I said "I got to think about this." The only thing I could come up with was I drove into something somewhere. Fortunately I came out of it and I wasn't stuck in the damn thing. I mean my hearing is good. I'm telling it was like a light switch, all of a sudden all the ambient noise was gone. (Beyond Creepy)


On the sidewalk:

I live in a fairly small town where everything is in close proximity to everything else. I had plans with my friends on this particular day but also wanted to spend time with my dad so I had breakfast with him and then planned to walk up the road to the Starbucks to meet with my friends. When I left the restaurant and started walking the town was normal, people walking around, a few cars buzzing by, etc. a man passed me on the sidewalk, and at that same moment I stopped next to the tattoo shop to send a text, and I felt everything go dead silent. I looked up from my phone and saw nothing. No cars, no people, the man who had just passed me was nowhere to be seen, not a single bit of sound anywhere. I turned 360° a couple of times, and stepped forward, and the world seemed to resume. A car whizzed by, a bike bell rang, people talked on patios, everything. All these things in extremely close proximity to where I was just standing. I definitely should have heard them. I still don’t understand what happened that day, and I haven’t brought myself to go back to that tattoo shop. (Reddit)


Noticed by two people is a busy city:

I was driving a car near the center of a 1M+ city, and there was another person with me. The time was about 4.30 p.m, and that's the high traffic time around here. It was the Thursday of the Easter week, which is a normal work day here. Suddenly we both noticed there was nothing going on. No moving cars, trams, buses, cyclists, pedestrians, dog walkers - just nothing. We both noticed this, and joked about everybody taking a day off or leaving work early because of the Easter. The traffic lights were functioning normally, or actually I'm not sure as they seemed to be green all the way so that no stopping was required, we joked about it as well. I referred to the movie Truman Show and actors going to wrong places or taking too long a coffee break, but they hadn't seen it so I didn't spoil it any more and changed subject. I drove maybe two more kilometers, took a turn to a short cul-de-sac street and let the other person out at the building they live in. Then I took a u-turn and returned to the bigger streets. They were full of everything that was not there just a minute ago. (comment on post on Reddit)


At Various Buildings

At a shopping mall, no people, no cars:

A few years ago, I decided to meet up with some friends for frozen yogurt on a Friday. We decided on meeting at this Cherry Berry that was part of a strip mall. For reference, there’s a couple bars, a Buffalo Wild Wings, a 24/7 gym, and more within this strip mall. Places that would definitely be busy on a Friday night. This was also around 7:00, when everything would still be open. I arrived at the strip mall and parked. The odd thing is, there was absolutely no activity at this place. All the venues had their lights off, there were no other cars in the parking lot, and there was nobody in the buildings. I thought this was odd, but just assumed the place was having power issues and had to close down or something. I was about to text my friends that we should head somewhere else when I received a text from one saying “we’re here, we just walked inside”. I told them exactly what I saw and asked where they were and they said “go around the back”. I decided to walk around back of the strip mall and tried to get in the back door. No use, it was locked. I walked back around the building... and everything had changed. Cars all over the parking lot. Lights on in the now-open buildings. People inside. I was dumbfounded, and decided to check my phone again. The only text that was in the group chat was the “we’re here, we just walked inside” text. No messages from me asking where they were, no message from them saying “go around the back”. I went inside the Cherry Berry and explained to them what had happened. They thought I was crazy (rightfully so?). I still don’t know what to make of it, but it creeps me out to this day. (comment on post on Reddit)


In a school; the entire class disappeared:

Ok so I basically never thought about posting it on here until now even tho it happened like, 8 years ago. It happened when me and my friends were following our class through the school corridors (this was in the last year of middle school, we all had to wait in a line outside for the teacher to lead us to the classroom). Me and my two friends were chatting and laughing at the very back of the line, approximately one meter away from our class, until the moment when the last person before us turned into the corridor of the 2nd floor. That moment got us three completely at a loss. We turned to that same corridor as them a LITERAL HALF A SECOND after the last person walked there. But there was no one... No classmates, no teachers, no lights, nothing. So we decided to cross the corridor, checking every door, and only found one other class that obviously wasn't ours. So we decided to go back downstairs to the school helpers (idk how it's called in English, but in French we call them "pions" they're basically people working as surveillance and discipline) and tell them that they all disappeared, luckily that day's "Pion" was my friend, so she told us to go check again and come back if there's nothing still. So we went, and there was the teacher, slouching on the doorframe, asking us where the f*ck we were, they even apparently started class and the lights were on and everything! We tried to tell him but he didn't believe is and said the door was opened the whole time and that we wouldn't come back in without a proper explanation... After that we just decided not to go to class and to go talk about it Somewhere else. None of us understood what happened to this day. Edit : No, there wasn't any running sounds or door sounds the moment they disappeared. It's like they just vanished out of nowhere. (Reddit)


At a restaurant:

This glitch happened a few months ago in central Texas. I don't use any drugs or drink alcohol, so no worries about that. It was a Sunday (I remembered that because Breaking Bad was on), and it was very uneventful. All I was doing was killing time for the new episode to premiere. I didn't eat much of anything that day, and I really did not feel like cooking anything. I decided to call a local "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurant that I frequent to place an order for a large serving of menudo. I waited a minute, then I got in my car, and headed off. When I drove down the street, everything was dead silent, and there wasn't a single other car on the road. This isn't unusual on a school night in this town, but I had this eerie feeling something was off. Kind of a similar feeling when you're in a room with a really reclusive person, and you don't know if they're about to murder you. This goes on for about five minutes until I reach the restaurant. I park, and step out of the car. Silence. The only person I see is the silhouette of an elderly man with a ten gallon hat, rocking back in forth in his chair, on his porch, across the street. No cars are parked in the parking lot. I step into the Mexican restaurant. No one. Nothing. I walked around the dining area. I shouted, "Hello?". No response. I pulled out my phone. It was around 7:00 PM (this facility I frequent is open 6.00 AM to 9:00 PM every day). I peeked into the kitchen. Zip. Nada. Zilch. I start panicking, run out to my car, and speed off. A minute down the road, I notice there was more activity than earlier down the road. Confused, I call the restaurant one more time. The same lady who took my order on the phone at my house picked up. I asked if my order is ready, and if the store is open. Yes, and yes. I perform a U-turn, back to the restaurant. I pulled in the parking lot, and notice almost every space is taken. I got out of my car, dumbfounded, and looking around. The old man was sitting on his porch, rocking in the chair. He waved at me. I stepped inside the restaurant. Full house, and I could smell the aroma of cooked meat resonating throughout the place. I immediately paid for my food, and left. (Reddit)


In Open Spaces

On the flea market, although the silence is not mentioned, everyone disappeared but one person:

Okay, I don’t believe in ghost and stuff. In fact I completely doubt it but, not too long ago like 4 and a half years ago, I was selling some products with my mother in the flee market like we used to on weekends. So almost everyone just has there car nearby to pack up and set up when they need to, so I would go inside the car whenever it was too hot outside and probably mess around with some cards or something, but one time my siblings and my mother were sitting and talking, I decide to enter the car to grab my cards and I take my eyes off them looking under the seats and can’t seem to find them so I exit and try to ask my mother but out of nowhere when I exit no one is in sight. I assume they went to the bathroom but I look around even more and see that no-one is in sight including customers, staff, sellers, etc. And of course since I was a lot more younger than I am now I start to cry and panic. And after I calm down I decide to look around for a single person. After walking through a maze that is the flee market I see a lady fixing a table or maybe packing up but I didn’t care but I just talk to her and start tearing up how I couldn’t find my family, she ask me where I set up and I walk her to where my family is and Bam. My whole family was there I look back and people are walking casually. Literally I felt no phase or nothing she walks away saying I was lost and stuff, my mom and my siblings still tell me that they were there the whole time including the people, and that they never heard me leave the car. I don’t know what to make of the situation but I felt what I felt and yeah I don’t know what people call that but for sure was something that I wouldn’t believe if someone told me. I just felt I had to tell someone cause I just sound crazy when I talk about it. Anyone have any scientific, logical, or even (not my favorite) spiritual ideas? (Reddit)


In the Subway

An eerie silence again in an otherwise busy place:

Around a year or two ago, I was around 20 or 21 and I was riding the subway towards the airport. Now, this wasn't the first time I took the subway since I was studying in the mainland and I lived on a island. I was used to travel from and to the airport. It was around 1am and it was the final subway for the night, and around 4/5 stops until the airport, the train stopped and a few people walked out. I was inside with around 10 other people in the subway car when the time seemed to stop. The doors of the subway didn't closed after a while and I decided to put my head out of the subway door and I couldn't hear anything outside. When I mean nothing, I mean nothing. No cricket sounds, no dogs barking or cars in the far. The streets were empty except for the street lights being on, but I ignored it and put my head back into the subway. That's when I noticed it... I was alone in the subway. I couldn't even see my luggage that was by my side a few minutes prior. It was eerie. I put my head outside the subway again to see if someone had left, possibly with my luggage, but nothing. All I could see was the same quiet scenario. I put my head back into the subway and lord and behold, the door closed, and my luggage came back and even the people. I then decided to talk a tourist that was by my side and I asked what had happened. She looked at me and seemed confused. Apparently we had only waited around 2 minutes or so which was the regular time for the subway to wait at the station, but to me, and until this day, I swear that was at least a good ten minutes of dead creepy silence. (Reddit)


In the Sweat Lodge

This is a really interesting story, told by American Native Indian shaman Fawn JourneyHawk, in an interview by Ronald Boyer. (YouTube and Vimeo, story starts at 9:00). It shows that spirits are responsible for raising the vibration of people to bring them into higher dimensions. They can work through shamans as is the case here. They can also work through mediums, where the same technique is used to teleport objects (apports) but in some case cases also living beings (plants and small animals), and in rare cases even the medium himself.

As soon as we started the round. I was supposed to only bring steam and not heat. You could see everything in the lodge, the grass blades and everything. All the women, except for the one next to me, the bank executive lady, they all closed their eyes, during the first round. It was a round of prayer, where each got to pray, or sing, or whatever they wanted to do. They just went into that order. I just poured the water and made the steam while they did that. I didn't know that they all had their eyes closed. One lady, who was a little overweight, had trouble with her back. because it was a casual gathering, she laid down. The others were sitting there, and they were all bent over or something like that.

I put the steam on. I couldn't see anybody but the lady next to me, because she was close to me. I couldn't see anybody else because of the steam, but I could hear them. When the steam went away, they weren't there, but their voices were there. I couldn't see anybody. I didn't know what to do, so I poured more steam. OK... let's regroup here. Every time the steam cleared, they weren't there. But she (bank executive lady) was. I finally leaned over to here and said: "Do you see what I see?" She is quiet and almost ready to break into tears. She said: "I don't think so. I don't see anything but you and me. That is what I see. What do I do?" She didn't know what to do. They (the others) kept saying their prayers and going around and around. I kept putting steam on, and I kept thinking: "What am I going to do when they are done praying? I lost them and I don't know where they are, but I can hear them right in the same spot." When the last, next to the lady next to me, was finished, the steam cleared and they were all just like normal.

I thought: "This is not good. This is a head game. I don't like this." So I asked them: "Did anybody of you see anything, feel anything? This last round?" They said: "No we had our eyes closed because it was so bright." It was hard to get into a sacred space, sitting in there under the blue tarp, so they checked out.

After the run, everything was fine, it was all normal. When I came out of the lodge, I called on the ancestors while I was still in the lodge (everybody else has left). I was mad. I wanted to know what the heck that was about. "Don't put me in a position to be responsible for everybody and then pull something like that on me." I was terrified, I lost these women. I didn't know what to do. They (the ancestors) thought it was kind of funny. I said: "What happened?" They said "You took them into another dimension. Had you taken them further, I wouldn't have heard their voices either." They were in a layer between worlds. They were at a higher vibration. The old ones explained it as a fan blade. The fan blade is going around on low and you can still see them. You put it on high and they are gone, you can't see them. So I put them on high, and they were gone, but they were still there just the fan blades are.

They (the ancestors) could have put it one notch up, they left it at that, so I wouldn't lose my mind completely. I don't know what I would have done it that would have happened. The voices I still heard confused me so much that I didn't do anything except pouring water on the stones.

I kept asking myself: "Why didn't the two of us go?" When the fire keeper was there, I was feeling around but I couldn't feel him, so they weren't there in the physical. I first thought it was all in the head, an optical illusion, but it wasn't. They really weren't there.

I finally got the answer, just recently, why we were still put, because I am the one that transports them. I have to stay behind while everybody else is gone. That was my first introduction into transporting... The bank lady also stayed behind because she was a part of me as she was assisting me and had all my rattles and (feather) fans and whatever I had.