Anomalous Showers of Stones, Water and Other Objects

Rain or Water Out Of Nowhere  

There has been several known cases where water appeared out of nowhere, from faint drops, to rain, to streams of water, both outside in the fields (with totally clear skies) and inside houses. As these cases are not as spectacular as stone showers, journalists or investigators are not inclined to travel to the location and investigate the phenomenon.

In my opinion, the mystery of the appearance of this water is based on the same phenomenon as with stone showers. The complexity of local electromagnetic and other fields cause water at another location to dematerialize and them materializes it at the location where people are seeing it appear out of thin air, or apparently from ceilings and walls. In other words, teleportation of water. For more info about this, click on the above link.


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1. Newspapers Reports

The following are all original newspaper reports. The source is mentioned at the end of each article.

The following happened near Crosshill, Welleship township, Toronto, Canada:

Remarkable Phenomena - The Windows of a farmer's dwelling - Repeatedly shattered to pieces - And the inmates drenched with Water

Wellesley, Sept. 6--A very extraordinary story having gained currency in this section of the country that Mr. George Manser, a very respectable and well-to-do farmer residing near the village of Crosshill, in the township of Wellesley, had with his family been driven out of his dwelling by the mysterious breaking of his windows and showering down of water in dry weather, your correspondent took occasion to-day to visit the place and interview Mr. Manser and his family in regard to the report in circulation. On approaching the house he noticed the windows, six in number, closed up with boards, which still further excited his curiosity and gave reason to believe that there must be some ground for the report.

The house I found to be a large one-and-a-half story hewed log building, rather old but in a very good state of repair, situated a short distance from the highway on the most elevated part of the farm. On stating the object of my visit Mr. Manser very kindly showed me through the building and gave me the following facts:

About a month or six weeks ago the glass in the windows began to break, several panes bursting out at a time. These were replaced with new ones only to meet the same fate. A careful examination was then made to ascertain the cause. It was at first supposed that the house being old and getting a little out of shape might affect the windows, but the sash was found to be quite easy and even loose in the frames. Then the family are surprised and put to flight with a shower of water, saturating their beds, their clothing, in fact everything in the house, whilst the sun in shining beautifully in the horizon, and outside all is calm and serene. Nothing daunted, Mr. Manser repairs to the village store and obtains a fresh supply of glass, and even tries the experiment of using some new sash, and utterly failing to discover the mysterious cause of either the breaking of the glass or the sudden showers of water, all taking place in broad day light. His neighbours are called in, and whilst they are endeavouring to solve the mystery, a half dozen or more panes of glass would suddenly burst, making a report similar to that of a pistol shot. Mr. Manser states that he inserted more than one hundred new lights of glass and then gave it up, and boarded up the windows, first taking out the sash and setting them aside, but on account of the continued bursts of water, they were compelled to remove all their beds, some to the wood-shed and others to the barn, leaving only those things in the house that are not so liable to be damaged by the showering process to which he has been so repeatedly subjected. He has commenced the erection of a new dwelling, hoping thereby to escape those remarkable tricks of nature, or whatever it may be, which seem to continue their operations to the old house. If these strange occurrences had taken place at night, one might suspect that Mr. Manser was the victim of some mischievous people, but occurring in the daytime in the presence of the family and other witnesses, and in fine weather, it seems very difficult of solution. Various theories have been put forward, but none of them seem sufficient to account for the double phenomena of the sudden showers of water under a good roof in fine weather, and the oft-repeated bursting out of the windows. Perhaps you or some of your scientific readers can crack the nut.

Source: Toronto Globe Toronto, Canada), Sept. 9, 1880

It is reported that In Chesterfield county, in the northeastern part of the State, it has been raining for ten or twelve days out of a cloudless sky. Something of this character has been observed here. This morning at 5 o' clock the sidewalks were wet and the gutter pipes attached to the roofs were running water just as though a heavy rain was falling. Not a single cloud was to be seen in the skies at any time during the night. It may be mentioned, too, that there has been no rainfall here in nearly two months, which is somewhat remarkable. as the months of September and October are usually considered the rainy season here.

Source: The Sun (New York, N.Y.), 24 Oct. 1886, front page


Strange Phenomenon Near the Town of Guthrie. Oklahoma Territory. Guthrie (O. T.), October 23.-The people of Stillwater are greatly mystified over a remarkable natural phenomenon near that town. In the field of Robert Copper, south of that place, stands a large cottonwood tree, its branches leaning out over the bed of a little creek. A few weeks ago a party of picnickers stopped under the tree and were startled by finding there was a continual shower of water falling from its leaves and branches. It is in the shape of a fine mist or drizzle, but it can be plainly felt and seen at all times. Although it has not rained in that part of the Territory for weeks, the fall of water from this tree has kept up continually, and crowds of people come from a distance every day to view it. Those scientifically inclined speculate, theorize and give it up. The superstitious ones shake their heads ominously, but the tree keeps right on sending down I its shower, and whenever the sun is shining a beautiful rainbow can be seen under its branches.

Source: The Record-Union, October 24, 1892, Sacramento, California (front page)

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Oct. 16.--A phenomenon was noticed by many persons in a portion of Rhinebeck on Friday afternoon. The sky was perfectly clear and the sun shining brightly, when, suddenly a shower of rain began to fall, which lasted several minutes. Many people witnessed the unusual occurrence, and they say that the sky remained perfectly clear and the sun shone brightly during the shower.

Source: The New York Times, October 17, 1886

There is a spot near Dawson, Ga., where rain continuously falls out of a clear say. This has been going on ever since the great earthquake of August 31. The theory is that at this place the crust of the earth us very thin and the temperature of tie air is modified by the temperature of the vacuity beneath, thus producing rain. Hundreds of people have visited the spot and testified to the dampness of the drops that fall...

Source: Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), 20 Nov. 1886, page 3


 (By International ' News Service) Dublin,  Ga. Oct. 15 - A mysterious rain which falls daily on a certain spot in this city, whether it is cloudy or fair, cold or hot, has been going on until it has awakened the curiosity of the people in the neighborhood and started much talk. On the sidewalk of Columbia street between' Franklin and Washington streets there is a spot near a tree where the rain can be seen falling in a light shower from about 11 a. m. to midafternoon. It is not a hard rain but can be plainly seen and felt. Residents in  the street say it has been going on this way for two years  or more, and so far no explanation of it has been found.

Source: The Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer (Bridgeport, Connecticut.), 15 Oct. 1920, page 9


Mysterious Rain

Glasgow Ky. Sept. 24 - Much comment has been occasioned throughout this section by a mystifying rain which fell in Warren county a few days since. The rain which is termed "a soaking rain" fell on the farms of James Young, W. D. Duncan, J. C. Read and Barker Duncan, and, it is claimed, thoroughly soaked the ground for something like a half mile square, and aside from these four farms not a drop of rain fell in that or adjoining counties. The peculiar feature in connection is the fact that Warren county along with the rest of the State is experiencing one of the most severe droughts in many years and why or how this rain fell on only four farm in the middle of the drought ridden  district is simply unexplainable The occurrence has created almost as much comment and interest as did the rain at Glasgow Junction a year ago when the rain fell in one certain place for a week without a sign of a cloud and which was given almost a national publicity.

Source: The Hartford Herald (Hartford, Kentucky), 30 Sept. 1908, front page


What appeared to be a most wonderful phenomenon was daily witnessed during the whole of last week in the back yard of the Presbyterian parson age at this place. Beginning about 5 o'clock p. m. of each day rain, apparently, fell continuously for about three-quarters of an hour in one spot, about sixty feet in diameter, while else where not a drop of rain could be be served and the weather perfectly fair. Water unquestionably fell in the form of rain. Several doubting Thomases stretched forth their hands and caught the drops as they fell, and were convinced. There were no trees overhead. For a long while investigation into the phenomenon failed to discover anything that could suggest a rational explanation of the mystery or show any natural causes of which the senses could take any notice. Dr. Edmunds, who resides on the premises, has at last found what he believes is the source of the "water supply." On a fruit tree not far off from the spot where the water falls is a number of little insects that throw out jots of water from their tails. They evidently get the water by sucking the sap of the tree. When the water is thus emitted it forms into drops, and falls in the manner of rain from vapor. This solution of the Sumter mystery satisfactorily explains the phenomenon of the raining trees in Barnwell, Columbia and Cheraw in 1886, the year of the earthquake, and by some people superstitiously connected with that disturbance. The insect is described as a brilliantly variegated butterfly about twice the size of a common housefly. - Sumter Watch man.

Source: The Manning Times (Manning, Clarendon County, South Carolina), 16 Oct. 1889, page 6

[Charles Fort, in his books, mentions that the water ejecting insects was the going explanation for mysterious rains at that time by the 'learned men' or scientists]

Another Mysterious Rain

A correspondent writing to the Times from Slick Rock says: "Another example of rain failing in one particular spot and that when the sky was perfectly clear has been witnessed in the Slick Rock country. A few days ago Mrs. J. H. Chism was surprised to notice quite a shower of rain falling In front of her kitchen door and not a sign of a cloud visible though the rain was sufficient to have  wet a man in his shirt sleeves. When her husband came in at noon Mrs. Chism called his attention to the fact. Unwilling to believe anything supernatural was causing this phenomena they set about to discover the nature and cause of it. They observed that rain was falling just beneath a very rank grape vine and upon examining the grape vine found it infested with a vast number of little striped bugs about the size but hardly the shape of lightning bugs from which this rain was continually falling. Since then quite a number of their neighbors have witnessed it and all are willing to testify to the above facts. It Is thought this little bug draws the sap from the grape vine and this is what forms the rain. "Now they would like to know if the Glasgow Junction rain which so puzzled the people of that place a few months ago could have been explained in this natural way". Glasgow Times

Source: The Hartford Republican (Hartford, Kentucky), 19 June 1908, page 2

The following is a recent article that appeared in a local news paper (the event started at July 5, 1975): The Crescent-News, Wednesday, July 9, 1975, Defiance, Ohio:

Mystery Puddles Plague Ayersville Family

 By Pam Bigford, C-N Staff Writer

THE MYSTERIOUS APPEARING water threatens to ruin many of the Frederick's belongings, and Mrs. Clyde Frederick and daughter Julie are kept busy seeking new appearances of the moisture and wiping it up. Crescent-News photo. While rain In Spain may fall mainly on the plain, all the precipitation in Ayersville seems to be falling In the Clyde Frederick house. In? Yes, inside their house. It may be incorrect, however, to refer to the moisture in the Fredrick house as rain since It doesn't really fall. It just appears. Everywhere. All the time. "It comes In spells," Mrs. Ann Frederick said, with an ever-present towel in her hand. "We might not see any for a couple of hours and then it will look like there's been a shower in the house." The water gives no warning; it makes no sound when it appears. But turn around and there's a puddle on the TV. Or on the shelves. Or in a drawer or in the coal bucket. It's a strange phenomenon, and one that none of the plumbers, Water works employees or insurance men who have visited the house have been able to explain. Even the National Weather Bureau admitted It has never heard of a case like the one in Ayersville. The eerie saga began Saturday night when Ann and Clyde Frederick and their children, Julie and Danny, left their home at 9 p.m. to pay a short visit to a friend's house. When they returned at 10 p.m., the kitchen floor was full of water. Puddles have been relentlessly appearing ever since. "It's hard to catch It forming, which only makes it more mysterious," Mrs. Frederick said. It happens when you're not looking at a certain place. We only saw It form once--we could see the carpet get wet In a ring. "It makes you nervous," she said. "It's worse because no one can tell us what's causing it." It really is spooky," said Harold Root, office manager of the Defiance City Water Department, who visited the Fredericks Monday. "I don't know why it's happening, but it has to have something to do with condensation," he said." It shows up on flat surfaces, which is characteristic of condensation, but it really has appeared in large amounts." Root saw the water appear with his own eyes. "I saw a few drops of water on the carpet, and then a circle about the size of a half-dollar appeared. I thought it was coming up through the floor, but we lifted up the rug, and the pad underneath was completely dry." Root is checking out a few of his own theories on how the water appears, but the fact that the walls and ceiling of the house are dry has destroyed most of his ideas, he said. The National Weather Bureau In Columbus agreed that the problem must be an unusual form of condensation, but admitted, when the circumstances were described to them over the phone by the Crescent-News, that It had never heard of anything like It before. Neighbors helping mop up water and move belongings around kiddingly compare it to the strange occurrence In "The Exorcist" film which played in Defiance only two weeks ago. Right now they are kidding. But the story admittedly smacks of the "Twilight Zone." In fact, one would be inclined to think it was all an elaborate hoax if the Frederick house was not in such obvious disarray and the family and friend's so worried. "Disarray is perhaps not a strong enough word. The house has been turned upside-down in an effort to locate the ever-appearing water before It soaks in and ruins things. Sheets of clear plastic cover the sofa, chairs, and piano in the living room, as well as the TV and similar furniture in the family room. Pictures have been removed from the walls. All the drawers in the kitchen and bedrooms are pulled out or have been removed. "We pour water out of the drawers and wring it out of the clothes inside," Mrs. Frederick said. The living room drapes lay in the garage, where water has yet to form, drying out after the Fredericks discovered water running down them Monday morning. Many items that are easily water-damaged have been moved to the garage or the attic, another place which has remained bone-dry. Hopefully it will remain so. But no water had appeared in the closet under the stairs until Monday. Meanwhile, the house is dotted with piles of damp towels, sheets and clothes, "anything we could soak up water with," Mrs. Frederick said. "Sunday night we had 12 washer loads full of towels and sheets," she said. Neighbors have been a big help. They and relatives have been lending moral support and helping mop up since the weekend. They have also provided extra towels as well as dehumidifiers and fans which Mr. Frederick hopes will help alleviate the problem. "We have three dehumidifiers going now and are expecting a fourth from a neighbor," he said. "We also have four fans. I don't know whether it's helping or not since water is still appearing. But we have to do something." The house, however, feels no more humid to the average person than any other house on a 90-degres summer day. Something has to be done soon, everyone says. No serious damage has been done yet, if the felt keys on the piano dry out. But the Fredericks have paid the price of getting up every hour during the night to look for water and wipe up any that appears. Their insurance firm, Bacherman of Napoleon, has indicated that it won't pay off on any damage caused by the water, Frederick said. "If it was vandalism or a water pipe broke; it would be covered, they said, but this won't," Frederick lamented. "They said that they don't know what's causing it and we can't prove where it's coming from, so the claim isn't good." The Piano is drying out, and they hope the wooden drawers and cupboards will do the same. The TV picture is blurry now, but Frederick isn't sure if that is due to the water, or if it is merely a coincidence. News about the mysteriously appearing water is spreading fast. Weatherman Earl Finkle of WOWO radio station in Fort Wayne, Ind. has contacted the Fredericks about it, and Mrs. Frederick said Finkle had been contacted for information concerning the phenomenon by the Chicago Weather Bureau. Maybe the experts will be able to explain why the Fredericks have water on their record albums. And on the headboards in the bedrooms. And in the fireplace. In the meantime, the Fredericks, their friends, and their relatives will keep mopping up.

[There were three follow-up articles, July 10 and July 11. The July 10 article stated that the phenomenon was continuing, and the July11 article said that "The water stopped for a 24 hour period beginning Tuesday and raised everyone's hopes it had stopped for good, but then relentlessly began again as frequently as before." The July 14 article stated that the phenomenon had stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

Source: (with b/w pictures); and

News article in the Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, South-Carolina), September 11, 1993, page 48. [same typical characteristics are with stone showers: loud popping sounds as from a gun, the repeating burst, and a beginning and an end to the phenomenon] :

Was family's home haunted by a water demon?


 E. Randall Floyd

It began one rainy night in October 1963, just when the Francis Martin family of Methuen, Mass., had settled down for a quiet evening of TV. A few minutes into the program they noticed a small damp patch forming on the den wall between two bookshelves. The spot grew quickly from the size of a nickel to that of a large dinner plate "That's odd." Francis Martin remembered telling his wife as he got up to investigate the curious spot. His first thought was that a pipe had frozen and burst. But that didn't seem possible since it was only early October. Nor did a drain backup seem likely either, since he'd had the system cleaned out only a few weeks before. What could the strange spot be, he wondered as he ran his fingers across the sticky surface of the wall. His wife and children joined him, and soon they were oohing and aahing over their mysterious discovery. Then came a loud popping sound -- "like a small caliber pistol being discharged." A split second later a spout of water burst from the wail, soaking them all wet. "It pretty well drenched us," Martin told a reporter. "The water was freezing cold -- the coldest water I've ever felt." A few seconds later the gushing spray of cold water stopped. After cleaning up the mess, Martin promised his wife he would phone the plumber first thing in the morning. The next day, however, another spot appeared on a different wall. Soon a fountain of water was pouring in. forcing the family to rearrange furniture to keep it from getting soaked. As before, the mysterious stream of icy water lasted about 20 seconds before suddenly stopping. After several days of popping sounds and mysterious fountains of water – usually occurring every 15 minutes at various places – the Martin's house was so much awash that they moved into the home of Mr. Martin's mother-in-law in Lawrence, not far from Methuen. Unfortunately, the water gremlin pursued them to Lawrence, and in a short time five rooms in the mother-in-law's place were drenched too. "Water was everywhere," Martin recalled. "The walls, carpets, furniture, everything was soaked.'' The deputy fire chief was asked to investigate and the house was checked for leaky pipes; there were none. At least one official a deputy named Mains - was present when a jet of water suddenly burst through a plaster wall and shot two feet into the room. He also heard the curious popping sound. "It was like a nightmare," Martin told the press. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think some kind of water demon was after us." Rather than inflict their problems on his mother-in-law any longer, Francis Martin loaded up his wife and kids and moved back to their Methuen home. This time the water supply was turned off at the main and the pipes were drained. Their first night back home nothing happened. Then, next morning, another wall exploded in a shower of ice-cold water. Then another, and another. In the days that followed, damp spots would appear on several walls simultaneously. Then as suddenly as the spots had appeared, the wails would erupt with streams of water at the same time, none of them lasting longer than 20 seconds. Once again the house became unlivable, and once again the Martins returned to Lawrence. But, just like before the "water demons" followed them, eventually forcing them to return home. "It was as if whatever was causing the problem was ordering us back home," Martin noted. "It wouldn't tolerate us leaving our home" In time the watery assaults on the Martin family gradually came to an end. A few more spots appeared, but no more leaks or showers shot forth from the walls. To their dismay, the Martins never did discover the source of their "watery haunting." How -- or why - gallons of water would suddenly jet from the dry plaster walls of their house would remain a mystery. Equally perplexing was the gradual cessation of the phenomena. "Moisture buildup" was the official explanation. To this day, however, no official has been able to explain how moisture buildup can result in showers of icy water gushing forth for 20 seconds. One psychic investigator theorized the bizarre activity was the work of a poltergeist – a kind of troublesome ghost that takes delight in wreaking havoc in the lives of mortals. "This particular poltergeist probably favored working with water." the investigator noted dryly. "A true water demon "  

Source: Herald-Journal, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Sep 11, 1993, page 48


2. Other Sources

The following I translated from the original French report in Comptes rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, volume 14, January-June 1842, page 663-664: (I kept the translation as close to the original as possible, and thus does not read fluent in English). The original French report is at the end of this page.

Note on the rain observed by a completely clear sky; Mr. Bodson to Noirfontaine. "On April 21, at about two-thirty in the evening, with a perfectly serene sky, I was on the gate of the enclosure, to the left of the a Flanders road, alone and away from any dwelling . I felt several times on the face and hands, the impression of some very fine drops of water, but that seemed thrown with force. I only made that first little attention, but having then crossed the road and being approached by a group of soldiers who were raising an embankment, I still felt the same sensation, and saw very distinctly raindrops on my hands. I expressed my surprise when the sergeant and several others told me that it had rained like this for several hours. The drops that fell were neither big enough nor sufficiently abundant to be noticed on the ground. I watched the sky carefully, and do not see any trace of clouds or vapor. The wind blew with strong enough north-northeast; the temperature, which had been low until then, began to go up. The following days it became indeed considerably high, and the wind turned south from the east. The next day, the 22th, finding myself at about the same point and at the same time, I felt once again the same effect. The sky was less clear than the day before. I noticed high in the upper part of the sky white clouds, very small, underdeveloped, with uncertain contours and very distant from each other; but their position in relation to the wind direction, and the height that they seemed to be, were such that it is not likely that the few drops of water that I received might come from them.


Rain From a Cloudless Sky.

The following is from the "Charlotte Chronicle" of October 21, 1886, published in Charlotte, North Carolina: "Citizens in the southern portion of the city have witnessed for weeks or more a very strange phenomenon and it is to the effect that every afternoon at 2 o'clock there is a rainfall in a particular spot, which lasts for half an hour. Between two trees at the hour named there falls a gentle rain while the sun is shining, and this has been witnessed every day during the past weeks by the people in the neighborhood. "

The Signal Service observer at Charlotte made the following statement in regard to the phenomenon:

"An unusual phenomenon was witnessed on the 21st: having been informed that, for some weeks prior to date, rain had been falling daily, after 3 P.M., on a particular spot, near two trees, corner of 9th and D streets, I visited the place, and saw precipitation in the form of rain drops at 4:47 and 4:55 P.M., while the sun was shining brightly. On the 22nd, I again visited the place, and from 4:05 to 4:25 P.M., a light shower of rain fell from a cloudless sky… . Sometimes the precipitation falls over an area of half an acre, but always appears to center at these two trees, and when lightest occurs there only."

Source: Monthly Weather Review, Volume 14, Issue 10 (October 1886), page 287


When searching the internet I came across several posts made by ordinary people on bulletin boards and the like who had this phenomenon happenings inside their houses and were at a loss for an explanation:


I'm actually writing on behalf of a very very very good friend of mine... She just moved into her new flat... But strange things 'been happening.. but only in her room... There's been puddles of water appearing out of absolutely Nowhere... two common spots: both near her bed... The amount of water that appeared can actually fill up 1/4 of a glass.... There's also been vague sights of some long hair girls whenever she shower... Initially she laughed herself off... not wanting to think too much bought such things... But because it's been really giving her the freaks and pissing her off... So.. I wanted to try posting somewhere to see if anyone can enlighten me with some kinda explanation... PS: My friend's kinda obsessive bout cleaniess/tidiness... so she seldom... unless there's been visitors to her room... or else she would refrain from bringing water to the room... and... Her parents are devoted buddhists.... So there's always a buddha statue in her living room... not in her room though...  [my own note: the ghost appearance is not unusual at places where energy vortexes are, as are other so-called paranormal phenomena that happen at these sites.]

Source: SGClub (not online anymore)

I apologise if this has been posted in the wrong section, but I'm completely baffled by an unexplainable experience, and I have no knowledge of the supernatural or paranormal, but I thought this forum may be able to assist me. Yesterday evening, my mother and I were sitting in the lounge room - she was using the laptop, and I was reading a magazine when we heard a long trickle of water - also, at this same time a mobile phone and a switched off appliance made a noise. We looked to each other in puzzlement, and then searched for the source of the trickling noise. On the coffee table, in front of us, was a large puddle of water the size of an A4 sheet of paper. We immediately looked to the roof, assuming there had been a leak - but there was no leak, no wet patch; it was dry as a bone – there was absolutely nothing. And the puddle did not splatter, like it should have from falling at that height, and yet there was a trickling noise preceding it. There were no drinks on the table, and we do not have an air-conditioning unit. Notably, the water also tasted very sweet and radiated a pleasant smell. The water, quite literally, appeared from no-where. I was wondering if this kind of phenomena has a particular name, or if anyone has had any experience or ideas as to what caused this? Also, I'm not sure if it's relevant - but two days ago we had to put down our beloved dog that we kept for fourteen years. The dog was very special, as I grew up with her, and I'm currently carrying a lot of guilt about the way the vet handled her and that I didn't properly say goodbye. Any help would be greatly appreciated - as a science undergraduate, this has completely rocked my world. [my own note: here again, we have another phenomenon happening alongside the water drip: electromagnetic interference with appliances]

Source: Unexplained Mysteries

I have mysterious areas of water appearing in my carpet in my home. They are about 6 inches in area. If you were to draw a line thru the house where the spots occur, it would be almost a straight line. The plumber has been to the house; he looked under the house and says there are no water pipes in the area where the spots occur, and thus cannot blame it on leaking pipes. He also said the flooring underneath the house was not wet. There is no water standing under the house either. He has no idea what could be causing this. Do you have an answer as to what could cause it, and what sort of service business could be called to eliminate it, since it is apparently not a plumbing problem?

Source: Google Answers

While on the computer one night, about half a gallon of water fell onto the staircase next to me. It wasn't raining outside and I have no plumbing upstairs, so to make it short, it came from no source I could find. I wouldn't of believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. It sounded like rain on my steps, lasting about 5 or 6 seconds. Can anyone explain this? Has anyone experienced this and can share it with me? My wife and I are still perplexed by this, and it's been 3 years since it happened. We had a local investigation team stay the night a few days later. They claimed to hear water falling, but couldn't find it. A minister said it was a spiritual message, and he said it meant good things, but we live a normal life with normal strife and happenings, so I'm not sure about that. I do believe it was spiritual, but in what capacity? What did it mean? I have never talked to anyone that has had the same experience, so I am open to anyone who may have witnessed the same thing. Oh, also, a couple months before this event, my custom lighter I thought I lost at work was on the floor in front of me when I got home that night. I know I had it at work, because I used it until I thought I lost it, so... another enigma. But the water thing I saw, so I must know what it was. [my own note: once again, another mysterious happening alongside]

Source: Psychic Experiences

Water Drops from Nowhere

I'll start by saying that I have been in my current house for a few months past a year, and since then I have experienced this incident a handful of times (more than 5 but less than 10). It doesn't matter what time of day or what season it is, nor does it matter what part of the house I'm in. At first, I thought I was the only one experiencing it, but as of now, it has happened to 3 out of 4 members of my house.
Randomly, one of us will have a single drop of water fall on us from somewhere above our heads. The first time it happened, I was at the dining table doing work at my PC. It was a single drop of water that landed on the top of my leg. I thought it was odd but I ignored it for the most part.
It happened again a couple of months later, this time in the bedroom while I was vacuuming. This time I was wondering how the hell it happened. Keep in mind, this house does not have skylights or high windows.
I actually got a chair and felt around the ceiling where the water had to have come from. Nothing, dry and somewhat dusty.
It happened several more times, and finally, my son was playing in his room and came to tell me some water dropped on him from the ceiling. I went into his room, and since he couldn't pinpoint where exactly he was sitting on his bed, I checked every part of the ceiling that would be overhead. Again, nothing. This incident took place in late spring, opening up to one of our very dry summers.
My son and I would talk about it and my wife thought we were nuts, until a week ago when she had it happen on the living room couch. Now all but my daughter have had water drop on them from somewhere in the ceiling.
Since this has been happening for over a year, I have gone through a lot of possibilities in my mind.
We do not get much rain at all.
One of our dogs didn't shake off after getting a drink and splash us.
Our ceiling has been inspected within the last year, and there are no signs of leaks that haven't been 100% repaired (there was only one spot, and that part was redone and confirmed leak-free).
The ceiling in these areas is never wet, never discolored, and it's never more than a single drop of water.
The water drop is visible on our skins or clothes after it falls so it isn't a sensory problem.
I have no idea where this weird ass water is coming from.
It's not humid in my house. As I've said, our weather is pretty dry.

Source: Reddit

It was a bright sunny hot day last summer. Not a cloud in the sky and very bright. So I pull in to this gas station around 2pm. I exit the car and on my way walking to the front door and it down pours on me. No clouds and it was a foot in diameter just around me. Everyone that witnessed it looked absolutely horrified. No clouds just blue sky I made sure of that. Maybe it's just an omen saying I'm going to hell but hopefully not.

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The Rochdale Poltergeist

Rochdale is a town about 10 miles northeast of the city of Manchester in England. In 1995 there were strange phenomena typical for what is considered a poltergeist, but it is actually primarily a case of mysterious appearance of water in the form of drips, rains and gushes. It also had phenomena that also show up with stone showers, like the repeated showers, suddenly stopping and starting elsewhere. Strange smells. Objects moving around, or disappearing and appearing. Although they try to connect the observed smells and the hearing of a voice with a dead relative, these are probably energy impressions in the local aetheric field that they are picking up. Energies of people are often imprinted into objects but also in places like homes. Psychics can read these energies and thus obtain information. When an earth's energetic field is particularly intense at a house, even ordinary people can pickup up on information that is stored in these houses.

Manchester Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Team decided to investigate the case. The following is an extract from their Mapit website pertaining to what they encountered.

For about a year the Garner family had to deal with repeated outpourings of water inside their house, soaking beds, carpet and furniture. Workmen and housing officers inspected the building and could not find a cause for the appearance of water.

“Sometimes the water breaks out in the form of huge droplets covering large areas of the ceilings and will disappear as quickly as it comes” Vera said. The water would also appear as heavy rain, apparently through the ceiling, but nothing was found that could explain it.

Mr. Gardner explained: “ It started about ten months ago when we noticed a damp patch on the wall in the back bedroom, which started to leak. We got the council in and they searched all through the loft but could not find anything leaking. We left it to see how it went and at first it stopped. Then we had what we thought was condensation on the ceiling. It started at one place, then it shot right across the ceiling from corner to corner and even seemed to curve around the ceiling light. It would happen in the bedroom and then stop, only to start in the kitchen. I rang the council again, and two men went in our loft while an electrician dismantled the ceiling lights whilst I was sat underneath an umbrella in the kitchen, that’s how bad it was. The whole kitchen was wet through as if it were raining. The council men had no idea what was causing it and in the heat of desperation they decided to fit a fan in the kitchen window.......Some good that did.

It finally stopped in the kitchen and started in Jeans front bedroom. It stayed there for four to five months. It happened every day and was causing a lot of upset in the home. When we decided to move Jeans bedroom to another room, it followed as if it knew. The council workmen came again and brought some detectors. They were looking for condensation. Of course, all prefabs will have some condensation, especially during the hot weather, but this was ridiculous.......

Then all of a sudden it stopped for about a week. We thought the ordeal was over. We moved the furniture back and lay the carpets again, and within ten minutes it was back with a vengeance. We daren’t put the stuff back down. Apart from the water, I was sitting here one night when the handle on the hall door turned and the door opened on its own. I was expecting someone to be their but we all knew there was no-one as we were all sat in the living room watching TV. Last Friday night we had decided to send Jean and her daughter to stay at a friends house as they were finding it difficult to sleep at night. Myself and Vera were the only ones in the house. We lay in bed and could both clearly hear someone coughing from the corner of the room. Even though a little scared I did thoroughly check the house and found nothing unusual. We’ve also smelt tobacco smoke in our bedroom and the smell of liquorice as if it was a flavoured cigarette paper.

Last night the hairdryer flew off the drawers and hit my grad-daughters friend on the back of the head. It seems to be more concentrated around Jean and her daughter when they’re here. The council first said it was a mystery, then said it was condensation, and when they accused us of throwing buckets of water on the ceiling, it was the last straw. We turned to the newspapers in hope of getting it sorted out. The family has lived here for 13 years and we didn’t really want to move out but what else can we do? The council official suggested we shouldn’t cook, shower or bathe due to our condensation problem. How are we to live under such circumstances ? Alison was found crying yesterday. She said she had felt a cold presence over her whilst lying on her bed and now its started banging things around at night and keeps us awake. We have even seen things fly off the wall for no reason and things that go missing and turn up in the oddest of places some days later when your not looking for it.”

...the most unusual thing was that we heard a radio working and when we went in to the front room, it turned itself off. When we checked it, we found hat it wasn’t even plugged in. Strange buzzing sound can sometimes be heard at night yet we are always unable to locate the origin.

When the mapit team stayed for an overnight vigil, they also encountered strange phenomena. You can read about their experience on their website.

Eventually the Gardner family moved out because of the extreme stress they had to endure. The new family that moved into the bungalow were Asian and did not report any unusual experiences. However the Gardner's on the other hand went through similar experiences for two months in their new home. After which it suddenly ceased and never returned. Just as with stone showers, the energy fields sometimes locks onto a person, and when the person moves the fields stays with that person, until it suddenly disconnects and moves on.


3. Addendum

The French text of Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, volume 14, January-June 1842, page 663-664:

Note sur de la pluie observée par un ciel complètement serein; par M. Bodson de Noirfontaine. « Le 21 avril, vers deux heures et demie du soir, par un ciel parfaite- ment serein, je me trouvais sur le glacis de l'enceinte, à la gauche de la  route de Flandre, seul et loin de toute habitation. Je ressentis à plusieurs reprises, sur le visage et sur les mains, l'impression de quelques gouttes d'eau très-fines, mais qui paraissaient lancées avec force. » Je n'y fis d'abord que peu d'attention , mais ayant ensuite traversé la route et m'étant approché d'un atelier de sapeurs occupés à élever un talus, j'éprouvai encore la même sensation, et vis très-distinctement des gouttes de pluie sur mes mains. J'en témoignai ma surprise, lorsque le sergent et plusieurs sapeurs me dirent qu'il pleuvait ainsi depuis plusieurs heures. » Les gouttes qui tombaient n'étaient ni assez grosses ni assez abon- dantes pour pouvoir être remarquées sur le sol. » J'observai le ciel avec attention , et n'y vis pas la moindre trace de nuages ni de vapeurs. Le vent soufflait avec assez de force du nord-nord- est; la température, qui avait été basse jusque là, commençait à s'adoucir. Les jours suivants elle s'est en effet considérablement élevée, et le vent a tourné au sud par l'est. » Le lendemain 22, me trouvant à peu près au même point et à la même heure, j'éprouvai encore une fois le même effet. Le ciel était moins pur que la veille. On remarquait bien à sa partie supérieure quelques nuages blancs, très-petits, à peine formés, à contours incertains et très-éloignés les uns des autres; mais leur position, relativement à la direction du vent, et !a hauteur à laquelle ils paraissaient se trouver, étaient telles qu'il n'est nullement probable que les rares gouttes d'eau que j'ai reçues pussent en provenir. »