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I have put the following two books about singing bowls up for free. You can quote from them if you provide a backlink to this page.


How to use singing bowls book

How to Use Singing Bowls

by Dirk Gillabel
The entire book is copyright 2001 by Dirk Gillabel
This book is a hands-on manual for working with singing bowls.

Table of Contents

1. What are Singing Bowls?
2. Relaxation into Inner Space
3. Hitting with Love
4. Rub to Make Them Sing
5. Singing Bowl Fountain
6. Toning with Singing Bowls
7. Wawing Like a Fish
8. A Singing Bowls Helmet
9. Singing Bowls for Healing
10. Opening Chakras
11. Charge It Up!
12. Singing Bowls Yoga
13. Singing Bowls in Nature
14. Singing Bowl Spirits
15. Ceremonies with Singing Bowls



Singing Bowls,

Singing Bowls,
A Guide to Healing through Sound

by Dirk Gillabel
The entire book is copyright 2001 by Dirk Gillabel

This book provides general information about the origin and characteristics of singing bowls.

Table of Contents

1. A Shamanic Encounter
2. Ancient Origins
3. A Divine Craft
4. The Mystique of the Singing Bowls
5. Vibrational Healing
6. Altered Brain Waves
7. Harmonious Sound Waves
8. Buying a Singing Bowl
9. A Shamanization
10. Working with Chakras


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