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The Enigmatic Mantis Aliens

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Physical Description

Bedroom Intrusions

On Spaceships


Attitude of Superiority


Spiritual Guides

Information They Convey

The Supposedly Mantis Lineage of the Abductee

Medical Procedures

The Afterlife and Reincarnation

Psychedelic Encounters



Mantis beings are enigmatic (in England they call them Mantids). If they appear in an abduction event, they usually stand back, supervise, and rarely perform a medical procedure themselves. They are usually thought to be intelligent, knowledgeable and technologically advanced. As with the Greys, some people believe that the Mantises are benevolent, other are of the opinion that they are indifferent and use us as lab rats. I have looked up all reliable Mantis reports I could find, excluding those obtained from hypnosis, regression and channeling. A collection of stories of Mantis sightings in the outdoors can be found in my article of Outdoor Sightings of Greys, Mantis and Reptilians. In other words, the reports below are of consciously recalled encounters.

Some of the reports are given in full, while others are excerpts limited to the Mantis experience. You can click on the links if you want to read the full story. The stories give both a positive and a negative outlook of the Mantis beings. Why is that? Abductees and contactees only remember what they allowed to remember, as these beings (including the Greys) can erase memories. So these people usually only remember positive events as the aliens like to portray themselves as benevolent. Those people who are spiritually more awake, show an ability to see through the deception, to recall what they were supposed to forget, or wake up from the trance they were put in, observing what really is going on. It is by putting all those stories and fragments together that we can get a better picture of who the Mantis beings are and what they are doing to humans. The psychedelic reports are also interesting because of their varied content, and of the lucidity of the experience.

In short, we see that the Mantises are physical race that is able to also work in the etheric/astral realms; a race that is old and very developed, and took mastery over this planet and humanity for their own purposes and needs. They try to portray themselves as benevolent. They heal their contact people, give good feelings and a sense of trust, but behind this facade, they siphon off their energy, emotions and memories. In other words, they are parasitic. That is the conclusion that I have come to. You can read the stories below and form your own opinion.


Physical Description

The Mantis beings look like humanoid-insectoid beings, similar to our praying mantises. That does not mean that they have evolved from insects.

Linda Porter describes the Mantis she encountered as:

"He was very tall, between seven or eight feet. He had a very long torso. The arms were very long and articulated back away from the torso, much different from the way a human being’s arms would be. There were three finger-like appendages, but they didn’t move like fingers. They have much better dexterity. And his feet weren’t anything like our feet. They were real thin and narrow, tiny, pointed things. His eyes were sort of reddish-brown with clear bubbles on them that bulged out slightly. I don’t know if that was a form of protection or what." (Glimpses of other Realities, Linda Moulton Howe)

Some say that they have two fingers, plus another one different from the others, that seems to be opposable like our thumb.

They move by walking on their hind legs. Forearms are held in a praying manner, with the hands almost joined together.

Mantises are very tall and are usually wearing a cape or long robe, sometimes with a high collar.

"The Mantis are often seen wearing a purple cloak, and a medallion. I asked them about it, and they said the medallion is actually a device, and not a status symbol. They consider themselves "neutral" (or at least, they strive about it)." (Eugenia Loli on Reddit)

A larger being that looks like a large insect—praying mantis closest I can think of, brownish in color, smooth exterior, probably over 8 feet. Some very much like humans, dressed similarly, some wear robes, some may have been uniforms. Some walk quite quickly. Some appeared to be floating smoothly... seem to float in the direction they look."(Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

Mantises have a higher rank and supervisory status than the other beings they work with.

Most of the work with humans (during abductions) is done by the Greys, but in rare cases the Mantises perform medical procedures, especially surgery, or communicates telepathically with the abductee. The Mantises talk more freely and imparts more information than the Greys. However, in general they stand back and observe or direct the abduction proceedings.

Bedroom Intrusions

Although there are Mantis sightings in the outdoors (see my article of Outdoor Sightings of Greys, Mantis and Reptilians), Mantises also appear uninvited in our bedrooms.

Here is an example that Mantis beings operate in the etheric/astral realm:

"So, a few years ago I was asleep in my bed with my boyfriend. Sometime in the middle of the night, I started feeling like I was being lifted into the air while still lying horizontally. I wasn't being physically lifted, it was more that my soul or spirit was. Then, I saw this tall being that looked like a praying mantis...big eyes, long slim arms, and all that. It was speaking to me telepathically, but speaking to the other beings that were there in a series of clicks with this high-pitched tone behind it, almost like a dolphin sound or something. I couldn't replicate all this if I tried, and have never heard anything like it.

The first thing it said was that I wasn't supposed to see it in its true form. It said that I had agreed to do this. It also told me I wouldn't remember it unless I was able to say it out loud. I really didn't understand how that worked, but the thing is...There were also 2 other types of beings there. I remember that there were 3 different ones. But, I woke myself and my boyfriend up screaming out, "insects! Insects!" So, it must have been true because I was able to retain the memory of them. I struggled to keep the memory of any of what happened, but it was very vivid and definitely didn't seem like a dream.

I say they were interdimensional since it was like this all took place in my room, but sort of in another dimension. It was kind of like if you astral project and you're in the astral plane. Also, when I woke my boyfriend up, he wasn't able to see any of it." (Reddit)

This person's conscious probably became aware of their presence and initiated an out-of-the-body experience (OBE). What are they doing in our bedroom anyway?

Another OBE experience, although somewhat unusual:

"I basically "dreamt" that I was looking in my bathroom mirror, but that a beautiful, divine magenta mantis (with extraordinary markings and detail) was looking back at me. The word "Queen" literally came through - this is how she felt. This experience wasn't really a dream. I was incredibly lucid and awake.. the "more real than real" feeling. Certainly my consciousness was in an in-between space, perhaps astral.

To be clear I don't think that I was her, but for some reason I was being allowed to see her clearly and felt her energy as alive as my own. I still wonder who she is, and my relationship to her. But she felt absolutely benevolent, and it was a gentle encounter all things considered.

Edit: It just occurred to me that maybe this was some kind of screen memory, or inserted story. My consciousness was super vivid and awake but... out of my body." (comment on post on Reddit)

He probably is right about the screen memory, a projected image to hide what was really happening.

It doesn't seem to be uncommon to appear in our bedrooms:

"I’ve posted about this before but when I was between the ages of 6-9, I had multiple experiences waking up and seeing human-like praying mantis creatures by my bed. Sometimes they led me outside. I’ve never forgotten about these images (maybe dreams maybe not) and was always very calm around them...I now believe that I’m an experiencer. I've also had very pronounced UFO sightings during day and night." (comment on post on Reddit)

Whatever the Mantises are doing into our bedrooms, or to us, they make sure we don't remember:

Location: Chicago, Illinois, Date: August 1999. Time: late night.
"A man visiting a friend’s house and sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom suddenly woke up feeling very panicky and totally unable to move. Looking towards the front door he saw a huge humanoid figure over 7 ft tall standing by the door. The figure resembled a large “praying mantis” and was wearing something resembling a black and purple cloak. Its skin was dark gray in color. It slowly approached the witness and reached out to him with a large hand with long thin fingers and grabbed his shoulder. At this point the witness lost consciousness and does not recall anything else of the incident. He remembered also feeling very cold during the encounter." (Humanoid Encounters 1999, by Albert Rosales)

Bedroom 'visitations' are usually not that nice. The following person experienced the typical paralysis, dread and fear. Some abductees/contactees tell us that the aliens, and in this experience, the Mantis, are completely indifferent to us. Both Greys and Mantises can easily induce feelings of well-being, calm and even love into a person, so the fact that this Mantis did not even make an effort to take away the fear from this person says a lot about his attitude towards that person.

The negative physical and emotional aftereffects are well-known with these contacts/abductions:

"It started when I was a teenager and went on until my early thirties. I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to move. It was terrifying and I would try to scream but nothing would come out. Sometimes I would see a bright round light across the room and I always felt like it was trying to drain the energy/life out of me. Sometimes I felt a heavy pressure on me and a couple of times I even thought I could feel someone next to me on the bed. Once I saw a figure in black who I just felt was evil, standing next to my bed and it also felt like he was trying to drain the energy/life out of me. Sometimes I didn't see anything at all but I was paralysed and terrified but could never scream. It was like my throat was paralysed too. And one time I woke up to see a large praying mantis type creature sitting in a chair looking at me and there was a small hooded/cloaked figure next to him. I can't tell you much about the smaller figure because I didn't pay that much attention to it. I was more terrified of the larger creature and it had my full attention. And one thing I do have memory of is noticing a large gold medallion on its chest area. I know also that it was very tall even though it was sitting on a chair. I think it was wearing some kind of cape around its shoulders. I do remember also feeling like it was studying me with indifference, if that makes any sense. Like it didn't seem to care that I was looking back at it, or that I was terrified.

...I had a sleepless night and have felt very shaky and close to tears all day.

...I used to get infections in my left thumb. Painful, sore, pussy blisters. I went to the doctors a few times to ask why. I was told it was from washing dishes and that I should wear gloves while washing dishes. Another time I was told it was similar to a cold sore only on my thumb. One day I noticed a very small round ball under my skin at the base of my thumb. I could move it around under the skin to a certain extent. I would describe it as a tiny ball bearing type thing. I thought to myself "I wonder if that is what's causing my thumb infections?" It was there for a while and I would play with it at times, just rolling it around in there. Then one day it was gone, and I haven't had an infection in my thumb since.

...Then today I started reading accounts from other people on your website and in the article 'Praying Mantis Account by E' they too mention a small round device planted in their thumb. It is all just too much of a coincidence that all the stories are so similar...I am happy to say that I haven't had one of these 'episodes' since my early thirties." (UFO BC)

The tiny 'ball bearing' in his thumb probably was an implant. The account of E. can be found below in this article.

Aliens like to stick needles in our bodies (without anesthesia), usually done by Greys, but here a Mantis decided to do himself. Another implant?:

"Location. Saginaw, Michigan Date: 1998 Time: late night A man named Jeff had returned to Central Michigan University as a student and the night after the final exams he woke up to find someone or something forcibly turning his head to its side. The next thing he knew he saw a large preying-mantis type creature bending down over him. He sensed that the strange being wanted him to calm down even as it stuck a needle-like object into his ear. "It wanted me to relax" Jeff says. Jeff fought the encounter to no avail, waking up the next morning with strained neck muscles and an eye he could barely see with. He remembered another more benign encounter in 1994 when a small gray alien creature woke him up from his sleep so he could escape a fire raging in his apartment." (Justin Engel, Saginaw News 3-8-2004)

Sometimes the Mantises can appear in dreams. These accounts should not be discounted, as these beings can enter our mind at any time. The fact that this child is only 6 years old, indicates that she probably will be a life long abductee:

"One morning my daughter (age 6) said that she had a nightmare. I sat down next to her on the bed preparing to explain away some story of monsters when she told me this. She said that she was in a room with a giant "hornet," but it wasn’t really a hornet but more like a mixture of a cricket and hornet. "Like a praying mantis thing but taller." She also said that there were other creatures, "shorter, like three and a half feet tall." They didn’t look like insects but they didn’t look like people to her either. She also described them as having "very black eyes." She also noticed that shorter creatures where wearing shoes/boots "like the kind basketball players wear." She recalls lying down while they put some sort of tube or instrument in her ears; she also said that it was the reason for the "bad taste in her mouth." At this point she started to resist, she said that she fought off two of them, and then awoke in her bed." (Phantom and Monsters)

As they can easily invade our minds, they don't always show up physically. The following account is a projection into his mind. A virtual reality display. Digital sounds are often reported at the beginning of an abduction:

"I read your website with great interest some time ago. I have long been suspect regarding alien claims. In addition, I'm a scientist, so, you know, a bit Cartesian. On January, 2007, my life changed at around 2AM. Briefly, I heard a two-tone very loud digital sound, awoke, thinking there were children outside being loud. I awoke and found a large creature next to my bedroom window and bed. It looked to me like a cricket, of course, like a praying mantis, by your description. I had an odd calm feeling of recognition, I told it, oddly, "it's about time you're here." I then "saw" some sort of craft, two disks rotating around each other, it gave a clear impression of orange, yellow and red, radiation and glowing, rotating around a common axis. Over an hour and a half passed by the time I looked at my clock again." (UFO BC)

Mantis seen in bedroom     two rotating disks

Rendering of the mantis and the two rotating disks the person saw.

The following account are excerpts from experiences of Jim G. from a small town on the outskirts of London, UK. They are posted on the website of UFO BC. Jim has impressive abilities of recalling a high degree of detail from his encounters as well as depicting them with high quality artwork. His experiences are reflective of the deceptive nature of the mantises, their controlling and cold attitude, and their unwanted intrusion in our lives and intrusion of our bodies. I have left out the information that does not directly relate to the Mantises. If you want to read the entire story click on the links below.

"Hi, my name is Jim. I live in a small town on the outskirts of London. Here's an account that happened to me in April 2001. It's taken me this long to deal with it. I promise to you everything that happened is true.

I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning to find a tall praying mantis looking being and a cloaked being by the side of my bed. I thought to myself "What crazy dream is this?" The cloaked being looked at me from beneath its hood, revealing its black skin, which appeared leathery and reflecting light much like a beetles skin. I shut my eyes, thinking this must be a realistic dream! But when I re-opened my eyes, the figures were unfortunately still there.

Praying Mantis being
Drawing by Jim G. of praying mantis being

cloaked being
Drawing by Jim G. of cloaked being

The cloaked figure looked up to the tall praying mantis type, as if it was confused as to what actions it should take next. The praying mantis turned its head towards the hooded one and made a series of high-pitched clicking sounds. I sensed this was the one in command, possibly the other was some kind of security guard. It's at this point I realized, I'm definitely not dreaming, I can hear them. I couldn't move but my brain went into a deep panic. "OH my god what is going on?" "What are they?" I don't want to look too closely at the mantis, so I just glance at it.

All I recall was that it was tall. At least 7 foot, it had to bend its neck because of the height of the ceiling. Its head was pointed with large eyes. Its for-arms were extremely long and moved in a jerky fashion. The cloaked figure was closer, crouching by my bed, so I couldn't tell how tall it was, but I could clearly see that it was wearing some kind of overlapping ridged amour? Including a metallic looking breastplate that had a series of circles on it. Its head was dome-like with emotionless facial features. Its eyes were large and surrounded again by detailed ridges. It acted in a way that reminded me of a robot or insect.

I remember thinking to myself, nobody's going to believe this! A bloody giant sized mantis and medieval-style dressed alien, what the hell is this? Before this incident, although I hadn't see one, I was familiar with the gray types but I had never heard of the praying-mantis types. At this point, the mantis bent its upper body, over my bed and directly above me. In its hand it was holding a long metal object that looked like a needle. A green light shot directly from the needle and into my right eye. Maybe it's a laser, I am not sure, but I do know it felt very painful. I could see all the veins from my eye, the same effect you get when an Optician checks your eyes. I screamed but no noise came out. I then felt something stick into my skull! I'm not sure what because by that time I had my eyes closed. I pretended to sleep and went into deep panic! My mind was racing at a million miles per hour. I heard a great whooshing sound and when I next reopened my eyes thankfully they had gone.

I lay shaking and confused for what seemed like hours and just couldn't return back to sleep. At no time did I feel like they cared about my health or me! They seem to have an insect cold type mentality. I really thought I was going to die. The next day I spent the whole day in bed and felt as if I had been through a major operation. It's very painful to recall and since this incident, I sometimes hear clicking sounds inside my head. I was in shock for a long while afterwards; I can say that this definitely happened, this definitely was real. I have no answers or conclusions but I think it's important to get real life accounts out there." (UFO BC)

"On December the 18th (2003) I was staying at my brother's house. He lives a few miles away. I slept in the spare bedroom, which is adjacent to the neighbour's side. The walls are really thin, so thin that you can hear the individual words in the neighbour's conversation. I was so tired; I fell asleep at around 12:30 pm. Without any warning I found myself wide-awake and completely unable to move! The clicking sound was continually screeching in my head. I screamed out " AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! What the HELL IS going on!" (And please include every swear word you know). No sound came out from my mouth. With every muscle I could muster, I pushed myself up on my side and turned my head to the bottom of the bed. Standing before me was a tall Mantis-like being! The same mantis being I had seen before. This wasn't like the short cloaked being I saw before, the terror I felt upon seeing this sight was completely overwhelming. The only way I can describe it is, it feels like waves of fear washing over you. I'm having trouble writing this, just recounting it is tough. It was wearing a long dark robe. It was about seven plus feet tall and vaguely humanoid-ish. The body was extremely bony and skinny with a long black snake-like neck. It's head was grayish blackish and triangular in shape reminding me of a skull. The eyes were bulbous, black and rounded with a liquid-like appearance. In fact, it seemed to me, everything on the mantis was liquidly looking, like oil shimmering in the sun.

The arms were extremely long with multiple joints extending out in a messiah pose. The forearms were bent forward longer than the rest of the arm. This really is a living nightmare, It's the head and arms that give it the appearance of a praying mantis and unlike the first time I met this type of alien, I got a really good look at it, which gave me enough detail to make an image.

Jim's pencil drawing of Praying Mantis

Jim's pencil drawing of Praying Mantis from his encounter on December 18, 2003.

Jim's colour artwork of Praying Mantis

Jim's color artwork of Praying Mantis from his encounter on December 18, 2003.

As soon as it noticed me, the mantis, with extreme speed, extended huge bony legs from beneath its robe and ran directly into and through the wall! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but it's feet made a clunking sound at it ran across the floor confirming this was a solid object moving through the room! As it ran through, I could see a strange red glow where it's body had come in contact with the wall. At the same time, a door to a built-in wardrobe on the same wall, rattled loudly as if it was hit by some kind of an energy field. All this happened in only a few seconds, maybe even shorter. But I got a damn good look at this thing." (UFO BC)

All was quiet until the 16th of January 2004. Although I'm convinced things have happened while I've been asleep. This is the one I originally only wanted to report. In the middle of the night I suddenly found myself wide-awake. A loud buzzing sound filled my ears. I was curled up on my bed in a fetal position facing the closest wall. I felt a force push on the back of my head. I wouldn't say it hurt exactly but it was extremely uncomfortable. Again, I heard the loud clicking sound in my head. This time it panned from my right ear to the left. I really hate that sound. I looked at my arm; it was covered in a bluish-purplish pulsating energy. My brain tried to make sense of the situation and search for a rational explanation. I couldn't move my legs or arms. I found I could just about move my head, Some how I managed to break free and used all my effort to turn around. Standing before me in the centre of my bedroom was some kind of short humanoid creature, with a large mantis/fly looking head. A beam of energy was coming from the alien to me. Thousands of thoughts entered my head at the same time. "That's not supposed to be there, what is that? Why don't I feel scared?" "Can I fight it? I can't move?" "This isn't a dream!" I felt I had known this being all my life. I also felt that I'd been manipulated into feeling this. I then heard a slow deep voice, almost overwriting all my other thoughts. It seemed to be communicating telepathically. It 'said' in an abrupt manner "NOW, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" "YES" I found myself answering, but I've no idea why I said it because I didn't understand. I didn't understand any of this. "GOOD" It replied. I turned my head back towards the wall and shut my eyes. The buzzing sound stopped and I felt extremely tired. I collapsed and lost consciousness. But I got a good look at this thing. The creature was humanoid and 5 foot 5 inches or 1 meter 40 cm tall. I made a mental note where it's head came up on my wardrobe and measured it the next day. Its head was huge in relation to its body. Its eyes were extremely large, shiny, insect-like and were supported by big sockets. My first impressions were that it looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a fly. This Being did not look like the tall praying mantis beings (I actually looked to see if I could see its arms, to see if they were bent like a praying mantis, but the arms were hidden by a dark black cloak) Again the Being appeared to be surrounded by a bluish purplish energy.


Illustration by Jim of Mantis/Fly-Head type alien he encountered on January 16, 2004.

In the centre of its cloak was a golden badge. I was more preoccupied with getting a description of the alien but there was definitely a design or symbol on it I just couldn't make it out. I looked closer at its head; it had two protrusions between the eyes and a mass of protrusions where a mouth would normally be. All at the same time another part of my brain was thinking, "what does it eat? What evolutionary path did it take?" It reminded me of a moustache, giving it a vaguely comic look but trust me; the overall look was one of menace. (That is why I've included two images, one to show the details and the darker one so you can get a sense of what it's like to actually wake up and see one of these things)

Pencil drawing  of Mantis Fly-Head

Pencil drawing by Jim showing details of facial features of Mantis Fly-Head type alien he encountered on January 16, 2004.

I was left feeling mixed emotions; I was feeling scared and again I was also feeling relieved that they had tried to communicate with me and weren't going to kill me (like I felt with the first incident). This was the first time they had tried a communication. I kept thinking, what did they/it mean, "Now do I understand?" (It sounded like a command not a question) I also felt relieved; that at least, I knew with-in myself I wasn't going mad. The next day I woke up like my body had been through hell and back." (UFO BC)

The latest incident happened on Sunday the 14th of March 2004, this time I woke up to see TWO of the tall praying mantis types standing in the middle of my room. The perspective I was seeing them was from the opposite position of the bed I had gone to sleep in. They looked as if they were engaged in a conversation; making high-pitched (almost digital) clicking sounds at each other. I was too tired to be afraid so I just concentrated on making a mental description, cross checking it with the ones I'd seen before. Both were extremely thin and tall, well over seven feet high. One was slightly taller than the other. Their necks are long, flexible and tube-like and don't look strong enough to support the triangular heads (It was as if the head was floating while the neck followed in a smooth but jerky fashion). The neck and head moved in a way that reminded me of the old stop-motion monster films or like a lizard, (quick fast pause, quick fast pause) Both were wearing long black robes that again looked like liquid oil. On the side of the face I could clearly see a small round hole just below their eyes. I felt completely drained and couldn't move. I tried to move. I tried to get up but just couldn't move. I just had time to think "Bastards" before slipping back into unconsciousness."

mantis with a small hole just below the eye

Artwork by Jim G. of Mantis type alien. On this occasion, Jim noticed a small hole just below the eye as depicted above. (UFO BC)

"Over time, I've got a lot of information from the aliens, but I believe so much of it is misinformation, to put it simply, is "crap" and I mean total crap.

This bizarre and terrifying incident happened on August 22, 2004. I don’t know where I am, all I know is, I awoke to find myself sitting upright, staring at two monitor screens. They were in a horizontal position next to each other at eye level; the screens were flat, square and with rounded corners, about the size of a 14" TV. I was in an attentive, dream-like state, staring intensely at the screen on the left side. My eyes were only about five inches from the surface. I know this will sound crazy, but I was watching what appeared to be a 50’s style sci-fi B movie clip of a mantis alien walking, it was black and white, in complete silence. The monitor to my right showed a black and white image of the cloaked being I witnessed in April 2001. In a mild hypnotic state, I thought to myself “I don’t remember seeing these films, I must have seen them, and my imagination has replicated it as real manifestations. That would explain all that has happened to you. Yeah, didn’t you once read something about that? Wasn't it called “cultural pollution” or something like that? Wait a minute, you’re not an expert but you know your films, you haven’t seen these films like this, look how badly done they are! They don't look like real films. Wait a minute, something’s not right here, something’s wrong, how come I can think consciously? I’m not dreaming here, I’M NOT DREAMING!" All hell broke loose; I pulled away from the monitors, two small green creatures were on either side.

It looked like a praying mantis but not like the other robotic ones, it was walking (floating?) away from me... I was then blasted by a wave of pure fear. Pure fear. I don’t think the fear came from within me but was from the white being; some kind of weapon. I have never been so scared in my life. I tried to control my emotions remain calm and somehow managed to ride this wave of fear, my main motivation was ‘I had to communicate’, I needed answers. I shouted out “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” The white being still in the process of moving away, turned its head over it's shoulder and replied in an aggressive manner “BECAUSE YOU KNOW TOO MUCH.” It did not move it's mouth, communication was telepathic. I shouted back “WHO ARE YOU?” The creature replied instantly almost before I even finished the sentence, “YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE” I don’t know who they are. I can only surmise that they’re aliens. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know why they are doing this to me. I passed out. The sinister white creature was tall, over six feet. It was wearing a cloak with a high collar, glowing white. It's head was triangular in shape, pointing downwards mounted on a longish neck. The eyes were slanted, the mouth, a mere slit. The skin was white with hints of yellow, ancient looking and reminded me of chalky stone (Figure 13).

Mantis triangular face

Figure 13. The face of the Mantis Alien that Jim witnessed on August 22, 2004 had the texture of “white chalky stone”.

"The attitude of this thing was; it despised humans, almost like “He’s woken up, that didn’t work, do I have to explain my actions to a mere human?" The two small green humanoids were about three feet tall. Their bodies were misshapen; slimy looking with loose skin with bloated bellies. One of the creature’s left arm was longer than it’s right arm. Their heads were skull like with black shiny eyes and two holes for a nose. I sensed limited intelligence. When I look back at the situation, I feel a deep sense of pity for them. You know, I think they are human, or more accurately, the horrendous result of an experiment with human DNA. I could be completely wrong, but that’s what my instincts tell me. I think this whole stunt was a basic attempt at brain washing. Again this is the contradictions of the aliens; one minute they're using advanced technology next they’re using simplistic attempts at deceit. At least I now know that they consider my waking up as an accident.


So there you have it, apart from the ‘holographic-earth’ incident all of these have been pretty negative experiences. Some people are convinced these aliens are good and wonderful spiritual beings, this is not true. I believe too many abductees suffer from a form of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’; another alien manipulation. I’m more than ‘gutted’ about this than anyone, I don’t even care what they look like, if they just woke me up and talked to me I wouldn’t mind. But they don’t; instead they perform medical operations on me including cracking my skull open and placing an implant inside my brain. How safe is this to keep doing? I know they don’t care. They want to remain secret and are engaged in some kind of agenda. This in itself is sinister." (UFO BC)

On Spaceships

Linda Porter saw a Mantis on a spaceship, and not surprisingly it is connected with something negative that had been going on:

"This is one of the first memories that surfaced after hypnosis with Richard Haines in 1988. About three or four weeks afterwards, I was doing the dishes when this one came back to me. I refer you to Sketch Number One. I was evidently about fifteen when it happened, and I remember standing in a narrow corridor on board a small craft. The walls were grey and solid. The floor of the corridor appeared to be a grid of some kind. You could look down through it to a floor below. To my left was a room filled with a dense, very, very bright, silvery light. And the light appeared to have substance to it, like there were tiny little particles in it that were reflecting light. It was a very dense looking light. You could not see through it. I know I was taken into that room, but I have no memory of what happened to me in there except a feeling of real terror, not wanting to know, not wanting to remember, as if something would happen to me if I remembered what happened in there.

The corridor ahead of me bent towards the left, and I saw what looked like a praying mantis-type creature. He was tall, about eight feet, and he was peering around the corner bent over, I guess, at the waist. The sight of him scared me to death because he looked so horrible. That was the last I remember, and the only thing I have about it now is the feeling that something terrible happened in that room. And I’ve been warned, I guess, not to remember what it was. The creature had very long arms, that articulated back away from the torso, much different from the way a human being’s arms would do so. He had a very long torso.

I was told by these creatures, if they were telling me the truth, that they can manipulate time. They can take a person out of our time frame and keep him, or her, as long as they please. Then reinsert them back into time so the person wouldn’t even know he’d been gone, unless they wanted him to know. And no one would miss him because, of course, to them he had never been gone.” (Glimpses of other Realities, Linda Moulton Howe)

I would not take the last explanation too literally, although they can take a person out of the physical plane to the etheric/astral where space and time are different. They never tell the whole truth. People do show up missing for a certain time, the so-called "missing time", which is basically a loss of memory (memory wipe) of what happened.

Later on she recalled more detail about the event:

"This memory is becoming clearer and clearer as time goes by. At the time (of hypnosis with Richard Haines in 1988), the memory was so threatening I could not remember anymore. Now, I remember the being slowly coming around the corner and facing me. He stood very still and simply waited as if he knew how frightening he appeared to me. Eventually he began to talk to me, although, as yet, I do not have any memory of what was said. He seemed to possess a great deal of dignity and gave the impression of being quite old.

After he finished saying whatever he had to say, I turned around and he walked me to this room (filled with dense light). The memory ends with me about to enter the room and the thought, 'Translated into the Light.' Whatever that means, it has to do with what happened."

It is not for nothing that abductees can't remember much of what happens on those spaceships. Whatever they are doing to people, we are not allowed to know.



The following post gives a good description of their mode of communication. The humming and clicking sounds are often reported with Mantis encounters. The humming is produced inside the head and does not have an outside source. The humming might be the effect of emitted microwaves by which they control the brain of humans; it is often heard at the beginning of an abduction (most of the times no Mantis present).

"I saw your post this morning re the Mantis sightings. I just wanted to let you know it's kind of a relief to know about this because when it first happened with me back in 1987, I thought maybe I was going crazy. I had contact with these beings at that time but have rarely spoken of it to anyone. They communicated through some manner whereby they connected to the inside of my head through the brain behind both ears. When I became aware of it at first it was like a humming with a clicking sound interspersed. Very much like what crickets might sound like on a large scale perhaps. I was curious and concerned by this and wondered what the heck was going on. To this day I still don't know if I intercepted a communication going on between them, like tuning into a radio station, or if it was deliberate on their part. At first I just heard the humming clicking noises but then pictures started to emerge from these sounds. I was able to see what they looked like, mantis is the word I used to describe their forms. I also knew from this communication that they were not on our plane of existence, at that time anyway, and that they were planning to emerge in our plane for their own purposes. I got the distinct impression that they were cold and insect like, logical with very little in the way of emotion or compassion which frightened me the most. The other impression I got from this was that they believed themselves to be our superiors like we believe about animals in our world. Whatever they were deciding it was based on this belief, in other words for our own good or the greater picture. I hope this makes sense." (Phantoms and Monsters)

However, Mantis communication is much more encompassing, as explained by Linda Porter. She told Linda Moulton Howe:

"Everything that exists is on a sound frequency, they told me. Remember when I sent you the first set of sketches, I told you that the praying mantis-type creature said something to me? I think I’ve remembered most of what I was told then. Maybe."

Linda Porter handed me some lined notebook paper on which she had written in her neat cursive style:

"There is much, much more to existence than we could ever begin to understand. Much of what we have been taught regarding the physical universe and the laws that govern it is wrong.

This creature’s civilization communicates difficult concepts via the use of symbols that radiate emotion. They use this form to get concepts across with their exact true meanings intact. No misinterpretations can occur this way.

The symbols are not mathematical ones, but appear as 3-dimensional holographic pictures that resemble abstract sculptures. The emotional aspect is relayed via carrier waves that resemble sound waves but are not part of the human sound spectrum. These waves can be felt, but not heard. If the creatures want to clear a certain area of humans, they can ‘broadcast’ this carrier wave over the area at a certain frequency and it will create intense fear in people, causing them to flee the area. It does not cause any harm, so they say.

Problems arise when trying to translate this visual/ emotional input into words. Human semantics can cause explanations to become mired down in confusion. What is extremely easy to comprehend on one level of existence using one form another level using a limited form of expression such as the human language. A lot of meaning is lost and many important concepts become hazy or are totally misinterpreted..." (Glimpses of other Realities, Linda Moulton Howe)


Attitude of Superiority

Mantises seem to be very scientific and logical. They have great knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately, they have a superiority complex. They regard humans as a lower life form, not much different than animals. Humans to them as just lab rats to be used, abused, experimented upon.

With that superiority often comes a coldness in their behavior towards humans. It is often reported that the Mantises are cold and 'insect'-like, with no emotion or compassion:

"... I do remember also feeling like it was studying me with indifference, if that makes any sense. Like it didn't seem to care that I was looking back at it, or that I was terrified." (UFO BC)

The Mantises are very interested in our entire human experience, what we do, feel, think and all our memories. It is sometimes reported that the Greys download all the memories of an abductee (into a computer-system?), but Mantises can directly enter the mind of a person and get whatever he wants, not caring about the effect on the person:

"Following them to a very dark space, I saw that I was sitting in front of a very large mantis being. His body was entirely black. I had no fear. It made mind-to-mind encounter with me, exceedingly intense. I felt that everything I had ever seen, felt and experienced was being pulled into the mind of this mantis being. It left me completely exhausted." (Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

However, not all Mantises are like that. They are sometimes described as being gentle:

"I remembered being in a large room, but didn’t see a being" A device came down from the ceiling, cone-shaped, and scanned her... She had an experience with a ‘Mantis,’ tall, strange long arms, bent. "They were scientists, very gentle." They were showing the containment areas on the ship with their experiments. "There were various creatures from our planet. One was a centipede. Another was a furry little dog, but I could tell that they had done some kind of procedure on it because its head was unusually big, slightly lopsided. It was looking at them with a very human emotion. It was needing to be touched, to be loved, but was treated as an exhibit. I felt like I could read its emotions." There was something round in the center of the ship like glass for observation." (Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

Linda Porter had a positive impression of the Mantises:

"Great age, wisdom and infinite patience. It isn’t so much kindness and compassion. It’s like he and his type have been around thousands of years — a long, long time. The one thing I feel the strongest is the incredible wisdom. I’ve never been in the presence of anything like that before, that gave off the feeling of such knowledge." (Glimpses of other Realities, Linda Moulton Howe)



Considering the overall negative activities of the Mantis beings, it might seem strange that they express concern about the well-being of the contactee:

"I have a friend, a doctoral student in Chemistry, who was seeing very large 8-foot-tall Insectoid being. These beings, usually one at a time, would physically appear and would tell him how he needed to change his life." (The Mind of GOD: A Spiritual-Virtual Reality Model of Consciousness & The Contact Modalities, by Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez)

However this is not out of altruism. These contactees/abductees are a life-long project. Contact and abductions often start at a very early age. They are like lab animals that are experimented, or used, repeatedly, and therefore they need to stay in good health. That is why such people are sometimes healed of serious illnesses, but also of minor ailments, such as a cold. At times, they are healed of such minor illnesses, but not of a serious illness if it happens later on in life, and the person is not of much use anymore.

Healing with light is pretty common with the aliens:

"In her online article, My ET Eye Healing, contactee Alison Anton writes of a remarkable conscious contact with healing extraterrestrials. Early one morning in January 2005, Alison was woken around 4:30 a.m. to see images of mantis-like beings around her. Suddenly she felt a strong energy or force pulsing through her body. It didn’t hurt, but felt strange and uncomfortable. The next thing she knew, she was looking at an orb about eighteen inches in front of her face. There was a light inside the orb. "The light," writes Alison, "was going right through my eyes and into my brain. They said to look at the light and not look away. ‘Hold there.’...there was a lot of pressure in my eyes and a remarkable emotional response that made me nauseous." They gave her the following message: "Make sure you look into the light every morning and every night." Alison woke up feeling like she had surgery, with a headache and a soreness in her eyes. However, she now believes she was healed. "I think this healing was to help me physically with my eyes, but also to help me with my clairvoyance."" (The Healing Power of UFOs, by Preston Dennett)

Mantis healing leg issues:

I remember when I was 9, I was paralyzed in my bed. All of a sudden this blue light shines through the bedroom window. I see my covers fall off to the floor as I get lifted through the window. I remember bits and pieces of being on a table in a room as other children are being examined too. There was a tall creature that looked like a praying mantis in a robe over me that put these needles in my legs. It didn't hurt and it was talking to me telepathically about the procedure "helping me walk" (during that time I had issues with my legs and had a difficult time walking.) I black out and wake back up on my bed minus the covers that were now on the floor. I had 3 needle marks on each leg where I remember the creature putting them. Ever since I was able to walk a lot better and had no more problems... (comment on post on Reddit)

They heal pets too, probably because they mean a lot to the person:

One afternoon, Enderson was watering the plants in his garden when he saw a mantis-type creature exit Sam’s dog-shed, and disappear behind it. Sam was Enderson’s pet dog. He was old and crippled with arthritis, and would yelp with pain if anybody petted him. Enderson was planning on having old Sam put to sleep.

Enderson rushed into the shed to check on Sam. The dog was not only fine, he was healed. "His coat was suddenly glossy and his eyes were brighter than they’d been for years. From that day, the arthritis never troubled Sam." There was no sign of the mantis being. Enderson feels humbled to be connected to these beings who he says are "full of love and peace."" (Humanoid Encounters: The Others Amongst Us by Albert Rosales: 1970-1974, page 72)

Mantises show up in a hospital, but it isn't quite clear if they are healing the patient physical body directly or working on an energetic level:

[A healer was confronted with the badly beaten up body of his friend in the hospital] "...I stood there helpless for the longest time, not knowing what to do but feeling a real sense of panic. Something had to be done quickly. All of a sudden there were two Beings that appeared next to my friend. They seemed to push me right aside and silently went right to work on her, like skilled surgeons. They stood to her left, standing together and working furiously on my friend. I had no idea who they were, what they were doing, but the first thing I thought of was 'are they aliens'??? I stood there and watched them more than what they were doing. I thought they looked like Praying Mantis. Alien Praying Mantis. Never in a million years could I make this up. I did not see everything they were doing because I was pretty much amazed at what I was seeing. Then I focused on my friend and saw her head was split wide open, like these aliens sliced it perfectly open. I saw freshly sliced raw flesh and these Aliens/Praying Mantis were busily removing pieces of bone, rock or whatever from her brain. This did not look anything like what I would imagine the inside of a brain to look but it was just such a clean cut. These two Aliens/Praying Mantis worked quickly, without speaking one word. I seemed to black out and don't remember any more of it." (UFO BC)

Contactee Eileen Meyer describes her positive healing experience by a Mantis being (excerpts from her article):

"My last conscious meeting with the Mantis being occurred on Thanksgiving Day, 2014. These are the ones I’ve known my entire life – not by how they look, but by how they feel. Sometimes they appeared as insectoid-mantis beings. Sometimes they were very tall, thin, gold-light, or bluish beings with far less definition. We met in a lucid state, far from the limited spectrum of 3D. They speak to me in a 'sound bath' kind of language. It is pure vibration. Inside the experience, I understand their messages perfectly. It is the translation into a linear language that has always been the larger conundrum.

I was invited to Durango, Colorado for my favorite holiday. In the end, I was not able to feast with more than a dozen friends in the dining room downstairs. I lay in a large master bedroom on the 2nd floor above them, suffering the most excruciating migraine pain of my life. I have indeed suffered greatly with this affliction in the past, but this was a whole new level of unbearable. I could not have predicted what happened next, especially since I was not alone and it was the middle of the afternoon.

This particular contact scenario seemed to be initiated as a result of my dialogue with 'them.' I became aware that I was softly crying and murmuring out loud. It’s a prayer-intention activity that I’ve done in some form or another as far back as I can remember. I don’t 'think' about doing it, it just occurs and my linear mind suddenly becomes aware that I’m doing it. This goes back to some of my very first contact memories as a child.

As I lay in that bed, I found myself giving a sort of ultimatum to them. This was a continuous stream of totally honest, taking-a-stand-from-the-human-view feelings. I’ve never questioned this process. It’s just how we communicate.

"I have experienced many wondrous things in this life. For that I am grateful. AND I am not willing to stay here any longer and suffer any more pain. I will not stay if there is nothing more for me to offer. I do not need to maintain an earth identity that does not fully and outwardly serve Love and Truth in greater and greater ways. It’s all or nothing now. Take this pain away, or take me away from this painful existence."

The next thing I knew was that I was being lifted up and out, above the house, and still quite aware of the din of the feast below. I didn’t feel I was traveling to any particular destination. I just became ultra-aware that I was in a loving, protective womb or cocoon. They were healing me, and also showing me that I was at the beginning of my 3rd life in this form. It was further transmitted to me that there are distinct 26-year segments of lives for people like me. (People like me… experiencers?) In the way it was presented, in their usual language of pictures and feelings, I could see how true this was.

...Following these 'lessons,' I was gently returned to the house and back into my bed. I became aware that one of the 'teachers' returned with me – a very tall, thin, golden mantis being was sitting on the side of my bed. He-She exuded that high vibrational hum of pure unconditional Love. I have known this hum, and have been deeply comforted by it throughout my life. It matters not whether it is labeled nonhuman intelligence, angelic, Source, or simply the Presence.

Mantis healing 

Mantis Healing, artistic rendering of the encounter by Zuzanna Vee

I feel that what happened next may represent the ushering in of that next 26-year phase. But even to this day, I have no further translations of this that might satisfy the linear mind – mine or yours. While I lay frozen in the magnetic energy, the being leaned forward, cradled me gently, then wrapped what felt to be giant wings (or a robe?) around me. Our foreheads pressed together, and this light-being completely merged into me.

While I still experienced a few mild headaches into 2015, I haven’t had a migraine since..." (Koyopa Rising)

Healing of seizure:

"I wasn't tripping but I had an experience with one recently. I was about to have a seizure, and during the prodrome (the warning that comes before the shaking and loss of consciousness) I was laying in bed, kinda panicking because I haven't had many seizures, but this one was the third one I had in a month and I was very concerned for my health, especially any brain damage I might be getting. When suddenly, this human sized mantis just kind of appears over me, almost like it was stretching out of mid air (I can't find the right words, but it didn't just pop into my vision, it kind of stretched through thin air until it burst through). It was wearing a robe and making some sort of guttural clicking sounds. I think it paralyzed me (or I was too scared to move) and stabbed me in the forearm with some kind of metal device. I could feel the seizure starting to come on now, and with this crazy shit going down at the same time I honestly assumed that I was going to die, or that maybe I was already dead and in hell or something. It started cutting into my head and I could tell it was operating on my brain. In my head I received a message, "this is the final time." (I didn't hear a voice, again this is hard to describe but the message just spontaneously popped into my head). At the time I thought that meant I wasn't ever going to come back from the seizure, and that I was going to die.

That was about 3 months ago, and I haven't had a seizure since then (at the 3 month mark the chance of me having another seizure is significantly lowered)." (comment on post on Reddit)


Spiritual Guides

Mantises sometimes assume the role of spiritual guides, whether the human is still on the physical plane, or after death on the astral plane. This happens when the person is a life-long contactee, and the aliens have a vested interest in their human subject. Everything about the alien-human contact is about control of the human being, not only physically, but also mental and spiritual. As spiritual guide, they can appear in their Mantis form, but they can also appear in a human or angelic form. One needs to be able to distinguish a real human spiritual guide from a disguised alien one (Greys also can appear in a human form).

Eugenia Loli on Reddit, who had many years of experiences with UFOs and aliens, explains her 'spiritual guides' contacts:

... "- May 2013, on my 40th birthday, Bay Area, USA. A friend started talking about DMT, and wanted to tell him to "get off drugs". I was very anti-drug, but I thought, "why don't I first research the damn thing before I open my mouth and sound like a fool?". My research on the topic opened the floodgates of information and soon after I was lucid dreaming (I've never taken DMT btw). I met my "higher self" that called itself Heva, and later on my "spirit guide", who called herself Esther (for all I know, they could be the same alien, role-playing for my convenience). It didn't take me too long to figure out that I was dealing with a Mantis alien instead.

- The first time I met Heva, he had an iPad-like device where all my metrics were written in it. From physical to psychological evaluations. When I was trying to take a look at it, two voices from invisible people were heard, telling Heva to stop, because I might not be ready. Heva said I was ready.

- From 2013 to 2018 I would suddenly have a whole bunch of lucid dreams, as much as 2-3 times a week. These guys opened the floodgates for me. They would put me on various VR [Virtual reality] tests (that are dreams, but they score you at the end), they would talk to me about retrocausality, and other such things. One time, I refused to play along, and the dream abruptly stopped, and I found myself in the Void. Two higher ups appear and start questioning as to why I don't participate. Esther promises me that it would be good for me to do so. I agreed. The dream RESTARTS from the beginning, as if it was a computer program.

- In another lucid dream, Esther was angry at me (showing me on an iPad-like device where I should have promised to do, but didn't do), so she dropped her pretenses, and looked like the Mantis she is. In fact, in that lucid dream, she hit me near the liver, got in pain, and when I was awake, the pain continued.

- Esther would tell me the future 3 times. Two times was bang on (e.g. in 2014 she told me that my business Instagram account was to be hacked, and it did so 2 days later out of the blue), and the third time it was half-right. She stressed that the future is ever-changing, and our decisions do make up the future, so a decision can change a prediction. That third time, she correctly predicted the exact date something specific would happen, which IT DID happen when she said so, but she didn't know the outcome, because that was depending on my actions.

- That third time put a huge strain in our relationship, because it was about something important for me, but she was not allowed to help further, e.g. to advise me. I obviously messed it up. That pissed me off, and while I don't have a conscious recollection of it, I'm pretty sure that I raised hell. My lucid dreaming stopped abruptly in March of 2018. They closed the door. It now only happens 2-3 times a year, when she wants to tell me something important..."

This account also shows that the Mantises are always in control of the person. Working on the etheric/astral level, they have access to and control our dreams for purposes of experimentations and tests (for what purpose?). Punishment for not obeying is not unusual; we see that with the Greys too.

As with the Greys, the Mantises also give predictions, probably to show their superiority as they can see into the nearby probable future. Eugenia Loli:

"...The last time I talked to Esther, she told me that I need to "take care of Star", and that "it was a gift to beat my loneliness". I had no idea what she meant. A week later, I get a new neighbor, named Star, who is also an artist like me, and we became close friends."

Interestingly, she mentions the use of Virtual Reality in her dreams, and the restart as if it was a computer program. Virtual Reality is used extensively by the aliens, in physical sightings, during abductions both physical and with out-of-the-body experiences. Read my article of Virtual Reality Scenario in the UFO Phenomenon.


Information They Convey

The Greys don't talk much, if at all. The Mantises however are more forthcoming with information. They have a lot of knowledge, scientific and what we would call esoteric. They don't mind sharing it with people who can understand it.

"I was told that this earth is being seeded with new life. They left the mantis insects here on this earth as a remembrance of them in their efforts in Earth’s life-seeding project of which the mantis race beings are a part... I was told about the tetrahedral geometry of energy matrices fundamental to the structure of the physical universe. Time is an illusion of this dimension. In other dimensions, there is no space and there is no time. The mantis type being I encountered downloaded to me the history of earth as their species understood it." (Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

A rather unusual account comes from James Forsythe, who had life-long experiences with them, and seems to have had a special connection to the Mantises. Aside from imparting esoteric knowledge, they told him how to heal himself:

"From a very early age, he experienced occasional nighttime episodes during which he would wake up paralyzed while tall shadowy beings visited his bedside. As he got older, these figures revealed themselves to have a mantis-like appearance with long arms and legs and an insect-like face. Says James, "The Mantis were the ones that would come for me…when I was little, I just used to call them and they would come and get me…I seem to have some sort of main connection with them.

...As his experiences continued, the beings began to teach him deeply spiritual concepts pertaining to meditation, sacred geometry, breathing techniques, healing visualization exercises, chakra activations, and more. They gave him prophecies about his personal life and spiritual guidance often in the form of fortunate synchronicities which would lead him to exactly what he needed. Just being in their presence sparked a dramatic spiritual transformation within him. "When you’re with these guys," says Forsythe, "it’s so peaceful. Everything’s so transparent; all your thoughts…there’s nothing to hide. You care for one, you care for all. If they’re caring for me, they’re caring for themselves at the same time. Everything is done on these levels. Being over there is just…I don’t feel connected here. I feel totally alien here."

... Forsythe describes a bedroom visitation by the Mantis: "I was sitting on my bed…There was a bright light, like day, and this mantis popped out of the floor, just came right up and bounced and landed…And he’s in that positional crouch, with his knees apart and the wrists together. He does that jerky move where he turns and looks at me. And then boom, he’s in my face real close with his big eyes, and I’m just frozen." Forsythe later learned that much of the knowledge he was being taught by the mantis beings corresponded with sacred Essene rituals, Masonic ceremonies, and the ancient Aramaic language.

...At one point in his life, Forsythe contracted what appeared to be an appendicitis. Doubled over in pain, he rushed off to the hospital. Doctors said his blood count was very high and that his appendix was going to burst. He was scheduled for an appendectomy the following morning. That night, Forsythe began a powerful meditation that the mantis beings had taught him. It involved chanting ancient Aramaic words while visualizing a divine white light in a particular pathway through the physical body. Forsythe meditated until he fell asleep. The next morning, upon awakening, Forsythe was pain-free. The doctors became confused and ran more blood tests. Finally, they returned exasperated and told him that his blood count was now normal. Forsythe explained that he had healed himself through meditation. The doctor became angry and told him that an appendicitis cannot be spontaneously healed overnight. Despite this, he discharged Forsythe from the hospital.

... (he had a terminal brain tumor from which he survived the surgery) How did he survive? Forsythe credits his alien friends. "All through this," he explains, "from me being hospitalized all the way up to the operation, I’m doing my work. I’m doing the work these beings taught me to do with bringing divine light through my crown, using some ancient Aramaic words I would use to activate each chakra, then form a cross from the head and the shoulder to shoulder, and then bring the light down through and up around my body surrounding my body with this torus donut, and then radiating out." (Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

In spite of his remarkable recovery (chances of surviving the surgery were nil), he was still in a very bad shape. It is a typical paradox with those beings. Although they impart a lot of knowledge to him, including healing exercises, the Mantises could have easily prevented the tumor, or healed him completely with their expertise and technology, but they did not do it. They left him severely handicapped.


The Supposedly Mantis Lineage of the Abductee

Nancy Malacaria, in her book The Project at Earth, writes that one day her husband was driving his car when one of their Grey contact beings appeared in the passenger's seat. The Grey told him that he was one of them, and to look at his arm. Her husband did and saw that his arm was the arm of a Grey. It was a Virtual Reality induction to make him see this.

Some abductees/contactees are told that they (as a soul) are actually not of human origin, but of a Grey or Mantis origin, now incarnated in a human body. There is no way for us to figure out that this true or not. The aliens have a long history of lying or telling a mixed truth. I strongly suspect that they make the person think that they in essence one of them, or related to them, in order to establish a bond, and make the person trust them.

Another tactic is to make them believe that they are a human-alien hybrid.

Here is an example of a Mantis telling the person that she is his mother. No explanation how this is be possible of course.

"I was to meet my ‘mother.’ She is a Mantis being. I also met 4 or 5 of my ‘children’ who were pure Mantis. They had made contact with me previously via language, and we would speak rather excitedly and loudly in their language. When I arrived, my Mother was waiting for me. she was about 7ft tall and I wondered how I could hug her. All I could reach were the long thin legs. She bent down and put her face closer to me and I felt that she was ‘very proud’ of me for all the work I’d done."" (Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

How is it possible that a human has pure mantis children? I don't doubt that the abductee (was made to) believe(s) that she has a Mantis mother, and that she met her Mantis children. Abductees/contactees often feel privileged or special to be directly related to aliens, and fail to be skeptical of such claims. Some abductees have met their half Gray-half human children, always with the purpose of bonding. However one needs to take in account that much of the abduction experiences are actually Virtual Reality Scenarios. The hybrid children are not real. It is a Virtual Reality Scenario that is being played out, very real to the abductee, but illusionary.

The strong belief of having an alien parent, often accompanied by a feeling of having known that being for a very long time and feeling love towards them, is the result of direct mind control. The aliens are known to induce any emotion into a person, usually a feeling of calm, trust, sometimes fear, but also of kinship.

Karla Turner (1948-1996), ET experiencer and writer, was also told that she had a Mantis mother. Turner made some waves in the UFO community by her discoveries that the aliens were using Virtual Reality Scenarios, and were often lying to the abductees/contactees.

"But they insisted that I talk about any unusual events or recurrent dreams I'd had, and I related an early-childhood nightmare that happened several times. All I could remember was a tall, insect-like being standing next to me, holding my hand, and telling me it was my mother. But more interesting was an experience I'd had in 1980, something that I'd always treasured as a genuine vision, since I had no other explanation for it.

Returning from a neighbor's and walking into my backyard, I was suddenly hit by a strange feeling, a sort of electric, shimmery feeling, and I began to see colors and movement around everything in the yard. I walked on and then saw four people standing side by side beneath a large tree. I thought of them as people because they were about my size -five feet tall- and had the usual appendages, but their appearance was actually like a shadow. They seemed gray and featureless, yet somehow I knew there were two males and two females. They greeted me warmly and told me they were my ancestors, that I carried all of their memories and wisdom in my body. I laughed at that, but they assured me that there were ways I could tap into that knowledge and use it.

I was coming home to prepare dinner, and since I was a notoriously insecure cook, I asked them why I was such a disaster in the kitchen. After all, I said, surely one of my ancestors was a good cook, so why couldn't I use that knowledge myself? At that point they began to direct me in the preparation of the meal, at least the two males did. While I was cooking, the two females stood close behind me, talking quite rapidly to some part of my mind other than my consciousness, but I couldn't understand what they were telling me. When I asked, the males said that I shouldn't worry about it, they were only giving me certain 'instructions'." (Into the Fringe, 1992, by Karla Turner)

Another contactee who was told of his Mantis ancestry, but he saw through the deception:

"Earlier this year I had an extremely vivid dream, unlike anything else I've ever experienced. It sounds crazy, but it was even clearer than my usual waking life. The part I thought you may be interested in involved giant mantises; however these ones were, although intimidating in size, decidedly non-threatening. I was standing in a field, when appeared a giant mantis with 4 or 5 other mantises standing on either side of him, all of them staring at me. The one standing in the center, closest to me, waved his giant arm at them, and told me, in my mind, "These are your ancestors, and your descendants". As I looked back at him, he was now looking quite dashing in a tux with tails, then he bowed to me, put his long, spiky arm on my shoulder, and I woke up. I laughed when I read your account about "them" adding cheesy misinformation, as it reminded me of the Tux part of my dream. Also, in the beginning part of the dream, I saw rows and rows (thousands) of beautiful brown moths, walking stoically down a tree trunk, and as they passed a certain point, faded from their beautiful caramel hue to a dull, deathly grey. A male voice said, "This is the cycle of life. They know all things die, and accept that truth." I know. "New-Agey" crap, but the emotion the scene carried with it was instead a deep sense of ennui, not acceptance at all. I felt like I was being lied to." (UFO BC)


Medical Procedures

Mantises seem to be excellent surgeons, partly because of their advanced technology. Although they can easily erase the memory of an abduction and everything they do to a person, they sometimes do allow the person to remember what happened, probably because it puts them in a good light:

"I saw this huge mantoid-insect guy. And he had a screen in front of him, like an X-ray screen, with three folds or angles to it. And he looked at me and he said, ‘Oh, hello.’ He had very twinkly eyes." "Where are you from?" Ek Mau asked. "I’ve always wanted to know." "We’re from the outer edges of the Milky Way," the being said. "We are actually part of the Milky Way, but we like to think of ourselves as separate." Ek Mau looked at the strange screen-like object that the Mantis held. "This is just so I can see into you," he explained. Ek Mau was enchanted. "He was a lovely being…a very spiritual guy. And he was doing this thing to my hip…like a screw and a bolt…he was doing something to it…he used his equipment, and he did something to my hip…He told me to look away." "You don’t have to look now," the being told her. The next thing Ek Mau knew, she had fallen asleep and morning had arrived. "I felt utter relief," says Ek Mau, "gratitude that these beings would come to see me. I was always grateful when they showed up." (Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1, editors Rey Hernandez, Jon Klimo, Rudy Schild)

Sometimes the abductee wakes up from his induced trance or unconsciousness, and witnesses a scene he was not supposed to see. One wonders why they are working on the bodies of so many people, and why we are not allowed to know about it:

"I have only one memory of seeing a Praying Mantis and it was not working on me but on someone else aboard a craft. I was asked to reproduce a drawing of what I saw and I did. I only saw him from a side view but for what ever reason for many years when I would see that drawing or any representation of a Praying Mantis life form I would start shaking for some time before I could force myself to stop. I have seen over twenty different crafts and three life forms in my life that I consciously remember. I was an officer in Air Defense in the US Army and during 1972 while I was in the Army I was sought out by Project Blue Book. Draw your own conclusions from that because I had never contacted them nor reported a sighting of a UFO to anyone.

... Sorry, I no longer have the drawing of the Mantis. It was very similar to so many that have come since I drew it so long ago. I have multiple missing time events. As to the instance where I saw the Praying Mantis I was on a craft which must have been quite large as the room I awoke in was huge with many tables with many other people on them. I could see rows of them past my feet and to my right. I remember partially sitting up and looking around. That was when I saw the Praying Mantis for the first time. It was standing over the table directly over the table at my feet with a man on it I did not recognize. The Mantis had long arms that moved in a jerky manner but it was the way its arms were hinged and moved that just freaked me. I couldn’t really see clearly or understand what it was doing but I could see it had some of the guys intestines wrapped up and over its arms. That really started to send me into a panic when something caused everything to go black and I don’t remember anything after that. That is my only conscious memory of the Mantis creature. I don't think I was supposed to wake up like that." (UFO BC)

If a person remembers anything, it is usually only a fragment of what happens, and often it is of a medical procedure:

"Here is my mantis experience--this must have been in about 1947? After I recalled this, I was living in Columbus, Georgia and met a guy whose sister who is around my same age, had a similar mantis experience as a child - either people don't tell it or few people experience them? In 1992 while at a workshop in Orlando, I consciously recalled when I was 3 or 4 years old, playing on an Indian mound next to our house that was planted in cotton. I had strayed over on the east side where the cotton was way over my head when suddenly a huge green praying mantis insect appeared trying to grab me. I ran screaming up the hill toward the house and as I ran out of the taller cotton I saw a group of greys by a tree over near the road wearing khaki coverall style jumpsuits. They were watching the chase, excitedly chattering to each other, making clicking type sounds. To my right I saw a small shiny saucer shaped craft parked there and a man appeared in the door, apparently in response to my screams. I thought he was a doctor because he had on a white lab coat like doctors wear. He rushed down the steps to rescue me or so I thought, so I ran to him.....After that my memory is vague, I just have impression of being in a clinical white room where they used one of those probe type instruments on me - yikes, don't even want to remember! I don't recall how I got to the house but must have tried to tell about it.......and why family nicknamed me Bugs?" (UFO BC)

The following is unusual experience that seems to be of a medical nature, although performed outside. It is possible that the boy was put into a trance when lying on the ground, and that the procedure was actually performed inside a craft, mixing the memory of the two events together:

"I will call it a memory due to its nature. The memory is of me as a boy lying on the ground near where our car was parked. On top of me was what I can only describe as a giant praying mantis. From my perspective I could see its face which seemed larger than my head, and below its head (I don't know if it was attached to the being or was a tool of some sort) was what appeared to be a green see-through gourd (sort of like a green bubble) that had a green tube coming out of it which believe it or not was inserted into my solar plexus (the area above your stomach but below your rib cage. It felt like time had stopped or we were in between frames or something because this seemed to go on forever. I just remember thinking I can't breathe, then realizing I did not need to breathe (perhaps this apparatus was breathing for me), and just laying there staring into these bug eyes. This being did in fact resemble an actual praying mantis, not just the shape of it as you described in your experiences. Its eyes were giant green spheres on the side of his head and his pupils were little red dots. Well as a youngster I dismissed this as a dream due to the high level of strangeness. At this age I did spend countless hours in our backyard looking at the stars through my telescope. This incident was in the seventies in New Mexico." (UFO BC)

One of the medical procedures that has been mentioned by a number of abductees is the popping out of the eye-ball and then putting it back. Some say this is done to put an implant behind the eye-ball. 

[At 8 years old] "My Praying Mantis figure was very kind to me. He urged me to stay calm and telepathically reassured me everything would be alright. My right eye was removed by a device that came down from the white ceiling. I started to really panic but the "Mantis" kept me from really freaking out. Then it was replaced. [he probably means reset] The "Mantis" also told my telepathically that I was a special person who would really make a difference here on earth. I am now 44 years old and have made no real significant differences to the human race. I think he may have just wanted to reassure a child at the time.

When the "Mantis" first appeared he was at the foot of the hospital bed I was strapped to. I could only at first see an outline but as I watched it blended from the white wall into a Brown cloaked figure- not purple or black as you accounted.

I have retained one thing from my encounter. I still have the power to see major global disasters before they happen. I only report them to either my fiancé or my close family members because I know anyone else would just call me crazy. But now they believe me for the most part. Because when I see something clearly and tell them It always happens.

I also had a small round device placed into my right thumb. I was told by the "Mantis" if It ever came out I would die. Well, I ripped it out of my thumb two years or so after feeling I had been visited again and again, just not remembering anything those further times. I knew - that's all I can say. I don't believe they can find me now and have lead a productive life since being without them 'finding' me and not feeling 'watched' anymore." (UFO BC)

Abductees are often told that they are special and have a mission to fulfill in life, although it is never specified what this might be. It is a psychological tactic to flatter the ego of the abductee and to create a positive bond with the aliens. It is just a plain lie.

This abductee did not believe the Mantis that told him that he would die if he took out the implant from his thumb, and thus proved that they constantly lie.


The Afterlife and Reincarnation

For most people it is uncomfortable to consider that the afterlife, and even the reincarnation process is controlled by aliens, specifically the Greys and the Mantises. They appear as human-looking or angelic beings to guide the departed human souls in a certain direction, and make them incarnate again and again under false pretenses. Basically they keep the human soul ignorant.

Eugenia Loli:

"The Mantis are often seen wearing a purple cloak, and a medallion. I asked them about it, and they said the medallion is actually a device, and not a status symbol. They consider themselves "neutral" (or at least, they strive about it). The Mantis are the so called spirit guides people experience in-between lives and take care of reincarnations. According to Michael Newton PhD's book "Journey of souls", the spirit guides have a purple aura and wear a medallion. This was written before the Mantis aliens became as known as they are today (and even today, most people only see Greys).

In other words: UFOs are not "people from other planets" per se. I have surmised that the phenomenon is a control AND support system for reincarnation. The planet belongs to them, and we are renting the place while we incarnate here. They are behind social engineering via religion creation, and folk myths. They are driving our evolution via intellectual, social, and of course, genetic methods. Please note, that despite speaking about re-incarnation here, I still consider myself an atheist. I don't see reincarnation as a religious thing, but rather, a system that can happen either naturally, or with technology (lately, I lean on the latter)."

Her assumption that technology is used for the reincarnation process is interesting. The Virtual Reality the aliens use, must be based on a kind of artificial intelligence because of its sophistication. See my article of Virtual Reality Scenario in the UFO Phenomenon. Eugenia also mentions that AI is used for the management of the so-called grid around the Earth:

"Many people have experienced a grid in the sky, around the Earth. Easily seen under mushrooms or LSD, but some have seen it sober. I experienced it in one of my lucid dreams. I've been told that the grid is artificial and it operates via AI. It has a dual function: to manage humans who might astral project or even lucid dream by mistake, and to stop other races from interfering. The grid is what people on DMT call "the waiting room". The AI decides if one is ready to experience hyperspace or not. It is a control system. I haven't decided yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It might interfere with our ability to evolve in the astral as well as in the physical."

More information about the Grid, or the Net, can be found in my article of The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity.

George Noory interviewed Linda Moulton Howe in a 12-17-2015 Coast to Coast episode. In this episode Moulton Howe played an interview with S. A., a 49-year-old Lawyer who lives and works in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The following are excerpts from that interview:

"Then in 2010 at age 44, the most extraordinary meditation experience of his life occurred on a summer afternoon in his downtown Vancouver condo.

Something shifted differently than my usual meditation. I had this tremendous sense of acceleration traveling up my spine through my head and out through the top of my head. And though I was not sleeping at all, I would liken it to a kind of out-of-body experience where I was flying through our solar system.

He then flew past the planets of our solar system, and beyond it.

In that way, I felt a very intense focus on me, although I could not see anything initially. That’s when, out of nowhere, this huge face and eyes appeared before me — something I had never seen in any pictures, had never read about.

It looked like a gigantic — and what I mean by gigantic — I’m guessing somewhere between 20 and 30 feet tall because there is no cross-reference point in space to anything. But as it was coming towards me, the head was the dominant feature and the eyes and it had that very triangular face that a praying mantis would have.

I was overwhelmed by the power of presence that was suddenly before me. The minute my eyes could actually identify its shape and form and before I could even say, ‘Oh, my God, this is so repulsive! Or, scary! Or foreign-looking to me. Before I could have a complete thought in that way, waves of thought energy flooded my being and it was really a wave of love that filled me — one of the most powerful experiences of love that I can recall.

And as I was overwhelmed by that warm feeling of connection, although to my eyes it was a repulsive image before me, the sense of being overwhelmed by love and the thought was: ‘We’ve been together before.’

In my questioning, I said, ‘In this form?’ meaning me. ‘Or in your form?’ as in you. And the response was, ‘No, like me,’ meaning this alien being. And the confidence was that we had been together before and we will be together again. And at that point, we pivoted — because we were facing each other head-to-head. Then suddenly for the first time, it was as if we were beside each other looking back towards Earth in the far distance. And he said, ‘You had to come to Earth to learn certain lessons and one day, we’ll be united again in this form as we once were.’

And that was my only understanding and I thought, ‘Come to Earth for a few lessons! I feel like I’ve been there thousands of years with many incarnations.’

It was very disarming to be in front of this being that was between 20 and 30 feet with very long extending arms that almost looked mechanical in how they bent and moved, but the eyes were what captured me and held me and a feeling of love, of peace, of security, which I didn’t expect at all when I saw it. And yet, the minute those eyes met mine, I just knew it was like being home.

When those words, or those thoughts, came to me, there was a very quick flash of many, many different life times as if a few frames per second and within a couple of seconds, I saw maybe dozens or more life times, but they were not new to me. They were experiences that I believed I had perceived in other meditations when I used to live in India. So, it’s as if that tape got re-played very quickly of multiple lifetimes and of a soul or consciousness taking on different bodies to continue its journey of expanding awareness.

I could see myself in all of them — all qualities — and yet in the one where I was told we had been together before — this mantis-like being — and we will be together again. In that one (life), it was perhaps the most full of the emotion that I associate with love.

The last understanding that I had while we were side-by-side was to my left side. We were both looking towards Earth at that point and what I understood was, ‘You’ve got more lessons to learn while you’re there and we will be together again soon in this form.’" (Earth Mysteries News)

It is rare that a Mantis appeared during an out-of-the-body experience. What is really interesting is that the Mantis gave him a review of past lives, and that he had lessons to learn on Earth. A life review and the mention of lessons to learn is a common theme with near-death-experiences (NDE). It has been suggested by other people that the spiritual guides and other personages during a NDE are actually disguised Greys or Mantises who keep the soul ignorant and make him go reincarnate again by instilling guilt and the lessons-to-learn associated with it. It is another indication that Mantises interfere in our lives both on the physical and the spiritual side.


Psychedelic Encounters

It is not uncommon to encounter entities during hallucinogenic trips. Mantis beings usually appear a very short time, as if encountered accidentally. However, some experiences are more elaborate. As the experiences are varied in their content, I just give them here without comment. One need to take into account that these experiences take place in the etheric/astral realm where reality shapes itself according to what is in one's mind, and into the mind of other beings.

These encounters also show that although the Mantis are physical beings, they are also very active and aware in the mental realm.


'Medical' Procedures

A Warning:

"Not to freak people out but these mantis being and or insect ours are not benevolent beings!! Warning!!!! Tell them to stay away from you!! I had one to F off literally several times!!!! When they go into your body they take DNA, females eggs, screw with your energy Center. Keep away they come in very innocently but in actuality they are harvesting things from humans, in the astral. Beware psychonaughts!!!" (DMT Vision)

Another warning:

"...It came on pretty quickly (though time was wack from the first dose so idk really), but I come up hard. I am playing pool with my dad (he knows I'm high so it's cool) but I decide to head out when I feel it kicking in. I walk to my house a block away to see my fiance and she has a dour look about her. She battles body dismorphia and depression, it usually isn't an issue but it just happened to be hitting her hard while the acid was hitting me hard. So I walk in, feel that energy, ask her how she is, if she wants to talk about it, etc. She doesn't and pretends it's nothing. I'm too sensitive and begin crying This sends her into mother mode and she consoles me. For some reason though, my crying sends the trip into overdrive.

Suddenly there are INTENSE visuals. The air has been replaced with honey, I'm getting all sorts of sacred geometry, everything is so THICK its sorta hard to see. I close my eyes and see these 7 or 8 alien faces, all identical but a different color of the rainbow. I open my eyes and tell my fiancé about it. She smiles calmly and suddenly her face turns into this rainbow colored praying mantis and the body extends behind me as if it is leaning around/over me to sit in front of me. I get this feeling of calmness, serenity, and then paranoia that I'm being fed false calmness and serenity.

And then my mind is popping with conspiracies about being trapped in a matrix like system and being fed on by this parasitic mantis being who is feeding me good feelings to keep me sedated while simulating my experience for me. It feels like I'm just on the verge of waking up to it and breaking free...

But then I feel this love for this simulation (and paranoia of that feeling being fed into me simultaneously) and all that's in it, and I don't want to exit... And this image of the mantis recedes behind me and I can feel it puppeteering my body from behind my consciousness. I feel again like I should trust this process... like it is a doctor helping me get back to health. But the paranoia is thick.

And then my fiancé kisses me and we start passionately love making (first time thats ever happened to me on psyches, I'm usually not sexual at all during it) but it felt like we were both under a spell (despite her being sober). It was a complete out of body experience where I had zero control of myself and the energy raised so high I felt like I was having a DMT breakthrough again, almost. I saw the pillars of faces and eyes and everything was racing so fast that when it was over I felt reborn again.

And yet I still have this paranoia that that was an exit point from the simulation and I passed it up cause I love this world too much to leave it." (Reddit)

Brain surgery:

"A huge paying mantis came near me. It was much taller than me. It told me to stay cam and stop breathing while it kind of opened my brain and worked on it with its long insectoïd arms. I could see the scene like if I was looking in a mirror. After a minute it was done and I could breath again. I felt so well for a moment, my mind was so peaceful and calm." (DMT Vision)


"Insectoid aliens were examining me at one point. Think human body with a mantis head. Very impartial to my presence. One of them reached into my body around the pelvic area and readjusted something, and I actually heard my body respond (ie that liquid moving around sound)." (DMT Trip Reports compiled by Peter Meyer)

The following person also had an out-of-the-body experience, and strangely enough he mentions that the Mantises took "some small biopsies and some blood and sperm and samples from my gut and bacteria that were in my body". That is of course impossible because his physical body was in bed. It is however indicative that people who get abducted are often subjected to a Virtual Reality Scenario, as a means to hide the actual alien activity.

"That experience and research brought me to an anthropologist and facilitator in the forests of Brazil and to drink the sacred brew ayahuasca, in the hopes that it would invoke that tunnel again, so I could explore what lies on the other side.

During an evening ceremony I was given a cup of what looked like between 160 and 175 milliliters of wretched-smelling dark syrup, which I drank. An hour later I found myself in a deep meditative state searching for the answers to my place in the universe. All of sudden, I was bathed in this white light from above, it felt like antigravity energy that lifted me up and out of my bed, and through the roof. This white energy beam was cylindrical and seemed like it had a diameter of 5 to 7 feet and reached up into the night sky. It seemed to separate me in two and lift an ethereal duplicate of my body. I tried to analyze the experience. As I was lifted up I could still see the other half of me still lying down in my bed. I felt that certain parts of my essence, a hologram of my body, and an impression of my mind and most of my consciousness was being pulled up. It felt good to be weightless and floating up, although I could still feel gravity. I was transported into a room within a ship, very clean, very sterile, well maintained, stainless steel and white, very muted white lighting, full spectrum. I was on a table, the kind of table you would see in the morgue because it was like a shallow tub and it had drains and a hose to wash it down. But it had cushioning, so I got the impression from the cushioning that I was not there just to be dissected, because there was some semblance of comfort that was provided. Nevertheless I was strapped down by the arms and legs, I don’t think my chest was. Right away I felt that my consciousness was being sedated, but whatever it was that was sedating me was not enough. I immediately became conscious of my surroundings and tried to sit up and look around; at that point I became acutely aware of these beings—tall, skinny, kind of lanky, very thin-featured but with a praying mantis head, triangular and very bug like. I got the feeling they were very conscious and technologically advanced. The air conditioning in the space felt just right, I could hear the sound of a steady hum. The hum of a ship, structurally strong yet hollow-sounding, vibrating with energy.

Around me, around this table were instruments, tools of some kind, probes, strange manipulating instruments. They were hanging from the ceiling and some were attached to the walls. It wasn’t a square room by any means, it seemed almost round and cylindrical and there were counters around the edge with a white muted light that seemed very full spectrum almost like shaded windows of some kind, but it seemed artificial, piped in. It was very relaxing and it had a soothing frequency to it. This hum seemed to manipulate and soothe me; it may not have been the sound of the ship, but possibly some kind of acoustic energy that permeated me in my mind. Somehow, with enough effort and concentration, I was able to overcome it. At some point they started adjusting the instruments and moving closer with them. I felt a little fearful but they assured me that it would be OK, and I responded with, "Look, I feel captive, and when a human feels captive, they have the innate feeling of the possibility of being raped or sexually violated. If it’s a male, through his anus, or a female, through her vagina, and I think that for a woman, it’s even worse, because if an unwanted seed is implanted in her, it could mean carrying an unwanted baby. Worse yet, a part-alien baby." They seemed to just look at me in astonishment that I was trying to sit up and communicate with them. I further stated: "This is a give and take, if you need something, you are welcome to it, but as long as I’m undamaged and I leave this place intact and whole, just as I came or better, things will be OK. I don’t want to break out of this state and wreck the place." After my statement, they seemed to be in a rush and quickly plunged these probes into my chest. I am not quite sure if they inserted devices or not. I get the feeling they were just looking and checking and taking some small biopsies and some blood and sperm and samples from my gut and bacteria that were in my body. Every time I felt uneasy, they somehow seemed to soothe my brain and told me to "relax" and that "it’s going to be OK." As they were working on me, I forced myself back to semi-consciousness and looked around. It was very, very clean and sterile and well maintained. Everything just seemed shiny and spotless. After seeing how well maintained the room was, I felt comfortable there, yet apprehensive about what they were doing. At some point, a dog started barking back where my real body was (I thought it was interesting that I could still hear what my original body was experiencing), and I said, "I have to go." They said, "OK," and my chest was closed up and I said goodbye. I was quickly transported back to my bed and merged back with my self..." (Inner Paths to Outer Space, by Rick Strassman)

After he was put in bed, another ship came over and a similar abduction experience happened with other kind of aliens. Then it happened a third time with yet different aliens.



What probably happened in the following experience was that he went out-of-the-body. Being thus aware in his astral body, he met the Mantis being:

"I made the mistake of dropping acid then going to sleep only to wake around 2:30 - 3:30 AM. I'll skip to the part that I'm convinced was not a hallucination. After running wildly down the beach for what must have been an hour or so, I saw in the NW sky, five objects flying in a V formation towards the SE.

I had to tell myself that it was only a dream, but as the objects got closer I realized that what I was seeing was real. As the objects approached closer to me on the shoreline I felt the most amazing feeling that something or someone was trying to talk to me from them. At this exact moment a voice or presence spoke clear to me that "I was in danger". No exaggeration here, a creature seemed to appear before me as if it was hovering over me. It stood like 8-9 feet tall and was exactly in appearance to what Jim G. and many other witnesses describe as a Praying Mantis with large oily eyes. While this entity spoke to me by thought alone, I felt oddly at ease with it rather than terrified, for it seemed genuinely concerned for me. It told me that I was dying of a drug overdose and that I should seek medical help. My mind was totally clear at this moment with no effects from the drug. I knew that the entity was telling the truth and I listened.

What happened next was incredible. The entity spread out its long insect arms and wrapped them around the back of my head, suddenly I felt a jab like a needle in the area of the brain called the medulla. It was like I never took the drug and was clear of thought and strong. I don't have any memories of what happened to the entity or the hovering objects

The next thing I knew I was running from the beach to the highway to hitch a ride to the hospital where I checked myself in to the emergency ward. In those days the hospitals knew very little about how to treat ACID OD's. I had my stomach pumped and remained there for three days." (UFO BC)


Parasitic behavior:

"So in 2019 I did a 6 gram, eyes-closed trip where I felt like these green mantis-like creatures were sniffing around for painful memories and extracting them. One seemed annoyed that I was aware of it, and was like "Just let me do my job please." They seemed kind of rude and possibly even overworked (?) but probably helpful overall. I didn't have another big trip until this past weekend (3.5g brewed into tea). This time, they were back and more vivid. They wanted to poke around inside me and lead me to painful thoughts and memories. Seemed like they wanted to wring out emotion almost like a liquid... and harvest it. Unlike last time, this time I started to wonder if it wasn't such a symbiotic relationship... were they more parasitic? Nefarious? Using my feelings as some kind of natural resource to mine?" (Reddit)


Watching a Mantis Ritual

"The following example is the experience of a thirty-five-year-old writer who took in an exploratory group setting two empathogenic amphetamine derivatives — first 150 milligrams of MDMA (Adam or Ecstasy) and four hours later 20 milligrams of 2CB (Adamson 1986).

About an hour and a half into the trip I was seeing my visions with my eyes open or closed; and I was traveling to other planets and dimensions. In each realm a religious ceremony was in progress. On one plane, there were huge, mantis-like beings that were wise, sepulchrally dignified, welcoming me with their ritual. On another plane, green, gold, blue, and purple beings that looked like small, crystalline insects shaped and reshaped in kaleidoscopic formations, sending me urgent messages of mute support. Finally, a dimension appeared where all was crystal life forms; all were incredibly beautiful energy beings, on both micro and megascopic scales. (The adventure of self-discovery, by Grof, Stanislav, 1988)"


A Council of Mantises

"So basically I didn't even know about these things. I had only ever heard about the typical supernatural entities you hear about. I had taken a couple dozen mushroom trips over the past year and one in particular was very different.

I drunk roughly 3.2 grams of Trinity tea (magic mushrooms strain ground up to a powder mixed with steeped tea) with lemon ginger, the effects come on rather quickly. You feel your vibration increasing rapidly as a buzzing feeling consume you. When you get close to the higher dimensions you hear a ringing in the ears. If you focus on that ring it can take you even further mentally.

Everything was alive and breathing, sacred geometry everywhere...I was in deep and there was no going back, it had only been 50 minutes and I still had another 4 or so hours left. I went back to my room and laid down....after closing my eyes I see this creature/small animal thing I can't really describe jumping around and hopping joyfully in a manner like "c'mon follow me! You want to see this, right this way".

So I proceeded to follow. I see this giant peacock tail pattern holographic/kaleidoscope looking portal open up...I had seen it before when I used to astral project....I would always see this portal open up after the ears rang and my body was vibrating but I never made it through. I've heard people who take DMT usually get sent through one of these when they have a breakthrough trip, and sometimes encounter entities on the other side.

I go in and it's like that scene at the end of contact or in Stargate, I'm flying though patterns are zipping by in all directions until I finally arrive at There's a bright light and it slowly fades into this room, like when you step outside and it's bright, it took a moment for the scene to become clear. There was also this mechanical sound, like gears grinding and metallic scraping...very odd distortion of sound.

I see this giant round table, looked wooden maybe or light brown. I'm looking up at this table from an underneath perspective...I wasn't sure if the table was tall and I was standing, or I was laying down on the table looking up like almost as if I was being operated on.

All of the sudden I see these mantis looking beings walk up to the table, their bottom half was blocked by the table but their upper half was visible. They were very tall and had these robes on, I think they were purple or green. They wore a head dress of sorts almost like an Aztec God. There were 5 or 6 of them standing there looking at me, fascinated by my presence. It appeared like they had a giant book of sorts that contained everything I had ever done or thought about. Like they had been assigned to me for study. It appeared like they were a council of some kind with a hierarchy, one of them seemed to be in charge. He/it actually told me his name, "On'Tu, or "An'Tu". I don't know what they wanted with me but they seemed agitated that I became aware of their presence, they walked away from the table and I began to go back through the portal I came in.

I opened my eyes and I was back in my room again. I spent the next couple hours processing what had just happened even though I was still tripping. It was the most real thing I had ever experienced." (Reddit)



A glimpse into what the Mantises are:

"A few years ago I experienced a breakthrough mushroom trip where I ingested 5 grams cubensis while wearing a blindfold.

As the trip began to peak, the common hallucinogenic rainbow pinwheel spirals began to fade way to reveal the silhouette of an insectoid like figure. This being immediately initiated communication, not in the form of words but in general impressions, feelings, and imagery.

The next moment the scene changed abruptly to a 3rd person perspective of myself standing with this 7 foot tall mantis entity beside me and we are gazing out a large window upon the Earth from Space.

It communicated in a kind of synesthesia of understanding in a way that is hard to describe or summarize with any detail but here are the general impressions it gave:

They are ancient and advanced in a way that is almost incomprehensible, Level III galactic civilization

They assume the role of stewards/managers/gardeners of developing higher consciousness displaying organisms throughout the galaxy/universe/multiverse?

They have been subtly modifying/ coaxing humankind forward from the fringes of our perceived reality and may be responsible for mankind's comparatively rapid cognitive evolution. And that this process has recently been pushed into urgent overdrive.

It gave me the impression that this universe is some kind of simulated reality and that they have reached a level where they can almost act as "Programmers", being able to manage, modify, and intrude upon our "3-dimensional bubble" in ways that seem impossible.

I awoke the next morning to find a preying mantis insect (normal sized) was waiting for me outside in an odd and obvious spot, which registered to me as a signal from them that this experience was real." (Reddit)


Masters of Worlds

"So this is something that is on my mind every day since it happened. I took about 7g of mushrooms and was teleported into another realm where I saw the mantis type entities and communicated with them.

It was unlike any other trip, I ate the mushrooms and took a shower on the come up. They hit fast and I actually started tripping while still in the shower. That’s when I saw the first one. I had my eyes closed and this beautiful green and gold “bug like” entity appeared in front of the blackness of my closed eyes.

It gave me a feeling of peace and love and told me to finish washing up and go to bed. Well when an entity like that tells you what to do, you listen. I finished up and crawled into bed with nothing but a small lamp to light the room. This is when I blasted off.

I felt like I was being ripped out of my body. Like when you’re half asleep and you feel like your falling, except upwards and I kept going and going.

They took me into a room that had no windows and looked like a an old back room in an office building. It was weird because I knew I wasn’t there and they did this because they thought it would be familiar to me and calm me down. That’s when the green and gold one appeared.

No words were used, it was all communication through ideas and emotion. It asked me if I wanted to see the truth, I said yes. We were then looking at a top down view of other “mantids” but these were the basic brown, black and dark gold colors. I could tell they were “workers”.

They were walking around in a room between what looked like RPG game tables. There were hundreds of these tables and they were walking around and between them like they were keeping an eye on them. Without asking, the being then told me that these were the many different human worlds and that they facilitate them.

They’re basically the game masters to this thing we call life, and Earth isn’t the only human world out there. It didn’t look like they were intervening at all, just closely watching and almost taking notes.

Every once in a while something reminds me of this trip and I get wrapped up in it again. Has anyone else seen these entities?" (Comment on post on Reddit)


Visual Data

"At this time a very clear mantis image appeared and took a long hard look at the experiencer. “Really?!” was the only response the experiencer could come up with. “No, not really, you could not truly understand what we really are and so we appear like this to you...” (this from a mantis!)

At this point the mantis-dominated visions gave way to a triangular imagery that emanated from the area of the third eye. The feeling was one of receiving huge amounts of raw data in a purely visual form. Open the eye — visions gone — close the eyes— visions instantly just as strong as before. It was at this point the voice from the mantis (or the guy in khakis — who knows?) said “If you keep focusing on these images you will die.” OK, eyes open. He elaborated further, “You must learn to see with your blind spot for that is where reality truly manifests from. See what you cannot see and you will know.”" (DMT Trip Reports compiled by Peter Meyer)


Clif High's psychedelic experiences

The following is part of a transcript from a talk by Clif High on Forbidden Knowledge TV. In regards to his psychedelic experiences, he says that his knowledge was gained through the use of mushrooms, mescaline, and DMT. He provides us valuable information about the nature of the Mantis and their agenda for humanity. Very interesting and insightful!

"It is my understanding that the Mantids are expressing communism in humans... It is a power structure, and it is exactly how the Mantids are organized.


The first time I went there, I opened up the door in consciousness. The Doors of Perception, Aldous Huxley talks about. I stepped into a place. This was hyperspace. There I encountered a Mantid, a senior, old scientist. I was 'flumixds'. At that time, I did not understand that I did not have a body. I was not projecting a body. I was just a sphere. The most efficient shape in all the universe, in all of consciousness is a sphere. So you are going back to being a sphere when you are not trying to project any other shape. Anyway, I showed up in this Mantid's place. It is basically a consciousness-research lab. It has no sex or gender, I think of them all as 'he'. In my encounter I learned about the nature of the Mantids, and their f***ing around with other life-forms, and some of the nature of how they are structured. They are truly an insect. They don't really look like a mantid with the abdomen back. They look more like an ant because they live and do things in consciousness. To them it just literally opening up a door to your outdoor experimentation shop, and going out there. They don't have to do anything to their bodies.

...I learned a lot about the Mantids. He was very pissed at me, and wanted to get rid of me. He blew me out of that area, and back into my psychedelic experience, back into my body, with his mind. That got me really angry. So, I jumped right back in and screaming. Just the nature I was at, at that time, because of my age and so on. I was very aggressive. I discovered a lot by his interaction with me after that. It turned out that if I hardened myself, he couldn't get me out. If I was aware and focused on him, he couldn't kick me out. I could actually cause things to have problems for him, in his experiments. So, I was aggressive and irritating. He was extremely non-plussed. They don't have emotions like us. Mantids and Reptiles they don't have emotions like us.

[Clif then talks about other psychedelic encounters he had with a hominid man from a more advanced race that had more developed emotions than us, whose race was able to get the Mantids on their planet.]

The Mantids may be what we call archons, here on Earth in ancient times. Because these guys don’t work by walking around here physically, even thought they are physical and they may indeed be able to come here physically. They work through this media of consciousness and to them, the perfect society, the perfect order is what they have.  And they fear. That’s really the only emotion that they have. They have irritation, they have sort of placid satisfaction, but they don’t have any big ups and they don’t have any big lows in emotions, because they don’t have a central nervous system the way we do, and beyond that, they don’t have a vagus nerve where all our emotions come from...

[note: The vagus nerve, also known as the tenth cranial nerve, cranial nerve X, or simply CN X, is a cranial nerve that carries sensory fibers that create a pathway that interfaces with the parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It comprises two nerves—the left and right vagus nerves—but they are typically referred to collectively as a single subsystem. The vagus nerve is the key substrate that supports efficient emotion recognition for promoting safety and survival. ]

Communism is exactly the way that the Mantids work. The Mantids are insects. And they’re a very predictable kind of an insect. So, this Mantid that I was looking at, interacting with, at first was this big f***er. The older they are, the bigger they get. They physically have to shed their body and keep growing. But their minds don’t grow.

They fear, and they fear us. What they really fear is not us, but all species, all beings that can individually learn. So their social order is entirely Communistic. It is entirely a dictatorship. It is entirely a scientific dictatorship. It is entirely structured and it is bred into them and they could not rebel against it, if they tried. The weird part for us is that as an individual, this scientist, who was very old, had basically learned no more stuff. He has done lots of experiments and so forth but here is the weird part about it. That scientist was doing that at the direction of, what I took to be, an immature Mantid, a kid. The old scientist was doing the work for the young Mantid, because the young Mantid had just hatched. In Mantid World, that meant that the young Mantid knew more than the old Mantid did and it knew more than the old Mantid ever would. Because here is the thing with these insects: they literally put their brains and their knowledge into them while they are in the egg. And when they hatch, they have all of that knowledge, instantly.

Their strategy doesn’t involve being an infant, doesn’t require going to school or any of that. They don’t do any of those kinds of things. It is a huge job, a huge savings of time to do it this way, but it has this very fatal flaw. This very fatal flaw is, in order to learn anything new, which is just excruciatingly difficult for any of the adults, they can, as they are not without that capability. It is not easy, nor native nor natural for them, and there is no mechanism within their ability to connect to. We don’t store our memories and stuff in our brain. It is an antenna that connects to the larger consciousness. The Mantids don’t have that. They have no ability to have neuroplasticity and make new connections. It is extremely difficult for them because of the rigidity and the nature of their body, mainly.

Anyway, so the Mantids operate on this dominance hierarchy that is all power. Its all-powerful scientists are instantly all-powerful as soon as they are hatched. Now, they have to go through a hardening-of-the-body stage. So, they are not that effective, but they start barking out orders as soon as these f***ers are out of that egg case.

And all the other Mantids just accept it; just pick up on it and that is the nature of the Mantid society, So, if they need to learn something, if they collectively go through this process, and decide that they needed to learn something, basically what they do is: they program themselves. They know how to program themselves. Even though they can't acquire the knowledge now in the body, they can program new knowledge into other Mantids without having to know what that knowledge is. I can explain it, but I don't want to take the time at this point. Basically, they do a chemical bath on the eggs, they give knowledge to the being that way and the being hatches and it is in charge. And it is the new Joe Biden, it is the new head Communist. So, it runs around and it gives you orders. This is the ultimate in authoritarian, structured, non-changing societies.

The Mantids fear beings like us. It is their only emotion, it is their survival things, just as with us. They have the ability to sense and feel fear.

That Mantid I was interacting with, when I got pissed and blew back in there, I made him afraid. I made him uncomfortable because of my nascent skill. That gave me some ability with my will. I was doing martial arts for some time at that point. I was really angry, I had some, skill, and the filters were all off. So, I just expressed it. So he was afraid. It reacted in fear, trying to throw me out. So there was this pushing and chuffing. I was pushing it to the other side of his space. It was freaked out because I knew, and it knew that I knew.

They don't read your mind, but they read the waves that comes off you. They read the connecting waves. They get impressions.

It was freaked out. I understood in his freaked-out-ness, independently from being told this later on, that validated it [the guy from the other planet], it was freaked out by me because instantly, it knew I learned. This is their big fear. They know sh*t. These things are ancient. Beyond our ability to understand ancient. They know sh*t beyond our ability to grasp. But they’re afraid, because every time they do something, we can learn from it. They know we can learn from it, they can’t stop us from learning from it but they still must react, knowing we’re going to learn from it and do something different and then, they’ll have to struggle and struggle and struggle to try to figure out how to react to our something-different. They don’t do well with different. They don’t do well with change.

These are the beings that instruct all the other f***ers in the pantheon of UFO world’s alien horrors. All the other f***ers are controlled by the Mantids. The Reptiles are controlled, because they have such a crude, very, very crude vagus nervous system, that you can just tap into it with your mind and tell them, "Turn left, turn right." You can pre-program them. You can put instructions into their mind, as when you program a robot, and they would execute those things. 

But the Mantids are behind it all and they’re hugely ancient. They really are afraid. And fear is growing. They have as much fear in them as the Deep State does, because the Deep State can’t control us and it is exactly the same thing. Every move the Deep State makes exposes them more and we learn more.

The Mantids have Communism down pat. It is built into their bodies. When they hatch eggs, they hatch them into this system. And they’re trying to impose this system on all other species.

[The humanoid from the other planet] says that they threw them off their planet, long time ago, and have been progressively ever since. He described how important the nervous system was, the vagus nerve, and the cranial nerves 9 and 10 which are tied into the nervous system in a very specific way. We have the ability, the way the nervous system is built within us, to be very superior to the Mantids. They are very much afraid of this. Because, we have the capability of mastery. Mastery is an interesting thing... The more you master a thing, the easier it is to master other things. Bear in mind, that the Mantids are born with knowledge and will never, never know mastery. To them mastery is the ultimate prize. This is because, mastery, to them and to us is true magic. It is a response of the physical environment and the people executing the mastery, the sensei, the master; it is their body, their emotions, their knowledge, their thinking, in that moment that demonstrates mastery. It is done without a conscious application. That is to say, the master doesn’t go out there and say, "OK, right now, in this moment, I’m going to demonstrate this particular mastery." No. You just go and you do it. It is the flow. You get into the groove and it is the peak experience. The Mantids will never, ever, ever have any of this. Really, I feel very sad, whenever I think about them and I feel sorry for them. They are as they are and they are my enemy, because of what they want to do to me but they don’t do it out of malice, only doing it out of their own fear. Nonetheless, they shall not do it to me and I must fight them on this. And so they are the enemy and the ultimate head of the enemy class. But they are to be pitied, because their experience in this life is in my opinion so shallow and so sad and doomed. 

So, the Mantids fear the master of anything. They recognize that that acquisition of mastery has demonstrated the actual movement of that individual from one level to a higher level. Now, bear in mind, they’re born to the best they’re ever going to be. Their first day is the best they are ever going to be, they are going to live a monstrously long life and deteriorate the entire time! Truly sad beings. But they are our enemy and they are trying to oppress us with Communism.

They have the ability to manipulate consciousness. They have physical laboratories, they have physical planets. [The humanoid] told me that the Mantids were physically repulsed from their complex of planets. These [humanoids] lived on a string of planets in a solar system and they actually had to physically fight the Mantids. They had to destroy the bugs and it was not a good time for anyone and it took a horrible toll on their social order across all three planets. They were successful. I don't know the length of time, such things are difficult to get accross.

I know this guy celebrates, they celebrate all the time this major success, getting the Mantids thrown out of their system. It was at a cost of 100% death of the enemy, the Mantids. They don’t surrender. You can’t reform them, they can’t be jailed, because they have this ability to do things in consciousness. Just you have their body, all strapped up, that doesn't mean that they are without power. So, you simply must eradicate them.

And that, alone, to this very intelligent, highly-emotional species, one of the things he told me was their entire species changed color from the agony of having to kill all of the Mantids to get them off the planet. He couldn't tell me what kind of color they were before, and he projected as best as he could the color that he was now... they understood that there is always a cost to what you do in the universe, and so they changed as a result to that. Humanity is at this point, now. We’re having to throw off the Mantids.

We can’t see them, because they are hidden from us but nonetheless they are pulling the strings of all of the enemy class. They are manipulating the enemy class to do their will, not the enemy’s will but the Mantids’ will. It is their goal that we shall never have mastery, that we shall be one of the species that they keep perpetually under their ... I don’t know what you would call their digits, they’re certainly not thumbs!

They fight all the time. Mantids are constantly engaged, all around the Materium, all around the Universe, trying to suppress species capable of learning. Because we can, many of us gain mastery and they fear mastery. To them it is something they can never, never experience, and it must be repressed.

So we have the echo of that here on our planet, because it makes no sense, all of the actions of the Fascists, and all this kind of stuff at the top and that is because those actions are not necessarily intended to make sense. They are not necessarily a sensible thing to do. They are only being done because the Mantids are f***ing with us. We are being f***ed with at a very deep level…

That doesn't mean, you go off and attack humans. Any human can be recovered, in my opinion, because we can all learn. Some humans will present themselves and demonstrate that they are not redeemable and we are going to have to figure out what we are going to do with them. In the meantime, in this irregular war, that we are fighting against Communism here, in the United States against the global elitist, Communism, all across the Western Hemisphere, the Western Republics and against the Mantids, who are probably deep in the Earth, or somewhere in consciousness where they [the Mantids] are looking down and they are controlling all of this. As we fight this war, remember we can learn, we can do things, we can acquire knowledge. The enemy cannot. The enemy is rigid. The enemy must always react within specific parameters, even though, at times, they will be trepidatious about those reactions, about doing those things, because they know we are going to learn from them and we will figure out something else for them to have to figure out how to try and react to them. This is causing them a great deal of trouble..."