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Encounters with Terrestrial Aliens in the Outdoors



Encounters in the Outdoors

Encounters with Greys

Encounters with Reptilians

Encounters with Mantis


The most known aliens are the Greys, the Reptilians and the Mantis. Originally ufologists thought they were extraterrestrial visitors having a curious interest in the planet and the human species. Now we know they are not visitors.

They do have an agenda. They are not experimenting. They know exactly what they are doing. It seems that they have been here for a long, long time. As it also became clear that there was a clear and pervasive paranormal side to the ufo/alien encounters, the question came up if they might be dimensional beings. Both the craft and the beings can suddenly appear and disappear.

In my opinion, these beings are dimensional, that is, they normally reside in a parallel dimension, what some may call, the lower astral or ethereal world. They can lower their frequency and appear and walk around in our physical dimension. That would account for the fact that they never wear astronaut suits or helmets. If they were physical beings from another planet, they would need that protection because of the totally different atmospheric environment.

In this article I only want to highlight experiences with these beings out in the open. Although they are ethereal or astral in nature, they can temporarily lower their energy level, and become visible and on occasionally 'physical' in our world. Their appearance is more prevalent in areas that contains high energetic fields generated by the earth, such as ley- lines and vortexes.

For what it is worth, I noticed the following when researching these stories. The Greys, the Reptilians and the Mantis are not the only dimensional beings appearing to humans; there are many kinds of strange humanoids, and cryptic animals occasionally manifesting themselves in our physical world.

From the three kinds of beings I mentioned, the Reptilian beings are seen more frequently. Because of their often frightful appearance the witnesses usually flee the scene rather quickly. Reptilian are self-confident, and don't act as if caught in a vulnerable situation.

The Mantis are often caught by surprise after which they immediately cloak themselves, or disappear 'into thin air'. They always move away, or cloak themselves, as soon as possible, as if they are afraid of being captured or hurt by humans.

The Greys, although now widely popularized in the media, do not appear that much to humans in the open.

Take into account that all those beings have been here for a long time, known by other names, and were not considered to be extraterrestrials, but spirits of a lower order.

The accounts given here are just to show the reality of their existence, and if you had one of such an encounter, know that you are not alone.

Encounters in the Outdoors

Encounters with Greys

The following collection of stories is also available in PDF format.

The Lime Grove Encounters, Florida, USA: a woman had an encounter with a Gray alien outside her apartment, in grove of lime trees. The six-fingered Gray had a metal looking bag and... a pet-like animal.

Siletz, Oregon, USA, 2018: A 12-year old girl encounters a Grey in the woods, with eerie silence so typical in strange encounters.

Pekin, Illinois, USA, 2017: three people encounter a muscular Grey being in the woods.

Mount Vernon, Ohio, 2018: a motorist saw a Grey being running out of a cornfield.

Southern Somerset County, Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania, USA: A grey along the road.


Encounters with Reptilians

The following collection of stories is also available in PDF format.

Southern USA in the 1950s: a woman shot a reptilian being, or frogman, dead on her farm.

Honey Grove, Texas, USA, 1984: a women wakes up at night and see a tall lizard being walking by on the street.

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam, 1992: picture of a reptilian being inside the world's largest cave system

Vietnam, 1970: army squad fires on reptilians outside a cave in the jungle

Obertraun, Austria, 2011: A man encounters a groups of reptilian humanoids deep inside a cave system in Obertraun, Austria.

Carthage, Missouri, USA, 2004: two men on ATV's are riding in a deep cave system and encounter two reptilian beings.

Camden County, Missouri, USA, 1995: A man encounters a reptilian being deep inside a cave.

Squire Boone Caverns, Indiana, 2015: A woman sees a small humanoid reptilian inside a (touristic) cave.

Marietta, Georgia, USA, 2003: man saw lizard-like humanoid near creek, in talc mine country.

The Superstition Mountains, Arizona, USA: encounters with reptilian beings inside and around these mountains.

Sonoran desert, Tucson, Arizona, USA, 2014: A group of three mountain bikers reportedly saw a reptilian humanoid last week in the middle of a trail located in the Sonoran desert.

Los Banos, California, USA, 2016: a driver and passengers notice a reptilian being in robe and hood along a highway.

Scape Ore Swamp, Lee County, South Carolina, USA, 1988: Sightings of the Lizard man by Christopher Davis at the Scape Ore Swamp in South-Carolina.

Atlantic Coast Beach, USA, 1993: a woman meets a group of military reptilians on a beach.

Big Springs, Texas, 2005: A man sees a reptilian being drinking water from a pond.

Nuevalos, Spain, 1954: A man encounters a reptilian being at night near a river and cave.

Near Sierra de la Yesa, Valencia, Spain, 2013: Three hunters observed a UFO and a reptilian humanoid, that was clad in a one-piece coverall.

Canberra, Australia, no date: A man witnessed a small reptilian creature near a storm drain in Canberra, Australia.

Colusa, California, USA, 2014: a hooded reptilian humanoid passes by a woman's house.

Retezat Mountains, Romania, no date: a military officer saw a reptilian being inside a car at a gas station, and later he saw the same vehicle with two reptilians outside the car.

San Francisco, USA, 1968: An army MP watches a reptilian being come out of the water, cross the road and disappear into a cliff.

Gila Blend, Arizona, USA, 2002: A truck driver pulled over at a rest stop and has a reptilian with weapon or instrument come over to his truck, then it went into a triangle craft and flew off.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1975: a lizard woman in a tree warns a group of children to not go any further

Clacton on Sea, United Kingdom, 2017: another lizard like being in a tree.

Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, USA, 2016: a man watches a reptilian crossing the road.

Naples, Florida, USA, no date: a woman looks through the window and sees a group of reptilian humanoids, in armor and with weapons, exiting a flying saucer.

Bridgewater Triangle, Massachusetts, USA, 2017: a lizard man chasing the witnesses in the woods

Dubois, Wyoming, USA, 1978: a reptilian, in cloths, shoots a hunter with some kinds of device, paralyzing him for many hours.

Near Hsinchu City, Taiwan, no date: a man encounter a large reptilian with wings near a bridge.

Hutton, England, no date: large reptilian in the middle of the road scares driver

Encounters with Mantis

The following collection of stories is also available in PDF format.

Sequoia National Forest, California, USA, 2014: man sees a large Mantis jump out of a tree and become invisible.

Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA, 2006: a man fishing in a river sees a mantis which immediately cloaks itself.

Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA, 2014: A driver sees a half transparent mantis being along a river in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

New Jersey, USA: a boy and his mother saw a mantis outside the house, which took off and disappeared into thin air.

Fillmore, NY, USA, 2018: A woman meets a mantis outside her house and has 'lost time'.

Villa Park, Illinois, 2012: A man sees a mantis being coming out of a light orb, just outside his house, and it flies away. He also had 'lost time'.

Monahans, Texas, USA: five people witness a flying saucer in the woods with two mantis beings around the vehicle.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA, 2014: a witness saw a mantis down a street while walking his dog.

Georgia (?), USA, 1947: a mantis being tried to grab a young girl while a group of greys next to a flying saucer were watching.

Stillwater, Nevada, USA, 1994: two mantis beings from a UFO approach a driver and his wife.

New London, Connecticut, USA, 2011: a woman watches a small mantis humanoid along a river on an avenue running into a storm drain.

Wielkopolska Province, Poland, 2001: a woman meets a mantis at a riverbed which quickly disappeared.

Texas, USA: two young boys see a mantis on the porch of their house.