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Virtual Reality Scenario in the UFO Phenomenon

The most important but neglected aspect of the UFO Phenomenon

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The technology talked about in this article is based on our present understanding it. The alien technology works in both the physical and the etheric/astral dimension, and is far more evolved than what we can imagine. Therefore the description below should not be taken literally, but as an effort to understand what it is and how it works.


A Real Experience That Wasn't Real

Virtual Reality Scenario in Abductions

Two Types of VRS

The Artificial Intelligence Behind the VRS

The Purpose of VRS

The Multitude of Alien Beings and Crafts

Give What People Want to See or Belief

AI and Religious Apparitions

Cryptic Beings


A Real Experience That Wasn't Real

The following experience is an example that some experiences people have, are real in the sense that they experienced it as real, but in hindsight it could not have happened. I found this accoubt in an early 1980s Dutch paranormal magazine. It is the experience of Dutch 'paragnost' (=psychic) Andre Groote. In 1972, he and his family experienced an apparent reality that could not have happened. What is also important is that multiple persons had a shared experience:

"Our vacation in France was coming to an end. We (Andre, his brother and sister-in-law) were getting bored with the city of Nice, going daily from the hotel to the beach and from the beach to the hotel. Every night we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant where we could eat for half-price because we committed to the entire week. Halfway through we regretted it, but a promise is a promise, so we stayed.
We left early in the morning, taking a different route from the one we had arrived by. A large part of this route would take us through the French Alps. The first night we spent in something you could hardly call a hotel - a fruit juice bar would be a better name. We were having a chat at our table after dinner was finished when the owner of the place joined us. Up to that moment he had spoken correct French to us. Suddenly he started to speak German. He acted like I was someone from the Israeli Secret Service, and he started to excuse himself for his war past. I looked at him and thought: it is not possible that a man with such kind eyes has done such bad things. He gave the impression that I had been after him all his life and that in the end, he had decided to stop running away from me. He was looking for forgiveness. He spent an entire hour telling me everything he had done wrong. We were all perplexed, and I no longer recall what I replied. It probably did some good, since after all what did I have to forgive him for? Was there some connection to my memory of the ghetto of Warschau, where I had lived with my brother? We sat at the table looking at the man. While he talked it was as if he was fading slowly before our eyes, as if the entire scene was unreal, but the next day when we woke up, we were still in the same fruit juice bunker. However, the German Frenchman had disappeared. It was as if he had never existed, and that was how it felt too.
This day would be one of the strangest days of our lives. All of the following happened that morning. We left the hotel and stopped shortly to get gas, after which our car acted like there was something wrong with it. We couldn't understand it. There was almost no traffic. By the time we realized that nothing was the matter with the car, we saw a mountaintop covered with snow on our right. We had gained a lot of altitude, the car was all right. Upon arriving at the highest point, traffic resumed, and we decided to have some coffee. Suddenly I said: "Here!". My brother, Ben, stopped immediately; we were in front of a low house. A very small sign said "Café". To the left of the house was a slightly taller barn. Hay hung out from two open doors on the second story. It was a strange French house, little windows, a low green door. We all had to duck to enter. Once inside we went to the table near the window. There was nothing to see, nothing to hear. In the direction where the kitchen ought to be, there was a curtain instead of a door. It was such a weird place. On the table was nothing except an ashtray, in Delft blue, with the word 'Indien' on it. This object intrigued me enormously because I had never seen one in France before. Even stranger, in each corner of the room was a very thin little shelf with a huge boulder on it. One would expect it to crash at any moment. The other strange thing is that we didn't even go up to have a look at it from close by. Instead we just sat at the table as if petrified. We had already been sitting there for a while, and still no one had shown up. We were also surprised to notice that suddenly it was so still. We no longer heard anything from outside. It was a strange, unreal silence. The first sound we heard was that from a parrot. Then we heard more parrots. Then we heard many bird songs. It was as if a choir in the distance gradually approached. We had the feeling we were in the middle of a jungle. We experienced all this without speaking to each other.
After the first movement of the curtain in the door opening, the head of a yellow cat appeared, looked at us, and withdrew. The curtain was gently pushed aside and the strangest being I have ever seen stepped through. A woman? Yes, but she had the kind of wispy beard as an adolescent might have, and a moustache. And legs! Such beautiful legs I had never seen in my life before. I couldn't tell her age. Her skin was light and ageless, almost gray. She came up to our table and asked with a very soft voice what we wanted to order. Although none of us can speak French, we all understood her perfectly. We realized this much later. We ordered coffee and she disappeared behind the curtain. Magda got our attention by calling out in a surprised voice: "Look at that!" We looked in the direction she pointed. Through the window we saw a garden full of tropical plants and flowering cactuses. You must understand that we were high up in the French Alps, and we had never seen so many tropical plants and cactuses.
Magda had to go to the bathroom, but she didn't dare to go outside. So Ben went outside to look for the bathroom. He was gone for quite a while. When he came back, he sat down cautiously and whispered to me: "You really have to go out to the bathroom, because I have never seen anything like that before." "What do you mean?" I asked him. "I don't really know, but it looks that there is a flying saucer behind the house. It looks like a bit peppermint, missing a corner, a Menthos peppermint. Even the color is exactly the same, white with gray. There is no opening." From that moment we felt even stranger, and I didn't really want to go outside to have a look. Although everything was peaceful, I had an eerie feeling. Then we all began to get very cold, and although Magda had to go urgently to the bathroom, she didn't want to go. The coffee hadn't arrived yet and I think we had been sitting there for some 25 minutes.
I finally decided to have a look outside for myself. It was completely silent, there was no traffic at all. The garden was fantastic. Even on the mountain side there were cactuses, and it smelled delicious. The bathroom looked like a picturesque little house, and the huge Menthos was there, invisible from the road because it was behind the house on a kind of big table with three legs. After having a look first at the objects, I thought: it looks like mattress foam, a kind of foam plastic. However, when I touched it, it felt as hard as stone. It was an incomprehensible object. And the corner that was missing was not to be found anywhere near. It really looked like a constructed flying saucer, as if it were a museum piece from long ago. I went back inside. The woman still hadn't shown up, and the three of us felt as if we were totally alone in that house, because the bird choir was gone too.
But shortly after I came back, the elf came in to bring the coffee in a beautiful coffee set, all of it in the same Delft Blue as the ashtray. The coffee tasted like everything except coffee, nevertheless it was delicious. Magda was getting more and more anxious with the moment. Normally she is always cool in any situation, but this time she couldn't handle it and wanted to leave as soon as possible. I called the woman, who had disappeared behind the curtain. "Madame, could we get the bill please?" But she didn't come. So we put some francs on the table, left the place and drove on. A strange thing happened to me when we left. As we drove away in the car, I saw, psychically, a white figure in the opening of the hay barn. It didn't look at all like the woman from the house; this one had blond hair and was dressed in a long, white dress.
"When we drove away, all three of us were icy cold. Back on the road, and having driven for about a minute, we were suddenly amazed that traffic on the road was so intense. We couldn't understand it. How was that possible? Sitting inside the house we didn't hear any cars. Back on the road it was busy. Had this been real? We had to know. At first, it was as if we were not allowed to turn around to have a look.
"Only a couple of kilometers further on we got the strength to turn the car around. A very strange thing happened. Suddenly a life-size cook, with cap, white shirt and arms outspread, stood at the side of the road.
"We drove back, but we were unable to find the place and the house. We knew for certain that we hadn't come from a side road. It was on the main road that we had drunk coffee in a paranormal house with non-existent beings, plants and a UFO. I can assure you that we drove back at least 20 kilometers, and then back again on the same road to find that particular place. There was nothing else than the road and the French Alps, without cactuses. Late in the evening we went to a hotel somewhere in Germany. We were hungry; as if we had used enormous amounts of energy. We ate almost as much food that evening as we had during our entire vacation."

The restaurant didn't exist, and yet they had been there, or did they? The entire experience, starting from the German speaking stranger in Nice to the cook along the road, was obviously staged by someone with the ability to manipulate their perception of reality without them being aware that it was not real.

The presence of the strange looking flying saucer is a deliberate hint to the orchestrators: alien beings. The ashtray in Delft blue is a sign that the aliens know that Groote and his family are from Netherlands. Delft Blue is Dutch tin-glazed earthenware, a form of faience. Most of it is blue and white pottery, and the city of Delft was the major center of production.

Groote mentions that outside it was completely silent, there was no traffic at all. The total silence, and the absence of traffic, are features we often find with strange experiences, and especially with 'missing time' episodes when they happen on an otherwise busy road. The total silence is also experienced with UFO encounters.

The entire experience is riddled with intentional paradoxes: the thin shelves with heavy boulders on them, the tropical garden with flowering cactuses high up in the Alps, the missing piece of the flying saucer, a waitress with a beard and moustache, the fact that they could understand her French, although none of them normally could speak or understand that language, and the cook along the road.

The entire thing was a Virtual Reality Experience. Everything they experienced, did not exist in our world. It was projected into their minds, in a very sophisticated way, and as a shared experience. What happened to them in the real world? Their minds were already prepared with the strange conversation with the German speaking stranger in Nice. Once in the French Alps, they probably were made to park along the road, where the entire scene was projected into their minds, and they experienced the projection as real with all their senses.

I have come across other stories of people who visited non-existing places. Usually they have no idea what really happened, or that their minds have been manipulated. They leave it as a mystery. They might casually mention it to a friend. Now, some write about their experience on social media. It seems that it happens more than one would expect.

So what is a Virtual Reality Experience?


Virtual Reality Scenario in Abductions

The Virtual Reality Scenario (VRC) is an important feature with UFO sightings and with many different alien contacts. It has received little attention in the UFO community because of the far reaching implications that many researchers are uncomfortable with.

The term Virtual Reality Scenario was first used by Karla Turner, who was a UFO researcher and writer. In her book Taken, Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, she describes it as:

"To complicate matters, many reports show that some interactions occur on a mental rather than a physical level. One type is an artificially induced virtual-reality scenario (VRS), an externally introduced event, that to the witness is practically indistinguishable from objective reality. The person may experience a situation with full sensory input and react with genuine physical and emotional responses, although in 'reality' the person may be lying immobile on an exam table, or sitting attached to some alien apparatus, or even asleep in bed with no outward sign of disturbance.

While the VRS may have been a matter of theory in the past, a possible explanation for some of the more "unacceptable" abduction accounts, it has now been confirmed in a three-witness, conscious event. It came to light when I was investigating the abduction experiences of Ted Rice, a psychic of excellent reputation throughout the southern states.

Ted witnessed a virtual-reality scenario when he was in Florida visiting a friend, Marie, along with another house guest, Amelia. The two women occupied twin beds in one room, and Ted slept down the hall in another. Not long after going to bed one night during his visit, he was awakened by Marie shouting for him to "come quickly!"

Heading down the hall, Ted saw a pervasive blue glow emanating from the other bedroom doorway. Entering, he found Marie pressed against the far wall, staring at the twin beds in shock.

And he saw where the blue light was coming from. Amelia lay immobile in one bed, surrounded by a huge, blue, glowing, "electrical" sphere of light. Her eyes were open, and she didn't seem to be in any distress as she carried on a conversation with someone Ted and Marie couldn't see. Terrified, they tried to talk to her, but they could hardly hear one another even when shouting. Amelia continued to speak within the sphere for several minutes, until the blue light suddenly disappeared, at which point she was finally free of the paralysis that had kept her in the bed.

Amelia told Ted and Marie that the experience started with the loud sound of a helicopter low over the house. When she opened her eyes she could see through the ceiling and roof, as if they'd disappeared, to where the helicopter was hovering just above the house. She described two entities in the craft, whom she said also appeared at the foot of the bed before the blue light vanished. One being was tall, with greenish skin, an egg-shaped head, and slanted eyes as the only visible facial features. The other, shorter, entity, Amelia said, was blue-black in color.

Ted and Marie had seen absolutely nothing of these creatures, nor had they heard a helicopter at any time. But they had seen the sphere of light, with brighter, darting lights shooting through it, and Amelia frozen in a slightly raised position inside it, for she had been starting to sit up when the light coalesced and paralyzed her.

Amelia's perception of the experience was completely "real" for her. She was conscious when it began and throughout the entire event, as Ted and Marie attested. From everything her sensory input told her, Amelia had experienced an actual event with the craft and entities. Virtual reality. And the conscious and unaffected witnesses, Ted and Marie, observed objectively real effects of the mechanism which manipulated the event, verifying its external origin.

VRS technology exists and is in use, this much is clear. And unless there are outside witnesses, such as in this rare instance, the experiencer cannot personally discern between a VRS and an actual event. The virtual-reality scenario may occur while the person is conscious, as in Amelia's case, or it may be introduced into the person's dream state. According to those who've experienced the VRS dream-and I am one of those, as will be discussed later-it is an intrusive event that suddenly interrupts a normal dream. The experiencer is aware of a total, abrupt change in consciousness and finds himself in an event altogether different from his dream.

What follows may be a perceived event, with action, location, and personnel, or it may be a communication or even a vision. At its conclusion, the experiencer normally awakens, and, finding himself in his own bed, he rationalizes the whole thing as an extraordinary dream, in spite of the event's decidedly non-dreamlike qualities. Without physical proof of the event's reality, or even a name for this altered perceptive experiential event, he is left to call it a dream."

People who have had contact with aliens are aware of the so-called screen-memories, which they consider as false memories implanted to hide what really happened to them during an abduction. However, as Karla Turner points out, it goes further, as VRC can also compromise artificially induced communication or vision. Telepathy and channeling by aliens could be considered a form of VRS. Actually VRC is is used much more extensively than this, as we will see later.

Turner also touches on the issue that some abductees have seen human figures onboard a craft, who looked real to the abductees, but could not have been there. Aliens are known to have the ability to show themselves in a human form in order to remove any fear that the abductee might have when confronted with the alien appearance. Aliens are apt at manipulating a person's brain to make them see a human figure while they are actually looking at an alien being. Turner:

"The first highly controversial area is that of sexual activity. It is important to remember, when reading the following journal entries, that the aliens have superb "virtual reality" capabilities and that without external verification it is impossible to know if the memory or dream of an encounter reflects an actual event. This is especially important when assessing reports of sexual activity with the aliens, for in some situations people tell of seeing celebrities, religious figures, and even dead acquaintances."

Turner mentions that some abductees do see through the illusions and the Virtual Reality Scenario.

Once you become aware of the VRS capabilities of the aliens, it becomes obvious that this is used extensively in abduction events. Some people have suggested that most of the abductions are not physically, but are actually virtual reality events. A minority of the abductions takes place in out-of-the-body experiences. It would explain some of the strange events and sightings that take place during an abduction, such as repeated taking of sperm (one time should be enough if they need the DNA, as one ejaculation contains millions of sperm), the alien-human hybrids (two different species cannot create hybrids), the presence of hundreds of abducted people onboard in one night, the many sexual activities, hybrid babies in vats of liquid or in rows of little chambers, etc.

If most of the abductions are not physical, but VRS events, then we are left with a kind of mental manipulation, in which the aliens can present us with anything they want us to believe, or to undergo. The way it is presented, reflects what we expect extraterrestrials to do. In other words, the aliens know what is in the mind of humans.

One wonders if the aliens who show up in one's bedroom, whether or not they came through the walls or closed windows, are actually (dimensional) aliens, or if they are projected VRS. Maybe in some cases they are real beings, in other cases they aren't. Confusing? Yes, but that is what the UFO phenomenon always has been, and still is.


Two Types of VRS

If we extend the VRS to include many experiences associated with UFO and alien contact, then we can see that there are two types of Virtual Reality Scenarios.

One is an internal VRS projected directly into the brain of the experiencer, be it during an abduction, or be it with mere close encounters. Here we have a projection directly into the brain/mind of the person. It doesn't always have to be a complete scenario, it can just be the presence of an alien being in the bedroom, who only watches the person and then disppears.

The other is an external VRS by way of holograms (by lack of a better word) projected into the environment, outside in a landscape or in the sky, or inside a house. Some of the UFO light spheres, metallic-looking spaceships and even alien beings are holograms. There have been sightings where alien beings were standing outside their disk shaped craft, and they were about twice as tall as their ship. This is clearly not realistic. The holograms also explain the thousands of different types of aliens and spaceships.

An example of an external VRS is the famous Voronezh UFO Incident in the city of Voronezh, 300 miles southeast of Moscow, in 1989. On orb like spaceship landed, a hatch opened and a humanoid figure appeared. The figure was extremely tall, some three meters or more by most accounts, yet had a very small head. It was dressed in silvery overalls and bronze boots, and on its tiny head were three eyes, the central of which rotated like a radar, appearing to look the park over. After a few moments, the hatch closed and the orb descended further, landing on the ground in the middle of the park. Again, the hatch opened, and the humanoid figure emerged, this time exiting the craft with what appeared to be a small robot.

This is part of what was witnesses by several young children. From the sketches made by the witnesses, it is clear that what appeared is a reflection of what children would imagine aliens look like based on science fiction in the 1980's.

Voronezh UFO Incident

Artist impression based on the witnesses' sketches.


Because the object, scenery or event is virtual, the actual aliens or the technology used, do not have to be physically present, as VRS can be projected from any distance. It can be that a UFO, or spaceship, is hovering over a house and projecting VRS inside one's bedroom. It can also be present in a landscape and projecting VRS over a large distance. Or maybe it can even be done over even larger distances, such as from the Moon. Their technology is so much ahead of ours, it might have been developed over millions or even billions of years, so we can only speculate so much as we can imagine it. There is also an indication that they are projecting from another dimension, since most of the aliens are dimensional beings, and living in or moving through the etheric realm.

A VRS system also allows for a minimum of alien beings employed in the control of a planet. A VRS system can be automated, individualized (based on a person's memories), extended to a large population (sightings witnessed by a large number of humans) with a minimum of energy, effort and alien beings involved.

It can also be dynamic, and adaptive, especially when people start to research the phenomenon in depth and become aware of the VRS system.


The Artificial Intelligence Behind the VRS

Both VRS types are so real and dynamic that they are hard to distinguish from reality. The aliens must use a kind of computer with artificial intelligence (AI) that can run manifold and complex projections that can manipulate our brain/mind and that can produce life-like 'holograms' of objects (ships) and beings.

The AI reads the brain waves of a person, that is, all his thought and emotions. It probably can also receive all the sensory information of the moment, thus knowing what that person is seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling, and also scan his memories.

In case of the creation of holograms, when a person or group wants to see a UFO, the AI (monitoring his/their thoughts) produces a light sphere or spaceship hologram. When the person wants it to move to the right, or blink, the UFO responds accordingly.

The AI has also access to one's entire past based on his memories. Abductees has often mentioned that an apparatus onboard the ship was downloading their memories.

As many abductees have a life-long history of abductions and other alien contacts, it is obvious that they are constantly tracked and monitored by an IA system. More concerning is that the AI system is actively influencing the abductee from childhood on in a way that is desired by the aliens for whatever program they need that person. One example of this mind manipulation is the fact that many abductees, in spite of the obvious crime committed and pain endured, start believing that their alien abductors are friendly and benevolent (Stockholm Syndrome).

It is also known that when one participates in a UFO watch group, and after successful sightings, some participants starts to have strange experiences afterwards, such as 'missing time'. Once a contact has been made, the alien AI system keeps tracks of these people and start interacting with them.

One of things abductees or contactees sometimes encounter is seeing an alien peering through the bedroom window, even when their bedroom is on the second floor or higher. This physically impossible, so here we have the VRS at work, by or projecting a hologram, or by creating an image in the brain of the person. By the way, Bigfoot is also know to peer through windows.

A sophisticated AI system, with VRS capabilities, that is millions of years ahead of our technology, could very well connect and keep track of every person on the planet, download their memories on a regular basis, manipulate their minds, and thus create a civilization of a kind desired by the aliens, but not necessarily by humans. The system could create harmony but also wars. It could manipulate leaders to persecute those who have the potential to become aware of the alien influence; think of the burning of the Gnostics and witches, and interference in the lives of gifted psychics and clairvoyants.

Although it is not necessary to keep track of every person on the planet, such an AI system has the ability to have complete control of a person, not only his thoughts and emotions, but also his physical body. Hence the reported paralysis, trance states, suspension of the will, and literally taken a person from the surface of the planet. All done at the push of a button.

It is well-known that abductions run in families, and often is generational. This is another sign of extensive tracking performed by an automated system.

It also creates sightings of religious figures, such as the Mary and Jesus apparitions, or gods in other cultures.

Holographic projections, or visual projection into the brain/mind can literally be of any kind, an alien figure, a cryptic animal or theriomorphous entities (the head of an animal with a body either mostly or entirely looking human), contact with religious figures, a flying saucer or any other form of spaceship, or entire virtual experiences. The alien AI knows what is inside a human's mind, and can create the projection accordingly. That is why it is important to try to establish if a sighting or experience is real or a projection, and even more important, what is behind it.


The Multitude of Alien Beings and Crafts

In the beginning of the UFO research, efforts were made to categorize the types of aliens and especially of space vehicles. The problem that arose was that there was a huge number of types. The below diagrams are an example of these efforts:

types of space craft

types of alien beings

Is Earth 'visited' by so many alien races, with so many different (literally thousands) space crafts? Or is all just a projection, aside from a few real beings and craft?

John Keel in his book Operation Trojan Horse (1970) puts it bluntly:

"During these past three years I have conducted thousands of investigations in person, by telephone and by mail, and while many of the descriptions of the luminous, flexible "soft" objects are exactly the same, I have rarely heard two independent witnesses describe separate seemingly solid "hard" objects in the same terms. I have been told about tiny "buzz-saw" devices, whirling "chains" over strip mines in Ohio, and gigantic gondola-shaped machines with "rows and rows of windows" hovering above the Kittatinny Mountains of northern New Jersey. There seem to be as many different kinds of objects as there are witnesses. Yet I have managed to reassure myself again and again that the witnesses were reliable and were describing the objects to the best of their abilities.

Because the witnesses seem to be telling the truth, we must assume That UFOs come in myriad sizes and shapes. Or no real shapes at all. This leads us to the old psychological warfare gambit once more. If the phenomenon has built-in discrepancies, then no one will take it seriously. If people in Brazil, Iowa, and Australia all gave exactly the same descriptions, then the scientific and military establishments would have to take the subject far more seriously.

Project Blue Book Report No. 14 tackled this problem. Air Force teams ran 434 "unidentified" reports through a computer, hoping to come up with a basic model. They ended up with 12 very different basic objects. From the thousands of reports compiled since then, it is obvious that there may be 1,200 or 12,000,000 different types. The 12 objects described in Report No. 14 have rarely been seen since 1955.

So there may not be any types at all!

Our UFO catalog now contains flying cubes, triangles, hexagons, doughnuts, spheres, objects shaped like giant metal insects and transparent flying jellyfish. We've got UFOs with wheels, with wings, with antennas, with pointed domes, flat domes, no domes at all. We've got objects of every color of the spectrum. There have been giant, multiwindowed "cigars" spitting blue fire from their tails ("Obviously a spaceship - a mother craft," the cultists tell us). We've got wheelless automobiles cruising along deserted backroads a few inches above the ground. And we have unmarked airplanes and unidentified helicopters and jets flitting about flap areas. We have just about everything except a basic assembly-line model that has appeared consistently in many years and in many places.

...I think that some "hard" objects definitely exist as Temporary Transmogrifications. They are disk-shaped and cigar-shaped. They leave indentations in the ground when they land. Witnesses have touched them and have even been inside of them. These hard objects are decoys, just as the dirigibles and ghost planes of yesteryear may have been decoys to cover the activities of the multitudinous soft objects. My real concern is with these soft objects. They hold one of the keys to the mystery."

The mystery of what Keel calls the 'soft' objects lies in the Virtual Reality Scenario.

What he calls Temporary Transmogrifications are objects that are constructed on the etheric plane by the thoughts of the etheric alien beings, which are then lowered in frequency and become visible, and at times 'physical' and hard so they can physically interact with their environment, for example to leave impressions in the dirt. He considers them as decoys. In some cases they do seem to be of this kind. However, the aliens also construct and use craft for their activities on the physical level.


The Purpose of VRS

Why would aliens use VRS in their contacts with humans?

Well, in the first place, why risk your life by going down a planet, or from the etheric realm to the physical dimension, because humans are known to be reactive and violent? It is so much easier to control and manipulate their brain and nervous system (and thereby their senses and even their body). Humans can't distinguish between a VRS and a real experience anyway, at least most of them. So, it is matter of safety. It is also a perfect tool to reflect their own limited concept to give them misinformation, misdirection, to frighten them away from certain areas, or to make them believe that they are benevolent despite the obvious nefarious activity.


VRS is an excellent method to hide one's true intentions, and for misdirection. For example, the alien hybrid program, for which they have give different and conflicting information about its purpose, might not exist at all. After all, if the aliens are physical, the chances of cross-breeding an alien with a human is nil. Human can't even cross-breed with an ape or chimpanzee. Some abductees have expressed doubts about the hybrid program, especially when they are confronted with their hybrid offspring, which they were asked to bond with because these babies need motherly love. One woman said she didn’t believe the event was for bonding at all, but rather was a tormenting process meant to be emotionally traumatic for the "parent," as part of some programming agenda. This is not a surprising statement, as many of the abduction events are traumatizing, such the 'examinations' on a metal table, where aliens put a large needle in the abductees abdomen without anesthesia. There are many more procedures that produce pain and fear. It would make more sense that most if not all of these 'medical' procedures, and other events onboard are VRS intended to give us a false story, misdirection and misinformation, in order to hide their true intentions.

Aliens have the ability to block all memories from the contact event, abduction or otherwise. Yet, abductees can remember fragments of the contact, what indicates that they are allowed to remember these events, real or not. Even when the memory blocks are removed by hypnosis, it is still possible that what is remembered then is still an implanted virtual memory. All this makes it really difficult to figure out what really happened and what did not happen.

The aliens do use us in a number of ways, emotionally and energetically as well as physically. Many people have come to the conclusion that they harvest our energy, released through fear, emotions and sexuality. They also seem to use us physically, that is, some abducted people are not returned. What happens to them?

There is also evidence that they are the creators of religious sightings, such as the Mary apparitions, and thus manipulate our belief systems. Since they can manipulate anybody at anytime, one would also pay attention to the fact that they can mind manipulate our leaders, and thus the form our society takes.

On top of that, many people are waking up to the existence of an alien force that is manipulating not only individuals, but also our society at large, with negative consequences to ourselves. Thus, the aliens would use VRS more extensively to misdirect, cause confusing, keep us at a distance, keep us ignorant, and above all hide their true intentions.


Give What People Want to See or Belief

I abandoned the extraterrestrial hypothesis in 1967 when my own field investigations disclosed an astonishing overlap between psychic phenomena and UFOs... The objects and apparitions do not necessarily originate on another planet and may not even exist as permanent constructions of matter. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs.

John Keel in Operation Trojan Horse (1973)

The most important characteristic of the aliens controlling Earth is their effort to hide their presence and intentions. The VRS system controlled by an AI is an effective tool to accomplish this.

The VRS system is used for misdirection, misinformation and realistic but illusory apparitions. Yes, some UFO or spaceship encounters, abductions and sightings of aliens are real, but one wonders how many of these are actually VRS projections.

There are those UFO watch groups. A group of people go out and try to make contact with ETs, by signaling with lights or by mediation. The aliens pickup on those groups, because usually, at least one of them has had previous experiences with UFOs or abductions. These people are always tracked constantly throughout their life. Then, others in the group start to have strange experiences too, such as 'missing time'. They start to get tracked too.

The tracking includes the monitoring of their thinking and emotions. The UFOs usually show up as moving stars, sometimes they come very close. Someone will then ask the UFO to move in a certain direction, and the UFO responds by going into that direction. Or the person asks the UFO to blink three times, and the UFO complies.

Now, the aliens are based somewhere, underground, on the bottom of the sea, on the Moon, or in a mother-ship somewhere in the solar system, even if it is on the etheric level. Why would they send out a ship and crew to a UFO watch group, to hang in the atmosphere and move around a little just to entertain those primitive humans? The aliens have better things to do. It is far easier to just use the IA system to project a VRS, and create a light sphere to do the dancing. The light sphere can even be brought close enough to the group without being noticed that the light sphere is just a projection/hologram and not a real ship. At the same time, the aliens would not risk their ship being shot down by our military.

When humans want to see some lights in the sky or have telepathic communication, it is far easier to use a projection system, and connect to their brains, than going through the expense and time to send out hardware.

That doesn't mean that a real ET ship that happens to be in the neighborhood might also respond to some curious onlookers.


It can even get more complex if it involves UFO researchers. John Keel (1930-2009) became aware that these entities could create anything to influence his research. He did not just collect reports and filed them in his cabinet. He actively engaged with and interviewed the witnesses and visited places of where strange events took place. Over the years he started to notice that the beings behind the phenomena were not only creating these events but would create them just for him, to confirm certain ideas he had in mind. It shows that they were monitoring his every thought. In The Mothman Prophecies (1975), he writes:

"This letter, and others like them, helped to convince me that my own investigations could be manipulated. I was being led to people and cases to support whatever theory I was working on at the time. I tested this by inventing some rather outlandish ideas. Within days I would receive phone calls, reports, and mail describing elements of those ideas. This was the feedback or reflective effect. Other investigators concerned with solving problems such as how flying saucers are propelled have automatically been fed, or led into, cases in which the witnesses supposedly viewed the interiors of the objects and saw things which confirmed the investigators’ theories.

If the phenomenon can produce any effect through hallucination, it can easily support any theory.

It took me a long time to realize that many of my Men in Black reports were just feedback.

...Someone somewhere was just trying to prove that they knew every move I was making, listened to all my phone calls, and could even control my mail!"

The tracking, monitoring and staging events in his life were extensive and complex. It is very unlikely that it was all done by alien beings alone. A far better method would be an interacting IA-VRS system, although initiated and monitored from time to time by one alien being.

In The Eight Tower, 1975 (later published as The Cosmic Question, 1978), he writes:

"Allied with the synchronous events is what I call the reflective factor. Somehow the phenomenon reflects back material that supports whatever beliefs or theories motivate the investigators. Once, just for the hell of it, I doodled with the notion that some of our parahumans might be aquatic. They were often seen wearing turtleneck sweaters and I wondered, not very seriously, if their turtlenecks might be concealing something like gills. Naturally, I didn't discuss this preposterous theory with anyone, but - and this was utterly amazing to me - the week I played with this idea I suddenly received a letter from a young man in Florida who described a remarkable encounter. He had been hitchhiking and was picked up by a very strange man who had gill-like flaps on his throat. I've never received any other reports of this type. It is a one-of-a-kind."

John Keel was not just not just a researcher, he also paid attention to many details in the strange events surrounding UFO and other apparitions. He discovered that once you become interested in the phenomenon, it starts to track and interact with you.

This interaction is not from the benevolent space-brothers who will shower us with love and light and help us to ascend into the next dimension to join the Galactic Brotherhood. It is a AI-VRS system used by not-so-friendly aliens to mirror our own thoughts, emotions, and belief systems in order to keep us ignorant and to direct our attention away from what is really going on. It is like a magician who shows you his right hand, so you won't see what his left hand is doing.


AI and Religious Apparitions

Apparitions of Mother Mary have appeared all over the world. Interestingly, she never identifies herself as such. Actually the apparitions is of a beautiful lady. It is the visionaries or other people who identify the apparition as Mother Mary. The apparition of a lady clothed in white dates from before Christianity, or before this religion came to other places in the world. In Tibet she was called Tara, in pre-Christian Western Europe she was "the White Goddess", native Indians in North-America had White Buffalo Woman, etc.

These apparitions are often only visible to one or a few people. They often go into a trance first, and are unable to move. These are features we also see in UFO contacts, including the fact that sometimes only one person can see the UFO and other people do not. The connection of religious apparitions and UFOs have been pointed out for a while now, primarily because of the presence of a light sphere with these apparitions.

The connection of UFOs with religious apparitions shows up again and again. Somebody is clearly has the ability to project life-life figures and scenery and who else can this be but an alien agency? Light spheres, light beams, holograms of beings and attracting large numbers of people to create a belief system, are all the hallmarks of an AI system runs by the aliens. There is no difference between creating a religious movement by projecting religious figures, or a belief in visiting extraterrestrials by creating holograms of aliens and spaceships.

That an AI systems is behind religious apparitions is clearly shown in a rather unique display that happened on August 21, 1879 at the rural small village of Knock, Ireland, what was clearly visible to many witnesses. The church at Knock was enveloped by a globe of brilliant golden light, in which an entire scene appeared that lasted for two hours, against the background of the church gable, and was described as a kind of tableau.

Three life-sized figures were seen to the west of the gable, surrounded by the light and standing out from it. The one in the middle was a woman [later interpreted as Mary], her eyes lifted to heaven and her hands raised to the shoulders with palms inwards. She was dressed in a full loose white cloak and had a beautiful crown on her head. To her right was a man [later interpreted as Joseph], his head bowed respectfully towards her. On her left was a figure like a bishop, wearing a small miter, with one hand raised as if preaching [later interpreted as St. John the Evangelist]: he looked young, was very handsome and wore garments falling in full folds from his neck. He held a large open book in his left hand. To the left of him was an altar on which stood a cross and a lamb. The altar was surrounded by bright points of light. The figures seemed themselves to be made of light, each giving out different degrees of brilliance. The vision lasted for about two hours, from broad daylight to darkness, and was seen by, at the very least, twenty-two people. At the time it was raining and the witnesses were drenched. No rain, however, fell on the figures or the wall behind them though the wind, from the south, should have driven the rain in that direction. The meadow underneath (examined minutely by one elderly witness) remained bone-dry.

Among the witnesses were no visionaries, they were all ordinary people. None of the apparitions spoke. The apparitions did not flicker or move in any way. The entire scene was described as a kind of tableau.

This apparent hologram really stands out because of the complexity of the scene, the long duration of the apparition, and the many people who could observe it the entire time.


Cryptic Beings

One of the cryptic beings that is seen while a UFO present, before, during or after, is Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. He even has been seen together with an alien, and with or in a spaceship. Bigfoot is a real enigma for researchers who can't come to an agreement about what kind of being it is. Some hold on to his physical existence as a biological being, a surviving hominid that hides out in remote places. The problem is that he has also been seen in cities, parking lots, and other very unlikely places. Others belief he is an inter-dimensional being, because he has been seen becoming transparent and disappearing on the spot. Not to mention he sometimes has glowing red eyes like so many other cryptic beings that appear and disappear.

Campers in the woods have heard the heavy footsteps of Bigfoot approaching and circling their tents. They can even feel the vibration in the ground they are lying on, what would be impossible even if Bigfoot would be twice as heavy as a man. VRS is not limited to presenting us with visual holograms, it can also produce sounds and smells. Bigfoot's howls, whoops, wood knocks, screams, moans, chatter can be recorded, but nobody has ever come up with an explanation as to their origins. Bigfoot is also know to produce strong musk-like or garbage-like smells. These can be produced by inducing the corresponding brain wave patterns into the brain of the witness, unless the VRS system is able to produce these smells by altering the air molecules.

Bigfoot, like all the other cryptic beings, are part of the VRS system. They are projected holograms, some are quasi-physical as they can leave footprints. However they are not not biological. They are created to scare people away from certain areas where aliens are active. They are also used as a form of contact modality to make people belief that they are real beings. This way the aliens can hide the fact that they are mere holograms used to manipulate people for various purposes. When people get really interested in Bigfoot, they usually start getting telepathic communications from him, thus confirming that they are in contact with a real being, not realizing that they are actually communicating with the aliens, or maybe with the VRS system itself.

When you look at the databases of cryptic beings, mostly cryptic animals, you will discover that (just as with alien beings) there are literally thousands of different human-like, animal-like, half human-half animal (like the werewolf, wolf-man, deer-man etc.), prehistoric animals, unusual animals (big cats, large black dogs, very large snakes etc.) etc. showing their presence to unsuspected witnesses. They are all holographic projections whose form and appearance depends on the subconscious of the witness. The VRS system can read the the content of the subconscious of the person, and construct an image according to the person's belief system in such beings.

There has been a lot of sightings of another cryptic being over the last decades: the Mothman. As with all cryptics its physical appearance differs with every witness, but in general its is a a humanoid being with animal characteristics such as claws and wings, and sometimes with the typical glowing red eyes of cryptic beings. It can 'fly' straight up and suddenly disappear. It has even been seen flying next to a car at 100 miles an hour, without flapping its wings. Mothman is another VRS hologram that is used to frighten witnesses.