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Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility

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What is Invisibility About?

People's Experiences

Not Being Noticed by Family Members

Restaurants and Shops

Not Noticed by Police

In Traffic

Both Ways

Seeing People Become Invisible

Seeing a Car Become Invisible

With Anomaly

Linked to Unconscious Avoiding of a Situation

Not Showing Up in Picture


What is Invisibility About?

People can have different kinds of weird experiences that defy explanation, but turning invisible to other people is one of the weirdest experience one can have. In almost all cases the person, having become invisible to others, is still present in our reality. However one can question if he is still completely physical. In most cases he can move around in our physical world, and sees and hears other people, but the others do not see or hear him. There are a few instances where the two parties could not see each other.

These bouts of invisibility is usually of short duration. It comes spontaneous to an end, when the person gets agitated (but not always), or when a normal person bumps into the invisible person.

The invisibility can happen anywhere, inside one's home, on the street, in a car or on a bike or motorcycle, in restaurants, and so on.

How does a person becomes visible. We are talking here about a spontaneous event, not expected. Although there are a few cases where the person had a desire to avoid a situation. That seems to suggest that man has an innate capability to become invisible. In India supernatural powers, inherent in man, are called Siddhis, among which is the power to become invisible. It can manifest on the yogic path to enlightenment, but they can also be attained by means of magical rituals. European magicians and witches also know of the power to become invisible by magic means. However ordinary people who experience invisibility spontaneously do not even known about these magical rituals, or even the existence of such a power. So, how does it come about?

An explanation could be that our planet is generating force fields on the surface of the earth, short lived but strong enough to interact with a person own bodily force field. After all both the human body and the earth are electromagnetic in nature. We can speculate that the temporary interaction of those two fields creates a third field around the person that makes light go around. I rather go for the explanation that the third field makes the atoms of the body vibrate faster, beyond the speed of light. This way, one becomes transparent because the body does not interact anymore with light in the physical world. Light then travels straight through the body. The body does not reflect any light anymore, and thus is not visible. The body still can be entirely physical (but of a higher vibration), and thus another person can literally bump into the invisible person.

In some cases the invisible person finds himself in a world which is the same as our physical world, except there are no people around where there should be. This is even more difficult to interpret. Did he shift into a kind of higher dimension? This would explain the cases in which the invisible person can hear and see other people, but the other people can not hear and see the person. Although the invisible person can hear himself talking or shouting, and hear the sounds his body makes, all these sounds do not reach our ordinary world.

I think it is possible that the invisible person is actually not physically present in our world. In the cases where he becomes visible when bumping into another person, which suggests that he is still physical, it might work differently. The other person might actually bump into the force field, and not into the invisible body that is in a higher state of vibration and thus not physical. The interaction of the physical other person with the force field, might make the force field collapse, and hence shift the higher vibrational body of the invisible person back into physicality.

If an external energy is interacting with a person's bodily energy field to produce invisibility, then it still remains unexplained why when a person riding a bike or bicycle, his vehicle is also invisible. Or an invisible car that suddenly appears on the road. In my opinion, these particular cases involve other-dimensional entities who have the ability to make both a person(s) and their vehicle invisible. They can take both person and vehicle (while driving) out of our physical world, and make them instantly (or after a short time) appear at another location. You can find more about this phenomenon in my article of Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?

In one incident given below (in Traffic section) all surrounding sounds stopped and it became eerily quiet. This strange silence is a well-known phenomena with strange experiences in the woods. I think it is further indication that a person gets enveloped by a force field that shuts out any external sounds. The sudden silence also can happen with people who have no memory of what happened in the previous minutes to hours. (see my article of Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?)

It is also possible that other-dimensional beings are responsible for turning humans invisible. In my other articles I have explained that they like to interfere in our lives, and cause different kinds of strange experiences. They know how to manipulate energy.

Is it possible that some people become invisible and never return, ending up as a mysterious 411 missing person's case? If an earth's energy field raises the vibration of a person do such a degree that they end up permanently in another dimension, they might not make it back. It is a far-fetched suggestion, but there are a lot of weird things happening on this planet that we do not understand, yet.

It has been suggested that the cases of invisibility has been increasing because of energetic changes in the solar system, such as sun's energy and the Schuman resonance of the Earth which is said to be increasing (which is not the case). I think there is only an increase in reported cases. The internet has allowed the phenomenon to be more widely known, and people can now tell about their experience anonymously. That is important, because if you tell anybody that you have been invisible, you are definitely going to be ridiculed or called crazy.

This article is for those that can accept the possibility of this phenomenon, and let people know that they are not alone in their experience.


People's Experiences

Not Being Noticed by Family Members

It is not surprising that it can happen in one's own home, and to any family member. It is interesting that some people have it happen more than once in their life, and outside the home too. In these case it suggests that their bodily energy is more susceptible to the earth's force fields, or they might unconsciously create the invisibility themselves using their own energy. I have read many stories of babies disappearing from their cribs and appearing again a short time later. In the mean time frantic family members search every corner of the house, in vain. It also happens with toddlers and young children, who were believed to have wandered of, but where later found in the same room that he was in to begin with. The child never left the room, and doesn't understand what the commotion was about. In these case it is interesting that the child, being in the room all the time, did not see people come in and search every corner.


I donít know if this is considered a glitch, but I think that sometimes I just become invisible. Not always to everyone around me, normally it seems to be to people who know me less, but it has even happened with my family. Like my father will look directly at me, then turn to my mother and ask where I am. Sometimes I try to talk to people, and they donít even notice. I donít get it. (Comment on post on Reddit)


When my oldest was first born he disappeared bout of his bassinet . My brother, mother and myself frantically searched for him ( he was literally maybe a couple weeks or so old) I had just breast fed him and laid him in the bassinet next to my bed. I rubbed him with one hand leaning over and into the bassinet as I myself drifted along with him. I donít even recall that I actually fell asleep, but My brother getting ready for school comes to check on us from down the hall. This was very shortly after I laid baby and myself back down , and my bro says Ö " where is the baby". I jump up frantic, and we both start panicking, my mom is in the shower and she heard the commotion. She jumps out soaking wet in a towel, water still running. She also sees that the baby is NOT in his bassinet, Iím at that point terrified, and confused because I know that if I had fallen asleep it was not more than 5 minutes. I heard my mom getting in shower while I was breastfeeding still, this was literally right before I had burped him, and laid us both back down. Just nothing was making sense, we all just searched everywhere, even under my bed, as well as the couches and places we knew he couldnít actually be but we were desperate to find my baby. All three of us checked over me over again the empty bassinet, the same bassinet I just laid him in and rubbed his little back in, not even 20 minutes prior . Where could he have been??? My mom is picking up the phone to call 911, trying to console me as Iím in and out of the house trying to see if someone is outside to maybe I would like question?? I donít know what I was thinking or doing in that moment, it was like time was slowed down and fast all at once. Then suddenly my brother says something along the lines of: "The baby is sleeping in his bassinet." And there we all three stood looking over the bassinet that was just empty, but now laid my sleeping peaceful baby boy in it, just as I remember laying him. This makes no sense, this was in 2006, and if I did not have my family there witnessing, and going through this with in the moment, I would think I was crazy and probably would have chalked it up to being a new mom and sleep deprivation. (Comment on post on Reddit)


So the first time this happened I was in my bedroom, standing between the end of my bed and the dresser which is to the right of my bed under the window. It's not a large room, in fact it's not a large house at all and it's where i stand to get dressed in the morning. My son (5) was in the living room watching TV while I got dressed when I hear him call for me. I call back something to the effect of "I can't hear you you'll have to come in here and tell me." Well he comes in the bedroom, looks straight at me and goes "oh" and then turns on his heels and walked back to the hallway. I then hear and see him walking up and down the hallway calling "where are you mummy I thought you were in your bedroom". I found this quite funny at first and I just let him get on with it because I thought once he walks back in the room and realises he looked right at me without seeing me he's gonna feel silly. This went on for a few more moments and I could hear him walking in and out of every room, including my bedroom another 2 times calling for me mummy where are you? I decided to call back "I'm right here" and waved and he came back into the bedroom obviously where he heard my voice coming from and he starts looking under the bed and behind doors and stuff. I thought this kid has got to be pranking me or something? I'm going "[child] I'm right here hellooo' while he carries on looking and I can see he's not joking he's worried to the verge of tears. He's looking around the room until I reach out and grab him on the shoulder and go "[child] I'm right here!". He looks at me in utter bewilderment and asks me where I came from. I was like I've been here the whole time how can you not see me?? We both kind of laughed it off but I could tell it bothered him because he mentioned it to his dad hours later that evening. The second time this happened was pretty much the exact same circumstances but with my daughter (2) instead. I'm standing in the exact same spot getting ready and she walks in the room to speak to me only to not see me then go around the house looking for me and calling my name. Only when i reached out for her did she kind of snap back to it and realise I'd been standing there the whole while. The first incident I could maybe perhaps at a push have brushed it off as son pranking me even though that's completely not his nature to do something like that, but my 2 year old would not have the capacity to do such a thing. (Reddit)


A few years ago I was lying on my bed in my bedroom, reading. My ceiling light was off but I had a lamp on, so there was still plenty of light by which to see. My sister came into my room and started walking around my bed (which stuck out into the center of my room), looking all around my room, and then left without saying anything. A little while later I asked her why she'd come into my room, and she said she was looking for me. Confused, I told her I was right there the whole time, and watched her walk all around me. She insisted she very clearly saw that I wasn't on my bed. (Reddit)


Restaurants and Shops

It can be very unnerving when nobody notices you in a restaurant or shop when you want to be served, despite trying to talk to people and even shouting. There are some more restaurant accounts in the Both Ways chapter below.


Last fall I was on a 12 hour drive, leaving from New England. Maybe just an hour of the trip cut through Connecticut. If you've ever driven through, you might know that instead of taking random exits to get gas, food, etc., Connecticut has sort of state-run (I guess?) rest stops every so often down the interstate that are all pretty much identical, with gas pumps, bathrooms, and restaurants all in the same spot. I needed gas, so I pulled off at one and decided to run in to grab some food first. My first choice was Burger King, but I noticed none of the people working there were wearing masks. This was fall 2020, and I was pretty nervous about Covid. There was only one other restaurant open, so I approached the counter. It was a basic setup, one long counter with slices of pizza displayed behind a long panel of glass. I walked right up in front of the employee who was behind the glass cutting pizza. I waited a few minutes (literally minutes) for them to notice me. We were only about 2 feet apart from each other, facing each other directly. It didn't seem like they were going to notice me, which wasn't weird. I know people can be really focused on tasks and not notice their surroundings. So I said "hello," but they didn't even look up at me. I was about to say something again, when I noticed someone walking toward me. I was HYPER aware of my surrounding because I was taking social distancing so seriously, so I noticed them when they were still about 10 feet away. They kept walking toward me, and I thought they were going to get in line behind me to order food. I was nervously hoping they wouldn't stand too close, but they kept on straight toward me. They actually just KEPT walking toward me until they were literally about to run into me head-on. I had to fall backward and to the side to avoid them crashing into me. We even brushed arms. I was pretty shocked, and I said, "hey!" I just wanted to get their attention. Just as I narrowly dodged them and sort of shouted at them, the pizza employee looked up at them, smiled, and asked what they wanted to eat. Neither of them even looked at me. I stared at them for a minute and then said, "excuse me?" I got absolutely no acknowledgement. At this point I started to get pretty upset. I took a few steps back and said just to the whole rest stop in general, "hello? HELLO?" I was extremely embarrassed to just be kind of shouting for attention at random, but nobody even noticed. There were a few families right next to me me in line for Burger King and headed to bathrooms, but not a single person looked at me. The rest stop was fairly quiet except for the sounds from the kitchens, and there were only about 15 of us in there, so it wasn't as if my voice was just getting lost in the crowd. Now fairly panicked, I headed for the exit behind a family who didn't notice I was right behind them and actually let go of the door so it started to shut in my face. When I got in my car I was so upset that I called my mom in tears. I told her what happened, and she agreed it was pretty strange and generally upsetting, but there wasn't really any explanation or anything to do about it. I ended up just driving a few more miles down the interstate to another rest stop, where everything was normal, and I did get some pizza. I know this doesn't sound extreme by any means, but in the moment it was pretty bewildering. (Reddit)


I've had this experience. I've been in public places and no one has seen me. My friends joke with me about this because it has happened when they were with me. I was telling my friend, Scott, about my experience at being invisible at a restaurant and he didn't believe me and then he was out with me one night and no one saw us for several minutes. I tried to get the attention of the maÓtre de and honest he didn't see me or hear me. It is the strangest feeling. After that, at least Scott believed me because he experienced it with me. I don't understand it but I know it can happen. It's happened to me at least four times. (from Paranormal Abilities and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Martin Ettington)


My experiences didnít start until I moved to Longview, Texas. I now live in Tyler, Texas, which is about 40 miles away. But it happened several times while I was at the mall, at different times of the year. I would be just walking around, looking for something to shop for. There wouldnít be more than twenty people in the entire mall. (I always go to the mall during the week, never on weekends when the "teenagers" go)

And it seemed it never failed. Someone would run flat into me and almost knock me down. It really pissed me off. I have kind of a mouth, so I would say something like, ďCanít you see where youíre going?Ē but more in a foul way usually. I wonít repeat it here. But, these people would be staring me in the eyes when they would hit me. I would be staring at them too, thinking ďshe or he is going to get out of my way, right?Ē Then, BAM! I would be so mad!

I know, things like that happen all the time. People bump into each other every day, all the time. But this wasnít the same. I promise! It JUST wasnít the same thing. It happened several times, and always they would say ďOh, Iím so sorry, I didnít see you thereĒ. What? You didnít see me? I was right in front of your face you b@&*%! And then I would stomp off. I know, not very adult. But hey, what can I say?

Another experience, which also happened a few times, was while I was waiting in line to checkout. One of the worst things I hate to do is, WAIT IN LINE! I really hate it. But everybody has to these days, no choice. There would be someone in front of me, checking out, and people behind me. Then when the person in front of me was finished Ė what happened Ė the checker would start talking to the person BEHIND ME! Like I wasnít even there! That really got my blood flowing. They could clearly see things on the conveyor belt, but obviously couldnít see me for some reason. So they would ask, ďIs this stuff yours?Ē to the person behind me. Then suddenly, I would apparently become visible to them. Probably because I was turning red, ready to blow my top, feet hurting, and back hurting because I had been standing at the ďfast laneĒ checkout that was going slower than the BP Oil cleanup. Anyway, I can attest to the fact that it does seem that, very involuntary, some people become invisible, very briefly, for some reason. It canít be controlled, and it doesnít happen for very long. Almost all cases seem to be no longer than 10 or 15 minutes of invisibility. (from Paranormal Abilities and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Martin Ettington)


Not Noticed by Police

Policemen are not likely to miss a person when checking IDs or arresting people. And yet, one can become invisible to them.


Daniel S. felt he became invisible one day when he was with some friends who were setting off firecrackers. Daniel wanted them to stop because he was afraid the cops would show up and check IDs. This especially meant trouble for him because he had several unpaid tickets in his name. He was fearful of going to jail and losing his job. The police did show up, and they checked everyone's ID - except Daniel's: "The cops started at the other end of the line (there were two lines, one in front of the other) of people. I was standing behind a friend, who was a girl. The cop asked each person to hand him their IDs as he passed down the line. Then he would take the ID and call in each person. I was the last one in the behind line. I was also the largest person there. I was even larger than the policemen. The cop never even acted like he saw me. He never asked me for my ID. Neither of the two cops paid any attention to me. All of my friends, except the two who were taken in by the police, thought I had left. Many asked me afterward where I went to hide. I told all of them that I was there. No one would believe me." (from Paranormal Abilities and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Martin Ettington)


Or, how about Jannise in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has had a number of invisibility experiences throughout her life. The one reported here lasted longer than usual. As a teenager, she fell in with a group of friends who decided to see if they could actually steal something from a department store and not get caught. As luck would have it, the entire group was caught and taken into custody, including Jannise. They were taken to the police station and one by one were questioned; all, that is, except Jannise. Although she was standing right there, no one paid the slightest attention to her; not the police, the guards, or the office personnel. She finally just got up and walked out of the police station without ever being questioned or anyone attempting to stop her. When she later talked with her friends about what happened in the police station, ďÖthey didnít even recall me being taken into custody at the department store. Yet I rode in the police car with everyone else, and they thought I was still at the store.Ē No one had seen her from the moment the police had arrived on the scene in the store until some time after she had walked out of the police station unhindered. (from Paranormal Abilities and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Martin Ettington)


In Traffic

Is there a more dangerous place to become invisible than being in traffic? It is interesting that when an invisible person is on a bike or motorbike, his vehicle is also invisible. At the other side, car drivers are invisible but not their car. At least I haven't come across reports of people seeing an invisible car become visible or causing an accident.


I was riding down a major highway in Houston called I 10 in a very busy section of it. I wear a helmet, my regular jacket, no big deal, my radio was on. All of a sudden every sound around me was gone. There was no sound of the trucks that were next to me. There was no sound of the cars. There was no sound. I thought I was having a stroke because I'm 70 years of age. I lifted up my facemask on my helmet and I could hear my tires. I could hear my engine, but that was all. The music from my radio was gone. Everything was gone. As that was happening a car next to me, I saw the woman look right at me. She turned her head, looked, put on a blinker and she came right over at me, I said I'll be a son of a ... I'm invisible. I firmly believe that for a few seconds, I wasn't where people could see me and I think that's how these accidents happen when people say I looked and there was nobody there and they run into someone. Maybe it was just for a minute. I mean it wasn't a minute it was long enough for me to lift up my face mask to listen, and I said "Oh Jesus, what the hell's going on." So am I having a stroke and then when I looked over at the woman and she came over at me, I said "She can't see me. Within seconds the sounds of the traffic returned as fast as it started. That's how fast it stopped, like throwing a light switch. There was noise all around me again and everything. I got off about four exits further down where I was going. I said "I got to think about this." The only thing I could come up with was I drove into something somewhere. Fortunately I came out of it and I wasn't stuck in the damn thing. I mean my hearing is good. I'm telling it was like a light switch, all of a sudden all the ambient noise was gone. (Beyond Creepy)


So since I was younger, (I can remember at least back until I was 6-7 at least,) Iíve seen multiple cars driven by no one. I mean in the 10ís if not 100+. Iíll look into the cars and not just for a momentary glance, I will see no one is operating the vehicle. Iíve seen it in outdoor bank machine lines, truckers on the highway, out and about in parking lots, getting gas, you name it. I really donít understand it and am not posting this for anything but to see if others have had similar experiences. Iíve been diagnosed anxiety and depression as-well as PTSD but I donít think they have ever caused me to see anything ďparanormalĒ or otherworldly. Iíve had paranormal experiences, but I usually brush them off and look for the reality of the situations. Iíve been experiencing this for several years now as am in my twenties and still have no explanation for it. Anyone have any ideas?

... theyíre almost always stopped at some sort of point, like at a red light, fast food drive thru, bank drive thrus, I usually always get at least 1 solid minute of looking, not like a double take or anything. The engine will always be running and sometimes Iíll catch them driving, if I donít pass them first. I usually never have hallucinations, unless Iím extremely exhausted. Iím 20 now and this has been happening since I was about 8 if I can remember. It always feels really eerie when I notice it, like life isnít working properly, (along those lines) but I never feel weird prior to it happening. Iíve got my parents to notice a few times and friends but when I do that, the car always always stays still as if itís waiting for someone to come back in, but they brush it off like something fell out of their window and they left the car for a moment or a pet jumped out. (Reddit)


It was about 10 years ago, when I was 12 or so. I always had a thing about bridges. I would go through phases of being scared by them, and then love driving over them, and then switch back again. But even when I was scared of driving over a high bridge, I still loved looking down at all the cars driving underneath us. So one day at the George Bush turnpike in DFW, I was peering down at those cars below riding in the car with my mom, when I saw something I still can't explain. There was a convertible that immediately caught my attention, and there was nobody in the car. Not just no passengers of course, but no driver. I watched it for a few seconds before it passed out of sight, and there was absolutely nobody in the car. I told my mom, but of course she didn't believe me. Maybe y'all will. But I've never been able to explain it, and it's always bothered me just slightly. (Reddit)


When I was a little kid, I am thinking about 8 or 9, my mother disappeared. I have never told anyone this story because it sounds ridiculous and impossible. I remember being in the front passenger seat ( I am 40 and back then we rode in the front and I do not even think I had a seatbelt) of our green station wagon. My mom was driving; I think we were going to the grocery store. Well, she was driving, and all of a sudden, she just wasn't there. OK, she was there because I could still hear her AND the steering wheel was still moving. But she was totally and completely invisible to my eye. There was simply nothing there. Just the seat of the car and the moving steering wheel. I remember feeling completely panicked and unable to speak. I looked out the window, and then looked back at her. Still gone. Honestly I cannot remember exactly how she "popped back in" or whatever, but she came back. This shit still bothers me to this day. Has anyone had anything similar happen? Could this maybe not be something weird but maybe just my young brain messing up or something? I have not experienced this scenario again. (Reddit)


...Iím now doing about 60mph behind this car before I suddenly notice in my rear view mirror a car behind me. It came out of absolutely nowhere. And when I say behind me, it was about as close as a car could get without touching me. Itís headlights were almost invisible at points because of how close to me it was. Bare in mind that it was completely dark and raining a fair amount on an already wet road. This person was driving like a lunatic. They were swerving around behind me, but in a strange way. Like if someone were to be shaking the steering wheel rapidly from left to right. It was so erratic and I found it odd because at this point it was clear the lane next to me was going the same way, so if they wanted to overtake me they easily could. They were clearly in a rush after all. After this car had been behind me for about 10 seconds or so and weíd continued round the bend on to the next section of motorway, I decided to overtake the car in front of me as I didnít want this person behind me any more, plus I wanted to go a little faster. I indicated right and sped up almost alongside the car in front. As I did this, the crazed driver behind me sped up behind the car I was overtaking at what felt like a ridiculously fast speed. Now I thought at this point with the way they were driving they were going to undertake me and cut me up by trying to go through the smallest gap possible, but thankfully they didnít. They just sat right up behind the other carís bumper, just as they had done to me. It was almost bumper to bumper but all whilst still swerving around in the lane. I felt compelled to look at the car and the driver as they were now parallel to me. This was odd in itself because this is something I never normally do, not that itís happened much to me but I donít like it when someone stares at me when they drive past. I looked left out of my passenger window to see what kind of person was behaving so recklessly. I looked through the window to see absolutely nobody driving the car. There was no one in the drivers seat. No one in the passenger seat. I am so absolutely sure of this. There were some factories or buildings parallel to the road with really bright lights which meant they were shining through the carís windows and so they illuminated the interior of the car too. I could see the headrest of the drivers seat, the passenger seat and also the steering wheel, but nobody inside the car. I am so, so undoubtedly confident of this. My jaw hit the floor and as I turned my attention back to the road again as I was approaching a set of traffic lights at a roundabout, I couldnít believe what I had (or hadnít) just seen. I knew I had to try and see in this this car again (to be sure) but before I could switch lanes again the car was gone. I couldnít see it it all. Instead I just stared into every other car I drove past to see if I could see the drivers as I thought perhaps it was just because it was dark and a bit drizzly. Sure enough every other car I looked into I could see the person driving it, clear as day. (Reddit)


Yesterday I went on a day trip to Upper Canada Village. Entered a couple old creepy cabins and got generally spooked out. On the way home, I was going through r/nosleep which may have put me in a horror-ish mind set. While on the highway home I had just finished reading a nosleep post and decided to get some sleep in the last hour home. I looked away from my phone and that's when I saw this large white truck, no brand or designs or logo's anywhere on it. We were behind it for about 5 minutes or so before my dad who was driving entered the next lane and over took the truck and a couple other cars. Me, sitting in shotgun, looked over at the driver who had honked for no apparent reason. That's when I saw the truck had no driver at all, and it wasn't a trick of the light or anything of the like because I stared for a solid 30 seconds to a minute. Of course everyone else besides the my dad was asleep. The windows clearly had showed an empty interior and I was very scared the truck would suddenly crash. However that didn't happen and we managed to speed ahead even more leaving it behind and out of view. It isn't really long or interesting but a driverless truck seemed out of the ordinary and glitchy so yeah. That's it, let me know what you think and whether the truck was really driverless or if I was just going crazy. (Reddit)


Happened when I was around 7-10 (around 03') but this is some next level shit you can't forget. I haven't really shared this story with anyone because I figured people would think I'm crazy or lying (even though I have witnesses) and thought you guys would enjoy it. Was on my way to school with friends in the winter (eastern Canada) and my friends were throwing snowballs at me, so I jumped over a snowbank to take cover and rolled into the parking lot of the post office. Almost as soon as I hit the pavement a car (around 20 feet away) turns on, backs up out of it's parking space and started accelerating straight towards me. I'm screaming believing I'm about to get squished into the snowbank by some psychopaths but as a man exits from the back-door of the post office the car stops... less than 5 feet away. I'm shocked and pissed off, got up to go yell at the driver and the car is empty. Impossible that anyone exited the vehicle and the windows weren't tinted or frosted, could clearly see into and confirmed there was no driver or passengers. (Reddit)


Both Ways

This happens when two parties (two or more people) agreed to meet at one place at one time, but neither party could see the other, while both parties claim to be at the right spot at the right time. This would suggest that they were at a different higher frequency from each other. In the first account it is significant that the cell phone battery died. That is suggestive to the presence of a force field. We find this also with other strange experiences such as UFO encounters.


For context, my friend has been sleeping over at my house for a few weeks. She works at the same place I do. Its this park that is 2-3 minutes down the road from my house, so dropping off/picking up is quick and easy, and I know the layout of the parking lot like the back of my hand. We got a routine down that she'd sit at one of the five picnic tables at the entrance of the parking lot for me to pick her up. They are closely packed together and lined up right at the entrance. After I dropped her off at work, I got a message from her 20 minutes later that she wasn't scheduled anymore. Weird for our park to ever do this because of how professional they are, but oh well, shit happens. I text her I'm on my way and leave. Right when I drive in to the parking lot, my phone dies at 20%. Well, its fucking weird. Oh well. I look at the tables, nobody there except one girl on her phone. Dark skin, black hair, dark blue uniform(she's a higher-up.) I circle the small parking lot slowly 4 times, making sure if I did get here early I could catch her walking to the tables and be like "eyyyy". She wasn't on her way walking, and it was getting a little late, so she was definitely already at the tables. So I parked there at the usual spot, the edge of the concrete, about 7 to 10 feet away from the tables. She wasn't at any of them. There was just that one girl. I was parked there for 20 minutes, waiting for her to run to my car like the routine. If I couldn't find her, she would definitely find me. Absolutely nothing. I drove back home to get a phone charger to plug into my car then drive right back there and stopped in the usual spot. She was there at our routine spot, shocked as hell. She got in my car and asked where I was, and I replied I was parked at the same spot for 20 minutes. She said she was sitting there the entire time since I said I was on my way and she was looking out for my car. She explained she was sitting across from the girl. I looked directly at that exact table the entire time and did not see her, even weirder she explained that sitting there entire time she didn't even see me. My friend was just invisible to me and I was invisible to my friend. (Reddit)


Something similar happened to me a few years ago. I took my parents and kids to wait in the lobby of a restaurant while my husband paid the bill. We waited and waited and waited. (this was before cell phones were ubiquitous). Finally I went to go find him and our table had already been cleared and new people were sitting there. So I go out to the car to find him sitting there, pissed that I wasn't in the lobby where I said I was going to be. The only other doors in this restaurant were alarmed emergency exits and probably a staff entrance through the kitchen, so he didn't go through any of those. He swears he went through the main entrance. So somehow he went through the vestibule without seeing all 5 of us standing there and without any of us seeing him. To this day, I still have no idea what happened. (Comment on post on Reddit)


This happened to me last year. My boyfriend and I were at a restaurant and when we were getting up to leave he decided to go to the restroom first and told me to wait in the lobby. I wouldnít even call it a lobby it was just a very tiny foyer with one bench. It was one of those set-ups where you walk through a set of double doors that lead into a small space and then there is another set of double doors that go into the actual restaurant. So the place i was sitting was probably the size of a large elevator. I was the only person sitting on the bench and I played on my phone for about 5 minutes and started to wonder what was taking him so long so I started to pay more attention to the people walking through and I even checked to see if there were any other exits. There werenít. I sat there for another 10 minutes waiting and I started to think maybe he had gotten sick in the bathroom or something. I finally called him and he sounded frantic saying I left and heíd been trying to call me. I had no missed calls from him and he says he passed through the lobby and neither of us saw each other. He said he was in and out of the restroom in 2-3 minutes and waited outside the doors (which were glass he would have obviously seen me) for 10 minutes thinking maybe I had gone to the restroom too but I had just been sitting on that bench the entire time. We never figured out what happened that night. (Comment on post on Reddit)


I just had this happen a few weeks ago. Pokťmon Go Squirtle community day. I was meeting my husband and friend at the park near our home. I was late because of work. I start walking to a corner not knowing exactly where they'd be. Get to corner one and don't see them. I look all over just in case they were behind the light or something. Get a text saying at corner by parking lot. Okay maybe other corner? Walk over there. Nowhere to be seen. Look around and walk through the grass back to corner one. Did not see either of them. And I stood there texting that that I couldn't find them. I head back to my car. They said they were right by the elks. And had been there the whole time. I finally see them when I went back to corner one for the third time. I was standing feet from where they were time one and two never saw them and they didn't see me. The whole ordeal took about ten minutes. (Comment on post on Reddit)


The very same thing happened to me with my SO once, in the pre-cell phone days. I waited at the library, reading a newspaper while he ran an errand. The plan was that he would come get me and would walk from there to an event in the town square. I made sure to sit in a chair near an entrance, so he could see me. Time passed, he didn't come, I gave up and walked to the square, where I found him. He had come looking for me, but upon not seeing me, thought I had gone ahead without him. And, for my part, though he says he walked all around the periodical area, I never saw him. (Comment on post on Reddit)


Back in 2011 I was dating a beautiful girl named Nicole. Tall, super smart blonde with huge fake boobs. Everywhere we went she attracted attention. Men and women would stare, and guys would always try to approach her, even if we were together (relevant later). She had just moved from out of state, away from an abusive relationship and I was still learning about her. On our 5th date we had plans to go saltwater fishing on a Sunday afternoon. At the time I lived in a beach community and there was a point of land at the end of the beach that jutted out in the ocean where people often fished. It is maybe 300 feet from the beach. On that Saturday, I informed a couple of friends that I would be fishing there on Sunday with someone I wanted them to meet. My friends said they would be on the beach all afternoon on Sunday. That Sunday afternoon was beautiful. Early June, 75 degrees, blue sky. Around 2:00 she and I walked out to the point to go fishing. Within a few minutes of us fishing and talking, she started explaining some of the things she went through, and became visibly emotional. At that intense moment, I made a wish in my mind, and it was exactly this: "I wish no one could see us". As I made that wish, I had the strangest feeling that it was granted, or at the very least, that something happened. And then I walked over to her, we sat down together and talked for a long time. It was a very personal conversation as I sat with her and comforted her. After a while, I mentioned that I had planned to introduce her to some friends on the beach today (if she wasn't up for it I would have understood) and I started looking for them. They always sat in the same place on the beach, with the same chairs and umbrella. There were 40 or 50 people on the beach (which is about 500 feet long so that isn't many people across that big of an area) but I could not find them. Shortly thereafter we decided to give up on fishing and just go get something to eat. On the way back home, we walked across the beach to take a quick look for my friends and verified that they were not there. At the time it occurred to me that no one was noticing us as we walked across the beach, and how odd that seemed to me. But that was the last I thought of it and the day continued like a normal day. The next day, Monday, I headed to the beach in the afternoon and located my friends. They immediately said, "guess you didn't have your date yesterday?" This seemed strange to me so I stated that yes, yes I did, I was out on the point for a couple of hours with Nicole. I asked if they had decided not to visit the beach on Sunday? They said, "No, we were here all afternoon. We even turned our chairs towards the point so that we wouldn't miss you when you went out there. No one was there all afternoon." I explained that we were there for a couple of hours, and all of us were confused by this situation. No one could explain what happened so we just dropped it, but I have thought about it ever since. These are the most reliable, honest people I know, and I see no reason for them to ever lie about this. And there was no mistaking the days, these were definitely consecutive days. After this happened, I rewound all these events in my mind and tried analyzing them. Other than the bizarre sensation/possibility of my wish being granted, in retrospect, looking back on it, walking across the beach kind of felt like we were walking in a dream. I always expected people to notice Nicole, but it really felt like we weren't even there, kind of like we were looking through a one way mirror. That's my story. This is the first time I've shared it, and all of these events are as clear in my mind today as the day they occurred. I have no rational explanation other than the absolute certainty that they happened exactly as I have described. (Reddit)


Last week three of my friends and me went to a play together and since we weren't sitting next to each other and knew it was going to be really busy after the show we'd decided ahead of time where exactly we'd meet up afterwards - in front of the front entrance/exit at the exact same spot where we'd met up before the show. So the show ends, I linger for a bit in the auditorium, then make my way to our meeting spot. Lots of people walk past, but not my friends. I wait. The crowd thins out until finally, I am one of maybe six or seven people still waiting in front of the theater. I even walk back and forth in front of the theater and cross the street to get a better view of the scene just in case but still, no sight of my friends. It's been 15-30 minutes at this point and the theater is visibly closing, staff and actors are leaving, the lights inside are being turned off and the doors are being locked. I was one of only around half a dozen of people in front of the theater at this point, and I was looking for a pretty distinct group of three people whom I'd last seen around three hours earlier in the same clothes, and the street in front of the theater was extremely well lit /and/ I paced back and forth looking for them from various angles but they just weren't there. I begin to freak out slightly - did my friends ditch me? Maybe they for some reason took the back exit? I text them "did you leave already?" while walking to the back exit, where they also are not. My friend texts me back that they've been standing at the front exit for ages waiting for me and asks me where the hell I am. Sure enough, I walk back to the front exit and there they are, /in the exact same spot where I had been standing/. We all are baffled and just kind of go "where the hell were you?!" - "I was right here, where the hell were you?!" - "I was right here [and so on]" for a while. It's been a couple of days and I'm honestly still straight up baffled. We all stood in the same spot for half an hour looking for each other but somehow were just.. invisible to the other. (Reddit)


Seeing People Become Invisible

One might expect that if one becomes invisible, another person might have noticed that. These accounts might be much rarer, because one has to be focused on that person to begin with.


This noon, it was really sunny. I walked on the right side of the road and there were a line of cars parked on the right side. What I have seen were two men walking before me, one in blue, one in red, at a distance around 20 meters, chatting together as walking to their car. There was another guy walking from the opposite direction towards us, in black T-shirt. As he passed by the two guys he was walking towards me, almost approaching me, I looked up and see him disappeared all of a sudden. I guessed he might be going into the car, but it could not be like that in such a short time, I looked into the cars windows there is no one, there was no one behind me. Neither was there anyone at the corner between the car and the walkway. Under the sun, he disappeared. (Reddit)


Last night I thought I'd check the window for no particular reason and I saw this man with a white cap riding a bike with some blue lights tied to it (I think they were on one of the wheels of the bike) so it's a pretty normal sight. However five seconds later and the man (along with his bike) was completely gone! I saw it clearly and it was like he was riding it into a fucking invisible portal spawned in the middle of the asphalt road. He just vanished, simple as that. Still trying to wrap my head around what I saw. (Reddit)


So, my mom and I were just driving home from a restaurant and were driving on a main road/state road around 9:30PM when we saw someone in the bike lane on the side of the road going in the opposite direction. The bike had a dark red light and suddenly was turning off of the road but did not turn into a driveway, parking lot or onto another street. My mom and I both thought ďwhere are they going?Ē Thatís when we saw the bike with the light suddenly disappear or vanish into thin air! We donít claim to have an explanation. (Reddit)


When I was 9 years old, I was looking out of my living room bay window, into the front garden, sucking on a Capri Sun. Beyond my short front lawn was a huge field with hedged walls that tapered off into a rounded corner at the bottom, a good 100m away. A main road, although not overly busy, leading into the town, separated my lawn from the field. At the bottom of the field, in the corner, was a natural archway in hedge, leading into another big field behind it. It was a Saturday morning in June, beautiful blue skies, and my view over the fields wasn't obscured at all... a lovely clear day. Now... as I was staring out into the daylight, I saw a woman walking from the bottom field and through the archway into the nearer field. She continued walking up the field for about 10-15 metres... and then, in front of my eyes... she vanished... no flash of light, no puff of smoke, nothing out of the ordinary... her material body just vanished... She was wearing a yellow and rose-pink coat, so she wouldn't have been hard to find in a green field. The grass in the field was ankle-height, so she didn't duck down to hide... the hedges were too tall and thick for her to jump over... and I didn't take my eyes off of her for a second, once she came into my view 20-30 seconds earlier. To this day, I have no explanation for what I saw. (Reddit)


Seeing a Car Become Invisible

There are many accounts of people seeing a car disappear. Usually it is a car behind them, sometimes in the lane next to them, and in some cases right in front of them. Most of the time, they briefly look away, sometimes for a split second, and the car is gone. In a lot of cases, there was no way for that car to get off the road. Sometimes it was witnessed by more than one person. Here are just a few examples.


I was about 14 years old when this event took place. My mother, father and I were upstate in New York for the day at my fathers property. (Town of Arkville to be exact) We spent all morning and afternoon maintaining my dads land and decided to pack up and head home around 4pm.The road we traveled to get to my pops property was dirt and wide enough for 2 vehicles to comfortably pass. Often we would pass 2-3 cars a day on this road, that would be considered busy. Upon heading home we(all three of us) notice a red pickup truck moving very fast toward us and approx. 2/10 mile away. Since the roads were all dirt his dust trail was hard to miss. There was an old barn hardly standing we were about to pass when my father decided to slow down by this barn to move out of this guys way since he really was hauling ass. As we got to the other side of the barn to look out for this truck and it was gone and I mean gone(I get chills thinking about it now) There were no side roads no ditches just a short cut field of goldenrod. The dust cloud stopped as if it hit a 10' invisible wall and was slowly pouring its way over the top(curling like.) We got scared thinking this guy was dead off the road somewhere so we got out of our car to see if he was ok. Where this truck disappeared was just where the road would bend slightly. We figured he went straight into the field of goldenrod. Upon looking we saw no evidence of tire tracks in the field no more dust and oddly no more tire tracks period. THIS TRUCK WAS GONE! As if it met a dimensional porthole or something. The ride home from there was a quiet one. Puzzled looks on all our faces. I'm 29 now and will never forget what I and both my mother and father witnessed that day. (Science Hobbyist)


I was on a road trip to my parents with my boyfriend at the time, and my parents lived in NC while I lived in Texas. Itís over 18 hours to get there but I decided to risk it in the car instead of flying and my boyfriend and I took shifts driving. Itís my shift and my boyfriend is napping beside me. Itís dark out as weíre getting into the super wooded part of the highway, but Iím all caffeinated up and I wasnít tired in the slightest. It was just so easy to fall into a lull on that endless highway, so I was zoning out, not a lot of cars out. I was a good distance from the truck in front of me, but still close; you could fit about four cars between us, and I could see his tail lights and the white shape of his truck vaguely. This truck has been my road buddy for a while now and Iím not really paying him any mind, just keeping my eyes on his tail lights to stay straight, and then, heís just gone. I didnít blink, I didnít see him swerve off the road, nothing. Thin air, disappeared. One second there, the next, nowhere. Thereís nowhere he could have sped up where I wouldnít have seen. No way he could have swerved off the road that I couldnít have seen. I thought, ďoh shit, maybe something happened to his truck or his lightsĒ, but good lord it wasnít THAT dark. I turned my brights on, sped up a bit, searching. At this point I was shaking. Nothing on the side of the road, nothing in front of me anymore. Iíd like to say itís possible he wouldíve sped up without his lights on but I wouldíve seen him in my cars lights and I think no one would be dumb enough to do that out there. The roads had turns every so often youíd need your lights on to see the signs signaling it so you wouldnít plow straight into the forest. I woke my boyfriend up and told him what I saw and he just shrugged it off. I donít know if he believed me or not but he at least humored me a bit before he went back to sleep by asking ďare you sureĒ and ďwhenĒ questions. It freaked me out so much I stopped at a gas station as soon as I could find an exit and had him switch with me. Still canít really explain it. (Reddit)


I'm sitting outside on my front porch drinking coffee as it's a beautiful perfect fall morning. There's a huge overgrown fern in our front yard (like 12-15 ft tall and easily 8 ft wide, its been a problem for years and needs chopped down again). We live in a suburb with mostly elderly people so there's not a lot of traffic and its usually the same cars. I see a silver car pull onto the street slowly, there was a young woman (or maybe man with long hair) driving. Someone I didn't recognize. The car starts to drive behind the fern and before it's even all the way behind the fern its gone. I know I'm not crazy, I saw it, heard it, and then it was gone. I've had things happen from time to time I couldn't explain. But not like this. (Reddit)


My sister was driving in the small town we live in and the streets are never busy with cars. She stops at a 4 way intersection and looks both ways quickly and just barely steps on the gas. Then we look back to our right and see a green Jeep coming straight at us, look terrified at each other and then look back and the jeeps gone. Also it DID NOT drive past us because we were in the middle of an intersection. I have no explanation for why we both saw it and that I have a clear picture of this Jeep but no one in it. (Reddit)


I was driving back to work after lunch, looked in the rear view mirror and saw a car right behind my car. Looked at the road in front then glanced back in the rear view mirror in approx. 4 secs and the car was completely gone. There was no other road it could turn off to. This happened recently but I have had a similar experience years ago. (Reddit)


With Anomaly

It gets really weird when there are no other people or even cars present when they should be present. It is a further indication that one the invisible person finds himself in a higher vibrational state, this time one in which people or certain objects are not present, nor the sounds associated with them. Strange, but how else to explain it?

Or, coming out of a bathroom, while a waiting person did not see him coming out nor see the door open.


This happened when I was a teenager, like pre-2000. I had just gotten home, and no one is there. No cars, nothing. I go to my room to listen to music. I didn't have a computer and smartphones weren't a thing. I start getting hungry, so I walk to the kitchen. I look out the hallway window, and there's still no cars in the driveway. I walk through the living room, and I look directly at the couch. No one is there. Finally, I get to the kitchen, make a sandwich and get a cup of water. As I'm walking back through the living room, my stepdad says, "aren't you gonna say hi!?" I drop everything, and scream like a 10 year old at their first haunted house. I ask him when he got home, and he hits me with some glitch. He says he's been home since before I was, and he was wondering why I hadn't said hi when I got home. I said no way, you're truck isn't outside, and you were not on the couch when I came in or when I went to the kitchen. Then, he says, "Dude, you walked in, looked me dead in the eye, and didn't say anything. You then walked to your room and started listening to your music way too loud. Then, I see you strolling towards the kitchen, look me dead in the eye again, and STILL didn't say anything. Now, you come out the kitchen, spill sh$t everywhere, and blame me, like I'm a f$cking ghost or something. I've been here the entire time, and my truck's been there too!" Immediately opened the door to find his truck was there. And, then cleaned up my mess while he grumbled about me being ungrateful, among a few other choice words. To this day, I have no idea how that happened. But, I swear on everything that's holy that he was not there when I got home, and his truck sure as heck wasn't there either. I know because the way I walked up the porch would have meant that I walked through his truck. His truck was also loud, very loud, and had he got home while I was in the kitchen, I would have seen him or at least, heard him. Plus, even if he was trying to mess with me, how did he know exactly what I did when I came home? And, why was he so pissed when he accomplished his goal of freaking me out? (Reddit)


I was 23, and had to drive to the city for a doctorís appointment. It was fairly early, maybe around 7:00 or 7:30 am, but there wasnít much traffic out. Kind of weird for the area, to be honest. I made a wrong turn, so at a red light, I got into u turn lane. I knew this area fairly well, but Iíd never seen it so quiet. Usually it was a busy area for commuters. There were no cars around. No one ahead, behind, or coming the other way. No people. No animals. It was a suburban area with dotted with strip malls, but it was oddly quiet. The street was completely empty, and was completely clean. No stuff in the road. Remember that detail, itís important. When I went to make my turn, something hit the passenger side of my car. It almost felt like another car side swiped me, but I saw no other cars! There was a huge popping and cracking sound and I heard glass shattering. It was enough force to where I lost control of the wheel for just a moment. I corrected it, completed the turn, all the while looking around to try to figure out what the heck hit me. Again, I saw nothing and no one. I pulled over across the street, and got out of my car to take a look. There was plastic and glass scattered all over the street, like youíd see in a car accident. It wasnít there before. It almost looked like bits of a mangled side mirror. But my car was completely fine. Not a dent, not a scratch. There was no one there. No cars. No people. No one. My side mirrors? Totally intact. Iíve tried to figure out just what the heck happened. Did I hit an invisible car? Was there a car, and it just disappeared? Glitch in the matrix? Some miscellaneous bits of plastic and glass materializing out of the ether? Itís bothered me for 20 years. I still donít know what to make of it. My car was brand new at the time, and not a dent or a scratch. Whatever it was, it hit pretty hard. My boyfriend at the time looked my car over, and there was no damage. If I hit an animal, wouldnít my car have some damage? Where did the plastic and glass come from? It wasnít there before I made the turnÖ The pieces were 3Ē-4Ē of black plastic, big enough to see from a distance if they were already in the road from a previous accident. Once I got back on the right street, the flow of traffic seemed to be normal for the area. No drugs involved, my eyesight was fine, Iím totally at a loss. (Reddit)


Or the story from a thirty-seven year old man, Peter in Gloucestershire, England, who was at a private party in 1987. He walked upstairs to use the bathroom and was followed by a woman who also wanted to use the bathroom. The woman motioned for him to go first and she stood outside the door to wait her turn. Peter used the bathroom, opened the door and walked out into the hallway, closing the door behind him. He went on down the stairs and walked over to some friends and started talking to them. They all ignored him completely. He though they were playing a joke on him, so he walked away and found his girlfriend and asked her for a cigarette. She, too, acted like she didnít see or hear him. Peter was getting angry by this time and thought the joke had gone too far. He decided to walk back upstairs and catch the woman coming out of the bathroom and ask her for a cigarette. ďÖI walked back up the stairs and, on reaching the bathroom landing, I came across the girl again who was standing outside the bathroom door, clearly still waiting for me to come out. When she saw me, her face dropped in surprise for clearly she thought that I was still in the bathroom.Ē Peter returned to the party downstairs and everything was normal again and he was able to be seen and heard. When he questioned his friends and girlfriend as to why they had ignored him, they all swore that they had never seen or heard him. Obviously the woman upstairs had not seen him come out of the bathroom and go downstairs. (from Paranormal Abilities and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Martin Ettington)


Around 2005-08 where I used to live there was a park behind my house and frequently I would visit this park late at night as I happen to be somewhat of a night owl. For some reason though this night felt different. As I sat there looking up at the stars I had an eerie feeling that something strange was about to occur. That's when my vision of the sky went strange. It was like someone had just shook a translucent sheet across the sky or I was looking out a window with a thick sheet of water running down it. Shortly after that happened, I saw flashing lights coming across the trail that ran through the middle of the park. The lights flashed red and blue and reminded me of police lights. There were two sets of them and they appeared to be fashioned to the wrists and ankles of whomever was coming down this trail. I then stood up with my walking stick and started making my way closer to the trail. Now the point on the trail where I first saw them was semi-dark. It was behind several houses so there was some light, just not a lot of it. Here is where it gets strange, I could hear the voices of a man and woman discussing the city I lived in as if they were visitors, but I couldn't see them. All I could see was these flashing lights in the positions of their wrists and ankles. As they passed by where I was approaching the trail but didn't appear to notice me. Also to clarify, as they ran past I was able to see lights and objects through these people as they approached and passed me. That's when I decided to follow after them. I started running to catch up and still couldn't see anything but those flashing lights and the sound of their voices. Finally I started getting closer to them. I yelled, "Hey," several times but they didn't appear to hear me. That's when more strangeness happened. As I got closer my peripheral vision started going rainbow colored, like I had just started running inside a prism. It wasn't a very bright rainbow color but it was all around except straight in front of me where the runners were. Suddenly I could actually see their silhouettes, one of a man about my height and the other of a slightly shorter woman with a ponytail that bobbed about as she jogged. I gave a final shout, this time at full volume of "HEY!" They both turned around startled while the man immediately brought a flashlight up and shone it in my face. He called out, "Who's there?" while I asked, "What are you doing?" I never could actually see their faces or anything about them. The reply was, "Just jogging." I asked if I could join them and he gave a very curt no thanks as they turned away and began running at a very swift pace. The strange thing was as they ran away they once again went invisible save for the lights and quickly vanished from sight at a bend in the trail. It wasn't just because it was dark either because as they were running away they passed under a brightly lit street lamp that was right before the bend and I still couldn't see them. I stood there shocked for a moment but then tried to follow them again to see where they went. Poof, they were gone with no sign of them in sight. (Reddit)


Linked to Unconscious Avoiding of a Situation

Here an interference of an earth's force field is unlikely. One becomes invisible when a situation arises that would be unpleasant for the person. This suggests that the person himself, although unconsciously, is creating the invisibility effect.

Richard Bartlett in his book Tapping in the Field of Conscious Potential tells us a story he heard from a friend that clearly shows that sometimes the invisibility effect is coupled to an extreme emotion:

A number of years ago, Alejandro lived in a house that could only be accessed by crossing a suspension bridge. His cousin, who was staying with Alejandro, was in trouble with a gang that wanted to kill him. The gang came looking for him at Alejandroís house. Hearing the gangís approach, the cousin ran out of the house and started to cross the suspension bridge just as the gang came around the house looking for him. The cousin knew with certainty that if he were to get caught by the gang on the bridge, he would have no escape and would be killed. It was a really long suspension bridge, so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a prayer to Mother Mary (the Magnificat). As he prayed to her, a bubble suddenly popped up around him and this strange green fog filled the space in the bubble, and he became invisible. The gang members looked at the suspension bridge where they had seen him running, but they didnít see anybody there. The cousin got across the bridge and popped back into visibility again. They saw him then, but he was too far away for them to catch him. They were baffled as to how he could have disappeared and then reappeared. They never bothered him again.

Barrtlett also talks about consciously creating an invisibility shield:

My son Nate and I have programmed our Matrix Energetics medallions for invisibility. We did this last year before a seminar with more than five hundred people coming into town to attend. I was overwhelmed and a little out of sorts because all these people would be focusing on me. I felt funny, so I created a field around the medallion that enabled me to step into a place where I did not feel the energy. I could rotate my personal energy field out of phase with it. Nate and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, where they know us and know what we are ordering before we are seated because we eat there so frequently. We sat there for forty-five minutes before we realized why nobody had come over to take our order or acknowledge our presence. We had programmed our medallions for invisibility. So we mentally clicked off the program to allow us to be visible, and almost instantly a server came to our table and said, ďHello, Dr. Bartlett. When did you arrive?Ē It can be weirdóand useful.


It is a bit more strange when not only the person involved is invisible, but he cannot see his friends that were present:

I moved away from my parents' house when I was around 17 to attend college. We lived in Venezuela during that time, my parents in a city near the Colombian border and I in a big industrial city in the middle of the country called Valencia, some four hundred miles away. It was overall a great experience but Financially it was a tough time for me, my parents didn't have that much money even though I had a government issued scholarship sometimes I barely had enough to make ends meet. One time we had to meet each other and attend a reunion in Caracas - the capital city of the country - precisely to fix some issue that had to do with my scholarship. The office building was located in a neighborhood called La Urbina, at the easternmost part of the city. I knew that once I got to Caracas I would have to make a long subway ride and then to catch a bus to get the place I was going. I went early in the morning to the bus station and realized once I was there that I didn't have enough money to get to Caracas and then to move inside the city. I got on the bus thinking about what my options were and how to communicate with my parents - we're talking about a time when almost no one had cellphones. After the bus rode off the fare collector started going seat by seat systematically charging every passenger. I held the money in my hand for him to see. The guy charged the two passengers in front of me and the guy beside me and then he simply ignored me, even when I said out loud "here's your money". The collector went on to do his job in the rows behind me and I quietly put the bill back in my pocket thinking there had to be a reason for that. I still was afraid that maybe the would realize their mistake and charge me later but it didn't happen... Eventually I met my parents in front of the appointed building some hours later. (Reddit)


This was happened when I was still 8 years old but I still can remember it vividly. As a kid when I got pissed off at my parents I usually go hid somewhere in the house or took a walk around my neighborhood till I calmed myself and went home. One day I get angry at my mom and hid under a thick wooden table in my parents room which had a small space that I could fit in. a few minutes later I could hear my parents and my older relatives started to call me and searching for me. The odd thing happened when my dad walked in to the room and started searching, I knew that he was gonna find me so I moved further in (the table was placed against the wall) when he looked under the table I could see him staring at me but it was like he was looking at the wall but not me, I just sat there completely frozen without saying anything until he left. About 15 minutes later I got bored so I left my hiding place and went to the living room to watch TV, my mom grabbed me and asked me where the hell I went and I told her I just hid under the table in her room, my dad told me he didn't saw me there when he was looking and I just said I don't know how he couldn't saw me. (Reddit)


Not Showing Up in Picture


...But one day, the last pic I ever took in front of the mirror, was a summer morning. I opened the blinds a tic as usual, (it was a great position, no shadows in the room or anything, perfect picture as usual) and this time, I sat on my knees on the bed, (the only thing in the room besides 3 dressers, and a ceiling fan. Absolutely pristine in there). I aimed the camera at the mirror, grinned like a goof, and took the shot. I got off the bed and scrolled through the photos in the phone (an older Motorola.) In horror, I gasped. Everything, the window, bed, dressers, ceiling fan was there...BUT I WASN'T. There wasn't even a dent in the bed from me sitting. I ran outta there and showed my Mom. We took many pics in that room of the mirror, with ourselves in it. We showed up every time. I still didn't understand it. (Reddit)