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The Atlantean Ring and Bar

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The Atlantean Ring and the lesser known Atlantean Bar are intriguing energy objects which can be used for healing. If one discards the sales pitch of vendors who sell these designs in the form of jewelry, there is very little information available about these items. The only reliable information I found was on French and Dutch websites. I have translated these in this article.

The key seems to be the design itself, not so much the way it is incorporated into a ring, bar, bangle or otherwise. The following chapters will give you the essential information about the Atlantean design.

Don't ask me to recommend you a vendor for buying an Atlantis Ring! I don't know any vendors.



What is the Atlantean Ring and the Atlantean Bar

The Origin of the Atlantean Ring

How The Atlantean Ring Turned Into The Atlantean Bar

Observations of How The Atlantean Ring Works


What is the Atlantean Ring and the Atlantean Bar

The Atlantean Ring and Atlantean Bar have their origins in France. Since the discovery in the early 1900's, they were almost forgotten until the 1960's when they were brought back into the attention of new age seekers. The Atlantean Ring became quite popular in Europe and subsequently in America, while the interest in the Atlantean Bar was very low, until recently and limited to Europe. In the past decades the Atlantean Ring was attributed with certain properties. It provides immunity against subtle energy invasions. It protects against negative influences and dangers of all kinds. It forms a vibrational energy shield neutralizing all evil, spells and enchantments. It improves overall health. It fosters contacts with the spiritual dimensions. It is primarily a personal tool as it adjusts itself to the personal magnetic field of the person who wears it. Of course, these are subjective claims, and one has to make up his own mind whether or not this is true. There are many vendors on the market who sell Atlantean Rings. By using my ability to sense the energy of objects, it is my opinion that most of these rings do not work because they have been made in a crude and rudimentary way. Sometimes the design has been altered too. However there are some jewelry designers that are taking the time and effort to handcraft rings, and bangles in a very accurate, detailed and sharp design, which, according to my own feeling, are very effective. These are usually made in gold or silver.

Basic design of the Atlantean Ring and Bar:
atlantean bar basic desing


The Origin of the Atlantean Ring

The original Atlantis ring was found in 1860 in Egypt in a tomb of an Egyptian high priest, by the Egyptologist, Marquis d'Aigrain, during excavations in the Valley of the Kings. It was then passed on to Howard Carter who had it until his death in 1939. This ring would be at least 5,000 years old and it was made of dark sandstone from the mines of Assouan. The ring had geometric symbols carved into it. The symbols were unlike anything known in ancient Egypt. Through clairvoyant observation it is reported that the ring was from a priest from the time of Atlantis.

The symbols, or patterns, look very modern and timeless, with a simplicity of lines and shapes, but that's what makes the ring so fascinating. In the middle at the top of the ring there are three parallel rectangles. Rectangles which are not flat but in the form of a half cylinder. On both sides of the long rectangles are three small rectangles. next to these are two triangles of which the point is flattened in the middle. At the point of these two triangles are two little holes. These two holes - on each side (or inner side) of the ring are connected to each other by a groove.

Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, would tell people that he was wearing a talisman when he opened the tomb, in 1922, and that it gave him protection, thereby becoming the only survivor of the curse of the pharaohs. He said that his talisman protected him against all harmful influences. After his death in 1940, when his personal documents were analyzed, it was found that this talisman was the Ring of Luxor, as it was then called, now known as the Atlantis Ring.

The original Ring of Luxor:

the original atlantis ring


How The Atlantean Ring Turned Into The Atlantean Bar

In 1965, André de Belizal and P. A. Morel, in their book Physique micro-vibratoire et forces invisibles, took the design of the Atlantean Ring and flattened it out in a horizontal plane. The called it the Adjustable Luxor. Later on, other people started to call it the Atlantean Bar. Being dowsers, André de Belizal and P. A. Morel found that this flattened, and enlarged, design had certain properties: Having become an Atlantean Bar, it was found that the enlarged design compensates and balances, or harmonizes the cosmo-telluric energies in an area. If the area contains cosmo-telluric disharmonies, such as negative earth energies, then the device will bring balance between the cosmic and telluric energies, making the place healthy again for living beings. Such an enlarged, flattened Atlantean Bar, made out of wood, is placed on the floor and oriented with the magnetic north-south axis. If you know how to dowse, you can rotate the bar until you find an angle at which it will be more effective.

The original Atlantean Bar André de Bélizal created. He also put a metal sphere on the bar, probably for enhancement of its action:

atlantean bar by André de Bélizal

The following is a translated text from Physique micro-vibratoire et forces invisibles (André de Belizal and P. A. Morel)

The Adjustable Luxor This unit, originally a ring, but greatly enlarged, is based on a authentic waveform  from an Egyptian sarcophagus and whose property is to create a zone of protection balancing the energy by adjusting cosmo-telluric energies, that occur naturally, or those artificially created by man, for the purpose of protection, for example against robbers of for example tombs of pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. This waveform whose exceptional properties has been used in the "Luxor", which has the same qualities as the balancing Egyptian ring (fig.21). The shape was made mobile by fixing it at the center of a circular plate, which is further divided into 400 degrees, representing the full range of vibrations. A metal sphere, which is kind of receptor,  is screwed to the center of the device. Its function is to capture the cosmic energy, absorbed by the waveform, and radiating it according to the frequency on which the form has been set. The mobile platform is equipped with a fixed copper snail, and a compass to obtain a precise orientation of the stabilizer in the direction of magnetic north. One of its points, marked in black, should be placed along the vibratory degree marked on the board (the role of the snail is the magnetic amplifier). The action of the device is theoretically effective in a limited area of 20 to 30 meters around its axis, but practically it will be effective within a radius of 15 to 20 meters.

The Luxor Bar



Observations of How The Atlantean Ring Works

From (translation from Dutch):

As you may know Dineke Jongepier is a gifted radionics practitioner . She goes to areas of  the subconscious that are normally not easily accessible. That could be someone else subconscious , but also a collective unconscious field, or Akashic records which are present in one of the subtle fields of the Earth where all memories are stored. After I had asked to tune into the Atlantis Symbol, from the article below, Charles and Dineke Jongepier gave their answer: "Dineke made contact with the two symbols that you have sent us (these were two different designs of the Atlantis symbol). They are indeed both from Atlantis and even from the period of the end of Atlantis - very special. The Bovis value of both images represent the highest Divine value of 23,000 units and more . Both symbols resonate with the highest dimension to our tables on the dimensions, namely the 18th Dimension. The energies of the images have the highest magic power and the measurement indicates: ABSOLUTELY THE TOP MAGIC POWER OF THE RIGHT PATH! So they are very powerful images whose action also is gifted in our time with the Supreme Divine Energy. By occasion, Dineke will measure what these symbols have been used for. Possibly for healing or time travel to other dimensions. We'll get back to that!"

The following is based is based on an article that appeared in a Dutch news letter called Malva Regristatie, in 2008.

The Atlantis Ring is said to be a personal object in the sense that it slowly but surely adjusts itself to the body energies of the wearer. The Atlantis Ring protects its wearer from negativity from outside influences. It promotes intuition, protects against accidents and prevents dysfunction of the aura. It is like a shield for the wearer, which allows positive energy and wards off negative energy. It helps in addition to one's spiritual growth. It helps you discover who you really are and who you really want to be.

The following are observation of Leny van Kroonenburg, a psychic from Holland who can see the human aura or energy field. "One of the strangest products we investigated in our research into energetic charged products was the Atlantis Ring. I am a regular attendant on all kinds of alternative health fairs. Although I do not really have pay much attention to jewelry, I was attracted like a magnet to a stand with rings that were touted as the magic Atlantis Ring. Since I already see auras from my birth, I'm not easily impressed by all kinds of products to which a so-called energy value is assigned. Half of the exhibitors do not know what they are talking about. There is a lot of nonsense being sold! But this ring was exerting its influence on me from a large distance. It had a beautiful appearance (energetically).

"How it works: The first thing the ring does (and it works not only on me, but on everyone who wears the ring) is that it allows people to make a better contact with the ground. It makes this much firmer. Another effect is that I can make a much better contact with the blueprints which are stored in the outer layers of the aura. These blueprints contain information about how both our health and our mental well-being in principle ought to look. If you have been injured, that is visible in the inner layers of the aura. In the blueprints you can however see if that damage is permanent, or that healing is possible. I stress "possible". Sometimes recovery from an injury is postponed or the wrong treatment has been given, by which the injury start to become 'normal' to the person. This applies not only to physical problems, but also for emotional and psychological problems. When the connection to the outer layers is disturbed, then one will experience a lot of trouble to get better. Doctors will say that you should have been better sooner. The Atlantis Ring brings a better contact with these blueprints, by which healing can start to occur. In the beginning I thought that this was the specific effect of the ring. I started to look what happened to other people in their aura who were wearing the ring. I came to the conclusion that this is not the only effect.

"A rearrangement of the aura: What I always saw happening was that by wearing the ring, a rearrangement of the aura takes place. The different layers start to resonate with other in a much better way. Within a layer, we keep problems in place by holding various colors in a locked position (as it looks to me at least). The ring makes these colored tensions move out to where they can be processed. In short, everything goes to a better place. As a result, talents which we are not sufficiently aware of and that we haven't used properly, become stronger and more conscious. Apart from the above-described operation, everyone will experience the effect of the ring differently. This depends on your character type. Some people are more emotional, others are more mentally and others more physically set. For example, you become more emotional, or you feel that you are becoming better with expressing emotional life,; or you become more relaxed mentally, or you can express yourself more physically. In short, the different experiences that people experience, are not caused by the ring, but by our different characters. This means that the action is a very personal experience. Although it is claimed that the ring would possess protective properties, I did not notice that. What i think happens is, that by the ring, one starts to become more coherent in one's energy and therefore one becomes more intuitive, and thus one is able to handle difficult situations much better than before.

"The ring I wear is of 18 karat gold with two sapphires. It is my personal choice. Although it is said that the material of which the ring is made, does not matter, I experience myself that the silver version has a lesser effect and and is less refined. I observe this also with others. Another observation is that the ring gives a totally different effect when it is worn on the right or on the left.

"The origin of the force? The Atlantis Ring is not an energy product in the strict sense of the word. However each ring that has these symbols has these effects. What is also particular is that the energy of the ring can not be manipulated (at least I can not). One can change the energy of almost any product or material, but not this ring. This ring is a very pure, not corruptable effect. As far as I can feel, someone (long time ago) made this symbol with the intention of having it work as an antenna (that is something quite different than an object that is loaded with energy). It  easily takes the energy of the person who wears the ring and it knows how to guide this energy in such a way that it creates an energy field. The different paths of the ring are for different energies. The triangles bundle these energies which then goes through the little holes towards the inside of the ring, where they are guided through the groove connecting the holes and thus creating a powerful healing energy field. We have compared two rings wherein the ratio of the short and long paths in one ring is 1 to 2, and from the other ring 1 to 3. The ratio of the size of the symbol with respect to the circumference of the ring is the same (the symbol is smaller than the half of the circumference). The working of the ring is identical. We also had a ring, wherein the symbol is larger than half of the ring. This ring had a significantly lower force. It is coarser and slower. It is important that rectangles are all equally thick. Material comparison shows that gold rings are much more sophisticated than silver rings in their effects

"Warning: The ring can also bring forward some difficult issues that one might have difficulties with. If this is the case, than it is wise to temporarily takes the ring off. It's not that the ring adds something that one does not have. It is already in you, the ring only brings it to the surface. If you are not ready for that: "Do not wear it!"