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Translucent Humanoid Beings

Humanoid beings who are translucent and look like the cloaked alien in the movie The Predator. Sometimes they are invisible altogether, but make their presence clearly known.

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An Overview

Experiences of People

Sighting by a Louisiana Man, and a Separate Sighting by his Father

Two Sightings by Same Witness, with Clicking Sounds

Along the Highway Near Seattle, Washington

Cloaked Being in Driveway, Western Pennsylvania

Invisible Being walking by, Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

Invisible Being Climbing Down a Tree, Northeast Pennsylvania

Man Sees Invisible Creature in Tree Tops, Nashville, Tennessee

A Cloaked Bigfoot

Multiple Strange Experiences, Manassas, Virginia

Large Being and Alien Activity in Mission, Texas

Cloaked Being in a Tree, in the Woods

A Group of Invisible Beings

Reflective, Invisible Mirror Man

Like looking Through Water

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah

Flying Transparent Being, Bridgton, Maine

Humanoid Shape in Alder Tree, Washington State

Transparent Creature on Top of Trees

Translucent Being Walking Out of Lake

Translucent Being in Wooded Area, Salina, Oklahoma

Chased By An Invisible Entity at an Abandoned Brookfield USAF Station in Ohio

In Desert near Military Base

Translucent Being in Tree at Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Changing in Shape with Not So Good Intentions

Predator Being Causes Car Crash

Translucent Being Following Kids

Invisible Being Runs Away in Forest in Port Mellon, BC, Canada

Translucent Being Watching a Drumming Circle in North Dakota

Translucent Being at Train Stop in Downtown Portland, Oregon

In the Hills in Dumbartonshire, Scotland

Observed by Hunter From a Tree Stand in Georgia

Two Boys See Transparent Being in the Trees

Transparent Being in Tree Next to Apartment, in Chicago

Translucent Humanoid Beings

An Overview

These are a kind of experiences you don't hear much about, because it is so unbelievable. If you saw a Bigfoot, your friends and family would most likely laugh at you. So, If you saw an invisible being, why would you even mention it?

If there are beings who are invisible how can you see them. Well, these beings are not entirely invisible. They are actually cloaked, like the alien being in the movie The Predator. They look like translucent beings. The only noticeable thing is the outline of the being which reveals its humanoid shape, while the background is visible through the being but distorted. Descriptions of this distortion varies according to the terminology used by the witness: heat waves, transparent plastic wrap, a shimmer. In an effort to put an name to this being, some people call it the Glimmer Man, but I think this is a misnomer. This being is not human; we don't know their genders if they have one, and they don't glimmer. That is why I call them Translucent Humanoid Beings.

We don't know who those beings are. They seem to hang out in the woods, although there are a few reports of such a being inside one's home. They seem to be very agile, being able to easily climb into a tree and hang out on a branch, they can swim, and they move very fast. They make noise when they move, so they seem to be physical, but somehow they have the ability to blend into the environment like a chameleon. They seem to be confident in their camouflage as they are startled when a human manages to spot them. Then they become curious and start watching the witness, often following him for a certain distance. So, they are probably not afraid of humans at all. Maybe they are a kind of predator after all. In one report, the being was making clicking sounds. Does this point to an intelligent animal, maybe a primitive humanoid being?

There are quite a few report of these beings in trees. It seems that they are agile enough to climb into trees, and this would provide not only a better safety for them, but also a better vantage point to spot any human intruders. The fact that they often hang out in trees, can make themselves 'invisible' by some sort of camouflage or invisibility cloak, watch people from a distance, and run away at times, shows that they are most likely vulnerable. In rare occasions, they do follow a person for a while. Sometimes a sighting goes together while the famous 'eerie silence in the woods'.

Some people who have close contact with Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, say that it also has a cloaking ability. However, most accounts of Translucent Humanoid Beings are of small slender shapes, so they are different beings. It is still a mystery who they are. Maybe more witnesses will come out with their accounts allowing us a more in depth examination.

The following are accounts I found on the internet to give a better view on what these beings might be.

Translucent Humanoid Beings

Experiences of People

Sighting by a Louisiana Man, and a Separate Sighting by his Father

It is one strange thing to encounter a translucent being in the woods, and another to have your own father confess his own experience:

Being an outdoors man my whole life, I feel I can relate to you all, and being a next door's neighbor, here in Louisiana, is that much better. First I want to say that even sharing this is hard, because it is so unsettling for me. This experience has left me shaking, and has let me questioning a lot in my life. You really hit it on the head on how people are affected by these encounters. It has taken me some time to get over this, and I think I am still not over it, but more like living with it, if that makes sense. My wife is the one who urged me to share these two stories with you all, telling me that it would make feel better if I got it out. I think she has been right so far. I hope if anyone else had anything like this happen, please share them. People should realize that there is more stuff like that out there and it is real. My story: I live in a little town in Grand Paris, Louisiana. It is a very small town, less than 500 people. Trust me when I say, everyone knows each other. People know what you are having for dinner before you do. Please don't say the name of our town or our real names on the show. I really don't want this to get back to me. I have grown up hunting and fishing my whole life, and spent countless hours in the Kisatchie National Forest. It is over 600,000 acres of public land and over a 100 miles of hiking and biking trails. Everything a growing boy needs, and I guess Sasquatch can also use it. There are lakes, creeks and plenty of wild life. Fishing, duck hunting and bow hunting is just what we boys do, and we love it.

So, I am in my thirties, and I had never anything strange happen in my life. No lights in the sky, or seeing anything strange, until last year. During bow season here you can only hunt certain designated units. You can't bait deer here. You can't leave your stand up either. So in order to be successful, you have to put in some time scouting. We use a lot of portable stands and climbing sticks, because they are light-weight and easy to move. We, as bow hunters, go as deep in the woods as we can away from the trails. So, last summer, me and my cousin (he is my number one hinting buddy, and he has been my whole life) start scouting trails. Now, we are putting up game cameras and marking them with our GPS for all the good spots, and places that we think will give us the edge for the upcoming season. It is August, so it is hot and muggy, and pretty much miserable, but you have to do it. We pack in and camp around all this area and had no problems until that afternoon.

We pick a camping spot, start setting up our stuff, and all is going great until my cousin asks if I heard that thing following us. I said “Hell no, stop being silly.” We were no kids anymore, and that didn't work as it used to be. He looks me dead in the eye and says: “Man, I am not joking. I thought you were just ignoring it, so that is what I was trying to do. But it was getting close to me, backing off, and closing back in again, and backing off.” I told him “I haven't heard a thing.” maybe it was just him hearing stuff, and that he was tired, and we needed to get some rest and food, and then everything would be good. He agreed, so we started setting up camp and started dinner. The weird thing about hearing something weird like that is that now every little noise you hear, you start thinking of stuff, and your mind starts making you crazy.

All that evening the fire would dance on the trunks of the trees, and I think I saw something shimmer, or that I heard something walking around the camp. I mean, all damn night walking around the camp. So I slept with my pistol close, and the next morning we packed it all up, and we kept scouting. About lunchtime, we stopped and started having some freeze-dried backpacker food, where you just have to add the water. I was using my jet-boil to get the water boiling. It is pretty loud for a pocket stove, so you have some left-over roaring noise in your ears when you turn it off. I shut it off, and poured it in our packets, and then we sat there about to dig in. That is when my life changed forever. My cousin jumped straight up, and freezes, standing there. I looked up from what I was eating, kind of startled, and asked him: "What the hell are you doing?” He didn't, or rather, couldn't reply. He just stared at that little clearing about sixty yards from us. I was starting to get that weird feeling that something wasn't right. After that night, and all the noises I heard, I could feel all the warning bells going off in my body. Like when you see a snake that you didn't know was there. Except this feeling was just lingering. So I asked him a second time. He tells me in a shaky, whispering voice: “I see the predator.” Now, at this point I should have laughed or something, but it never crossed my mind. I jumped up and looked with him. No joke man, there it was. Not like in the movie, where you can see the alien thing, but like this man-shaped shimmer. It was about ten or twelve foot up in a tree and it was crouched down. You could clearly tell it was a guy's shape. I wheeled around and started throwing my lunch stuff in my pack while my cousin kept staring at it. I am really glad he did, because when looking back, if was had been alone, I would have just run and left everything. The packing took me less than sixty seconds. I had my backpack on and was holding his backpack. I walked back over to where he was, and this thing was still crouched on a limb. So I started thinking “Maybe it is nothing, and we are freaking ourselves out.” Because it hadn't moved an inch. At that moment, it was like it was reading my thoughts. This thing stands up and drops down off the limb unto the ground. My heart stops. It was about five feet tall at max, and it was man made exact. When it hit the ground, you could hear it making a sound, like if any of us would jump out of a tree. It then steps back and against the tree it came out off for about five seconds, and then here it came. It moved towards us with a fluid movement of an animal and it covered about ten yards in no time, and slipped behind some small brush and stopped. We grabbed each other and took off.

We were a good ways off from where we had parked, and knew it would be a couple of hours hike, because we like to make a big circle when we go at it. So there was no sprinting to make it to safety or anything. We just had to push as hard as we could to get back to the truck. We moved as fast and as direct as we could, making our way through the brush and the forest, but it wasn't near fast enough. Every time we stopped, and tried to catch our breath, there it was. It would never get closer than fifty feet to us. It was right there every single time we stopped moving. I am now positive, that was what we had heard the day prior, and all that night. It would aside from us and parallel to us, but it seemed to move much easier than we could. We never heard it speak, or breathing. We didn't hear it making any other sound than the sound of movement. We pushed on so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

We eventually made it back to the truck, and this thing, this predator or whatever it was, had shadowed us for over two hours, in constant movement. We threw our stuff in the back and hauled ass. We didn't speak at all on the way home. We weren't just exhausted. By now, I think, we must have been in some type of shock. I dropped my cousin of at his house. I went home, and sat on my porch, looking at the trees and the other houses, making sure it wasn't there either. My wife knew something wasn't right. She started questioning me. After a few hours I told her. I know this sounds kind of silly, just holding her and telling her made me feel better, and help me realize that it was over. I was home.

I didn't go back out there for a while. If I hadn't left my trail-cam out there, I wouldn't have gone back there all that year.

So jump forward, to Christmas 2017, a few months after this thing went down. We are all over my folk's place, having a big lunch and a great time with family. Typical Southern Christmas. I am sitting by the fire ring alone, having a whiskey. My dad come out with an eggnog or something, because he doesn't drink. He sits down beside me. We don't say anything for a bit. We both just watching the fire. Without looking up he says: “So you ran into the phantom too?” My dad and I are best friends. We have talked about everything. But you could have knocked me down with a feather, when he said that. This is not a conversation I was ever planning to tell my dad, or anyone else for that matter, except my wife. My cousin and I haven't discussed it since that day, until my dad now tells me this. My dad said that my wife had said something to him because she was worried that I hadn't been the same since my experience. He asked her what happened. She pulled him aside and told him what I had said. All this had gone down since minutes before he came outside to talk to me. I turned my head around, and before I could say anything he tells me: ”I ran into him in my senior high school.” he tells me that in the winter of '75, he and one of his best friends were duck-hunting on that guy's place. They had their dogs with them, and they were having a great time. It was cool and perfect weather. My dad says that he saw something he couldn't explain. He tells what he saw looks like stacks of Reynolds wraps, that clear, clean plastic stuff, except that it was in the shape of a man. It was moving along the shoreline, opposite the river they were hunting on. What he saw was man shaped between five and six feet tall, clear or see-through, except it had distortion along the edges, and the center was noticeable more clear. This phantom thing was moving like it had a purpose. The moment my dad and his friend started watching it, it somehow recognized that, that it was being observed, and it froze in place. It squatted down and watched them back for a bit. Their dogs were acting really strange, super nervous. They were whimpering and wining, and were getting antsy. My dad and his buddy stood up, holding their guns, and started to go back to the truck. This phantom thing then slid off into the water, and went under. They didn't know what to say or what to do really. They bee-landed back to the truck, loaded the dogs, and their gear. They were about the head out, when my dad saw the thing in a tree about twenty yards from the truck, just watching them. He hadn't heard anything, and the dogs had chilled out when they back to the truck. So they had not reason to worry. However, at that moment he got scared, and they hauled ass out of there. He and his buddy didn't talk about it afterwards. They graduated and moved on with their lives. His buddy moved on and now lives in North Carolina. My dad mentioned it one time to the guy that owns the land that they had hunted on. He laughed and said that he had never seen anything like that, but it was hard to keep cats around his barn, and all around his place. Maybe that is why.

Dad assured me I wasn't crazy.

(podcast Behold the Glimmer Man at Expanded Perspectives)


Two Sightings by Same Witness, with Clicking Sounds

This story is interesting because the witness saw the same, or similar, being twice in his childhood. Both times the being made clicking sounds.

This is 100% true and is really hard for me to share because anytime I have tried to tell someone else about it, I get laughed at and accused of just trying to pull their leg. I recently seen an article about a woman who was hunting and seen a invisible/cloaked creature that she described as almost like a "predator" from the movie of the same name. I read her story and seen the picture she took of said "predator". Now, as for her picture, I personally think it is a combination of flare from the sun and a close up of possibly her face or something. I am not dismissing her story though, actually quite the opposite, since I too have encountered something similar, and is what prompted me to seek out if anyone else has encountered a "predator" in the woods. Now on to my encounter:

When I was about 5 years old I was playing by the edge of the woods behind my grandmother's house. I played there often and my grandma just kept an eye on me from the kitchen or living room because the house had huge windows that faced the woods. She would come out every once in a while just to see what I was up too. I was obsessed with digging in the dirt and collecting unusual rocks and arrowheads that littered the land where my grandmother lived. I should mention this is Midwest Illinois, not to far from Cahokia mounds, so finding arrowheads was actually not that uncommon. Anyway, that day, I remember picking out a spot to dig. I had been out there for quite a while because I remember I had a pretty decent size hole going, when something caught my eye up in the tree that I was next to. I almost don't know how to explain it, but it looked like almost a heatwave coming off the branch of the tree. It was fall, I remember this because I had my pink jacket on and remember thinking that my mom was going to be pissed because I had dirt around the bottom of the arms from digging. I also remember there being a lot of leaves on the ground. Anyway, I am staring at this "heatwave" and realize it has a human shape. So here I am, 5 years old, and wondering why there is a invisible man in the tree. I remember feeling scared but unsure what to do. Then it started moving and making a faint clicking sound. That is about the time that I decided that I was not supposed to be seeing this, and I high tailed it back to the house. My grandmother seen I was pretty shaken, and I remember telling her that I just seen a angel. In my 5 year old mind, I didn't know what else it could be. I had never heard of aliens or ghosts or monsters, so to me it had to be an angel because that's all my little mind could think of.

Fast forward to when I am about 12 years old. By this time the encounter was way out of mind. I loved watching action and sci-fi movies. My dad rented a movie called Predator. I am watching it with him, and the first time you see the Predator invisible/cloaked I about shit my pants. All the memories from that day digging in the dirt came flooding back. I even asked my dad if Predator was real or if he knew if anyone or any animal that had cloaking ability that I didn't know about. He told me it was all fake. It wasn't like it is today where I could just Google it. I had no access to the Internet, so again I just put it out of my mind.

Again fast-forward to about the year 2004. I am grown. I have 3 small children. I just went through a separation from my husband. I moved to the next town over to an apartment with my kids. These apartments are all one level duplexes with there being 5 buildings. I am at the very last apartment of the last building. The apartments are considered "in town" but are on the outskirts. There is a deep ditch that runs behind the buildings with a chain link fence that separates the back yard from the ditch. There are about 6-7 trees on our side of the fence. If you follow the ditch a little bit, you hit a small forest that eventually leads to the country with a larger forest and farm land. I am a smoker, but would not smoke in the apartment because of the kids, so I often went out to the back porch. One night I was up late doing laundry and stuff after the kids went to bed. I decided to take a smoke break before I myself went to sleep. I am back there on the porch and I started hearing this faint clicking sound. I immediately looked to the ditch because I had seen a ground hog out there a few days before and thought perhaps he was out there again. The yard is faintly lit from the outside light that is by they playground that is to the right of my back porch. I didn't turn on my porch light, I didn't normally, if I was just going out for a quick smoke. I didn't see any ground hog or movement from the ditch, so I go back to smoking my cigarette. The faint clicking sound keeps happening and a slight shift of movement makes me look up into the tree to the left of my porch. It's there. The same invisible thing I had seen when I was five. It is like a distortion and in a humanoid shape. It is crouched down on the branch with an arm out holding on to the trunk of the tree. I couldn't believe it. I was like "Is this happening, has it came to kill me from me seeing it all those years ago". All I could think about was my kids in the apartment sleeping. I ran in and slammed and locked the door. I ran to the kids rooms and made sure all the windows are locked, then I just turn out the lights in the living room and stare out the blinds at the tree to see if I could catch another glimpse of it. I sat there for about a good 10 minutes and couldn't see anything. I begin to think that I am just tired and my mind was playing tricks on me. Just as I was finally talking myself down, my neighbors dog comes running across the yard and starts barking at the tree at the same branch that I had seen this "predator" thing. That pretty much freaked me out because this dog was not a barker. I actually have never heard him bark at anything, even at the ground hog that had been hanging out at the ditch. This barking went on for a few minutes until I hear the neighbor lady who owns the dog call him back inside. The dog reluctantly turned to go back home, stopping every few feet to look back at the branch of the tree, until he was out of my sight. I didn't sleep that night and have never seen anything like it again. I don't know what to think of it. I am a grown woman. I have kids and a good career. I just want to know if anyone else has ever had an experience like this. I know what I saw. Believe it or not. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

(Reddit, comment on post)

Along the Highway Near Seattle, Washington

They are not only in the woods, but also along busy interstate highways:

I am 40 years old and my name is Daniel Velazquez. I am construction worker in Seattle, Washington.
This was in late August this year 2018. I was riding in the passenger seat in our work truck with my boss driving and another worker sitting in the back. We were on our way to a job site in Seattle, and we were exiting the I-5 freeway which is the main interstate between Canada down to Mexico. As we were exiting the freeway, I was just sitting back in my seat and as I looked to the right I seen this "Predator" figure moving to its right. I jumped up in my seat and said to my boss "Oh my God do you see that? Look"! I was absolutely stunned! There was a little outcropping of trees and beyond that there were three to four homeless people just going about their business. They seemed to be clueless about the "figure" that was walking about twenty yards in front of them. I was absolutely shocked and did not know what to say or do. I only saw the figure for about four or five seconds, and when I turned to my boss to ask if he is seeing this, and then turned back to where I saw the figure, it was gone or I lost sight of it. It was exactly like the "predator" figure in the movie, not the alien form but the cloaked version. In my 40 years I have never seen anything like that! My wife is the only person that I have told because I don't want people to think that I am crazy.

(Expanded Perspectives)


Cloaked Being in Driveway, Western Pennsylvania

Two people saw a cloaked being in a driveway at night, in their spot light. Again, it is described as a human outline with a translucent, watery texture.

Hi. I have finally gained the courage to tell people about an encounter my husband and I had some years ago.

We recently bought our home in a new area in western Pennsylvania than it’s close to where we were raised. I found the home listed for sale on the Internet in the fall of 2000. Soon after, we bought the home and became familiar with our surroundings.

The next year before buck season, we were out with our spot light to go and view the deer in the area. We drove down our long dirt road and turned onto another dirt road. These roads are the kind that only locals would use because they are so bumpy and treacherous and didn’t really take you anywhere but to farms. There is no winter maintenance for snow removal either. Just as we turned off of our road and onto the next, my husband was shining the spot light on the left side of the road from the driver seat of our car. He continued to drive slowly flashing the light around when he shone the light in what looked like a driveway. It was actually one of a series of roads meant for gas trucks to tap from various gas wells in the area. They are quite common and abundant. As he shined the light in this small dirt road that resembled a driveway, he kept his light fixed. At first, I had deer ingrained in my mind and was expecting to see the shape of a deer.

As I stared at this shape, I realized that I did not know what I was looking at. I knew it wasn’t a deer. It wasn’t any animal at all! As my brain tried to comprehend what I was looking at it became more clear the longer I stared.

What I saw had the shape of a man but it was not a man. It was not see-through as a ghost. The only way I can describe it was that it was like standing water. But it didn’t cast a shadow. It didn’t have any glare to it as the light was on it. It did not reflect the light. It was not gas. As gas does not have a significant shape. Gas will ebb and flow with the breeze or at least have an inconsistent shape. Rather, what I saw had a defined shape. That was the only way I can see it because, it had the shape of a human and I could make that out because of the defined edges and curves. Only because of its outline was I able to make out what I was looking at. When I realized that I was looking at a human shape, I noticed the posture was similar to a person skulking or sneaking. It was hunched over a little and one of its arms were frozen in place in front of it. As though it knew we saw it and it froze its position to try to be undetectable.

A few seconds had passed as it stood there like a mannequin in mid step frozen in space. In front of it, I could see a small knoll about a foot and a half tall that had a small graded slope to it. After what seemed a long time but, only moments, I remember feeling very afraid. What I was looking at knew that I was looking at it! It could easily pounce at us! It was only maybe ten feet in front of us on the driver’s side of the road! It was standing in some low grass beside the driveway gas well road. It was close enough to hurt us! I didn’t know what this thing was and I didn’t want to find out what it was capable of doing!! Our sons were at home right down the road from where we were! But, nobody really knew where we were! If we needed help there was no one around for a couple miles!! There was no cell service on our road either. We were out there alone with that thing!

After we stared at this thing for maybe 10 seconds, it then began to slowly crouch into a seated like position but having its feet underneath, like it was ready to lunge at us. Again, I could not see its body parts only the outside shape of it.

After it remained in the squatted position for a few more seconds it then appeared to slowly lay down onto the little knoll and then it disappeared. I could no longer see it. It had just seemingly vanished! I could not believe what I just saw. I was stunned to the core! I then began to doubt what I saw and said to myself that I must be seeing things. This is crazy! I resolved to not even say a word to my husband. I thought he would poke fun at me and not even believe me anyway. Then my husband looked at me and asked, “Did you just see that too?”

After hearing him admit that he too had seen exactly what I just saw, I turned to him with my mouth still hung open and told him “Yes. I saw that too!” Then I immediately told him to drive and get me the hell out of there! And what’s so strange is that my husband thought the exact same thing that I thought… that he was seeing things too. Like me, he was not even going to say anything to me. He thought he was seeing things too! But, as he turned towards me once he began to drive away, and he saw my mouth just hanging open, he knew that I had seen it too. We both saw the exact same thing!

He saw that it was the shape of a man. He saw that it was hunched over as if caught red-handed. He saw that it was cloaked like the predator but it didn’t have a jagged camouflaged look. The thing we saw had a smooth look. It was like standing water without the reflective aspect and its outside shape was smooth, definitive. I do not know what we saw, but I do know it was real! I have been really guarded about this experience and have only told a few people. Because, I know how skeptics are. I am one of them! Yet I cannot refute what we saw. It was real. Nevertheless, whatever it was or is we saw it. There is no doubt in my mind or in my husband’s.

Another reason why I am finally sharing this is because lately I have been watching various TV shows about cryptic phenomena like Bigfoot and whatnot. It’s October and creepy shows are airing this time of the year. Watching these shows reminded me of our experience all those years ago. And, even after all these years, I’ve never done any research to see if anyone else has had a similar encounter.

For a long time, I just as soon wanted to forget all about that night. But now, I thought I’d search Google for the keywords “predator-like sightings” and was astonished to see a couple of people seeing what we saw. I then came upon this website and decided to tell our story. I do not expect a lot of people to believe me. I don’t really care what people say in that regard. I get it. Unless you have your own experience, most won’t get it. What I would like is to know if there are more sightings of this thing and what people think it might be. I assure all of you that we both saw the same exact thing.

Yes, it was dark. But, the spot light was exceptional with its quality and there was no mistaking what we saw being confused with any shadows, strange light reflections, optical illusions, gas leaks, ghosts or any other possible phenomenon.

The cloaking capabilities were of absolute exceptional clarity. It bent the light in such a way that it looked like the surrounding environment without any flaws save for the outline of the man/humanoid being. Aside from the distinctive outline, we would not have been able to detect that anything was there at all. Now, if light affects the cloak in the daylight then more people will have more sightings. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that our spot light defected the cloaking mechanism in such a way that we were able to detect the outline because of it. Just a noted theory.

In any event, is there anyone else out there that has seen this being?

(Cryptozoology News)


Invisible Being Walking by, Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

Sometimes the being is entirely invisible but can be spotted by the sounds it makes and the leaves it kicks up.

Something happened to me and a buddy at a rainbow gathering in 2009 in Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest. It was right before the loads of people showed up and we were camped away from everyone else. We were alongside the main trail that goes from the parking area and leads down a large hill into the main clearing. It was dusk, so light was fading fast and we had a fire going. We were both sitting there having a deep conversation about life and spirituality when we decided to head down the trail to the clearing to find some food. At that moment we were standing up and some people who had been walking up the trail stopped to take a break about 30 yards below us. Anna says, "Hey, do you hear that?" I could clearly hear someone walking in the woods to our left. The thing is there was nothing out that way as we were quite a ways from the main clearing and facing the direction of all the lights and people. The footsteps could be heard coming from our left and below us, heading straight for those people who were taking a break on the trail. I looked and saw nothing where my eyes said I should be seeing what was making those steps. There was nothing to be seen and I could actually see where the steps were landing, leaves being kicked up. Whatever it was walked up to those people on the trail, whom were talking to each other. None of them noticed anything, but the steps definitely slowed down as it made a turn going passed them, like it was checking them out. Then it came straight at me and Anna. Anna was fumbling with her key chain trying to find a little flashlight she had. Whatever was making those steps came right up to the other side of the fire pit without stopping. It approached slowly and Anna pointed her light at it and said, "Hey!" As if in response, it took off up the hill right past me incredibly fast, kicking up leaves and dirt. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. The entire time it sounded like an invisible child power-walking, taking short quick steps, and when it took off passed me it was still "powerwalking" with small machine gun-like steps, if that makes any sense. There would have been no way for me to chase it. This thing was so fast and we both took off running down the hill. This really happened. I don't think it was a ghost, because it didn't seem human. I always leaned toward fairies or leprechauns for some reason. I had the distinct impression that the little invisible dude didn't realize it was being noticed.



Invisible Being Climbing Down a Tree, Northeast Pennsylvania

You see the environment respond to its presence. I saw something invisible last hunting season climb down a tree, it was big , using limbs as a ladder. The limbs shook every time it moved lower. Then it jumped the last 8 feet and I heard a very heavy, solid thud. I heard nothing after it landed. Half hour before that, I was under that tree, loomed up, and saw nothing. Like it was full predator mode. I don't know what's going on. I thought it was a cloaked bigfoot.

I haven't experienced anything since 1996. I got divorced, moving around a lot, different jobs, not doing well emotionally. Three years ago, I got serious again with my faith. Been married for 10 years, overall pretty stable. I started to hear whistling on the outside of my town coming on to sunset in the middle of the summer. It sounded like a human whistle but the response I heard was clear cross town along the river and stuff just escalated from there almost constant and not just my current location. The invisible encounter was the NorthEast part of PA on private land that I thought I knew well. I grew up there.

Comment on post on Reddit


Man Sees Invisible Creature in Tree Tops, Nashville, Tennessee

From a Coast To Coast Radio broadcast on October 26, 2014; Greg in Dobson North Carolina called in to tell of his sighting of a Predator like creature in Antioch, Tennessee.

In 1993 or 1994, I'm not sure, I was living in a place in Nashville, Tennessee in a small town called Antioch. I was out walking the dog one day, or letting the dog do his business out in the front yard. I could feel something watching me. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and everybody around there was at work except me. And I could just feel something watching me. I started looking at some woods, down in the woods directly in front of me, and I couldn't see anything but I could hear leaves rustling in the trees. So I started looking up towards the tops of the trees and I had very good eyesight at the time. I didn't do drugs. I didn't drink. I saw something crouched down in the tops of the trees. The only way I could describe it and I don't even know if the movie had come out yet so I didn't know anything about it but the movie Predator where they saw that invisible creature. You could see the outline of everything but you could see right through it. And it was sitting up in the very tops of the trees where it wouldn't hold the weight of a man by any means. This thing was as big as a man. I just stood there looking at it and then I let go of the leash and I took off at a dead run and I yelled, 'Hey!' And I took off at a dead run towards this thing and it started running across the tops of the trees. It ran the length of a football field in, just in no time. I mean it was really fast. I don't know how it was running across the tops of the trees but I know what I saw. After I thought about it, I thought, What in the world are you doing chasing this thing? I stopped and it stopped about the length of a football field away from where it started and it turned around and looked at me again and then it took off out through the woods, through the tops of the trees out into the woods and I didn't see it again. It scared the hell out of me, I know that. And I never ever told anybody about it because I thought people would think I was crazy as a loon.


A Cloaked Bigfoot

The following might be a sighting of a cloaked Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, as the witness thinks it is:

Even as a child I loved to walk and explore the forest that surrounded my home. I was probably around seven or eight when this happened, I really don't remember exactly. But, anyway, one day I went for a walk in the woods and came to a log, in a very peaceful setting. I made this spot my regular place to go when I felt a need to be by myself. I would sit on the log and listen to the sounds in the woods, and just feel the peace and calm of the place.
I had gone to this spot many times by myself after my discovery, and never felt frightened.
I suppose I was meditating, even at that young age, but didn't know anything about what it was called at that young age.
(Yeah, people back then actually allowed their kids to wander off by themselves. It was safe. I miss those days!)
This particular day, as I sat on the log, I heard some rustling in the bushes. I felt an uneasiness come over me... as if I was being watched.
I could sense the direction it was coming from too. So I stood up and walked slowly to get a better view when I noticed a very large creature that I could see through standing between two trees. I would say it was at least 8 foot tall, maybe more.
The body of this creature had a wavy pattern flowing through it, like heat waves that come up from a hot road surface. I could see the forest behind it... through it!
The wavy pattern is how I was able to make out it's form. (There wasn't anything causing a heat wave anywhere else.)
It just stood there looking at me. I froze for a moment in pure fear that encompassed my entire being!
But out of pure fight or flight adrenaline, I finally made my legs move, and I walked a safe distance... then I ran!!
I was afraid if I started out running, it would chase me, like they say animals will do.
I made it safely back home, and I don't remember EVER going back into those woods alone after that!
I missed going to "my spot". It was my place to find peace and talk with nature. That "thing" stole it from me!!
Since that encounter, I've often wondered if this is how Big Foot is so good at avoiding being captured? I've read where others say they think it has the power to become invisible. I think they're right! It looked like a Big Foot to me, only invisible!

(Hernando's Hideaway)


Multiple Strange Experiences, Manassas, Virginia

From a YouTube video, **NEW** Updates, Emails From A Remote Location, posted Feb 19, 2022. The man reads a long email he got on his cellphone. I made a transcript of it, starting at 7:58 to 16:12 in the video.

This story is really interesting because the man had different experiences that are connected with the invisible being, such as the sighting of a flying disk, a Bigfoot, flying objects (here apples, reminiscent of the poltergeist phenomenon), things that disappear (here a $100 dollar bill), the shaking of the house (sometimes associated with UFO's), and arranging impossible things (here the stacking of his sandwiches and hat).

 My name is Craig Richardson. Feel free to use it. Some deals with a sighting by myself, my brother and our friend John I lived with in the suburb of Manassas, Virginia. The year was 1973 and I was 16 years old. One day I decided to ride my bike about six miles from my home in the Bull Run trailer park to a creek named Little Rock and run to get there. I travelled four miles on paved roads, two miles on Old Route 28 to the intersection of the Main Route 28 and headed north about a mile to where a major power line crosses, and then the road onto the power line to the east until I reached the creek. Never been there I was exploring and found a long smooth run about 100 yards into the woods on the left north of the power line. Water was crystal clear. You can see the fish everywhere. I caught a small mouth bass, small rainbow trout, large sunfish, some big red eyes rock bass. I went home and showed my brother and friend. We all ached to go back the next day. Upon arrival to the aforementioned smooth run, there was not a fish to be seen. The woods were silent and felt weird. We started to fish anyway. While we were baiting up a rock the size of a softball came whizzing by so fast you could hear it coming. It hit the water with such force that water sprayed for 20 yards in all directions. We could hear something in the thick brush behind us. We got spooked and ran to where we left our bikes. We had to cross the stream to get to them, and the hill we had to ascend was way too steep to ride up, so we had to run while pushing the bikes about a half mile up. We were all winded and stopped. That's when John said "look" and we all looked back down to the creek. There, on the edge of the woods where we had been fishing, was what I would describe as a tall hairy man, dark brown, hair covering the entire body. Please note that we are at least 300 yards away, so no real details, except he looked at us for maybe 10 seconds, and then he just walked across the power line 200 yards wide, so we all got a good look. When we were safe and back at the highway route 28, we all agreed to not say anything to anyone about what happened. That's always the unfortunate part of the story is for me. We arrived back at home, went to John's house, his mom was in the kitchen. As soon as she saw us she said "What happened?" We said "Nothing". She said you look like a a ghost. We never did tell anyone part two. I'm now living in Summit Point, West Virginia. My brother Read had come home after school and walked in the house. His mother is sitting in her spot on the couch as usual, but she is white as a ghost. We say "Hey mom", and there's no response. I tell my brother to call the rescue squad, and then tell him "No wait, she's alive but unresponsive." She can move her eyes but it seems to be full of fear. After about 15 minutes she starts to babble another 15 minutes, and then she can talk coherently. She tells us I was sitting here watching the TV and the front door opened. Something walked in invisible. He came up to her and asked where the oil was. She said I've been eating peanuts. She said that she could not move or fight, and that the thing probed every orifice of her body, including her personal regions. Now about an hour's gone by, she says "Craig, it sounded like they ransacked your bedroom, you should go check it out." I did. The only thing I found was my bank book sitting on my table by my window and it was missing a hundred dollar bill that I tucked inside it. Well, my window was covered by paper curtains that were hard to keep shut, so I always pin them shut with a Scottie doll bank. It must have been a piggy, it was full of coins. However, for the last few days, the curtains would be wide open when I woke up. I could not make any sense of it. I told my brother that I felt like I was being called to go into the apple orchard across the street. I just went. It really got weird. I went back out to the living room where my mother and brother were still talking and told them about the bank book and missing money. My mother said "Look boys, whatever it is, it did not harm me." She gave it a name. I forgot the name but my brother said "I don't care if it happens with me. I will kill it." Right then, the entire trailer started to shake and the most evil sounding roar/scream you've ever heard enveloped the entire house. My mother begged my brother to shut up, and he did. Part three. It's now dove season. Me, my buddy Donny, don't mention his name, he's a blah blah blah, okay he'll never admit to what he and I witnessed. We left my house with our shotguns to go shoot some doves in the airport across the road from my house. He's walking on my right. As we walked down between the rows of apple trees, and as we were walking, I noticed a big opening in the tree to my left. It looked like the lowest branch, four feet off the ground was under a lot of pressure. I told my friend to stop, showed it to him. He said it was just the weight of the apples. I said no. My sixth sense was on point. No fear, but I knew something was wrong. I pointed my gun at the opening and all of a sudden the branch flew up as something leaped off of it and hit the ground running. You could see the footsteps and the fallen leaves. This does not adequately account for everything that happened that fall. I had apples flying up the trees at me like they were thrown from a baseball pitcher, that fast, but not ever did one hit me. Then one night, all the dogs were barking and growling with that fear growl. I went out like a shotgun, shined the light on the dog pens. We raised beagles and trained them for sale. All the dogs were up on the fence wire and looking up into the sky. I looked up and saw a round craft with dimly lit windows, only four I think, and I shined my light on it. The dim light behind the windows went out and it slowly moved away over the woods. The dogs calmed down and I went back inside. I told my brother, my mom that the dogs were barking at a couple of raccoons. Please note this all happened long before the predator movie. This followed me for 20 years and did shit just to acquit me. For example, I packed my lunch to work every day. I put my brown paper lunch bag under my favorite hat down on the passenger side floor board of the car out of the direct sun. I come out to get my lunch and two sandwiches chips or whatever snack would bounced vertically on top of the other with hat balanced on top of them. Impossible you'd think that even it could be done. You would think that even if it could be done that it would fall down when you open the car door. Not so, as soon as you touched any of it, it would all fall down. I know that's a lot to take in, but there was more.  If that thing came through the trees, just a glimmer in 1980, and sat down beside me, and had a very large dead log I was sitting on while bull hunting. I had my bow on the tops of my thighs. It sat down on my right side. I had a 10 inch buck knife on my left hip and I thought I grab it with my right hand, and just cross stab it to my right, stabbing the belly or whatever. As soon as I had the thought, it said to me in English "Don't even think about it. I could have killed you anytime I wanted. You're no challenge.", and it left. I hope this helped someone else not be afraid. I still hunt and fish anywhere I want.


Large Being and Alien Activity in Mission, Texas

The following story is interesting because the sighting is directly related to a strange presence of unknown beings in the witness's bedroom. Every single activity by these beings are typical for the classic 'visit' by alien beings (the Grays).

When I was approximately 7 years old, which would be around 1973/1974, we were living in a mobile home park in Mission, TX. We had just moved to this mobile home park as my parents had just sold the property we lived on. The park was huge, probably 20 to 30 acres and it had just opened, there were only 2 or three other homes in the whole park, spaced far apart. The park was surrounded by orange groves so it was relatively isolated. I believe it was called the Trade Winds Mobile Home Park. I don’t know if it still there as I haven’t been back to Mission since I left in 1991.

One morning, early, before sunrise, I woke up to noise outside by bedroom window, I don’t recall clearly what the noise was but it was enough to rouse my curiosity. I figured it was probably coyotes and was quite curious to catch a glimpse. I had to stand on my bed to look out my window. I was scanning the yard below but didn’t see any coyotes. I then noticed motion to my left and turned to see a figure standing next to my mothers car. It was an “outline” of a large being, it had to be huge as it was several feet taller than the car. I would guess maybe 6.5 to 7.5 feet. The figure was big and bulky, the shoulders very wide and the legs very thick, but all clearly humanoid shaped. The inside of the outline was very dark shimmering-like light couldn’t escape (the best way I can describe it) but the outline was clearly visible. It turned towards me, and we just stood there looking at each other for several seconds. I don’t know how I knew it could see me, but I did. At this point I did not feel any fear, I was just stunned, trying to understand what I was seeing. It then slowly turned and walked off into the darkness.

At this point I jumped from my bed and ran to my parents room, I woke up my mother and tried to tell her what I had seen, but she insisted it was a “bad dream”. I knew it wasn’t. She got up and continued to get ready for work. She tried to laugh it off but I kept insisting and did not want her to go outside because the big, invisible man would get her I feared. At that point she didn’t want to hear anymore about it. I think I was somewhat in shock and traumatized by the experience. So I said nothing else about it.

However, several days later, there was a small article in our local paper “The Monitor” about a local woman who had seen the same EXACT thing I saw, only she reported it to the police. As I recall the article made the woman out to be a “crazy lunatic”. My mother read this article to me, and we both just sat there stunned. She then questioned me about it again and told me not to tell anyone. I suppose she didn’t want to expose me to ridicule. To this day she refuses to talk about the ordeal.

What is even scarier is that some time after this incident I began to recall more and more of the events that happened before I heard the noise outside. I remember laying in my bed, unable to move. This being shining a light in my eyes and “telling" me that they would be gone shortly (no words were exchanged though). I remember feeling like I was wrapped in thick Jell-O. I could see another being in my room looking through my dresser drawers, for what, I have no idea. The being was shining a flashlight looking device into my draws only the light (greenish) was coming OUT of my drawers not going INTO my dresser drawers, but the light moved when the being moved the “flashlight”. I remember starting to panic then all of a sudden feeling calm. The first being again “told” me (without words) that they would be done soon and that I would not remember anything and it would be okay. The next thing I remember is waking up to stand up on my bed to look out the window.

I have no idea what they were looking for or why. Perhaps I had found something, and they wanted it back. I don’t know and probably never will.

I have never told this story to anyone other than my mother. I have not even told my partner of 18 years this story.

Sincerely, M

Phantoms and Monsters

Cloaked Being in a Tree, in the Woods

Hello, I found my way to your website while doing some more research to try and figure out what it was I saw last summer. I live in a very rural stretch of Western Washington state. Here's my story:

It began in late July, when I was forced to make semi-regular patrols around the property on which I live (heavily wooded, very hilly and wet with a creek and swamp at the bottom) when I was made aware of local drug addicts attempting incursions upon the property. As most of you likely know drug addicts have a natural tendency towards violence, especially the breed we have in my neck of the woods. I began carrying a rifle as I made my patrols because as the old adage puts it "Better safe than sorry". Very quickly I found their tracks at the bottom of the hill, and I even managed to claim a gas can as a kind of war trophy. That lead me to believe they may be aiming to perform illegal logging on the property, which intensified my patrols. Soon after I ran into a rather unsettling shape in the forest.

I was on another patrol, standard, routine procedure when I passed an ancient cedar tree. I'd been past it a million and a half times but I suddenly felt as though I should take a seat underneath it, and rest a while. I sat down under the trees boughs, and set my rifle and daypack at my side. I sat in the silence and stillness for a while, taking in all the sounds the woods have to offer, I almost felt as though I had entered the same state of zen I had the year previously, kneeling beside a natural spring after heavy rain. All was well, the world was fine and everything would be okay. I felt wonderful. I opened my eyes and rolled my head to my right to look out into a grove of alder trees. Glancing upwards I saw a humanoid shape.

It was roughly 15 feet up in the air, and had the distinct shape of a human head, neck and shoulders but no discernible bottom, it just seemed to fade away. The only way I can describe it is similar to the Predator films, in which the titular creature uses a cloaking device. It was very, very similar to the device. At its edges it seemed reality itself was embossed in that shape. I sat and stared at it for probably about 3-5 seconds before an overwhelming feeling of dread and anxiety overtook me. I should add that I'm very tough to genuinely scare. I've been through a great many nasty situations that don't bear mentioning and suffice to say that this shook me to my very core. I was almost petrified, scared out of my mind of what would happen if I dare move. I finally mustered the strength to remove my glasses and wipe them on my shirt, and re-donning them I could see the shape was still there. The dread grew in intensity tenfold every few seconds and my naturally calm, rational mind took hold again. I began counting down in my head:


When I reached "Zero" I thrust an arm under my rucksack's shoulder strap, grabbed my rifle and sprinted home, saying a quick prayer as I ran. I haven't encountered it since, but believe me - There's more to this story.

I began asking around online about my experience, if anyone had seen anything similar. I was told time and again "Talk to Wen", "Wen's the person you should see." I contacted Wen and we talked over my experience before forming some theories. In that time I was still performing my patrols, although I made a point to avoid that area as best I could. I eventually decided that expediency dictated I visit again, and soon after I did. All was well, and it stayed that way for a few months, even getting to the point at which I'd talk aloud into the woods about my problems. I once even left a gift of food for whatever was there. But, after talking with another party (who shall remain nameless) activity picked up again. I still didn't see the shape but I certainly felt that anxiety.

Early in my patrols I found a strange, L-shaped hole as well, very near the spot. It was very cleanly made, not something an animal would scratch out of the dirt. The hole was very fresh when I first found it September third of 2016. I made sure to take photos of it. As Summer wore into Fall and Fall into Winter strange things began occurring at the hole as well. Namely, large scratches were appearing near it, about 2 feet long and perfectly straight, as though someone dug their shoe into the leaf litter on the forest floor and scraped hard as they could. I took photographs of that as well but sadly those are lost, more on that below.

I continued my patrols, making totally sure not to bother the hole too much and keeping an eye on every angle around my in a complete sphere. I made sure to start affixing my bayonet to discourage anything jumping from the bushes, or out of a tree if the rifle was slung over my shoulder. We have much to learn from mother nature, don't we?

When I returned approximately a month and a half ago for pictures of the scratches near the hole things got worse. Usually the anxiety sets in just as I would pass the cedar, but this time it hit immediately as I stood on the porch, camera in hand and ready to document my findings. It got worse and worse each step I took towards the hole, climaxing as I took my photos. I wasted no time, I got my documentation (the lost pictures) and hurried back to the house, praying again. As I closed the door a thought occurred:

"It was windy."

The hole is at the bottom of a ravine filled with large, old growth trees. It suddenly got terribly windy when I was there, if stormy days are anything to compare, I would say winds were reaching 30-40 MPH at the bottom of a ravine filled with wind-blocking trees. Temperature felt like it dropped by about 20 degrees as well. I've been back since, but not often. Each time I visit I say aloud that whatever is there does NOT have my permission to come with me back to the house, and most assuredly nowhere else I go. I've been there with a friend as well, but nothing strange happened any of those instances. I'm including pictures of anything relevant that I still have available.

(pictures can be found at the source: Phantoms and Monsters)

A Group of Invisible Beings, in Tulalip, Washington

This story is interesting because the large number of these beings, and also that they seem to hang out in the trees.

47-year-old Gerald Phair says he first saw the “invisible” beings back in September. “They are in my backyard sometimes,” the Tulalip resident told Cryptozoology News. “I watch them for hours. I think they know I am watching them and they mess with me later at night.” The commercial fisherman adds that the most remarkable sighting occurred one day while his girlfriend was taking a shower inside. “I went to the backyard to pee, my girlfriend was showering, and I caught one of them looking towards her. I spot lighted him in the face.” He says he called the police but that by the time they arrived, the unidentified creatures were gone. “I almost wound up in mental hospital. They made me question my sanity. Nobody believed me.” Phair claims that the trail cameras around his property are unable to capture the entities. “They just disappear before I can get one. They have a human shape. At first, I thought they were people in camouflage. It is really predator-looking military style,” he said about the humanoids. The Washingtonian also says that these beings are now “building fortresses” in the trees. “It’s been three months now. One day I counted over 30 of them,” he said. Tulalip, a former census-designated place in Snohomish County, is the largest community of the Tulalip tribes of Washington and has a population of 2,000.

Source: Cryptozoology News

Reflective, Invisible Mirror Man

This is not in the woods, but on a busy street. It seems that some of these beings, being (nearly) invisible are confident enough to walk in our midst.

 Basically I'm not asking you to believe me or anything, I'm just using Reddit to see if anyone else has ever seen or heard of anything like this, and can help me find out more.

This memory has haunted me for a while, but today I was strangely reminded of it. It was a few years ago, I was being driven to school, probably 15 at the time. We were just driving up a busy road when I saw a "man" walk onto the street. It looked like the silhouette of a man, but as if he was invisible, as if I could only see him because he was reflecting light and color around him. It's so strange to describe, it was as if he was made of glass or mirrors, but barely distinguishable from his surroundings, as if he was invisible, but not quite.

I remember pushing my mom to force her into turning the car because I was afraid of hitting him. She had gotten back control really quickly and we only swerved a little bit. She had lectured me about it on the way to school.

I don't know why I'm thinking about it today. I looked it up online, trying to describe what I saw best I could, but couldn't find anything relevant (just a bunch of English reflections on the book The Invisible Man, lol). Perhaps I was young and never actually saw anything, although I remember it very vividly.

Source: Reddit


Like looking Through Water

Yosemite Park, USA “When l was a young kid my family and l went to Yosemite Park. One evening after a hike l saw something moving in the trees what ever it was, it was like looking through water, but it had a shape. l tried to show my dad, but he didn't see it. I remember him telling me my eyes were playing tricks cause it was getting dark. Years later when the movie 'Predator' came out l almost jumped out of my sit. THAT IS WHAT I SAW!!!” RJR

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah

Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 512 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah that is reputed to be the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities. The following quote is from the book Hunt for the Skinwalker, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp. In June 1996 a man showed up at the ranch, telling the rancher that he had heard about the paranormal activities on the property, and he insisted that he wanted to meditate on the property:

The three of them piled into Tom’s diesel truck and headed down into the ranch. After about a mile, the stranger announced that he would like to meditate here, near a small pasture surrounded by trees. The stranger walked into the middle of the open ground, about a hundred yards from the tree line. Tom walked with him a short distance and then stood watching. He glanced back at his still grinning son who had elected to stay by the truck. Tom was about thirty yards from the stranger, who had closed his eyes and, in a faintly religious gesture, had spread both his arms out. Tom was amused. Silence reigned and the late afternoon sun cast a beautiful light on the scene, this tall blond man standing silently in the middle of the pasture with his eyes closed and his arms raised, much like the pose struck by saints and angels in religious paintings. In the distance Tom heard the sudden chime of a cowbell. He was puzzled. None of his animals had cowbells. The sound seemed to be coming from deep within the trees. There it was again, nearer this time. The stranger seemed not to have heard it. Tad made a gesture of puzzlement. Tom looked at the trees and thought he could see a faint blur. Something was moving very quickly between the trees. Tom could not make out the shape, but he knew it was big. Was that the source of the cowbell sound? He watched carefully as the shape moved like a fast blur from tree to tree. It was almost as if it was circling. Tom suddenly felt uneasy. Without warning, something broke from the tree line and moved swiftly toward the meditating man. Tom blinked. He still couldn’t see what it was even though it was broad daylight. It was blurred as if it was hidden in the middle of heat distortion, and it was covering ground at enormous speed. Gorman realized that this chimera was making a beeline for the blissful meditator, who was completely unaware of what was rapidly bearing down on him. Tom was about to yell a warning, but it was too late. The shimmering wraithlike huge “thing” had stopped just inches from the meditator as it let out a deep-throated animal roar that echoed around the ranch. The roar sounded half like a bear, half like a lion. Tom froze. The stranger leaped back about ten feet and fell down. He began screaming. As fast as it had approached, the shimmering, almost invisible “creature” departed for the tree line at top speed. Tom’s sharp eyes could make out only a blur of dancing, flickering, wavy lines, like pixilated blocks. Within seconds, the creature had vanished into the trees.

...Some time later, as Tom and Tad were watching the movie Predator, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura battle an alien life-form in a jungle in Central America, they let out a loud yell when they first saw the shimmering creature. “That’s what we saw,” they yelled in unison to the astonished family. The predator in the movie seemed to exactly encapsulate the degree of camouflage of what they had seen. Tom calculated that the thing they saw was moving at between fifty and sixty miles per hour when it broke cover from the trees.

I guess the cryptic being, probably a Bigfoot type, made his point: you are not welcome here!


Flying Transparent Being, Bridgton, Maine

This is rather unusual, something that was moving around into he air, but shows the same characteristics as the other translucent beings.

The thing I saw was not a machine. I have no idea what it was but it was close to me and flying. On a very cold winter night in '92 or '93 I stepped out to the car at about 10 pm and looked up (Bridgton, Maine). It was exceptionally clear and starry. Right away I saw movement above me. Something was moving, rapidly twisting and turning like a bird, like birds in a fight over some scrap. This thing was about 60 ft above me, looping back and forth within an area of less than 100 ft. It was about 5 ft across and it was transparent. It looked like it was made of glass, like a glass sculpture the way the stars behind it were distorted. I can't say for certain that it had wings but it moved like a bird. I got the sense that it was angry, distressed or just plain pissed-off. I would not have seen it except for the exceptionally starry night and the light from the stars behind this thing streaking/shifting/distorted. I watched it for about 3 minutes before it went out of sight behind some trees. I don't think I can properly convey how fast this thing was moving in tight twists and turns. If a person had body language like this I would say they were out-of-their-mind-angry. I've never heard of anything like this. (Phantom and Monsters)


Humanoid Shape in Alder Tree, Washington State

The following, partial account, was written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. It is an interesting account because the sighting of the translucent being happened in an area known for strange sightings/events and UFOs/lights. Here we also find the familiar arousal of fear and temperatures drops associated with strange beings. The sudden strong wind is a more rare occurrence, but is not unknown. Also interesting is the mysterious disappearance of the photo file on his computer. These entities often do not like any evidence, and will make sure it disappears or sometimes gets burned in a mysterious fire.

An interesting entity contact case surfaced in rural Western Washington State. The experiencer, whom I shall call “Ben” to keep his identity private, provided an account to Lon Strickler’s Phantoms & Monsters blog, published on March 22, 2017. This is a followup with additional information and discussion of explanations.



The property has been subject to trespassing and squatting by drug addicts, some of whom are violent, and in late July of 2016, Ben armed himself with his rifle and began making patrols through the heavy woods. In early August, he was on patrol and had the sudden urge to sit down beneath a large, ancient cedar tree. He set down his rifle and daypack and relaxed, closing his eyes. He entered into a pleasant, zen-like state, feeling that everything would be okay.

After a while, he opened his eyes and glanced to his right toward an alder tree grove, and saw a humanoid shape about 15 feet up in the air. It was not solid, but looked like rippled air, similar to the cloak of invisibility portrayed by the alien entity in the Predator films. Its head, neck, and shoulders were outlined, but the rest of it fell away into nothingness.

As he stared at this shape, an overwhelming dread seized him, penetrating to the core of his being. He was deathly afraid to move in the slightest way. At last he took off his glasses, wiped them on his shirt, and put them back on. The shape was still there.

Enlargement of shape in the trees.

Ben counted down in his mind from five to zero, and at zero grabbed his belongings and dashed for home. Nothing pursued him, or showed up at the house.

He researched for an explanation. One of his friends, a Heathen, told him he had encountered a “forest wight,” a guardian type of being. He also received suggestions that he should make an offering of food to the spirit or being.

Ben avoided the area for a while, and in September 2016 returned to the spot to take photographs. He took along an offering of food and water. A feeling of dread built up in him as he approached the site, but it was not as intense as the first time. He did not see the rippled-air shape but felt its presence. When he put out the offering, he did not have any ill or bad feeling. He talked aloud, explaining that he was trying to protect the property, and nothing was allowed to follow him back home.

Around this time, Ben found a mysterious, L-shaped hole about 75 feet from the cedar tree. It was cleanly made and did not appear to have been caused by the digging of an animal. He took photos of it.

When he returned to the area again, he found two long gashes in the earth by the hole. They were about two feet long and about as wide as man’s foot, as though someone had dug his boot heel deep into the earth and dragged it. They, too, did not appear to have been made by an animal.

Ben continued his patrols of the property, and was in states of heightened awareness whenever he was near the tree and gouged earth. A rising anxiety especially occurred every time he passed the cedar tree. He put his bayonet on his rifle to discourage anything that might jump out of the bushes. He talked aloud to reassure whatever was there that he meant no harm, and it was not to follow him home. He did so even though the being or presence seemed tied to the spot, in an area he roughly estimated was about 300 feet in circumference.

In January 2017, Ben decided to return to the site to take more photographs of the gouges and hole. This time, the anxiety hit as soon as he stood on his porch with his camera in hand. The dread increased with every step, mounting to the intensity of his first experience.

He noted the temperature as he left, and recalled that it was between 55-57 degrees F. As he got closer to the hole, the temperature steadily dropped to an estimated 42-44 degrees.

Ben wasted no time snapping his photos, feeling a great urge to clear out as quickly as possible. While he was there, a strong wind arose and whipped through the site. This was strange, because the site was at the bottom of a ravine, surrounded by wind-blocking, old-growth trees. Yet, wind that felt like 30-40 miles per hour in strength—storm wind—surged around him.

When he finished taking photographs, Ben high-tailed it home, again instructing that whatever was there did not have permission to follow him back.

The new photographs from that day were destroyed due to a mysterious file corruption. Before they were lost, Ben was able to send one to a friend in Florida. The photo showed the woods on a gray, overcast day. There were no anomalies in it, but his friend commented that just looking at it filled him with a weird feeling and an unexplained dread.

As of the end of March 2017, Ben continues to patrol the property, and plans to take additional photos. The only change that has occurred to the hole and gashes is a filling in with leaves and dirt debris. He continues to sense a presence, but has not seen the rippled-air shape since his first experience.

Ben notes that he has taken a friend to the site, but nothing unusual happened.


Transparent Creature on Top of Trees

This story happened in California, and was posted in 2014 on Your Ghost Stories. Although this one was completely transparent, it had a clear defined outline.

Early one morning between 2 am and 3 am, my dogs woke me. I let them outside and they took off running across the patio and down the slope behind my house. Normally they walk out.

At that moment, the bending and swaying of two 7' blue spruce trees 30' from me caught my attention. I could see movement and an outlined creature jumping on to the top of one tree. It didn't climb, it jumped from ground level to the top of the tree. I saw the movement and then the top of the tree bend. Then it jumped on to the next tree about 3' away. Both trees bent over with the weight. There was no wind and the tops of the trees bent and swished as if something heavy had jumped on them.

I saw the outline of a creature that was transparent, but ape or monkey like, jump from one tree to the next. I could see the tree through it but the outline of the creature was white and sharply defined. My impression was that it was around 5' or 6'. The landscape lighting gave me a clear view of the trees.

As I stared out the patio door, the top of the patio cover over my head (which is constructed of wood beams and wood) started sounding as if something heavy was on top walking. The trees were now standing straight as normal. I didn't see it leave the tree but I had the impression that there might have been two of them.

I didn't feel threatened but I definitely wanted to close and lock the door. I called the dogs, thank goodness they were already almost to the door, and closed it. My dogs usually go out early morning and have for years. This was the one and only time anything like this has happened.


Translucent Being Walking Out of Lake

"I recently heard your shows about the Glimmer Man and I was dumbfounded. Because I had an experience very similar in description to some of those encounters. This took place a couple of years ago.

My boyfriend at the time and I were out fishing on Grenada Lake in Mississippi. We were in his Ranger Bass Boat just floating along one bank when we saw a disturbance in the water. I said, "Hey, what is that over there?" I pointed to where I saw the water moving and swirling around. My boyfriend said he didn’t know, thinking it must be a catfish or carp or something.

While this was happening, it looked like a void opened up in the water. It moved funny, something like the 'Predator' when it’s camouflaged and walked out of the water confronting Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and walked onto the bank. My boyfriend screamed at me, "DID YOU SEE THAT? WHAT IS THAT THING?" I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what I was looking at. It just walked up and out of the lake and into the woods. That was it, it was gone. I turned to my boyfriend and said, "What did we just see?" He said he didn’t know, but he told me to put my stuff up, we were done fishing for the day. He pulled up the trolling motor, secured our gear and we headed to the boat ramp.

As we were slowly pulling into the marina, it's a no-wake zone. He looked at me and said, "Jennifer, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone about this." I kept my word for a while, but then he broke up with me and I told a few people. I’ve since moved on, got married, and had a daughter.

I still think about what we saw that day. I told my husband, but he thinks we had a slight heat stroke or something and that we both imagined something that wasn’t there. But I know different. I even made him listen to some of your shows regarding the Glimmer Man, so that he would understand what we saw.

Recently my ex-boyfriend found me on Instagram and sent me a private message. All it said was, "Do you remember that translucent being we both saw walk out of the lake?" I never replied, because why waste my time. But, I do think it’s interesting that he must think about it to this day too." (Phantom and Monsters)


Translucent Being in Wooded Area, Salina, Oklahoma

Janis Barker emailed me the following story:

I once had an experience when I was 4 or 5, I was with my older brother Todd, he was 9 or 10 at the time. We lived in Salina, Oklahoma. We had a house on our property that was heavily wooded, that burnt down in 1985, we lived right across the Street from a church, and a cemetery. My dad then had put a trailer house on the property that we then lived in. I remember always wanting to be with my older brother and cousins as they played outside in the wooded area. They hated me because my mom would make them take me with whenever they went out on an adventure. One day it was just Todd and I playing outside and we decided to go further in the wooded area that day, just walking around, poking things with sticks, throwing rocks and whatever else kids do as they walk around in a wooded area, I actually think I was bent over digging a little hole with a stick, when I had the strangest feeling. My brother and I just paused, looking in front of us and we could see only how I can describe now as a predator. (From the movie). An outline of a man, blurry like gasoline fumes, translucent. It then just kept moving along. I could see no feet or legs, but it was making the long dry grass move as it moved along. It stopped right in front of us. We look right into each others eyes, (Todd and I) I had the feeling of dread that people talk about, and was paralyzed for a moment. We both took off running, dropping my digging stick and I remember crying as my older brother booked it as fast as he could go, leaving me behind and I kept falling down as tried to keep up. We made it back home safely and never really talked about it again until the Predator movie came out, and finally just talked to my parents about it this year as I am now 38 yrs old. I am so curious to what we encountered. My brother still remembers too.


Chased By An Invisible Entity at an Abandoned Brookfield USAF Station in Ohio

The witness, Joseph, claims that sometime in November 2002, he and a friend decided to head to the abandoned Brookfield Air Force Station, located near Brookfield, Ohio. It had been abandoned since around 1986, after previously being a nursing home. There were about 30 empty buildings on ten acres of land, surrounded by overgrown vegetation and a barbwire fence. Police regularly patrolled the area to keep out vandals, though many of the locals, like Joseph, spent much of their youth roaming around the old base. Joseph believes he had been there more than 100 times. As an adult, Joseph still liked to go up to the area occasionally and shoot guns, hike, etc. The base was about a tenth of a mile from his home, through the woods. There was a hole cut in the fence which allowed easy access to the property. On that chilly November 2002 day, Joseph and his old friend, Tory, decided to head to the base to do some shooting (only Joseph was armed). There was light snow on the ground as they made their way through the woods, following a deer path to the wire fence. Joseph noted that it was unusually quiet that day walking in the woods; no sounds of animals, no wind, no nothing. At the time, he didn't think much of it but looking back, he believes that it was strange enough that he remembered it. After finding and crawling through the hole, they eventually they made their way onto the base, walking through knee deep grass.

As they walked towards the buildings, they began to hear beeping sounds, which they found to be odd given that the buildings hadn't had power since the late 1980s. As they got within five feet of the building, the beeps increased and became louder. They eventually made their way through an open garage bay door and this is when the beeping went crazy (think a metal detector zeroing in on metal). Tory became frightened. Joseph noticed that there were two doors leading into rooms, one of which was closed. He found this odd because every other time he had come up, the doors were open. The beeping was coming from the room with the door closed, so, despite Tory's misgivings, Joseph kicked open the door and entered. The beep slowly faded out replaced by a loud droning sound. He noticed a device sitting on the floor, about 3 feet away. Initially, he thought it was a pipe bomb. He thought he was going to die. It looked an air compressor with wires on its left side going into a rectangular black box with a cylinder attached to it. “I have no idea what it was?” Joseph recalled. He wondered if the police or maybe the Marines (who occasionally trained on the base) had put it there. Tory was frightened and insisted that they leave. Joseph also shared that feeling. They decided to head back to the fence and get out of there. As they made their way through the tall grass, things got very quiet. They both stopped, sensing that they were being watched. All of a sudden, they could hear footsteps coming through the overgrown brush. That is when they noticed, across the field, that snow was bouncing up and the grass/bushes were parting, as if something was going through the grass, something they couldn't see. “It was the weirdest thing,” Joseph said. The Invisible Entity Joseph could see the outline of what appeared to be a human, but it was transparent. He could see through it. He could see the brush on the other side of it, but it was distorted, “like an optical illusion.” Both men became frightened and headed for the fence. Joseph and Tory both kept an eye on it as they moved. They noted that there were clear indentations in the snow and the brush and snow were moving as if somebody was trudging through the grass, but they couldn't see anything beyond an outline. Even stranger, Joseph claimed that it seemed to completely vanish occasionally and then come back. It trailed them but never got more than 30 feet away from them except when they neared the fence. At some point Joseph stopped and raised his rifle at the thing. This seemed to anger the entity. There was some brush that stood about 15 feet high and it separated “like somebody drove a truck through it.” It was coming hard. Snow was flying, brush was flying. Joseph aimed at it but, for the first time ever as a hunter, he felt a real sense of dread, like he should not shoot at it. His friend Tory also urged him not to shoot, as it would only make it worse. They eventually found the hole and by this time, it was full sprinting at them. The two men rushed through and into the woods, keeping their eyes on the semi-invisible entity. Joseph noticed that it had stopped at the fence. “It was almost as if it wasn't allowed to leave. Then it was gone, like it evaporated.” Three weeks later, Joseph returned with another friend and they spent hours searching through every abandoned building and never found the beeping device, nor did they ever encounter the entity again. Looking back, Joseph senses that the thing he encountered was “something evil” and that it meant to do them harm. He likened his sighting to the alien in the “Predator” films, but noted that, while similar, it wasn't the same.

In the comment section of the video is a post from a person named Ian Billen, which seemed to back up some of Joseph's claims:

"Excellent to hear because I'm very familiar with the Radar Base in Brookfield, Ohio. My Grandmother lived in the woods right behind it (Stewart Road). As kids we would journey there from time to time through the woods on a special secret hike. We would get in through a hole in the fence in the woods. In a word: Eerie. I am familiar with the beep and the garage! My cousin Jon and I heard the beep, but we never knew where it would come from (the beeps did not speed up... just loud beeps / spaced a few seconds apart coming from somewhere?).There was definitely something going on there. After it had closed as a nursing home, there was still mail being delivered (and collected regularly). Fire hydrants were still being kept up to date. Telephones were still on (and ringing). Dogs were kept in select areas inside locked abandoned buildings. This was many years after it had closed and not a soul was around, however, you ALWAYS felt as if you were being watched. At times the police would show up and, being as we were kids, we would take off (how would they know we were there?). There was definitely something governmental / UFO always surrounding this place well before the famous UFO incident (See: 1994 - The Trumbull County, Ohio, UFO Incident) and at times ghost-like things occurred that is too long to type here? We would hear sudden, loud unexplained things / bangs noises right within our vicinity that we could not determine if it was a person on the next floor (who should not be there and that we didn't see) or the grounds that were haunted. We would also hear things in buildings etc. (and this place is place in the middle of no where, no houses or people in site and it is fenced off way back off of Route 7). The UFO incident simply sealed the deal for us. Awesome to hear this because the few folks who lived right around the area always suspected SOMETHING just HAD to be up with the radar base."

 Source: UFO CHRONICLES PODCAST, Ep.36 'Chased By An Invisible Entity' - Published on January 27, 2020

In Desert near Military Base

I think my account deserves a little back story. I was stationed at Edwards AFB in 2018. Also in the southwest U.S. I was awaiting retraining for a new AFSC and I was technically "jobless." I didn't have to report to duty and I only had to show up and show my face at the squadron at 8 am and go home for accountability. I got into this really weird cycle of sleeping in two 4-hour sessions per day. I would sleep from 11pm-3pm and 8pm-12am. When I would wake up at 12 am I would walk over to the base gym from my dorm and have a heavy work out session and then walk back to my dorm through a little patch of desert with trails going in a ton of directions to the dorm buildings. One particular morning, as I was leaving the gym at about 1 or 2 am, I got through the desert patch and into the street facing my dorm building, I saw a glimmer to the left of me about 100 yards away. It looked like the a light from the auto hobby shop shimmered, but I tried focusing on it as I stopped in the street. Then I saw this humongous translucent creature running under the street light, cross the road and into the empty abyss of the desert behind the gym. I don't think I've ever ran in fear like that in my life. The next day I tried recreating the situation after talking my roommates ears off about it. We went to the location and I stood where I was and my buddy recreated the creature. He is super quick and runs a 9-minute mile and a half. He was running as fast as he could across the road at the same speed the creature was moving at. He was winded when he ran the distance but he moved at the same speed this thing did. I've never heard of the glimmerman until looking stuff up that night on the internet about it. Source


Translucent Being in Tree at Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

In the following account we find features often mentioned with strange unexplained happenings in the woods: the hearing of a woman's voice (sometimes from children) calling for help, getting lost on familiar trails, dizziness and feeling strange pointing to a change in the state of mind.


This happened on Thursday. Been looking for a place to ask questions and share this experience. Idk if this sub is the right place, feel free to pass my story along if you know somewhere better.

This is where we were 34°12'43"N 116°55'49"W - this is about how far off the trail we ventured I estimate, not very far as you can see.

OK, I totally understand if no one believes this, because we are still unsure of what the fuck happened, but we sat down, and came to a consensus on the events, and all agreed we witnessed the same thing. Me and three buddies were hiking thur/fri in SBNF. Various trails, mostly the known ones, and mostly during the day.

Friday, we were making our way to Clark's Summit. As we were walking, one by one we noticed that we were veering off the trail. I asked my friend in front of me why he was going off the trail, and he asked our friend who was in front of him the same thing. The friend in front told us "I can hear a woman talking, you guys don't hear that?" (we didn't hear anything). We tried to convince her to leave it be, because it was already kind of dark, and we were close to where we wanted to set up camp on the trail. The friend in front is female, and insisted that what she heard sounded like a female calling for help, and that she sounded "really close" so I think she felt inclined to investigate a possible female in distress, while we were totally okay with going about our business.

Okay, I get a bit spooked now because she's absolutely serious, and we absolutely could not hear whatever she was hearing. Here's where it got weird. We only ventured off the trail about 300-400m, yet at one point, we were completely lost. We don't have any fancy gear or GPS stuff because we've never needed it, but we've been on this trail enough to know we hadn't gone far, yet we couldn't find the trail in any direction after waking for about 15-20 mins. I started to feel weird, kinda dizzy/lightheaded, and when I mentioned this the other two said they felt weird as well.

It was like something had changed the environment around us, or moved us somehow to another location. I had no idea which way to go and now it was fully dark. My female friend said the woman's voice had said "I'm over here", and "Please help me". She said it sounded like she was hurt/crying. So here we are, somehow lost, after only walking for about 20 mins off a large trail because my friend is hearing voices. We decided to stop walking in any direction, because the last thing you want to do at night is get even more lost. We had 2 tents, and sleeping bags in our packs, so we found a clearing and set up. We figured once the sun was out, we'd easily find our way back to the trail.

Before we could even lay down to rest, I noticed a tree near us was moving as if something was climbing it. It was really dark, and I wear glasses so I really struggled to see, so I called them over to see. I thought it was an animal at first... But it wasn't an animal, it wasn't anything! I could see the "outline" of what roughly looked like a human shape, but it was transparent, like completely see-through. The best way I can describe it, is the way heatwaves look on the pavement in the summer, you know, that wavy/liquid effect. They saw it too, my male buddy said "what the fuck are we looking at" when he finally spotted it. They all said the same thing, it was transparent, but still visible due to the foliage around it being displaced and moving as it moved.

We all just stood stone still whispering theories back and forth as to what we thought we were seeing. I thought maybe it was some kind of optical illusion, but they both immediately jumped to aliens of course. The thing just sat there, perched on a large branch about 50ft up. It's like it was watching us watch it. The other oddity is that after staring at this thing for about 10 minutes, we noticed all the normal forest sounds we heard prior had stopped COMPLETELY. I mean the only noise was us talking, and the leaves under our feet. The hairs on my neck stood up, and I had goosebumps all over when I realized this, like something was truly wrong.

After about 10 minutes of us standing there, whatever this thing was started to climb up the tree even more, until we could no longer see it all. We approached the base of the tree slowly, and walked around in a circle with our necks craned up trying to see this thing. It was too dark, and the trees were too close for us to see the top. We didn't hear it jump to another tree, so we assumed it was still up there. We were all too spooked obviously to camp right underneath whatever this was, so we gathered our shit and started walking towards the moon. I shit you not, after about 5 minutes of walking, we were back on the trail! I literally dropped my bag and said what the fuck out loud. We all stood there confused, looking around trying to confirm what we were seeing.

My buddy likes to joke, and said maybe we walked through some hallucinogenic spores, and had imagined all of that. I highly doubt that, but whatever happened, it seemed kind of, I guess predatory. Like it seems like something was luring us, or trying to confuse us. My friend still thinks we were fucking with her about not hearing the woman she claimed to hear. Was it that thing we saw imitating a woman? How did we get lost so close to the trail? This was easily the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in the wilderness. We still don't have a good theory as to what we saw. It may not have been an alien, but whatever it was, it was humanoid, and was 100% transparent...somehow, and able to climb a really large tree with ease, without making much noise. I would love to hear any theories about what this may have been. Has anyone else seen anything like this in the woods??

Edit: I feel I should mention, no drugs were consumed. (Reddit)


Changing in Shape with Not So Good Intentions

An interesting story of a translucent being that can change it shape and size, showing it is not quite physical. Also that associating with such a being can be disastrous, and might even be connected with mysterious 411 missing cases.

"I want to tell you about a series of events that have happened to me, starting in 2012 and could still currently be happening. My story is what I have recently found out could be called the 'glimmer man.' I had never heard of anyone else seeing anything like I’ve experienced before and I have also never seen the movie 'Predator' (I know, lame, but I just never have). My close friend Nick is obsessed with all things supernatural and I am obsessed with true crime, so he suggested I watch 'The Missing 411: The Hunted.' I did (loved it) and by the end I was pretty disturbed because I had never before heard of anyone seeing something that was essentially a translucent figure before like I had. It really took me back because for YEARS I have thought that either I had a psychotic break, or that I’m a medium and can see ghosts. It never occurred to me that it could be something paranormal or anything like that.

I told my friend Nick that I had seen a translucent being before but that's all the detail I could admit to him. He told me I had probably seen what's called the 'glimmer man' and sent me a podcast so I could have my sanity validated. I have never told a single soul these stories. I have tried to block it out of my mind because I realized after the fact that it could be something sinister, and if it wasn’t, then I couldn’t tell anyone because I was sure they would think I was insane. This has really freaked me out for a lot of years now, I vowed I would never tell anyone, but after listening to the other stories, I really think I need to. I refer to this thing as a 'mass' because that’s the best way I could describe it.

Physically it was translucent and had no discernable edges, however I could tell it was made of something. If you took light, got it to refract through a prism and took a picture of it. The cut that picture into ¼ inch squares and faced them every single direction you can, all at random, that’s what it looked like. I could see the blue, green and red bouncing back to my eyes but it all moved like static so I couldn’t hook on to a single section or color for long. This description is the same for every time I’ve seen it. The shape and size are the only thing that changed, and it was by no means smooth. Usually the upper half would be sort of distended but in a very rough almost rocky cliff like shape.

One last thing before I start, two months before the first incident, my roommate Kylie made a suicide attempt that lead to her accidentally drowning in the Boise River. It was not actually her intention but very long story short, she passed away. I say this because I thought that this 'glimmer man' was her coming back as a ghost at the time. I thought she had come back to talk to me. I wanted in my mind to believe it was her. I say that to explain why I did not panic when I saw the 'thing' on the first incident. I cannot explain why I was so calm on the second.

So here it goes: October 2012 - I had moved to Portland, Oregon from Boise, Idaho in the wake of my roommate’s death. I was in my room alone at about 11 pm. My room has a sliding glass door that connects straight to the backyard. I looked over towards the door in the corner of the room and I see a strange mass that was about 4 ft tall and 3 ft wide. I would estimate the depth to be 3 ft as well, and was completely translucent. I blinked because I had assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but it was still there. I felt very calm. The figure was very obviously focused on me, it didn’t have eyes but it’s almost as if the top part of it was leaned in a little closer than the rest and if I moved around the room, it would turn in my direction. Immediately I think 'this is a ghost, it needs to tell me something.' So I reached out my hand and the 'mass' came towards me and lifted my hand, very gently and weakly, but I did not have to use the regular amount of muscle it takes to lift my own arm. It was clearly lifting my arm for me. I would describe the feeling as if you took two opposite magnets and tried to force them together, not the strength of it, but just like an invisible force that you can physically feel pushing you. It was completely even pressure where it would touch me, and it could move my hand and arm if I had it relaxed.

I held out my arm and asked it to tell me who it was. The mass pushed on my arm to the left and led me through my room to group of magazine posters on the wall. It lifted my hand up to the posters and put my hand over a picture of a band I had liked. This is a band Kylie loved as well, so I said 'move my hand up if yes and side to side if no, but are you Kylie?' The mass moved my hand up. I got very emotional, cried immediately, but I held it together because I wanted to talk to her. I went and got a blank notebook and a pen and asked the mass to write to me what it wants to say while I held the pen. The mass would move my hand while I had it on the paper, but none of the drawings made any sense, so I asked it to move the pen instead. I was BARELY holding on the pen, I just had it between my fingers to keep it upright. The mass started to move the pen across the page. I realized that I couldn’t be imagining things because I could literally see the pen moving by itself, even though I was still holding the bottom of it slightly.

This went on for probably two hours. I tried and tried to get this thing write something legible, but nothing looked like any type of letter, it was all just strange designs and shapes. I believe I still have this journal in my parent’s storage area in Idaho. I plan on finding it and sending pictures of it once I leave Alaska this fall.

This is where things get really nuts. What I am going to say next is why I have never told anyone any part of this story before. If someone told me this, I would never think they were sane. My new roommate Alexa came into my room to ask me who I was talking to. All of the sudden the mass got very tiny, like the size of a mouse, and it sat in my hand. I told her I think Kylie is here talking to me and to watch this. I say ‘please move the pen for me’, the pen and my hand start to move across the paper and Alexa freaked out. She said this is insane and she doesn’t know what’s happening, but she said I need to stay away from her for the night. I was honestly too preoccupied to care about her reaction and we didn’t get along well anyways so I just let her go.

She goes to bed and the mass gets really big, skinnier than before but probably 2 ft taller than the start. It starts pushing my hand left and leads me to the door, out to my living room and to my front door. I said no I’m not going and walked back to my room, but it just keeps putting this pressure on my hand to get me to go out in the living room again. I oblige because at this point, I am convinced that this is like the lost soul of my close friend and nothing she could do would be dangerous. I go outside and it leads me to my car. I must have gone back in for my keys and coat because I remember wearing a coat, but I don’t remember exactly how I got it or my keys. At this point I’m in the car and I tell the mass 'move my hand left or right for turns, up to stop and down for forward.' The mass leads me out of my neighborhood and down at least a full mile to an area that is sort of industrial but also like an abandoned park. I don’t know how to describe it totally and this is the only time I’ve ever been to this location. There were several big trees surrounding this place. It was like an open sort of park behind an industrial building so there were no lights and there were several random pieces of abandoned scrap metal, just assorted random things everywhere. I got out and it was very clear that the mass was putting pressure on me to go forward. I’m going wherever it’s telling me to go.

We get to this 6 ft tall and 10 ft wide (ish) metal structure that has a little ladder on the side. It wants me to go up the ladder, so I climbed it. Then it’s jolting my hand forward, but forward is the ground below. It wants me to jump off the structure, which I did one time because it wasn’t too high and I sat down before I jumped to lessen the impact. Then the mass puts pressure on my hand side to side, which we had agreed was no, leads me back to the ladder and signals up like it wants me to climb. At this point, I’m realizing that I don’t think this is my dead friend anymore. I’m thinking something is tricking me, but I also didn’t want to completely give up in case it was her. I climb up one more time and stood at the top, the mass signaled me to jump, but I told it no. I said it’s not fair because I’m alive and this could hurt me, so if 'you' have something to tell me, you need to find another way.

I climb down from the ledge and the mass tried twice more to lead me back to the metal structure. I just couldn’t be there anymore alone in the dark in a weird part of Portland. I didn’t want to be arrested or killed, so I said enough, I’m going home. The mass tried to control my hand the entire ride home, even getting out of my car and walking up to my house. But keep in mind, the pressure is not that strong, so I was easily able to ignore it. I walked straight to my room and I kept feeling the pressure on my arm trying to get me to go outside. At this time, and for the whole time we were on our ‘outing,' the mass was about the size of a basketball. I tried one last time to communicate with the mass via pen and journal, but I still couldn’t get anything legible, so I decided to tell it that it’s time to go. I walked out back and told the mass 'it’s time to go, if you are Kylie then I hope you go to heaven now but I can’t do anything further, so you need to leave.' The mass went about 10-15 ft in the air and hovered. It was big at this point, at least 7 ft, and then I walked back inside and closed the sliding glass door. I was hoping it was gone but I saw the mass a few more times out of the corner of my eye. I chose to ignore it and just kept repeating 'you need to go away, I can’t do anything for you I’m sorry,' and eventually it was gone. I didn’t see it again for a long time. I never talked about it and my roommate never brought it. I had decided I must have a strange ability to talk to ghosts but I obviously cannot tell the good from the bad. So I knew that I couldn’t communicate with them if I ever saw them, for my own safety.

About 6 months goes by, I moved into a new house in Portland with my brother and close friend. I drove down to Southern California for the Coachella Music Festival in April 2013. A friend and I drove down for the weekend and then had to drive all the way back up the I-5 back to Oregon, but he had to drive because I dropped my driver’s license on the first day of Coachella so I had no ID. As soon as we crossed over the Oregon border, we stopped in a town (I believe Ashland) with a DMV so I could get a replacement temporary ID and share the driving. I had to fix my makeup before I went to get my picture taken and all that, so we stopped into a grocery store to use the bathroom. I believe it was a Safeway. As soon as I got into the bathroom, I saw it, a vibrating translucent static mass just standing in the corner very ominously. I looked straight at it and assumed it was a ghost and I thought it was probably lost if it’s just sitting here in this bathroom. I can’t explain why I did this. I’m not actually a brave person whatsoever, but at the time I just felt overwhelmingly calm. I can’t express to you how unlike myself that is for me to do.

I proceeded to fix all of my makeup in the mirror, then I turned around and looked at the mass that was still very obviously there and I said 'you look lost. You can come with me if you want.' My thought process at the time was that maybe I’ll get another chance to help some lost soul or something. I had blocked out most of my first experience and wasn’t immediately remembering how terrifying it was. I did not touch the mass this time, but I could feel it following me in the same way you can feel something watching you. I walked out of the store and to the car where my car buddy was. He never mentioned anything about the mass being in the car, which could be because he slept almost the whole rest of the way, but I could see it in the rear view mirror from time to time. This mass never changed size or shape, it was always about 4 ft tall and 2-3 ft wide, sort of rectangular but very rounded.

As we drove, I started to remember how bad of an idea this could be and realized I didn’t want to do it anymore and that I didn’t have anything left to say to the 'mass.' When we got back to Portland, the mass followed me inside my house and stayed in my room for the next two days. I ignored it almost the whole time and I started to feel guilty about that because I had told it to come with me initially. The night before the last time I saw it, I told it 'I’m sorry, I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t think I can help you, you should leave so you can find someone who can.' The mass stayed in the corner all night and then the next day it was gone forever.

Since that time, there has been multiple occasions where I have seen something like the mass out of the corner of my eye, but I have always avoided looking directly at it. After a few years of avoiding looking, I completely stopped seeing them. I live in Seward, Alaska now with my boyfriend. We have a house in the forest on 5 acres with a lot of tall trees. He watched 'The Hunted' with me and afterwards I told him 'this really freaks me out because I have seen that before' referring to the saran wrap-like thing the woman in the movie had described. He told me immediately 'That’s what I’ve been seeing looking in our windows.' He told me he has seen these things multiple times and multiple at a time. He is a hunter and he will see them almost every time he goes on hunts alone but almost exclusively out of the corner of his eye, very rarely can he get a full front view of them. He says they’re following alongside him, and they don’t have any trouble getting over obstacles like trees or rocks. He knows about Bigfoot and Skinwalker Ranch, but that is literally the extent of anything he knows about this sort of thing. I know he could not have made this up and he said it to me before I told him any details from my experiences. Even now, he knows far less than what I’ve written here. It worries me that maybe the reason he sees them is because of me. He said it’s only been in the last two years that it has happened and that’s how long we’ve been together. Evidently his sightings have been increasing lately which is why I feel like I can’t waste any time in getting this information out to you.

One last thing, my boyfriend has seen these so many times at our house in Seward, Alaska and we live 4 miles from a location where Michael LeMaitre vanished on Mount Marathon in 2012 during the annual 4th of July race up the mountain. Our town swells to over 10,000 people during this race so there were plenty of people to search or to have seen something but no trace of him was ever found after numerous searches of the area. The animals all leave the area because of all the tourists and there was no evidence of an attack, and this mountain is so close to downtown it’s impossible he could have been lost. Makes me wonder if there is a connection." (source)


Predator Being Causes Car Crash

"This is a description of the being I saw in Burlington, Kansas that looked like a cloaked 'Predator' from the film series. I had a bird's eye view from an apartment balcony overlooking a smooth bend to the left in the road that passes by the river dam in town. The car made the slight jog to the left easily but swerved abruptly to the right like he was trying to avoid hitting something in the road to the left. He went into the ditch and got out very cautiously and seemed to be looking in the direction of what I first thought was a giant swarm of gnats or maybe dust off to the left of the road, just inches in the grass about 25 feet from his car. He then got out his phone and proceeded to take a couple of photos of this thing. He definitely looked freaked out and ran back into his car, which I assumed to call a friend. A truck showed up about five minutes later to pull him out. This mass was still standing upright and seemed to be looking at all that was going on but stayed motionless. It seemed to be facing the opposite way from my vantage point towards the car and truck, although you couldn't see the actual detail of this thing. You could definitely see it had an upright human stance. The car headlights didn't pass all the way through it but almost bent around it. The light was still passing through it but not in a straight line. I could see through it like foggy glass or glass with a slight smoke to it. There was no shadow visible on the ground around the figure. After the car and truck sped away, it simply vanished." (YouTube video Predator In The Headlights, starts at 26:19)


Translucent Being Following Kids

I was 13 years old in Lake Orion, Michigan, visiting my mom's friends and their kids for the fourth of July weekend. I and a friend and their kids were roaming around the city area late at night. We ended up walking down some residential roads, it was really quiet and dead out, probably around 2 am, with no cars driving around. Just that really calm peaceful time at night when hooligans can run wild. Some of the kids wanted to ding-dong-ditch some houses, and I was kind of a straight-edged kid, so I went along with it even though it made me nervous. We had ding-dong-ditched probably 5 houses at that point, and the kids started pressuring me to do it. That it was my turn, don't be such a p*ssy type of stuff. So, they directed me to ring the doorbell of the house we were standing in front of. It was a smaller white house, square-shaped, with some metal fencing around the back for the owner's dogs. I walked up and there was no doorbell, so I walked back. They told me to "just knock then!" So, as someone who didn't want to kill the fun, I went back and knocked to find they had already taken off running. I ran after them, and I don't know if I believe what they were saying, but even my friend said they saw it. Apparently, there was a face in the window the first time I went up, and the house is notoriously haunted. I was a little spooked, and out of breath, we must have run half a mile. I looked behind me to see if there was anything scary following us and I saw this figure that I have always described as looking made out of water. A humanoid figure is translucent, which makes the background behind them wavy and has a defined outline. I figured my mind was playing tricks on me and just kept walking joking around with the others, looking back every so often. It was following us, and I could see it under the streetlamps occasionally. The leader kid, that wanted to ding-dong-ditch houses, looked to see what I was looking at and exclaimed to his friend, "Do you see that?" and took off running. My friend looked back and took off running, and I was again left running after them. We ran all the way back to his house, probably three miles. No sign of it behind us anymore, but I have never been so shaken or scared in my entire life. I was inconsolable. I was scared for a while. I would see it again and find out it had been following me the entire time. It's been over 10 years now, and I've never seen anything like that again, and I've never been able to find anything like it searching for hours on the internet, until recently. (source)


Invisible Being Runs Away in Forest in Port Mellon, BC, Canada

I have encountered an entity which has some similarity to the "Flash." One problem is that we don't have names for these things. I was camping alone in the mountains as I used to do, for 4 weeks every Summer. I would spend a week here and a week there, just living and enjoying the freedom from the noise of civilization. Every Summer in early September, when the wild blueberries were ripe, I liked to camp in a spooky place where a friend had seen a Sasquatch years before. One can search Google Earth for "Port Mellon BC." Look up in the mountains, behind Port Mellon for the boundary of the Tetrahedron Park. That is where this site is located. One morning, I walked up the steep hill away from my camper truck. I spent a few hours walking through the old growth rain forest, eating blueberries and listening. The morning fog cleared as I explored a ridge and the steep decline on the other side. On my return route, I had to walk down a steep rocky slope at the bottom of which I could see my truck. I negotiated this slope slowly using my walking stick and placing each step carefully. I mention this detail because my mental focus was down on my feet for the period of time that preceded my encounter with the entity. Finally, I stepped down off the last rock onto the flat ground near the front bumper of my truck. Looking around, I saw some bushes rattling, shaking. I thought there must be a squirrel there in the low vegetation just a few feet away. I stepped forward and poked at the vibrating bushes with my stout walking stick. The circle of rattling bushes suddenly expanded out to a few feet in diameter. This was abnormal as hell. I jumped back at the sudden increase in noise and motion. What happened next is difficult to describe because it was truly 'paranormal.' It looked like a tall bipedal and invisible creature went running away from me. It ran at high speed up a steep slope. It was invisible but I could see its motion by the way it disturbed the vegetation. It made a hole in the forest as it ran. I repeat: It made a hole in the forest as it ran away from me up a steep hillside. I watched, looking into the hole, trying to see the creature that was making the hole. There was nothing to be seen in the hole. This was so flippin' strange that I never tried to tell anybody for years after. (source)


Translucent Being Watching a Drumming Circle in North Dakota

I'm writing you from North Dakota and I was intrigued when I saw the term "glimmer man" on your website. I had a similar encounter two summers ago in the area called Kimball Bottoms or as the locals call it "The Desert." Anyway I was down there at a drum circle they were having and I don't know if it was the drumming that attracted this thing or what. I was facing the water and banks of the Missouri River and it still being light outside (around 7pm in the summer) I could see everything clearly. I thought I saw a heat signature on the opposite bank, like heat rising off a hot parking lot in the summer). This stood out to me as I had been staring in that area. Anyway, zoning out as I went into an almost trance like state due to the drumming, I started seeing this thing move. I stopped drumming and walked over to the edge of the bank. The more I watched the more I realized that this heat signature looked like it had arms and legs and was like swaying to the drumming still going on behind me. My friend came up and asked what I was looking at and as I pointed it out to her other people from the circle started to notice that we were pointing and staring at something across the river. More people stopped drumming and joined us on the bank. Some could see what we were seeing and others couldn't. Eventually nobody was drumming anymore and this "glimmer man" had stopped swaying and was watching us watch him. More than one person had mentioned that it looked like the invisible (yet visible) alien from the movie "Predator." It was after maybe three minutes of watching this "invisible being" (and yes many people tried taking pictures and video of it) only to not see anything when reviewing the images on their phones. Not surprising when you are trying to photograph a nearly invisible heat signature looking thing). At one point we could see as this thing moved back into the tall reeds and were surprised as the reeds parted. Those who didn't see the being couldn't help but see the reeds part as it moved away. A few of us sat there for a good hour waiting to see if this invisible being came back, but we didn't see anything. However many people freaked themselves out by talking about "where this entity could be?" Was it lurking in the water, walking along the shore, hiding in the trees, etc? I have to agree they all had viable points. It was a very surreal encounter and only deepened my beliefs on things existing in the folds of what we call reality. (Source)


Translucent Being at Train Stop in Downtown Portland, Oregon

I had an encounter with something like this myself once and oddly enough it wasn't in the woods but rather while waiting for a late night commuter train in downtown Portland Oregon. I was on my way home to enter Southeast Portland from downtown after having attended an event at Powell City books It was late getting close to midnight if I recall correctly and I was waiting for the orange line of Portland's Max commuter train service. I was the only one at this particular stop and had about 20 minutes to kill. Prior to the arrival of my train I'd grown tired of sitting and was instead pacing up and down the block by the train stop, peering into all the dark and shop windows. On one particular pass though, something odd caught my eye at the corner between a signpost and a city trash can. I noticed what I could only describe as a strange shimmering in the air. It was roughly the size and shape of a smallest human figure and while see-through, the shape itself looked sort of like the wavy lines of heat one can see coming from pavement in hot weather. I was taken aback and rather startled. I watched the shimmering figure from about five six yards away. Suddenly as if it had noticed that I was observing it, the figure seemed to crouch down and then other than the shimmering remained motionless at this point. I became hyper aware that something unexplained was happening. I felt the hair on my neck and arms stand up. I sensed an immediate need to leave the area, a sort of a fight or flight syndrome. I felt that if I fled too quickly. The entity might give chase. With as much reserve as I could muster I dabbled around a bit, feigned impatience and then slowly began to amble away. I had to pass directly in front of the area where whatever it had crouched, but at least I had the trash can between it and myself. As I stood on the corner waiting for the crossing light to change, I suddenly and very intentionally bolted out into the street against the light and directly into the path of an oncoming car. The driver had to hit the brakes and this gave me the desired result. I broke into a run as if getting out of the car's way and continued at the best, pacing on up the street several blocks to the next train stop. When I arrived at that stop, thankfully there were a couple of other people waiting. I stayed underneath the street light continuously watching the area from which I'd fled from until my train pulled in. I boarded the train and made it home without further incident. To this day I have no idea what or who I observed or what might have happened, had I not noticed the figure. Understandably, I don't take the late night Orange Line home anymore. (YouTube)


In the Hills in Dumbartonshire, Scotland

When I was about 25 I was camping with 2 of my buds, we where a little way into a large patch of pine trees, which grew close to a reservoir of water, called the Jaw reservoir, it’s located in the hills in Dumbartonshire in Scotland. The day was bright, sunny, warm and beautiful. I think we had only been there a few hours setting up camp, getting a fire ready and such. We had entered the woods from the shore line through a sort of archway tunnel in the tree branches, we had to duck a little, but it allowed for a path to a clearing, where we set up. I had decided to go collect some water to boil from a stream near the shore line. As I walked out I suddenly stopped dead about 3 metres from the archway, I didn’t know why at first, I’d best describe it as a feeling like I was going to trip over something, like my instincts had stopped me so I wouldn’t fall over or something like that .So I stood for a second trying to figure out why. I glanced around in front of me, the ground was clear there was nothing except the sunlight shining through tree branches, I was just about to take a step towards the arched branches when I caught sight of it. The entrance to the archway had a slight shimmer around the entrance, it was like the inner line of the arch was catching the sun, but the way the light reflected was more like water. I noticed a small branch which seemed to bend at a curious angle, I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, I could see a shape it was 3 dimensional like a 5 ft blob, rounded on top tapering down at the sides. it was invisible except for the light which reflected off of it, like it distorted things around the edge of its form! My jaw dropped, my head tilted to the side in confusion, that’s when the thing realised I saw it. I swear to God it ducked, like it was surprised, it turned to the left and ran into the brush. I could see it pass by the the light which shined through the leaves and branches, the brush shook as it passed through, and then it seemed to fade away. (Reddit)


Observed by Hunter From a Tree Stand in Georgia

In the early 1980s, I lived in a small town near the southwest part of the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia. I was hunting on public land in the National Forest just up the road from home in an area known as Cooper's Creek. I've hunted in and around that area for years and was very familiar with the terrain. When I located a good spot that I thought would give me a good chance at a large buck I set up my lock-on tree stand about 12 feet off the ground. I was hunting with a 12-gauge shotgun since rifle hunting is not allowed in this area. So, fast forward to early November. I had been hunting in my tree stand several times. This particular hunt was during the late afternoon around 4:15 pm. I wanted to get there earlier but I was held up at work. This was a Friday afternoon and my wife knew that I would not be home until 8:30 pm and even later if I had bagged a deer. I parked my truck at the trail-head and started hiking into the woods to my tree stand. The walk would take about 20 minutes. Moving slowly through the woods since I didn't want to spook any of the wildlife. As I was walking I noticed how quiet it was. Eerily quiet. I finally arrived, climbed up, and settled in. I began to survey my surroundings. I began to have a disconcerting feeling like somebody was watching me. I just felt like something was out of place. After a while, I kept looking at my watch wondering how much time I had left until dusk. I thought that I should leave early because of how I was feeling. Then, I caught movement to my right side. I slowly turned my head and began looking through the tree canopy. That's when I saw 'IT.' I honestly don't know what 'IT' was. I was staring into the trees and I saw what looked like a large human body, but it was completely blurred. It was moving through the trees. I could clearly see the outline of the figure but the rest was all blurry. I couldn't focus on it. It resembled an out-of-focus blob of gelatin that was in the shape of a human. Whenever it would stop moving I completely lost sight of it as it blended into its surroundings. I continued to watch it stop and then start moving. I do so for about 15 minutes. By that time, I was starting to become scared as I was thinking about my walk back to the truck. So I waited for another 15 minutes or so. It was getting dark by then, so I slowly climbed out of my stand. Once I hit the solid ground I wasted no time. I sprinted all the way back to my truck. I quickly jumped into the cab. I just sat there in my truck and tried to regain my breath. I drove home and said nothing to my wife or anybody else for several weeks. During that time I tried to convince myself that I had imagined the whole thing. I eventually told my wife one night. She listened and said that it was probably my imagination. I later told my brother who said something similar to my wife. I never told anyone else. I never hunted in those woods again. I didn't even go back for the tree stand. I took a break from hunting for about 5 years. I then started up again but never in that area. I still wonder what I saw that day. I have no rational explanation. Years later, I think in 1988, the movie 'Predator' was released. When I saw the cloaked alien on the screen, I immediately tensed up in fear. That is what I saw! I was shocked! Did I encounter an alien? I still wonder what it was that I saw that day. I no longer hunt or spend much time in the woods. (Source)


Two Boys See Transparent Being in the Trees

This was a long time ago, I was a teenager. My parent were not strict, so I had a lot of freedom. I had 2 friends and they had there own friends as well and one of my friend's parents own a huge part of this forest. We (my friends and there friends) went deep into the woods with a bunch of supplies and started making our own tree house and forts. This was a big part of my childhood building stuff with my friends, and this place became our sanctuary for a long time where we'd spend a lot of our time away from adults. This event happened years after we built the place initially and also after we rebuilt it because it got destroyed one time, but that's another interesting story for a different time. This is a backstory for the events I'm about to recall. Me and my one friend spent the night at our sanctuary we built, which none of us have ever done before, we only hung out there then went home. We all planned to spend the night together because it would be fun. Most of our friends weren't allowed to spend the night there though because of there parents and the other that was allowed chickened out because he was afraid. So it was just me and one other person, my close friend's cousin which we weren't close at the time and we fought a lot. But surprisingly, we got along well that night. We spent most of the day swinging from trees, climbing them and hanging out on this tire rope swing while talking. It was a normal day, then we laid down for some rest at around 9pm. About 10 mins after laying down bed in our sleeping bag talking to each other under our makeshift tents we heard ruffling. I sat up and saw a very tall silhouette of something that looked to be humanish that was transparent, I could see right through it. I squinted and froze and it VERY quickly climbed up this tall tree. When I looked at it, it disappearing. I was in complete disbelief and shock, I had no idea if I saw what I just saw or if I hallucinated it. I wasn't scared in this moment, actually perplexed. Being young and worried though I said to my friend we should leave, and not wanting it to hear me, I got close to his ear and just said "there's something in the woods looking at us" after I said that I saw his facial expression turn into fear so we got up and started walking down the path out of the woods calmly. I didn't want to sprint cause it might chase and also I wasn't even sure I saw anything. I'm just not taking a chances. We both very shortly, after we started leaving, got this weird feeling of deja vu and confusion, like we were hit with hard drugs or something except we don't do drugs and only ate food from our house, no hallucinogenic plants in our part of the country, nothing. Everything was so slow and I felt disoriented, but we continued to walk in this direction for quite awhile, stumbling in the darkness because of our mental state and I realized we should have been out of the forest by now. I knew this was the way out, 110%, it was because I've been going in and out of this place for years, even in the dark. Yet I didn't recognize all the trees around us, just the path. It was like our surroundings were changing. My friend randomly yelled "yeah I'm coming" as I'm looking in the opposite direction from him and I turned around and very confused asked him why is he saying that? He says his mom is calling his name to help lead him out of the forest. I hear NOTHING at all, I tell him I don't hear anything and he looks at me like I'm insane and as he walks off the path and into the forest I grab his arm and pull him back because I don't want him to get lost. That's when my friend sees the transparent thing I saw earlier, sitting perched on a tree branch in the direction his "mom" was calling for him, and he points it out to me. Its transparency is almost like a heat wave effect, we stared at it for 10 seconds in disbelief, it looked like a transparent being but we were trying to discern if it was something else and we were just imagining it being alive, because there was no movement. But then it hunched down like it's trying to stalk or be stealthy and it quickly climbed up the tree a little more and goes to the next one, then the next one, getting closer to us. We don't hear it at all, it is completely silent. Its silence is exemplified by the fact that all other creatures have went completely silent, which I had only begun to realize in that moment that not a single bug or animal has made a sound since we started leaving. This is when our curiosity of if were both tripping and were mistaking something turned to fear once we began to see it move. Once it got above us though the only thing we heard is the crunching of the branch has weight is put on it. Every little sound that is made is so distinct because it's so quiet and remote, we can't see it cause the top of the trees are so dark. We start actually running terrified - not walking anymore. We hear noises in the tree above us, until it fades away ahead of us as if it ran ahead but the sound was a lot quieter than if a normal animal was running tree to tree as if this thing was light, but it wasn't very small so that made no sense. We still kept running forward despite it sounding like it went ahead and we end up back at the place we started. Many many minutes of walking and were back at this place after running for like 20 seconds? It is impossible. But instead of staying on the ground we climbed to top of the tree house with our items as quickly as possible and closed the door, wedging a small piece of ply wood on it to keep it shut. We hear something climbing up and extremely odd noises as well, like mimicking noises of rain and wind but there's no water seeping into our tree house with cracks in it and it wasn't wet when we left. This persisted for a minute and we didn't hear from it again. I'm pretty sure at that point it had left. But we spent the rest of the night there until the sun came up anyways. When he checked his iPod touch for the time (this is right after we closed the door) it was 5am. We started laying on the ground at 9pm. 8 hours passed in less than 40 minutes of time. Hours after, we could start to see the sun through the tree house, then we went home. I no longer talk to this friend but after this incident we discussed it and said everything from both our POVs, and we randomly brought it up to each other every few months and relived it, making sure were still on the same page about what happened and what we remember. I never spent the night out there again and I didn't even let myself stay out there past 5pm for a very long time. This is my story and I'd be willing to take a polygraph test if the opportunity ever arises. (Reddit)

Transparent Being in Tree Next to Apartment, in Chicago

Now my experience happened on September 2, 2022, so not that long ago. I had been out through the day running a few errands here and there for my dad who is elderly. Later that same day to return back to my dad's apartment which just happens to be in a tall residential building in Chicago. His apartment is 6 floors up. At some point during the earlier evening, I decided to go out on the balcony for a quick cigarette. I was standing there just staring out into thin air not really thinking about much or doing much. As I stood there with my cigarette in hand I shifted position and began to observe a very large tree about 20 feet away. It was roughly about 15 feet down from me. I noticed that one of the branches on this tree was bowing quite heavily which I remember now thinking back was quite odd at the time. As I'm staring at this branch and trying to make sense of what my eyes are seeing I have this horrible feeling come over me. The most intense sense of dread and fear. It was like almost every part of my body was screaming at me to turn around and run, but I didn't know why. At this very moment, the bowing branch that I had just been observing began to shake violently despite my internal instincts still screaming at me to leave. Curiosity had now gotten the better of me and I started to move along the railing to get a closer look. Then I saw it. What I saw at first was a small glimmering form. As I stared a bit closer this glimmer then became what I can only describe as a transparent human figure that shimmed a yellowish-white color. I snapped out of my fixated stare and quickly took a step back from the railing. It suddenly hit me that what I was looking at was like something straight from the movie 'Predator." More specifically when the Predator is using camouflage. At that very moment when I realized what I had just seen this 'thing' dropped out of the tree and hit the ground below. It landed directly behind a man who just happened to be walking past at the time. The man immediately spun around assuming that someone had thrown something at him. The only thing I noticed was a cloud of smoke or dust arising from the ground behind the man. I waited for some time expecting to see this thing re-emerge from the dust or smoke but it was completely gone. At the same time, another neighbor just a few floors below had also observed exactly the same thing as me and they managed to confirm all the same details. The neighbor and I then managed to track down the man who was walking past a few hours later. We had a conversation with the man and he said that he'd felt an impact but didn't see anything when he turned around. He also went on to report that he felt the same dread that I'd experienced only hours before. Does anyone have any idea what these beings are? I feel like they can be dangerous. (source)