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The Dangers of UFOs and Alien Encounters

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"Why do you believe they are dangerous?"” I asked.

"Power destroys people. Look at the people of Earth. Those with power are destructive. These Sky Men have power much greater than the Earth men. They must be dangerous."

"...Anyone with power has the potential to destroy those who are perceived as weaker, less intelligent, or unable to defend themselves. If you do not have power, you are doomed in this universe. It is the law of the cosmos. At one time, the Maya had the power. Our ancestors chose not to pass along those powers to their children. Now we are like the others. We are at the mercy of the power people. It has been that way for centuries.”

from Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's book Sky People




Energy Effects

High Energetics

A Look into the Nature of UFO Radiation

Energetic Explosions and Implosions

Electrical Interference

Bodily Effects

Soil, Plants and Animals

Shockwave Concussion

Harm to Animals

Animal Mutilations

Animal Disappearances, Mutilations and Deaths

They Hate Dogs

Harm to Humans

Experiments on Humans

Human Deaths

Human Mutilations

Harvesting Human Bodies

Human Disappearances

Manipulation of the Human Brain/Mind

Change in Perception of Reality

Inducing Trance States


The Game of Trust and Deceit

Virtual Reality Scenarios

Manipulation of Your Life

Missing Time

Intimidation by Men-in-Black and Other Mystery Men

Resisting the Aliens




Imagine that you are part of a race of beings that has been in the galaxy for billions of years. With your spaceships, large and small, you can enter a higher dimension, displace your craft in non-local space instantly at a location anywhere else in the universe, and enter the physical dimension again.

Cruising the galaxy you discovered a planet with inhabitants in a rather primitive state. They don't use telepathy, but use oral language. They are not aware of higher dimensions, and their technology is rather crude. In their ignorance, they think they are the only intelligent beings in the universe. Aside from these beings, there is a rich variety of animal and plant life, and resources in metallic ores and minerals. You certainly can use all those riches for yourself, and for trade with other cosmic races.

So, you built a system of control around the planet, with bases underground, ships around the planet, and facilities on and inside its moon. You create worker-beings adapted to the specific planetary conditions. With your advanced technology, these worker-beings can swoop down to the surface and take whatever you want. The inhabitants will only see the craft and beings for a short instance. They have no way of stopping you. Being a resource themselves, the inhabitants can be picked up in an instant without any of their relatives knowing it. With your mind control technology you can play them like puppets, make them belief anything; keep them occupied with survival, greed and wars. You can also altered their perception of reality.

This imagination is just a quick overview of what a more advanced race of beings can do to a lesser advanced one. On our own planet, we have seen it so many times, when colonizing other parts of the planet and their indigenous people. The problem in ufology circles and centers is that they don't look from the point of view of advanced cosmic beings. They only gather data and stories to be filed away. It was up to individual people who looked behind the surface of the phenomenon, paid attention to details, and put the pieces of the puzzle together, that we have come to a deeper understanding. The result of this research is that the presence of the aliens or extraterrestrials is not for our benefit, and is actually quite harmful in many different ways. This article gives you an overview of the many aspects of this phenomenon.

"They take, they don't give".

Ken Bakeman, abductee


The investigation by BAASS provided new lines of evidence showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more then nuts and bolts machines that interacted with military aircraft. The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and more. The exclusive focus on nuts and bolts machines could be considered myopic and unproductive in solving the larger mystery of UFOs.

Excerpt from Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS (BAASS = Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies)

It is a fact that UFOs and alien beings do exist. Question is why are they so involved with this planet Earth and with humanity? There are many opinions and belief systems in UFO circles. I think the one that makes the most sense, based on the actual encounters and behavior of the aliens, is that one group of aliens have dominion over the Earth and are influencing and controlling humanity in many ways. This group allows other alien races to come here and take what they desire as a matter of interstellar trade. In this article I will try to show that this setup is not in our best interest.


The UFO phenomenon is indeed complex. The alien beings that interact with us show that they have not only a different mentality but they also posses a technology that is far ahead of ours. Their technology is primarily based on the manipulation of energy. They can raise the energy of their craft to such an extent that it transfers itself from the physical level to higher dimensional or energetic levels, and back again. They also seem to be able to do the same with their physical bodies. They have energy and light tools that they can use to manipulate or harm us.

They display features we call psychic, such as telepathy, mind control, and are able to erase our memories, or replace them with fake memories. The can disguise themselves by making us see them as humans. Some of them seem to be able to project a human image around themselves. They have teleporting abilities, not only for their craft, but also for their bodies. Hence we see them appear and disappear at will. They have great medical knowledge, as they are able to heal any disease of ailment, but can also manipulate our bodies for other not-beneficial purposes. They can move or lift objects and living beings from a distance.

It seems that some of the aliens can move to or reside purely on the higher energetic level, and can act from there on the physical level. For us, humans, bound to the physical world it is difficult to grasp what the nature of the aliens is, or how their technology works. In some encounters, light spheres are seen to morph into human-like forms, probably to make it easier for us to accept them as living beings. Beings that exist as conscious light spheres are beyond the comprehension of most people.

I view the ETs in two categories. One is what I call the Controllers: the Greys, Mantis, Reptilians and Tall Whites. Encounters with them are almost always negative and harmful in many ways. Sometimes even deadly. In the other category are extraterrestrials of many kinds who come here for different purposes, mostly to take something, or study our strange human behavior. Some of them are very benevolent, and help people in dangerous situations, healing them and even given them enhanced abilities. Others are indifferent to us, and don't care about our well-being when they take a human onboard for study.

A lot of people who have had contact with UFOs, spaceships, and extraterrestrials have said that these beings are primarily scientists who collect soil, plants, seeds, animals, and even human beings. One thing is for sure. They are here to take whatever they need, without our permission.

In this article I want to point out why encounters with UFOs, spaceships, aliens and extraterrestrials have definite dangers, because of their very different technology and their intentions and actions. To understand many of the harmful effects, we first need to have a look at the energies used by the alien technology.

(It should also be said that the aliens/ETs also perform healings. However most of the healings take place in the context of keeping their human subjects healthy. Abductees usually have a life long history of abductions, and examinations, experiments, and other purposes we don't know about. It is large investment from the side of the aliens, and thus they want to keep their test subjects healthy. There a few healing by ETs that seem to be wholly selfless and out of the goodness of their hearts, but these are rare.)


Energy Effects

High Energetics

"This happened 10 years ago but the details of that morning are still fresh in my head. A couple friends and I were traveling back to their house. We were driving down Rt. 14 in Marshfield, MA. Was about 5 AM EST on a Sunday. Roads were basically empty. Were driving on this long stretch of straight road when all of a sudden, a large orb appeared into existence before our eyes. I'm not exactly sure how big it was, but large nonetheless. The orb was transparent, but the reality around it seemed warped and obscured. The trees on either side of the highway were being bent and pulled by said orb, almost like if being pulled by a gravitational force. The orb then shifted left, back to its original position, then to the right, and back to its original position. At this point we're all freaking out in the car because we're also traveling toward said orb. My friend slams on his brakes and swerves to the side of the road. Before he even had a chance to put the car in park so we could get a better view, it was gone and the trees are no longer being pulled towards the center of the road. This whole phenomena was only about 15-20 seconds long." (Reddit)

It is necessary to get a basic understanding of the nature of UFO, spaceships and the aliens in regard to energy.

One of the main characteristics of UFOs is their sudden appearance and disappearance into thin air, even in the presence of multiple witnesses. One moment they are visible, the next they are invisible. But sometimes when they are invisible to the eyes, they are still visible to radar. It is just one clue that we are dealing with the manipulation of matter and energy. According to quantum physics, matter is just a form of energy. A matter particle can be regarded as a wave packet with energy, charge, angular momentum, or other physical properties.

When we look at UFO sightings and encounters, it is clear that their science is all based on energy. They know that physical matter is energy too that can be manipulated in multiple ways. They raise the energy of their craft and bodies to disappear from the physical world, and lower the energy to appear again. Their craft doesn't fly like our airplanes. They move it through space by making use of the time/space continuum, and non-locality. Their vehicles often have a plasma around it when they first enter our dimension. Hence the many sightings of light spheres.

UFOs are spacecraft that can generate intense energies that can shift up and down the electromagnetic frequencies, from above gamma rays down to the visible spectrum and even further down into the infrared, and probably even lower. When we see them with our eyes, then this is only part of their presence in our environment. Their energy can shift according to their needs. When we perceive them, they can change color, they can emit sound or not, and can emit other energy phenomena often observed with these sightings.

There are sightings in which the flying saucer or other physical-looking vehicle is actually partially or entirely transparent, and the witnesses can see what is inside, including the occupants. This transparency is another sign that they are able to change the material structure of the hull of the craft.

The manipulation of physical matter and energy also extends to their bodies. Aliens can suddenly appear outside their craft, or suddenly disappear to enter their craft and fly away. In abduction stories, there are many accounts of aliens walking through walls. UFOs, both in their light sphere and metallic-looking form, have been seen flying straight into mountains, or into the ground.


A Look into the Nature of UFO Radiation

UFOs and entities emit intense radiation that can harm biological beings. So, what kind of EM radiation would be responsible?

Massive doses of X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet and infrared radiation will show the same bodily effects as witnessed with UFO witnesses or contactees.

I have already mentioned that when the space vehicles enter our physical dimension, they appear as high intensity high frequency energy units in the form of light spheres. They can then move through the electromagnetic spectrum, and in the process they emit intense gamma and X-ray radiation, microwaves and ultraviolet radiation before they enter the visible spectrum and become visible to our eyes. These types of radiation can have harmful effects upon their surroundings, including living beings.

Ultraviolet Radiation

It is not unusual that people who encounter UFOs or aliens come down with conjunctivitis. It is known that intense UV radiation causes harm to the eyes. Usually this lasts only a couple of days.

Microwave Radiation

Most harmful effects from UFOs can be attributed to (most likely pulsed) microwaves.

Microwaves can penetrate clothing, what would explain radiation burns underneath the clothing of the witnesses. Microwaves also heat up metals, and in close encounters it has been noticed that metals, like car door handles, a ring or watch become hot. With UFO encounters there have been cases in which the weapons of soldiers became too hot to hold.

With close encounters of UFOs, the interior of cars and even the plastic frame of a person's glasses were melted from the inside out, something that is suggestive of very intense microwave radiation.

Microwave radiation can also be the cause of a rapid rise of temperature inside a car when a UFO hovers nearby.

Scientific studies show us that parts of the body that are sensitive to heat can be damaged by microwave radiation of a sufficient power level. This includes the testes, which is the reason microwave radiation may affect the reproductive ability of men, even causing infertility.

John Keel writes in The Cosmic Question:

"Microwaves affect the eyes and the testes in particular. I was puzzled during my in-depth interviews with male witnesses when they told me in hushed confidential tones how their testicles bothered them after their sightings. Some later developed nonspecific infections with all the symptoms of venereal disease."

This reminded me of a woman in my own town who had a light sphere hover over her house and illuminate the entire living room in an intense brilliant white light. She mentioned that afterwards her breasts were swollen. (you can read the entire account in my article of Strange Encounters of the Unusual Kind):

"The only aftereffect I had immediately after the encounter was that my breasts became so tender and so sore, they filled up like I was 16 years old. I also had trouble sleeping in the following two weeks."

In one case the person, after watching a craft, was hit by a beam of light on his forehead after which he lost consciousness. After regaining consciousness, he had only partial sight in one eye and was blind in his other eye. Eyes are very susceptible to microwave radiation.

People working directly with microwave fields have claimed a variety of symptoms, including eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbance. These effects are due to the fields of microwave radiation interacting with the body’s central nervous system. We find these symptoms also with UFO witnesses and especially with contactees.

Contactees who claim to have been very close to grounded saucers commonly suffer excessive thirst afterwards. Exposure to microwaves can lead to dehydration of the body.

The typical humming heard by people when a UFO is nearby or hovers over a house can also be caused by microwaves. Microwaves can be heard, not by the ears, but by skull bone absorption of the microwaves. Even the spinal fluid and the brain itself can absorb them and start to vibrate.


There is an account in which a woman was sitting on her porch at night, and a UFO or bright light sphere appeared above her illuminating the entire environment in such a bright light that she could see the bones in her arms. This suggests that with the visible light there was also a massive dose of X-rays emitted by the UFO.

In the Buff Ledge UFO case of August 7th, 1968, at Lake Champlain, Vermont, a man also saw the bones in his hand:

"The craft now moved directly overhead, and shot a beam at Michael and Janet. Grabbing Janet's shoulder, Michael pulled both of them on their backs on the dock. Suddenly, Michael was overcome with the fear of being kidnapped. He remembers screaming, "We don't want to go!" The light from the beam was so bright that Michael recalls being able to see the bones in his hand, like an X-ray. The two teenagers both later related that the beam had a "liquid" feeling to it, and gave them the sense of free floating." (Source)

Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are extremely high frequency electromagnetic waves associated with radioactivity. Their frequencies are even higher than those of x-rays.

Radioactivity, higher than the background radiation, is sometimes found at UFO landing sites. But this seems to be rare.

The emission of gamma rays might also be responsible for strange ailments some UFO witnesses have afterwards that are typical for exposure to intense radioactivity.


Energetic Explosions and Implosions

The alien vehicles enter our physical dimension from a higher dimension of more intense energy. When they appear into our dimension, or disappear, this can cause large energy explosions or implosions.

When a mass of energy/matter appears in our world, then this has to displace a certain air volume. If the appearance is sudden, then the air volume has to instantaneously displace itself, resulting in an explosion. It is also possible that the surrounding air is suddenly subject to immense radiation resulting in a rapid heating and expansion too. Maybe other chemical and physical processes of the air might also happen, causing tremendous sounds.

It is not unusual for a UFO, flying saucer or entity to just suddenly disappear into a big bang, the result of an implosion. Sometimes there is also a flash of intense light, but no sound.

High volume energy entry or exit into our atmosphere of such dimensional vehicles could be the cause for the so-called skyquakes. Skyquakes are large sonic booms with no known cause, and have happened over over the world for centuries.

An explosion is a sudden displacement of air, creating a sudden change in air pressure immediately around the explosion. This can have severe consequences on a living being. John Keel mentions in The Cosmic Question:

I have examined dead animals in UFO flap areas that had blood running from their ears, noses, and mouths. This is almost a sure sign of concussion, a sudden increase in air pressure. An ordinary explosion can cause this, of course, but in many of these cases no explosion was heard.


Electrical Interference

UFOs evidently ionize the atmosphere around them. Luminous, colored halos sometimes surrounding them must be produced by the recombination of free electrons with ions of the atmospheric gases. At other times UFOs are reported to be buried inside a dazzling white cloud that is clearly a plasma, a highly dissociated state of electrons and ions. Beyond the luminous boundary one would expect that gases are also being ionized but to a lesser degree. Witnesses repeatedly tell of feeling electricity in the air, hair standing up, prickly sensations, or electrical shocks. Such expressions point directly to electrical phenomena.

"... The driver lowered the windows as they continued to watch the object. The two observers were amazed that the hovering object was completely silent. As the witnesses continued to watch the object, some odd affects took place. The driver stated that it was as though “the electronic system of the car was having a seizure.” The radio was off at the time, however they suddenly began to hear an odd clicking sound inside the vehicle, but they were unable to locate the source. At the same time it was noticed that the dash lights were dimming on and off with the beat of the clicking sound. The driver also stated that soon after he was having a problem with his cell phone dropping the signal several times. ..." (Phantom and Monsters)

Electrical interference is quite common with UFO sightings especially at close range. It seems as if the EM radiation emitted is so strong that it actually prevents electricity to flow through the wires or electric circuitry. When the UFO disappears, electricity flow is normal again, and the affected apparatus functions again as before with no damage.

With the appearance of a UFO, lights flicker and go out. The motors of cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and even airplanes are stuttering and stop working. They all have electric components to make the motor work, and the lack of electricity will cut the motor short. They start working again once the UFO has passed. It is not the gasoline or explosion chamber that is affected. The lights of cars also cease to work.

Sometimes, radios and television emit static and black out. Radar and radio transmitters are jammed. Power stations black out. Electric clocks and wristwatches stop. When witnesses want to take a picture of a UFO, their camera doesn't work. Car batteries and batteries of other appliances can short out completely.

An energy-field that can jam radio, black out lights, and stall motors from distances of 50 feet to perhaps 1,000 feet must be of immense power beyond anything known to us.

UFOs can also use their energetic capabilities as defense weapons to prevent the military from shooting them down. This happened twice in the famous 1976 Teheran incident. When the second F-4 Phantom jet fighter approached the light sphere:

"While the object and the F-4 continued on a southerly path, a smaller second object detached itself from the first and advanced on the F-4 at high speed. Lieutenant Jafari, thinking he was under attack, tried to launch an AIM-9 sidewinder missile, but he suddenly lost all instrumentation, including weapons control, and all communication. He later stated he attempted to eject, but to no avail, as this system, which is entirely mechanical, also malfunctioned. Jafari then instituted a turn and a negative G dive as evasive action. The object fell in behind him at about 3 to 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) distance for a short time, then turned and rejoined the primary object." (Mufon)

Some power outages, even large scale ones, have been associated with the sightings of light spheres or metallic spaceships. One witness saw three UFOs underneath power lines, with a floating orb that was sucking electricity out of the towers. It seems that they can steal our electricity too.

Electrical Shock

Radar systems operating at microwave frequencies have become so powerful that the hazard of electrical shock to workmen has become serious. Special protective clothing has been developed that covers the entire body, head, face, hands, and feet. Made of metalized nylon, it reflects electromagnetic energy away from the wearer. A special feature assures electrical continuity across the seams. A surface layer of neoprene prevents closing a circuit between two objects at different electrical potentials that might be touched at the same time by a workman.

Alien beings seen in association with UFOs are invariably described as wearing skin-tight, one-piece silver-colored uniforms covering the whole body including the feet. They are notably without buttons, zippers, pockets, discontinuities, and seams. One witness peering into the goggles of an alien observed a fine, wire-mesh screen that would effectively shield the eyes against microwaves. Aliens are apparently taking the same precautions. They must be aware of the intense microwave fields generated by their craft. In such environments, near UFOs, unprotected witnesses could feel induced currents, caused by the emitted microwaves, in the skin as a tingling sensation or an electrical shock. In close encounters, some witnesses has had this happening to them.


Bodily Effects

In 1996, John E. Schuessler in his UFO-related Human Physiological Effects  compiled an extensive list of about 400 cases of medical injury, cases which came from a wide range of sources, including newspapers, magazines, UFO organization, journals and bulletins and UFO studies done by other researchers. It is a chronological list worth going through to see the many different and particular radiation effects, and other effects with UFO encounters. Below is just a few of the more common effects.

UFO Radiation

UFO vehicles emit EM radiation that can directly affect the human body with harmful consequences. Actually, it happens quite often. These radiation effects are also observed with encounters of alien beings, with or without a craft present.

One of the effects of this radiation is temporal amnesia. For short amount of time one cannot remember what happened, but memories come by soon after. Quite common effects after an encounter are severe headaches, muscular spasms, and excessive thirst.

Many UFO contactees suffer chronic headaches, muscular soreness, and other symptoms after their experiences. Some have anorexia (loss of appetite) and total exhaustion.

When a UFO comes close, a driver inside his car can experience electric shock and heat at the same time that their headlights and motors were affected. An intense heat wave can also be experience by a witness watching a UFO fly over. The heat can be so intense that witnesses feel suffocated, and they get skin burns.

Burned Skin

John keel writes in The Mothman Prophecies:

"A young couple, very much in love, sprawled together in the back seat of an old jalopy on a deserted dirt road in the isolated back hills east of Ravenswood, West Virginia. It was a starlit, moonless night in the spring of 1967, just warm enough so the pair were able to strip to the buff comfortably.  

Things were rather pleasant on that squeaky back seat until about 10:30 P.M. when a blinding bluish light poured in through the windows of the parked car.

"At first, I thought it was the police," the young man told me later. "Then we both felt a funny tingling sensation that scared us half out of our wits. I jumped up and stared into the light. It wasn’t a flashlight or spotlight. It was more like a big ball of bluish fire hovering a couple of feet off the ground directly alongside the car. There was a funny sound, too, like a low hum."

His girlfriend screamed, he reported, and the light seemed to back away slightly while the humming increased in volume.

"The next thing we knew," the young man continued, "it was gone. Just like that. We jumped into our clothes and got the hell out of there. Another funny thing, when we got into town it was after 12:30. We couldn’t figure it out. It seemed like we only looked at that light for a couple of seconds. But somehow it must have taken two hours."

Their first inclination was to run to the police but they decided against it, since they weren’t supposed to be on that road doing what they were doing in the first place. ("Her old man would’ve killed me!") They drove around for several minutes until their hysteria subsided and then he dropped her off at home. The next morning both the boy and the girl woke up to find themselves heavily "sunburned" from head to foot. The boy’s eyes were almost swollen shut for two weeks afterward. It was not an easy matter for them to explain how they managed to get a total, and quite painful, sunburn at night in the early spring."

It is not unusual for witnesses to get their skin burned when they are close to a UFO. The energy emitted from the object must be of intense high frequency radiation, such as ultraviolet and microwave. Light beams from a UFO can also burn the skin. Microwaves can penetrate clothing, what would explain radiation burns underneath the clothing of the witnesses.

Some witnesses have touched a landed flying saucer burning their hands. What looks like a cold metal flying saucer skin is actually an intense energy form.

Skin burns can also result from contact with alien entities.

There are many cases in Brazil where farmers and fishermen, and other people, were burned by the radiation from light orbs and their light beams. Strangely the people who got burned, sometimes reported that the light was very hot, while others felt a coldness coming over them. This coldness can last a while after the encounter. A doctor in Colares who treated about forty people said the burns were on the chest, throat and face. The area of the burn was between ten and twenty centimeters (four to eight inches). The skin would almost immediately peel but also heal quickly. In every case she found two small puncture wounds in the center of these burns. She also did blood tests on them, and all had abnormal low levels of hemoglobin. Two people died the same day they were hit by a light beam.

Bob Pratt wrote a book, UFO Danger Zone (1996) about his personal investigations in Brazil where people were injured or permanently disabled by the light (beams) from UFOs. It contains many interesting details; it is worth reading.


Conjunctivitis is also common with both UFO and alien beings. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the eye. It makes the eye appear pink or reddish. There may also be pain, burning, scratchiness, or itchiness. Swelling of the eye, may also occur.


A lot of people in Brazil who were in close proximity to a light sphere, or who were 'zapped' by a light beam, had numbness in part of their body, or their entire body. It would last from hours to days.


Different aliens have different methods to incapacitate a person. They often make the witness unable to move. Some aliens point a rod-like device to the witness to effect this, but sometimes other effects happen with this too. For example:

"One carried some kind of instrument and when he pointed it at me, I felt sick. It was as though lightning had struck me. I felt needles all over my body. I felt I was burning alive. Then the pain stopped and I was sick. Stomach ache. I threw up. I remember that. Possibly I passed out."

Something the witness gets an the electric shock and feels of pins and needles throughout his entire body.


Soil, Plants and Animals

The appearance of alien vehicles into our physical dimension is always one of intense energy, especially of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can have strong effect on the immediate environment, sometimes with harmful and even devastating consequences.

With UFO landings (they don't always have to touch the ground), we sometimes find that the landing area has been severely burned or baked, or has a burned ring. Trees and shrubs nearby can also be burned or singed. The emitted radiation causes trees to turn black, their branches dried up and curling. They can even carbonize. The landing area can remain without vegetation for years. This is probably the result of strong microwave radiation cooking the soil and everything in it, so even seeds (from weeds) are destroyed craft. The carbonization of trees, with branches drying up is also indicative of microwave radiation heating up and dispelling the water inside the trees and burning the wood from the inside out.

Animals are often the first to notice that a UFO or entity is nearby. Maybe they can hear ultrasounds emitted by UFOs; most likely they are sensitive to the EM radiation. The first sign that something strange is near is the restlessness of animals. After that, they often react with fear, because they feel that the radiated energy is unnatural.

The most ferocious guard dogs will most often be scared and hide. They might be picking up other energies than just the EM radiation, maybe they can feel the strong magnetic field emitted from a craft.

With some UFO sightings, witnesses have reported an eerie silence, especially in otherwise noisy woods. All animals are suddenly quite. It seems that a UFO can emit a wide spread radiation around itself that will affect all animals, from insects to mammals. The natural reaction for animals to a perceived danger is to be totally quiet as to not betray their presence.


Shockwave Concussion

There is another possibility for a deadly outcome. When UFO craft appear into our dimension or disappear to their dimension, there is a sudden displacement of air that can result in an explosive event because of the intense energy involved in such an explosion or implosion. If a person is close to such an event, the resulting shockwave can cause severe internal injury that can harm or kill.

The effects of being exposed to an explosion are well studied in military circles. The predominant post explosion injuries among survivors involve standard penetrating and blunt trauma (by debris or bomb fragments to flying around) aside from blast lung which is the most common fatal injury among initial survivors. Blast lung is damage to the lungs because of the increased air pressure. Proximity to a conventional explosion can also cause concussion of the brain. Immediately after, or even weeks after a concussion, nosebleeds can happen.

Concussion as a result of an explosion or implosion can cause headaches, confusion, weakness, feeling dazed and numb, and problems with short term memory.

Is it possible that some strange (411) deaths of people in the woods are the result of the impact of an energetic shockwave on the physical body, not causing external injuries, but a concussion strong enough that it results in death, and thus not showing an apparent cause of death as is often the case in missing 411 cases whose death bodies are found but with no cause of death?


Harm to Animals

Animal Mutilations

"The moon was full, and lit the pasture quite well. That's when i saw the three of them. They were in the field. It was a strange sight. They had singled out one of the cattle. It was so terrified that it could not move, or maybe they did something to it, but I saw them drop the six-hundred pound steer to the ground. They hovered over it for a couple of minutes, and then they stood and disappeared. The next thing I know, they are back in front of their craft and within minutes or so, the craft began to move upward and within seconds it disappeared, it was gone.

Once I saw the craft lift off the ground, I figured I was safe. I ran back to my vehicle and retrieved a flashlight. In the field, I found the dead carcass of the steer. The eyes had been removed, and most of its innards. The tongue was missing and the two front hooves. There was a strange smell. It hid me before I reached the steer. I expected to smell blood or death..."

A witness in South Dakota, from More Encounters with Star People, by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

Animal mutilations have been well documented and researched. Linda Mouton Howe wrote extensively about this phenomenon in her book An Alien Harvest.

They always show the same pattern. Mutilations of cows are well-known by now, but many other animals, like horses, sheep and even wild animals (even seals and polar bears) have been found with cut-out ears, eyes, lips, jaws, rectum, genitals and interior organs. Cuts have been made with some type of laser device, with surgical precision. Medical experts have said that the cuts were made with high heat, probably a laser, and that we don't have anything that could do this. All bodies have been drained of blood, but blood is never found at the scene.

Another strange feature is that after the animal has been mutilated, no scavenger animals, or livestock animals come near the carcass for a long time. There is something really strange about it that even hungry predators would not eat the meat of the dead animal.

Sometimes unexplained lights have been seen in the region, and some people have witnessed an animal being taken up in a light beam to a hovering craft. Some abductees have seen the animals being mutilated inside a flying saucer.

It is said the Greys, are actively beaming up animals, and surgically removing body parts and blood, and dropping the remains back into the field. It is obvious they are not experimenting, they are harvesting animals body parts for some reason. Many have tried to find a reason or purpose for this bizarre behavior, but it still remains a mystery.

Lately there have been a lot of news reports from various locations of half cats. Cat owners find their half their pet a short distance from their home, sometimes even on their front lawn, the other half missing. The ETs have absolutely no regard nor for the animals nor for the owners of the animals.

Sometimes it is not only one animal that has been butchered, but an entire herd.

But most disturbing of all, forensic science has shown that these animals were alive when their body parts were removed. That the animals were alive during the procedure has also been reported by abductees. A horrible idea, but one that definitely has to be brought to our attention. These aliens have absolutely no compassion, and they don't care that we know, or even if an abductee is witnessing it.

Some of the animals are just dropped from high altitude and fall wherever they come down, sometimes on unlikely places. There is one case where a mutilated cow was found high up, on a telephone pole!


Animal Disappearances and Deaths

With UFO activity, animals tend to disappear; farm animals and dogs in particular. Animals have been found dead when UFOs were seen over pastures. UFO radiation can be deadly.

Other animals like chickens, sheep and cows can be found just dead, even in masses, but sometimes they disappear.

In one case a missing cow was traced by her footprints she left in the snow. She had been running away from something, although there were no other tracks. Then her tracks, while she was still running, suddenly stopped in the middle of a meadow. She had suddenly disappeared into thin air.

In another account witnesses saw a light hovering over the trees. Then suddenly about fifteen moose ran from the woods into a clearing (moose are normally solitary animals). Suddenly a beam of light fell on the last one, and then it was just gone. How easy it is for those aliens. There are a couple of reports of witnesses seeing a cow being lifted up by a light beam from a UFO.


They Hate Dogs

Dogs are very protective of their owners. When aliens show up, they regard dogs as a nuisance (continuous barking) or a threat (because dogs will attack). There are cases where all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking when a UFO shows up. In other cases, where aliens lands nearby a house or farm and want to steal for example livestock, they can make even trained guard dogs deep asleep during the entire event.

In one account little aliens came out of the craft and were watching the witness and his barking dog. The dog continued to bark until one of the aliens pointed a rod at the dog who fell to the ground whimpering. Sometimes a dog can also be paralyzed (unable to move) together with the witness.

Dogs have also died after a close encounter with a UFO, due to intense radiation exposure.

In Uruguay 1977, A light orb radiating intense heat came close to a rancher and his dog. The entire case can be read here. The dog was within five meters of the object. Three days later he died. The autopsy report from the veterinarian is quite unusual:

"The hair along the animal's spine was sticky but completely hard. The fat under the skin was found on the outside. The fat is normally solid, so to get to the outside it had to be melted and come through the pores. Once it was outside it solidified again. The animal was exposed to a very high temperature that can't be reached naturally by the dog.

All the blood vessels had been bleeding very much and all the capillaries were broken. The rupture of the blood vessels was caused by an increase in temperature that couldn't be natural. The liver, normally dark and red, was completely yellow, caused by a high fever.

All the blood vessels were yellow too. With all the blood vessels broken, the animal started bleeding inside and lost so much blood that 48 hours later the amount of blood he had circulated was insufficient and he died of a heart attack.

When we took the skin off the dog, we didn't see any marks. He didn't have any bruises or anything… nor was the hair burned. The conclusion was that something very hot had caused this."

The strange thing is that the dog sat looking at the object. A normal heat that would cause such severe bodily harm would make anyone, animal or human, instinctively run away. Although a normal heat was felt by the farmer, it seems that the damage to the dog was done by radiation. The farmer got away with just a burned arm.

An interesting account that shows that some aliens (who want to visit the area frequently) go to an extra length to shut up a barking dog is presented in Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's book Sky People, 2015, (chapter 31, extract):

"... By the time I set out for the fields, the sun is just peeking over the horizon. This particular morning, as I set out, I saw a large, brilliant ball of light in the east. At first, I thought it was the sun, but then I realized it was moving toward me. It kept coming closer. As it approached, it swooped close to the ground and veered off to the north and made a wide circle and came back and hovered about ten meters above me. Trueno, my dog, began to howl. The horses in the barn began to snort and kick the sides of their stall. I ran into the barn, calling Trueno to come with me, but he didn’t move. He sat there like he was stone, but I could see his whole body tremble. He was terrified, and yet, he would not follow me into the barn. I pulled my horse into the barn and put him in his stall. I called and called Trueno, but he stayed outside.

(After the disk was gone):

I ran to the field and I called for Trueno, but he was gone. I think the aliens took him. I looked for him all day and he was gone. The next morning, the ball of light appeared and so did my dog. They brought him back. He was ruined. He was unable to bark. But when the UFO returned he ran to the fields and waited looking at the sky. I am very worried about him. He is a good dog. He doesn’t deserve this kind of life. I took him to the animal doctor. At first, he saw no reason why he did not bark, but when he x-rayed him, he discovered that his voice box had been removed. He said it was perfect surgery. At first, I thought he was too scared to bark. Now I know these demons took Trueno’s bark. They ruined my dog and he will never be the same. He was a good dog. He protected the cattle. He knew when one was missing, and he would find it and bring it home.

It (the craft) came every morning for several weeks and finally it came no more. I was hoping that once the UFO left, Trueno would quit being so afraid, but so far, he will not leave the house. What kind of people would do this to a dog? I think they (the aliens) are the worst kind of animals. They have no respect for life. They take a man’s dog and remove his voice box, probably because his barking irritated them. I wonder what other things he had to endure at their hands."

On the Stop Alien Abductions website, there is a case of a woman who was resisting her abductions by wearing the Velostat helmet. The aliens retaliated by killing her dogs:

"Previously, during 2003 and 2004, the aliens threatened her and told her that they would kill her dog if she did not cooperate. She still did everything she could to resist them and they subsequently killed her dog. So far they have killed three of her dogs. When she took the first dog to the Veterinarian for an autopsy he said that the dog’s spinal cord had been cut internally and he could not figure out how that was done." 

One might think that animal mutilations of dogs are more rare, as we often hear about cattle, horses, and sheep. But John keel mentions in his book The Mothman Prophecies:

"Among my grimmer memories of 1966-67 are those times when I knelt in farm fields to examine dead animals, particularly dogs, who had suffered amazingly clean and expert cuts. These deaths were not localized, but came in nationwide waves simultaneously with UFO waves. This pattern has been repeated since.

...In December 1973 and January 1974 there were wholesale disappearances of pet dogs from Connecticut to California. Small towns like Voluntown, Connecticut, lost a large part of their dog population in a few days. Fifteen dogs vanished from Woodstock, New York, in the Catskill Mountains during the same period."


Well, not all extraterrestrials hate dogs. An unusual account is of an American Native Indian who was visited several times a by an ET with his three robot-like beings. The ET was human-like, dark-skinned, but with round eyes larger than human eyes. The ET was interested in human things, and even went into the man's cabin. The man had a small pup dog that couldn't walk, and had to be put down. The ET picked the pup up and asked if he could take him. A year later he returned the pup, which was now strong and healthy. The witness also mentions that the dog had a long thin scar at the base of his skull, so he thought that they must have operated on the dog's brain.

In The Healing Power of UFOs by Preston Dennett (2019), there are three cases in which dogs were healed. A Mantis being cured a dog's arthritis; a 'plasma energy being' cured a dog of arthritis and a heart condition, and an abductee saw her dog being cured from valley fewer (a systemic fungal infection) onboard a craft by two white robed ETs.


Harm to Humans

Experiments on Humans

When the Greys abduct humans, they employ various procedures on the abductees' bodies and minds. Some other (but not all) extraterrestrials engaged in abductions, also seem to study humans in an invasive way. This experimentation, or study, includes the typical body scans, needle prodding, placing the subjects in cylinders or chairs, lowering some kind of helmet over their heads, taking blood, hair, skin, flesh, sperm and ova samples etc. Sometimes these procedures cause extreme pain. The mind also get probed, memories downloaded, minds programmed.

What this is all about, the abductors never tell us beyond a few superficial statements. Considering their lack of empathy, and sometimes outright contempt for humans, all this 'experimentation' and 'study' does not look good for the human race. Maybe a few ET races want to understand the human body and psyche. The Controllers however seem to know very well what they are doing and what they are looking for. Some people say the Greys are involved in creating hybrids, but their procedures on humans involve far more than that. 


Human Deaths

"Later, Max confessed that he had difficulty adjusting to civilian life once his enlistment was up and he had re-enlisted for six more years. A couple of years later, after I re-enlisted, I ran into one of the medics who was on-duty at the hospital that night when the UFO appeared. He told me that the guy was burned all over his face and body. He said he heard a doctor say it was radiation. He said they kept him in a sleep-induced coma for a while, and then they just let nature takes its course. He died within a month of the incident."

from More Encounters with Star People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

When UFOs show up, they can and do cause severe injuries and even death. In some cases it is deliberate.

People exposed to strong UFO radiation have come down with leukemia. It has also happened that witnesses die weeks or months after a UFO sighting. It is impossible to figure out if the UFO radiation was the reason, although everything points to it. John Keel said that "an unknown number of persons have died after their encounters with monsters, spacemen, and UFOs". It is impossible to know how many, because there is no way to collect and document all such reports.

Jacques Vallee in his book Confrontations documented various cases in Brazil around the 1980s in which many people were hit by light beams coming from UFOs, resulting in serious physical ailments afterwards, and in several cases death.

"At least five people are said to have died near Parnarama following close encounters with what were described as boxlike UFOs equipped with powerful light beams. These objects, which have been called chupas by the local population, fly over the wooded areas and the river valleys at night. All of the victims in Parnarama were deer hunters who had climbed into trees during the night, as is frequently the case in that part of Brazil...In most cases the witnesses reported rectangular objects (sometimes compared to ice boxes) flying over the treetops and shining a beam toward the earth. The chupas are said to make a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer, and this sound does not change when the object accelerates. The object does not seem large enough to contain a human pilot. It has a light on the bottom and a light at one end, giving a sealed beam like a car headlight. The victims were Abel Boro, who died on October 17, 1981, while hunting with Ribamar Ferreira; Raimundo Souza, who died on October 19, 1981, while hunting with Anastacio Barbosa; Jose Vitorio and Dionizio General, who died on an undetermined date, the latter three days after the UFO encounter; and a man named Ramon, who lived in Parnarama. Muldoon and Richman quoted the mayor of Parnarama as confirming the cases, and the chief of police, Geraldo dos Santos Magela, as stating that he had examined two of the bodies, finding that the blood had been "sucked from them."

Ribamar Ferreira described a light coming over him and his friend Abel Boro: it was so bright that it turned night into day, he said. Abel screamed as the object-looking in this case like a fast spinning truck tire with lights on it, surrounded his body with a glittering glow. Ferreira ran to Abel's house and returned with his family: they found Abel Boro dead, his body white "as if drained of blood."

 ...In another case, Dionizio General was atop a hill when an object hovered above him and shot a beam in his direction; it was described as "a big ray of fire. " The witness, Jose dos Santos, testified that Dionizio seemed to receive a shock and came rolling down the hill. For the following three days he was insane with terror; then he died.

...Several people reported being exposed to the chupas in late 1982 as they were lying in their tree hammocks. At the time of the interviews a year later, they still complained of headaches and general weakness. They had lost their previous vitality.

...There are descriptions of "small beings" in connection with the chupas, and also of a larger, disk-shaped object, the size of a house. No reports of harmful effects are associated with this circular craft.

...One day Dr. Carvalho found a woman waiting for her when she arrived at the dispensary at 7:30 A.M. The woman was very agitated, and she said that she had been hit by a chupa Opening her blouse, she revealed extreme reddening of the skin on her left breast; again, there were two puncture marks. "I tried to calm her down," related Dr. Carvalho when she was interviewed in 1985. "I told her it was nothing serious, that she should not let it impress her. I gave her five milligrams of Diazepam; she could barely raise a glass of water to her lips. She complained that she had trouble breathing. She suffered from dizziness and felt weak. I later found that these were characteristic symptoms, along with headaches and a decrease in the number of red blood cells . . . . Three hours later I was urgently called to her house. I found her in a state of deep coma, the body totally rigid, gasping for breath. She had no fever and she did not vomit. I tried to take her to Belem in my car, but I did not have enough fuel, so she was driven there in the car of the Prefecture. I waited for news. Hours later I received a medical statement and a death certificate from the Rena to Chaves Medico-Legal Institute giving heart failure as the cause of death."

It seems that in these cases the entities in the UFOs might have been a specific ETs race that comes here to hunt humans for sport.

Also in Brazil, around 1977, many UFO light orbs and other shapes were seen to descend on the island of Colares and hit many people with light beams, resulting in severe bodily effects and several deaths. It was a mystery to the purpose of these attacks. This is an important case, or event, because many people were affected, and it shows that these UFO light beams are dangerous.

"By November 1977 doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, the physician in charge of the health unit on Colares Island, took care of to some 35 people claiming to have been touched by the strange light. She took blood samples, and concluded that the victims suffered from generalized hypertermia, superficial chronic headache, burnings, intense heat, nauseas, tremors in the body, giddiness, asthenia and presented very small orifices in the skin where they were hit by the rays.

She wrote: "All of them had suffered lesions to the face or the thoracic area." The lesions, looking like radiation injuries, "began with intense reddening of the skin in the affected area. Later the hair would fall out and the skin would turn black. There was no pain, only a slight warmth. One also noticed small puncture marks in the skin. The victims were men and women of varying ages, without any pattern."

... Most symptoms usually disappeared after seven days.

(UFOs at Close Sight, this site contains detailed reports on this case worth reading)

Some people's health never fully recovered. Here again, we have intense radiation beamed at people with ill consequences.

Another example from the same book Confrontations, by Jacques Vallee:

"On July 5, 1969, near the small town of Anolaima, Colombia, about forty miles northwest of Bogota, at 8:30 P.M. two children saw a luminous object three hundred yards away. They grabbed a flashlight and sent out signals. The object came closer-about sixty yards from them. The children called the rest of the family, and all thirteen people who lived in the farmhouse watched the light as it flew off and disappeared behind a hill, the glow remaining visible. The father, fifty-four-year-old Arcesio Bermudez, took the flashlight and went to investigate. When Arcesio came back he was scared. From a distance of less than twenty feet he had seen a small person inside the top part of the object, which was transparent, while the rest of the craft was dark. He saw the being when he turned on his flashlight. The object became bright and took off. Over the next few days his health started to deteriorate. Forty-eight hours after the sighting Arcesio felt very sick. He was cold. His temperature dropped. He was unable to eat and he had dark blue spots on his skin. There was blood in his stools. On the seventh day after the incident his family took him to Bogota, which is two hours away. He was seen by two physicians who diagnosed acute gastroenteritis. They were not told of the UFO incident. Arcesio died shortly before midnight."


Human Mutilations

Human corpses have been found of which the exact same organs and tissues were removed in exactly the same way as with animals mutilations. In a couple of cases of human mutilation, the bodies were professionally examined by coroners. One of the shocking findings was that these people were alive when the mutilation took place.

Human mutilations are not an exception. These cases tend to be covered up quickly by local and governmental organizations. They are indeed horrible events that would upset many people, even more so when one realized that is nothing we can about it. The particular aliens that are responsible for this come and go as they please.

According to Mr. Phil Imbrogno, during the research that led to the writing of Night Siege, The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Philip Imbrogno, and Bob Pratt, Imbrogno has stated that on several occasions, Hynek specified that he wanted no mention of the dozens of human abductions that they had already uncovered at that time, to be mentioned in the book. Hynek was afraid of the adverse publicity if word of this aspect leaked out to the public.

Here are a couple of cases of human mutilation in brief. Further information can be found, including pictures, when following the links. 

A famous case happened in Brazil in 1988, as there is a police report with detailed description of the coroner's findings. It also stated that the person was alive when he was mutilated. More information at AlienVideo. Think About It has photographs of this case.

Another famous case is the Todd Sees case in 2006. This happened in Pennsylvania, USA. There are no autopsy reports available, but the circumstances around his death, and the FBI involvement strongly suggests that this was a human mutilation case, that the authorities did not want to become public. Several reports had been made to MUFON of sightings of a silver disc near Montour Ridge around the same time that Sees was due to arrive there that morning. One particular witness spoke of a “shaft of light” that seemed to come from the craft and down to the top of the mountain where Sees’s vehicle was discovered. More information here.

There is an old case of Jonathan P. Lovette, an Air Force sergeant, who's body was found mutilated in 1956, three days after he was seen being dragged by a serpentine tube into a flying disk. There are two accounts of this case. One account came from William Cooper (1943–2001), who asserted he was tasked with analyzing an annotated version of Grudge Report 13 in the early 1970s. The other came from William English, a former Green Beret captain, who said he too was asked to analyze the document, while assigned to a U.S. security service at a former Royal Air Force base in Chicksands, England.

In a 1979 reports, two hunters in the Bliss and Jerome area of Idaho stumbled across the nude body of a man that had been hideously mutilated. The body was in the literal middle of nowhere, nude except for a pair of underpants. It should be noted that this area also had over the years, many unexplained UFO reports and cattle mutilations. (source)

Karen Lister reported one a case in 1994 that happened in the USA. She was shown pictures of a mutilated man by a physician. (Karen Lister website)

According to UK former police officer and UFO researcher Tony Dodd, he came across several accounts of human mutilation in the UK. He relates the story of seven people found dead over a period of several weeks in the same field in Dalby Forest, North Yorks. (source)

Don Ecker who wrote for UFO Magazine relates:

"According to Knell and officers from the New York State Police, and the Connecticut State Police, the reported figures were in no way accurate, but the weirdest happening was when Knell received an inquiry from an Asst. Medical Examiner from Westchester County. The Asst. ME wanted to know everything Knell could relate on humans that had been mutilated. When Knell pursued this, it turned out that 3 morgues ( 2 in New York, 1 in Connecticut ) had been "hit" in the middle of the night. Newly arrived human cadavers had been mutilated by removal of face, genitals, eyes, parts from the stomach, rectum, thyroids, etc. The morgues were immediately investigated by the police, but nothing could be placed on the employees. There were reduced staff at that time of night, and the events occurred in different areas. High strangeness indeed. According to the Asst. ME, the incidents were immediately concealed from the media and public. More than likely the reasons were that there was no explanation, nor were the incidents going to be solved in the near future. As an aside, there were also quite a few animal mutilations that were occurring in New York and Connecticut, and once again no solutions were forthcoming for these events."

Here is an extract from the book Enter the Valley, by Christopher O'Brian (1999). The book details many strange happenings in the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado:

"On September 28, 1 996, as fate would have it, I found myself at a book signing at the Taos Crystal Center when I was casually introduced to an "ex-CIA scientist." He is now a private-sector consultant working on "electromagnetic and antigravitational propulsion systems." He was very knowledgeable about the so-called UFO phenomenon and asked several very pointed questions pertaining to my mountains of SLV data. Then he dropped a bombshell.

"Did you hear about the human mutilation down near Silver City?"

"What? You're kidding?" He had my full, undivided attention.

"No, I'm not. A friend of mine in the New Mexico State Patrol told me about it. They found a sixteen-year old girl . . . just like the cows."

"When did this supposedly happen?"

"About three, three and a half weeks ago right when Taos area mutes were being reported. They put the lid down real tight on it."

He told me that these cases were not as rare as I might believe and that the authorities were extremely careful not to let word of a case of this kind out to the media.

"They made sure there is no record of the death" he said.

We talked for quite a while about his thoughts pertaining to the UFO question. His eyes twinkled when he refused to answer any direct questions about our government's flight capabilities and offered to talk with me at length in private."

A YouTube video about human mutilations cases: UFOs And Human Mutilations. It is a presentation by a 27 year veteran homicide detective, Butch Witkowski who is a MUFON volunteer investigator.

An interesting documentary about the testimony of a black ops soldier, who was employed by a secret NATO "find and secure" military team. Their job is to search for and then protect sites where human mutilation has taken place. The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL Film 2014 Richard D Hall. This is not evidence, but it seems plausible that the governments would react this way to avoid panic.


Harvesting Human Bodies

There are a couple of cases where the abductee has seen human bodies stacked away on shelves or in cylinders inside a flying saucer. In several cases the abductee saw several to many other abducted people just standing or sitting around in a trance or daze, and unresponsive. What the abductee understood is that some of them are returned, but others are not. What the aliens or extraterrestrials are doing with abducted humans that are not returned, we don't know.

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke in her book Space Age Indians devotes a chapter to a specific race of extraterrestrials she calls The Blue Men. A couple of American soldiers in Vietnam reported that the Blue Men took the dead bodies of American soldiers immediately after their death from a firefight. They said they will give them another, and better, live on another planet, where they will not remember the horrors of the war they went through. No other explanation given. So we might assume that they have the ability to heal the wounds of the dead soldiers and bring them back to life. Unless our assumption is wrong. We just don't know for sure what they do with the bodies.

One report relayed to Leonard H. Stringfield (1920-1994, an American ufologist) in 1989 by a 'wholly reliable individual', who had been a high-ranking officer in the US military in the Vietnam War, also mentions the taking of dead soldiers. The incident took place in April of 1972, and involved a group of special-ops US soldiers moving through the Cambodian jungle towards the Vietnamese border in order to track down what they thought was an enemy outpost intercepting classified military signals. However, they were caught off-guard by the sight of a circular object made of some highly-reflective material. The body of the object was so reflective that it worked as a mirror. It sat on the floor of the clearing in front of them using tripod-like landing gear, and was described as having a diameter of roughly 50 feet. There were several humanoid figures milling around the object, which were described as having large, hairless heads and wraparound eyes of a deep black coloration. These aliens were loading various human body-parts and naked corpses into large, metallic bin-like structures before sealing them tight. The bodies seemed to have been from both sides of the conflict, with Stringfield's anonymous informant saying that they were 'a mixture of what were considered to be Vietnamese and white and black American troops'. The soldiers instinctively moved behind nearby foliage for cover and quickly opened fire on the alien entities. The aliens appeared to be protected by their suits. Despite this, three of the spacemen died due to headshots, and another was apparently accidentally struck down by friendly fire from its fellow aliens. In the chaos, one of the soldiers was reportedly killed, and several more of the special-ops men were quite badly burnt by some kind of nebulous beam weapon fired from within the saucer. The special-ops men decided to beat a hasty retreat from the scene, whereupon the aliens took their chance to do the same. The aliens ran back towards the landed craft, and an opening appeared in its side, into which they quickly clambered while hauling the body-bins inside as well. The doorway closed, and the UFO took flight, passing through the jungle canopy before accelerating and totally vanishing within seconds.


Human Disappearances

It is without question that aliens and extraterrestrials are abduction people and returning them. Abductees have witnessed this, and in some cases they aliens/ETs have actually told them that they take people and keep them. I have gathered several of the abductees/contactees's testimonies. You can read them in my article of Witnesses to Human Permanent Disappearances by Aliens / Extraterrestrials as the text is too long to include here. It is a very concerning subject, and it tells a lot about the (lack) of morality, ethics or spirituality of beings involved.


Manipulation of the Human Brain/Mind

Change in Perception of Reality

Some extraterrestrials can change our perception of reality in order to protect themselves, by preventing us to interfere with their actions, or to attack them. Here is an example how easy it is to confuse our minds:

"The most important of these incidents occurred on the evening of 20 November 2008, when after three objects disappeared at incredible speed, the undersigned officer, Sgt. William and Sgt. Waldir returned through the cane fields of the village of Sao Bento. We saw two luminous beings, nearly 90 centimeters tall, making their way through the canes. We were aboard a Mitsubishi pickup driving along a rural road when Sgt. William saw something in the bushes. He turned vehicle number 13533 toward the 'luminous beings'. When we got closer (15 or 20 meters), they began sliding between the canes. We were driving at around 20 km/h, and they remained ahead of us and to the right. It was noticeable how those things 'walked' without touching the ground. We saw no feet, no fingers, yet we saw arms, legs and oval-shaped heads. While luminous, [the beings] did not shed any light."
The report continues, stating that Sgt. Waldir Araújo Silva made an attempt to photograph the beings, but was unable to find his camera. Sg. William Alcione Alves de Silva caught a glimpse of the apparition, as stated in the report.
The report goes on to say: "What we saw appeared to place or remove something from the ground, as scientists might do. They appeared to control our thoughts, rendering our bodies tired and unable to think strategically and tactically. We found ourselves in as situation of being unable to define what was real, what was a dream, or what was a nightmare, and all of us felt and saw the same thing. Following this experience, we had headaches, anxiety, and were unable to stop talking and remarking about what we had seen. We were very thirsty. What seemed to have lasted 40 minutes had covered, in fact, 2 or 3 hours.
The commander closes his report by saying: "Several people have spoken about experiences identical to those of us soldiers, and we are going to interview these people. Some speak of feeling hot air upon entering their home. Vehicles were experiencing electrical problems. The Mitsubishi does not start; the soldiers who had the closest contact seem anguished, all of us feel psychologically or physically different, more tired, sleepy, there are stories of people who feel themselves levitating. I will conduct my own study on this incident. Corporal Rabelo spoke about and presented photographs that he managed to take during his sightings, using his camera. He prepared an official report on the initial event, which is on file in this Military Police Division."

Part of a larger event that happened in Minas Gerais Brazil in 2008. (Source: Inexplicata Blogspot)


Inducing Trance States

In the majority of UFO encounters, witnesses are put into a trance states. So, right away the person is under the control of the aliens.

Trance is a feature that is reported again and again in UFO close encounters, and even in encounters with entities. When a light appears in the darkness, a person naturally is fixated on this light, and a light hypnotic trance is easily induced. Ever wondered why some UFOs have all those colored flickering lights around them? Rapid flickering light induces trance states. Even without any lights, a craft can induce a trance state from a distance by the use of their technology.

There are so many reports where the witnesses stated that they felt hazy, dream-like, or clearly stated that they were going into a trance state, after which they could not move. They call it paralysis but that is not the right word. Paralysis is a loss of muscle function. Witnesses have not lost control over their muscle functions. They are standing, or sitting, but they cannot move. They are in a trance state. Trance is an abnormal state of wakefulness in which a person is not self-aware and is either altogether unresponsive to external stimuli or is selectively responsive in following the directions of the person who has induced the trance. A witness who is put in a trance when a UFO lands, often sees the aliens coming out and telling him to walk to the vehicle. The witnesses finds themselves following the orders against their will.

This trance state is just the beginning of a very extensive and effective mind control. This allows to avoid a forceful abduction or submission, although force is used in rare cases where the mind control is not that effective.



The ufonauts like to pursue cars. It is not uncommon to see two lights following a car for some distance, then disappearing. In the day time, a light sphere can pursue a car, sometimes for a long distance, then appear above the car, or besides, or land into a field. In the woods, a light sphere just above the tree tops can follow a person for some distance. This is actually a form of stalking and letting people know that they are being stalked.

"I was driving down this highway one night with my boyfriend. We had just gone to buy something from someone, when we notice these super bright lights riding our tailpipe. Naturally I sped up a little as to create some following distance. I kept my eyes going back and forth on the review and the road to check up on the car, while my boyfriend only watched the car, turned around in his seat. The car follows for about a mile on this stretch of road in the middle of nowhere with no turnoffs. All of a sudden my boyfriend goes “Holy sh**” and I looked in the rear view right away; the bright lights are gone, and so is the car. He watched it disappear out of nowhere. I pulled over and there were no signs of the car anywhere. This freaked us both out because the headlights were similar to that of a cop car in our county, and for that to just disappear in thin air is odd." (Reddit)

This does not always result in an abduction. Sometimes they just fly away, but sometimes they disappear and then appear again a short distance ahead of the car to make the car stop and take the occupants in their craft.

People can also being stalked in a street, and even in their houses. The aliens can appear as dark robed entities on street corners, shiny eyes peering through your bedroom window.

Another form of stalking is repeated phone calls with nobody on the other end of the line, or with strange voices or beeps, after a UFO/entity sighting. Even when the telephone number is unlisted.


The Game of Trust and Deceit

When a person is psychic, he is usually targeted by the Controllers for life long interference. It often starts at childhood. In the beginning there are visual appearances. This can be an invisible friend. Nowadays, the being can appear as a typical Gray alien, but it can be any human form that the child will accept. This is done to form a bond of friendship with the child, and gain his trust. In some cases the child will be visited first by an animal form in his bedroom, and then later by a humanoid form. When the child grows up and become an adult, abductions and 'visitations' to other planets can take place. Predictions are often given, about his personal life or world events, that all come true to the detail. But then it goes downhill. A major prediction will be given that will draw a lot of attention to himself, and/or his group of believers, and ... nothing happens.

Other tactics can be played out too, such as interference in their love lives. This is not unusual. Eve Lorgen has published two books with many of these kind of cases.


Virtual Reality Scenarios

"We don’t know. There is no question that something happens. It seems as if an external force takes control of people. In the close encounters people may lose their ability to move or to speak; in the abduction cases, which are the most extreme example, they gradually enter into a series of experiences during which they lose control of all their senses. Do they experience what they think they experience? Suppose you, an outside observer, had been there. What would you have seen?

What we do know is that you can make people hallucinate using either lights or microwave or electromagnetic energy. You can also make them pass out; you can cause them to behave strangely, put them into shock, make them hear voices or even kill them."

Jacques Vallée, from an interview by by Jerome Clark in FATE Magazine, 1978

We cannot shield our minds or brains from external influences. Governments now have the abilities to directly influence a person with electromagnetic weapons, to alter their perceptions, and to make them experience, with all their senses, something that is not real, or to change their behavior and even their belief systems.

The extraterrestrials have been around for millions if not billions of years and some of them are very apt in using electromagnetic energy to manipulate humans in many ways, and even their environment. The manifestation of these beings in our world is always parallels the use of intense energies to obtain the desired effects.

We know that the aliens have a great ability to manipulate our brain and mind. Therefore it is not always easy or possible to figure out what the abductees or contactees experienced was real, or what was mind manipulation to make them experience something different than what really happened. Karla Turner called it virtual reality scenarios. In her book Taken, page 8-9, she tells us about a case she investigated in which this virtual reality scenario experienced by one person was witnessed by two other persons:

"Ted witnessed a virtual-reality scenario when he was in Florida visiting a friend, Marie, along with another house guest, Amelia. The two women occupied twin beds in one room, and Ted slept down the hall in another. Not long after going to bed one night during his visit, he was awakened by Marie shouting for him to "come quickly!"

Heading down the hall, Ted saw a pervasive blue glow emanating from the other bedroom doorway. Entering, he found Marie pressed against the far wall, staring at the twin beds in shock. And he saw where the blue light was coming from. Amelia lay immobile in one bed, surrounded by a huge, blue, glowing, "electrical" sphere of light. Her eyes were open, and she didn't seem to be in any distress as she carried on a conversation with someone Ted and Marie couldn't see. Terrified, they tried to talk to her, but they could hardly hear one another even when shouting.

Amelia continued to speak within the sphere for several minutes, until the blue light suddenly disappeared, at which point she was finally free of the paralysis that had kept her in the bed. Amelia told Ted and Marie that the experience started with the loud sound of a helicopter low over the house. When she opened her eyes she could see through the ceiling and roof, as if they'd disappeared, to where the helicopter was hovering just above the house. She described two entities in the craft, whom she said also appeared at the foot of the bed before the blue light vanished. One being was tall, with greenish skin, an egg-shaped head, and slanted eyes as the only visible facial features. The other, shorter, entity, Amelia said, was blue-black in color.

Ted and Marie had seen absolutely nothing of these creatures, nor had they heard a helicopter at any time. But they had seen the sphere of light, with brighter, darting lights shooting through it, and Amelia frozen in a slightly raised position inside it, for she had been starting to sit up when the light coalesced and paralyzed her.

Amelia's perception of the experience was completely "real" for her. She was conscious when it began and throughout the entire event, as Ted and Marie attested. From everything her sensory input told her, Amelia had experienced an actual event with the craft and entities. Virtual reality. And the conscious and unaffected witnesses, Ted and Marie, observed objectively real effects of the mechanism which manipulated the event, verifying its external origin. VRS technology exists and is in use, this much is clear. And unless there are outside witnesses, such as in this rare instance, the experiencer cannot personally discern between a VRS and an actual event."

For all these reason, the memory of abductees are not completely reliable, and do not give us necessarily what really happened during such contacts. They might be convinced that their experience it true. It might be, but it might also be that the experience, or part of it, was projected into their minds, while the aliens were doing something else.


Manipulation of Your Life

The mind manipulation of contactees or abductees is not limited to the actual contact experience. Often their lives are also manipulated in many ways. They can change your outlook on life, change your relationships with friends, make you connect with other abductees, brake up your love relationship or marriage, etc.

It can even get more complex if it involves UFO researchers. John Keel became aware that these entities can create anything to influence his research. He did not just collect reports and filed them in his cabinet. He actively engaged with and interviewed the witnesses and visited places of where strange events took place. Over the years he started to notice that the beings behind the phenomena were not only creating these events but would create them just for him, to make him believe in certain things.

"This letter, and others like them, helped to convince me that my own investigations could be manipulated. I was being led to people and cases to support whatever theory I was working on at the time. I tested this by inventing some rather outlandish ideas. Within days I would receive phone calls, reports, and mail describing elements of those ideas. This was the feedback or reflective effect. Other investigators concerned with solving problems such as how flying saucers are propelled have automatically been fed, or led into, cases in which the witnesses supposedly viewed the interiors of the objects and saw things which confirmed the investigators’ theories.

Someone somewhere was just trying to prove that they knew every move I was making, listened to all my phone calls, and could even control my mail!

It took me a long time to realize that many of my Men in Black reports were just feedback."

John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies

It is quite possible that other researchers are also been manipulated without even knowing it. I strongly suspect that those researchers who use hypnosis to uncover 'hidden memories' are given stories that confirm their own preconceptions. After all, when their subjects are under hypnosis, or hypnotic trance, they are also subject to manipulation of the unseen entities. It has happened with more than one hypnotist that when the patient was under hypnosis an alien came through and began to speak to the hypnotized person, answering questions of the hypnotist.


Missing Time

This is a vast topic and I can only give an overview here. 

I have collected many stories of people who are a certain place, and suddenly find themselves at another without any memory of how they have arrived there. You can read them in my article of Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You?

There is a wide variety in these experiences. Some of these cases are associated with sightings of UFOs, but there are many more without any other abnormal experience. These people have no known involvement of aliens in their lives. They are normal people going about their normal lives. I strongly suspect that all the experiences are orchestrated by aliens, primarily by the Controllers. For what purpose is not clear.

A driver leaves home on a three hour journey, and arrives at his destination 10 minutes later. Somehow he has been transported through space over a vast distance in an eye blink. Sometimes he doesn't remember anything unusual, but in other cases, there is sense of going into a trance before it happened, or coming out after it happened. But any memory of what happened is absent.

A driver leaves home, is on the road, and suddenly 'wakes up' and find himself at a totally different part of town, on another road, or even going into the opposite direction. Such a driver often finds himself 'displaced', disoriented, and sometimes has to find his way back to the familiar route. Usually it is many hours later, and then it is possible that he was put into a trance and someone else took over driving the car to another location. But the amount of time elapsed far exceeds the time necessary to go to this other location. So what happened in this time period. If he was sitting in his car in a trance for several hours, it would have been noticed by other drivers or pedestrians, who would have stopped to investigate or call the police.

It seems to happen a lot when a person is driving a car, alone or with other passengers. But these missing time events also happen frequently inside one's home, or to bikers or walkers. One moment one is doing a chore, the next moment the person is at another place in the house just standing there when 'waking up', unable to recall what happened. Here too, the time span can be many hours.

There are many different scenarios in which people cannot remember what happened. Some are fairly simple, but others are far out, like a woman who was missing for three day. She didn't experience any break in her activities. Clearly she was displaced somewhere else during that period, because the place where she had been, was thoroughly searched by family members.

That brings us also to the now famous mysterious 411 missing people cases, of which David Paulides has written so much. When only a couple of hours elapse, it isn't reported to the police, and we rarely hear those stories. Only when people go missing for longer periods of time will it be reported to the police. Children have been missing from inside the house, and found again in the same room they were in, although that room and the entire house were thoroughly searched. The child itself wasn't aware of anything, and didn't hear the frantic screams of the family members, nor saw them in his room. Where were they during the missing hours?

In short, the aliens or extraterrestrials have the capabilities of putting people into a trance, removing them from our physical world, and put them (cars included) safely at another place, in an instant or at a later time, and also wiping any memory of the event.

Maybe some of those people do not return.


Intimidation by Men-in-Black and Other Mystery Men

Their Appearance

"I live in Colorado and have been my entire life, born and raised here. I've never really been a believer in the ghosts and ghouls and aliens and that sort of thing. my family has always been very grounded in reality and I have been taught that way from a very young age.

Now onto the actual post. About three days ago my mom and I were just hanging out at home and eating some pizza. It was about 7:30 at night and was already pretty dark outside. There was a knock at the door and I told my mom that I would get it for here as it was most likely just someone who had lost their dog or something of that nature. However, I opened the door to b greeted by these two men, both dressed in black suits with grey fedora looking hats. They both looked almost identical to one another and I was kind of freaked out. One of the men said that they were a part of some plumbing repair company or something like that and asked me to show him our radiator. Our house is newer so we did not have a radiator. I told him this, and the other leaned in towards me and asked if my mother was home. I said yes and called her over. The moment she walked around the corner and saw the two men standing there she told them off and slammed the door in their faces. I was honestly very confused as I am a newbie to this whole conspiracy world and didn't know much about it. My mom then sat me down and told me about a time when I was only about three or four that the exact same men had come to our condo (which is what we were living in at the time) and had tried to get in the house. I told her that they had asked to see the radiator and she told me that was the exact same line that they tried to use to get into our house when we lived in the condo. I started researching the men and found the tails and stories of the men in black, whose descriptions almost exactly matched that of the two men." (Reddit)

Throughout history mystery men and women have unexpectedly shown up in people's lives, and delivered a message or performed a bewildering act. Sometimes these visits are utterly weird, sometimes they are taken as normal, that only a long time afterwards it is found to be out of place. Just like UFOs, 'aliens', monsters and other entities, their appearance is short and to the point. They cannot stay long as they don't belong in our world.

The beings with oriental looks and wearing black clothing have gained much attention, and have been called Men-in-Black. However don't always picture the MIB as dressed in black. They can wear any type of clothing in any color. It is only since the 1950's that the Men-in-Black term is being used. It was originally believed that they were U.S. Air Force officers intimidating the witnesses. This was just another belief system that has no roots in reality.

These ominous beings come in all kinds of clothing and skin color. Typically, but not all of them, are tall, have long blond hair, angular, oriental faces, olive or dark skin. For some reason their hair sometimes seems strange, like silver in color or colored, dyed hair.

Their clothing, not always black, often looks brand new, even their shoes. In one case the MIB's shoes were spot clean, although he had to have walked through wet muddy soil to arrive at the door. Another sure sign that they are not what they appear to be. In some cases people checked when the MIB were leaving the house, and they found that the mystery person(s) had vanished immediately. They appear and disappear just like the aliens and UFOs. Actually they are aliens but disguised as human-looking beings.

In so many cases there is an odd little thing about them that just does not seems right. That can be make-up, their hair, or the way they walk. Or they are not familiar with our eating and drinking habits or food. Sometimes they speak mechanically as if reciting a memorized speech. They can have trouble breathing, often wheezing and gasping between words. At other times they speak fluently. They can be dressed too lightly for the weather.

There is an interesting case in which a woman who worked in a retail store. She saw a black car arriving, two men-in-black entered the store, asking about her car (she was using the car of her mother's fiancé, a military person). But the security camera only showed her presence not the two men. Besides the possibility of an induced mental experience, it is also possible that these entities appear in a light spectrum that is just outside the range of cameras, but still within the range of the human eye. You can find the story on Reddit. She also had some strange happenings for a few months afterwards at home. These kind of entities often latch on to you for a while.

The Message

"One day my two friends and I were out late on the levee (in Stockton, California) and we saw a bright "star" (it looked like a star) orbiting the sky VERY fast. As we watched, it stopped in mid-air. Then five more "stars" appeared. That's when we realized they weren't stars, they were lights; lit up on what looked to be a UFO, and that's when we started panicking. But then the UFO turned into a white cloud, then pink, then blood red and it vanished into thin air. We literally ran out of that levee and I went to hang with my best friend and told her everything. I thought it would be just a memory at that point, so I went home and fell asleep.
I woke up to the bell ringing very early the next morning and when I went to look, I saw a man in a black suit with a briefcase at my door. I thought he was just someone trying to sell me something. I was just annoyed. It was so early. So I waited until he left, but he wouldn't leave, he was just staring into my house like a mannequin for, like, 5 minutes straight. I wanted to see if he had a car but when I looked out the window, I noticed there was five more of the men outside my house, just staring at it blankly. My heart skipped a beat. I was freaked out, so I was for sure dialing the police at this point. But as soon as I started dialing, they looked at me at the exact same second. I don't even know how they saw me through the little crack I was watching them from. They stared at me coldly for a few moments then, again, at the exact same time, they walked away and got into their car. They all watched me, even the driver as he was driving away. I never spoke of it since. This is real and it's terrifying. Ever since then I always feel like I'm only safe in my room with my windows closed and locked up. I feel like they watch my house." (Phantom and Monsters)

I think it is important to look further than the mere appearance of the MIB. Such stories often get filed without any further inquiry. We know that MIB often appear immediately after a sighting before the witness had the chance to report it or to tell anyone. In the above account, the witness was afraid when seeing the UFO the previous night. Fear seems to be a key component with the MIB, even before they arrive. I wonder if the fear, from a UFO sighting, actually attracts the visitation of MIB.

In many of these experiences, they show up before the witnesses have the chance to talk about their UFO sighting. Aliens know they have been sighted, and for some reason they immediately create a response by sending the MIB.

MIB can flash an identification card showing that they are from the government, be it the CIA, the Air Force, the Ministry of Defense, or other military officers. They also claimed to be from the Civil Aeronautics Administration, from the police, or to be scientists. They can even use the names of existing army officers. They can even resemble the men they are imitating.

MIB don't always identify themselves. They can show up, give a warning, and walk away.

MIB seem to appear to give a warning but not always. The warning is about not talking about the sighting, or to order silence, or to not publicize any information about the sighting, to discontinue research in UFOs. It can also be overtly threatening.

At other times they show up with extensive questionnaires, not about the UFO sighting the person(s) had, but about the personal life of the witness.

In some cases they pretend to be workmen working around telephone poles, for example. This is a form of overt stalking, just like parking their black Cadillac across the street.

In one case a MIB from a Cadillac tried to abduct a young girl (who witnessed a UFO).

In some cases the warning is delivered over the telephone, without any MIB showing up.

MIB Cars

In the past the devil or a black clothed, hooded man would drive a black chariot. Now, MIB show up in black Cadillacs, with peculiar purplish glows lighting their interiors. Actually, they can drive around in all sorts of cars, sometimes with tinted windows. Cadillacs are not the only cars they show up with, they have also been seen with a Buick, Chrysler Imperial, Jaguar, a blue station wagon, even a yellow Volkswagen... always new.

Witnesses have recorded the license plates of the MIB cars, but police checks would show that these plates were not in use. That implies an intelligence that can figure out what license plates are in use or not. The alien beings can access any information they want.

Aliens like to appear with insignia on their chest, and MIB sometimes have insignia printed on the door of their cars. They have appeared with the symbol of the eye inside a triangle, a well-known masonic symbol, and they even identified themselves once as the 'Nation of the Third Eye'. We should not pay to much attention to it as like to keep us busy with unsolvable puzzles.

Non-MIB Strangers

The typical Men-in-Black are not the only ones that pay us a visit, or cross our paths in relation to UFO sightings or alien activity. We should not put the MIB in a special category. The appearance of MIB vary anyway, and actually we have a whole range of strangers intruding into our reality to play out their part.

There are plenty of sightings of hooded strangers along the road who disappear when the car passes by. Hooded strangers also lurk around street corners or under street lights at night, or in dark places, staring or scaring the witnesses. These hooded strangers have been seen for centuries. Some have glowing eyes too.

Mysterious strangers who behave very unhuman also like to show up in coffee shops.

Most of these appearances have no obvious meaning. Intimidation or fear seems to form the basis.

Mystery men showing up giving warnings or prophecies are common in ufology. Many contactees have these kinds of experiences.

More disturbing is that throughout history royals, political leaders and even military leaders have had visits from such mystery men, usually leading to more war, intrigue and bloodshed.


Resisting the Aliens

The aliens have the advantage that they have superior technology with which they appear and disappear at will, and can manipulate the human brain, mind and body even from a distance. There are some abductees on which the mind control didn't quite work, and have given us some information about the activities of the aliens. A few have found a way to resist or circumvent the alien's attempt at controlling them.

One abductee found that when he talked, it would confuse the alien that was trying to mentally control him. So he continued to talk, keep on singing a song, or repeat a poem. Sometimes he would just keep on thinking about certain things. It seem that they can't deal with a mind that is constantly busy.

Two other abductees (abducted together) kept on thinking about the other, and the aliens gave up and released them.

An American Native Indian repeated an ancient prayer to overcome fear that he had learned from his grandfather. He had been put into a machine that takes the will out of people so they will blindly obey, but by his prayer the machine didn't work on him.

Another abductee was put in cylinder and a metal helmet was attached to his head. He used a technique from his military training to prevent any mind manipulation, and it worked.

Michael Menkin's website Stop Alien Abductions shows how to make a Velostat helmet that stops abductions. He says that "After working with abductees for 24 years and persons with neurological problems for 20 years, I now believe that the thought screen helmet does not work as a shield. Rather, the helmet may stimulate another brain activity which stops alien telepathy from being processed internally. That is, it prevents the abductee's brain from converting alien telepathy into human thoughts." Without their telepathic power, which they in combination with some electromagnetic energy, they cannot render their victims passive.

Several abductees report that aliens do not like perfume. One abductee claims that they stopped an abduction by exposing strong cheap perfume to aliens.

Burning white sage has been used successfully to stop abductions, as the aliens don't like the strong smell of it.