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Witnesses to Human Permanent Disappearances by Aliens / Extraterrestrials

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It has been suggested for a long time that some of the abductions by aliens, or extraterrestrials, result in not returning the person. In other words, people disappear without a trace by the actions of aliens. It is kind of difficult to prove that somebody got plucked of the surface of the Earth by aliens or extraterrestrials. However there is strong circumstantial evidence and a few witnesses.

Every year, a number of people disappear in mysterious circumstances. David Paulides, a former police officer has gathered many of these cases in his Missing 411 books. Some people who went missing in mysterious circumstances, were found later in a trance, or dazed state, often disoriented, and without any memory of what happened. This is reminiscent of alien abduction. There are a plenty of those mysterious missing 411 cases that have features that also show up with alien abductions.

Some abductees have seen other abducted people on board of the alien crafts, from a few or many. All those people were standing or sitting in trance state and were unresponsive when the abductee approached them and tried to interact with them. The abductees who have mentioned this said that they suspected that some of them are never returned. The question is what are the aliens doing with those people?

Most of the abductions are performed by what the so-called Greys. Remember that the Greys are only a work force. The little ones are said to be bio-robots, they only carry out the abduction and perform menial tasks. The larger Greys are primarily doctors or medical personnel. The ones in charge of the abductions are the Mantis.

However, other extraterrestrials also are engaged in abducting people, sometimes returning them, sometimes not.

Some ETs have said that they take those people to seed other planets where they will have a better life. Well, you can believe them or not. We are not able to verify if they are speaking the truth. Maybe those people end up as slave labor, or as gladiators in an arena.

In any case, even if the abducted people are taken to other planets, they are  taken against their will.

Some people who have met more friendly ETs have said that they were invited to go with them to another planet where they would have a better life. Again, it might be true, but once aboard the craft you might find out otherwise.

Here are examples of abductees / contactees who tell us that the aliens / ETs do take people and do not return them.

In More Encounters With Star People, by Ardy Sixkiller Carke, is a story by a woman (widow) who was told by the ETs that they were collecting young woman from all over the world:

"All I know is that single mothers have raised all the girls. They have no other relatives except a grandmother. No siblings, no cousins, no fathers."

The ETs told her that they would take her daughter in four months from when Sixkiller was taking the interview, and that she herself was invited if she wanted to go with her daughter. She explains further:

"They call themselves 'Seeders'. They travel the universe for livable planets. Once they find one, if it is devoid of life, they populate it. They have tried populating planets with adults from earth, but their experiments never worked out. They have discovered that adult males often take violence, vengeance, and greed and take them to another planet.

...Women only populate this planet. They will take care of procreation, without men. we will develop a society, a world, free of war and hatred.

They said only they would make sure no boys were born. This is an experiment."

Experimenting with humans? How you you feel as a woman to be taken against your will to another planet, and never see a man, and be impregnated artificially to only give birth to girls? It seems that some ETs consider us to be laboratory rats to be experimented with. Even when you are invited and go by your own free will, you don't know where you ate going to end up, as the ETs never elaborate on the conditions prevailing on the planet of destination.

In the same book, there is another story of a soldier during WWII, who was barricaded with a fellow soldier in the ruins of a church. A light came over. When the light was gone, so was his fellow soldier. He was subsequently listed as Missing-in-Action.

Another interesting story from the same author but from her other book Space Age Indians, is about a former Bureau of Indian Affairs police detective who was abducted on the road by a Mantis. There were also Greys onboard. He was brought to a room where there were other humans but in a trance state. The Mantis kept him asking questions about his job as police detective:

"One very important thing happened. He asked how I would go about identifying the individuals I captured. I explained to him about fingerprints. I took my fingerprint pad out of my breast pocket, took the hand of one of the transferred female captives, and pressed her thumb into it. I carefully transferred the print to a small notebook in my breast pocket. I showed it him. I explained I could use the print from her thumb to identify the person. He seemed interested in the process. When he was distracted, I slipped the notebook into my pocket and kept thinking about Christmas..."

He knew, from previous experiences that these beings can read our minds, and that is why he kept his mind busy by thinking about spending Christmas with his wife and children. After the abduction he ran the fingerprint through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System of the FBI, and he discovered that:

"She was a seventeen-year old girl from Las Vegas who had been arrested four times for prostitution. She disappeared three years ago. Her roommate reported her missing. She said that the last time she saw her, she was getting into a car with a strange looking man who was driving a Cadillac. She had no known relatives."

It makes you wonder how many missing people are actually taken by aliens.

This shows that the Greys, and their superiors the Mantis, are indeed abducting and not returning certain people. It doesn't always happen on a lonely road by a UFO, but also in cities. The Cadillac is reminiscent of the Men-in-Black, who are just visual disguises for the alien beings. They can appear as human beings, but sometimes they look weird as they don't always get the projected image right.

This story reminds me of what once happened to my brother. It was around the beginning of the 1980's when he was living in the city of Mechelen, Belgium. At a lecture he met a man who offered him to help to straighten out my brother's back and remove his back pain. Soon after, the man, with his daughter, came over to my brother's apartment. The daughter worked my brother's back, while the man sat next to my brother's wife on the sofa. Then strange things started to happen. The man claimed to be an extraterrestrial from Orion, and he invited my brother for a ride in a spaceship. He would set a date, and my brother would just have to stand outside his apartment, and they would beam him up. If my brother would ever need him, he would only have to think of him, and he would come over. The man claimed he was about 350 years old. He claimed that he had known the Count of Saint-Germain. My brother found it all too weird, and after the session, he declined the space trip. But it gets weirder. My brother's wife claimed that the daughter never touched my brother's back, although my brother did feel her hands. His back was very 'crooked' as evidenced by an x-ray some months before, but now his spine was completely straight. When the man and his daughter was gone, my brother's wife told my brother that while she was sitting on the sofa, she felt that the man was psychically opening her crown chakra and entering her body. There is more about this that she didn't want to talk about.

Are there indeed extraterrestrials living among us? That man had a body building shop in Mechelen, so he must have had official identity documents. If he was indeed an ET than the government must have provided these documents. Would my brother have ever returned from that space trip? Probably not because the ETs would not risk anybody talking about them living among us.

Another abductee, in More Encounters With Star People, also tells us that some people are never returned:

"I have seen two things. I have witnessed women abducted and never returned. They become an incubator for hybrid babies, giving birth to several. I have also seen women who are mechanically impregnated and returned to earth only to be captured again and the fetus removed. I am not sure how they decide whether they are going to keep the female aboard or release her, but I know both practices are common...

"Are men ever kept on board to father children?"

"I have not seen that, but I have seen what appeared to be human captives who are on the ship permanently. I have never learned how they achieved that status or role, but I have seen human males cooperating and working with the alien visitors."

It is not just taking a couple of individual people (and not returning), but sometimes several people at once.

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke in her book Space Age Indians devotes a chapter to a specific race of extraterrestrials she calls The Blue Men. The Blue Men were primarily encountered in the war zones of Vietnam, although there is one account from Iraq, and one from Afghanistan. These are unusual cases because they are not related to the usual abductions we hear about performed by the Greys, Mantis or Reptilians.

The Blue Men, encountered by these soldiers, say they once were physical beings living on another planet, but a section of their population have learned to transform themselves into light beings in order to solve an overpopulation problem. In the mean time they have colonized one other planet.

The soldiers describe them as first appearibg as a light blue light, after which they transform themselves into a physical looking body resembling that of their species, seven to eight feet tall, with a light blue skin and very muscular. Their faces are difficult to make out because the shimmering blue light that emanates from them. In some cases they protected American soldiers from Vietcong fire, and make pain (from wounds) disappear. They exude a presence of peace and love. They are compassionate but don't seem to have emotions.

The Blue Men encountered in our war zones, are those (transformed) light beings who collect the bodies of soldiers who just died in battles. They said they will give them another, and better life on another planet, where they will not remember the horrors of the war they went through. No other explanation is given. So we assume that they have the ability to heal the wounds of the dead soldiers and bring them back to life. But then, at least in my mind, some important questions remain. If the revived soldiers want to go back to their families, and do not want to go to another planet, then they have no choice but to follow the Blue Men intentions. This would be equal to a forced abduction. Isn't it a violation of our free will? The Blue Men also didn't mention what the conditions of that planet is like. Will the abducted soldiers be able to live a free life, or would they be used as slave labor? What are the living conditions: desert, jungle, dangerous animals, microbial life, etc.? By the way, if they are able to move their own people to another planet, why do they need humans for? You don't travel the galaxy all the way to Earth to pick up humans if you don't get something in return for it.

One nurse said that almost all the soldiers in her ward were familiar with the Blue Men. None of them reported this to their superiors for the obvious reasons. So the Blue Men seem to have been really busy.

One soldier (the only one who survived the firefight), who saw the Blue Men take the bodies, was asked if he wanted to come with them. Although the Blue Men exude a strong, warm and loving feeling, he declined. He said that the soldiers who disappeared were listed as Missing-In-Action.

Imagine, if you are walking along a street, and a fancy car stops, and the nice looking driver asks you if you want to hop in and he will drive you another, nicer country. Would you just leave your life behind to go with a stranger to an unknown country?

Some ETs might be very evolved, powerful, and even benevolent, but I would question their actions of taking people of this planet, against their will, or trying to convince them to go with them in an instant, while not providing information about their new lives on another planet.

Another veteran who had met the Blue Men in Vietnam, saw one of them again in the USA, when he was entering a forbidden military zone, and was warned by a Blue Men that he was in danger and had to leave. It seems that they do protect some people from harm, even many years after his first encounter.

Another soldier (in Vietnam) was taken into their ship and healed, and then put back on the surface.

One soldier explored a cave in Vietnam and came upon a larger cave area with a flying saucer and a Blue Man. After a friendly conversation, he was taken for a ride into space to see Earth from a distance, and then put back on Earth.

Another strange story is of a soldier who as a 'tunnel rat' was exploring a Vietcong tunnel complex, where he and his fellow soldier found a different kind of (stone) tunnel that led to a room that was lighted by unknown means. Two large Reptilians showed up who spewed a poisonous liquid upon them, and left. The men lost consciousness soon after. When he regained consciousness they were outside that stone tunnel and a glowing Blue Men was hovering over them. He apparently had taken them out of the stone tunnel in order to save them from the reptilian beings when they would come back at a later time when the poison would have finally killed the soldiers.

In another case the Blue Men shielded the soldiers from Vietcong fire, by enveloping them in a blue light. There are other stories of Blue men protecting and healing people who were attacked or hurt (in the USA). Often their lives change for the better after the encounter, for example increased mental abilities.

So, they Blue Men seem to be very benevolent, but maybe they lost something in their spiritual transformation, as they take people against their will, alter their memories, and put them on other planets.

And if several people at once is not enough, here is a story of aliens taking hundreds and hundreds of people who were about to die in a cataclysmic event. Not by the Blue Men, but by the Greys and human-looking aliens. The following is an excerpt from the book Onboard UFO Encounters (2020) by Preston Dennett:

"On the evening of November 13, 1985, Pat went to bed early. She had only been a sleep a short while when she suddenly woke up. She was no longer in bed. Instead, to her complete shock, she was now wide awake, strangely calm, and standing on a flat area looking down a steep incline at what appeared to be a town or village of several thousand people. It appeared to be daytime, perhaps early morning. The village was filled with brightly painted stores and homes, and was just a few hundred yards away, divided by a small river. “I didn’t know where I was,” Pat says, “but I knew it wasn’t the United States.”

The area looked lush and tropical, and reminded her of Mexico or South America. Suddenly a meso-American-looking man about five and a half feet tall with tightly curled black hair approached from behind her. Turning around, she saw a gigantic circular metallic craft. “It was a couple of ridges from me. It had a big hundred-foot-wide ramp going down on the left side, and was really bright.”

There were several other human-looking beings and some tall skinny grays. They were walking around the base of the ship, apparently making sure that the ground was stable.

The short, dark-skinned man, who Pat now believes was probably an ET, began to lead Pat down the mountain and into the village. It was only a short distance. Somehow, Pat was made to understand that she and the man were on a mission to retrieve certain people from the village. “Some kind of disaster was ready to happen,” Pat says, “but I didn’t know what it was. We went down across the little stream, to this store. We went up the stairs on the side and woke the people up, a man and a woman. They had a brand new baby a few weeks old, and another child about three. And we took them with us. And then we went about getting other people and bringing them back to this UFO. We gathered many people. And they were filling the bottom area of the UFO with people that they wanted from this city. I was in the lower part of this thing. It had about a sixteen-foot column that ran up the middle of it, and a white railing around it. They were putting them in that lower area.”

They made several trips, until the object was almost filled with people. “They picked up anybody they could, or anybody who would follow us up there, and put them in the bottom couple of decks. It had a lot of different decks, and we packed these people in.”

Pat was then taken to the upper level of the craft. She saw that there was another craft further upstream. The lower level was so bright that it hurt her eyes. The upper level had a more pleasing illumination. “It was lit in a soft pink light that didn’t hurt your eyes. There was a curving kind of wall that had a bank of all red lights. It looked like square boxes built into it where they could touch places on it. The crew on this thing looked just like us, except they were wearing blue jumpsuits.”

Pat estimates that there were about thirty ETs, both human-looking and grays, aboard the craft. All the human-looking ETs wore blue jumpsuits. Interestingly, they were of different races, white, black, Asian, and more.

The two craft stayed there, waiting for the mysterious disaster to occur. Suddenly there was a huge volcanic explosion. Shortly later, a huge flow of mud, rock, ice, trees, debris and dead bodies came hurtling down the riverbed.

To Pat’s amazement, the UFOs lifted up, and hovered above the disaster scene, then came down in a falling leaf motion, and began scooping people from the mudflows and into the craft

“When that first wave came,” Pat explains, “it [the craft] came back down. It changed the shape of the metal on the outside of this thing so that people who made it there could actually hold onto it. It changed its outside metal configuration into a railing kind of thing, and a flat area where people could climb on. They collected these people. There were three waves, the first one being the worst. There was nothing left after that first one except some people that had made it to higher land.”

The object picked up people both before, during and after the disaster. Following the initial landing and wave of mud, the object came down twice, rescuing as many people as it could, the second time, saving people from the active mud flows, and the third time, picking up only a few remaining survivors who had made it to higher ground.

Pat cannot explain why the ETs had brought her there, or why she was so docile and obedient. The people who were being rescued were also very obedient, following Pat and the ETs without question. “They followed us back like sheep,” Pat says. “Nobody put up an argument. They picked up thousands of people between the two of the UFOs.”

At some point during the experience, Pat was exploring the interior of the UFO and wandered over to the central column. She saw a small concavity in the column and reached out to touch it. “When I did touch it,” says Pat, “it shocked the crap out of me.”

She was immediately approached by one of the ETs, a black woman, who told her to go ahead and touch it again. Pat refused, but the woman insisted. “It’s not my job,” Pat said. “And if it’s not my job, I’m not going to do it.”

The woman finally stopped pestering her.

The last thing she remembers is being escorted off the UFO by the beings in the blue jumpsuits. As the ramp opened and she began to walk out, one of the tall grays asked her, “Do you know what your gift is?”

Pat had no idea, and feeling stupid because she didn’t know, she said flippantly, “If you’re so smart, why don’t you tell me?”

The being did not reply, but Pat had the distinct impression that it was amused. “I don’t know how to explain that. It didn’t smile, but I think inside it was laughing at me.”

The next thing Pat knew, it was the next morning. Upon awakening, she instantly recalled what had happened. It was another one of her UFO “dreams.” Except in this case, she would soon have proof it wasn’t a dream.

That morning, she called and told her best friend about her incredible dream. Her friend was confused. “Again?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Pat asked.

Her friend explained that Pat had called her yesterday morning, reporting the same exact dream. Didn’t she remember? Why was she repeating herself?

Pat had no memory of this at all. She remembered only the “dream” from this morning.

Her friend said, it didn’t matter, that she should go and turn on the news. Pat went to the television and turned it on. It was to be one of the biggest shocks of her life. Several of the channels were covering the same story: the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano in Colombia, South America had just erupted, completely obliterating entire villages over a wide area, covering them in mud, and killing an estimated 23,000 people. The town Pat had seen was called Armero, and was in a direct path of the volcano.

Pat burst into tears. As she watched the footage, she recognized the area, and the disaster scene. She had been there. It wasn’t a dream at all. It really happened. What happened to all those people? They couldn’t have been returned to Earth? “It truly upset me,” says Pat...And they [the ETs] took thousands of people, and they weren’t bringing them back. And who would miss them?” 

It seems to be very easy for the aliens to launch such an extensive operation, to go into houses, put people into a trance, make them walk out and stow them away on a spaceship like cattle. Again, what happens to all those people. Do they end up in a meat locker, as intergalactic slaves or as experiments on 'seeding' other planets?

The same author in his other book The Healing Power of UFOs (2019), page 179:

"Andrew scheduled a session with Constance Clear. Under hypnosis, he recalled that a gray being entered into his bedroom. The being took him through the wall and into a small domed room. Inside the room were additional grays and medical equipment. Andrew became afraid he would never be returned, and one of the grays told him not to worry, that they would return him. The gray said that they had taken humans away from Earth before, and they had not survived."

That makes you wonder if they really care about our well-being or not. I bet it is the latter.