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Deep Crystal Illuminated tarot 

by Carol Herzer

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot


Blue is a very calming and healing color. Dark Crystal was created with the colors of ice and crystal in mind, shades and shadows with luminous light shining through.


You might wonder, what inspired me to create this version? I did not plan on doing it. It all started when someone who already had a regular illuminated asked me if I could make a deck for her all fire colors. Up to then, I had been offering to shift the emphasis on coloring when I do the iridescents, but this was going to be quite a bit more change. I like to paint, so I said I would do it, not quite knowing what I was getting into. She LOVED the deck, and her close friend and tarot buddy shortly after asked me if I could make HER a deck all in snow and ice. I thought about it for half a minute, because if I let myself really think I would not jump. I said yes... and went to work. Of course it turned out to be a huge amount of work, more than the fire deck. I kept the first painted set and they have become the source images. This deck is really special with iridescent, fluorexcent and especially glitter, like diamonds, sparking like ice crystal, but it also is just beautiful as a regular deck without any added enhancements.
At a certain point somebody asked me if I could make her Dark Crystal have more snow. I decided this was a good idea and altered the masters, adding snow. Then I got a request for one with added pink in the sky, and rose colors. For that I created a new set of masters, and it is called Dark Crystal Rose. In the process of creating al these variations and versions totally unique decks have happened, it has led to the customized decks going one step further into being true art pieces, no longer just decks. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of painting these versions, it is very interesting to me, and I have developed a whole new sense of light, and lighting effects in the paintings.

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Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot

 Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot

Deep Crystal Illuminated Tarot