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Cosmo Meditations Tarot

a tarot deck by by Carol Herzer

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A review of this deck is available on the web at Tarot Passages .

The roots of this series of paintings were in the 1960's. The psychedelic journey was approached with a spiritual and serious attitude, the images here document the inner transformations of that experience. The major arcana is seen as a continuing sequence, with one card leading into the next as a level of experience on the path to higher consciousness. It is a vision of awakening, the cards flow from one to the next revealing a process of inner growth and the opening of higher consciousness. This is an expanded major arcana tarot deck, with 24 rather than 22 cards. The two additional cards are 23 is Nemesis or collective karma, and 24, Chiron, the healer. Those two cards came later, in the 1980's when I was completing my Astrotaro deck.

sizes and prices

One size: 3 3/4 x 5 inches

Booklet included, in cloth pouch

Price: $67

All of the cards: click on start button for slide show; or click arrows for manual control:


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