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Orgonite Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ 

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Orgonite is my own term for what is commonly known as orgonite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orgonite?

Basically is a mixture of metal shavings and/or powders in casting resin. Some people claim that a crystal is also necessary, but orgonite works just fine without them.


Do you have proof that Orgonite works?

What better proof is is there than the many feedback emails from customers you can read on the Customers Experiences page!


Do crystals enhance Orgonite?

My feeling is that a crystal lends its own energy signature to the orgonite. Thus, one can also add all kinds of minerals or other substances to the orgonite mix.


Does Orgonite have any health benefits?

Health benefits are primarily related to improvement in your body's energy system. Customers have written me that their sleep drastically improved. It may relieve your overall mood as orgonite resolves energetic blockages in your body. Several people who were sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation have written me that orgonite made their lives so much better. Illness is often a manifestation of the imbalance within your energetic body. In this sense, orgonite provides not only a removal of blockages but also adds extra energy that the physical body can use for health purposes.


How do I choose the right piece of Orgonite?

Go through the different orgonite pages and see if there is something that really grabs your attention, or something that you really like. Going by your feeling is the best way to choose an orgonite piece. Some people use a pendulum to check out which piece to order.


Is the kind of metal important?

Orgonite is based on the presence of many different metal particles. It works no matter what the shape of a piece is, or what metal is used. I use different metals because some people have a preference of a particular metal. The use of different metals in layers is to broaden the spectrum of energies, which are related to the size of the metal particles.

Metals have their own particular energy signature. It is matter of personal feeling or liking. Every person if different, and will be attracted to different metals. Let you intuition guide you. I have put up links on every sale page that leads you the Metal Properties page.


Does size matter?

Yes. If you are looking to clear a room, a medium size cone, pyramid (about 5" high) or any other shape of similar volume will do the job. Larger pieces will do an area the size of several rooms, or even a house.

For electronic appliances, I recommend small pieces. Place them near the transformer part of the appliance, as transformer are known to emit very strong electromagnetic fields. For computer screens, place one between you and the screen.

Smart meters are now rolling out. They emit constant pulsed microwaves, like your cellphone. Place a good size piece as close as possible to the meter.

In contrast to what some people claim, orgonite, or any other energy device, does not block electromagnetic radiation, or microwaves. What orgonite does, is to transform the EM field and waves into a form that is more friendly to the human body, and other life forms.


The importance of pendants.

I consider wearing an orgonite pendant a must. If a pendant is out of the question, you can also wear a orgonite disk in your pocket, or handbag. An orgonite pendant is within your own bodily energy field. This is important, because when an orgonite piece is within the body's subtle energy field, it will clear out stuck energy, and re-align the nature energy structure of the body. In other words, it will bring the energy body back to its own natural, healthy state. Thereby the body will become much stronger than before, and can handle much easier the continuous EM radiation from our environment. I have had several electrosensitive clients that were able to tolerate the EM fields from their appliances, especially from their computer, much better than before. They had tried many other things before, but only orgonite worked.

At night you can put your pendant under your pillow, so it can keep you protected while your are sleeping. You can also put an orgonite disk under your pillow.


Can I have too much Orgonite?

I am surrounded by all the pieces I have made, and I am still here!


Does Orgonite penetrate walls?

Yes, orgonite works on the subtle energy fields and radiation. Walls, and any other matter do not pose an obstacle.


Is one shape better than another?

Orgonite works, no matter what shape it has. Cones and pyramids have the added advantage of emitting continuous life positive energy through the top of their shape.



Some people are confused about the term 'layers' in orgonite. This stems from some references to Wilhelm Reich's work with the orgone accumulator where layers of metal sheets and organic insulators were used. In orgonite we have numerous small metal particles separated from each other by the resin. In a certain sense, each pair of particles constitute a minuscule layer. It is the metal-nonmetal-metal combination that is the working mechanism, be it in large sheets as in the accumulator, or in a mixture of numerous metal shavings or powders in orgonite.


Where do I place my Orgonite?

I already have mentioned the transformers of electric appliances, and the computer screen, and of course your TV screen (it's better to throw your TV out anyway). Place them near the smart meter, and the electric mains (where the power supply enters your home). Where the water enters your home, or near your water well.


Does Orgonite transform geopathic stress lines?

Some people have had great success using orgonite to transform geopathic stress lines. My only experience with this is that a major negative earth line moved away when I placed an orgonite harmonizer on that line.

What is the difference between metal shavings and powders?

I have learned that the size of the metal particles is related to the wavelength/frequency they work on. The finer the particles the higher the frequencies they correspond to. Metal as a powder relates to really high frequencies. Some people prefer shavings, others powders. It depends what you need to work on. Allow your intuition to guide you.  I have observed that large shavings work more on the physical body, medium particles on the emotional, and powders on the mental body. Also understand that physical, emotion and mental energies are all interconnected. A mixture of particle sizes will give you a greater range.


Does Orgonite Work for Electrosensitive People?

Please, read my article of Orgonite and Electrosensitivity.


Is Aluminum in Orgonite bad?

Some people on the web have been stating that aluminum, and sometimes copper too, cannot be used in orgonite because Wilhelm Reich supposedly said that these metals are harmful to the body. They don't know what they are talking about.

First, Reich worked with different devices, not orgonite. Reich made orgone accumulators from different materials, to capture the orgone and concentrate it inside a box, in which his test subjects would absorb the high concentration of orgone for spiritual healing purposes. Reich's orgone energy accumulators were in the form of square boxes which consisted of alternate layers of organic and metallic materials, such as cotton or cellulose and aluminum or iron. Reich's continuing experiments in this field disclosed that organic materials attract and collect orgone energy from the atmosphere. The metallic material acts to both repel and contain the orgone, and thus the combination of both materials produces an ideal collector or accumulator of orgone energy. Accumulator experiments with humans showed that the pain of burns was eliminated or radically diminished in a few minutes, and the healing took place quickly, without scar; skin conditions would either clear up or be made worse, depending on the type; cancer cases did not develop anemia, and the patient's blood improved. In all cases, the results seemed to be due to a building up of energy in the organism. Where the energy was already high, patients could not tolerate the accumulator; depressed patients were helped in rebuilding their energy.

Experimenting with different metals, he found that an orgone accumulator lined with aluminum caused a loss of fur when used on mice, while a lining of iron gave the best results. This does not mean that aluminum was bad or harmful. Aluminum is a much lighter element than iron, and copper, and has a much stronger radiance of life energy. This is well known by people who work energetically with metals. The lighter the metal, the stronger the radiance. When you work with lighter metals, like aluminum, one has to shorter one's exposure. Too much orgone (inside Reich's orgone accumulator box) does the damage, not the choice of metal.