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Orgonite and Electrosensitivity

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Here is some feedback from customers who have electrosensitivity, and bought orgonite to alleviate their symptoms.

First and for all: by orgonite we mean pieces that are completely filled with metal shavings and/or powders. There are a lot of products on the internet that pretend to be orgonite, often sold under the term orgone products. Pyramids, cones and pendants that are filled crystals, stones, minerals, brightly colored powders, coils, but very little shavings. These products are pretty but do very little if anything at all.  

Electrosensitivity is becoming more known as more and more people suffer the effects of constantly being exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation.

Electromagnetic fields and RF radiation come from many electronic devices such as cell phones, wireless (Wi-Fi) networks, smart meters, computers, baby phones, cordless phones, fluorescent lighting, household wiring and power lines. Cell phone towers also emit radio frequency (RF) radiation, that is especially harmful for those who live next to them. If you work in the city or live in an apartment, chances are high that you are constantly bathing in WI-FI and cell phone radiation. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently classified RF radiation from cell phones as a Class 2B carcinogen, meaning it is a possible cancer-causing agent.

The detrimental effects of RF radiation, and microwaves on the human body, have been well studied for decades. Among the many negative effects, impaired immune system and chronic illnesses are the most important. Other symptoms include headaches, migraines, vertigo, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, tinnitus, anxiety. I have been hearing more and more from people who became ill right after the installation of a smart meter, or a cell phone antenna. It usually takes a while before they realize that they have become electrosensitive.

Can Orgonite help to alleviate the symptoms of electrosensitivity? Here is some feedback from customers who have electrosensitivity, and bought Orgonite to alleviate their electrosensitive symptoms:


My wife is sensitive to the effects of EMF's emitting from the electronics/ smart meter in our home. Orgonite is the only thing I have found that neutralizes it's negative effects on her. So the Orgonite eggs will be used for additional protection of the environment as well as a decorative element. I also can feel the energy that emanates from these devices, and have experimented with some gifting in my community. The results have been nothing short of amazing! There's something supernatural about Orgonite as it is beneficial all living things. I even have purchased Orgonite for my pets.

Hi Dirk,

They did arrive Saturday! Thank you again!

They're wonderful little semi-spheres of awesome. I'm far more drawn to the copper powder Orgonite pieces than I thought I would be, and the aluminum pieces have a beautiful, happy feel to them. I have them placed throughout my home to help raise the vibrations of specific areas, and you can notice a definite even serenity that's present. I started keeping one on my work computer, and I'm noticing less electronic feedback from it. It makes working long hours at a computer tolerable.

Thank you so, so much!



Hi Dirk,

Such a special afternoon meeting you and basking in your energetic beauty - a blessing all around. Returned home a little while ago and placed the Orgonite around my house - I'm not feeling the emf's anymore. Next time I come I'd like to pick out four pieces for the four corners of the yard. Look forward to seeing you soon. Marianne

Also, I have really appreciated the Orgonite that I purchased a while back. I wear the pendant every day, keep the pyramid in my bedroom, and sleep with the Orgonite disk under my pillow. The bad dreams that I was having stopped completely and I am sleeping much better (all of the smart meters for this apartment complex are not far from my bedroom). Also, when I first put the pendant on I experienced a "draining" effect of negative energy out of my head that I can only describe as being sort of like having your sinuses clear after being blocked for a long time. I don't understand how the Orgonite works....but it does, and these are only a couple of the benefits I have experienced. Thanks, Steve
Dear Dirk:
It has been some time since I purchased from you the two large Orgonite cones, but I want you to know how they have changed the atmosphere in our house.
Please don't gasp, but I put both of those powerful "energy purifiers" in our bedroom. That room is close to a transformer at the end of the next lot, and our air conditioning compressor adjoins the bedroom wall. That very night, I started sleeping better, and I no longer feel a sense of unrest and "energetic exposure" in that room. I think of those pieces as my energetic guardians!