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The Universal All

The following is a translation from an original French booklet, called Le Tout Universel, written by an anonymous author, probably dating from the first half of the 1900's. The author provides a schematic overview of all the kinds of consciousness and beings in the universe and their characteristics. It is not an ordinary book, it is more a work of study. It is obvious that the author was very knowledgeable in esoteric teachings, including Christian and cabbalistic elements. He seemed to have borrowed terms from several traditions.

His schematic shows a simple and structured order in the universe in relation to living beings and their qualities. It seems to me that he had a large amount of knowledge available to him, but that he also speaks from his own observations or experiences. He used words and terms that reflect his esoteric knowledge, and one has to read these terms and words not in the literal sense, but in how they are used in esoteric circles. You also have to use your intuition, and read between the lines in order to understand what he is talking about. It takes a little while before you start to see the logic  and the order in his schematic. As the book progresses he gives more information of what certain terms mean, and how the schematic works. So you might have to go back and forth between the pages.

He provides additional explanations, but even these are short. All this forces you to develop another way of reading and study, by employing your spiritual senses, look beyond our very limited everyday world and discover that there are many more living beings among us, many more levels of consciousness, and many more ways of looking at this all.

For a novice in esoteric studies, this treatise might be a little arcane. For those who are already aware of spiritual world and beings, this book shows you that the living universe is neatly ordered, layered and structured.

This book is primarily an informational exercise to expand your consciousness and awareness on multiple levels; and to teach you how to think and perceive in a very different way, much like the occultist, hermetici and alchemists of the past centuries.

For example, the term 'germ' he uses, has to be understood in the alchemical or hermetic way, that is, the center where all potentialities of a being, or thing lies.

In the following pages, all in italics is my own additional text in order to clarify some aspects for you.


God and Humanity

The Holy Kingdom

The Material Universe

The Immaterial Universe

Explanation of Some Terms

Man and God

The Beings in the Two Universes



Man in the Physical World

The Realms

Substances in the Three Worlds


Division of a World