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The Bee Machine, or Teslatron

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The "Bee Machine", or Electrotherapy Teslatron: my experiences with an unusual healing device based on Tesla technology, superluminal shockwaves and prana or chi. The inventor claimed that his device was similar to the Magnifying Transmitter that Tesla had built in Shoreham, Long Island, New York, also known as the Wardenclyffe Tower. I called it the Bee Machine, as it sounded like the sound of a thousand bees when the device was turned on.

In a quasi secret way the inventor was healing people with cancer and other serious diseases. However the Teslatron had other effects, such as making the prana energy streams from the meridians visible. As such it had the potential for being used as a diagnostic tool, but it never came to that.

It is my opinion that when a device heals cancers in just a few weeks, and it also makes the aura field or prana streams visible, the inventor should share his information with the world, and make it open source. However the inventor thought otherwise. Therefore this article is only my own layman's view and short experience with the machine in the 1990's.


About the Inventor

Pictures of the Teslatron Prototype

My Experiences with the Teslatron Prototype

How Does the Teslatron Work?

Links to Scientific Data

About the Inventor

The inventor is Guy Obolensky. He died in 2018, probably taking his secrets with him. Some parts of the device had to be extremely precise. Once in a while it would malfunction or blow up, and he was still fine tuning it.

Who is Guy Obolensky? From his obituary published in the New York Times:

OBOLENSKY--Alexis Guy: "Guy", of Sloatsburg NY, died on January 9th, 2018. Born in Chicago on March 3rd, 1929 to Prince Michel Alexeievitch Obolensky and his wife, Kathleen (nee Trask, of Lima, OH). Guy was an inventor and experimental physicist, well known for his research based on the work of Nikola Tesla. Guy is survived by five children, Michael, Alexa, Nina, Anna and Helena; and four grandchildren.

[Obolensky was a descendent of a princely Russian family of the Rurik Dynasty. The family of aristocrats mostly fled Russia in 1917 during the Russian Revolution.]


Guy Obolensky seem to have been a rather unusual and gifted person. I was told by one of friends, that when he was young he was often visited by a man who would appear in his bedroom and explain him all kinds of scientific and cosmic topics. His parents were open minded but could not explain why or who that man was. When he was in his early teens, they went to visit a Paramhansa Yogananda center. On one of the walls was a portrait of the mystic. When Obolensky saw the portrait, he yelled “Look, that is the man that came and talked to me at night. Apparently Yogananda, in his spirit form, has guided Obolensky during his life. Maybe that was the reason why he was also interested in the paranormal. He even had a girlfriend who was a witch (source). Paramhansa Yogananda told Guy that he would have in his life three near death experiences. They all came to pass. Yogananda saved his life the third time by trusting in him to know the exact moment to shift his weight and cause gravity to pull his hand off a metal handle as he was being electrocuted and could not release his grip. This maneuver had to occur exactly in between the cycles of electricity to work!

Early on he recreated an unusual German WWII weapon, based on sound shock waves:

Toward the end of World War II, the Germans were reported to have made a type of acoustic device. It looked like a large cannon and sent out a sonic boomlike shock wave that in theory could have felled a B-17 bomber. In the mid-1940s, the U.S. Navy created a program called Project Squid to study the German vortex technology. The results are unknown. But Guy Obolensky, an American inventor, says he replicated the Nazi device in his laboratory in 1949. Against hard objects the effect was astounding, he says: It could snap a board like a twig. Against soft targets like people, it had a different effect. "I felt like I had been hit by a thick rubber blanket," says Obolensky, who once stood in its path. (Source)

I was told he did some further work on shockwave technology weapons, what apparently was super secret technology.

There is a story posted on multiple website about an anonymous scientist who experimented with the resonance frequency of water. I know from my friend that this was Guy Obolensky. My friend told me the story way before I found it on the internet. It was told to him by Obolensky himself. Here is the text from the internet (I don't know the original author of the text):

A recent (1965) possible verification of the Frequencies Keely used to dissociate water into etheric force was related to me by a scientist when we were discussing certain aspects of free energy. He wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but his name is on file. I have no other verification of this experiment, however I believe it merits telling. The scientist, I shall call him Dr. X, was doing experiments with ultrasonic sound in a column of water. The object of the experiments was to devise a means of separating various densities of materials by injecting them into a column of water which was subjected to an ultrasonic standing wave vibration. The experimental setup is sketched in Figure 3-3 (for BBS considerations a description follows). A Barium Titanate ultrasonic transducer was fixed to the bottom of a quartz tube which was closed at the bottom and open at the top. Pure water was poured into the tube and the water column was "tuned" so that a standing wave was produced at 40,000 CPS (cycles per second). The transducer was powered by a 700 Watt power amplifier which was driven by an ultrasonic frequency generator. Because of the large amount of power put into the column of water a certain amount of evaporation took place at a constant rate when the transducer was energized. Therefore, to maintain a standing wave in the water column a feedback device caused the frequency to be raised as the water evaporated and the temperature changed. As a test, Dr. X decided to run through the experiment with only water in the tube to ensure that a standing wave was maintained as the water evaporated and the frequency rose higher and higher. When the experiment was started everything worked beautifully. Dr. X took periodic readings of his instrumentation and was assured that the standing wave was being maintained. Suddenly, with no warning whatever the water disappeared from the open quartz tube. He looked up thinking to see the water splashed on the ceiling when to his amazement a clean hole went right through the ceiling. The hole was the same size as the inside of the quartz tube. Further investigation showed the hole continued on through the roof also! Dr. X checked his notebook and found the last frequency entry to be 41,300 CPS. It was shortly after this that the water disappeared. Because of the time interval between the last reading and the disappearing water, the frequency sent to the transducer was higher than the last reading and Dr. X said it could well have been very close to 42,800 CPS, the Keely dissociation frequency. This obviously dangerous event caused Dr. X to dismantle the equipment and try some other approach to his problem. This experiment points the way to the use of our modern technology in conjunction with Keely's laws of dissociation to change matter into energy without the use of radioactive materials or extremely expensive atomic accelerators."

In the 1970s Obolensky experimented with force amplification by stimulated energy resonance (FASER), as it applied to electronic plasma lighting. In the 1980s he received a grant to investigate superluminal energy technology for use in electro-medicine applications. He experimented with Tesla technology and discovered some intriguing effects such as faster-then-light electromagnetic shockwaves.

He developed his Teslatron, and found that this device would create “luminous streams” of faint bluish light coming from the human body, best seen in the dark. This was already described by Tesla himself. Obolensky attributed this phenomenon to parametric interaction between the transmitter waves and the body’s own electromagnetic field or aura. This bluish light came from from wounded or diseased tissue of the person, but also from meridian points. After repeated treatments, the diseased tissue would heal and would not emit the blue light anymore. The light would still come from the meridian points.

He used the Teslatron for curing people with cancer and other serious ailments, and this was very effective. The healing was the result of entropy-reversing time-reversed waves. We are talking here neg-entropy, which is the creation of order.

Unfortunately he kept the technical aspects of his work secret, and now he is gone, we probably are not going to see the Teslatron in commercial use.

Pictures of the Teslatron Prototype

Here are the only pictures I took of the prototype of the Teslatron, in 1996, with a simple camera and in dark conditions. You can refer to them when you read the text to get a better understanding of the setup

Teslatron front view
Front view. The horizontal metal rod is the free electrode of the second coil of the Tesla circuit. The aluminum foil that is hanging down had something to do with preventing accidental grounding I think. It was only there in the first two sessions, then it was removed.
Teslatron front right view

Front right view. Behind the metal dome is a coil and circular contraption in which circuitry was present.
Teslatron left front view

Front left view.
Teslatron side view

Side view from the right. Left is the metal dome and the horizontal electrode. In the middle is a ten fold copper spiral. To the right is the circular thing. I have never seen what is inside.
Teslatron rear view

Rear view.
Later version of the Teslatron

Later version of the Teslatron. The dome is now upright and sits in an octagonal chamber.

My Experiences with the Teslatron Prototype

One day in 1996, a friend, Irwin, showed us a prototype machine a friend of his had put in his basement. His friend was a scientist with interests in energy medicine. After his retirement he developed a device based on Tesla technology coupled with his own insights outside mainstream science.

The inventor developed a device, based on Tesla technology with which he could accelerate particles beyond the speed of light. He was one of those scientist who dare not only to propose that this is possible but also had experimental proof of it. His device did put out some conventional electromagnetic radio waves that could interfere with FFC regulated bandwidths, so he had to make the room that housed the device into a Faraday cage. That is why the inventor had brought over the device to Irwin's house, because of the remote location, until he was finished building his Faraday cage. As Irwin was free to use the device whenever he wanted, he was holding group sessions, as they had discovered that the device was healing cancer. All that was needed was to attend a half hour session, about two or three times a week, for a couple of weeks, at the most a couple of months in severe cases, and all the cancer was gone. There were also people present who had other health problems. As my wife and I were interested in Tesla technology, Irwin invited us to attend these sessions.

The device, when turned on, would generate half a quarter of a million volts. In later years the inventor turned it up to a million volts. The amperage between the open ended electrodes was only 1 milli-ampere. For those familiar with Tesla coils, these are the characteristics of the second coil; one end of the wire is free, the other is grounded. The inventor was not using the classical Tesla coil circuit you can find on the web. He had modified it to experiment with faster than light speeds. It was his own unique design. During the first two sessions, we had to put our bare feet on aluminum foil that was grounded. However, when the inventor was able to reduce the amperage even further, the aluminum foil was no longer needed. The free electrode was sticking out horizontally from a metal dome. We all stripped down to out underwear to expose as much skin to the electric potential. Then the lights went out, as it was important to sit in total darkness to see the unusual phenomena associated with this technology.

From my diary: “The device creates a field of about 250,000 volts but only 1 mA. The field is so strong that it fills the entire room. When the device is turned on, one can feel a kind of cold breeze and many tinglings on the head. When one turns one's hand towards the horizontal electrode, bright energy emanations start to appear from the ends of one's fingers where the end of the meridians are. This is prana (or chi) flowing out of the ends of the meridians, and they are appear as bright light streams. They have a blue-violet-white color, and fan out a little. They are about 5 cm (2 inches) long.

prana plume

The same thing happens when one brings one's head towards the electrodes. Multiple of these fan-like light emanations show up on the top of the head. Irwin told us that the device helps in curing cancer and other diseases. He thought that the strong EM polarizes the cells, by which the cancer cells reverse their polarity and are recognized by the immune system again and thus destroyed. Healing of the cells happens much quicker. I noticed that when I bring two fingers close together the 'prana-plume' disappears.” Irwin often told me that the reversal of the polarity of the cells was the healing effect of this field. I don't know if this was the right explanation. I found a reference in which the inventor considered his device as being a 'mitogenic wave therapeutic machine' (mitogenic radiation = wavelength associated with normal (healthy) cell division).

I think it goes much further than that, and that healing had more to do with the frequencies applied, and the generation of high amounts of aether energy (prana, orgone, life-energy etc.).

The device was neg-entropic. It created order out of chaos. You also have to understand that in nature only life energy creates order out of chaos. When you withdraw energy (like death of living systems) order goes to chaos (decomposition). Science only believes in entropy, because they reject the life energy side of Reality, although it is around and inside of us all the time. They just don't want to deal with it. The device can be modified to generate more more energy than what you put in. Maybe it interesting to note that the device just plugged into an ordinary 110 volt outlet.

The device pulses at one particular frequency. When turned on it sounds like the sound of a million bees. That why we nicknamed it the Bee Machine. Irwin called it the Electrotherapy Teslatron.

The following week I couldn't attend but my wife went. As the inventor was still fine tuning his device, it was displaying some other phenomena. Small blue light spheres appeared along the horizontal electrode. From what I understood at the time, these were positrons, the anti-particles of electrons, made visible by the field. It could also be called cold electricity.

The second time I attended, I brought a couple of clear quartz crystals. “When a crystal is held at the finger tops, the prana light goes through the crystal and lights it up with a diffuse light. At times a diffuse light appears at the top of the crystal. The energy from the thumb was intensified a lot this way. At times the energy emanation from a finger would bent and enter into the side of a crystal. I also brought a small amethyst pyramid, but got no reaction at all with this.”

Irwin explained to me that inside the long horizontal electrode particles are produced that move faster than light. He showed us that when the device is turned on fluorescent light bulbs light up, which is to be expected from such a high voltage field. However when the device is turned of, they also light up although to a lesser degree. The reason for this is that the human body (who is holding the bulb) has been charged up electrostatically to such a high degree that even after five minutes the light bulbs still light up.

As I like to experiment, I had taken some more objects during my third visit. “A much larger quartz crystal glowed inside with the prana light, the same as with the smaller crystal the previous time. However my Brazilian laser crystal (what they now call Lemurian crystals) gave a very strong reaction. Much more light at the tip of the crystal. At the same I felt light tingles at the back of my hand while holding the crystal. A piece of amber, and a rose quartz sphere didn't react at all. A sterling silver pendant neither.

After the session Irwin explained that normally cancer cells are not recognized by the T-cells of our immune system, because they both have the same electric polarities (and thus repel each other). Cancer cells also are acidic. The field generated by the device raises the pH of the cancer cells and thus reverses their electric polarity, and now the T-cells can recognize them and destroy them. It was also noted that the cancer patients who went for treatment with this device started to look younger. Another effect was that the more one was exposed to the field, the more charge their bodies started to accumulate. This was verified by holding the fluorescent light bulbs. The bulbs, when held in the hand, would light up more and more with each consecutive session.”

Third session. The inventor himself was present. He explained that the device generated one particular frequency. (One has to understand that this is a pulse frequency, not an electromagnetic frequency. When Tesla spoke of frequencies he always meant pulse frequencies. That is why other scientists never understood how Tesla's inventions worked because they thought they were just regular EM frequencies.) The result was the creation of stationary waves (again in the Tesla terminology). The generated field agitates the air molecules, by which certain atomic states are created which change air molecules. This is especially the case with nitrogen molecules who go into a certain atomic state that has a direct link to prana energy. I would like to add here that his explanation might be similar to what has become known as ORMUS, which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements , m-state elements or mono-atomic elements (although they know think they might not be mono but appear in small clusters of atoms). These are a certain group of elements that can go into a higher, energetic spin state. Look it up on the web.

The inventor also told us that during one of the first experiments with a group of people, the group was singing the famous mantra OM, and a blue light appeared out of nowhere. When the light enveloped the participants, they felt an ecstatic feeling. By being in the field several times, and by the stories I heard, I am convinced that this machine is not only a prana or life energy creator or condenser, but that it raises the spin vibration of everything within its field, by which the entire space is getting closer to the next level of existence, or dimension, or subtle world, or spiritual realm (whatever you want to call it). It is similar to those sacred earth places or vortexes where the dimensions are closer together and energy, and even beings can go from here to there and from there to here. That's another topic, but those who are familiar with this know what I am talking about.

During this session I moved much closer to the electrode. “Many prana plumes became visible on top of my head as witnessed by my wife. When I brought my ear close to the electrode I could hear the intense buzzing of these prana plumes. Two times a prana plume appeared at the tip of my nose.”

The inventor also mentioned that when the frequency is changed one can see different energies around the human body.

The following week I had brought a tree twig. Holding the twig and pointing it towards the electrode gave off strong light emanations at the end, but also at the nodes where I had cut off the leaves. The light emanations were similar to the ones at the finger tops. I gave the twig to my wife Carol. She was holding it a little too close to the electrode and a lightning bolt jumped over from the electrode to the twig, accompanied by a loud bang. What happened was that she had grounded the electrode and the small current flowed from the electrode through the twig into her finger and body to the ground. Totally harmless, but spectacular, and Carol was quite shaken by it. After the session, when the lights were turned on, her little finger, or pinky, through which the current had run, was all white because the the body had reacted by contracting the finger muscles, narrowing the arteries resulting in a strongly reduced blood flow in her finger. After about ten minutes the blood flow in her pinky was all normal again.

The experimenter in me had made a stack of about twenty pennies separated by cardboard disks. The stack was enveloped was a plastic sheet to keep it together, and at one end I had attached a push pin. The push pin was added to release energy in case the body of the contraption was storing energy. This contraption gave some interesting effects in the field. You probably already figured out this was a kind of many layered capacitor. The light emanations from my finger went right inside of it. On many places alongside the cylindrical form there were light points, and light fans, also at the pointy end of the push pin. When I moved a finger away from the contraption, I could feel a strong, continuous vibration between the finger and the contraption.

We had also brought with us a couple of water containers. After the session, when picking up the containers, they gave off static electricity. I brought the containers upstairs in the living room, and about ten minutes they still gave off static electricity.

Next session. I had brought a small house plant. Many light points showed on the leaves, and two light fans. The flower pot was resting in a plastic container, and this container continuously gave me strong electrical shocks. I had to keep one finger inside the dirt of the flower pot to avoid the shocks. This time I had made a larger version of the previous contraption, made from ten metal washers with a diameter of 3.5 cm (1 ½ inch) with foam board disk separators. The moment I picked it up I was getting strong electrical shocks. It was reacting much stronger in the field than the previous version, although I was holding it much further away from the electrode.

About a week later, a friend called us and told us that an open cancer sore on her back, that wouldn't close, had closed after only three sessions. This was the last session we attended.

The inventor took the machine back to his home, where he continuously improved it over the years to come. Irwin would sometimes tells us about the difficulties the inventor had to keep the device up and running. The entire setup was the inventor's own unique design, and some parts he had to be manufactured by himself. There were a couple of metal disks in the circuit that had to be made to an extreme accuracy. There were no machines available that could match the degree of accuracy that was necessary. He finally found specialized equipment from German manufacture that could match it. It dated from just after the second World War. It was not used anymore and it was for sale. He had it shipped over from Germany. However, the forces generated in the circuit kept turning these disk into powder after a couple of times of running the machine. So, he had to keep making these disks, what was not only frustrating but expensive too. I think he finally solved the problem after many years. The inventor didn't understand why this was happening. I think he was generating high energetic aether streams. When Tesla finally got rid of the electrons in his circuit, he was creating very intense aether streams at the end of this second coil. These aether streams would literally vaporize various pieces of metals. (Nikola Tesla and Radiant Energy, page 18)


How Does the Teslatron Work?

The following information came from Irwin, who was a good friend of the inventor. By the way, Irwin was once diagnosed with adrenal tumors. After have been treated with the Teslatron they first turned non-malignant, and then reduced in size.

The device was based on the following features:

A Modified Tesla Coil Circuit

The device contained at least a modified 'Tesla coil circuit', somewhere in the circular drum. Irwin told me that it was a version of the Tesla Magnifying Transformer (which Tesla used in the Wardencliff tower).

The open end of the second coil was the long horizontal electrode sticking out from the metal dome. The dome has negative polarity, and emits unidirectional electric potential shocks about 15 times per second. They are longitudinal electrical potential waves (Coulomb waves), not polarized electromagnetic waves. A DC power supply charges a Marx capacitor bank (to generate a high-voltage pulse from a low-voltage DC supply) which in turn discharged 200 kilovolts into the unit’s dome electrode 15 times per second. These repeating, non-reversing, unpolarized negative electric potential shocks produces an outgoing ether wind. Nicola tesla called this radiant energy.

The electrode was a long piece of metal rod, and its horizontal position served to distribute the field as much as possible throughout the entire room. The other end of the second coil was grounded. The metal disks are resonators. The dimensions of these disk had to be made to such a high degree of accuracy (it might have to a hundred thousands of an inch, I don't remember quite), because the frequency he generated had to be very precise. I have mentioned that the generated frequency was a pulse frequency. Irwin once told me that the pulse frequency the inventor had settled on was 127 MHZ, as this is the resonant frequency of human bones. Running this frequency would stimulate the bones in the production of cells that repair the body. He didn't explain it any further, but I looked up what bones actually produce. It all turns around stem cells.

Nicola Tesla made many kinds of 'Tesla coils' and circuits, and was well aware of their beneficial and curative effects on the human body, by his own observations and experiments.

In 1898, Tesla published a paper that he read at the eighth annual meeting of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association in Buffalo, NY entitled, "High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes." He states that "One of the early observed and remarkable features of the high frequency currents, and one which was chiefly of interest to the physician, was their apparent harmlessness which made it possible to pass relatively great amounts of electrical energy through the body of a person without causing pain or serious discomfort. He also states that "When a person is subjected to the action of such a coil, the proper adjustments being carefully observed, luminous streams are seen in the dark issuing from all parts of the body." This we also see with Obolensky's Teslatron.


On September 6, 1932, at a seminar presented by the American Congress of Physical Therapy, held in New York, Dr. Gustave Kolischer announced: "Tesla’s high-frequency electrical currents are bringing about highly beneficial results in dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery."


Shock Waves Creating Speeds Greater Than the Speed of Light

The device is also based on shockwaves.

I noticed that the Teslatron prototype had a copper spiral tube with ten turns, going towards the free electrode. Irwin explained me this accelerated plasma to ten times the speed of light. The device was originally constructed to make an experiment to create speeds greater than the speed of light, by using shock waves. Superluminal waves are possible when creating shock waves. Irwin told me that with the first underground tests of atomic explosions, scientific equipment in the underground tunnels measured velocities of particles beyond the speed of light. At that time scientist were perplexed because it was generally believed that this was not possible. One of the reasons why so many underground tests were carried out was the study of these superluminal waves. They found that they were created by shock waves. Since then the study of shock waves was carried out under a military umbrella, and actively suppressed in the 'public' science.

A few scientists did pick up the interest in superluminal speeds, but were ignored by mainstream science. In technical terms, the device seem to create shock-wave-generated phase-conjugate-resonant solitons. (Phase conjugation is a physical transformation of a wave field where the resulting field has a reversed propagation direction but keeps its amplitudes and phases.)

One of the scientists who understand this technology is Paul LaViolette, a friend and colleague of the inventor. Laviolette helped him understand the properties of the superluminal speeds created by the shockwaves which emanated from his prototype device.

With sound waves, a shock wave is a compressed high intensity wave that is abrupt, and that has an extremely rapid rise in temperature, pressure and density of the wave flow. Shock waves can also be generated electromagnetically. Owing to the extremely high rise in pressure at the wave front, there is a high concentration of mechanical energy in the direction of wave propagation.  Electromagnetic shock waves also have accompanying solitons.

The spark gap method, whereby a spark is generated between two electrodes, is a very effective and reproducible technique for producing shock waves of this kind. Tesla  coils have a spark gap in their circuit, a necessity for creating pulsed shock waves. Tesla had discovered that when high voltage power generators were switched on or off, powerful shockwaves were created which he even could feel physically. This led him to construct the now famous Tesla circuit and coil (of which he made many different designs). It is based on a rapid discharge of the electrostatic charge supplied by the power source. These impulses create the shock waves. "By properly adjusting the inherent circuit parameters, Tesla learned how to produce an extremely rapid series of unidirectional impulses on demand. When the impulses were short, abrupt, and precise in their successions, Tesla found that the shocking effect could permeate very large volumes of space with apparently no loss of intensity. He also found that the shocking effect penetrated sizable metal shields and most insulators with ease." (from Secrets of Cold War Technologies, by Gerry Vassilatos)

Tesla also noticed that objects placed nearby became powerfully electrified, retaining a singular charge for many minutes after the magnetic discharger had been deactivated. This we observed too with the inventor's device as mentioned above, when people were still electrically charged up after the device was turned off; the same with the plastic water bottles.

Tesla found that this radiant electricity produced by rapid impulses could induce powerful electrical effects at a distance. These effects were not alternations, not alternating waves. They were longitudinal waves, composed of successive shock waves. The advance of each shock wave, followed by short neutral zones together comprised a radiant field. It is this radiant field that has a healing effect on the body.

These radiant waves were not subject to the hertzian law of inverse square diminution of ordinary transverse waves(=power diminishes quickly with distance). They do not loose their power with distance as they travel in straight lines. However, as they are uni-directional, there will be less radiant rays per unit of surface. Per unit of surface one will receive less rays, and thus less power as one moves away from the source.

The frequency of the impulses is also important. We are not talking about frequencies as understood with hertzian waves, but the frequency of the shock waves, which is the frequency of the interruptions in the spark gap. "Trains of impulses, each exceeding 0.1 millisecond duration, produced pain and mechanical pressures. In this radiant field, objects visibly vibrated and even moved as the force field drove them along. Thin wires, exposed to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapor. Pain and physical movements ceased when impulses of 100 microseconds or less were produced. These latter features suggested weapon systems of frightful potentials. With impulses of 1.0 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat was sensed. Further decreases in impulse brought spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms and vacuum globes with white light. At these impulse frequencies, Tesla was able to stimulate the appearance of effects which are normally admixed among the electromagnetic energies inherent in sunlight. Shorter impulses produced cool room penetrating breezes, with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness. There were no limits in this progression toward impulses of diminished duration." (from Secrets of Cold War Technologies, by Gerry Vassilatos)



We mentioned before that the Teslatron produces pulsed longitudinal electrical potential waves (Coulomb waves). Obolensky had measured that they travel at superluminal speeds, that is faster than light speed. near the dome they have six times light speed, but the speed declines quickly as you go further away from the dome. After a meter and a half (4 feet) it is just above light speed.

The pulses create stationary solitons, that is, circular standing waves of magnetic nature, at regular intervals from his device, like the picture below. This was the result of the superluminal magnetic impulses. The multiple light-speed shockwaves create self-organizing soliton trains.


They were measured both inside the inventor's laboratory as well as outside because they showed up in a straight line and continued as far as he could measure them.


Cold Electricity

Another phenomenon that happened with the Teslatron was the appearance of the little cold electricity spheres. They might have been positrons (a positron is the anti-particle of the electron).


Time Reversal

Obolensky said that a phase conjugated mirror was an essential part of the teslatron.

Irwin told us that the inventor was of the opinion that time-reversal of phase-conjugate amplification of the body’s mitogenic biophotons can lead to a reversal of entropy, and thus a return to the (former) healthy state of the body's cells. Obolensky was of the opinion that the luminous streams issuing from the body was the result of ‘force magnifying” of the body’s own mitogenic biophotons.

(Phase conjugation = a physical transformation of a wave field where the resulting field has a reversed propagation direction but keeps its amplitudes and phases; mitogenic radiation = wavelength associated with normal (healthy) cell division; biophotons = photons or light emitted by cells; entropy=gradual decline into disorder, in cells this means disease)

Time reversal is a property used in mathematical equations. This nothing to do with the popular notion of going back in time.

What is phase conjugate, in terms that an ordinary people can understand?

Phase conjugation happens when waves are reflected by a special type of mirror that reflects the wave back along the path that it came from. When the light strikes a normal mirror at an angle, it reflects back in the opposite direction, such that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.

reflected wave

In a phase conjugate mirror, on the other hand, light is always reflected straight back the way it came from, no matter what the angle of incidence.

phase conjugated wave reflection

This difference in the manner of reflection has significant consequences. For example if we place an irregular distorting glass (blue in the next picture) in the path of a beam of light, the parallel rays get bent in random directions, and after reflection from a normal mirror, each ray of light is bent even farther, and the beam is scattered.

scattered waves normal mirror

With a phase conjugate mirror, on the other hand, each ray is reflected back in the direction it came from. This reflected conjugate wave therefore propagates backwards through the distorting medium, and essentially "un-does" the distortion, and returns to a coherent beam of parallel rays travelling in the opposite direction.

phase conjugated reflection


Links to Scientific Data

I mentioned that Guy Obolensky has been secretive about his work. The above text gives you an idea in layman's terms about the scientific principles underlying the Teslatron. For those who want to go into the real scientific data, here are some links about his work, and some of his papers.

"Ionic Spa technology", "High Energy Pulsed Teslatron", An Explanation of the Mechanism by which It Works by Guy Obolensky; also contains another article by him called: A Short History: Errors Stemming from Unidimensional Treatments of Time and Electromagnetic Phenomena)

Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion, by Paul LaViolette, page 178-185 (a scientific description of the Teslatron and more)

A Method for Slowing the Flow of Time, by Paul LaViolette: an experiment with the Teslatron in regards to the passage of time

Tesla Technolgy by Guy Oblensky, by Shabari Bird: a good article that shows that Obolensky actually recreated a little known but important healing device invented by Tesla.

The Cosmic Ether: Introduction to Subquantum Kinetics, by Paul A. LaViolette, 2011, page 3


NOTES ON BERLIN LECTURE, by Harold Aspden, 2002, page 7

Energy Inventions Advocated by Integrity Research Institute , page 80

The Biologic Effects and the Therapeutic Mechanism of Action of Electric and Electromagnetic Field Stimulation on Bone and Cartilage by Guy Obolensky

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