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 In Meeting in Ancient Spaces, one of the texts by Jan-Anton van Hoek on this website, there are beings mentioned who have bird head like appearances: the Műghal and Tças'hir, the Bird-headed One, who would later call himself  Arya. From what I can gather from the sparse information in the texts of Jan-Anton van Hoek, the Műghal are like bird-like humanoid beings. They were intelligent and were loyal to the emperors on the planet Perk'oedhagh. The head must have been predominantly bird like, while the rest of the body might have been more human like.

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 For most people it might be a difficult idea to grasp that such a being can exist. Luckily, in the last decades we have seen a surge of information about extraterrestrials that look very different than humans. The universe teems with intelligent life and it developed in many different ways. We, humans are just one of the many intelligent life forms.
Many mythologies know bird-like humanoid beings. I can't go into this, but you can see some of them in the pictures below.
Bird-like beings or bird-headed beings also appear in dreams and hallucinogenic visions. I found an interesting reference to intelligent bird-like beings from a regression into a past life. I don't remember from what book (it was in Dutch, and I have only a copy of the relevant page). Here is the account:" Although I haven't had any clients who saw themselves as animals (in past lives), several people had an identification with the realm of birds, even as far as them having feathers and wings. These birdlike beings didn't give the impression to be mentally inferior, they rather were much more sensitive and esthetically more developed than their contemporaries. Many of the bird-people had the impression that they were in Atlantis. The following notes from a regression therapy by Michael Matthews give an example:
"I am in Atlantis. The buildings are burning, they are all burning. Things melt and spiral up in black masses that look a lot like burning plastic. What did they do?
"We were so unfriendly towards our own people. My eyes are full of tears because of the unfriendliness that was here. I don't feel personally guilty, but I feel compassion with those who must suffer, even if they have done this to themselves. I seem to be another kind of being. Yes, this is one of my first incarnations. I came here to learn about humans. To help them. I am so much wiser then they are. It is difficult to transfer the kind of knowledge that I have. With a glance I perceive their entire personality and their entire being. By just looking at them I have total knowledge and understanding of the state they are in and their entire past. They are feeling so superior , but at the same time they behave like children. I known where they come from even before they have opened their mouth.
"I serve them, but I don't know why I continue with this as they are so foolish. I live in a temple and fulfill humble tasks for the humans. I have such a compassion for them. I look like an owl. I can feel my wings and feathers. I have pure white feathers and I am as tall as a little man. My eyes are very big and very dark.
"No, this is not an imagination. I am not a man in an owl suit, I am a real owl. I am so big that I cannot fly. I give myself freely in service. But it makes the people even more arrogant. My heart is too soft."

Another account:

The following is a report from 1980 Humanoid Sightings Report by Albert Rosales .
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Location: Near Vacqueyras, Vaucluse, France
Date: June/July 1980 Time: 23:35

This incident took place when the witness was living in Vaucluse, in a small village they used to call ‘the village of the grottoes’ which is situated above Vacqueyras near Dentilles de Montmirail on the slopes of Mt. Ventoux. It’s a completely isolated spot of small stone huts, the lower of which were in the grottoes running under some houses. Their house was very old, dating he believes from 1703, and there was quite a crowd of them living there at the time. The witness was a student then doing a course in tourism in the rural environment and had already lived down there for some years.

The time of year must have been around June or July because the weather was very warm and she was sleeping with her bedroom window wide open. Before going to sleep, she used to sit beside the window with the lights out in order to cool off in the evening air. On the evening in question, she had sat down by the window when something very strange happened. She had the impression which was difficult to define: it was though the celestial vault had descended upon her. She remembers at that moment she was looking at Arcturus, then suddenly she had the sensation of terrible vertigo. She could not determine whether it was her who was ascending towards the stars, or the stars descending upon her. All she knew was that there was a great light and she panicked. She wondered where she was and what she was doing; then came the voices.

It really was a brilliant flash of light followed by voices assuring her, saying ‘Don’t be afraid, we are communicating telepathically with you.’ She remembers putting herself together and asking the question, ‘How do you communicate with me in a telepathic way, since I don’t practice telepathy?’ The voice answered by saying, “Don’t worry relax.’ At that moment, peace and calm prevailed and she let herself go.

She was completely conscious, because she said to herself, ‘You old woman, you are confused or dreaming.’ Then she tried moving her eyes to see if they were closed or open, but on opening them she found herself still seated by the window. Then some silhouettes appeared to her saying they were from outside our solar system. They gave her a name that she no longer remembers, and for that reason she cannot say what it was. The beings were humanoid in shape and were very tall, but one thing, she always remembers was their facial profile, because they had what looked like a huge beak and immense eyes. There were many of these beings, but two of them in particular who spoke with her had something on their head which resembled an Egyptian headdress. They explained to her that they had been making contact with Earth people many times and at the moment they were speaking to her they were simultaneously in contact with many other people on Earth. The beings said they had an important message for her to deliver in two years time.

When the event finished, she had the impression of coming down again, but this time not so violent as had been the case of her departure. They said good bye to her and asked her to trust them---a condition which still remains with her---and little by little the image receded and she found herself beside the window again, feeling rather stupid.

Some two years later she went to Sardinia where something very strange happened, she physically disappeared for 2 hours without being conscious of it, not knowing what had happened or where she had been. She also reported other psychic phenomena at different times in her life.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine, and Bertrand M-heust UFO Times #32 19

North Syrian Bird Goddess, ca. 3rd Millennium BC:

North Syrian Bird Goddess


Bird-Headed Beings, Burma (Myanmar), Pegu; dated 1479:

Bird-Headed Beings, Burma


Ceramic Bird-Headed figure whistle, 8th-9th century, Vera Cruz, Mexico:

Ceramic Bird-Headed figure


Mesopotamian (Assyrian), Winged Bird-Headed Divinity, 9th century B.C.:

Mesopotamian (Assyrian), Winged Bird-Headed Divinity