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The Eye in the Triangle

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God Is Watching Me

The One Dollar Bill

The Eye of Horus

Father Crispi's Artifacts

The La Mana Artifacts

The Light at the Top of the Pyramid

The Eye in the Triangle at a Virgin Mary Apparition

God Is Watching Me

The eye in the triangle. I grew up in Flanders, Belgium. In the first four grades of school (that was in the late 1960s) there was framed poster above the doorway, inside the classrooms) of an eye within a triangle with the text underneath: “God is watching me, here one does not swear”. At that time you could also find it in taverns. I still remember it well, so it must have made an impression on me. I always found it a weird image. Why one eye, why not two? Humans have two eyes, and so do animals and insects. So God must have two eyes too. Why an eye in a triangle? Why not just Gods face, the bearded old man looking at you with an angry face? On those posters the eye in the triangle is often depicted with rays, clouds and angels.

God ziet mij, hier vloekt me niet

The One Dollar Bill

Most symbols can be traced back centuries, as they have archetypal meanings. It is not a secret that shamans and visionaries throughout the ages saw many things, especially symbols, which they left in the form of petroglyphs or in manuscripts and books. Where else do we find the symbol of the eye in the triangle? On the one dollar bill of the USA!

the eye in thr triangle on the one dollar bill

It sits on top of a pyramid, which is in itself a triangle too. As we will later see, the eye in the triangle is actually a part of a larger symbol of an eye in the top of the pyramid.

the eye in thr triangle on the one dollar bill

Here, the eye in the triangle represents the Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God), and it is often surrounded by rays of light. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity (or divine providence). There is a lot of symbolism in this image, in which we can't go into. The symbolism  comes from Freemasonry. Freemasons have always been well represented in the U.S. government. The Eye of Providence was adopted in 1782 as part of the symbolism on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

According to some sources, the eye in the triangle on top of the pyramid represents the secret grades of initiation above the known (the pyramidal structure of) 33 grades of masonry (Scottish Rite). Those secret grades are reserved for only a few select members. Together they form a group who control the entire world. With it comes secrets that are above the common 33 degrees. Is the symbol of the shining eye inside a triangle on top of a pyramid an old secret they once discovered?

Great Seal Centennial Medal of 1882

Great Seal Centennial Medal of 1882

The most accurate version of the Great Seal ever produced by the U.S. Government is this commemorative medal minted in 1882.

Great Seal website

The Eye of Horus

An eye on top of a pyramid (=triangle) is not a new symbol. It is found in ancient Egypt in a slightly different form. In Egypt, the sun was called the Eye of Horus, the sun god. The two pictures below show pyramidions. A pyramidion is a small stone pyramid capstone that was placed on top of a pyramid. In two dimensions, it is basically a triangle on top of a truncated triangle. Or, a smaller triangle situated in the top corner of a larger triangle. What do we find in the top corner of such a pyramidion? The sun, or Eye of Horus.

It is important to understand that the Eye and the Sun are interchangeable. In the artifacts on this page you will see that in the top corner of a triangle, and sometimes on the top itself, is a sun or a shining eye. It is not a coincidence that they eye is shown with light rays, and the sun is a light emitting body.

Pyramidion of Hori, 1350 B.C., from Abu Tig, Egypt

Pyramidion of Hori, from Abu Tig, Egypt, 1350 B.C.

The Sun sits on the symbol of Earth, and atop the Djed pillar.

Pyramidion from the tomb of Rer, Abydos, Egypt, 7th century B.C.

Pyramidion from the tomb of Rer, Abydos, Egypt, 7th century B.C.

The sun disc sits between the signs for heaven and earth.

Father Crispi's Artifacts

The following two images are from the Father Crispi collection. Father Carlos Crespi was a Silesian-monk who lived in Ecuador. He did missionary work among the Indian population in remote valleys during his lifetime. Crespi received or bought many artifacts from the indigenous people in Ecuador (between 1930 and 1980). When questioned, they told him they had found them in subterranean cave systems in the jungles. They are presumably from a forgotten civilization, but Crespi suggested that there was a connection between the artifacts and the ancient civilizations of Babylon and Sumer. Explorer Richard Wingate mentioned that the artifacts were identified as Assyrian, Egyptian, Chinese and African. It is possible that that these cultures traversed the Atlantic ocean and left their presence in South America.

From the Father Crespi collection: A stone triangular stone with inscribed pyramid and a sun at the top.

A stone triangular stone with inscribed pyramid and a sun at the top.

From the father Crespi collection: A golden plate depicting a sun atop of a pyramid with thirteen steps

A golden plate depicting a sun atop of a pyramid with thirteen steps,

with Paleo-Hebrew writing at the bottom. just like the one on the One Dollar bill!

Isn't it strange that the above artifact of the golden plate with a sun above a pyramid has thirteen steps just like the one on the One Dollar bill! One wonders if the Freemasonic rulers of the USA also had a similar ancient artifact in their (secret) collection!

The La Mana Artifacts

In the 1980s, 300 strange artifacts were discovered by a group of gold prospectors working under the direction of Gilermo Sotomayor, who was the gold mining chief, from a waste pit at a depth of 10 meters, in the mountains of La Maná, Ecuador. These artifacts are referred to as La Mana artifacts. (You can see them in the Dona Klaus lecture at YouTube, towards the end of the lecture). Later on, these relics were transferred and kept collectively to acquaintances of Sotomayor. In 1999, Klaus Donna, an Austrian researcher in ancient artifacts, was the coordinator of the "Unknown Mystery Exhibition". For that purpose he visited Ecuador and photographed the items.

One of the artifacts is a 27 cm high grey and white triangular stone that has an engraving a brick pyramid with thirteen (!) steps. At the top of the pyramid is an eye inlaid with fluorescent calcite. This eye fluoresces under ultraviolet light.

The underside of the triangular stone has an inlay of five gold dots representing the constellation of Orion, and some inscriptions.

Many of the La Mana artifacts are said to fluoresce under UV light because of the inlaid calcite.

It's anybody's guess how old this artifact is. Considering the fine craftsmanship involved in these artifacts, they probably date from the Atlantean global civilization. If you want to know more about how Klaus Dona came across these objects, go to an article, The light pyramid of La Mana by Klaus Dona and Reinhard Habeck. More interesting information about these amazing artifacts can be found on Alexander Putney's website Human Resonance.

La mana artifact: The triangular stone with thirteen layers and and an eye above it. 

The triangular stone with thirteen layers and and an eye above it.

The La mana pyramid stone ubder UV light 

The stone under UV light.


The unerside of the La Mana pyramid

The underside of the triangular stone with the golden Orion stars inlay and inscriptions. Professor Kurt Schildmann, who was the President of the German Linguistic Association called the writing pre-Sanskrit. According to him these four symbols mean: "The son of the creator comes."

It's interesting that this artifact refers to the constellation of Orion. The three stars of the Orion belt also show up with the three pyramids of Giza. The connection of the pyramids with the three stars of Orion's Belt is based on a theory put forward by Robert Bauval. However, as I pointed out in my article Sethian Architects of the Egyptian Pyramids from Cygnus, the three stars might relate to the constellation of the Swan, and not Orion. In either case, there is a connection between pyramids and a stellar constellation.

Two more La Mana artifacts:

Another la Mana stone with eye in pyramid 

Another triangular stone. At the top is a triangle with an eye.

Another la Mana stone with eye in pyramid, and stars of Orion or Cygnus 

A stone with an eye inside a triangle, and the three stars of Orion (or the Swan).

The Light at the Top of the Pyramid 

If the La Mana objects are indeed from the Atlantean Period, then the are at least twelve thousand years old. They seem to point to the pyramid builders. We are talking about the really large pyramids. The recently discovered Bosnian pyramid has been dated to around thirty thousand years ago. Some researchers suggest that the large pyramids in Egypt are much older than hat the archaeologists tell us; they also might date from the Atlantean Period.

It seems that there is link between the pyramid builders and the symbol of the eye or sun in a triangle or pyramid. Maybe it is a message that the pyramid builders (actually the architects) were and are watching us. The La Mana artifacts refer to the constellation of Orion (or the Swan). In my article Sethian Architects of the Egyptian Pyramids from Cygnus, I have shown that there is various information that point to the pyramid architects as being extraterrestrial beings from Orion or the Swan. If they came to Earth a long time ago, and built the pyramids, and/or established civilizations, then it is logical to assume that they came here in their spaceships.

I have mentioned that the shining eye (always surrounded by light rays) and the sun are both light emitting bodies. Could be it be that these Atlantean pyramids were power generators, as some have claimed, and that, when powered up, they were emitting a bright light at the top of these truncated pyramids? Maybe the capstone on the truncated pyramid was of a special construction or material that emitted light. When the Atlantean period came to an end, people remembered the light at top of the pyramids, and this got passed on through the generations as a light, a sun, a shining eye inside the upper triangle representing the capstone.

light source at the top of the pyramids

The Eye in the Triangle at a Virgin Mary Apparition

The eye in the triangle shows up at unusual places. One of those places, or event, where you would least expect it, was at Garambal, Spain, the place of a famous Virgin Mary apparition.

San Sebastián de Garabandal (commonly called just Garabandal), is a rural village in the Peña Sagra mountain range of Northern Spain. From 1961 to 1965, four young schoolgirls, Mari Loli Mazón, Jacinta Gonzalez, Mari Cruz Gonzalez and Conchita Gonzalez, received several apparitions and messages from Saint Michael the Archangel and the Virgin Mary. The apparitions numbered in the thousands, drew huge crowds, and featured supposed paranormal phenomena, much of it filmed or photographed, with thousands of witnesses. Some authors have pointed out that the phenomena were similar to those of UFO sightings, which we can't go into here.

On July 2, 1961, Mary was accompanied by two identical 'angels':

They [the girls] had not reached the spot when; all at once, they found themselves in the presence of the Blessed Virgin. She was accompanied by two angels. One was a stranger; the other was St. Michael. Both wore the same garb. Conchita declares that they were very alike, "as if they were twins". On the Virgin's right, they could see a square of red fire framing a triangle with an eye and some writing. The lettering was in an odd oriental script. (source: The apparitions of Garabandal by Francisco Sanchez-Ventura y Pascual, 1965, Translated from the Spanish by A. de Bertodano, page 27).

Aside from all the other (paranormal) anomalies with the sightings that point to dimensional beings portraying themselves as religious figures, why would they show the Freemason Eye in the Triangle symbol in a religious context (the women later identified herself with Mother Mary)? The Catholic Church wasn't especially fond of the Freemasons. The little girls from the countryside didn't understand the symbol at all, they just mentioned it.

Does the All-Seeing Eye refer to those dimensional beings, who, from their vantage point can see everything that happens in the physical world, and in human society? Were they showing their emblem, for those who know the symbolism, to identify themselves who they really are, behind the screen of religious apparitions? UFO occupants, and even the famous Men-in-Black often have an oriental appearance. Maybe that is why there was oriental script with the symbol?

With the sighting at Garambal, we have a square added to the usual symbol of the eye within the triangle. The square is the symbol of the physical dimension or world. The square is also another masonic tool for measuring tight angles.

The association of the Virgin Mary with the Eye-in-the-Triangle is kind of strange, especially when it happens with a Mary apparition. When I was looking around for other connections, I found an image of a statue of the 'Virgin of the Light' in the cathedral of Cuenca, Spain. Above her head is the radiant Eye-in-the-Triangle. Looking around a little further on Spanish websites, I found that this Mary statue also had a connection with a Mary apparition.

The area of Cuenca was occupied by the Muslim Moors for several centuries, when in 1177 Alphonso III, Spanish king of Castile, besieged the city. The siege was going to be difficult one because of the Moors were well-equipped to defend the city. One night, the Virgin Mary appeared in his dreams, and she promised to help him to reconquer the city. She also revealed to him that in the past Christians had hidden a statue of the Virgin Mary in a hollow below a bridge. He sent his troops out to the location to dig it up. They found the statue in a grotto on the banks of the river Júcar. Later a hermitage was built to enthrone it.

Below is the statue of Mary with the radiant Eye-in-the-Triangle above it. Is the radiance connected with her title as lady of the Light?