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Spontaneous Manifestation of Money

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Towards an Explanation

People's Experiences:

When Pennies Fall From Thin Air

Inside a House




Foreign Coins

With Other Paranormal Activity

When It Rains Money (newspaper articles)


Towards an Explanation

There was a time when the living covered the mouths of their dead with a single coin before their final goodbye. The coins had a purpose: to allow the dead to pay for their passage to the Otherworld. In Ancient Greece, among Romans, and other Near East countries, this was the realm of Hades, separated from the land of the living by five rivers. It was a perilous journey, and there was only one guide to take the recently departed to their final destination. His name was Charon. The unfortunate souls who didn't have a coin (because their bodies hadn’t received a proper burial) were condemned to wander along the banks of the Cocytus, the river of lamentation, for all eternity. The custom is also found in Western Europe, by Celtic cultures, and among the Germanic peoples of late antiquity and the early Christian era, with sporadic examples into the early 20th century.

We find this practice even at the other end of the world. At a traditional Khmer funeral, a silver or gold coin is often put into the mouth of the dead before the body is cremated. The belief is that this is the only wealth the dead can bring with them to the underworld.

Even in our modernized world, you can find coins left on gravestones. These coins are commonly left on military graves as a sign that they’ve been visited by living soldiers.

Thus, coins have a connection to the spirits of the deceased. It is no wonder that the anomalous appearance of a coin is often associated with a recently deceased person.


It seems to happen more than one might think, a penny that drops out of thin air, in front of or near a person, mostly an enclosed area, when nobody else is around, or where nobody could have thrown one. Actually, the penny usually just falls straight from above. In countries where there are no pennies, it will be a coin of that countries denomination.

The coin can fall anywhere in one's house, in a building, or even outside. It falls unexpectedly near a person. One can hear the coin fall first, as it hits a hard surface. It can fall right in front of a person, but not always. In some instances it lands on top of the person's head.

Some people have this happen more than once. It can happen twice in a day, or multiple times over a period of time.

Most of the time, it is a penny, or pennies, that drop out of thin air. However, occasionally a dime or a quarter falls too. In some rare instances, one can have a coin appear from a foreign denomination, that is a coin from another country that is not in use in one's own country.


So how or why does this happen?

Some people associate the event with a recently deceased family member, who want to send a message that he/she is ok. However, many people do not make this association. For them it is just a mysterious happening, without meaning. Some keep the coin(s), while others just throw them away.

It should be noted that materialization of objects, and in rare cases also of coins, is known in poltergeist. In the past poltergeist was attributed to the presence of a malicious or disturbing ghost, who, most commonly, would move objects, like furniture, around. Poltergeist's materializations usually include stone, that would appear in an enclosed area (although also outside a house too), but these always appear to be thrown with force. Materializations and dematerializations in poltergeist include many different objects, usually household items.

In recent times, due to research, poltergeist is now largely interpreted as the effects of psychological disturbances of a person in the locale where the events happen. Somehow, that person generates psychic energy that repeatedly cause the anomalous events, although the person himself does not have this under control. The events happen spontaneously, probably due to a sudden release of pent-up emotional energy.

One could also argue that, at least in some cases, there is also a spirit present who could use that energy to create physical effects. Maybe the temporary presence of telluric energy fields might also play a role.

It is interesting that in a few cases, there is also other paranormal activity happening beside the manifestation of coins, what then might point to a poltergeist case of some sort.

Below is a report of an investigation of an abandoned building, once used as a morgue, by two Navajo rangers. The strange happenings at this place would more fir a haunting than a poltergeist case. At that place the rangers had multiple coins appearing from nowhere. Considering a morgue would a place where there is  an strong accumulation of energies, and departing spirits, there is a string possibility that a spirit(s) was responsible for the materialization of those coins.


We speak of the materialization of a coin, or coins, or other objects, but in reality it is a teleportation. That coin, or object, has to come from somewhere. When coins appear they are not always shiny new. They have dates from past years, even decades ago. When a coin appears that has even dust on it, it is clear that it has been lying around in some dusty corner for a while before it was teleported.

In shamanism, spirits are known to be able to dematerialize an object from a certain place, and then materialize it at another place. That is teleportation. People drop coins everywhere, especially pennies, or cents. A spirit could easily pick a lost coin from the immediate environment, dematerialize it and materialize it in the presence of a person. The spirit could also take them a wallet of another person, or even from one's coin collection (in cases where a rare coin appears).

Teleportation is a Siddhi in Hindu scriptures. In Indian religions, Siddhis are material, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of yogic advancement through sādhanās (ego-transcending spiritual practices) such as meditation and yoga. The number of siddhis and their nature varies among the different disciplines. When the yogi has attained a certain level of development, these inherent abilities spontaneously appear. They are attained as a natural consequence of spiritual development. Siddhis can also be obtained by magical practices, regardless of any spiritual development. They can also manifest spontaneously for various reason, such as inherited karma of previous lives. So, people can be born with a psychic energy or capability for the manifestation of objects, such as coins. They usually do not know it, and the activation of their psychic ability happens unconsciously and spontaneously. There might be an external trigger that would allow these manifestations to occur. Or maybe a spirit might use this psychic energy of the person to be able to manifest a coin(s). This might be the case with people who have coins appearing out of nowhere multiple times in their lives.


In most cases it is just one or a few coins that appear out of nowhere. However there are also cases in which it 'rains' money, that is, a lot of coins, and in some rare events paper money, are 'raining' down from the sky, also appearing out of the blue. These events have the characteristics of poltergeist phenomena, as the objects (the coins) manifested are multiple, and the coin rain happens repeatedly over a short span of time, even when there are only a handful of coins involved. Are we also dealing here with spirits that are teleporting a load of coins just for the pleasure of it, or are some other forces at work, as in the temporary appearing of telluric energy field? The fact that it just only coins and nothing else with it does suggest an intention behind it.

People's Experiences:

When Pennies Fall From Thin Air

Inside a House

Mysterious penny fell out of the ceiling onto my makeup tray

As this literally just happened five minutes ago I’m trying to rack my brains for any logical or scientific theory. Just sitting on my bed watching YouTube, and at the foot of my bed I hear what sounds like a coin dropping onto my glass vintage makeup tray/mirror. It made me jump as it made a loud clang. It made the noise of hitting glass and then rolling a bit, sounded like it dropped from a pretty high vantage point. I went over to check and there was a penny laying there, very dusty as well. The items on my makeup mirror are just makeup brushes in a cup and claw clips laying flat down. Directly above that is just my ceiling. No holes or random gaps or opening. My makeup tray is just laying flat on a small wooden table. I don’t have money stored in a container anywhere near that. I cannot think of a logical explanation of why a random penny just decided to drop from god knows where and scare the shit out of me. (Reddit)


Penny dropped from the ceiling

So I'm going to make this quick!! I was in my grandparents kitchen a few years ago with my Aunt as a witness and out of nowhere a penny fell right in front of us. The penny made an impact and fell on heads. it also fell away from the fridge and dead center-relatively close to us at the table. My grandma who was washing dishes stopped and turned around and asked what was that. We first thought someone lost a coin but no one had coins on them. And none us carried money like that anyway. My grandma then said its message from someone in heaven. I don't remember who she said exactly but to this day I still think about it... to add to that me and my aunt both saw it fall from the celling!! So we knew we weren't insane. (Reddit)


In a shower

When I was young, I had a friend pass away. I was in the shower, thinking about it, right after his death, when all of a sudden - a penny fell. It fell and dropped in the very center of the shower (right in front of me), nowhere close to a ledge, it fell from nowhere. Recently, I've been finding a lot of "lucky pennies" even at work, I found one, put it in my pocket... then found another one moments later- and thought, cool- two lucky pennies! just to find the first one I had put in my pocket of missing... very strange also. (comment on post on Reddit)


Bathroom pennies

So yesterday I was in my bathroom and suddenly a penny fell on my head and down my back. Mind you there's nothing above me or relatively close to me for it to drop off of. It was a fall like someone just dropped it, not a throw or at an angle so it was directly above me. An hour or two later another penny drops on my head in a DIFFERENT part of the bathroom. So that's weird but today my fiancé heard grunting from the bathroom and it was very soon after she started looking at the pennies. We've been feeling creeped out in the bathroom for a month or two now anyways. No one I know has died so idk. Help? How do i stop it? (Reddit)


1 cent in bathroom

I had the exact same thing happen to me last year. I was alone in my house and as I walked out of the bathroom a 1 cent coin dropped from above and landed right in front of me! I looked up at the ceiling. All was ok and then picked up the coin. What makes this weirder is I live in Australia and they stopped making/using 1 cent pieces years before I emigrated here, so I'd never seen one until that moment. I kept the coin, it's my reminder of one of the most wtf moments in my life! (comment on post on Reddit)


In kitchen

I hadn't heard about coins being connected to a loved one that has passed! A few years ago I had just gotten a divorce and moved into my own apartment to live alone for the first time in my life. I was in my kitchen washing a dish when I was suddenly hit on the shoulder with something. It hit me and then fell into the sink. It was a penny. I was looking up and all around trying to figure out where it could have come from! Being as I was new to the whole living alone thing, for the sake of my nerves, I decided to tell myself it had fallen from above the cabinet, but that doesn't actually make any sense because, if there had been a penny sitting up there, I don't see any reason it would've fallen at that moment. Very strange. But no one I knew had recently died or anything so it's still pretty weird. (comment on post on Reddit)


Penny dropped on his head.

So, I will say that in general I just follow this sub because it’s entertaining, but the things I’ve seen people post I think can be explained by coincidence, human error, etc. I thought this random occurrence was funny, though. I was walking into my garage a week or so ago. I stepped onto the first step, and a penny fell on my head. There is nothing above that spot but flat ceiling. There are no holes. A random penny apparently just fell out of nowhere and landed on me. (comment on post on Reddit)


On head multiple times

This happens to my fiancé a lot. It won’t fall near him, only on the top of his head. I’ve personally witnessed it a handful of times in the couple years we’ve been living together. I remember the first time it happened, we were brushing our teeth together in the mirror when it happened and it absolutely blew my mind when he wasn’t freaked out in the slightest by it. It’s been happening to him for as long as he can remember, but I remember doing some research on it and it having something to do with communicating with loved ones that have passed. (comment on post on Reddit)


Dropping in one's lap

This happened to my girlfriend shortly after her father died. She was working at my sister's deli and at clean up time washing the tables she would hear a coin hit the table after she cleaned it off. Sometimes she would be sitting out side on a break and a penny would land in her lap. (comment on post on Reddit)


Walking up the stairs

This happened to me the day my cousin died and it still gives me the heebie jeebies. As she was dying there was a penny by her hospital bed I picked up and kept it. Few weeks later: just minutes before I was told the bad news a penny had dropped on my head from a flight of 3 stories as I was walking up the stairs. (comment on post on Reddit))



On a mountain

What? I didn’t realize this is a thing! When I was in middle school my dad and I were skiing and one of my skis came off because my binding was loose. We were in the middle of a run in the back country and the sun was headed down so we needed to start making our way back. I remember we couldn’t find anything to tighten the binding with and we were starting to try to figure out another way to get down the mountain when a penny fell between us out of nowhere which we could use to tighten the binding. Nobody had skied by and it was super bizarre. I remember we used to talk a lot about that moment and I’m realizing I haven’t thought about it in years. Definitely didn’t know this was a semi-common occurrence to others. (comment on post on Reddit)


Going to a shop

It was yesterday when I was going to the shop and one coin fell and hit my leg out of nowhere, as I picked up the coin the coin was so warm and I got little scared like how is this possible that coin falls out of nowhere, I had no idea what does that mean but when I was going through Google, I saw that it mean the loved person who is no more is trying to give a message and recently my mom's sister died, I really loved her and due to this quarantine I couldn't even attend her funeral. I really want to know does that really means that she's doing okay/fine? Has it ever happened with you guys ? (Reddit)


Walking in a city

This happened near the end of 2020. At the time, I was dating this one girl and we decided that day to go for a walk around the city. It was near September or October, so it was pretty sunny and there was a fair amount of people. Not crowded, but certainly not empty. The heat really made me crave for a drink, so I decided to get an iced tea and we decided to keep walking around. Some minutes later, as it was three fourths done with the drink, me and my ex heard a sudden "clink" near us. We didn't know what that sound was for around two minutes as we kept walking, until I start drinking from the iced tea and....there it was: A coin. The chances of a coin falling from the sky, landing exactly in my drink and, on top of that, for it to have been the highest value coin in my country, was wild. Talked about that for a solid week after this. (Reddit)


Stepping out of the apartment

As I sit in my house during this awful virus, I can’t help but to go wandering through old memories. One stood out. When I was in college in 2014 the school I attended did not have on campus housing so a large apartment building in town was used for students. It was a 6 story building fairly new, or at least newly renovated. Note that I was and still am a coin collector. One Saturday evening my roommates and I left the apartment to go to the Casino. I was the first one out the door, as I opened the door and took a step out of the apartment a penny falls out of nowhere and lands at my feet. I reach down and pick it up and was in shock. It was a 1920 wheat penny. Now keep in mind, I’m a coin collector so having old coins in my possession wasn’t uncommon. However, up until that point I did not own any wheat pennies from the 1920’s at all! 1939 was my oldest at the time. Where it came from I have no idea, but it’s just interesting because out of all the stories I’ve heard about this phenomenon none of them seem to have had very old coins fall to them. May have been a blessing though, that night at the casino I started with $100.00 and was down to $7.00 and hit a jackpot hand pay of $4,180.00. Very odd day for sure! And yes, I still have that penny. (Reddit)



Uncles leaves dimes

Yes! I lived with a girl at her uncles house. He passed away and gave the house to her. She said he would always leave her dimes. We would find them in the tub, under bins we just cleaned under, everywhere! One dime even rolled to her from another room when no one was around. Cool ghost to have I think. (comment on post on Reddit)


Grandma leaves dimes

My mom was the one that told me about the coin thing. It happens to her with dimes all the time. I’ve been with her when it has happened. Dimes just appear out of nowhere, and she always says it’s her grandma checking in on her. (comment on post on Reddit)


Dimes falling from sky

This hasn't happened in a few months but I was just thinking about it for some reason. It started with my brother saying dimes would fall while he was in the shower in his apartment. We all busted his chops and tried debunking it. A few months later I started noticing the same thing. I would be cooking breakfast in my boxers and these coins seemed to appear out of thin air and fall to the ground. The first couple I thought were odd, but it started happening enough to where I apologized to my brother which never happens. (Reddit)


Dime in living room

A couple months ago, in the middle of the afternoon, I was sitting at my dining room table with my 8 year old. We were going over some math problems from her homework. A very ordinary, uneventful day. Well, halfway through her homework, my husband called our daughter over to the living room so she stood up from her chair only making it couple paces before we a heard: "clink". Out of thin air my daughter and I observed a coin fall straight down in front of her face and land at her feet. It was oddly surreal, because her and I simultaneously gave pause for about 3 seconds before she bent down to pick up the coin. After a moment of her holding it, she asked "Where did that even come from?" At the same time I said "You didn’t drop that did you?". We both looked up at the blank ceiling then around ourselves. I asked her what kind of coin it was - I thought maybe it was a penny and was thinking maybe that was some sign of good luck…but when she showed it to me, it was a simple dime dated 1976. (Reddit)



Quarters from grandma

This happened several years ago now. I was watching an episode of Montel Williams with Sylvia Browne as the guest. I was never a big fan of hers, but she was talking about coins and how our deceased relatives and friends sometimes will leave coins as a way to communicate. I didn't think much of it, but I thought it was interesting. During a commercial break, I went upstairs to my son's room to do something. I noticed a quarter right under his bed that wasn't there before. I just kind of though "Huh. Interesting." All of a sudden, I hear "clink, clink, clink" from downstairs. I'm home alone at this time. I walk down the steps and there are a bunch of coins laying on the floor. I don't remember how many. Maybe 4 or 5? It was very odd. They came from nowhere. And it's never happened again since. That night, I had a dream about my grandma. It was one of those dreams that's not like a real dream. It was nothingness all around and just a fuzzy image of me showing my grandma a photo album of my son. (Reddit)


At school

In high school, I used to sit in the secluded area next to the gym to eat my lunch because I didn't like the cafeteria. One day as I was eating a sandwich and studying on my laptop with my backpack laying flat on the ground next to me. I heard the sound of coins falling onto fabric and clinking together, which was odd because there was no one else in the area around me. I looked around and noticed that there were a couple of quarters sitting on my backpack that had somehow just appeared out of nowhere. Not the weirdest experience of my life but notable. (Reddit)


A quarter thrown with force

Today I had something utterly unexplainable happen to me. For reference, when you walk through my front door, immediately to your left are the stairs heading up, to your right there is a high decorative arched window. Straight ahead is my living room. Today, I was walking from the living room to walk up the stairs when out of nowhere I hear this LOUD crack directly above my head, but below the window, something hit the wall, ricocheted back at me, and landed at my feet. It was a quarter, and it was whipped at the wall with ALOT of force. Thing is though, there was no one else to have thrown it. It didn't fall, it flew horizontally and hit the wall, gravity doesn't do that. I have no logical explanation and there is nothing rational about it. I thrive on logic and rational thought. I feel insane. (Reddit)


Foreign Coins

Euro coins in Ohio

Last summer I went to Europe for 2 weeks. One day while I was over there my mom noticed some coins glinting in the driveway when she pulled in. Forgot about it and the next day she saw them again...but closer to the back porch. She picked them up and the next day found some on the back deck. The strange thing was that they were Euro coins and this was in Ohio and happened while I was in Europe. It's not like I dropped them before I left. I didn't have coins before I left. (comment on post on Reddit)


American and Australian coins in the UK

II find this crazy. I live in the UK and I've found American and Australian coins a few times just appearing randomly in my house. I have at least 3 dimes (is that what you call pennies? I don't know American coinage at all) I've never been to either country and nor has anyone I know. Absolutely no reason or explanation as to why foreign coins would appear in my house. Although I've never seen one drop in front of me from nowhere, I usually find them sitting places like my desk or a shelf. (comment on post on Reddit)


With Other Paranormal Activity

Pennies and earrings

I have a glass coffee table in my living room. No one was home but me & my dogs. I was relaxing watching TV when I heard something hit my coffee table hard & jumped up. My dog did so as well & started chasing something and knocked it with her paw. I looked and saw she had been chasing a penny. There are no shelves near the coffee table, just our couch 3 or so feet away & judging by the sound the penny fell directly down from the ceiling? I was reminded of this event the other night when I was standing in a church bathroom waiting on my son to get out the stall. Just standing there & felt something hit my shoe & I looked down it's another penny! Another weird thing was a house I lived in. I noticed a single light pink stone stud earring. It was rusty so I flushed it. It kept coming back every so often. So one day I saw it before I peed & grabbed it out. I did it because my SO thought I was lying or crazy, he never saw it. Well to my shock another identical earring came back in my toilet . We lived there 6 months & I pulled NINE light pink stone earrings out. The way the rust was on them was identical! My SO never saw them at the bottom of the toilet except for once when I saw one & called him to look. It was odd. The new renters never saw them. (Reddit)


Pennies, pounds and feathers

This has happened to my daughter lots of times. It's usually with 20p and pound coins. Sometimes she will hear them hit something and when she looks she sees the coin(s), sometimes she sees them fall out of the corner of her eye and sometimes they just turn up, like one time she walked upstairs to get something and when she came back down there were 3 x 20p on the stairs that weren't there a minute before. It's common occurrence that she'll walk into a room with a coin in her hand and a confused look on her face saying 'I got another one'

Edit to add, it happens with feathers too. They're usually small white soft downy ones and she'll find one on top of make up bag or on the chair arm or some other strange place. They aren't from pillows/cushions as she's got foam ones. There's lots of times she's been in the garden or outside somewhere and one has just floated down near her. I guess they could have fallen off a bird with her being outside but it happens a lot with her. I'm in my 50's and can't remember ever having a feather float down to me. (comment on post on Reddit))


Dimes, ghost apparitions and a 32strongnd Degree Mason father-in-law

These dimes started appearing shortly after the untimely death of my father-in-law. "Dee" was a successful businessman and 32nd Degree Mason who enjoyed some interesting hobbies such as the study of Astral Flight, past life regression hypnosis and reincarnation. Shortly before his death, my wife began to fear that her dad would not be with us much longer and one day she tearfully admonished him saying, "Dee, don't you dare die but if you do, give me a sign that you are with me, but please don't scare me. Since his passing, dimes have mysteriously appeared in our home, not just once or twice, but literally dozens of times. Either the Lundgren family is selectively negligent with the way we handle dimes, or dimes are appearing from thin air. We are convinced of the latter. In some cases, we discover dimes in unusual places which could certainly be explained, except their appearance always foretells an event that has a significant monetary or life changing component. These appearances have accompanied everything from radio station ad sales to insurance settlements and even loan closings. Basically dimes start appearing when something positive occurs about money and wealth. At some point, it ceased to be a coincidence. On the first of these occasions in 2004, my wife was carrying groceries into the kitchen and noticed a dime on floor. She stepped over it and began storing the perishables. A few moments later, a second dime literally fell out of nowhere, only inches from the first dime. These dimes were far away from appliances, tables, chairs and light fixtures. When my wife turned at the sound of the second dime falling, she noticed Swede E. Bear, our female toy poodle frozen in place, staring at the coins, as if she could see something invisible to our human eyes. We also have reason to believe these "dimes from somewhere" can signify positive changes in relationships. Recently, our daughter began questioning her decision to begin dating again after terminating a long term relationship. She accepted the new gentleman's invitation and decided to meet him for dinner at a restaurant. She stopped on the way to fill her car with gas and when she opened the gas cap cover, a dime flew out. She interpreted the phenomena as her grandfather's way of saying "I approve." It's also important to note that other strange things happen around our house which preceded the death of my father-in-law. Shortly after moving to our home in 1997, we realized we were not alone. Almost every night we heard the heavy footsteps of someone walking back and forth in the second floor hallway. One night, our younger daughter saw the ghostly apparition from the waist down, dressed in what appeared to be a Civil War uniform. The encounter lasted only two seconds and no one has seen him since, but we long ago surrendered to his nightly vigilance. Now, when we hear the footsteps, we say, "It's probably just the ghost." Our invisible tenant also likes to have fun at our expense by hiding objects and making us look for them, and later we find them back in the exact spot where they were last seen. This is particularly frustrating to my wife who has a phobia about losing items, which evidently makes the game more fun for "Casper." (The Mystery of Dimes Appearing From Nowhere and Other Strange Phenomenon)


Other objects appearing and a strange lady

What could cause objects to appear out of thin air? My daughter has lived in her house for just over 3 years now and every so often stuff appears out of 'thin air' She has been in the kitchen and heard a tiny bumping noise and when she went to look in the living room where the noise was coming from she saw a bottle lid bouncing off the table (no one else was in the house at the time) this has happened a couple of times in different parts of the house. Also more regularly she has heard a noise of something 'chinking' on the stairs and when she has looked she has found money at the bottom of the stairs, this has happened quite a few times, sometimes other people are in the house (her boyfriend and young daughter) but all of them are usually in bed when this happens. Other times she has been in the house on her own when it has happened. She has also found objects that don't belong to anyone such as an old comb and a half pence piece (which haven't been in circulation for ages) just sat on the coffee table even though she knows they weren't there earlier when she tidied up. None of the stuff that appears is of any value, the money is at the most a couple of twenty pence pieces or coins of lesser value (20p is about 10 cents - USA - I think) My granddaughter heard my daughter telling me about this one day and said the money comes from the lady who lives in her bedroom (my granddaughter insists there is a woman in her room who has strange makeup on and a brown tattoo on the inside of one of her wrists) but that is all she will tell us, if we ask her about the woman she refuses to tell us about her. My daughter isn't afraid of any of this, just curious as to where the stuff is coming from and also a bit worried it may be a poltergeist. The house she lives in is only about 25 years old and we know that no one has died in the house as there as only been a couple of families in it before her. Before that there was just waste ground for years were the house is built. (Unexplained Mysteries forum)


Quarters in a morgue

In 2000, two Navajo Nation Rangers were given a very special assignment: to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the reservation. In the fifth episode of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3, titled “Paranormal Rangers,” those now-retired officers — Stanley Milford, Jr. and Jonathan Redbird Dover — opened their case files to reveal some of the most out-of-this-world phenomena that they’ve personally experienced. Two stories in "Paranormal Rangers" involved the haunting of an old building that at one point was used as a morgue. What started as standard reports of noises and objects moving resulted in coins appearing out of thin air, dropping all over the surrounding floor. When an investigator working on the case went back to one of the Ranger's homes, they once again witnessed coins appearing out of thin air, even having a handful drop on one of their heads. Every single coin allegedly fell heads up. The Rangers felt it was a ghost giving them a "heads up" that they were around. The men had no doubts they witnessed coins appear out of what they described as possibly another dimension as these coins were physically manifested without explanation.

From the YouTube video:

...this particular building, from probably the 1930s, was at one time even used as a morgue. There was a female worker there who was experiencing repeated calls into her desk phone over and over and over, and there was nobody there when she would pick up the phone, and the phone company wasn't able to determine where these calls were originating from. This building had three different levels. On that particular investigation I had developed a team of four individuals to be able to witness these things. My name is Tony Milford Anthony Milford Jr. I'm of Navajo Descent of the Navajo tribe. Stanley approached me to help with the investigation. I'm a little apprehensive because it is definitely a haunting, a Poltergeist, because it's moving things around. We went in on a weekend around nine o'clock at night. I was downstairs. All of a sudden over here on my left side, there were two distinct male voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying to each other. Immediately following that, a coin falls on the floor, and I asked him "Did you guys drop a coin there, did you hear that too." Sure enough, there's like a quarter and where did that quarter come from. For me as an investor, you always have a  certain level of skepticism. I had everybody pull their pockets out just to make sure nobody had coins in their pockets, and almost immediately as we went into that next round, a coin fell and we could see it. And when that happened, another one fell. "Did you hear that one? That was on the other side over there. So now we're like okay, something's going on here. Why are these things doing this? Where are they coming from. This thing was thrown, I mean by force, and it came from an area we were all facing. Later on there were coins just on the desk. When we came back and the coins are stacked up on their own.

[Showing before the camera]  These are the actual coins that were involved in the investigation in the office space. There were a total of 65 coins. They were all denominations of U.S coins. They all landed heads up. I have come to the conclusion that it was simply a spirit that was letting me know "Heads up, I'm here."

Following the investigation, the next night, one of the investigators was here as we were sitting here working on the computers. A quater fell behind me in the middle of the floor up here. Thus I got up with a digital camera and began photographing around my residence. Just as I came through the threshold of my bedroom door, five coins fell over the top of my head and then fell on the floor. We knew that the coin activity that was involved in the investigation had followed us here to my residence.


Dime Appearing and then Disappearing

While I was in the shower this morning I hear The sound of something metal hitting the bottom of the basin. I looked down and there is a near mint condition 1967 US dime. The wife and I do not carry cash and it has been a long time since I’ve held non-digital money. As a matter of fact, you will not find a single piece of paper or metal money in our house. I would say it’s been about six years since I’ve had cash or coins on my person. Less than 15 seconds after I saw the dime I got out of the shower, briskly moved upstairs and woke the wife up out of a dead sleep. Clearly she had nothing to do with it, as she was in a deep sleep at 6 AM. I have heard paranormal stories about objects appearing out of nowhere or falling from the ceiling or seemingly flying across the room. I put the dime on our dining room table and went to work. I get home nine hours later and the dime is gone. After 15 minutes of searching I find it in our home office. There has been no strange/paranormal activity in our house since the first week we lived here. The first week we lived here I was facetiously taunting spirits, ghosts and or anything paranormal and there was a loud boom sound in our bedroom about 5 minutes later. Never happened again. Never figured that one out either. (Reddit)


Penny Appearing and then Disappearing

This was something that happened a little over a year ago. I always knew of this sub but was too lazy to write anything, but let me tell you my closest experience of a glitch: I was at work on a weekday afternoon just relaxing in my departments office. I found an old stained wheat penny from 1921 on the floor and decided to pick it up. The funny thing about my psyche is that literally every time I pick up a coin on the floor I go into this philosophical debate on whether I should keep it or if it’s ethical to take it even if it’s only under a dollars worth of change. Every time this happens I’ll usually shrug and put the coin in a spot where I found it or in a more visible place. So I placed it on a nearby desk and forgot about it, left the office and went back to work and never thought of it again and never came back to it. Hours passed and I decided to take a shower to end the night appropriately. Took off my clothes and I put on a clean robe before entering the shower. Once I was in the shower it was a minute or two when I used shampoo and suddenly I hear a CLANK in front of me. It was the SAME penny that I laid on the desk. Same obvious stains that I remember and the same wheat penny with 1921 on it. Maybe it could have been on my body, but there’s no way it could have stayed on me for 4-5 hours straight, especially if I knew that I put it back on the desk in the office and forgot all about it. The fact it didn’t fall while I was taking off my clothes and putting on my robe is beyond me. It wasn’t anything major, maybe God was insisting I deserved to be 1¢ richer. After picking it up and leaving it on my toilet to continue showering, I tried to keep it on my desk as a quirky/funny memorabilia. But the next morning it was gone. Still haven’t seen it anywhere in my room a year later. (Reddit)


When It Rains Money

16th Century Coins in Russia

This is quite a unique 'rain' of coins, from 1940 in Russia. Newspaper report from Reading Eagle (Reading Pennsylvania), Aug 11, 1940, page 6. By the way, The usual explanation by scientists is utterly false. Coins are too heavy to be picked up and fly around in the air over any distance. Not to mention, that the storm must have been very selective as to what to pick up.

Russian Rain

During a violent thunderstorm July 16 collective farmers in a Russian village near Gorky were startled to notice silver coins landing near them. They hustled the coins to archeologists in Moscow and were told this week the coins were 16th century pieces. The professors theorized that they were part of an undiscovered treasure exposed by erosion and sent flying by the storm. A search is expected to begin soon.


Another newspaper, The Independent (Deniliquin, NSW, Australia), 17 July 1941, Page 5, reported the same event:

Silver From Heaven.

In the village of Meshchera, near Gorky, silver rain fell during a thunderstorm. The oval-shaped silver pieces were the size of large fish scales. Farmers brought samples to Moscow, where they were identified as late sixteenth-century coins. A professor expressed the opinion that they were lifted by a cyclone from some nearby ancient remains of dwellings, where the coins had been exposed by erosion.


Hundreds of Coins in India

This happened in Jaisinagar village, located in Sagar Tehsil of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, India. The fall of coins is associated with a thunderstorm, and they fell in two or three places. Reported in, Hindu news website, September 21, 2017.

Rainfall of coins from sky in this village of Madhya Pradesh  ... know what this strange event is

So far, you have heard this many times that the fish and turtles have fallen from the sky in the rainy season, but perhaps maybe you heard it for the first time that coins are raining with water. It is not one coin, or two, but hundreds of coins. This incident, which seems impossible and strange in the first place, is being reported in Devlochri block of Jaisinagar village. On Wednesday, there were heavy rains with thunderstorms in the district. In the afternoon it was dark with clouds, then in this village, coins start falling from the sky with water. In the village there were dozens of witnesses, including children. People listened to the story and were speechless. Some people went out to collect the coins. Although by that time the rain had already stopped, and some children were seen with coins in their hands in the middle of the rain.

What the villagers say

Villager Hemraj Pal said that he was returning home after bathing, and that there was a crowd of children near the house, and he was very upset, and asked if the coins from the sky were hot. At first, he did not believe it, but when he came to see the scene himself, it was correct, and he said that as soon as the coin fell, they would make noise hitting the ground. There were all coins of one, two, five and ten rupees. Apart from this, some children of the village, Bira, Shiva, Jaya, Deepesh and Som, have collected hundreds of coins.

Coins falling in two to three places.

According to information from the villagers, coins have fallen not in one place but in two to three places. Children and adults saw coins fall in the village Panchayat Bhawan, at the river banks and at the hillside.

Rainfall of coins from sky in this village of Madhya Pradesh


$2 bills Fall in Boston, Massachusetts

Unusual fall of money too, because the fall consisted not of coins, but mostly of $2 dollar bills. $2 bills are seldom seen in circulation as a result of banking policies with businesses. They are removed from circulation and collected by people for that reason. Reported by Boston Magazine (Boston, Massachusetts), April 25, 2013.


Another Reason to Head to Boylston:

Money Falls from the Sky. It’s a mystery wrapped in a $2 bill.

This has got to be one of the better occasions police have had to head to Boylston Street in recent weeks: Bystanders reported that a bunch of U.S. dollar bills, mostly in the odd $2 denomination as far as we can tell, began falling from the sky Thursday afternoon. As the money fell, people began scrambling to find it and … tweeting about it, of course:

WBZ’s Carl Stevens says police “followed up” on reports of falling money. (“There’s money falling from the sky? We’ll be right there. Joe, put on the siren,” is probably how that conversation went.) The identity of Boston’s Uncle Pennybags remains a mystery. (If it was you, let’s be in touch.) Universal Hub and Stevens suggest it came from 745 Boylston, across from Lord and Taylor. Boston’s prolific Twitter personality Michael Ratty  reports that the people in the windows were actually looking up at the falling money themselves.

“Still not sure who did it,” Ratty says, but adds that it was a nice moment. “To see a few hundred people all at once stop dead in their tracks and look at the sky and smile and take photos was great—especially considering exactly where we were standing.”

Indeed, and hey, everyone’s been spending the week trying to encourage people to return to the Back Bay, spend some money, and help affected businesses. Maybe some good Samaritan is just giving us a little stimulus cash to get the spending started. Get thee to the Back Bay and this could be you! Just be sure to spend it on a good cause.


Australian Coins Falls in Melbourne

Different denominations flying through the air. Typically for a poltergeist case, it was a repeated event over a short period of time. Reported by Townsville Daily Bulletin, (Qld., Australia), 27 June 1953, page 5: 


 Melbourne June 26.

It is raining pennies (and florins) in North Melbourne. Every evening for two weeks people Glass street have been startled by coins which have landed mysteriously in the street. They range from half pennies to 2/- pieces and arrive in batches of two or three at a time. One man was hit on the head with a 2/- piece as he cleaned his car in the street tonight. John Wade, 12, of Glass Street, said tonight that he and his friends, Martin Crowley, 13. and John Colla, had picked up 2/7 in a few minutes. 'This is beaut,' he said. 'I hope it keeps up, but a police man was down tonight having a look round.' The policeman, Constable K. G. Longman, said: 'I answered a call to-night thinking I might find a two-up school. But I never expect to to see money flying through the air the way it did. 'Soon after I got there I heard a tinkle and saw a half-penny whizzing along the street. 'The coins were coming over two or three at a time and the kids were having great fun. One had collected about 6/-. 'Someone is apparently tossing the money over a house roof or from the top of one of the factories in the street. 'The thrower is apparently doing it for a joke, but it is a pretty expensive joke.'


Different newspaper about the same event; here they make the interesting remark that some of the coins were wrapped in silver paper. Not exactly a 'benefactor' would do. The coins also fell very close to people, not just randomly on the street. Reported by: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic., Australia), 27 June 1953, Page 3:

Pennies turn to turn to "silver"

Down rained the coins again in Glass St., North Melbourne, last night - for the third night in succession. And this time some of the coins were wrapped in silver paper. At least three children picked up wrapped pennies, halfpennies, or shillings. The coins fell from six o'clock on, at intervals of no more than half an hour.

Adults watch

Scores of children went after them with torches and matches, while curious adults watched. The coins fell with reasonable accuracy within 30 yards of each other on the narrow, drab street. One resident said the coin thrower could be some old man who used to live in the street, "giving the kids some fun." But searching of the low houses and chimneys lining the street revealed no thrower.


Silver Coins in Italy

The Australian newspaper uses the term pennies for their readers, but probably meant the silver liras, the denomination at use at that time in Italy. Apparently two of them were counterfeit. Again, this was a repeated event, making it more like a poltergeist. Reported by Evening News (Sydney, NSW, Australia), 4 November 1905, Page 9:


Genoa (Italy) has its ghost, with this peculiarity—that people run after it instead of fleeing for their lives. No one has seen the ghost, but its presence is indicated by a rain of money! Every evening, between 6 and 7 o'clock, pennies begin to drop in a certain locality, and from 10 to 11, the rain is of silver. Where they come from has not yet been ascertained, and the people of the neighbourhood really believe that it is the work of spirits. This strange happening has brought many strangers to the neighbourhood, not with an idea of making their fortunes, as no single person has yet collected more than from one to two lire in one day, but certainly with an idea of getting "drink money." The only fun-keeper of the neighbourhood gets most of the pennies, for which he gives good red wine, so much so that he has been accused of having invented this novel way of advertising his wares; but his protest that he has no money to throw away is so confirmed by the appearance of his wine-shop that it is generally credited with being the truth. That the spirits, if spirits they are, are bad. is shown by the fact that among their silver pieces, two of them mere false, which almost got the person who was unfortunate enough to pick them up into trouble. Can they be a kind of ghastly coiners of contraband money? The police have the matter in their hands, and meanwhile the new kind of rain continues unabated.


Falling Coins in London, England

Different kinds of coins fell down in the middle of the city, some silver, and even a gold coin. One newspaper tried to come up with an explanation of American benefactors, but it  does not make sense. When you want to give money to beggars you give it directly to them. Throwing it out of a window, everybody is going to pick it up. Silver and gold coins are very valuable, and is something one would not give to a beggar. Reported by The Maitland Weekly Mercury (NSW, Australia), 16 September 1911, page 7:

Showers of Money.


Extraordinary scenes were witnessed during last month in St. Martin's Place. Trafalgar Square. Just as the theatres were discharging their audiences, showers of coins were scattered by an unknown hand from above. The coins included silver, and on one occasion a half-sovereign [this is a gold coin] caused a fierce struggle. The police were in a quandary, for although the coins seem to come from one of the houses adjacent to St. Martin's Church, neither the precise place nor the identity of the amateur Carnegie could be determined, On Friday the traffic was blocked for the best part of half-an-hour whilst hundreds of people — mostly newspaper sellers, out-of-works and street venders — scrambled in the road for the money, pushing, hustling, swearing, and sometimes fighting. On no occasion had the free distribution lasted longer than half-an-hour, but, coming as it did at the most crowded time of the night, from 11 to 11.30 p.m., the affair threatened to develop into a serious menace to the public.

In the neighbourhood in which the showers fell are a vicarage of St. Martin's, a number of offices, and some flats. It was a visit to the flats that solved the mystery. In the course of an interview the housekeeper explained that the source of the showers was the top floor flat, which is engaged for a month by American friends of the occupant, two goodhearted young fellows, who, seeing the misery of some of the poor beggars in the West End, resolved upon this means of alleviating their sufferings. "But I told them it was quite wrong." added the house keeper, "I told them that they must not do it, as it caused an obstruction, and that they were liable to arrest. There were enormous crowds opposite the railings at the National Gallery again on Friday, but the young men took my advice, and despite the whistling and bowing and scraping and cheering, no money was thrown. The Americans themselves were standing at the window, and raising their hats repeatedly to the crowds.'


The story was also mentioned in Geelong Advertiser (Victoria, Australia), 13 September 1911, page 5, in which it was said that "pennies, half-pennies and at rare intervals, silver coins, have fallen almost every evening...".  It happened after dark, and the police could not find the origin of the money shower. Again typical of a poltergeist phenomena, because it is a repeated event.


The Battersea Poltergeist in England

In 1956, in a semi-detached home in Battersea, south London, England, the Hitchings family began hearing strange, unexplained bangs and scratching sounds. Some of the noises were so loud, they could be heard by the whole street. Then, objects began moving without being touched. Pots and pans were thrown out of seemingly empty rooms; bed sheets flew off beds without warning and slippers were seen 'walking' across the floor. As time wore on - the haunting spanned a period of 12 years - the residents at 63 Wycliffe Road named the presence 'Donald'.  The case became front page news, with much of the attention focused on Shirley, the teenage daughter of Wally and Kitty Hitchings who found herself at the center of the seemingly paranormal activity. It was even discussed in the House of Commons. Among the small objects that were 'raining' down from time to time were pieces of coal and coins.

Harry Price, one of the most well known psychical researchers of his time, investigated this case, and wrote about it in his book Poltergeist Over England (1945). Here are quotes from the book in regard to the coins:

"Then on November 29, lumps of coal, pieces of soda and pennies began to fall on the conservatory - a lean-to building at the back of the house."

"A constable came along, and together we stood in the back garden and kept watch.  Pieces of coal and pennies crashed on to the conservatory roof, but we could not trace their flight.  One lump of coal hit the constable's helmet.  He ran to the garden wall, but there was nobody there."

"We stayed there until she had packed her bag and then returned to the back bedroom, where Mr. Robinson showed us pennies and coal on the conservatory roof."

"After we had heard the history of the disturbances from their commencement, the Press representative and myself made a tour of the house and carefully inspected the damage, which was considerable.  Several of the windows were broken, some with small holes in them as if stones had been fired at them.  Some of the panes of glass of the conservatory roof were also shattered, and, lying on the roof, were pebbles, pennies, lumps of coal, potatoes, pieces of soda, etc., which had been thrown there."

"The Evening News representative and I again visited Eland Road the next morning (Friday) and were told that a number of phenomena had been witnessed since our previous visit.  Pieces of coal, pennies, lumps of soda and stones had been thrown about and one more window had been smashed." 


Euro Notes in Berlin, Germany

Money falls from sky in German town. BERLIN.

 From the news agency Reuters Jul 5, 2007:

A German motorist surprised by euro notes swirling in the air around her car hit the brakes and collected a "substantial amount of money" before turning it over to police, authorities in Worms said on Thursday. A police spokesman in the small western town said the 24-year-old woman saw the money flying through the air in her rear view mirror late on Wednesday. She pulled over and tried to collect all the notes, unsuccessfully. When police went with her to the scene they could not find any more cash. A spokesman at Worms city hall said police were withholding details on the exact sum and location of the find in the hope of learning more about the money's origin.


Paper Money in Kuweit

From the website Mysterious Universe website, posted on February 27, 2015). That is a lot of money. Such an amount would normally be kept together, bundled, inside a bag or suitcase. Very unlikely that somebody would throw around that many bills.

Mysterious Rain of Money Falls From the Sky in Kuwait City

A large amount of paper money fell from the sky over Kuwait City for real recently and so far, no one has come forth with an explanation or to claim it. The rain of cash occurred on the afternoon of February 11. Before the shower of buying power was over, an estimated 2 to 3 million AED (United Arab Emirates dirham) worth between $544,000 and $817,000 (US dollars) fell, mostly in 500 AED notes worth about $136 each. Witnesses say the rain of cash fell for a few minutes, stopping traffic as people ran to pick up the bills. Initial reports had the money raining down in Dubai but the video shows the Burj Jassem shopping mall in Kuwait City. The confusion may have been caused by the currency, since the AED is the currency in Dubai while the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) is used in Kuwait. Whatever the floating currency was, no explanation has been given for the money shower or how it was counted and no person, bank or rich prince has claimed it.


Paper Money in California, USA

Reported by Lodi News-Sentinel, Lodi, California, Nov. 15, 1995, page 18. Again, a large amount of money in the form of paper bills. Again scattered around and not inside a bag or something that some criminal would have thrown away.

A Capital Mystery


When Mat Jameson walked into his back yard Sunday to check on his new dog, he found her rolling in dough - of the spendable variety. Jameson's Fair Oaks lawn was covered in $20 bills, and his black Labrador, Beauty, was having a ball. 'There was money scattered everywhere," Jameson said. "The dog was playing in it, ripping it around. It looked like the money was growing on the lawn, like grass." Jameson wasn't the only resident to stumble on a really green lawn. Three others in the neighborhood made similar discoveries. It was like pennies from heaven, but to the tune of $10,000. "It seems this money fell from the sky," said Sacramento County sheriffs spokeswoman Sharon Telles. "It's the most bizarre thing I've heard of in a long time."


Paper Money in Chicago

Reported by San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas), December 25, 1974, Page 17.

Money Falls From Sky

CHICAGO (AP) Nearly $600 remained unclaimed Tuesday after the money in crisp dollar bills floated over Chicago's business district, Allan Davidson, 37, said lie was walking along LaSalle Street near the Northern Trust Bank on Monday when the money began falling. "All of a sudden money was flying down from the sky," he said. Several passers-by who thought the money belonged to Davidson began helping him pick it up. So did police officer George Sullivan, who was directing traffic at a nearby intersection. When Sullivan turned the money over to police, it totaled $588. Henry Frankel, vice president of banking at Northern Trust, said none of the bank's departments nor any of its depositors reported any money missing.


Unverified Reports of Money Rains

There have been more 'rains' of coins and paper bills over the last century, mostly appearing in local newspapers. Following are quotes from newspaper reports I found here and there, but I was not able to find the original newspaper articles.


The following quote is from the book Unexplained by Jerome Clark (1999), page 97:

On the morning of May 28, 1982, a young girl was walking through the yard of St. Elisabeth’s Church in Redding, a small town near Manchester, England, when, or so she later told the Rev. Graham Marshall, she spotted a fifty-pence coin fall “from nowhere.” As the day went on, children discovered numerous other coins at the same spot. Finally the owner of a local candy store, concerned that the children were stealing from the poor box, informed the clergymen of the sudden rush in business at his establishment. No money was missing, but the children all swore, when Marshall interviewed them, that the coins seemed to be coming from the sky. Or so they inferred from the fact that they would hear a tinkling sound on the sidewalk and, on looking, see a coin.

Marshall conducted his own investigation and eliminated some obvious explanations, such as that a prankster was tossing coins over the church wall (the wall was too high and bare for a coin-tosser not to be easily visible to passersby) or that birds were dropping them (too many coins clustered together and no nests overhead). Some of the coins were imbedded edgewise into the ground, suggesting a fall from some height. Marshall experimented by hurling a handful of coins to Earth, and they made no impression.

An incident like this is insufficient to prove anything one way or another, but it is not unprecedented. One day in December 1968 shoppers in another English town, Ramsgate, Kent, heard pennies bouncing off the pavement. “Between 40 and 50 of them came down in short scattered bursts for about 15 minutes,” one witness, Jean Clements, told the London Daily Mirror. “You could not see them falling — all you heard was the sound of them hitting the ground.” They hit hard enough so that dents registered on them. There were “no tall buildings nearby,” Clements said, “and no one heard a plane go overhead.”


In 1957, thousands of 1000 franc notes fell onto Bourges, France, and in 1975 hundreds of one dollar bills totaling $588 rained on Chicago, Illinois. Over $7000 once fell on McClellan Highway in East Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1976, two clergymen watched as 2,000 marks worth of fluttered down from a clear sky in Limburg, West Germany. (reported in The Bath and West Evening Chronicle, 6 January 1976)

There was a local sky above Italy when twice in the course of a week banknotes rained down from the heavens and were blown about by high winds. At least £8000 fell in Mantova, and an estimated £5000 worth of lira fluttered down upon the streets of Frosinone, near Rome. The police remained baffled as to where the money came from. (Sunday Telegraph, 16 Jan 2000)

Pennies and half-pennies fell around children leaving school in Hanham, a suburb of Bristol, England one day in 1956...Thousands of 1,000 Franc Notes rained down on Bourges, France, in April 15, 1957. No one claimed the notes or reported any loss. (from Phenomena: A Book of Wonders, by John Michell and Robert J. M. Rickard, 1977, page 19)