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Temporary Invisible Objects

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A person bumps into an invisible object. This is one of those mysterious things that can happen to people, although it seems to be rather rare. Because it is invisible he doesn't know what it is he bumped into. But it was solid and didn't move when it was hit. These people often get hurt because they were moving when bumping into that invisible thing. When they check out what is actually might have been that they stumbled upon, it isn't there anymore. The fact they got hurt proves that there was indeed something present but not visible.

We can't even speculate what these objects are, or why they suddenly are not there anymore. How did they come into being in the first place? In case of invisible walls or barriers, could it be that they are actually temporary manifestations of force fields?

Another explanation might be that there are other-dimensional beings who could manifest an object but still keep it invisible to our eyes, and put these objects in our way. Every culture knows of the existence of mischievous entities who delight in playing pranks with humans. Because they are amoral, they don't mind that people get hurt by their pranks.

If it happened to you, know that you are not alone that has experienced such a strange happening.

Here are some experiences I found on the internet:


Walked into an Invisible Pole

So I have just been walking on the street, it is completely empty from objects and my friends are next to me. Then I suddenly feel like I am walking into a horizontal pole at my waist. I can feel how something just stopped me. My upper body is over the “pole” and can move freely and so can my legs that are under it. But at my waist there is something blocking me from moving forward. I felt how it hurt my stomach and take a step back. I tell my friends how I just walked into something but no one believes me. When I take a step forward again there is no object. It happened two more times to me. I am extremely weirded out by it and don’t know what to think of it. I know it was real because my stomach always hurt for 2-3 days after like I actually walked into a metal pole. I do not drink or do drugs so I know I walked into something. (Reddit)


Car Slammed into Something Invisible

I had something kind of similar happen to me once. I was backing my van up our driveway to park in front of the garage. I was about 6ft away from it and heard a "bang" and felt a jolt. There was absolutely nothing there to hit. I parked right where I was, got out and looked. I was 6ft away from the garage and there was a huge, round dent in the back door of my van. It still baffles me to this day. (Comment on post on Reddit)


Tripping on Invisible Object

I was stationed in Seoul, Korea between 2016-2019 and I had the privilege of attending Ultra Korea (EDM Festival) I believe either in 2017 or 2018. I'm not too sure which year exactly. That entire tour was a blur so I apologize. A couple of my buddies invited me to go with them for the weekend. The festival was being hosted at the old Olympic stadium right there in the city so I was pretty stoked. We all get to the festival and we are having a good time, dancing and throwing back drinks. Towards the end of the night, the concert is winding down and we all group together and start to walk to the back of the stadium from the main stage. I was wearing flip flops and as we were walking by this vendor in the middle of the stadium, I trip over something that felt like a wire very aggressively. I tripped over it so hard I had to look down at the top of my ankle and I noticed I was bleeding. I was no more than a couple feet away from the incident and I looked at the group and see nothing that couple have tripped me. I was surrounded by tons of people and they looked at me as if I was just clumsy. How could I have been the only to trip over this "object" and no one else did? I looked around to see anyone acting conspicuous and nothing. It just never made sense to me because it felt very much like a trip wire but when I looked there was absolutely nothing there. I even have a scar on top of my foot to prove it. (Reddit)


Hit Invisible Ceiling

This happen 2 years ago, I'm 24 now. I was awake until morning and I decided to sleep but I was really hungry so I brew some milk. I'm at home at that time, my mother was also brewing her coffee and she was holding it, right after I sat down in my chair, I reach some bread to eat so I stand up and there was that 'wall' just above my head and it hit me really hard so much it put me down right back at my chair. I was surprised and suddenly look up but there was nothing, the ceiling was like 9 foot above me and then I quickly look back and behind me is my mother 2 meters away already and I know it wasn't her, she was still holding her cup of coffee. That hit on my head was really hard like it is really hard and the weird thing is I felt no pain, no sensation and I certainly know I hit something like a wall. If this is related to some kind of health problems please do tell. Thank you for the time, that's all. (Reddit)


Bumped into Invisible Wall

Almost 12 years ago now in 2007 I was 15 years old, and on my way to school here was this little dirt road that went right through an empty grass field, which I used to cross said grass field every day. This field was completely empty except for a single tree around halfway along the dirt road. That day I was gonna be late, so I ran to school, not very fast mind you, just at a "at least I'm making an effort"-kind of speed, when suddenly I hit something with my forehead and fell down on my ass, it felt as though I ran into a wall that was floating at the height of my head. Confused I looked around and saw nothing, I stretched out my hands to see if I could feel anything, I felt around at air for a minute or two but nothing, and then finally, somewhat perplexed, continued on my way to school. When I got home that day, my mum asked about the red spot on my forehead, I told her I ran into a wall and that was that. Nothing like that has ever happened again, but I cannot forget this experience, to this day every once in a while I have to think about this event, but I just can't make any sense of it.  (Reddit)


T-Shirt Bounces Back

Basically as simple as this. My partner asked me to throw him a t-shirt downstairs while he stood at the bottom. I balled it up and threw it down only for it to unravel and “bounce” back half way down in mid air only for me to catch it again. We both stood there astounded and have no explanation for it. There was no windows or doors open and even at that, it’s completely opened flat out and bounced back from half way down a flight of stairs directly into my hands. Was almost like someone hit a rewind button. (Reddit)


Wall Becomes Invisible

The first thing I do every morning after I wake up is walk to the bathroom so I can use it and then shower. I passed through the doorway and closed the door, and made my way to the toilet. I like to let my eyes adjust to the low light of the nightlight in the bathroom before turning on the bright lights over the mirror. When I finished and walked back towards the door (where the light switch is) I saw something I have never experienced before. The wall on either side of the door was invisible, as if I were in a minecraft world and it failed to render the texture. The door and doorframe were still visible, but I could see through the wall into the dark hallway outside. I saw my cat walk out of my bedroom that is across from the bathroom door, and into the hallway between. Thinking that I was seeing things in the low light environment, I opened the door and looked out, and my cat was indeed walking down the hallway. I leaned back inside to look at the wall again, and it was back to being normal. (Reddit)


Invisible Barrier

So this is a childhood experience, but at the time it happened, even as a really young kid (I was 4 or 5) I weirdly had the sophisticated thought that I must hold onto the memory tightly so that when I had a better vocabulary/grasp on language, I could describe it in greater detail and share what happened. Also, my sister who is 4 years older than I am remembers the day as well. It was a super sunny bright Saturday in '95. I live in a smaller ranch. My mom is vacuuming the hallway nearby. Dad's outside mowing the lawn. My sister and I are sitting at the kitchen table with colored pencils drawing various Nintendo characters. This part of the memory is so vivid and peaceful. I snap one of the tips of the pencils and proceed to take the damaged pencil to sharpen in the 'play room' where there's an electric pencil sharpener. I'm alone in this room standing at a desk finishing the mundane task. I casually turn around to return to the kitchen and suddenly I can't move forward. I immediately fling up my hands and I'm pushing up against this invisible barrier. There's no texture. It was like I was a mime in a box. I didn't hit the barrier repeatedly or move my hands all around. I simply kept pushing forward, not budging, and calling out for my sister over and over. As soon as her head appeared in the doorway, there was a release and I fell forward. I remember seriously panicking. We sat on the bed and my sister says I just kept going, "I was stuck! I was stuck!" My parents were oblivious to the incident. (Reddit)


Invisible Hard Surface in Pool

I had something very similar to this happen to me while swimming when I was a kid. Ducked under the water for a tick and when I tried to surface, my hand went flat against the top of the water, like there was glass floating in the surface. I had to swim with my hand pushing against the surface until I could find a place to break through nearly on the complete other side of the pool. (We had been in the shallow end and I had to swim almost to the far edge of the deep end.) (comment on post on Reddit)


Bike Hit Something

About a month ago I went out for a ride with a new bike. I was crossing an empty parking lot when I hit something. I went head over handles and landed with the bike on top of me. When I got up and checked to see just what I hit, I found absolutely nothing. Nothing at all that would force a stop like that, no rocks, curbs, dividers, holes or anything else. I even thought maybe an animal but there was no way I hit one and it disappeared that quickly for me to not see or hear it. Freaked me out but hasn't happened again since. Since then I've found that in order to replicate what happened I would have had to run into something around a half a meter high. (comment on post on Reddit)


Paper Clip

Back when I was about 14, something I had built did something I'd classify as odd. The circuit was simple: the DC-DC inverter salvaged out of an old xenon timing light, and one of those hoop-shaped UHF television antennas. I hooked the inverter to 12 volts DC from a wall adapter, and connected the high voltage/high frequency secondary to the two leads on the hoop. Surprisingly, the crude device didn't short out and go up in a fireball; and I could hear the inverter make a faint "whining" sound from the transformer laminations vibrating.

Somewhere along the line, I got the bright idea to stick something inside the loop and see what (if anything) would happen - I expected at most some magnetic oddity. So I suspended an ordinary steel paper clip in the exact center of the ring with fine sewing thread, and plugged the circuit in. The paper clip developed a faint blue glow around it, and about ten or fifteen seconds in, IT VANISHED, leaving the sewing thread dangling free. Where did it go?

What makes this so odd? It's that when I reversed the polarity of the hoop (by doing the 'ol switcheroo of the two high voltage leads) and repowered the thing, the paper clip reappeared on the thread amidst a faint blue corona like it had the first time around. The paper clip appeared to be intact, and did not change temperature or exhibit any obvious metallurgical changes.

So this leaves the question: Where did the paperclip go anyway? Did it really "transport" to another physical location? Did it slip through our space-time and end up in some kind of subspace domain or interfold layer? Did a quantum phase shift occur, putting it slightly out of phase with the dimension we exist in? Did it end up in another quantum reality; ie. an alternate universe? Or did it time-travel to some past or future point?

I think I can rule out a straight "transport" from one physical location to another; for the paperclip would have likely fallen on its side during the first half of transport and reappeared in a different physical orientation; assuming it reappeared at all. It might also come back very cold (from being briefly exposed to space, should it have been transported there).

Time travel also seems suspect; a very similar effect might have been observed upon its return - again, it might not even have been retrievable.

That still leaves the door wide open as to what may have happened to that paper clip after it vanished from the wire hoop.

About two weeks after this experiment, I came home from school one day to find the entire apparatus (which had been set up on a dresser) quite thoroughly destroyed; and I've never been able to re-create these results nor did I ever find out who smashed the piss out of it. (Science Hobbyist)


Invisible Houses

The following stories I translated from the French book Présence des Invisibles by Robert Laffont, 1983. It gives some interesting stories about so-called trickster spirits who are able to make objects invisible, or dematerialize and materialize somewhere else. But they can also make an entire house invisible:

Among the entities of the first category, those which I like to call “jinns” are the most sociable and the most civilized. Even if they are not domesticated, these jinn are not all evil towards man, they do not always systematically try to harm us but, by nature, they are facetious and unpleasant: they are frightful jojos, and living together with them is often painful.

One of their favorite games is to make objects disappear. They have the singular power to bring objects that they touch in a field of vibratory frequency where these objects dematerialize.

When I say that they “touch” them, it is evidently a way of speaking, since they have neither body, hands, nor appearance, but they are capable of provoking, by a process which I can not describe the passage of any object into the invisible world.

Their month of predilection to indulge in such jokes is February. This is not surprising, since all these malicious goblins are of Uranian nature and Uranus is the master of the sign of Aquarius. Among the Etruscans, where they were already spoken of, they were subjected, it seems, to a goddess named North; they were accused of causing familiar objects to disappear in the houses and amusing themselves in changing the furniture of the place, simply to draw attention to them, to show their value. It can be said that they have not changed much and that they are always as intolerable.

I myself have been personally a victim several times of bad jokes of this kind.

What made me most furious was the reappearance of the disappeared object. After having taken a cunning pleasure in seeing me with meticulousness and ardor, the jinns handed it over to me after several days under my nose at a place where I had checked a hundred times and it was not there. Or else in a quite absurd place where it was unlikely that it could ever be found.

It even happened to me one morning, that a ring I had “lost” a week before, was placed prominently in the front seat of my car. Another time, it was a photo that disappeared on my desktop and that I found again a month later by accidentally opening a small dictionary of my library, exactly on page 313 where one can read the definition of the word djinn! Comical, is it not?

I would never stop talking about examples of this kind. It is commonplace and tedious. Moreover, those who do not believe in the existence of the jinn will not be convinced of it. They will be much less so by the unbelievable anecdotes which I shall now bring up in a few words.

These observed facts (by me and by hundreds of people) can not be accepted by reason. To explain them, any hypothesis will appear more probable than the one that I think is the right one. Judge for yourself.

A store becomes invisible

I knew a shopkeeper, at rue Bobinot in Paris, who had to file for bankruptcy because her store had become invisible. Although she could advertise, distribute her business cards and flyers throughout the neighborhood, not a client would walk through the doorway of her shop, which had practically disappeared. No one could see, at the address indicated, either the sign, the window, or the door on the street that were no longer part of the visible realities.
The young woman who was in charge of this business had many other misfortunes, of which I shall not speak. She was beautiful, charming, but she secreted solitude around her; in this physical and sentimental desert nothing could penetrate. I suppose a malevolent djinn had the ability to extend this desert to the commercial domain; as a good conjuror, he amused himself by making the storefront disappear, which only reappeared at night and on public holidays. At least it was not a more mysterious “invoked portal” open to the invisible. Be that as it may, the mystery remains. I have a personal experience of this strange anomaly. Having made an appointment by telephone with the young shopkeeper, I proceeded at the appointed hour to the address indicated, and walked by it twenty times, by the house number of the Rue Bobillot, where the shop was, without seeing it. Before I gave up my appointment, I decided to enter the building bearing the number on the commercial card. In the inner corridor, beside the concierge’s lodge, there was a glass door which gave entrance to the store which I had sought in vain from the street. On this side everything was clearly visible: counters, merchandise, cash register, telephone, advertising posters on the walls, and the patroness of the place, contemplating with melancholy through the window of her display on the street people who passed on the sidewalk without seeing her.
It is an impression as agonizing as that of the crossing of the mirror; one suddenly feels that there are two sides of things, and that one really is on one side. In this store, I was like a mirror without tin: I could look through it, but I was not seen from the other side. It seemed to me that I too had passed into the invisible world.


[The following text in this book contains the term Pied-Noir. I kept this French term because it is quite specific. According to Wikipedia, Pied-Noir, is a term referring to Christian and Jewish people whose families had migrated from all parts of the Mediterranean to French Algeria, the French protectorate in Morocco, or the French protectorate of Tunisia, where many had lived for several generations, and who were expelled at the end of French rule in North Africa between 1956 and 1962. The term sometimes includes the North African Jews, who had been living there for many centuries but were awarded French citizenship by the 1870 Crémieux Decree. More specifically, the term “pied-noir” is used for those of European ancestry who “returned” to mainland France as soon as Algeria gained independence, or in the months following.]

A farm disappears

My second experience of an analogous fact is even more extraordinary. It is a farm in the Ardèche, where a family of pied-noirs had come to take refuge. This farm was isolated, the nearest village being more than four kilometers away. It must be said that it had a bad reputation in the country. It was said to be haunted! The farm was unoccupied and undeveloped since the war of 1914-1918. That’s why a pied-noir had been able to buy it for a morsel of bread. The name of the proprietor of these lands was not even known, and he had not been bothered to sign the bill of sale with the notary.

Now, a few months after the new owners had moved in, the farm disappeared: not the stables, nor the shed, nor anything of what may be called the commons, but the dwelling-house properly so-called became invisible.

The pied-noirs realized this anomaly, first because the street traders who passed once a week – a baker and a grocer – suddenly ceased to stop at the farm, claiming that it did not exist more; then the craftsmen who came from the neighboring town to help fix up the ruined buildings soon became discouraged, for they could no longer find this mysterious farm, of which there seemed to be no more than a little black triangle on an old Michelin map.

The real drama began when this “disappearance” was recorded in some way administratively: the postman refused to carry the mail to an empty address; the request for the installation of a telephone line was refused because it did not end up anywhere; E.D.F. solicited by registered letter, found, after verification on the spot, that it was a bad joke. The last thing is that the two children of the pied-noirs farmers were the target of the school in the village for the hostility and bullying of the other children who reproached them for living in a farm that did not exist.

Things had come to this when I received the S.O.S. It was the mayor of the village who sent it to me. He knew his new members of the community in flesh and blood, he was quite certain that they existed, and their house too. Therefore, there was another administrative solution to be found to solve this unusual problem.

The case was easily and quickly settled; the “lost” farm reappeared and everything returned to order. But the most difficult thing was to explain to these good people that the “spirit of the place”, which had been without a master for more than half a century in this dilapidated farm, had perhaps tried to prevent the new occupants from settling there and that it had staged this evil magic trick to scare away intruders. Again, an explanation by invoked portal is possible.