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Eerie Silence in the Woods 

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An Eerie Silence in the Woods

UFOs in the Neighborhood

Pulsing Sounds and Bright Lights

The Feeling of Being Watched

Aliens in the Woods

A Cloaked Something


An Eerie Silence in the Woods

It can happen to anyone. You are walking in the woods and instead of the otherwise noisy animals, a deadly silence prevails. So eerie that you are starting to feel uncomfortable. Hunters especially are very familiar with the many animal sounds in the woods, and when everything goes quite they take notice. A typical example from a (2011) posting on a fisher's discussion board (posting removed):

"Location: Portland, Oregon

Strange experience in the woods last week

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this last week, or any other time. We were hunting out east in some timber area I know well. We've hunted it many times. We entered the area around 5pm. It became apparent fairly quick that there was absolutely NO sounds at all. No birds, no squirrels, no elk. Nothing. Dead quiet. It was a bit eerie. We got back to camp that night and a buddy who was hunting a stand about 5 miles away said he experienced the same thing. It was just odd. I wondered if the world was about to end. This we last Thursday I believe. Anybody else experience this??"

Eerie Silence in the Woods

The woods are a lively place. They provide food, shelter and a habitat for numerous animals, small and large. They make sounds, calling each other, singing songs or marking their territory with sound. If you can look up from your smartphone for a moment, you will hear the birds sing and the frogs croak. Even at night, it can be quite noisy, as city people who go camping well know.

On a rare occasion, all those nature sounds stop instantly and an eerie silence follows. Why do all those animals suddenly stop making sound? Did they feel something so unusual that their survival instinct kicks in, and they keep quiet as to not reveal their location?

Sometimes only the unnatural silence is witnessed, but on occasion other phenomena present themselves too, pointing to a possible explanation or origin.

UFOs in the Neighborhood

The following story, posted on Reddit (2017) shows the occurrence of an unnatural silence. Interestingly the witness also noticed that the wind stopped and the air became 'heavy'. So, it is more than just silence, it seems that the area is blanketed with something that made the witness feel 'heavy'.

Interestingly, the person also tells us that two UFO sightings were reported nearby.

"Darling Wife and I were on vacation in the Poconos staying at Jack Frost Mountain in the Snow Ridge Village. In July 1996 this was a nice place to sleep after toodling around the countryside sight-seeing and hiking. The condo was on a pond on the property, and at night there were lots of bug and frog noises all night; the standard cacophony of the woods. The bedroom was on the second floor, and we liked sleeping with the windows open.

One night we turned in early, before nine, and fell asleep instantly. Just after midnight, Darling Wife woke up and noticed that there were no sounds. No sounds at all. Even Loving Husband was not snoring. The breeze then stopped. And the air was "heavy". She sat up for the next four hours listening for something, anything, outside. Finally, a frog started chirping, then a second, then a dozen, and the woods were back to noise as usual.

There were two UFO sightings in the area (Sussex, PA) about the same time.

Here, the question arises if the UFOs might have anything to do with the experience of the eerie silence in the woods.

In the following account, the eerie silence was directly related to the presence of a space craft:

"It was about forty feet high and the width of the road, which would make it about thirty feet wide and about sixty feet long. It was shaped almost like a football. Oval. Very strange shape. There was a blue light, like a fluorescent light, that lit up the bottom of the craft. It cast an unnatural glow in the darkness, like something out of a science fiction movie. There was complete silence, which seemed strange to me. In the summers, there are always cricket sounds, mosquitoes buzzing, always some sound. But it was as if the world had stopped all sounds." (from More Encounter with Star People, by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, 2016, page 95)


Pulsing Sounds and Bright Lights

In the following story, also posted on Reddit (2015), the witness first heard a strange pulsing sound he compares to a sonar. He got up and went to the other trailer, when suddenly everything was completely silent. Then he saw a bright light above the trees.

"A couple years back my family and I went on a two week camping trip. This place is high in the intas in Utah [The Uinta Mountains are an east-west trending chain of mountains in northeastern Utah extending slightly into southern Wyoming in the United States.] and it takes a 7 mile dirt road to get to a tiny lake. My mother and her husband love to go up there and go often. Because of how secluded it is there is usually no one up there and when we went up this time there was 1 other camper across the lake. It was my mom, her husband, his friend, my brother, and I. I also had brought my friend Kristen along. We brought two tent trailers 1 bigger one with two king beds and a smaller one with two queens which we spaced pretty far apart so the adults could have their privacy and whatever, of course we got the smaller trailer. Well the first couple nights were uneventful, made dinner and us kids hit the sac while the adults were still up talking and listening to music. About 3 am I woke up to what sounded like a sonar? It was a pulsing sound that swept the area. It was pretty loud and I looked around the tent to see if it had woken up my brother or Kristen and it didn't! They were dead asleep! I laid there wide awake for at least an hour and this sonar sound hadn't stopped so I tried to nudge Kristen awake and nothing. I was paralyzed with fear and decided maybe to trek down to the parents trailer to wake them up. I grabbed my cell phone (no service), a flashlight, and a tiny hatchet and left the trailer. I didn't look around because I was too afraid so I looked down and walked as fast as I could to the other trailer but as soon as I touched the door handle the noise stopped. Wtf. It was completely silent, no crickets, no birds, not a damn sound. I looked behind me and there was a bright light above the trees and my heart sunk. The door was locked and I started pounding and screaming. My moms husband opened it and asked what was wrong and let me in and I told him everything. He walked me back to the smaller trailer where my brother and friend were still sound asleep and I laid there wide awake until the sun came up. The next 5 or so nights I heard the same noise and basically didn't sleep. It woke no one else up. Haven't been up there since. But last year my mom and her husband went up alone and there wasn't even 1 person up there. Just those two. And about 3 of those Blackhawk helicopters started circling the area and came super close to them in the middle of the day. Scared the bejesus out of them. Mom got some pics I'll have to track them down. I don't know why they still go.

 The helicopter:

Both a bright light and pulsing sounds are often associated with UFOs. The pulsing sounds are usually heard when a UFO is hovering or passing overhead. It is quite possible that a UFO was hovering or moving above the woods, creating the pulsing sound and bright light.

A UFO might also create a rather large energy field of some kind around itself that is being felt or sensed by the animals. Because this field is so strange or artificial, their instinct might respond to it as being possibly a danger to them, so they all stay quiet.

The complete silence in the next story (The Kentucky Files), is also accompanied by a rhythmic (or pulsed), high-pitched, sound that came from above the witnesses.

"Strange Sounds In The Woods.

In 1996 I went bow hunting with a landowner near Olympia state forest in Bath County, called Olympia Springs. It was once a famous Health spa in the nineteenth century. Crystal clear pools of healing Mountain spring water still dot the area [Interestingly there is a Large Hill nearby called Mount Olympus]. It was dusk; we were in a Valley in an area where a jeep trail finally peters out into nothing more than a deer path. This was directly on the border with Government land; we were in a very deep isolated valley, with no one else for miles and no other trails or roads leading in. We were both crouched on the side of the trail waiting for deer. After a while I realized there was an uncanny silence in the woods. No Birds, no small animals, nothing, and complete silence. On the hill to our rear we heard a bizarre sound. Whatever was making the sound had to have been close and it was happening repeatedly. This sound can best be described as sounding like a man screaming in a high pitched - YAH! Directly followed by a rhythmic, almost mechanical clapping sound about five times then stop, and after a few seconds it would repeat the exact same thing like a recording. This went on for at least twenty minutes and we looked at each other in amazement. We are both experienced woodsman and began whispering back and forth and I asked him had he heard anything like it before. He shrugged and it was obvious he was just as perplexed as I was.

Listening, I remember at the time, I had speculated it was possibly an exotic bird imitating a human voice, or even an escaped monkey of some sort since it sounded so much like a person. I decided to stand up and get a closer look and he stayed behind not moving. The sound was coming from above us, I was taken back but determined to investigate this and not let another chance to investigate an unusual occurrence go. It was comforting to know I had a compound bow as a talisman to accompany me in this scenario. On the edge of the unknown I quietly eased up the hill as this strange racket was going on. I saw nothing and could not seem to pinpoint the actual location of the sound. There was still some ambient light on top of the hill to guide my way, and soon the strange noise ceased all together. I stood there scanning the woods for a while, I wanted to keep listening in case it had been by some chance, a person and so maybe I could see or hear them slip away. However, it was getting dark so I went back down to the trail and we made our leave, both of us thoroughly intrigued but confused. I since have not heard anything like that sound we heard on that day, and still have no idea of what it was.

The Feeling of Being Watched

The following story (, 2015) is interesting because the complete silence is accompanied by the strong feeling of being watched.

"I can vouch for the eerie calm and silence before the fight or flight response kicks in. I posted a while back on another thread about my time exploring the woods close to where I lived.

The short version of the story was this patch of woods was bordered on 3 sides by a railroad track, and two farmer's fields; the 4th side led deeper into the woods. Well, I went exploring, and somehow, I found myself lost - I am not a person to get lost (I can "sense" north with my eyes closed...for some reason, I couldn't when I got in there). All of the sudden, all noises just sort of dropped off; it felt like I was being watched by unfriendly eyes.

I started walking at a brisk pace in the direction I thought was North (which wasn't, as I felt like I was being led to the deeper part of the woods for some reason). All the while, I felt like something was behind me, tracking me. As usual, if I were to look back, I wouldn't see anything. I finally broke out in a run, and felt that whatever it was (imaginary or real), it took notice and started closing the gap.

After entering a field, my sense of direction came back, but the silence was still there; and this "thing" still felt like it was closing the gap still more. What I found very disturbing was that as soon as I landed my feet on the railroad track, all sound came back to my ears. I felt that whatever I perceived was after me stopped, but was still looking at me, almost as if it was not able to go forward.

The strong feeling of being watched by entities is also often reported with UFO sightings, even after the sighting itself.

Aliens in the Woods

When we are talking about UFOs, we are also talking about aliens, whoever they might be. In the following account (NUFORC, 2018) a typical Gray alien is seen in the woods and this goes together with a complete silence. However, because the being is described as almost transparent, and moving quietly, it is possible that this was not a real being but a projection.

Siletz, OR - 6/6/2018 19:30: This investigator has over 30 years of looking into crop circles, cattle mutilations, UFO sightings and other cases including a search and rescue of a missing woman in Eastern Oregon. But this is my first hand report of a 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind'.

This incident comes by a phone call to my spouse on the late evening of 6 June 2018 at about 9:30pm, she received a call from her son. He is a former US Army veteran, former police officer and currently a security guard at a local casino. Watching my spouse's face as she was talking to her son, was a look of concern. She handed me the phone and said, "You need to hear this!"As I listened to her son, he was sincere about what they saw and encountered. The main witness was his girlfriend's daughter who is age 12. Given permission, I spoke with the girl for over 30 minutes asking specific questions. Here is a short summary of that chat:

" What time and where did you have this sighting? About 7:30ish today, 5 miles south east of Siletz off a gravel road near Ojalla Road in the woods.

"How far was this creature from you? "About 100 feet or so, standing 2 legs, pale grey height 4-5 feet quarter size eyes (dark brown) ribs showing, super skinny, no clothes, head round oval, looked like no ears or nose, roundish bump where nose should be!"

"How long did you see it?" "10 seconds first time and about 12 seconds the second time..."

"What else did you see or hear?"

"Birds were real quiet, then when it took off, the birds got noisy again. Prior to the sighting you could hear a 'buzzing noise'. Then sounds got echoing, that lasted about 20 seconds, then sounds in area got normal again. It, the creature moved unnatural, fast and quiet, no sound at all!

"Did you see the whole creature? "Yeah, real skinny, ribs showing, thin like almost transparent, no clothes, quick movements..."

She went on to tell me the family checked that area for evidence and found only tuffs of black and white fur on the stump. The time I spoke with this young girl was 9:30pm the evening of 6 June 2018.

The following is a full written report from this 12 year girl of her entity encounter:

"The night of June 6th, 2018 me and my family decided to go for a drive up in the hills 5 miles out of Siletz, Oregon. We were out to find wood to make ourselves a bow. My mom's boyfriend "J" saw some sticks that were perfect for the bows so we cut them off the tree that they were attached to.

Then we went down the road and "J" saw some downed alder that could be used for firewood. I started hearing a faint buzzing noise but put it off as a bug in the car. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the most bizarre thing ever. It was about 100 to 120 feet away from my moms car. What I saw was a human looking creature that was about 4 to 5 feet tall with pale grey skin. Its skin was so thin it was almost transparent and it was so skinny. I saw it a total of three times and this was the first. I saw it for about 10 seconds.

When I made eye contact with it everything went silent. The birds stopped chirping, everything was silent. Then it ran away. I told my mom and "J" and we thought ok we'll keep an eye out. Then I saw it again I knew that something was up there. And as I said previously it ran away, but it looked like it came from behind the stump it was standing by.

Then I said "Hey I saw it again. I think we should go up there and look around." We went up there and looked around and then while I was standing were I saw it the first time and I saw it again! It moved so quick when it noticed that I saw it. And for moving so quick it was incredibly quite. I yelled for "J" "I saw it again!" So we went over to where I saw the 3rd time and when we were talking it got really quite and voices echoed a lot more than the other places in the woods.

Near the site of the first sighting we found fur that resembled rabbit fur. It was black with brown tints to it and it stunk really bad! After trying to search for tracks we figured that it was to dry for it to leave tracks so we decided to head home."

Investigation summary:

I spoke with the primary witness, this 12 year old girl. Very sharp, and sincere about what she saw that evening. I do not think this was a fabricated fantasy, as I could sense the fright and excitement in this young girls voice, which lead me to believe it did happen.
Besides the young 12 year old girl, there were 3 others that experienced the echo and the buzzing sounds. The boyfriend, her mother and her younger sister. Other than the echo and buzzing sounds, to my knowledge none of these individuals suffered any other physical effects. As for the two listed, I have heard about this in the similar case in Salida, Colorado, UFO encounter in which the family had the buzzing sound during their UFO encounter. As for knowing the boyfriend for over 15 years, besides being a combat veteran in Iraq, he is a sound individual and is sincere in what he believes happen and there is no question in his mind that this girl saw this entity in the woods. All four truly believe this incident occurred and I am sure it will be a memorable moment for this 12 year old girl!

Drawing of the alien by the 12 year old girl:

drawing of the alien by the 12 year old girl:

A Cloaked Something

The following comes from the website of Dr. Bruce Maccabee Research. Bruce Maccabee is a long time UFO researcher. His wife Jan is a bow hunter. A long article details her strange experience in the woods one day, when a sudden silence was accompanied by the sighting of a moving but seemingly cloaked something. She compared it to the being in the Predator movie. As the 'something was situated higher than she was in her tree stand, I assume assume that it might be a cloaked UFO vehicle. The anomalous picture she took might be the result of an energetic field emitted by the vehicle, and strong enough to influence the camera.

Here are some relevant excerpts from the article:

"It was Wednesday, September 29, the next to last day in September and hunting season (for deer) in Ohio was just a 4 days old.  The day started  cool and damp then became a beautiful, warm day with a nice sunset.  Jan was anxious to begin hunting.  Her method of hunting consisted of waiting and watching while seated in a “tree stand.” The seat of her stand is at the top of a 15 ft ladder.  Her seat is in the northwestern corner of a many-acre wood that is surrounded by large planted fields and low density residential areas.  Her seat faces the east and is surrounded by on all sides by trees.

She didn't hunt in the morning but she did climb up the 15 ft to the seat to test the newly installed bow hanger.

... [she took some pictures]

Suddenly the woods went quiet.  Noise stopped. The silence was “weird.”  It so surprised and unnerved her that she wrote a text message to her friend (thereby documenting this event):

 Something is wrong.  The woods just went to a dead silence. No squirrels, no birds, no crickets.  Is odd!  (6:23 PM EDT)

She thought a coyote or maybe a black panther or some predator animal caused the quiet as she knows (as hunters know) that when a predator such as a bear, for example, enters an area the other animals tend to become quiet.  Then she became aware that a weird visual “effect” was moving rightward across her field of view at an apparent distance of maybe fifteen to twenty feet.  She described it as if looking through "saran wrap."  Perhaps a more apt comparison would be like looking at a mirage above a hot road.  She compared this distortion of the scene as being somewhat like the effect of the invisible creature in the PREDATOR movie!  This distortion was at a higher altitude than her 15 ft above the ground, perhaps about 25 ft above the ground..

It moved to her right from about 15 degrees to the right of straight ahead to about 45 degrees to the right (see the diagram below, not to scale). Then it disappeared...things looked normal and she could hear the normal sounds again.

As she recalls it, she held the camera in her right hand, about a foot and a half from her face (so that the scene in the viewing screen would be in focus for her eyes), pointed the camera in the direction of the distortion and took a picture.  As she recalls it the picture was taken immediately after the distortion disappeared.  The picture should show the nearby trees.  That’s not what the picture shows!"

pictures of trees

Maccabee tells us that the picture should show nearby trees, but it only shows blurred colors. It also turned out to be of a lower resolution and byte size than the other pictures (to which the camera was set) she took before and after.

The same day, after dark, a few people at an outdoor high school band rehearsal nearby saw a bright light in the sky, what might have been the same UFO.


It seems that a UFO vehicle, piloted by alien beings, emits a large energetic field that makes all animals in the woods instinctively stop making sounds, producing an eerie, unnatural silence. This field might also be responsible for the feeling of being watched, and maybe they are indeed being watched by the alien beings inside their vehicle. These vehicles can appear as enveloped by a bright light, an effect of high energetics on the surrounded air. UFOs can also cloak themselves and only a shimmer is then noticed.

As soon as the energetic field around the vehicle is turned off, or if the vehicle leaves the area, the animals start making sounds again.

ufo above the woods