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Ancient Crystal Technology

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The following is just for your reflection. I don’t know if any of it is true or not. I found them interesting enough because the different stories tell about similar crystal technology that can be used to access other dimensions, or store information. It seems that this an extraterrestrial technology that was once used here on Earth, by humans or by beings from other planets. Considering that quartz in our own human technology is used for its piezoelectric properties as a resonator of very precise frequencies, it might well be that quartz can be used for other purposes we haven’t discovered yet.

When browsing the Internet I came upon an interesting paragraph that has been copied, and copied and copied by many websites: “Another huge pyramid, in 10,000 feet of Atlantic water, was reported to have been found with a pulsating crystal on top of it, by Tony Benik’s expedition. The group also found an opaque crystal tablet there, and reported that when a light was beamed through it, mysterious inscriptions became visible.” I have been unable to find, on the internet, the original post, or who Tony Benik is. By itself it is a statement that is unverifiable. So, it is easy to dismiss it. However, there have been several accounts of discoveries of small and large pyramids in the ocean over the many decades, and even more so for ruins of cities. Considering that the level of the oceans was much lower more than twelve thousand years ago, these cities were once coastal cities from a civilization that existed worldwide and was technologically advanced and existed many thousands of years ago.

What peaked my interest was the mention of the crystal tablet that showed inscriptions when illuminated with a light beam. There is a similar story told by John Urwin, interviewed by Miles Johnston, posted on his YouTube channel in 2010. In a second interview, in 2014, John Urwin revealed even more information. The interview can be viewed here: Part 1, and part 2 (which contains the mission to retrieve the tablets).

In the first part of the first interview John Urwin, now in his seventies, explains that in 1957, while in the British army, he was recruited by a secret group, he called the Sixteen, to combat the Illuminate, in the Middle East. In one of the mission, his group was to retrieve something from a building located in a place called Jaraba (now taken off the maps). He thought it was about some documents. Just before the raid he saw two large flying saucers fly up from an area close-by. After the raid, when they had crossed the river Jordan, the group checked if they had retrieved the right ‘something’. One of his colleagues brought out a black box, 9 to 10” long, 4” wide and a couple of inches deep. Inside was a red colored velvet cloth, and inside that was what looked to him two pieces of glass, oblong in shape, about 8” long, about 4” wide and about ½ to 1” thick, with chunks missing along the side. They laid the two pieces on the ground and shone their torches on them. Within a few seconds they started to glow and colored light were coming off them. Now he also saw that the two pieces had straight lines, grooves, on them, “like a record”. He was about to touch them but his colleagues said “yes, that’s it”, and immediately wrapped them up again and put them away, and one member of the group took off with the box. John Urwin had no idea what he had seen, and had only a short look at them. He heard his colleagues discuss “At least we got those two. The others won’t work without them.” He asked “what others?” “The ones we went to Egypt for. We didn’t get them.” (This was another mission he was not informed about the true intention).

After that interview went online, he got contacted, by phone, by somebody who said that these crystal tablets can be used for some kind of energy weapon, but also to change dimensions. Miles Johnston says that these crystal tablets are used in some ancient mechanism, and six of them are required to make it work.

In the second interview Urwin also talks about a metal glove with a small screen on top of it that could be slid across a crystal tablet and images and symbols would be displayed on the little screen.

It seems that some special groups are very busy to retrieve ancient technology that is still around, and trying to make it work again.

Here we have two stories about ancient crystal tablets with parallel grooves in them. Coincidence? Well, I found a third story about crystal tablets with parallel grooves!

This story begins with the famous Erich von Däniken. In his The Gold of the Gods (1973) he tells us about a trip he made to Ecuador (1972), invited by Franz Morics, who showed him a part of an extensive tunnel system in the mountains. Moricz had found ancient artifacts in these tunnels, among which was a library of large metal sheets books. He showed von Däniken a part of the tunnels and halls, where the metal library was housed. You can read the whole story of von Däniken’s visit to the caves in the first chapter of his book (on Bibliotheca Pleiades).

A lot of complications developed after that. Apparently Moricz had shown von Däniken the now famous Tayos cave system, which has been found to be an entirely natural cave system, and no artifacts have ever been found inside of it. Von Däniken claimed that he saw the artifacts and the metal library, but now we know this is not true. It also appears that Moricz has never seen the metal library either. Moricz got the story from another person, Petronio Jaramillo. Jamarillo was the original person that claimed that he had been into the tunnel system and had seen the metal library. When Stan Hall made contact with him, Jaramillo confessed to him that the Tayos cave was not the real location. He had been into the real tunnel system only once. It was Jaramillo’s uncle who, on his death bed, had given Jaramillo the instructions, on how to enter the tunnel system. (this is according to the statement of Stan Hall’s daughter, see YouTube interview here, go to 20:50min.)

Thus we can dismiss the accounts from von Däniken and Moricz, because they never saw the real tunnels and their contents, as Jaramillo gave them the wrong location. So the only description of what is in the ancient tunnels and rooms, is from Jaramillo.

When Jaramillo was interviewed (in 1964) by Pino Turollo, for his book Beyond the Andes (1970), he gave a detailed description of all the strange things he found in these tunnels, halls and rooms. Be he did not mention that there was a second library made from crystal tablets. The interview can be read in the pdf file “Mysteries of the Ancient Tunnels, the Cueva de los Tayos, Juan Moricz, the Metallic Library and Much More”  by Stan Grist (second chapter in that file, called 2. Excerpt From “Beyond The Andes”, by Pino Turolla CHAPTER 7. It is worth reading!)

In 1975 Stanley Hall made his first contact with Jaramillo, and to him Jaramillo said: “The Treasure consists of chambers filled with statues, two libraries, one metal the other of what I can only describe as crystal tablets; one library engraved the other with channels housing encrustations.“ (mentioned in Hall’s book Tayos Gold)

This is the only mention I found of the crystal tablets in these caves. One might easily dismiss it as an embellishment to his original story by Jaramillo.

After all there has never been any proof that his story was true. But I find it striking that he described the crystal tablets as having channels in them, as in the two other stories above. Jaramillo agreed to show the real location of the tunnel system to Stanley Hall. Hall organized an expedition, but before they could actualize it, Jaramillo was murdered near his house (1998). As only the heads of native Shuar indian tribes know the exact location of the entrance to the tunnel system, we will just have to content ourselves with the little information Jaramillo has given us.

I might as well throw in a fourth story. Very unusual, but after all, there is so much that we have never been told about our past and other kinds of beings and technology, that we may give this our attention.

The third story is about Anton Parks. Anton Parks is French writer who has written a couple of books in French, and one is now available in English. Over many years he had ‘visions’ of the life of an extraterrestrial reptilian being on planet earth a couple of thousand years ago in the Middle East. There is a website that gives a comprehensible overview of his material, in English: The Ages of Uras. The information is very comprehensive and detailed. I read the entire website, and I had a hard time to fit it into my own understanding of the subject. In general it corresponds with what other people have claimed, namely that a group of reptilians took control of this planet many thousands of years ago, and had a stronghold in the Middle East. Anton Parks’s information is unique in that he provides a lot more detail, and tells us, for example, that there were several groups of reptilians and other beings involved, some of which were at odds with each other, resulting in wars, and with humanity in the middle of all this, being used, genetically tinkered with and more. I haven’t read his first book (the only one in English at this point) yet, so I can’t really give my interpretation of his information. But on the The Ages of Uras website there is mention of an interesting crystal, that relates to the two previous stories.

 Here is a quote from his book. There are a lot of terms in it that are not that important for this article, but the mention that it can also be used to shift to other dimensions is interesting: (comments in square brackets are mine}

“My companion asked me to take out the cylindrical quartz crystal with reflections of greens and blues. I seized it and held it up, admiring it in all of its parts; it was of an extraordinary purity….

“This august crystal is a Gírkù (litt: holy sword in Sumerian). It possesses multiple functions and operates on the same principle as the ME [crystals on which are recorded the arts and laws]. The entire history of the Amašutum [female reptilians of the same kind as the male Gina’abul reptilians] is carefully recorded in it. It is also a frequency catalyst that transports on the three levels which make up the KIGAL[the set of dimensions of Earth, that is, the physical dimensions and a couple of lower dimensions] and on the fourth dimension of the Angal[the higher dimensional levels].

“The Kingú-Babbar[the royal caste of the Gina’abul reptilians], the great Gina’abul albinos whom we also call the Imdugud, possess Gírkù in the form of crystal spheres that are a sort of combination of our common Gírkù and the crystalline stone that you hold in your hand.

“This crystal is capable of vibrating on certain frequencies with a quality contingent on the impulse that is sent to it.

“What you do not yet know, is that our ancient line held the mastery of the force of Níama[the universal life force] as does our queen. The amount of heat exerted on this crystal by the Níama causes the basic vibration of a being to rise or descend, aligning her with the different planes of existence. In fact the Gírkù acts as a Gùrkur, but with considerably greater power, because it is an undressed crystal!

“This type of green quartz is unique; it is one of the purest stones that we know. It comes from the system of Gagsisá (Sirius).

“Finally, it is also a formidable weapon. It deploys its blade thanks to the Níama. “This object belonged to our ancestors, the ancient Amašutum root race. Each and every one of us possesses one on Nalulkára[the mother planet of the Ginaabul]. Our past deviations and our venue in the bosom of the Kadištu[The Kadištu “Life Designers” are the guardians of key places in the universe.] have not only removed from us our venom, but also the preprogrammed capacity to use the Gírkù that we previously possessed.”

Ancient crystals technology