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Reptilians Checking their Craft, West-Virginia

Excerpt from the book More Encounters with Star People by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, 2016, page 218-220:


"It happened about ten-thirty at night..."

"So what happened when you went to the outhouse?" I asked, without referring to the obvious activities.

"I was inside the outhouse when I heard tree branches breaking, and a huge gust of wind like a tornado shook the foundation of the building. It was a surprise. I always watch the nightly news, and there was no report of storms headed our way. I sat there until the sound settled down. It felt like several minutes and then as quickly as it started, it quit."

"Did you hear any other sounds?"

"Nope, just silence. I came out of the outhouse and turned to latch the door. That's when I saw the craft. It was jutted up against the hill in the back of the house. I'll take you there shortly. You'll see how the trees are all broken and bent down."

"So there was physical evidence of the landing."

"Yep. They destroyed half of the trees up there. You'll see."

"Can you describe the craft?"

It was a long, pencil-shaped craft, like a big propane tank only bigger. Maybe about forty feet long and twenty feet around. I estimated that three of me could stand inside three-high with room to spare. Lights came out of the underside. White lights that kind of faded from bright to dim. There was a funny smell. Not a fuel smell, more like burning electric wires."

"Did you see any beings?"

"Not at first. I decided not to look around but headed for the house and got my shotgun. I wasn't going to meet up with an alien without a gun."

"After you got the gun, did you go outside again?"

"Yep, I sure did. I was a little nervous, but I wasn't going to let an alien know that."

"Did you hide and watch the ship?"

"Nope. I walked right up to it and called them out. I told them this was my home, and they were trespassing. I told them I had a weapon and I was going to count to three, and if they didn't show themselves, I was going to fire."

"Did you realize you were dealing with aliens?"

"What else could it be? The US doesn't have any ships like that. Besides, our ships make noise. This one didn't. It just broke trees, and it didn't crash. It just set down on the trees."

"What happened when you ordered them to show themselves?"

"Suddenly they appeared in front of me. Now don't ask me how they did that. One minute there was no one there and the next minute they was in front of me. Just like ghosts."


"Ghosts can appear and disappear. That's what they did. Just showed up out of nowhere."

"Can you describe them?"

"They were more like big lizards than human. Their skin was a scaly, green-brown color. They stood about six feet tall and smelled awful. They told me they meant no harm and would leave soon. They was checking their craft for wear."

"Wear? Did they explain?"

"They said it had to do with atmosphere. They were using different materials and was checking for erosion or corrosion. When I asked them what kind of materials they were using, they said I wouldn't understand. While I was offended by their arrogance, I let it go and just kept them in my sights."

"How did they communicate with you?"

"They talked inside my head."

"Did they make any sounds?"

"Just once when I shined my flashlight toward them."

"Can you tell me about that?"

"I had a flashlight. And when I shined it in their faces, they made a funny sound like a shriek and covered their eyes, but not before, I saw their eyes. They're some kind of demons, I think. They had strange eyes."

"Can you describe them?"

"They were big round eyes. They flashed from red to black. Reminded me of a cat."

"What else can you tell me about them?"

"As I said, they looked like lizards. They had big heads, and I think they had a tail. I'm almost positive because they could swivel around from a standing position. Their arms didn't hang down like human arms. They didn't have the motion we have."

He paused and moved his arms up and down.

"It was dark. I couldn't make out a lot of details. I wanted to shine my flashlight again to see if they had more arms or legs, but I was afraid I would upset them. They shrieked a deafening sound when I shined the flashlight in their direction. It scared the devil out of me. No need taking another chance."

"How many aliens did you see?"

"You mean, how many monsters? They weren't aliens, like we think of aliens. ETs, you know. They were inhuman, like an animal. A lizard. A big bug. There were four all told. Three that was working; one standing guard."

"After they told you they would leave soon, what did you do?"

"I stood there with my gun pointed at them. Then suddenly they boarded the craft and were gone. The craft moved upward, and I watched it disappear into the sky. Funny thing is, it looked like a slit in the sky opened up, they entered it, and the sky closed around it."