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San Francisco, USA, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico - On September 6, 2017, I received the following email from a former U. S. Army Specialist 4, military policeman (M.P.), who was stationed in 1968 at the Presidio in San Francisco.

 To: Linda Moulton Howe Date: September 6, 2017 Subject: Two strange occurrences when I was an M. P. I am a long time listener to you on Coast radio dating back to Art Bell in the 1990s. I would be glad to discuss two strange occurrences when I was in the Army and was an M. P., who worked the Fort Baker side of the Golden Gate bridge opposite the Presidio in San Francisco, on condition of anonymity. You can call me David. Both incidents occurred while I was in military police — believe both are extraterrestrial in nature. One was with UFO occupants and another a humanoid creature. Both occurred on abandoned military installations on the West Coast. I can provide my DD 214. Also, as an MP, I was always with a partner — two-man cars in those days, so my partner also witnessed what I saw. Unfortunately for this purpose, I have lost touch with him; it has now been 45 years ago. The Presidio of San Francisco, on south end of Golden Gate bridge opposite the Marin Headlands across the waters of the open Pacific Ocean that flow from the west into San Francisco Bay, was the oldest Army installation operating in the American West. During World War II, the Presidio was the central Army operations in defense of the western United States. The open Pacific Ocean is on the left.

David, at age 24 above was a U. S. Army Specialist 4, Military Police in 1968, Presidio, San Francisco, and Fort Baker in Marin County, California. David, 72, Retired, was U. S. Army Specialist 4, Military Police in 1968, Presidio, San Francisco, and Fort Baker in Marin County, California: “I was in a military police patrol car patrolling those three forts (Baker, Barry, Cronkheit). That's about a 20-mile area. And back in those days, you had two men cars, and I had a partner. And so he saw everything that I saw. And so starting with the first incident, I think it was about 1 AM in the morning (patrolling Army's Fort Baker.) Fort Baker, now a national park, on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge that spans San Francisco Bay opposite the Presidio and San Francisco, California. David, at age 24 above was a U. S. Army Specialist 4, Military Police in 1968, Presidio, San Francisco, and Fort Baker in Marin County, California. There was a building that was a research unit. I never had access to that, so I don't know what they did in there. It was a two-story, military type building, and it was very, very close, I'd say within 50 yards of the bay. The main installation was a Nike Hercules missile site, and in those days, the Nike Hercules missile sites were the primary defense weaponry that we had. Overlooking the launch site at the former U. S. Army's Fort Barry with Fort Cronkhite visible across Rodeo Lagoon. Fort Baker is a few miles to the east. There were six Nike Hercules missile sites distributed among the three Army forts. Nike Site SF-88L, Fort Barry, California. SF-88 is a former Nike Missile launch  site at Fort Barry, in the Marin Headlands to the north of San Francisco, California. The site was originally armed with Nike Ajax missiles, and modifications were made to the site in 1958 to allow it to also be armed with Nike Hercules missiles. And I think there were about six of those installations at various parts around the bay. The one that I had contact with was at Fort Baker. And those were restricted areas. I didn't have access to the Nike Hercules missile site. They had their own security there all the time.

Encounter with Amphibian Humanoid

On Military Patrol At Fort Baker The incident that I want to tell you about, I was driving at about 25 miles an hour, and I was close to that research unit that I mentioned to you. The water from the San Francisco Bay was probably, from the road that I was on, was probably 20 feet from the road. And as I was driving along in the dark, I saw something in my rearview mirror. I turned around, and as I did, I applied the brakes. When I applied the brakes, it lit that thing up. And it was a humanoid form. The only way I can describe it is if you saw the movie, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Frame from 1954 Hollywood film" Creature from the Black Lagoon." It was very, very close to that. Very close. The head was a little bit smaller, but the overall form of it was very close to that creature. And it came out of the water and it stood on the road. And when I put the brakes on, I could see it clearly. And my partner turned around, and he saw it. And as we looked at it, the creature stood there for maybe five seconds or at the most ten seconds, and it took off. I could see it just run, but it ran not back into the water, but towards the cliff that was there. There was a sheer cliff there that it ran against and disappeared! We were both a little shaken, to be honest with you.

...So my partner, we both saw this thing, and we saw it run into the cliff. And I said, “Well, we've got to go back and check it.” He was hesitant, and I was a little hesitant, too. But we were armed, and so we went back there, and I stood there exactly where it had been standing. I looked at the cliff. There's nothing but a cliff there. The research station that I was telling you about that was close to that was about, oh, I'd say maybe a quarter mile on down the road. Not where that cliff is. There was nothing there but a cliff. I can't imagine anybody being able to climb that cliff. It was just like a wall. And anyway, so when we went back there, it had completely disappeared somehow. And I have no explanation for that. That is just something that is etched in my mind, and I'm sure I'll never have an explanation.

... And this thing looked like it belonged in the water. You know, it was a humanoid form, but what I could make out of the detail of it, it looked like it wasn't flesh. I could look at it, it kind of looked like, well, it looked like some kind of a lizard skin or something like that. That's what it looked like. But it was a little smoother than that. The color of it was kind of a greenish-brown, dark greenish-brown.

 ... And it had broad shoulders, so it looked very healthy. It looked very strong and healthy because it was tall. I would guess that it was about nine feet. It's kind of hard to judge, but definitely not under seven feet. I'd say it was about nine feet tall.

(Source: extracts from an article on, not available anymore)