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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1975

Female Reptilian in Philadelphia Playground

Philadelphia, PA: In 1975 or 1976 I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, my elementary school class went on a class trip to SMITH MEMORIAL PLAYGROUND AND PLAYHOUSE. We boarded the buses and headed to the FAIRMOUNT PARK section of the city. SMITH PLAYGROUND has been around since the 1800s it has the worlds largest wooden slide board. Our class arrived for the days fun sliding the slide and having fun with other school kids that were there also on a class trip. Myself and some of my classmates became bored, so we decided to make our own fun. We scaled a fence to another section of the playground, there we came upon a swimming pool area. In this new area we can see that the pool haven't been used in years there was so many leaves in the pool that its color was dark green. We began throwing rocks in the pool until we again became bored, so we scaled another fence. This new area put us out in the park there was a pathway to our right, as we began to walk down pathway I heard a female voice from behind me say "stop children". When I looked back there was this "GREEN LADY" hanging from this tree, when she came out of the tree I can see that she had scaly skin like a lizard, her shin had a design pattern which covered her from top to bottom, as if her skin was also her clothes. She walked on 2 feet, and she had a small slit for a mouth. When she spoke to us we can hear her in our heads, her mouth never opened or moved. We hot tailed it back over the fences and I have never been back. I can not remember all my classmates that was there.

 After 30yrs of questions I found 1 classmate that remember this incident, there were probably 5-6 of us. Also, thru some research I found an article from the Times Daily-Google news archive dated 10/6/1959 which describes an incident about a green lady chasing school children with a knife. This does not fit the description nor the same green lady that appeared to us. I witnessed something truly amazing and out of this world. I feel very blesses to have experience this and truly lucky that I can finally share my story with professional people instead of the non-believers. (6 witnesses)

Source: Mufon


Clacton on Sea, United Kingdom, 2017

Clacton on Sea, UK - 2017-02-23: I was putting bin bags in the garden and herd a noise sounded like someone falling from a tree. I looked over and it just looked at me like I was dreaming or something out of a movie. Was about 7ft tall like a human with lizard skin. It moved 1 step closer and I moved back it then changed colour and went invisible and jumped up into the tree but the branches were moving but I could not see it anymore. It sounds messed up but I know what I saw.