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Naples, Florida, USA, no date

A few years ago (2009 or so) at a family gathering my brother casually mentioned to my sister and I that his wife had seen a UFO and that it had scared the crap out of her. When my sis and I approached her, she wouldn't talk about it. So we decided on New Year's Eve to get her nice and buzzed and then try to get the story out of her again. Well she was more than buzzed when we brought it up and you could see her face change, becoming upset. We kept at it, trying to coax it out of her until she finally told us the following: My brother and her live in a very rural part of Naples, Florida, near where my mother's house is. She woke one morning from a nightmare coincidentally about UFOs (which is why I suspect this whole thing MIGHT have been some sort of waking dream) and went out onto her porch for a cigarette.
Outside parked on the street in front of her house was a glowing saucer shaped ship. Coming out of it, dressed in what she described as combat armor and holding weapons and all were a group of seven foot tall reptilian humanoids. She said they were very massively built and “evil” looking.
She started backing away in terror when one of them turned to her. Then in her head, (she said it didn't move its mouth.) she heard, “Go back inside, we're not here for you.”
Then the figures crossed the street to the house across from hers. She turned and scampered back into her place and hid, not daring to look outside for a good while.
Apparently her daughter was also involved in this sighting, but this is as much of this story as my sister and I could get out of her.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but if you heard her telling it and saw how she sobered up VERY quickly while doing so, it might creep you out as much as it did us at the time.
At one point she broke into tears and hysteria, so we asked her to stop and never approached the subject with her again.
We've never asked the daughter about it. My brother says he slept through the whole thing.