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Los Banos, California, USA, 2016

Greetings, I am writing this statement on an incident that occurred on 10 Jul 2016, at approximately 6:00pm. This is not a hoax, I am not looking for publicity or any such attention. I am not sure is what I saw was a legitimate sighting and I am more looking more for answers to help me understand if what I saw was an actual alien being. So, my friend, her son, and I drove from San Diego to San Francisco for leisure on Friday to Sunday. On our way back, we were driving on the I-5 Fwy Southbound, towards San Diego. We were approximately 10 mins south of Los Banos. The scenery outside was barren, no buildings, structures or people, just dry grassy hills and dirt roads on the sides of the freeway. I was actually trying to get some rest when my friend the driver said, “What is that?” and pointed to the right side of the road. I immediately looked over and saw a tall figure about 6 feet tall in a thick black monk/death looking robe with a big hood. Now this was very unusual to me since it was about 90 degrees outside and in the middle of nowhere. Why would somebody be walking around dressed in a thick black hooded robe in this heat. So as we passed it, I had to get a good look at this person's face, so when I looked at it, it looked back at me. And what I saw chilled me to the bone. In this dark heavy hooded robe was a being that looked nothing human. It had brownish green scales with a short snout and its eyes were large and blackish that glistened in the sun. It was unmistakable even at about 100 feet away and it looked right at me with no expression. It wasn’t carrying anything or had any equipment with it and it was walking slow and awkward as if it were looking for something. I was scared to death, especially when it looked right at me, I thought maybe we should pull over and confront this thing, but honestly I was frozen and we kept driving. I had asked my friend if she had seen what I had seen and her 12 year old son in the back of the car and they verified the same thing. Again, I just am looking to see if what I saw could be a reptilian and if that is what other people report seeing. I really wish I would have pulled over and went back to get some evidence or a picture, but after reading some articles on reptilians, I feel I made a wise choice. I read that there may be entrances to their habitats in rural areas that may be unseen or hidden from humans. That may indicate that there may be a entrance by Los Banos off the I-5 fwy going south. I am not sure if other vehicles traveling down the road with us witnessed this sighting but it did happen and I am willing to swear an oath on it. I also had unusual experiences that happened when I was a child that I believe was contact with Grey Aliens which is foggy, but I have some clear recollection and memories of some incidences where I may have been abducted and my mother can vouch for that and has some insight on that. But that is another subject. This is the first time I have seen a being like this. Again, I am reporting this to hopefully gain some help to determine if what I saw yesterday could have been the real deal. And I respectfully ask for discreetness in this matter. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me. ((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness on two occasions, and we were impressed by his eloquence and apparent sincerity. We suspect that he is a very good witness, and highly reliable. We have invited his friend and her son to submit additional reports, and we have invited the source of this report to submit an illustration of what the face looked like. He reports that the creature had a prominent snout, like that of a dog, and that it had scales on its skin. The witness states that he was formerly a member of the U. S. military. PD))