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Near Hsinchu City, Taiwan, no date

It was early in the morning. I was living in a small temple with some monks and nuns. (Near Hsinchu city in northern Taiwan) The master told me not to go jogging too early in the morning but I had to get back and be ready for morning ceremony. I left the temple at around 4.00am. I had jogged the same route a few times already. As I ran down the hill to the valley I could see someone standing on the side of a small Chinese bridge. I was thinking,' must be some strange guy - I will go a say good morning to him'. As I got closer I thought this is too big to be a man. The road side is covered in bamboo on the side. I would lose sight as I turned the bend in the road going down to the valley. As I got within about 30 feet or the last bend in the road, my body went into shock. I knew this because my arms and legs turned white as the blood raced to my vital organs so I had to slow down. Around 15 feet I was thinking, O my God, how this can be; this is not human, what the ----. So I slowed right down to a slow walk, I was thinking that I could lose my life at any moment, my amazement took over my fear. The reptilian was about 9 feet tall. I remember its legs were powerful, its skin was green and had green scales it also had wings and head like that of a lizard or like a dinosaurs, but he was good looking. He looked kind of royal looking, extremely well built and very powerfully looking, his wings made him look a little angelic. As I approached him he turned his head to look at me with his small black shining eyes and then turned his head to look at a pack of dogs on the overside of the bridge as if to call them. The dogs started to chase me away so I had to run back up the hill. I ran back to the temple to see my master - I said master I saw a dragon, he just turned away. A few years after, some other master confirmed what I saw. I admired him, I thought he was free, not trapped by material things.