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Florida Everglades, no date

From the book Onboard UFO Encounters, by Preston Dennett (2020), page 137. Dolly wad many UFO and ET encounters. One day she bumped into a Reptilian in the woods:

One time, as a young teenager in the Girl Scouts, Dolly had one of the scariest encounters of her life. She was on a camping trip in the Florida Everglades, and she and the other girl scouts were hoping to earn their fire-making badges. Unfortunately, it was a wet and rainy day. Dolly knew that it was going to be difficult to start a fire if she didn’t have dry kindling and wood. So, after dinner, while there was still some light left, she went out to search for wood. She had crept far from the camp and was going through the wild underbrush. It was now just after dusk and about to get dark. She had to get back. That’s when it happened. “The hair went up on the back of my neck,” Dolly says. “I thought somebody was following me, and I whirled around. And I came face-to-face with what could only be described as a reptilian person. It looked like a reptile. It had scales and eyes with slitted pupils. It had a somewhat prominent mouth, and it had big frickin teeth. And it grinned at me, pulled the sides of its cheeks back, and gave me a grin full of teeth.” The figure was solid and muscular, and almost six feet tall. Dolly prepared to defend herself from what she was certain was imminent attack. Instead, the being held up its hand with its palm facing toward her. Dolly did not get a friendly feeling from it. “What I got,” she says, “is that it was looking for a meal, like I was food.” Dolly decided to flee. “So, I ran like hell,” Dolly says. “I got all cut up from the brambles and the bush. Didn’t collect a single stick.” She rushed back into camp, terrified and out of breath. The camp counselors rushed up to her and asked what was wrong. “I don’t know, there was some kind of animal rummaging around out there,” she told them. “And it didn’t look friendly.”