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Big Springs, Texas, 2005

Location: Near Big Springs, Texas
Date: June 2005
Time: Mid Afternoon

The 13-year old witness was out hunting with his grandfather and had briefly separated from his grandfather following a flock of quail. He strode up a mountain, carrying his shotgun and a bag of shells. He scratched his leg with a rock and tended the wound for a few minutes; he then heard ducks nearby and knew there had to be a pond to wash his cut.

After arriving at the pond he began to splash water on his leg when he suddenly heard a splashing sound. He looked up and saw a man leaning over, drinking from the pond. It only took him a few seconds to realize that this was no ordinary man. This man had scales and a lizardís head. The witness was petrified---he couldnít move a muscle. He stood there watching the strange creature drink, when all of the sudden he saw it jerk its head up. It eyed the witness for what seemed like hours, it then jumped in the water and began swimming toward the witness. The witness managed to shoot three shells at it and then ran from the area as fast as he could. After telling his grandfather he was not believed.