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Bass Lake, Indiana, 1988

I had a weird encounter in November 1988. My ex-wife and I were near Bass Lake, Indiana at night and saw some type of craft with many colored lights land nearby. We moved towards it where it was close enough to get a decent look. It was shaped like a triangle with a pointed end at the bottom. It hovered just above the ground flashing and glowing different colors.

Not long later a door opened on the side and a ramp came out. We started to get out of there when we noticed a weird-looking thing coming down the ramp. It was shaped like a man but looked like a lizard with huge feet. It stopped moving and looked over in our direction. We got out of there. I returned to the spot two days later and didn't notice anything. I did experience very bad headaches and body aches for a few days though. What do you think we encountered?