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Atlantic Coast Beach, USA, 1993

My name is Bonnie Jean Hamilton and I am a life-long alien contactee. I have had many experiences, both positive and negative as well as run-ins with military psychics and the secret government or illuminati. Now that people are starting to wake up to the true nature of our so-called reality, I thought I would write this short article about my one and only conscious experience with the reptilians. What I normally do is meet the star people or aliens in an altered state of consciousness. This is where alien visitations take place. Although these experiences are very real, they are not purely physical in nature but can manifest physical anomalies.

This particular encounter occurred on a beach along the Atlantic Coast of the United States late at night on April 25, 1993. At first, I believed I was completely alone, so I was simply enjoying the night air and the soft crashing of the ocean waves. As I stood facing the water, I noticed some movement to my left. I turned and focused my vision to see a group of people up the beach from me, perhaps a kilometer away. I certainly hadn't expected to see anyone else there, so I became curious and began to walk in their direction. They noticed me about the same time and began to walk in my direction as one unit. As we got closer to each other, I realized there were about six people in this group. I could tell they were fairly tall and of a slim, athletic build, all about the same size. I soon noticed that none of them had hair and they were all dressed in what appeared to be military fatigues (camouflage tan and green BDUs and tan vests with many pockets). They wore no shirts under their vests. Though their general appearance was humanoid and they walked on two legs, they were clearly not human; their skin was mostly green and they moved with a sharp, keen alertness more akin to the movement of nervous iguanas.

I was not frightened at all, just curious, so I kept walking toward them. When we were about ten yards from each other, the group stopped and I stopped as well. I could see that they were all male and apparently soldiers of some sort. We stared at each other. I could clearly discern their reptilian appearance, their reluctance to approach me, the hesitation, and the nervousness. It felt dangerous. When I am out exploring different states of consciousness and levels of reality, I am open to whatever I might discover, and I always attempt to maintain a calm, happy disposition no matter the circumstance. At the time of meeting the reptilians, I kept a happy smile on my face as I always do when meeting new people. I guess sometimes Iím just like a child.

The reptilian leading the group came forward, toward me, and I continued walking at my regular pace toward him. Our eyes connected and did not disengage during the entire incident. I remained alert and aware throughout the event. The remainder of his group stayed behind. He and I continued to approach each other until we were less than one yard apart. He stood at least six foot tall, medium build, no hair, eyes the same size as mine but a brightly colored yellow with dark vertical slits, and his skin was rough and scaly with a greenish-brown hue. We studied each other briefly in silence. While I was delighted to be in the presence of a species new to me, he was confused and discontented.

He did not seem like a nice person to me; in fact, my first impression was that he considered me a lesser being and was puzzled as to how I had the courage to approach him. I got the feeling I was not supposed to be there or, at least, he was confused as to why or how I had gotten there. Perhaps he was not accustomed to encountering reality jumpers like me. As we looked intently into each otherís eyes, I knew he was accessing a computer bank in his mind; one that was not his individual database, but a group mind sharing the same knowledge. Quite suddenly, his expression changed (and I first saw this in his eyes) to one of contemptuous tolerance. In other words, there was some reason he was forced to tolerate my presence, but he was not happy about it. Accessing that database in his mind gave him the information he sought and then he knew me by name. With recognition, he said, "Oh. Hello Bonnie,Ē and we shook hands while he frowned contemptuously. My eyes never left his and his eyes never left mine. I smiled, as I always do, and turned around to walk away. He also turned back to his group and they walked up the beach away from me.