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Amazonia, Peru, 1977

Article in the newspaper La Presse, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, January 15, 1977:

Hunt for the little green men

An expedition is to leave Lima this week for the high basin of Amazonia in order to check the claims of a student who said that mysterious "little green men" saved him from drowning. Josť Alvarez, a 20-year-old student, told during a radio program called "Interplanetary Contacts" his weird experience. He was moving towards a river in the province of Huanaco, in 420 km north of Lima, to get some water, when he fell into a marsh. "In spite of my efforts, I could not get out of it and I had lost all hopes to survive when, suddenly, four small beings appeared. Uttering growls and gesticulating, they held branches to me that allowed me drew to pull myself back on firm ground".

Alvarez claims that it then fainted of exhaustion and that when he was conscious again, his saviors had disappeared. "They were less than one meter tall, the body covered of green scales and their hands had three fingers with claws."

The expedition will be lead by Mr. Carlos Paz Garcia, president of the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations and host of the radio program.